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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida • Page 1
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida • Page 1

West Palm Beach, Florida
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THE PALM POST POST TIMES: Circulation Largest Where Buying Power Is Greatest VOL. XXX: No. 190 WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 20, 1938 Ten Pages Today FIVE CENTS POST TIMES: Associated Press Night and Day Wires. United Press Day Wire. BEACH Soviet Attitude 1 2 -Hour Parad Hurricane Toward Czech Veers Coast; Today Awaited Sudeten Refugees Hear Calj To Arms Sounded By Leaders; Newspapermen Manhandled Czech Government Declares Bluntly Against "Splitup" Away From Kemams Secret By Legionnaires rejected; now with gun in hand MOSCOW, Sept.

19. WT Danger Here Over LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19. UP)- we are going to fight for freedom. The attitude of Soviet Russia, a The men who helped to win the big question mark in the Czecho World War 20 years ago only to slovak crisis, remained an official "We started our Sudeten free corps with gun in hand.

What secret tonight. the kaisers for centuries demanded, Adolf Hitler will achieve." DRESDEN, Germany, Sept. 19. iff) Sudeten German refugees tonight told Czechoslovakia by radio that "with gun in hand we are going to fight for our freedom." This call to arms was thundered across the Czechoslovak-German frontier from a fiery mass meeting at which 5,000 refugees gathered in the Dresden Exhibition Hall shouting "we are go BRITISH-FRANCO find out later that it did not prove to be a "war to end all wars," roared today for a powerful armed peace and neutrality that will DANGEROUS BLOW QMflY PREPARED BRITAIN FRANCE Under terms of the Soviet-Czechoslovak treaty of alliance, The highly excited crowd fre Russia is pledged to aid Czecho quently broke in with "Sieg Heir keep the united States out of war, slovakia if she were invaded and and yelled "liar" whenever the name of President Eduard Benes if France gave aid first. An im PLANS ASSAILED FOR EMERGENCIES HWARD ACRIFICEC 1 GOES NOR The 20th annual convention of the American Legion, its greatest gathering, had for a keynoter of Czechoslovakia was mentioned portant question tonight was what Russia would do if Czechoslovakia were invaded and France failed to ing home to the Reich." United States Senator David I.

Fugitive Sudeten leader Kon- help. Walsh of Massachusetts. He talked of neutrality, National defense A crowd of several thousand outside the exhibition hall became so agitated as the speeches inside progressed that one elderly man denounced as spies an American newspaperman and his English and Communism. Sees No Hope Of Keep ing Of Future Prom- -ises By Powers Weather Bureau Asserts Swing Relieves South Florida Area Chamberlain Will Carry Proposals To Hitler On Wednesday Final Disaster Arrange' ments Concluded At Legion's Home rad Henlein, who did not appear, deputized two speakers to represent him, both of whom said union with Germany was the only solution to their trouble. The Soviet government has given no indication and Czechoslovak circles here show no expectation that Moscow would act in such a case.

They feel confi colleague. He gave the Legionnaires a command to move. It was: "The command is forward forward, not for world democracy, but for peace and democracy at home Taking no chance on the out The American's hat was knocked off and his haia pulled by the mob. dent that Russia would aid Czechoslovakia if France did. come of the Chamberlain-Hitler negotiations, Sudeten propaganda LONDON, Sept.

19. UP) Great Not to be caught napping Palm The two correspondents were ar Beach County made, ready Mon rested on false charges made by here in America." National Commander Daniel 3. Doherty reported that today there day to take care of any eventuali the mob and were held incommu (In Geneva, Czechoslovakia was reported to have asked Russian officials for Moscow's support against the French-British plan Britain and France formally called on Czechoslovakia today to tear herself apart to appease Reichs-fuehrer Adolf Hitler and help cre JACKSONVILLE, Sept. 19. UP) Meteorologist Grady Norton said late tonight, if a tropical hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean continues its reported curvature, "the threat to Florida will soon be past." chieftain Wilhelm Sebekowski, in a speech filled with threats of direct action against Czechoslovakia, said: nicado for an hour and a half.

ties that might have resulted from are 972,933 members of the Le Police searched them and tried to gion. He pointed to the Legion's the tropical hurricane that was ate a possible new bulwark for 'We offered the Czechoslovaks for delivering to Germany the bu-deten German regions of read their notes on the speeches. Americanism, commission acuvi headed in this direction. European peace. an honorable peace which they They were finally released.

ties as "of greater import now than at any time in the history Final arrangements to meet the The Czechs were without outside aid in resisting threatened German Some Soviet circles contended The weather bureau, in an 11:30 p. m. advisory, said ship reports had confirmed 9 p. m. advices emergency were made at a meeting of the Red Cross disaster and of the Legion." Mrs.

Malcolm Douglas, Seattle, invasion or civil war with the possible exception of silent Russia. developments of the weekend, in which France and Britain were reported agreed on a plan to dis saying the disturbance had national president of the Women's changed its course and was mov On the other hand, they were relief organization at the American Legion Home. Auxiliary, repotted that 465,000 ing northwestward. O'CONNOR FACES FDR 'PURGE' TEST CZECHS SEEK AID FROM RUSSIANS Spotted around Lake Okeecho women members are backing the Legion's goal for preservation of faced with the terrifying task of appeasing their own people who were burning with nationalism and determination to fight at all costs. "At 10 p.

m. (EST)," said the advisory, "the center. was about 360 miles east of Palm Beach and still moving at a rapid rate for a America s. peace. member Czechoslovakia to appease Chancellor Hitler of Germany, proved what the Soviet press has been saying for some time namely, that British policy consistently has been to reach an agreement with Hitler at Czechoslovakia's expense.

Before worrying about the The British and French cabinets, fate of democracy in other parts fully developed hurricane. PRAGUE, Sept. 20. (Tuesday) UP) A source often regarded as a spokesman for the Czechoslovak foreign office declared today the Franco-British proposals for splitting the nation's territory to appease Adolf Hitler was unaccept-able to the Prague government. The authoritative newspaper, Lidova Noviny, whose diplomatic editor, Hubert Ripka, often reflects the foreign office viewpoint declared: "If the guarantees of borders made us 20.

years ago are invalid today, what assurance have we that promises made now will be kept in the future?" The newspaper's comment came as other sources, usually having access to government information, indicated the government would consider the London proposals, but only as a basis of further negotiation. Bewildered and harassed between the two desires to maintain their republic intact in the face of the drive of totalitarian powers and to solve the differences with their minorities which they claim always have been well-treated Czechs saw in the French and British proposals a sounding board for additional parleys in the in meeting today, sealed the agreement, reached by leading ministers of the world, let us first safe Litvinoff Said To Have "This change In direction has greatly lessened the threat to guard democracy here at home," she told the cheering delegates. Florida. The only newspapers published in Sunday conferences which extended into this morning, to allow dismemberment of Czechoslovakia rather than risk war. Last Of "Conservatives" Hit By Roosevelt Runs In Gotham The four-day convention was Sent Plea Of Repub-lie To Moscow "While this is reassuring, we urge that you stand by for an geared for action on policies and here today, Pravda and the Evening Moscow, merely printed brief reports of developments in Lon plans without the usual problems The proposal to capitulate be other 12 hours.

Norton said if the storm con of election and selecting a next bee from Canal Point to Moore Haven are 102 passenger cars, moved in during the afternoon and night by the Florida East Coast, Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air Line railroads, at the request of the South Florida Red Cross Safety Committee. Railroad crews were under orders to move out the cars with their loads of refugees at 9 o'clock this morning unless otherwise notified by 7 a. m. George W. Carr, chairman of the South Florida Red Cross Safety Committee, was to give the final word.

The refugees were to have been evacuated to Sebring. Preparations were made to open committee headquarters in the lower corridors of the courthouse, from where all activities were to don, refraining from editorial comment. year convention city. Preconven- GENEVA, Sept. 19.

UP) tinued its present movement, it will pass to the east and north fore Hitler's demands was communicated to the Prague government, which had warned the two democracies in advance it could tion action found Stephen i. The press has been reporting Czechoslovakia was reported to have fallen back on Soviet Russia street demonstrations in Various of the Bahama Islands. Barom Chadwick, Seattle, unopposed for national commander, and Chicago not accept responsibility decisions in which it had no voice. tonight in the hope that Moscow the choice for the 1939 convention. eters in the Bahamas were re' ported rising.

In a 9 p. m. advisory, the bu Most of the delegates tonight By The Attociatei Press The Democrats of a section of New York City will decide today (Tuesday) the outcome of the last of President Roosevelt's announced efforts to. rid Congress of Democrats whom he calls conservatives. They will choose between Rep.

John J. O'Connor, whom Mr. Roosevelt has denounced as "one Prime Minister Neville Cham might back her up against French and British pressure to give her Sudetenland to Germany. were thinking of Tuesday the big parade. capitals demanding of governments that they back Czechoslovakia.

In Moscow, however, there have been, no demonstrations and no resolutions by workers' organizations, such as those which hurled defiance at Fascism during the Siberian-Manchukuoan border incident at Changkufeng in July. reau said the storm, described as severe, had turned northwestward and "will probably recurve north northwestward or northward next berlain, ready to bear the terms back to Hitler, took his first walk in St. James's Park in several days. The zero hour is 9 o'clock, but Foreign Commissar Maxim Lit the parade will last for 12 hours at least. United States Ambassador Jos 24 hours." The change apparently took of the most effective obstructionists" in the House, and James H.

future. be directed, including the assignment of places of refuge. eph P. Kennedy, who has been vinoff of Russia was said to have sent to Moscow a Czechoslovak request for support delivered to his delegation earlier in the day by There have been no public While the government stationed Jay, New Dealer endorsed per place this afternoon after the hurricane had moved directly F. Rowland, field representa prayers for peace offered in Mos sonally by the chief executive.

kept fully informed of the situation throughout the crisis, went to Number 10 Downing Street to get details of the plan worked out by cow. police throughout Prague and took extraordinary measures to prevent unfriendly popular demon Although the President was tive of the American Red Cross in Florida, arrived in the city last night. Robert H. Bondy, national Edouard Heidrich, Czechoslovak foreign office expert. beaten in similar fights recently in the Democratic Senatorial pri Both Russian and Czechoslovak director of disaster relief and Colin Herrle, assistant manager of dis officials flatly refused to give any maries of South Carolina, Georgia and Maryland, Mr, Roosevelt's aides indicated they were hopeful aster relief in the eastern area are on their way to Florida from Two Portable Units Are oi Better fortune in New York, Washington, Because of its national aspects, M.

H. Kays, chairman of the Britain and France in an effort to save peace. This plan was believed to resemble closely the following unofficial outline; 1. The Sudeten districts of Czechoslovakia, which in municipal elections last May and June voted 75 per cent or more for the Sudeten German party candidates, shall be considered to have decided on union with Germany. strations against the proposed surrender to Germany of Sudeten areas containing much of the nation's vital defense fortifications and a huge percentage of her industrial resources, a glimmer or two of hope lifted up the Czechs who earlier had almost despaired of outside aid.

After a -nearly 12-hour session of the cabinet ministers, it was indicated in sources close to the government, that the assistance of details of a talk Heidrich earlier had with Jacob Suritz, Soviet ambassador to France, and they denied Heidrich talked with Litvinoff, They openly stated, however, that the last tne uconnor-Fay contest over general committee, and C. L. Placed In Keys To Keep Contact shadows other primary elections Pierce, chairman of the operations committee, were ready to take today throughout the remainder of toward the Florida East Coast at a rapid pace. The bureau said the disturbance was centered at 7 p. m.

(EST) about 420 miles due east of Miami, "attended by gales and squalls over large area and by hurricane winds near center." "Storm has turned northwestward and will probably recurve north northwestward or northward next 24 hours," added the advisory, "Storm threat to Florida East Coast has greatly diminished although interests this area should follow advices carefully next 12 hburs. "Vessels in path of this severe storm should exercise extreme caution." As early as 6:30 p. the (Continued on Page Three) and Jn three other charge of the relief work with a LAKE. WORTH 50 ama States New Jersey, Wisconsin complete organization in every teur radio stations, members of and Massachusetts. section of the county.

the Army amateur net in Florida, In New Jersey, former Senator All distributions of food and 2. A new frontier shall be drawn to include all such districts witn Kussia. Geneva's interest in the Czecho-Slovak crisis, meanwhile, eclipsed the action of the League of Nations council today in unanimously agreeing to invite Japan to sit W. Warren Barbour is seeking clothing were to be made from the courthouse. were standing by last night ready to function in case of emergency, George P.

Aldridge of Station W4AWO of Lake Worth, the con the Republican Senatorial nomina tion against C. Dan Coskey and On the survey committee to with it while discussing China's Cleveland Heights Official Taken To Hospital For Injury CLEVELAND, Sept. 19. UP) A poorly dressed man tonight shot City Manager H. H.

Canfield of Cleveland Heights, at the close of a routine meeting of the suburb's city council. Canfield was not seriously wounded, the bullet entering his mouth and coming out his right cheek. make a complete survey of the trol for the entire State net, said. George O. Pullen.

William H. Ely is unopposed for the Democratic demand that the League act Mr. Aldridge is State radio aide of the Army amateur radio sys nomination. against Tokyo. This set the League's rusty pun county for damage to property and injury to persons are: James A.

Dew, chairman, Paul Twitty, Bill Booth, R. C. Alley, C. E. Chilling- within Germany far as it is practicable.

3. Districts which voted between 75 and 50 per cent for Sudeten candidates shall be grouped in autonomous areas inside Czechoslovakia. 4. Arrangements shall be made the exchange of populations to safeguard the liberty of German minorities which do not wish to tem of Florida. ine rviassacnusetts primaries present spirited contests for the itive machinery in motion for the Under instructions from the lo first time since the Italo-Ethiopian gubernatorial nominations of both parties.

Governor Charles F. Hur war and it was the first time it worth, James M. Owens, A. E. Bassett, J.

M. Blackburn, Ray, Iverson and Fred Parker. the Czech French allies had not entirely disappeared in the excitement of British Prime Minister Chamberlain's efforts to produce a settlement. These sources said, as the cabinet meeting broke up at 9:30 p. that two new developments threw a little sunlight into the otherwise gloomy situation: 1.

Majority of the cabinet stood firmly against Hitler's purported suggestion that all cities which gave the Sudeten German party, now outlawed, a 70 per cent or more plurality in the last municipal elections, be handed over automatically to the Reich. 2. The French cabinet was understood here to be exercising no (Continued on Page Three) had moved against Japan. ley, Democrat, is opposed by for In both Soviet and Czechoslovak The shelter committee to ar mer Governor James M. Curley, circles it was understood Czecho come under the rule of Germany; there shall be similar arrange Jtrancis E.

Kelly and Richard Russell. Leverett Saltonstall, Law Director George H. Hart-short attempted to grab the man Slovakia had proposed that Russia try to induce France and Britain Frederick Butler, William McMas and was struck over the head range shelter before and a hurricane, is composed of E. A. Wadsworth, chairman, Jay C.

Pridham, vice chairman, Clarence Grill, James Ratigan, W. M. Hodges, C. H. Paylor.

Frank ters and Richard D. Whitcomb to stiffen their stand against Ger with the gun. cal station, two portable units from Miami, under the direction of Alonzo Bliss, left early last night, one for Tavenier and one for Islsmorada, where storm refuge centers have been constructed by the WPA. Two units from the Coast Guard at Jacksonville were en route here last night, Mr. Aldridge said, and a channel directly to Army amateur headquarters in Atlanta is being kept open, In addition to these activities, Mr.

Aldridge said, the 50-odd stations in the State have all been contest for the Republican nomi Spectators said the man, un Boake Carter (Copyright, 1SSI, by Ledger Syndicated many in the event Prague should refuse to accept the terms of Chancellor Adolf Hitler of Ger- nation. shaven and mumbling incoherent ments for Czechoslovakia's Polish and Hungarian minorities. 5. The new frontiers of Czechoslovakia shall be guaranteed by Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Rumania and she shall be released from her alliances with France and Soviet Russia. In Wisconsin, Senator F.

Ryan ly, walked to the railing separat manyr ing the council members from the uurry is unopposed for renomi-nation on the Democratic ticket, public, shouted that he was un Czechoslovakia was reported to have asked Russia what the From the hysteria of many type employed and had paid $4,000 in Wadsworth, and Charles Fox. Harry McCann and I. L. Ne-Smith are members of the information committee, which will have charge of dispensing all information at headquarters. The transportation committee, is composed of R.

R. Brown, chair-(Continued on Page Three) chances were of getting Soviet Sjx men run for the Republican Senatorial nomination, and two for the Progressive. Governor Philip taxes, pulled a revolver irom his military aidn the event of Ger writer statesmen, one would not be amiss in believing that war is about to burst upon the world pocket and aimed it directly at The Weather By The Attociatei Pteet t. Labollette, seeking renomina- The British cabinet heard reports from Chamberlain and other ministers on the final plan. No official announcement was made Canfield.

man invasion and French failure to help. Russia's alliance with contacted and are standing by for further orders. tion by the Progressive Party, is Capt. P. C.

Grotenrath of the again in all Its brutal fury. Less emoting and more dispas Prague provides for such help only opposed by Glenn Turner, a for The local station, housed in the Cleveland Heights police, the man and took him to but it was understood the proposal if France gives aid first. mer Socialist. Attempting to ce stormproof auditorium building, is equipped for operation in event of sionate examination of the atlas, a reading of history and a search was approved. Czechoslovak quarters said it ment opposition to LaFollette, jail.

Canfield and Hartshorn were French Premier Edouard Dala- was possible their foreign minister, Robert K. Henry runs for governor any emergency, Mr. Aldndge said taken to a hospital Meeting Of Safety Committee Cancelled dier and Foreign Minister Georges for causes rather than ettects, might dispel much of the worries, on both Republican and Demo It has its own emergency power Kamil Krofta, might come soon to Geneva to talk personally with Bonnet flew back to Paris and cratic tickets. His opponents are unit and can continue to operate quickly gained the unanimous ap Litvinoff. two Democrats and three Repub Gotham Fog-Bound; fears and alarms over the Czecho-slovakian issue in Europe.

It has been this column's con- under almost any circumstances, proval of the French cabinet. licans. The portable equipment of the station has also been checked and Shipping Delayed As chairman of the House rules These actions made it certain Britain and France now were un tention that war is not likely to be On the basis of Weather Bureau reports received last night, George W. Carr, chairman of the South Florida Safety Committee, early this morning cancelled a commit committee, Representative O'Con the result of the dispute between Outlook For Peace Sends Stocks Up willing to fight to, save NEW YORK, Sept. 19.

UP) FORECAST Partly cloudy, scattered showers on the East Coast today; Wednesday fair. MARINE FORECAST Hatteras to Jacksonville: Moderate shitting winds near the coast, becoming northerly and Increasing easterly winds off the coast, reaching gale force considerable distance off the coast over South porUon and hurricane force with approach of tropical storm, and partly overcast weather today with occasional showers and Increasing squalllness some distance off coast. Jacksonville to Florida Straits: Mod. erate northerly winds near the coast, fresh off the coast with gales somo 250 miles or more off the coast with hurricane winds near center of tropical storm; partly overcast to overcast today with scattered showers; severe squalls In storm area. East Gulf: Moderate northerly windl and partly overcast weather today.

Western Caribbean: Moderate winds. nor of New York, holds a key po the Sudeten Germans and the Fog, hanging over New York City is ready for use, he said. Midwest Shivers In Initial Frost sition in the process of legislation, tee meeting scheduled to be held and vicinity for more than 18 With but few exceptions, all bills It was assumed generally that the Anglo-French plan, if not Hit NEW YORK, Sept. 19. UP) at Clewiston this morning.

Czechoslovakian government. 1 still stick to that belief. The rea sons therefor are these: Impartial students of the Cen hours, lifted slightly tonight, per must be approved by his commit Wall Street took a more optimistic ler own, was approved by him in mitting partial resumption of tee before they can come up for discussion on the floor of the essential details at the Berchtes- CHICAGO, Sept. 19. UP) long-delayed shipping and air viewpoint of the European situation today and the prices of lead tral European situation concluded Also cancelled were the scheduled movements of refugee trains through towns on each side of Lake Okeechobee to Sebring where an evacuation camp was to gaden meeting Thursday with travel.

House. that the original proposition ot ing issues on the stock exchange Chamberlain. The British liner Queen Mary, White House displeasure with tered by Hitler of Germany to the Czechoslovakian government, for A terse communique issued early carrying 1,899 passengers, docked O'Connor is said -commonly to have had its start at the time the pub today after the Anglo-French con 11 hours and 40 minutes late. Sev be located. Appreciation for the coopera the solution of the Sudeten prob- mostly northeast, and partly overcast lic utility holding company bill lem, contained a considerable eral other passenger liners and freighters were fog-bound for weatner today wun a lew scauerea tion of all persons and organiza ference also indicated Chamberlain had high hopes for a broad European settlement if the fuehr and its so-called "death sentence amount of horse sense.

tions assisting in the safety com hours in the harbor. provision were before Congress. The proposition of autonomy for advanced around $1 to $3 or more a share. Traders, looking upon the Anglo-French agreement allowing Germany a free hand to partition to Czechoslovakia, as conducive to peace for the time being, at least, bid prices up sharply at the opening. The volume of sales quieted down, however, in later trading and the day's turnover was only mittee's program was voiced by er's terms on Czechoslovakia were Poor visibility forced the Ger More recently, O'Connor opposed the Sudeten Germans was accept Chairman Carr.

met. the government reorganization bill, It voiced the hope of Britain and Midwesterners stoked their fires tonight to ward off the chill of the season's first frosty weather. Unseasonably cool conditions, emphasized by temperatures ranging from 15 to 22 degrees below normal in some Central States, prevailed in most of the territory between the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains. Light frost was reported in parts of the Great Plains region. Frost was predicted also for Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa and Minnesota if skies cleared overnight, but market experts figured it would not be heavy enough to damage the corn crop.

a measure upon which the President has insisted. ed by the British government as fair as could be expected under all conditions. Then came the plebiscite in Czecho. Three months (Continued on Page Three) man transatlantic clipper plane Nordwind down in Long Island Sound, 25 miles from her regular terminal at Port Washington, late in the afternoon. The catapult Japanese Report Repulse Of Soviets have since passed, 825,000 shares, compared with FDR Will Discuss Bahamas Airplane ship Friesenland was scheduled to The British have been exerting pick up the plane late tonight.

Looming Rail Strike TOKYO, Sept. 20. (Tuesday) UP) pressure upon the Czech govern close to 3,000,000 shares on the heaviest day of war-fear selling last week. after sending the sister ship Nord- A Domei, Japenese news agency, Is Brought To City Ahead of the hurricane, which ment to accept the proposal as first propounded. Opposed to the stern otr tor the Azores.

dispatch from Harbin, Manchukuo, WASHINGTON, Sept. 19. UP) said today Manchukuo border British and exerting equal pres President Roosevelt will discuss STRIKERS JEER the railroad wage dispute Tues guards repelled a group! of Soviet Russian cavalrymen who crossed had caused a 20 to 22-mile wind in Nassau, Monday afternoon, Charles Collar, pilot for Harry sure upon the Czech authorities have been the Leftists of France and the Soviets of Moscow. To day with representatives of the NEW YORK, Sept. Proclamation WASHINGTON, Sept.

19. UP) President Roosevelt has designated the week beginning October 9 as Fire Prevention Week. His Railway Labor Executives' Asso the Western frontier near Man-chuli and opened fire. Oakes, came into Morrison Field showers. WEATHER TABLE Station Highest Lowest Alpena 58 46 Ashevllle 82 52 Atlanta 88 60 Atlantic City 72 70 Birmingham 78 62 Boston 64 56 Buffalo 64 60 Burlington 68 60 Chicago 50 42 Cincinnati 66 46 Cleveland 62 54 Dallas 82 58 Denver 78 50 Detroit 62 46 El Paso 84 58 Galveston 84 70 Havre 88 46 Jacksonville 86 72 Kansas City 64 40 Key West 90 78 Little Rock 76 52 Los Angeles 86 66 Louisville 64 18 Memphis 70 56 Meridian 80 Miami 88 72 Paul 62 44 Mobile 88 68 New Orleans 86 72 New York 70 64 Norfolk 82 72 Pittsburgh 64 60 Portland 78 62 Richmond 70 70 St.

Louis 62 46 San Antonio 86 62 San Francisco .62 56 Savannah 88 72 Tampa 90 70 Vicksburg 78 64 Washington 71 66 Wilmington 82 72 West Film Beach 87 71 ciation, officials of the association date, the latter have been the most successful. late yesterday afternoon in the One Soviet trooper was reported said tonight. More than 3,000 truckmen at a stormy, 3-hour mass meeting tonight howled down attempts by city officials and union leaders to halt an "outlaw The men Since it is the fundamental of Legion To Install New Chief Tonight Don Boggess will be installed as commander of the local post of the American Legion, at an installation of officers at the Legion Home at 8 o'clock tonight. He Railroad workers have rejected wounded. An official protest by Manchukuo was lodged with the large Oakes amphibian.

He was bringing the plane over for safekeeping at the Palm Beach Aero proclamation emphasized the "dis a 15 per cent wage reduction astrous consequences of prevent Soviet consul at Harbin. which the roads have announced able fires." Corporation. jeered every proposal of a truce. will become effective Oct. 1, and the rail unions are polling their members on whether they favor Band Concert SCHOOLS WILL REMAIN CLOSED TODAY a nation-wide strike.

will succeed Post Commander C. L. Pierce. The elections were held September In the event of a serious storm here, before or at the time of the Mr. Roosevelt is expected to re Director Frank Sturchln has ar ranged the following program for the Municipal Band concert scheduled for tonight at 8 o'clock at Flagler Park: ceive representatives of the Association of American Railroads and other road executives after he hears labor's side.

meeting, the installations will be held at a later date. the Soviet foreign policy to promote, by any means possible, a clash between the capitalist, Fascist and democratic nations, in order that they may destroy each other in a useless war, the Stalinists and French Leftists have been encouraging the Czech government to stall, stir up world opinion and force the hand of the British gov ernment. The British, in. the last few weeks, have been telling the Czech authorities that if they do not accept the autonomy proposal for the Sudeten Germans, they, the Czechs, will likely be faced with a situation far worse. Take a look at the atlas and it (Continued on Page Ten) i BOMBING PROTESTED WASHINGTON, Sept.

19. UP) JIMMY BETTER ROCHESTER, Sept. 19. which had begun so well, he felt little would be accomplished today with a possible hurricane imminent, and he felt children should be with their families at such a time, Announcement will be made today regarding Wednesday schools depending on outcome of the storm situation. Enrollment throughout the county equalled and in a number of cases exceeded that of last Palm Beach county schools, which opened auspiciously and with record enrollment on Monday, will be closed today by order of Superintendent John I.

Leonard, in view of possible hurricane conditions. Mr. Leonard reached this' decision Monday afternoon after a day of constant contact with schools and weather bureau reports. He stated that although he disliked to disrupt the term, year, according to scattered reports to Mr. Leonard's registration topped that of the figures at Christmas last year; Canal Point was up 15 percent; Belle Glade, 10 percent; Pahokee, seven and one-half percent; West Gate was noticeably increased; Palm Beach High School was up 10 percent; Lake Worth Junior and Senior High Schools, 15 percent; Northboro showed an increase; Palm Beach Public School was slightly uji.

Addison Southard, American con Rainfall, none. Barometer (at midnight), 29.88. Prevailing wind, variable: highest Marcn spirit 01 independence Holzmann Selection The Chocolate Soldier-requested Straus Popular On the Beach at Ball-Ball Sherman Overture If I Were King Adam Novellette Salut d' Amour Algar Waltz Old Timers Lake Vocal Quartet Quartet from Rlgoletto requested Verdi Leah Gamble, Grace Hill, George Gamble, Harold Heston March The Moose Flath Finale The Star Spangled Banner Key sul at Hongkong, has delivered a protest to the Japanese represen UP) James Roosevelt continued normal recovery today from an ulcer operation. For the first time since the operation, Sept. 11, NE-12 (at 1:41 p.

lowest, calm (at ifAi a. m.j tative there against the bombing Sunday of the South China Baptist Mission Hospital at Wuchow, China. Sunrise, 6:07 a. m. set, 6:20 p.

Moonrlse, 2:41 a. m. set, 3:57 p. INLET TIDES TODAY High, 5:59 a. m.

and 6:29 p. m. Low, 11:01 a. m. and 11:44 p.

m. he sat in a chair for ten minutes He probably will take a few steps Tuesday, i.

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