The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on September 30, 1991 · Page 13
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 13

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1991
Page 13
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Monday, September 30, 1991 THE PES MOINES REGISTER 3S COLLEGE FOOTBALL Arizona State's 7 turnovers THE WEEK AHEAD THE POLLS IP TOP 25 . (Flrst-plc vot In prnthss with 1991 record, polntt. prvlouj rnMng) 1. FlorldStt(56)(4-r0) 1,472 1 2. MImi,FI.(2)(3-00) 1,398 2 3. Washington (1)(3-H)) 1,375 4 4. Tnn(4-04 1,275 5 8.0Mihom(3-0-0) 1,165 6 6.CImon3-0-0) 1,142 7 i 7. Michigan (2-1-0) 1,123 ' 3 B.NotrDm(31-0) 1,027 I, .low(WW) 87 10. Syrcus (4-0-0) 936 10 'll.Bylor(40) 908 12 12. PtnnStitt (4-1-0) 870 10 13. Florid (3-1-0) 771 14 14. Ohio Stat (3-0-0) 690 15 ? 15. NtbruK (3-1-0) 604 16 i 16. Auburn (3-1-0) 568 13 17. Plttiourgh (4-0-0) 541 18 1 8. California (3-0-0) 449 20 ,19. North CrollnStt(4-0O) 347 - 20. Alabama (3-1-0) 333 22 ' 21.0orgiaTch(2-2-O) 275 19 , 22. Illlnoit (2-1-0) 232 25 23. TaxatA&M (2-1-0) 126 24. UCLA (2-1-0) 107 - 25. Colorado (2-2-0) 82 17 Othara ratwMnf rata Mississippi 61 , Arliona Stat 60, Taxat Christian 56, Mlulitippl Stat 47, Qtorgi 37, Wast Virginia 26, Kansas 16, Frnno Stat 13, North Carolina 12, Air Fore 11, Southern Calrror-' Ma S. LoultviH 5, Nvada 5, East Carolina 4, Rutgars 4. Cntrl Michigan 3, Wisconsin 2, San Jom Stata 1. , Tutia 1. COACHES' TCP 25 1. Florid Stat (55) (4-0) 1,471 1 I. 2. Miami, Fl. (3) (3-0) 1.402 2 . 3. Washington (1) (3-0) 1.369 4 4.Tnn(4-0) 1,232 6 i 5.CImon(3-0) 1,182 5 6. Oklahoma (3-0) 1,166 7 ' 7. km (3-0) ...... ..... ...1,081 I n 8 NotrDm(2-l) 955 9 9. Michigan (2-1) 932 3 10. Baylor (4-0) 930 11 ll.SyracuM(4-0) 911 13 .' 12.PnnStt(4-l) 857 12 13. Florid (3-1) 732 15 , 14.0hloStt(3-0) 692 14 15. Plttburgh(4-0) 600 19 16.Nbrsk(3-l) 592 16 "17. Auburn (3-1) 528 10 : 18. North Carolina Stat (3-0) 403 23 '.' 19.Californl(3-0) 397 20 20. Alabama (3-1) 309 , 21. Illinois (2-1) 287 21 : 22.TaA M(2-l) 218 24 23.GorgiTch(2-2) 193 18 24.UCLA(2-1) 147 - 'ti. Colorado (2-2) 89 17 Othtr rllnfl trot Mlislitlppl 81, Taxal ' Chrittlan 57, Qorgi 55, Arizona Stata 50, Frono ' Stata 47, Wait Virginia 33, Southern California 32. . Mississippi Stata 25. Taxat 20, Stanford IS. Air Fore i -14, Virginia 10, San Ditto Stat 9, Cut Carolina 9, , Cantral Michigan 9, Colorado Stat 6, loulivill 5. Knti 4, Brlgham Young 4, Rio 4, North Carolina 3. , Wlaconam 3, Indiana 2, Oragon 1. tiCAA LEADERS RUtHIKQ Alt Yd. Ag. i Cobb. Rlc 103 649 6.3 216.3 Dunbar. Indiana 105 573 5.5 191.0 Bnamin, Pacific 75 625 8.3 156.2 Faulk. San Olago St 88 618 7.0 154.5 Powtfl, Michigan 94 437 4.6 145.6 Sands. Kansas 65 436 6.7 145.3 Smith, Can. Michigan 171 691 4.1 139.6 ' HM.TaxasMM 66 406 6.2 135.3 Brown, Naoraaka 84 531 6.3 132.7 Hughtey.Tulu 69 525 5.9 131.2 Lincoln, Oa.Ttch 87 473 6.4 118 2 . Cartar.HawaH 107 585 5.5 117.0 Croom, Ban Stata 134 584 4.4 116.8 Whlta. California 77 348 4.3 116.0 Olhrar.Army 44 335 7.6 111.6 PAS8IH0 Alt Com, Yda. Ft. Fawtawakl. California 69 49 702 190 8 BartoW, Fratno Stat 76 S3 778 186.1 Waldon. Florida St 92 64 896 182.9 Mlrr, Notra Dama 72 47 789 182.9 Joa. Baylor 67 41 794 177 Badgn,tow 66 It 861 173.1 Qrava,Syracut 78 62 873 171.6 j.BIk,t Carotin 108 58 1.142 171.2 Matttwwt. Florid 127 81 1,192 167.0 Varduico. IIHnolt 116 72 1,124 161.7 Torratta, Miami (Fla.) 101 S3 989 156.9 . Hagan. Colorado 62 36 554 153.3 Orbac, Michigan 79 S3 585 152 6 See,PnnStt 125 70 1,111 152.3 Hobrt,Wthlngton 89 57 761 151.4 4S.vraan,lowSt 66 34 468 114.8 RECEIVIHQ Par N. Yd. Omm Qllbart, Houtton 37 355 12.3 Turnar, Pacific 27 426 9.0 Moora, Utah Stata 30 470 7.5 M.BaHy, Washington 20 317 6 6 Chambarlam, Mittouri 20 256 6.6 Prlmut. Colorado St 32 581 6.4 Walth, Stanford 19 259 6.3 MIHt.WakaForatt 19 242 6.3 Wlntton.NawMtxico 30 396 6.0 BlackwaD. Tax. Christ 24 277 6.0 Stlachclc. Bowl. Oraan 24 274 6.0 Uraln.Tulan 29 367 5.8 Fry expects Bo to advise Wolverines Continued from Page One the world knows Florida State is capable of (winning, 51-31), but I am surprised the game got away from Michigan." i There's no doubt about where Fry stands on the matter of non-conference scheduling. "Shoot, I'd never second-guess a 3-0 record and having a healthy team," he said. , "I've been in this game too long. There's not a whole lot of good things you can say about a loss or a lot of bad things you can say about a victory." Still, Fry said he still doesn't know how good Iowa is. "We'll find that out Saturday," he said. "We haven't been tested like we will be by Michigan, that's for sure. We were up for Hawaii because it was our first game, and the last time we played them on the island we lost ' "Obviously, we don't have to give the players a pep talk for the Iowa 'State game because of all the things that go on prior to the game. The Northern Illinois game was the most difficult to prepare for, with Michigan coming in next." Iowa linebacker John Derby said he would have preferred that Michigan come to Iowa City unbeaten. - "You always want Big Ten teams to win," he said. "That makes the conference look better. : "Now Michigan will be ticked off when they come here. Michigan doesn't like to lose. Plus that, they remember that we beat them last season at Ann Arbor." , . Quarterback Matt Rodgers said he was surprised Michigan was beaten bv Florida State. I ' "Michigan has a great defense, but -1 can t comment much on what happened because I haven't seen the films," be said. Hawkeyes, Cyclones to face cream of their league's crop IOWA STATE B Opponsnfi Oklahoma (3-0) Whinwhirsi 1 p.m., Saturday, Cyclone Stadium, Ames. Tlvlslon:None. B Iowa Slats npdats: All of a sudden, the Iowa State football team has two quarterbacks Coach Jim Walden is not afraid of using next week in the Big Eight Conference opener against Oklahoma. Chris Pedersen, benched last week, came to the rescue in a come-from-behind 28-27 victory Saturday against Rice in Houston, Texas. Pedersen replaced Bob Utter with 4 minutes to go and his team trailing, 27-17. He led the Cyclones to 11 points in the final 78 seconds, the clincher being a 40-yard field goal by Ty Stewart with 32 seconds to play. "I just thought (Saturday) was a beautiful situation, because Chris Pedersen, since he's been here, has been as much in control of an offense as anybody I've coached," Walden said Sunday. "At the same time, he was fresh, and it showed. They blitzed him twice and he stepped around it." Who starts Saturday? "I'd say right now they're both going to play, I Just don't know how much or when," Walden said. "But the quarterback situation is good. I've got to evaluate how Bobby played. I think he played pretty salty for about three quarters, then Chris came in and got to be the hero. But that sometimes doesn't change anything. We've got a lot of evaluating to do." Walden doesn't have to evaluate the experiment of moving Kevin Caldwell from quarterback to tailback. It worked to the tune of 69 yards in 15 rushes. "I thought Kevin Caldwell was outstanding," Walden said. "I mean, my God, you go from being a quarterback, then all of a sudden in four days you're standing back there taking a handoff. Lester Ridley (formerly a defensive back) can play back there, too. They will be I-backs for the rest of the season." Walden initiated the Caldwell switch after Lamont Hill was moved from tailback to provide depth at wide receiver and with the other tailbacks, Leonard Holmes and Sherman Williams injured. "We put (Caldwell) back there and he reacted really well, because he just wants to play," Walden said. B Iowa Statt Injury updali: Walden called the injury situation "terminal." "I think we've got 14 scholarship players with some sort of injury," Walden said. "It's become an epidemic." The latest was linebacker Dan Watkins, who injured a shoulder when he recovered a fumble that led to Pedersen's touchdown pass to Paul Schnlte with 1:18 remaining. B Oklahoma updati: Oklahoma used more passing yards (235) than rushing yards (145) in a 27-17 victory against Virginia Tech. The last time Oklahoma won a game with more yards passing than rushing was in 1972 against Nebraska. Virginia Tech used an eight-man defensive front to try to stop the Sooners' running game. So Oklahoma went to the pass. Randy Peterson IOWA B Opponent: Michigan (2-1). B Whinwhirtt 2:35 p.m., Saturday, Klnnlck Stadium, Iowa City. BTdivltlomABC. B Iowa updatsi Hawkeyes are off to a 3-0 start for the first time since 1986, when Iowa won its first five games. Iowa closed its non-conference season Saturday with a 58-7 victory over Northern Illinois. None of the three non-league games was close. In the others, Iowa whipped Hawaii, 53-10, and Iowa State, 29-10. "The Northern Illinois game gave us an opportunity to tune up for Michigan," Coach Hayden Fry said, "and I was happy we were able to use a lot of players. "I was glad Jim Hartlieb and Paul Burmeister did a good job at quarterback when they came in for Matt Rodgers." Rodgers completed 14 of 23 passes for 258 yards and two touchdowns. Hartlieb replaced him late in the third quarter, and hit on four of six passes for 85 yards and one touchdown. Burmeister completed two of three for 24 yards and one touchdown as Iowa had 367 yards passing and 577 yards in offense. "The defense played super," Fry said. "I didn't want them to give up a touchdown late in the game, but we had all those young guys in there, and it seems we're destined to give up one touchdown in every game." B Iowa injury updatsi "Unless someone is hurt in practice this week, I anticipate all of our players being healthy for the Michigan game," Fry said. "The doctors have told me that nose guard Rod Davis will be ready Saturday." Davis missed the Northern Illinois game because of an ankle injury. B Miohlgan updatsi The Wolverines' problems likely will be more emotional than physical this week. Coach Gary Moeller must get his team's spirits up for the Big Ten Conference opener after a 51-31 loss Saturday to top-ranked Florida State. Michigan fell to No. 7 in the Associated Press poll and No. 9 in the coaches' poll. Iowa is No. 9 in the Associated Press poll and No. 7 in the coaches' poll. The Seminoles took the lead for good at 13-7 on a fake field goal with 7 minutes 36 seconds left in the first quarter, and went on to score the most points ever against Michigan at home. Wolverines quarterback Elvis Grbac completed 13 of 32 passes for 212 yards, but three were intercepted. Desmond Howard, Michigan's outstanding wide receiver, caught four passes for 69 yards and two touchdowns. He also had a 40-yard punt return and a 48-yard kickoff return. Ron Maly NORTHERN IOWA B OppoRinti Morgan State (0-4). B Whinwhim 1:30 p.m., Saturday, UNI-Dome, Cedar Falls. BTtlsvisloni None. B Northtrn Iowa updatsi "It's time to keep getting better," Coach Terry Allen said Sunday, one day after Northern Iowa upset Idaho, 36-14, in Moscow, Idaho. Northern Iowa was ranked No. 17 in NCAA Division I-AA, and Idaho was No 2. "Football teams usually make great strides in the first couple of games. There is a plateau or a decline at this time of the year," Allen said. "I think we're really starting to develop as a football team. We need to continue to build on the momentum that we started on Saturday. I don't expect any letdown." In the victory at Idaho, Northern Iowa rolled up 429 yards including 220 on the ground and scored on six consecutive ball possessions, including those set up by four consecutive Idaho turnovers in the second half. The defense held Idaho to 315 yards, 243 yards less than its average, which was the best in NCAA Division I-AA. It also held Idaho to 127 yards below its passing average, which also led the division. Idaho had the ball for only 6 ft minutes of the second half. Allen said the Panthers got a healthy dose of confidence Saturday. "We needed to get our confidence back after we stubbed our toe at Southern Illinois," Allen said. "There is no better way than to go on the road and beat a highly ranked I-AA team. To slap (Idaho) pretty good makes you feel even better." B Northern Iowa Injury updatsi Allen said linebacker Peter Burns may not be able to play against Morgan State because of a knee injury. Offensive guards Pat Williams and Jason Reading each sprained an ankle against Idaho but are expected to be able to play. B Morgan State updatsi The Bears, an NCAA Division I-AA team from Baltimore, Md., did not play Saturday. They had a 1-10 record last season, with a 2-0 victory against Cheyney State in final game. Tailback Nathan Ayers leads Morgan State in rushing with 159 yards and two touchdowns. Quarterback Michael Moore has passed for 346 yards, but Morgan State has not thrown a touchdown pass this season. It has been a rough first season for Coach Ricky Diggs. His team averages 184 yards and 11 points per game. Opposing teams have aver aged nearly 412 yards, including 231 rushing, and 37 points a game against the Bears this season. Dan McCool help Huskers to 18-9 victory TEMPE, ARIZ. (AP) - There was nothing pretty about the way Nebraska's offense nearly stalled on the natural-grass turf of Sun Devil Stadium, but quarterback Keithen McCant thought the numbers on the scoreboard were beautiful. "It's ereat to eo down and beat someone in their own backyard," said McCant. "It doesn't matter now many points you score as long as you win." The Cornhuskers found just enough to win behind McCant and Derek Brown, who rushed for 135 yards on 25 carries in an 18-9 victory over Arizona State Saturday night. Brown became the first Nebraska rusher since Jarvis Redwine in 1980 to start a season with four successive 100-yard games. McCant scored on a quarterback keeper and threw a victory-clinching, 9-yard touchdown pass to Jon Bostick to ensure that the Cornhuskers will break Michigan's record of 160 consecutive weeks in the rankings. Nebraska has been ranked since early in the 1981 season. Meanwhile, Nebraska's defense came up with seven turnovers and sidelined Arizona State quarterback Bret Powers with a sprained right shoulder, helping to counteract a nightmarish night for Cornhusker kicker Byron Bennett. Bennett, a sophomore, had kicked 12 of 14 extra points and had made all three of his field goal attempts this season. But Arizona State blocked two field goals and one extra point attempt. In the fourth quarter, Bennett missed a 31-yard field goal when the ball hit the right upright and a 23-yard field goal when the ball hit the left upright. "It was kind of Chicago Bear football out there tonight," Coach Tom Osborne said. "We played well defensively, had our chances to put the game away but just didn't get it done." Bennett did kick a 28-yard field goal in the third quarter to give Nebraska the lead for good, 11-9. Coach Larry Marmie of Arizona State said his team's five lost fumbles and two interceptions ruined its chances. "The defense played very well and very hard with their backs to the wall, but the offense didn't have consistency. The offense didn't hit on all cylinders even though we moved the ball well at times," Marmie said. . Arizona State, which opened the season with victories on the road over Oklahoma State and Southern California, lost at home before its second-largest crowd ever 72,812. Nabraika Aria. Stat First downs 19 -14 Rushas-yards 61-253 32-63 Pawing yards 64 H97 Raturn yardt 8 8 ps 7151 15 22-2 Punts 46 2-33 Fumbias-lost 0-0 7-5 Panalties-yardi 6-55 5-35 TlmeolPosiassion 343 25 17 Nabraika 8 0 3 7 18 Arliona Stat 0 3 6 0 9 N McCant 1 run (Washington run) A-FG Richay 37 A Montgomary 1 run (run (ailed) N FG Bennatt 28 N Bostick 9 pan from McCant (Bennatt kick) -A-72.812. INDIVIDUAL LEADERS Ruahlng -Nabraika: Brown 25-135. McCant 13-61. C Jones 8-29. Lewis 6 20, Arizona State: Montgomery 16-71. Charles 5-13, Passing Nebraska: McCant. 5-12-1-37, Joseph 2-3-0-26: Arizona State: Powers 14-20-1-174 Receiving Nebraska: Mitchell 2-9. Hawkins 1-22. Muhammad 1-10: Arizona State: Gulilord 5-47, Fisher 4-75. Brasher 2-27, Boyd 1-23. Associated Press . c n ,, h!l -Wrfi-' 5.. ft b- I B . Jl A.- ' iJ J w - ' m .! a i a i t1 i ,us in j r r l v, ."""" i' Iowa State quarterbacks Bob Utter and Chris Pedersen victory against Rice at Houston, Texas. Utter was injured celebrate Saturday's dramatic, come-from-behind, 28-27 In the fourth quarter and Pedersen led the Cyclones' rally. Skartvodf: Even name is a stumbling block 3 Continued from Page One my middle and my shoulders weren't very big when I left Radcliffe," said Skartvedt, who Saturday was part of an offense that helped produce 11 points in the final 78 seconds as the Cyclones rallied to defeat Rice, 28-27, at Rice Stadium. "I weighed 285 my first day at Iowa State, but a lot of that was fat and I wasn't very strong." Iowa State Coach Jim Walden said the plan never was to let Skartvedt become a 300-pounder. "At first, we wanted him to hold it to about 290, but he kept getting stronger," Walden said. "Now we're trying to hold him right around 300. He's not like a lot of 300-pounders because you don't see a pouch around his stomach." Not much of one anyway, strength coach Tom Wilson said. "Rather than look at body weight, I look at the percentage of body fat," Wilson said. "Doug is still on the high end there. His body fat is around 28 percent. Ideal for a lineman is 18 to 20. The average male is around 15." So, Skartvedt's routine last summer consisted of running, lifting weights and eating properly. The result? "We noticed that his pants were getting looser, but he wasn't losing any weight," Wilson said. "That's an indication that he was losing body fat, and putting it back on as muscle. That's the desired plan. He's still a young kid, but you look at him and you think he's a big mature adult. We'll take most of that body fat off him and make him look more like a man." Skartvedt said the additional strength has not only made him look more like a big-time college lineman, but it also has given him the confidence to play like one. "I didn't really have the strength that it took to play this game at this level when I first got to Iowa State," he said. "When I got stronger, it helped my confidence. Just realizing that I was able to play with guys that graduated from the bigger high schools and be on the same field with them was a good feeling. But it wouldn't have happened without the strength. "God made me 300 pounds with a little help from Coach Wilson." Quarterback throws 92 passes in one game HANOVER, IND. (AP) - Iowa Wesleyan quarterback Dustin De- wald's passing record didn't last long. Hanover quarterback Paul Gray threw 92 passes Saturday, completing 41 for 630 yards and seven touchdowns, in a 55-46 loss to Georgetown College of Georgetown, Ky. That broke the collegiate record for all levels of play that Dewald set on Sept. 21 when he threw 86 in a game against Harding University of Searcy, Ark. Dewald completed 11 for 445 yards in that game, but Iowa Wesleyan lost, 35-31. Gray's 630 yards are the most in NAIA history and the second highest in collegiate history. David Klingler of Houston passed for 716 yards in a game against Arizona State last season. Gray also set an NAIA record for plays with 98. Wolverines promise to be ready for Hawkeyes Continued rom Page One tied their emotional warehouse against Florida State and left it on the floor of Michigan Stadium? No, that's not what they're going to say. Yet the truth remains. It won't be easy forgetting the postgame sight of the Seminoles ripping out big, moist, green chunks of the lush new stadium turf to plant in their celebrated Sod Cemeterv back home. The image of linebacker Marvin Jones standing in celebration on one of the benches won't be quickly deleted from Michigan's memory bank. "Is that all the Big Ten is about?" Jones bellowed. "Come on, is that it?" The chattering started during the pregame walk-through Friday and reached a climax 24 hours later in some sarcastic remarks about "smash-mouth football." "It was kind of disrespectful," Skrepenak said. "They got the victory and to the victors go the spoils, so you can't really say anything." It might have been disrespectful, but losing to Florida State was no dis grace. The winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers were in town Sunday to play Detroit. Maybe the Seminoles should stick around another day to play the Lions, went the joke. At least they'd have a chance. No doubt Moeller and his minions believe their own words. Intellectually they are convinced. To win Saturday they know they must give every bit as much of themselves in Iowa City as they did the week before. Mentally they know it. Emotionally, who can say? Overall, this may be as good a Michigan team as the Hawkeyes will ever see. The Wolverines scored 31 points and gained 357 yards against the second-ranked defense in the nation. "They're good," said Bobby Bow-den, the Florida State coach. "They're very good. They have a wonderfully conceived offense. And the thing about Michigan is, they disguise their defense better than anyone we play." They do a lot of things. They are a lot of things. Going into Kinnick Sta dium, cocky won't be one of them. KOI r rjJaAfitV iCallji THE MUFFLER CLINIC AUTO SERVICE CENTERS MORE THAN JUST "MUFFLERS" DISCOVER All The Other Services Available Alignment 2 & 4 Wheel Alternator & Regulators Air Conditioning Batteries Brakes Catalytic Convenors Clutch & Fly Wheel Drive Train & U-loints Electrical Emission Controls Exhaust Systems Fan Belts Fuel Inaction Ignition Heating lamps Mufflers Oil. 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