The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1948
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 1048 __ —, *-**Ji*iiij»*u*jr> ^ / OUT OUR WAY By J, R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NKWS GONMA TRY TMA.KE IT COME OUT THBOUGH MY ,, NOSE--DDWT ( YOU WISH YOU COULD MAKE IT COME OUT THROUGH >OUR eves r EGAO,05CI\R,WS 80V.' YOUR 81 & EAG06 MftK^GERS PERSOWM.LV •JAWfe TH& T6*M VOO'D like TO 3OIW/- X'LL PLPtf AtiV- ANY PLACE- AMY PLA.C6. TH* KATVS * RIGHT.' -~ I'LL BOOM ESPECIALLY FOR. DEMTISTS —THe FIBLDER6 vdlL ALL Be L06STEB. PALACES/ wm&m --- .M2*&L)^$i O-.«?^H.UAM A .V*i,; 4 , ( i>' AND CUSTOM — HE'LL Royal Marines to Play At FDR Unveiling LONDON (UP) — The Franklin Roosevelt Memorial Committee announced that the Roynl Marines will furnish the guard and the I band for the unveiling of the I Roosevelt Memorial in Grosvenor , Square April 12. The marines were chosen De- cause of the late President's naval j association, the committee said. ( The choir from St. Paul's > aLso will participate and the bene- | diction will be pronounced by the \ Archbishop of Canterbury. Ii has already been announced that Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt will unveil the memorial, with the king *nd queen present. MI c ,, c , ., © BY IONE SANOBERG SHRIBER By lone bandberg bhnber DISTRIBUTED ev NEA SERVICE. INC PIANOS New and Used Music Instruments Repairs & Supplies Sheet Music Records Radio Repairs 4 BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Phnoe 811 Porto Rico KILN DRIED SWEET POTATOES Delivered to Your Door Phones 4677—2986 Buck Meharg Produce Ml C. MmlB »L IMF STOHYi T* rr«r-.1 rlrkr- AHN BH»cr»It !• canvlnrr*-••wr- «»•«• |M b*r ow» hou>rhiild !• tiring to nardrr her and uinkr It appear • • nccldrnt. Thr buiinc-hold !•elude* hi-r liUBlmnil. flu*b, • bftde- younc •••Umr.ii L»wrtr, '*••'• hfttdifroiiB 19-7* »r-old • (•(?!• i ToMmr. l.ffvrle'i ftnncei *n« Rtn- din, Ann 1 * old (rlrntt *»4i hutine- Kueii. Ann lino I nut narruvrly «M(>II ped itfciih jxl;ilh>N I row lb« fcn» flrr|ilncr IB hrr room dnrlDK Ib* Blftbt. lh*ttk» m Hind*. Arxl day »he irl«-> i« K n lllndB t« fell tirr nlxjiti It. Itui Rliidn brdRr*. vurd by Hn UMUHUHI nolac mmA rnmlriE out Into ihr b,^ll lo Hud Tonuny ».iii-:ikhif; n lioldrof «rbln~ kr> to hl» roiiiit. Ann it-lli Rlndit trial khr und Hnkh .ittvr vrnrrird nlmui I.niir1i''» mnrrrlnt; Tammy. She nl»n irlln her Ihnt. nr<-nrdtn« lo her Intrier'it tvlll. -.h? ran c«tn- irnl [.ntiflr'a mnnry If ihr doviv 1 ! Approve of l,nnrlr T » mnrriBCC. XV •'CHE met him In Cleveland.' Ann said, her (ace troubled "At a cocktail party. She didn't talk about anything else [or days They had lunch several clays later and she came home floating on the clouds. So Rush and I wanted to meet him. Naturally. We wantec to know his family, where he wen to school, what he did." "And . . . 7" Ann shook her head. "Nothing." "Nolhing? But surely—" Ann shrugged helplessly. "He says he finished high schoo before he went into the Army He's from a small town in Indiana He has no relatives. Or so Iv says. If he has any plans tor th future I don't know what they are "Well, how dc*E he happen to e here? At Tophill?" That's > story ol Iti own. He |ord and then she gcU »D »l!ow- ajicc uutij sne'f UIITIT." "It seem: tc m« a will Like that could oc oroken." "That's wnat we though! W«'d have oeec ijlad U it could nave been. 1 oale It." -Well. ui«v—" "But 1 know what Dad had In mind. U 1 uno y*i t*c aneid, now. I'd (ee. u though 1 w«r« mo a small apartment somewhere leitin^ him down " lowntown but the landlord wanted » • • t_ I jut si that's the only w»j >eopl« can be evicted these day*, \jmmy couldnt flnd • piacc to aid, as casuolly as you'd oiler ^^ ^ VMNDA opened her mouth arxl tn 'n cloied *l again. She drew lomeone a cigaret- why not come out to Tophill until you find aome- hinR. It's • big bouie. Can't you i*ar h«r?" Ann smiled faintly. 'So h« came. La« January." angle. Ann. 1. -There'* Suppose I nadn'1 "J it . . ANUARYl Why—and do you mean he'? not looked for any- .hing since then? Never suggested leaving?*' "Well, of course Laurie and he teep busy. 1 don't think they've Looked at all lately. Ol course. It's Laurie's house, too. and it's t>ljf enough. That part doesn't matter. It's rjis—Inertia." "Has it become an actual i«sue? family. II i Laurie trying to foree your voice was hand?" "We haven't come to blows yet. Rush t\a; talked to her and he hn» some Influence, she listens to him. Of course, you see. she has a point; the will is unfair. It enrages her. naturally.** "It may work out." Kinda said. "Tommy may wake up some morning eaten up with ambition. They could be married and go to tound you Last nifiht? What would have happened to the moDty?" The porrh floor tipped f«nt)y under Ann 1 ? chnir. She neld onto Ihe nrtns ol the chair lo neady herscit. Slie swallowed hard and cleared her throat, Rindn said slowly: "Then It dow make n difference?" "Diltcrence? What a dirTerence! My denlh changes evcrylhinR. My faitier a mmd t>f his own and he had no Intention of letting Ih* school — it's being where, you know." done every"But if he isn't willing to show any inclination before lie gets his hands on several hundred thou,., sand dollars how d'you think he'll He's pleasant, he's charming, he's ' ac( when he does? I've never no- fun." She spread her hands in a ticed that suddenly getting a lot futile gesture. "Doesn't he want to go to college?" *'He doesn't seem lo bwve any desire lo do anything. Rind a. I like him a lot—you can't help liking him—but he doesn't seem to have a scrap of ambition." of money was any inducement to work." "There aren't any strings at all? I mean, you jusl give them your blessing and it's all theirs? There isn't any middle course?" "Not if they get married. 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BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • (Phone, 3646 tuut2525 Spring Planting Oats W« have Spring Oats, Alfalfa, P«stur« Mixtures • nrl Legpedeza. Ijtwn Mixture* For All Kinds Field Seed, Come lo See Us- Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main St. Handled With Care From tile time your family'! c!otlie« reach us- to the time they are returned to you immncuuUely clean, they get the beat of care. Fabric, color and design piny a pnrt in determining the methods and liigic- dtents »•« use in denning. Our results satisfy! Dial 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 220 North Second Street PAGE THIRTEEN Forrester money get out o! the 1 should di»—" Mr husky—"when I die everything goes to Laurie. Outright. My share too." "Good Lord! But why—* **1 have no children."* Ann'* voice was thin. "If 1 had children, they would inherit from me. But it doesn't stretch to huabandi." "You mean Rush would o«— Oh, no, I ditln'l mean lo say that. Ann. It's just that it s«erm so—so unfair!" "It !«." She forced nersell to smile at Rimla. She was shaking. "Don't let it upset you. We're all used to It. It's a family Joke. Laurie and 1 each liave plenty and if she insists upon marrying Tommy we'll give in gracefully. I truly wouldn't mind. Hindi, i( they weren't so young and if It weren't for the dt inking." She kept on talking, mouthing words. Slip didn't dare Jcl Rindn sec how the .error had lakon lull possession of her, Denr God! How could she have been so blind? (To Be Continued) "I often wish I'd taken tip practice in a large city it mutt be much easier to bring suit againit a stranger!" FKKCKLE8 A Hlg FRIENDS By MERRILL Steam's Up I'KISCIM.A'S POP K xum pie A By AL VERMEBR Car/y/e! That's wonderful!. I nope you 1 // be winner. Don't kit * My son won the 50-yard dasfi it school. I don't see •your hid^ wear-ing any medals! the 50-ytrd dash at school. They gave me <? braggart/ A/ways remember that. VIC FLINT Waiting tor Rocky By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANB I HOPE ROCKY 6E1S HERE SOON. WtAML WOKT BC MLE ID ML AY UASTINGSOM MUCKIONHR. WASH TUBES By LESLIE TURNER WMV.ves. /LAW *«« r*EM> m TH-mpwirnw MM OLD rRLEUb, WASH. WHERE MR.V GK^Bftf-D k 1RAIM t.,, , ^ u rt . USB* UWES. '"'*-< s V®^ SWOKt! SWELL TO SEE NOD WASH MiO Eft5f PITCH IU IkU' HEL? 5PEAKCPVOU/ riWD ME.tfCCMU ( 501'MlAIOOFf TILL IT'S flXED. IftMBe I COULD THAT LULU BELLE SUGGS! RYDER In Technicolor By FRED BARMAN THOSE ItWMS Gof To REO f«D£R5 WrtCrl AHEAD OF ^£' CUT I'lX rt THEY LEAVE-' ALLEY OO(> Hello, ttcnie! sti 'YCU'U fa *» votrm TOLO *K NO IAMP CAN CHKSdl IT; By V. T. HAMLIN JUST I HUB MV HOOTS AND MKR BUDDIES True, Too Rv KDOAR MARTIN

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