The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1930
Page 3
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THURFIV.Y. DECK?.! KM K 11. 1030 .m-YTHEVILLK, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS dencc, Izard and Fulton counties, One. SECTION 3. All laws and pan.i |0l laws in conflict herewith be an;l ! !::e same are hereby repealed, an;; | this law takes ellect from and af- ' ler its o.iEs.iac. Demands Upon Red Cross j cv Are Increasing! 'Continued from two onel Hitndied Members to te apportion-, cd among, and selected by the vot- tis of the several counties a< follows r Arkansas county, one. Ashley county, one. nixiar xunty, one. Benlon county, two. Bo-ne county, one. Bradley county, one. C'.'.Tsrnl ccuniy, one. Callisun county, u:ic. r.'iirc! county, one. Clark county, one. Ctel;urne county, one. Clay county, one. t.'H-Yi.'liy.Hl L-ouiUy, 01:,?. Columbia county, one. C'jnway county, one. Ci'utghead county, two. Crawford county, one. CrKicnden 'county, two. Cross county, one. Dallas county, one. Deshu county, one. Drew cruruy. one. Paull:ncr county, on?. Franklin county, one. Fulton county, one. Garland county, two. Grant County, one. Qreen county, one. Hempstcad county, two. Hot Springs county, one. Hty.vp.rd county, one. Independent county, one. Izard county, one. .Tarkson county, one. Jefferson county, three. Johnson county, one. Lafayette county, one. Lawrence county, one. Le.? county, one. Lincoln county, one. Uttle River 'county, one. Logan county, one. Linoke ccimty, two. Madison county, one. Marion county, one. Miller county, two. Mississippi county three. Mcnroc county, one. Montgcrr.ny county, one. Nevada county, one. Newton county, one. Ouachiia county, one. Perry county, o:ie. Pulaski county. Seven, rhillips county, two. Pike county, one. Poinsctt county, one. Polk county, one. Pope county, one. Prairie county, one. Randolph county, one. St. Francis county, two. Saline county, one. Scctt county, one. i Searcy county, one. | Sebastin county, three. 'Sevier county, one. Sharp county, one. ptone^,coiu)ty, one. Union county, three. ;Van Bnren county, cne. Washington county, two. White county, two. .Woodruff county, one. Yell county, one. SECTION 2. From and after thr first Monday in September 193',! the State of Arkansas shall be divided into Thirty Pour (34) Senatorial Districts, each of said Districts to be entitled to One (1) Senator, except the First District which shall be entitled to Two t2> Senators, to-wit:— District No. 1, Pulaski county. Tsvo. District No. 2, Mississippi county, One. bistrict No. 3, Jefferson county. One. District No. 4, Sebastian county. One. District No. 5, Union county. One. pistrict No. 6, Craighead caunty, One. pistrict No. 7, Clay and Greene counties, One. District No. 8. Randolph. Lawrence and Sharp counties. One. District No. 9, Jackson and Poin- selt counties, One. pistrict No. 10, Crittenden and Cross counties. One. District No. 11. Lee and St. Francis counties, One. District No. 12, Benton and Carrol counties, One. District No. 13, Washington an:i Madison counties, One. District No. 14, Crawford. Frank- Im.and Johnson counties. One. District No. 15, Boone, Marion. Searcy and Van Buren counties. One. District No. 1G, Miller and Lafayette counties. One. District No. 17. Ashley and Chl- cot counties, One. District No, 18, Hempstead and Little River counties, One. pistrict No. 10, Howard, Pike and Seyier counties, One. ' District No. 20, Montgomery Scott and Polk counties, One. District No. 21, Logan and Yell counties. One. District No. 22, Garland and Ho: Springs counties, One. Bistrict No. 53, Columbia and Nevada coundes, One. District No. 24, Clark and Ouachita counties. One. District No. 25, Bradley, Calhoun and Drew counties, One. District No. 26, Dallas, Cleveland and Grant counties. One District No. 27. Phillips and D3- Eha counties, One District NO. 28, Arkansas and Lincoln counties. One. Woodruff counties, 'onc° "* District No. 30, Lonoke and Prairie counties, one. District No. 31, Faulkner, Saline snd Perry counties One District No. 32, ccnw'ay, and Newton counties. One. Ac.:vit!rs of the local lied Cross :'r* 11 I n "" o i •how greater demands in the pa;t iJl'. H. J. (MSSelt 01 OOUth- incnih than earlier in the full :x.>a-' ,.,_.(„. \\VI1 r~ A 1 5-n, according lo the report of! Western Will L.1VC A(J- Mis. Ethel M. Wihon, executive! ' sptrolary and probation officer. I j There -.'.-:re 50 cases served, len' ; cf v.h;ch were probation cases. Ol! i t!ie 50, 12 were for ex-service men I n: liielr families. The 250 oflice ilc:vie'.',: 1 , j7 home and reference ! ;:~>it c irucle, 124 telephone callu anrl 1 M l:tl..'-s v.-ritten dealt with serv- ! In? the needy. I i'jierc were 183 garments and 42 i pairs of shoes given away. Keiser News Notes Miss Kalhryn Cox spent lust week-end in Memphis shopping. Miss Lucile Moore and Mr. W. E. spun, lust week-end in Fartin City as the guests ol Dr. and Mrs. J. T. I'clk. Mis, E-.l Cook moloiocl Ic ])|y. thevllle Thursday. Mrs. Clovls Crockett of Osceoln visited her mother, Mrs. J. T. Wll| son hist Thursday. I Eklredec Cuimnlngs of Newport, spent Sunday here. ; Mis 1 ; Irene Nichols of Dlythcville i spent last week-end with her pur- The city high school will parlici-1 i>nts. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Nichols pate In the world-wide celebration I Mr. Vivian Pisfg of Kelso Tenn ' of the 2.000th anniversary of t-.< . K visiting his brolhcr. W E !'!«>•' IfiPQEIWIL |J erc Tomorrow. birth oi Hit pcet Vergil by a spe- , Mrs. W. W. Anderson visited b ciol program r-.'Hby, 10 cV.ocic. This Dlytiieville last week schoc! Is one of the 1.000 imtllu-j ill-Kirs. Oils Childs Kirk Childs lions in the Unite;! Swiss .wleclcJ | Harmon unit Harvey Wilson an i l!lc 1>hl n:la Ka :'!«. ihe nation- I Joe Mounts motored to Memphis a! honorary colleje fraternity, from . Sunday to attend the football wiir among the 13.000 secondary sc^o-cl 1 ; ' ihere In the country for cooperation with ' ' Mr p ngc RnA W(]e Johnnlc W1I . other organizations in arranging i!i? | son are sick this Week. Mrs. L. C. Fisher nnd children !elt last week for Texas where they make their future home. Financial Report Shows Condition of Blytheville Special District. The financial statement for the. Blytheville Special School District I for the five months of the fiscal year, July 1st to November 30th. i shows that the district has expend| ed S10.292.G7. and has a balance of $36,115.80. The total receipts of the district to November 30th Vere »7G,- 1408.47. -It is expected that the addi- 'tional receipts will be in the neighborhood of nine or ten thousands dollars, depending upon the amount of the state appropriation next March. The budget for the year is approximately S106.COO. With the expected revenues, the district should be able to operate until some time in March. The following is tile statement: Receipts Balance on hand. July 1 $3.980.34 [Prom State on Smith-Hughes I work 000.00 I Refund of teacher, resigned 133.33 Overdue tuition and donations 33.75 Senior Memorial Fund .. 312.42 18 Mill Tax 59,354.77 Land redemptions 039.21 State School Fund 10,060.59 Out-of-district Tuition .. 409.00 Commercial department .. 225.00 celebration. Dr. II. J. Bassett, professor cf Latin at Southwestern University at Memphis, a graduate of Princeton and Michigan and a student of archeology at Rome, will be the speaker. He spent the past summer (ravelins and studying In Italy where lie visited t!ie birthplace oi '/crgll. Dr. Dassett is sent here by this fraternity, of which he is a member, because of the fraternity's inter:sl In scholarship, particularly In the young men and younj women who will go from Blytheville high school into college and university careers. of Phi : 11 prese: bound volume of "Representative Phi Beta Kappa Orations." The tv.'o volumes of this work contain ioriy-elght orations by such fanioi:.s members of the fraternity as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edward Everjtl Hale, Charles Sumner. Woodrow Wilson, Charles • William Elliott, Mary Emma Wooley and Henry | Van Dyke. The celebration at the local j school will be participated in by! seventy students in addition to the , address by Dr. Bassett and the ! presentation of the book of orations. The program includes a play by eleven girls, directed by Miss : Uina B. Wilhelm, two declamations ! and a chorus of more than fifty Pope District No. 33, White, Cleburne and Stone counties. One District No. 34, Baxter, Indciien- Total $70,408.47 Disbursements Administrative control ...S2.335.05 Teachers and Principal 1 ; Salaries '.: 25,441.53 Instructional supplies 213.55 Operating expenses as janitors, fuel, light, etc 2^000.52 Maintenance and repair costs 201.90 Fixed charges 246.39 Debt service 9,543.27 Capital outlay 54.71 Cammercial department ... 189.75 Cash on deposit. County Treasurer $40,232.6' $35,194.44 Cash on deposit, Farmers Bank & Trust Co 436.98 Cash on deposit, First National Bank 484.38 Total $76.408.47 The following Is the budget for the current school year: Administrative control .. S 6,245.00 Instruction, teachers & Supplies 67,430.00 Miss Minnie Bell Siiaw spent week-end In Oseeola. last cure (heir tax or R|VU explanation," Judge Gnivette stilted. He Indicated, however. Hint those wliu did not tuke the trouble to upjjcar lu iwlk-o court and make explanations for ihclr failure lo v.'oi'k tin* .streets would not fare so well. I r\ r . r 1 I I A forfeit was ordered on a £103 I'.gC Declines to nilC Un- deposit by ]|,my Ualli-y on a charge emnlovfc! for Failure to Ol . <lrlvl "« wl11111 "'io*icaicd. miiey. uup uyt-o. 101 i aiiuic 10 ftho W!1S BI . i]|ltC(1 n eoiUlminiu;(! Work Streets. ' Monday morning until this morning ' but failed lo apjn'in 1 In court. Hie unemployment probU'm'., A i"* 10 f hl ' '™ er - wns n » cd showed Its gaunt face in police' " vc (io!ll "' s f " r ™H<*™* mischief, jrntng as numerous ol- if e , wns " L ' C " S011 of slr'UPlnE some fenders faced Judge W. n. Gnu-' """f 1 ' lro . lll . n f^ 1 ^ In Myers elte on charges of failure lo wcrk nlmilc ". nnd ll! «W'»l! » Hilo pieces the city slreels for the last half of 1930. All who faced the police Ji:d«c declared that they Imd been ou! uf work for some time and were hard put to secure fowl and c!otliln n ' for to use for .Move wood. their families. They declare:! they did not have money lo pay thdr tax of three dollars nnd Judge Grnv«tte granted those who np- pearw! In court an extension of time for payment or to work the streets, "1 am not going to be hard on then 1 men at a time like this and I will i;ive them further lime lo .se- Hoover Tnirril lo IJiiloiitowii UNION'! OWN. Pn. iUI'1—Tli: Teal, great, meat grandfather of 'resident Hoover was born In Un- ontown. Fayjtiir county. I'a., I:) !"90, and spent the early yrars of 'Cray, life here. Attorney James p. y. wlille reading a history o[ Hoover family, discovered sev- eral paragraphs reli Huber, the' great, grandfather ol the .p 1 A THREE DAYS'COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL Couglij from cold* may Itsd (a it- mat iruulile. You can Hop ihtm now wiili Crcomuliion, on cmuliificd irwsoie ihai It plenum to like. CiromuUUin Is a mrdlcil dijcotfiy willi Iwn.fuU icilon; It loolhtt «nd licnls the iuihmril luembniiei and in- lnl'iu Ktiiii (rowili. Of all liiiDKii .liuei creosote ii rec- ojiu/cil |ij- high nu-ilical authoring ns one of Ihu prelim hciling «gencif» for couglij from coliU and bronchial iiriiajiois). CrtonniUlon contains. In I'llililion in i-rcoMlc, oilier healing (lemtBt. which KO&, and he.l ,fe " innimed mcmbriDe* «nti Hop the ir- riltiion, »hl! ? il, e criwte «»• in ta I he ' eioauch, 1» tbmbcd Uto the Llood the Mil of the trouble •nd check. ibe 1 gromk of ihc (trow,- (.KonuUloB ii (luriniced tatUfic-" to ?1 Io , lh * | [ "I"»M of coughs from coldi, hwnchltii ind nlair forma of. bronchial Irrilaliou, and Ii Milled, lor biuldu* up Ike t^.ra after cold* or flu. Money lefundtd if not relieved »{itr takiji according todirec- noni. Atk your diuggid. (idr.) " CREOMULSION HE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG Oft students: Parents, members of the Phi • Beta Kappa, and friends of the' school are invited to attend. The fraternity is developing a ; fund called the Phi Beta Kappa ] foundation, primarily for encour-! aging scholarship and cultural! ideals in the realms of secondary i and higher education. This purpose, j together with the outstanding ex- : cellence of Blytheville high school, provides this opportunity for joining selected Institutions in pradl- ; cally every state of the union In i the celebration of this birthday of,' Vergil, who Is regarded as an cmi- '•' nent representative of cultural civilization. . A Phi Beta Kappa announcement ; says: "Vergil's great pccms. the. Georglcs and the Aeneid, both of which may be read in English translations, present a philosophy of life which is sorely needed in America today. This poet of ancient Rome glorifies rural life and public and private morality es secrets of national permanence and greatness, i Rcme neglected Vergil's teachings. 1 Will America follow to a similar I downfall?" ; Speakers have been drawn from graduates of more than eighty col- ! leges Ui this national effort to stiin- ! ulate scholarship. They Include more than a score of college pres-: Idents, many deans, lawyers and ministers. A graceful, gleaming percolator—an aristocratic urn and coffee service .to keep company with her finest silver—a convenient toistet—or a distinctive waffle iron. Any OM of these Wejtinghouse Electrical Appliances will thrill her with happiness on Christmas morning. And any one of them will prove ai durable is it is attractive. . .will serve her with charm and faithfulness for years and years to come. The Sign if a Westinghouse (Oledrical Operating 6,000.00 Maintenance costs 400.00 Fixed charges, insurance. taxes 2.600.00 Debt service 23.C40.00 Capital Outlay 450.09 Total $106,165.00 What A Woman 39 YEARS OLD Should Weigh You May He (idling Fnt If your weight and height matches the figures below—you have a good normal, free from fat figure and don't have to' worry- Weigh yourself today- Ages 35 (o 39 4 Ft. 11 In. 5 Ft. 0 In. 5 Ft. 5 Ft. 5 Ft. 5 Ft. 5 Ft. 5 Ft. 5 Ft. 5 Ft. 5 Ft. 1 111. 2 In. 3 In. 4 In. 5 In. 6 In. 7 In. 8 In. 9 In. 122 Pounds 124 120 123 132 136 140 144 148 152 156 159 Include ordinary R«ad Courier News Want Ad* Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service" The 1931 Moc/efc Are Here/ AUTOMOBILES for Boys and Girls " Plenty of speed ... pep ... style to diese new many improvements have been made over last year' will see for yourself when you come in! ' Ycu'ttj the model you'd like to have . . . come iriwon to pick Jt^t* to Parents; The priceaare encouragingly " J. C. PENNEY 220-222 W. Main Street Klythevllk, Ark. 5 Ft. 10 In. Weights given indoor clothing. If you are overweight cut out I pies, pastries and candy for 4! weeks—then weigh yourself again! —go light on potatoes, rice, butter, cream and sugar—eat lean meat.; chicken, fish, salads, green vege- J tables and fruit. , \ Take one half teaspoon of Kruschen Salts in a glass of hot water every morning belore breakfast—This Is the easy, safe and sensible, way to take off fat—an 85 cent battle lasts * weeks—Get I Kruschen Salts at Kirby Drug Co., I or any drug store in the world—i You'll be gloriously alive, vigorous; and vivacious in 4 weeks. —Adv. 12 SELLING OUT OUR ENTIRE STOCK RLING STORE COME TRAIN CAR BUS Store Wide Selling Out Sale Everyone is familiar with and affected by the business depression our country is experiencing. No one could anticipate this problem. We were not preparrd for it. Orders from our home office are to sell out-regardless of cost. 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