The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX 'BIG SWIM Owners and Officials Questioned In Baseball's Biggest fiwesligalion IIV IIAIIUY GHAVSON S|i(ills Cdilur, NKA Si-rvii'i' (Copyright, l!»:iS. SKA Service. Inc.) L'JSM.BAIR. Pin., Marvli lit. -Judge Ktilf-siw M. I,;in:ll.s'.s ijivpxll- gallpn of the alleged unholy alliances between Ihe fit-. I<ouis Cardi- nals'and'the Cedar Rapids club of the Western League and their affiliates in ]93<j anil lu.'i? is Hip most sweeping probe? in tin- history of baseball. Nothing short of n mrr-tlng of Ihe National Association draws as many big shot owners and olliclids as did the early exhibition jjnmis in nearby St. Petersburg, where the Cardinals and NW York Yiui- kftes are training. And Ij.imll.-i called Hic'iii all individually to the ramsluickli- old - resort hotel at IK-lleair. The commissioner Is KctUjiK everybody's story, but now that news of the investigation lias broken aliead of Judge Landis's olllcial decision on the case, there is of course a big effort lo hush it all up, and most of the high baseball officials in Florida today are denying that they know anything about it or have anything to do with it. That Gentleman's Agreement But everybody versed with the facts hi the Si. "Ujuis-Ccdnr Rapids case agrees that Branch nickey and the Cardinals were attempting to accomplish something which they could not accomplish within n written agreement. Most of them, however, disagree with Lnndls's firm stand against llic farm system. Lfiudls all along has contended that extensive baseball farming borders too closely upon syndicate baseball. lie now has something •". on which lo his argument since It develops that the Cardinals, through cedar Rapids, actually had two chains in smaller leagues In- stciid of one. thanks (o n (jcntlc- niflu's agreement between nickey and llnrry.s. Johnson, the attorney who owns the Cedar Vfcipids .Club. But Ihe fnrm syslcm advoculcs point out that it restored minor league bnsotall. How Farms drew William Gibbons Bramham. president of the' National Association, explains thai only four minor leagues were cerium of functioning at the bottom step of the depression, when he was nskfd to lake charge of baseball reorganization, at. the famous meeting; in Columbus in the fall of 1!132. j Unless the Landis verdict in the St.'Louis-Cedar Rapids case wipes out two or three minor circuits. 37 leagues will open llielr gales this spring. Naturally, much or this grbwlh can be traced lo major league subsidisation. •The cardinals either own or control something like 30 minor .league clubs. Tlis- Y'ankecs dominate 13. Umdls deems it unfair for clubs like these to have the Philadelphia Phillies, for example, with no farm clubs, have lo skimp along .is best tliey can. Uindis was beaten at Ihe National Association meeting in Montreal n year ago last December, wlicn the Baltimore amendment made it permissible for major league scouts lo rccomeml players To minor league clubs without notifying either the landis office or thui ol llic National Association. Landis (lien was seeking n closer check on the status of plav- • crs, but the owners refused lo give it lo him on Hie ground that somi- small minor league clubs mi°hi occasionally lose a player through unintentional infrnctions of the rules. Landis Backs Players Tlie commissioner is in the corner of the players, who need someone in their corner, as it has been proved repeatedly by the old jurist's findings and decisions. The Tom Henrich case was a • typical example of (lie progress of \ a player being impeded. The . Cleveland club had Henrich who : wound up with the Yankees! cov: crcd up in Milwaukee. ' Landis backed up on the Bob . Feller case only because he feared tlrat the Iowa farm boy would br hurt by the large sum of money he would have been paid as a free agent. And many of (he same men who put Landis at the head of baseball to keep it straight and honest are now squawking about his being vastly too much more judicial than constructive. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Figures In Baseball FJareup Hurry Omyson, NBA Service Moils ulltoi (inl<i iboio (It-itimts llu liidBc Kcncnuv Mountain Landis. rlsht. and Wlllhn, G. JJrnmhnm. Louis Cardinal situation will) Above ,s the Cedar naplds basi-hall learn of 1D37, members of which ™ay in alleged .syndicate operations-,by the St. 1/iuls Cardinals. Stancltnir-UIl to right. Harry Johnson, president- DeFoncsl ay or. Clmrtak, Krlpski, Lahmim, Filbert, micr; kncrlln g -c,os,sley, manager; Thomas, Howard, Vnii Heel, Keency. Hl.slon, Uei'fiiiuin, Hayes. The Dope Bucket Uy J. 1'. Frlem) EFFECT—Heavy, over the head of hc.iv.v liangs tlic Northeast Arkansas league and everyone is u'Ondoring what Ihe penally will lie . . . If baseball's c/-ar, Commissioner Mountain L:ind:s. goes through with Ills reported plan of making some hundred—more or less—members of the Si. honis Cardinal farms free agents there is n .slrong possibility flint it will deal a death blow In our little Class 13 league...The Newport Cardinals arc almost certain to under Hint category, and come then is a possibility that in the Cariillu'rsviUe club will be nlTeclcd . . . Hotli depend on help from farms of Hie lied Bird c hnl n The Pilots draw from the Houston. Texas. Bulls of the Texas league, while the Cardinals have im optional aftrmiwu with the Rochester Red Wings of (he Iiitci'tuiljonn! loop . . . Uotli are established farms in llic St. Ixxifp organization . . . One of the first- laws of baseball forbids a "'chill having two chilis in the same league . . , Technically, this statute has been broken, it i« . . . Thai would mean players 'under contract ness with with til her Newport or Caiulhers- villc coming under that list would l»f 'relicvctl of tliclr contract, nnd Biven permission lo dicker with any other club for his services . AND EITHER CLUB MUST BE STRICKEN' OFF THE FARM SYSTEM OP THE CAR1J.8 . . . The one cut off will nave to operate independently or find another "papa." ... In view of the case of .lonc-sboro which was unable lo make nny sort of ngreeable connection with either major or minor ICUKUO club (lie chances are 1(1-1 sigiilnsl finding a sponsor, (specially thin lale in Ihe day i the league opens April than :;ix wooks olf . Although 1 do not. know the conditions nt either place, 1 am of llw opinion that neither could operate on their own resources and would be forced to withdraw If no help could be found ... Of course, if he decides there has been no viola- lion the case will bo closed and everything will lie allowed to continue 1 as before Yes. it docs look prelty dark for NBA league, :is well ;i.s some others, but they say every dark cloud has n silver . . |Uiat lining. charged commisMoner penalty is n lure Whether (he good will exact matter of CO] \JCC- OUTCOME-Tlio NBA moguls and other interested fans are wondering just what will be the ultimate outcome ... if judge Lnndis rules the rule lias been violated he liar, two avenues for his decision . . . n r st. he can declare every rookie who has been covered up and farmed out contrary to Hoj-lo n free acent nnd second, he can iiiMnict the Cards to eliminate ;ill bm one club per league to do farm looking; od during scrimmage Thursdny af- lernoon turned out. to be not as serious us first believed . . . Or. J. IVf Wall, wlto (ook the X-ray, .laid tills morning (hero was an inconiplcte fracture of ihr bone r.nly about 1-3 being broken and he should he as good ns before in no lime . . . -nic fracture should not n/lcct Hie slur halfback In any way tliis fall, which is great- news, not only to his parent;;, Mr. nnd Mrs-. 'Hugh Hartert sr., hut lo Chlcktisaw fans.".-. Hugh was perhaps the brightest spot, in the spring workouts wlilch were completed yesterday . .; . He wns literally running every scrimmage, showing remark- accuracy to put him "Tex" appears <o have definitely arrived. LYNX—You have Ihe ,,(>„<.„, L5 Foreigners Match Mat Skill Here Next week's wrestling card at the American legion arena will resemble fl l/sigiie of Nations session as far us the principals are concerned, with four foreign conn- tries being represented. The Greek representative will be "Dynamite Jim" Dlllman, who will hold 11 li ngthy conference with his Cull idinn cohort. Hoy Welch. HIP Republic of Mexico will \>c represented by Ron! I Ape?, who will cngngf I lie mi-diplomatic gi>n- tkman from Armenia, "Had Mike" Nawrlan, in another Important meeting. 1'lie veteran DIUninii, who Is big ind nigged and rongli, Is expected to give his opponent a strong argument before the meeting adjourns, but the wily Welch ha.s seldom been known 10 fall with a. timely rebuttal. The lx)|)ra-Na'/.orlan session will certainly test the persuasive abilities of each. Lope-/, probably has Ihe edge in finesse hut "Bad Mike" Is well fortified with grappling armaments, coupled with an uncompromising disposition.' II should lie an evening of unusual enlcrlnlninenl for the gallery. HMM-MM! team made two records, amassing 542 points In 12 games for a 47.33- polnt average, and making 74 points against Texas on Feb. 11 at Fayettevllle for a new single game score by one team. SATURDAY, MARQH19JJ938 Terry Service Station Continues Winning Pace Reiser, Gosndl Win County 4-11 Club Cage drowns Hrown, Manila And Lost Cane Seeking Titles Despite the ilai-k glasses which he weal-s as protection .-igoiusl ;i glaring sun, il's easy to see ii's ;i critical ga/e wliii/h Owner I'. K. Wrigley directs ill his Chi- (Mgo Cubs as they work out on Cntalina Jskmcl. MANILA, Ark,, Mar. 19.—Brown, Manila and Lost Cane have senii- tlnalisl.'i in both divisions of the north Mississippi county grade school basketball tournament 1111- derway lierc to<tay. Semi-final games will be played this afternoon with the other semi-finalist not determined at HOOD. Finals will be played today. Double eliminations is being used Results: Friday morning — Shady Grove I hoys 7, Lost Cane 9; No. 1C boys 3, Boyntmi 20; Lost Cane girls 7 Brown 10; No. 16 girls 8. Pawheen 15; Box Elder eirls 19, Flat Lake 0. Friday afternoon — Box Elder boys 0. Pawheen 9; Rocky boys 20 Flat, Lafo 0; No. 16 toys 10. Sliadv Grove 5; Box Elder girls 17, Rocky 0; Lost Cane girls 7, Brown 10- Shady Grove girls 18, Boynton 2- Ekron girts 1, BrmMey 11; Lost Cane girls 26. No. 16, K; Brown girls 23, .Manila 15. Friday night—Pawheen fiirls e Brown 0; Ekron girls 2, Boynton 32; Losl Cane boys 7, Boynton 8 Saturday morning—Manila bovs 2S, Lost Cane 14; Fawhcen boys V Rocky 14; Lost Cone girls ig' Boynton 2. *' all-time individual scoring record. His team won, ff(! to 39. T.C.U. also lost to Rice, 02 to 57, al Houston Feb. 14, wlien the 119- point total by both teams was a new conference mark. Kirkpatrick surpassed the former individual point record for a season by scoring 210 points in 12 games, 19 more than the old record. The championship Arkansas; The county 4-H club Basketball tournament held at, Reiser yesterday and lost, night ended with Oosne)) winning first In the toys' division and Keiser first In the girls'. In Uie boys' division Hatcher placed •second and Blnckwater third. In the girls' division Varbra won second and Closnell third. The teams eligible to enter In this tournament were the first, second and third place winners in each division from each district of Mississippi county. Whltton was eligible to have two teams but decided not to enter. In the final boys' game al the ena. Hatcher and Gosnell tied with a score of 20-20. In the plny-off, Gosnell scored one field goal in the closing seconds of the three-minute extra period. The following clubs had two teams eacli: Closnel), Yarbro. Blackwaler, Reiser, and Hatcher. Terry Service station defeated' Holt Funeral Home to continue undefeated In the City Bowlini league at Siidbury's Playhouse last night, In another match John's Confectionary defeated Dr. Pepper. Kenneth Jones of Dr. Pepper' was high scorer for an individual game with m. Team W. L. Pet. Terry Station 4 „ Palace Cafe a , _ 760 John's Confectionery a i 750 Dr. 1'epper 2 Holt Piuiera) Rome .' "2 < Hudson Tailor Shop ...[2 2 Ark-Mo Power 0 4l W Hubbard Hardware .....o fl iWj 0 1.000 2 .MO 1 'i .500 L 0 S T White male bird dog pointer. Liver colored small spots. Uver colored ears, one large spot on back, about 15 mas. old. REWARD H. N. Xwearenjten Phone 199 or 672 HlythevlJle, Ark. NOTICE TO BREEDERS! We have for service at our plantation two :niles northwest of Yarbro, one fine registered Per- cheron Stallion, one extra good registered black mammotith Jack, with three points. Excellent breeder and sure foal getter. See or call me lie- Tore you breed your mares. E. S. BOLLARD Farm Phone 7-F-.'! Res. Phone' 731 Marks On Southwest Court Upset FORT WORTHTrex. (UP)-PivD - .- --- .......... D-, .,.,«.,,.. & ,^ t ..«.«.- , _ ive able • speed and hip slinking ab'il- new Southwest conference scoring Jty, lo say the least of his pass- records were established during t,,» „„,,.,.„„.. , K firsl baBke(bal| - " --• - • • *" -a»'wi i., no iiioi/ utinitciuuii .stmSQll UllS was so hot thai Conch Joe Dlldy under (he new "speed-up" nilc need • not bother about one half- that eliminates the center tin after tnckPosHlon, just decide Hie spot field goals. P Texas Clirlstinn Unli-erslty was the victim of two records. Against LYNX-You have Ihe word of f C O n Prli w ,i ABa ' nSl DavUI Bloom, sports editor of the Biwlor's Ce^er TlT ,°" Feb ' '' />—„„._,., . rjajiors Oe'nter, Hubert Kirkpatrick, scored 35 points — 1C field eoals and three free shots-for nn Commercial Appeal, that O'nell Ci p ai<f, Blytlievllle star linesman, is Bolus to cmsli the Memphis Southwestern Lynx this fall Dave suys that Ed Kubole, South- adopted resolutions requestine that west,.,,,-, n,™, ,,(>. . ql " Craig and plans to use him plenty during the coming football season . . . whether O'Neil lands a regular berth remains to tic seen [nit Hie way in which he handles Ins 210 pounds has brought smiles nucm|)ts be , n d-week to Kubalt The trick knee - ill. VI IV.JV ^I1C(^ Hint bothered him in high school mis given liim no trouble at all Indicating Hie operation was suc- .ce\ssfnt. . . .TOINED-Osccola and niylnevillc have joined hands to encourace bringing ole Miss nnd Arkansas totiptlier in '38 al Memphis . The Rotary clubs of botli ciiies and Hie Osceola Civic club have eame between Olc ^ and the Razorbacks. since n week-end date lias been filled by Southwestern nt Crump stadium . . . I was just thinking wouldn't it be swell if our stadium was completed and H could be staged at Haley Field • - . Hey. wake up, you're turning over your typewriter! GLENCOE BARBER SHOP Farl H. Parker, Prop. Glcncoe Hole! Bid;. Hand or Electric Manifiir WRESTLING MONDAY NIGHT, S O'CLOCK MIKE NAZERIAK vs. RflUL L9PEZ JOE DILLMAN vs. ROY WELCH American T.cgion Arena, Norltt Secnnrt R(. Special Introductory Offer To Acquaint You With Our New Polly Gas 74 Octane With the purchase of 7 or more gallons of this new Gasoline A 2 Gallon Can of Hi-Grade Motor Oil For (All Tnxcs I'anl) SAVEON GAS CO. Holland, Mo. Highway Gl DON'T WAIT! LET US Get Your Car IN SHAPE To Pass the SECOND PERIOD of the State" Inspection We Test Your Car FREE for LIGHTS BRAKES TIRES Windshield Wip«r Wheel Alignment PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Btti * w»lnat fhone «W Does money burn a hole in your pocket? "Honestly, I don't know where the money goes. It's spent, but what I spent it for is more than I can say!" Are these your sentiments too? .Take two quick hints from those who have learned to spend wisely and well: (1) Budget. (2) Read the advertisements. Keep a strict, accurate account of every dollar. You spend so much for food, for rent, for clothes, for amusement. Write down. And stick to the budget! The second idea is a favorite plan of thrifty buyers. Each day, go over all the advertisements in this newspaper carefully. Find out in advance what things will best serve your needs, where you can buy them, what you must pay. The advertisements give you that news regularly! Life is too short to worry any more than you can help about financial problems. Get the budget-advertising habit now!

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