The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 12, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH 12, 1934 BLYTHBVILLE, (AWL)' COURIER NEW! PAGE FIVE BUY NOW WH;LE OHBAPI acre [arm aMd home, near , BlytheviUe, all >n cultivation. ioland Green SEE YOUR HOUSE AS OTHERS SEE IT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per .me tor consccu- tlvu insertions: tr'ive average wnrns to a line) One time per llni; )0c Tv.o times per line per day .. OBc Three nines per Un° per clay .. 06c B!>: times per line per day .. Obc Month raw per line 60c .Minimum chirge 50o Ads ordered f<r lliree or six limes and stopped before cxplrn- l on will be chargic for Use number of times the aci appeared ana adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of Uie city irust be accompanied by cush. Rales may be cosily computed Iron abgvo table. wo responsibility will uc laxcn 101 more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. . Advertising ordoica ror trregu- . iar Insertions ukc the one time kj wle. USED GARS Farms for sak. 20% doiro, baUoct like rent. Ethel B. ThnupMo, Ca- Mo. «U- SKED Potalcct, soy beans, fitla !«as and alfalfa seed. Get in) IH-CS. Enrl Hatcher Call 635-J. resli ergs daily. R. I. Red .wltinj eggs, rk-kard Store. 1041 Chick*- sawlu. . 8p ki-10 Tiire chair BARBER SHOP lit good location at Stccle, Mo. Will wll cheap, will take car as trade n. R. i,. Williams. 7c kll If Y ou Arc Lookinir I'ur <(ualitv Lim 1 1'rk-CA On Can 1 , Sec Us. 'o2 FOKD DELUXE TUDOltr FOIIJ) TOWN SEDAN 32 CHEVROLET COACH ......... 3o AUSTIN' COUI'E. liatgaln At ...... TRUCK SPECIALS '32 1'OKD l!i TON TRUCK. 585 Six Ne^v Tires. O Bargain At V '33 CUEVKOLET l!i TON TRUCK, liuits Gocd, Looks Co These Cars Art All Ready To Co Phillips Motor Co. s! Main Street Phone' 810 - Sll BUSINESS DIRECTORY L. G. MOSS, Undertaker Amouiance Service Pr.oiie 3u WEAR-EVER aluminum is bcttc: and costs iw more. Sola exciU' lively at, Hubbard. Hardware Co. 5-ck-i-S Repair ilKnitiire Now You can save money by having furniture upholstered now materials are cheaper. We make the old new again. Free estimates Complete line samples. Work guaranteed. Jenkins & Son, 713 chickastiwba 26c-k3-2" ^Ve *iiccialize hi Fioyr tSwcc Special kinds [or t.pcc'ul Boors Hubbarrt Hardware Co, 12-ck-3-12 free tigure diagnosis in yuur home .Mrs. J. J. Uavib. rh«i:« , Spencer Corsclfcrr EXFERT TypciiTitor and Adding Machine Itciiairingr, L'. S. Blank ciiship, III 1 , t. KOSE. Cail 1C5-J. 25U 1:3-2! FOR SALE SEKDS & I'LAN'1-S I I'OULTKY & EGGS N Will ]>ay lOc for heavy HENS Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday. . E. Fisher, opposite Nazarene :lmrch. pkn FOR SALE OR TKAOE TOR RENT For Kcnt^-Four room nnturuished house, bath ami garage. Call 290 or 916 Holly. 9-pk-13 BEDROOM for 1 or 2 gentlemen, 801 W. Walnut St. Call 451. 8-ck-tf FURNISHED bed>oom, 1017 W Walnut,. Mrs. Ed Hatdln alter E . M. lc kW 1'URNISHED 2 or 3 room apartment, lights, water, etc.. free Pilyate bath. Reasonable. 610 W Main. 23c ktl ROOM & BOAKD ROOMS or room and board or meals. Good meal, clean, rooms rates low. Close In. Mrs. Loflin 421 S. Second. 8-cM-S WANTED WANTED, TWO SMALL HOUSES MOVED. AT ONCE. JJr. 0. M. HARWELL, OSCEOLA, Ark. WANTED TO RENT UNFURNISHED .Three-room apartment with bath. Close In Gall-306. WANTED TO BUY We Pay y.<- for No. 1 Beef Hides Matthews Store, 606 N. 6th St. 16c We Pay $2 per ton for Scrap Iron Also buy bides, biass, copper lead, etc. Wolf Aiian, Phono 176 128 E. Main. 26-ck-3-26 Want to buy all kinds Used HOUSE hold Ooods. Stoves. Highes Cash prici'K. Leighton's 6ccon Hand Store. 320 E. Main. 10pM- MALE HELP WANTED MUM Wnntcd to supply customer: with lamous Watkins Product in Blythcvillc. Business establish «[. carnines average $25 weekly pay starts immediately. Write H. Wnlkins Company. 70-84 Iowa Avc., Memphis, Tcnn. W OPPORTUNITIES If your huus, ,,,,<!* r,»uit, why rn.ll for «Cta« U,," Week. 1'h.u, E. I). K W n, 'The Man From the Uml,r Y.rt- <„ make v,,« .„ ^.invite NOW E. C» ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY OUR BOARDING HOUSE" Tor Salt: 111 Kaht Davis :m cx- (jliisitc |;(JITIC; nothing prettier in lUyllicvillr. Will sell nit tcrmb af li'.r. Call our office fcr .-ippoinlmcnl. THOMAS LANU COMPANY, bole agents. c!2-lf l''ox Trri'ier pN])s. t\vo months o'd. U. W. Mullins, Phone 552-J. Itlp-kIS ULVTHKVIIXE MAN WANTS PARTNER With very small capital to help finance and promote sale of an invention to manufacturers. In- vcblmnnt. miicie safe. A small investment in this invention will pay | big profits in short time. Several 'manufacturers have asked demonstrations with a view of. buying invention. Write "BM" Courier News lor interview. l'^-ck-15 LOST~~ j WHITE evening dress on OMjcola road near Blythcvillc last night. REWARD for return to Nell's Beauty shop. 10-ck-14 L'.j JERSEY HE1KER3 thai will be in liorn l( U) 30 day:;. Will mate a reduced price on ;i bulk sale, mines' Men's Shop. 206 W. Man;. Phone 211. 10-ck-U 1 Oliver tov; crop tractor, unc -I roiv p'.anler, one •! row cultivator one 15 by 20 disc harrow, one 3 row buster with marker. All in iirtt clny> condition. (Jay and Billings. Inc. G-ck-tt TWO good mules, priced reason "I'lc. H. A smith, Ml) W. Main. 2c ktl Caknnakcr Sues CINCINNATI (Uf')-Mrs. Tvlaria Slnhiey has filed suit, lor $20.000 damages against, the Women's Ex- cliangc here, charging tlvjl they tampered with thrco cakt-xi v:hich she had baked for them, thereby injuring her line reputation as a baker. AUTOMOTIVE 47G Sdbcrling Tires £• Tubes, ItcpUce- mcnt parts and accessories of all kinds for :uij nuke of car. Automotive Dcpt., tlubbard Hdvr. Co. ' lc kli-1 Auto Glass All Kinds Installed "Ihc Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc-kU-10 J3ATT/JK1ES New Fold Batteries llcnlal - licrlaifhij; - Ucii.iii inj '"7 T1K1J & 1JA1TERY STATION" Me k3-2C REAL ESTATE Chihuahua is the largest slate in Mexico. For Trade: City property for farm LAND. Mrs. Ed Hardin. 13cktt' . , an , ous .\i,,cr,, ; ,,, rauoonisi. orlsina- • I the- (i o. p. ,,„,,,.,„, , ' <• I'cmuciati,- (Ionk(! j. Wednesday «, m(:5 r roll , 7,,.! b«on "WODKN-s DAY." Jol,,, Hull' was n Hritish COMl'OSKH AND 01UJANIST who ls cr cdli- ed villi.composing llic lirillsli national hiitlicia. !iv Aher 'ULLO,'OOPL&?'-VOU REMEMBER 'AE r ?-~BASIL. tOOTHBY, Of LUNNON.'I? .. _., '-^-REMEMBER WHEN WE rV\6T, ,^|'*WELCX>METO HOOPLE UP \M HVDE PM^K,TrA' SUMMER \^ YOU WAS OVER.IN Yq'?-.\ou \m, WE HOUSE is YOURS TOLD ME TO 'UNIT YOU LTP, \p i M§ TOR YOUR . ,„ _,,_ , ' EVER CAM15 TO TtA' STATES ^- )\ IN PUTTING rY\E UP WELL.SIT? v I W0r4 5OOT>OUNDsf WITH YOU DUR\N& n ON TH' IWSH SWEEPSTAKE ^ V fV\Y STAY IKJ LONDON;' COME-, I WAMT 'OU 70 rV\£E:T THE (ill/// PUTS HIS HOUSE IN OHIJEIi! .•'OOOH! i, S w l |ft T D ) '[ tHT Mr? i ^y rittl't-- &-&^ VER MME91V-. I'M SORRV TO A REPORT TimT 1. AVLCV OOP/ f ( JjOl AWAY// 'S OH.WEU.-WE'U GET HIM LKTER.'NOW voi> MUGS PICK UP THESC PRISONERS AN'HOWE \CMINTD TrtPITr 1 COIN'/' VER HIGHNESS, VIE JCS TOUND TH' GRAND VflZGRf ALLEY OOP WUSTft MM)' W.S- ^CL/o OH.VA DID, HUH? WELL, GO HftUL HIM OUTftTHERE. YA LUNKHEAD/ AN 1 TELL 'IM I SEE 'in, PHONTO' ..—^- v ^ HESS.' t GO 'WAV, /(.-.. Irlin >)W WHAT HAPPENS? HfAVEHO.'! EVERVTO1M6 GOES IMWT, KtRHOP.' I NEVER "WERE GOE 1 : ANOTHER RE8JV. INTO TH' PIT ' CVER-StWS V\SITORa •i-/z_ BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES BOOTS IS GOOD AND SORE! WE TC^ f>« A TOOTH FOR TOOTH TOO >, you KNOW w»ow vow SURE ' 1U. %ET 1 C^ \ HE£ W AlL\. OF 1 6tT W\TH WASH TUBBS HIE LOW-DOWN ON JOE! OLD MftM x SAYS ' HE':: A F<M-10US 'AW, PONT' BEUEVE WHAT THE MflH TELLS YOU. THAT'S OLD JOE tOOLEY. HE NEVER Fir HE BUNS THE HOOWEflR STORE OVER EL FiOR<lDO, BUSINESS IS KlWOER S LOW AM 1 JOE'S XS HELPIN' OUT V^KlLt ItlliM ' 6UCSTS FROM THE ITflST IS HfAH SALESSIAN SMI : AROUND KERe,OUkJK.' i L.eTs <3-o OUT Ita Trt' / \'ve ocute OUiTe i GftcK. VflRD AM' TftS / ft (}ir OF lit. MftUO AT ^f PEMCIMO- is' FEk!CIM' I S '^J^^t SAM'S PLAYING SAKE! OHNei\M?uJELL,TKA?; . MOM6. o ; THAT sixioao's TW OUT us f.M 1 I'LL DIG-UP TH' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IMAGINE IT, SYLVESTER^? THAT TRAINED PAPROT FROM "WE THEATRE FLEV/ IN THE WINPOV/....WHAT IK) THE 'WORLD CAM we DO j HIM? ANTONIO AGAIN! us BE FRICASSEED. YOU'RE PRETTY FRESH, ARE NT YOU? BST I COU.D TAkE THAT OUT OP YOU ..... IP I SWOLH.P SLAP YOU t»WH, WHAT WOULD YOU IF YOU COULD CXI THAT, BUODY, I'OO YOU Z MAM 1 THOUGHr I WAS ' HAVENT YOU CAUSED ME THE IDEA BACK HERE AGA1M'? DOSiT LET 1 THAT PARROT GET AWW Ff?OM You....HE'S. GOING TO BRING YOO COOP LUCK l!

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