The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1949
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 4, 11M!> PAGE FIVB SPA Seeks Okay OnAppropriation Northwest Arkansas .. Projects Await Funds * For Line Extensions WASHINGTON. April 5. if I — Eoutiiwc.stern Power Adminislra- tion is hopins for Senate approval of Us extensive construction program tor the next fiscal year. House appro 1 ,a! already tur.^ been The house g:ivc tne SPA S4.000.- 000 cash and So.050.OCO in author- iz-uion. 1 : in the Interior Di'pr\nmon apprcpriatioti bill, noiv in a Seiuiti appropnation.s Mibcommitlec. Wlieti it rc])nrle(! the bill to tin lloa-i' floor, 'hn Home Appropria tioji.s Commit! re said it approve SPA'.s time .sclu-dule. R.tiinat'Hl construction .schcdul includes projects uvitli date coijttacis expracd to be awarclpc expected to be completed and e->ti mntcc! cost:); Van HiiiTii line. 1T)4 kiluvolt.s. No 31, 1949; Nov. 30, 1950; SLV800; V Buren switching ^tution. N T o\'. 3 WM, Dec. 30, 11)50; 5300.000; Bill! Shoals dam to a point ( connect to 154 i:ilovcjlt litie iro Norluri: Cain. 1-Vb. 15. U'53, S1!)C.30 .s\vjtc:llit;t; iliUion of Nor- i fork dam Feb. 15, 1950; Fi'b. 15 11)53. 4302000. Bu!! Shoals lo Mar-.hiieUI. Mo.. •~.i kilowatts. May 15. 1950; May 15, •3M3; Sl.288.030. Bull Sh.oal.s to Gainc.svillc, Mo 6Q kiiovoU.s. Nov. 15. 1950 Nov. 15, 1953; S188.030; Bull Shouls to Marshall. Mo., 6C kilovolts. same date? S3M,- 000. Ca.--.sville to river. 66 kilovolts, Dec. 1. 1950; Dec. 1. 1953; $11)9.200; river to Rcrryville. 66 kilovolts, same * WE, THE WOMEN _ist May Not Be Written, But You Have Your Rules B> Ruth Milled M:A SUtl Writer A Chicago wile hns aurcod lo dls-| Could lie get by with more than The Supreme Court agreed to review the perjury eonvicho" of j Hnroid Christoflel, above, (or- mer CIO oflicial accused of lying when he .old a House committee in March, 1947, he never had been a Communist. He is under a t\vn-to-six-year sentence and has been free on bond during appeals. liss her divorce s»H iiml Bo back o living willi her husband i[ ne Wear a wedding rlns. Tell a certain girl he'll never see icr again. i Hay cards on Friday only; chet.s! n Monday. Take an active interest In his Dome's appearance. Lend no money to relatives. Take his wife hunting with htm. Let his wife handle Ihe money. Keep his shave of n tool and die company. Huy a home. Before you make any such comment as: "Any husband who would stick by that list Is crazy," how about a little cNperlinent? Tf you're a wife, write down a list of things yon have made it plain to your husband he must do and nnisl not do; things he wmilc be punished for by a display o: temper or If he ignorec your wishes. Come on now. dcm'l Tjrotcnd to yourself thai such a list dorsn' exist in your own and in you Vuis band's mind. one evening out a week? If he's going to half an hour late getting home in (lie evening does he have lo call you up? Would It be. too bad for him If you found ut he'd akon another woman lo lunch Vould he dare bring an unexpected linner Ruest home with him? Have you made It quite clear he's lot to put his feet on the dnvenporl read Ihe newspaper at breakfast or muss up your fancy bedspread bj Itling on the edge of the bed lo ,ake off his shoes? UnwrKtfii, Perhaps, But It 'Cxist: Maybe none of those items hit; home, hut you can bet your bolton dollar there's a list of things yo expect your husband to do and no to do—and that both are well nwar of the list. And how about you husbands? Aren't there quite a few do's an don'ts in your own mnrrlaRc tha you abide by simply to keep tl lltllc woman happy and to kcc pence in the home? If n list of all those do's don'ls were published yon might look just ns henpecked as the Chicago husband. Clay's Successor? Swank Hotel Sued By Children for Gambling Losses Illl.OXI, Miss., April \-nr>- -Two .•hlldren who claim their lather lost fKLi.959 In Mvunk hotel Kiunbhnt{ room here arc .sulUK to recover the minify. They neled tliroiiRh (heir Riiard- lan In hrlnsilUR suit In U.S. District Court under the 101-yrnr-old Miss- f ftslp|>l law. H nllows children or n wlte lo me when a lather or Imsb.uu! 'oses at lllcnnl eninbllnt;. The two minors are Mnlicr Jiu'ob ind Jiulllh Ann Welnsteln. children of K. K. Weinsteln. Tlu'li vnmlfnlhf r-RUnrcllnii Is M. J iVclnstelil. All reside In Mlitneap- olls, Minn. Tliclr petition names Ihe fnshlon- nbtc llroiulwulei Beach Hotel ns defendant. It said the hotel had a 'commodious room" In which "roulette, bird IMIKC, faro bunk, roq,iict- nolr, craps, dice «nd other t'ii*»" unluwfiil In Mississippi wnc played. The petition added that (Mr faMigr lost the sum between Not. 1, 1044, and June «, IBM, bectuw he "unfortunately had in uncontrollable desire to gamble*" Lt.-Gen. Albert C. Weclemeyer, above, Army deputy chief oil staff, Is I'epoi'lcfily being urged by Secretary of Slnte Dean Acheson to tnke over from Gen. Lnclui D. Clny as American military commander In Germany. Clay is expected to retire. Wedeineycr'j last diplomatic assignment was a spcelnl mission o China for President Truman two years ago. Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawba JL SWIFT'S PREMIUM '' BRANDED BEEF Award-Winning Actress, Expectant Mother, is III HOLLYWOOD. April 4 <;V>— dates, S20fi,800; river to Benlonvillc, i Olivia de Hnvillnnd is seriously 111 same, dales. S2C-3.200; Be.TWille sub' station, same: dates S09.nOO: Bcn- tonvillc sulxitauun, same dates $53,200. today, her studio disclosed, and every effort is being made by her doctor to save a baby she expects in August. The acadtney award - winning Bachelor Brother's Filthy Home Yields Wealth for Poor Kinsman HEED CITY, Mich., April 4 W)— An 84-year-old recipient of old age assistance pondered today on how to use the S16.200 fortune he should j inherit soon from the estate of his • recluse brother. The money was found yesterday in the junk-littered home of Charles Dahlbcrg. who died Saturday at the age of 87. Dahlherg. a bachelor, left no wll, and his brother, '.'r)lrx. is his only known heir. -"""There are two oil wells on the farm of the elder Dahlbcrg. These are believed to have been the source of the money discovered In his two-room frame house by Sheriff Ray Wooster and Coroner W. A. Uvlngston. Sheriff Woostpr said the home was "filthy" Kith accumulated trash and discarded clothinj;. The money itself was in 31 different envelopes that had been stowed away in bureau drawers and a cupboard. actress 1 has been confined to her bed for the past two months. Her physician said he doubted if she would be tip again before the infant's arrival. Miss de Havilland, wife of novelist Marcus Goodrich, was reported greatly improved on Friday. However. Bright Lights Shining Again in London After Ten Years or 'Blackouts' LONDON. April 4 Ifl'l — After nearly 10 years of blackout and gloom the lights have gone on again in London. Thousands of Londoners poured into Piccadilly Circus and other RatherhiE places Saturday night as the switches were thrown and neon signs and theatre marquees flashed on throughout the capital. To many Londoners the lights marked the end of postwar austerity, despite the meat ration and other shortages that still exist in Britain. Electricians have been working on the lights ever since Fuel Minister Hugh Gaitskill announced several weeks ago that the coa y nnpioven on rnuiiy. now- " her condition became serious situation had Improved enough • over the week-end. Emperor Labors TOKYO, April 4 M'j — Emperor Hlrolilto. once divine to liis subjects, turned his hand at a menial task today. He shoveled dirt around three cyprtis trees he planted in Hnkone National Forest at the foot of I Fujiyama. | Then the emperor climbed into his maroon Mercedes Benz limousine and motored to the imperial villa at Numazu for a rest. rtead Courier New* Want Ads •elax lighting restrictions. Woman Collects Bounty For Killing Three Foxes PETERBOROUGH, Ont., April —{/TV—Mrs. Sarah Lee, a tiny wo man with a big grin, walked int the county clerk's office Saturda and demanded $9 bounty for thn foxes. The clerk asked if her husban had shot them. No, indeed, said Mrs. Lee. Two of them she shot. The third she beat to death with a stick when she found it in her hen house. She got the $9. ood and Drug Officials Confer in FcryetteviJ/e FAYETTEVILLE. Ark.. April 4— V»—About 100 delegates from four (Ues were to meet here today for ie opening of the semi-annual 'on vent Ion of the Mid-Continent \KSOclaliort of Food and Drug Of- iclals. Officers to be elected lh!s aller- 10011 after an adrcxs by \V. A Queen of the Federal Food am Drug Administration, Washington inrt Burlcy Wnlkcr. Oklahoma City president of the Association of Ok- ahoiua Department of Health Of Tlcers. ^ Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma am Arkansas nre represented at th two-day session. .ivestock Americans Save Money WASHINGTON. April 4—<^| Oscar R. KreutK, head of the Na tional Savings and Loan Lcagu snid today Americans are savin money In record breaking amount If 1949 ends as it has started, h said, savings and loan association probably will have their large savings Inflow in history. E. The Friendly Yard . . hil Wallrite C. Robinson Lumber NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 1 nil 4. (API —(USDA)—Hogs I 0; market, 15 to 1.00 lower; fnirly live at decline: bulk food and lotce 180-240 Ibs. 10.60-20.00; top 0.00 paid mostly lor weights under 0 Ibs; '250-325 Ills 18.00-10.25; 14010 Ibs 18.00-1U.25; 100-130 Ibs very gilt supply: few sules 15.00-17.50 ood sows 400 Ibs down 16.50-17.15 vcr 400 Ibs 14.15-10.25; slugs 12.00 4.00; few 14.50. Cnttle 4,000; cnlvcs 1,000; enrly rnde slow on steers; bids unevenly ower; heifers and mixed yearlings airly active and fully steady; good o choice 23.00-25.50; common and ledlum 20.00-22.50; little done on ows; generally asking unevenly lighcr; few early clenls steady; bull* tendy at 20.50 dawn: vculors steady; good and choice 21.00-33.00; common and medium 21.00-28.00. FEMALE COMPIAIH1S AT* TOU troubUd by dlitr«M of female functions* p«r1cx}la dliturb- KDCMT DOM thli mak« you luffw from p«m, f*#l »o n*rrous j tired— mt >uch time*? Th«n DO try Lydl* K. Plnfcham'i VM»t*bl« Compound to nlUtt vuch lymptonu. Pink ham'* hJU » grand BOotbtDC «fir«ct on on* of woman'* moil Imporfant organ*I Claims Record NANKING, April 4 IfFt— Gforgc Yeh today laid claim to being the world's lowest paid deputy foreign minister. His salary last month amounted (o S2. with a FUEL-SAVING OIL FURNACE SAVINGS UP TO 50%ON FUEL report many G-E vsers VOTE JACKSON FOR MAYOR .NEVER! NO! NOT NOW! CHANOt NOW from • watteful old bum*r to an economical Grriprat Electric Oil Fuin»c». Your G.F.. ii de. • LRr.**) from tha ground up for efficient burning o( fuel. Thiil'i why ninny u«*n report •! much •• 50% lavingi in fuel. JAVI rO« riAHS. You set year 'round hot wit»r . . . BUtomnticnlly. Pku A Q-£ Fmnac* ffngineered [or economy. Stnrt lavinR now . . . «nd for yean to como. Termt! Send coupon today] Let 1 us figure with you on j fV-our heating needs. FREE] ESTIMATES. We believe we' can save you money, besides giving you (he finest plant made — GENERAL ELECTRIC. Hubbard & Son Furniture Phone 4409 Blytheville Change the name of Arkansas Trade Horses in the middle of the stream Change Mayors E. R. Jackson is a man who has: Made a Success in Business ... Made a metropolitan City of BIytheville( population increase over 40% during administration.) Keep him as our Mayor and wt can rest assured Blytheville will grow. W« will have: BETTER HOMES AND BUSINESSES A CLEANER AND HEALTHIER CITY A CITY WITH A FUTURI Vote Jackson For Mayor This Ad Paid For By Ebb Reynolds and W. A. Grimmclt We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of I'arkiii}; Simcc tat; "/ don't know about magic carpets, Swoml— but I do know it's easy to get a loan from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION on cars and trucks/" E.R. Jackson Invites You to CONSIDER THE Actual Accomplished Results The Jackson administration gave Blytheville its FIRST EFFICIENT GARBAGE REMOVAL SYSTEM; and at far less expense than could be done by "indirect" fund-raising. If oil people getting the benefits do not contribute to the expense of garbage removal, than A PART OF THEM MUST BEAR THE WHOLE EXPENSE WHILE OTHERS ENJOY THE BENEFITS WITHOUT CONTRIBUTING TO THE EXPENSE. The Jackson administration has ACTUALLY improved more BlythevilU streets than all previous administrations combined, except by special improvement districts levying direct taxes on property. Jackson's ACCOMPLISHED RESULTS include:— MORE THAN 200 BLOCKS GRAVEL SURFACED! 67 BLOCKS PAVED! Consider A Few More Actual Accomplishments! Streets improved at LOWEST COST TO TAX PAYERS EVER KNOWN, at a time when labor and material costs were highest in history! New fire equipment bought and new fire station established, RESULTING IN:— FIRST SUBSTANTIAL GENERAL REDUCTION IN FIRE INSURANCE RATES ever accomplished in Blytheville. (This alone represents an actual YEARLY SAVING TO EVERY BLYTHEVILLE PERSON WHO CARRIES FIRE INSURANCE!) Acquired Municipal Airport, and successfully operated it ON A REVENUE PRODUCING BASIS—NOT AT A LOSS! (Blytheville has the ONLY municipal airport in the Federal area of seven states in which it is located, which IS NOT OPERATING AT A LOSS TO THE CITY OPERATING IT.) INSTALLED ADEQUATE STREET LIGHTING SYSTEM IN BUSINESS DISTRICT- INSTALLED EXCELLENT TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM— Installed Street Markers Throughout City Good Fire Protection Good Police Protection The Jackson administration has maintained the City of Blytheville upon the SOUNDEST FINANCIAL BASIS IN ITS HISTORY, in spite of more than $100,000.00 expended in making above improvements, and WITH NO INCREASE WHATEVER IN MILLAGE TAXES! The Best Guarantee of Performance is o Proven Record of Performance! Compare Vague Promises With Accomplished Results, and Vote to Re-elect E. R. JACKSON as Mayor This Ad Paid For By R. R, Jacks**

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