The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1946
Page 2
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.BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIEIl NKWS THURSDAY, APRIL 18, 1940 Crime Increases Through Nation Conditions Following >. Wor Ar« BlanMd For ;'Upswing In Crime <' CJUCAGO. April 18. (UP)—The ,WBI his left iri Ik *»!« the greatest crime wave ui at l«*sl 15 ye*" —tiejhtips lh e greatest in the coun- try'fc 'history, .a nationwide survey showed . today. 'Police compared the crime wave to'lhat, which followed World Wai I. Sociologists attributed it to, unemployment, ^conversion layoff;. R>i"d -A'ar-broken" homes rathei tlvwi 'thrill-bent returning service men. The survey showed lhat tlie big jfe'c'ir inc!eases were in robberies automobile thefts and burglaries ' riomicides and sex crimes also in c'>.ised sharply, ,_TI\« "pederaf! Bureau of Invest! . imtion said the upswing was th greatest since • 1930. when • the bu , reaif begajrf Ijkbulaiiiig natloriwid dlies--with ia-"t'6(al' of 65.0«.COi ;'! inhabitants showed these ihcreasi. '!' 3tobWr>es.':23.6 per cent; nu Ikwftst 18.7;-'burglaries.- IT; tiegl gcnce manslaughters, 1C.2; murder 1^3 "ai'grav'ate/d assaults, 8.7; .1ft i.B»iPS.«3.G; .rape 5.7... .... hi»v.«everal "• -midwest -cities .se* •I'fTftios ' and homicides. Including :ui unusually large number of-mill- ohnson Pudding Postwar Style Served Othman With Apologies fish; *ith austerity grease to<J»y nd givt the (he lowdown on the boiled lark and roast oyster sltim- II is not good, but Dolly said she oped ye old Cheshire cheese soon gain would waft magnificent odors no every newspaper office on Fleet Br FEEDERICK C. OTHMAN I old wine bottles, anil eventually LONDON April 18. (UP)-Mlss found Dolly worrylns with the >ollv Pinney. a black-eyed lady pudding pot. titi one ol history's greatest liter- "Larks It needs," she said, wln- ry reputations to maintain, daubed ness" and "ran well and punted' well," iiccordliiii to one reporter. "A caption lo one photograph ot Mosluy In the lilrmlnyhain I'ost. sale! ""We're vxpectlng Monk Mosley to U' « pretty .swell back for the 'minus next Fall. He lias improved n lot since he was last i.l . the capstone, before 'going Into I the Army Monk Is very swift and Norman "Monk" Mosley, one ofl a ( uv( , t . m incr. He runs a lot like Monk Mosley Wins Praise From Writers oysters it needs as much, it does. This is against the law. and I am ntUe U;;, "no. Mosley Brothers o. i|> aivl mutilation muriers, i_i(-,sed markedly. Detroit reported A- hojnicides last wee. Chicago. 1 i n ) New York City 5. Ine- Chicago crime commission ti social and economic maladjust- i-orry that you. sir. had to eat crust' the tlkj of that." There Isn't enough crease for Good pastry, while the government won't let an Englishman put men' , . . Bam? and senfoocl tveet. and. when the wind was Th(& e(1)cl no)tv as :l , w tvlotic citl- iBht, .as far as Temple Bar. In o other way can she make an lonest, man again of Ur. Samuel Johnson. He "regularly stuck his head out lis door two 'centuries ago, sniffed he aromas ol what the British call pudding, and hot-footed it to Wind Office Court where the Cheshire cheese even then was ft well established tavern. ••Needs larks, it does,' 1 sflld Dolly, Jie heacTcook of the Cheshire cheese, serving m € with apologies and' Johnson pudding post-war style. The fact that I was sluing in Di. Johnson's seat ^.<none too comfortable for, my chassis) was Incidental to Dollv, bnt important to inc. 1 had hoped that contact with the oaken boar,] where the doctor sat so long ago might have n psychic effect'upon me. (Editor; There Is no evidence of this yet.) Dr. Johnson wrote that the Cheshire cheese pudding was an 80-pound creation which took ll> tours to boil and In so doliiB pro- Inced those smells de luxe. •'Entombed therein," he added nre beefsteaks, kidneys, oysters larks, mushrooms and wondrou Arkansas football circles, may have his biggest, opportunity this Fall. Sport writers who saw the recent Spring football game ut University of Alabama highly praised Monk. Mosley showed "flashes of great- nine in'd'senioo'crin any'one dish, klamc her? How'd you like to mote * ' a liar of JSnmnel Johnson every mj endures, time you dished up a four-shilling She doesn't like it, but can you portion of pudding? Gclrgln's We hope he ut legist half as yood. If so, he'll lft>!" Newspapers featured fiction photographs of Mosley a.s the Harry Gllmer Whites dumped Vaughn tackle in Ihu ftvst, quarter. Drop pictures Mosley's pass falling into the waiting hnncls ol Jim Crain for a yaln of four yards" was the caption beneath photographs In one newspaper. Because Harry Gilmer may soon .he will be stationed. Europe campaigns. Mrs. Harris, the former Miss Helen Uocke of Little Rock, Is also a veteran of service In the Staff Sergl. anil Mrs. Hill H.irris Army, havhm been discharged in Army Veteran WiH Serve In Germany bi-eln Army service. Mosley is he-1 A veteran oj lour years Ing hold the future of Alabama's lean: within his grasp, it pointed out. will leave soon for Germany, where December Jrom t^WAC.^ ^ his brother, U. S. Harris. 204 Kentucky Avenue. Before leaving fo" cited iis the player who may • Sergeant Harris sorvwl IB months ', [in lhe Kuropean Theater bM'or? !?"« new station. S. n'.iX'Uirnlna here ami re-enlisting foijMams will visit i< Norman is youngest of the three brothers who have starred both at llllylheville and Alabama. Herscliel was first to become outstanding in football nncl Russell kept up l>ecn'. l ' l -'Unnina here ami re-enlisting } [duty in Germany, He participnto;! L in the Rhinelaiul iuid Central ' Scrgemil and Mrs. elatives In Texas. the record, as did Norman. Read Courier News W*nt.Ad«. Maiicha's Hcils, 16-C. in the Charlie Boswcl! benefit yMne winding up Sniitiu trainiu" at Alabama. ••This photogrnpn shows Norman 1-os Angeles covers 451.807 square Mosley, the ulylhevillf. Ark..I mile.s. the largest city area in the 'bombshell naming Ihrco yards off world. CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! For n quick Kiile see me. I hiive buyers for homes. List your properly with inc. My commission is ">'/< • I have no sidelini's. H. C. CAMPBELL Office 120 So. Second I'hones 440 <>r ~ B:i(> mejits. disrupted homes, and .loca, roadi'lions which breed deliiKiucnW *he same things which caused the <W-ne problem after the lusl •Sue" .jB-p •Sue" present today. om cities crime increases include-. . orts from cities showin; Miami— March, 194«, total 610 Included .three homicides, compar e(L. total arrests of 485 to "taie period last year. , spices and gravies, the secret o - IMITATION BLACK PEPPER Pound 59c RED RIND CHEDDAR CHEESE Pound 59c GROCERY Blytbeville's Food Headquarters 501 West Main Street 2763 Rit Easter Egg Colors 6 Beautiful Colors Pkg. lOc Headquarters for Circus Pack Cereal, Post Brand. Circus Pack Large Size Box 15c which is known only to pounder." the coin- I climbed the ancient. stairs where limbers charred hy German fire bombs still were beinf repaired, found the proper bench in this liny black wahmt, paneled dining room, and ordered pudding. It tasted good, but consisted solely of small pieces of beef, bluck mushrooms, excellent gravy and a Cooked Ready-ro-Ear PICNIC HAMS . , TUlnnta— Tola! arrests for March,] chunk of pastry about un Inch und 1940, 10,70fi; total arrests for March. 19*5, 7.420. "Almost one-third of the potential wiiter power of the U. S. is located 11 the region drained by the Col- uTfibia River, according to Die En- Brltannica. a half thick. This dough, 1 regret to report, was not the light crust admired by Dr. Johnson. L washed it down with a mill! of mild-and-bitter, had u dish ol •stewed rhubarb for dessert, admired the window pones made of bubbly glass from the bottoms of Ground Beef, All Meat HAMBURGER Ib. 28c Boston Butts PORK ROAST Ib. 38c For Your EASTER Vocatipn Trip... . 8, r You'll be Smarter with 'BOYLASTIC LUGGAGE * IT'S KEW and ... ! i i , * IT'S DIFFERENT Here is the newest creation in reaily smart luggage . . /by BOYLE—-makers of the world's finest luggage and leather goods sine* 1851. Note these Special Features: * Sturdy—-They can take it! * Smart—Well designed—Finished! Beautifully Lined! ' * Good Locks and Hardware! BOYLASTIC BAG . . . BOYLASTIC BAG . . . ' Pork and Process Cheese LUNCH MEAT , •$?/M KING TASTE, PINT JAR Ib. 49c Canned All Pork LUNCHEON MEAT . . lb.49c MAYONNAJSL-33C EAGLE BRAND, 1 to a Customer, Can - - - - 21c LARGE SIZE BOX PURE CANE 5 Ib. bag 35c 10lb.bag69c Shiblcy's Best, All White, Plain, 25 Lb. Bag .....$115 1 Lqc. Box Supersuds, 1 Octagon Cleanser all for Sliced Package • \ «» ., DRIED BEEF . . . pkg. 22c I SHORTENING White Ribbon or TF^ PureLard,4lb.ctn. j j£ Box In Glasses CHEESE SPREAD . . ea.19crOMATO JU ' c V/"lt LEMONS Sun-kist 432 Size Doz. Twenty-five pound cans Twenty-five pound cans • ^^|*ij PURE HOG LARD . can 4.98 CORN Ladoga, Cream Style No. 2 Can BLACKEYE $24.50 $24.50 A' 21 inch all Leather 'bag—strongly 'reinforced and beautifully lined This 21 inch bug is built of' sturdy fiber — : in «reen or navy colors. Richly lined. Country Pork SAUSAGE, all meat . lb.35t BEEF BRISKETS . . . lb.26c|SOAP PEAS, Ohio Valley No. 2 Can 15c ONIONS LETTUCE CELERY Large Heads \ Each Crisp Stalks lOc lOc YC//OW Spanish or White Bermuda Lb. Palmolive or Lifebuoy Regular Size, 3 for SQUASH Ye/Jow or White Pound 16c BACON SKINS . . . Ib. 7k BEANS Salt Meat Pinto or Great Northern 5 Lbs. fo- 10 Lbs. 98c ASPARAGUS Fresh Bunches Pound FAT BACKS Ib. 15c Here Are Some Olher .GOOD LUGGAGE BUYS.' .Sleeper Plntic Bag- of Brown leather—by BOYI.E. Hns /tp- jitr closure and compartment Brown Fihre Pullman Rag S24.10 2 Suiter Wardrobe Bag T".'.?: . . $2«.-IO MCB'S Solid Leather 2 Sutler ,. . . • $36.46 "•iLalfes Brown-I*».th« Dressing Case .. $17.50 Men's Filled Dressing Case $24.50 21 Inch Metal Bag SI 2.75 fVII Metal, Locker. Traniis ., SI 5.45 - AB *k*v« IMricw >l«i »>rt«Tal Tax. Joe Isaacs, Inc. Telephone 3331 BiyttMYiUe, Ark. SALT PORK, Jowls . lb.18c Cigarettes, pkg. 18c Prin. Albert, can lOc Velvet in Tin Can TOc GREENS Mustard and Turnip Bunch CABBAGE Fresh Green Heads Pound Country Cured PEANUT BUTTER J "£ Jane Good . Jar PORK SHOULDERS . lb.35c| M | LK Pet, Peve/y, Carnation Large 6 to a customer Size PEAS Granite City, Garden Run No. 2 Con POTATOES """• 39? BELL PEPPERS Colif. Wonder *1 4 j Lb. i\f TOMATOES f °" c > L r'" r 28< Frozen Food Specials HEM Best Cream Degerm,- noted 5 Lbs 35c 11 oz. Package in filuss 4 0!t . j ar 8 oz. Jar 65c ^.T^iJJ^t-— ^ *** |l'IfcMifc " otca 251k. $1.25 i ™ v w «,-»• IncfAKlC Here are some of the many items that we have— I J' ^^ All ^ Our Birds Eye Frozen Food Line, Peaches, Apri- cots and Rhubarb, Cut Corn, Wax Beans, Green . • —^ . j^ mm m f f SuUf ^c 1)7. -l.'ir Beans, Mixed Vegetables, Asparagus Spears, I B|| Klr\ nin 10 07. .»nr _ ,.,, n, „ . . n. 1 I |VI\I"^J Sweet ««rhins 14 OT.. .l:ir. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Okra, Pumpkin Pie Mix, • Oven Baked Beans, Salad Vegetable with bear sprouts, Turnip Greens, Green Peas, Chicken 0 l*~i'»T/MT Joan of Arc la King, and Oysters. Chicken a ie King 69< 16 ox. Package CHOP SUEY—29c We 10 oz. Package TOMATOES No. 2'/2 Can CUT CORN -—20c

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