The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1948
Page 12
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f FACT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION BttI? **t* par tUu to* coo»*outly« in i am* o*f iin# ..""I!"!!!*" is< S Uffi** P*x Itut p«r tU? 13 9 ticM* per £ln« per d*j ,.,,.. Be U TrpiM per line Mr d&r I', I i * & Moatb per l)n« !!..!" H< Count tive «T«r«c* word* to th« Hue Ad ordered, for ttire* or tlx time* ant •*opp*d before eiplration will be charg •d for the number of Um«* the &d »p p«tr*d and adjustment of bill nuwle A1J CiiLUllled AdrcrilsJox «>pj tub- milted by person* reeldlng outside of the cltf mu«t be Accompanied by c**b Bate* m»y b* e**lly computed from the fcbore Ubl*. Adwdcloc or<f*r for invguiar Uu Hoot takes the, on* time rtte. No reiponAlblUtr will be uke., (or mor* ttum one Incorrect insertion ot Any cliulfled fcd. All ids urc reettlcted to ihelr pro[>ci eUulfJ cation, style and type. Tije .Courier rmtrvm th* right to edit 07 reject uy *d. Business Service Directory Auto Supplin and Services CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION *Uln Ac OtvULon Phone 2563 Uon't «EidaiiRer jour rt\ lly wllh f»ulty tlrea—BUV LKK TIRES. 12111-ck-ll Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W« can fill »11 your needs Get genuine parts from our com- plet« line. •LLIS TOOLK OWNER A OrERATOR 8outb Hlcbvfty 01 ftt Stcele. Mo Phone, stMl> t9 llfll-ck-tl We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. • UATM oat\v* I UAIN PBONC 2301 Building Material LUMBER For Sale If you own your lot, have > little money, will furnish you lumber to build your home. At mill, Camp Moultrie Drive. 0. S. ROLLISON Phone 3309 2-18-ck-3-18 Protection against all INSURABLB HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance OLKNCOB HOTIb BLTXJ JM W ABH BT ll|7-ck-U Income Tax r i'OU KEEI3 ASSISTANT* ri'^f umil<!m< ™»• P'«" Bl VTMEWJ ,jJA-t VN01 * Mi«r "p ^, ' BK cr l<1 « Kevora] j-etr« tjii-rUi.- nm Hst.oue Otjiircnient Laundry HOMB LAUNDRY. »r "-"'" y " l "• B Loam PERSONAL LOANS Allto iintnro--<:orn»«er-fuNiltiire om. 1^", , p "»<"'»»«a onn In or telephone. 2928 obll«-«ll- ° , , .Mion n or telephone. 2928 GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORI'OIIATION !« W Ash St. Bljiherlll. Ark. 13 34-ek-t! Money to Loan APPROVED RAT« ASK POR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor - COURIER Phone J034 i, yn< . h Ark •-U-ck-tl Real Estate Loans H A LOANS 6^, HOUR LOANS FARM LOANS COMMERCIAL LOANS '. H A.-O. r. LOANS TEIIRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY 13 W WALNUT PHONE 23SI -SPECIAL Do your own work and save Rent .a concrete mixer wheelbarrow and- shovels. Any other tools you may need. Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phono 4489 BOX 659 Elj'theville, Ark. 3-3-clc-U Business Opportunities Business Property For Kent NEW SAFES fn Stock Sold at List Price— , Freight PAID Garage, service station, , ix ««'»SSS ^i 1 ,^ 1 ^?^,,, room house, all outbuildings »*« SI!™ $j 1 ift J !?!r-»'H : one acre of ground. All mod- immediate shipment—Terms n - lf Desired. Order before price advance GEO. M. ADAMS Pine Bluff, Ark. Money To Loan On farm land or city prop- rty. We also buy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building. Musical Merchandise NEW SPINETS TERMS. AS LONO AS TW • Decca Recordi • Sheet Music • Estey Organs 100 MILES FREE DELIVERY MORELAND'S Music Store 315 S. Second — Phone 4222 Blytheville, Ark. Are You, Driving a Junk Heap? We Con Make It Like New! If you think your old car will have to rlo another year <* IWO, it W i|| pay y, )u t(( drive j, = „ fof ^ comp|ele mechanical checkup. We'll give you „ FRBB estimHt. »nd when our mechanics are through, you and your OLD car wilt tflide along like NEW I W, also have a specialist in body work, usinj< tht famous KORD-A1>I»KOVKI> method ,,f correction. We refinish old cars every day to a new-like lu.stre. Nothing like reiiiilshing at Phillips! BRtNG YOUR CAR TO OUR COMPLETE FORD-APPROVED BODY SHOP! 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS lo{?°£r«.b5' th - C ° r °" "' d «"'"'«• DON EDWARDS tm u r tin N. B«comi at Q* 3332 Id rt tl Dogs, Cats, and Pets , Apt. S, Air "»»"'«' IH>P' "for Base, phone TO57. for So/e, Cars, Trucks • — BODY DUAL ,Y.;"""~ J ' SHOKT WHfCEi, BASK Safe, Form Farmers Column NoffC* Why spend ej- Swap wu _. _ ^., —it -- B 1 ck U OWice Supplies Route 2, Paragould, Ark. ' 3.1-pi-lS Florists 924-ck.ti ^ Household Goods . Let us convert your Uolerator Ice box to an electric refrigerator wilh a unit made especially for *ne purpose. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO 213 W. MAIN ST 3-6-ck-13 he- bu "&&£& S5Si. A av Personal SELL WHAT YOU DON'T WANT AND BUY WHAT YOU DO WANT Couri One young Jersey eow. Will be I In lew daye. phone J30P. -j «_ c FARMS WANTED farms any sij-.o ln North E||s , Illvn -t"""- IJJH.I; til lltjtlicville Agency, phone Wrllc 2i20-plc-3i26 til " htrByed: One black Jjorae hnnns high, n ycnrs c](1 Bnumla"." 1 ',!*,^ n ' ClC '" nmne ' C1 °" ""' ertsori^ Routo 3. Box 3 25. 3 ' Jr *S;V]"-?2 tnr?J h"' 0 " Fronl moiinlcir'two nnd three bottom busters for .ini,« ^..-1- 240 ACRES good land. Four houses, three darns on good gravel road. Five miles from Blytheville. Price i?210 acre. Johnny Marr Real Estate 112 S. ^econd Phone -111 3^-CK-j for Salt, City Property rocer); on *k« JiOHd. room houc« and jm»ii corner Clark «i, a oieiir >>«• owner »t B16 ciirk. wi:a A «ooa three room hou«« n MCI,, will Ilnaw. *TOyi:SPAT, MARCH 10, Carvin' Cobbfer M. BURNS. RKALTO* Plicme 3361 I. Hubbard. Salesman Phone 4129 For Salt, Mite. Bui-rough's CASH REGIS- TKR. Practically new, call 801. 2-27-ck-tf motor bike complete with n,tn. 701 Wnlmil. 3ilrj.p"-17 For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS . COUniEK NEWS OFFICE Urlnxe model Korue relrlgtmof In excellent, condition. Pilceil reasonable Ol Walnut. 3;10-ck-17 four It. Frlgldalre. 221 I,llly~~st. ilaytuy washer. Phone 2135. 110 ASH _ 3;8-|>K-15 | Hurrou^hs nlnp column adding n la - ' •hinc ulin roll stnnil. 560. Courier News ] 5-tjiirncr (nble top New I Perl'oclion took stove. See Willie Purccll, Yarbro, Ark. 9-pk-12 Help Wanted We arc now accepting flpp] leal Jons tor nislstiint bookkeepers and Gen lrc Bins. Necessary fiualiriratlons are at least n btzh school graduate tna- lorlnc; In hoohkecpltiR or Recounting t>rofcrab]y with some pracllciil expcr- ' tcnce, Must hflv*- a natural apptltui1« • for ttsurr.s nntt h?ht dptnl) worJt ^v- ' .^e tvpist. P. R. X- experience help- I ul apply In person to Mr I Keslrr. .Montgomery Wnrcl. 3 8-ck-lQ ' Help Wanted, Fanale For Sale—City Property NKW. AN!) JIOUKRN five rooms and hath ecjuippcd with aiitoinatic hot water heater, NEEDKD AT ONCE Inventory Records Clerk The person we are looking Tor is a young lady between the ages of 22 and 38. She should Ije now employed and mve a desire- to lieitei- her losition. She must have a h knowledge of book- antl have a reputation 'or accuracy. Her salary will >c comparable to the best in own. She will have paid vn- atJons, discount privileges nd participate in group in- urance plans. Her possibil- (ities for promotion are unlimited. Please apply in person to Mr. Kesler. Montgomery Ward 3-lO-ck-U Gerrit Ten Brinke, 84-year-old Holland, Mioii., wood carver plys the old trade of hand-carving wooden shoes at Chicago'- Navy Pier Sport Show. Brinke is "sins a Klompen knife, similar to the ones used in th« Netherlands. U. S. WiU Take Census Of Fish On Atlantic Coast BOSTON (UP)-Pish sivimming . • n North Atlantic waters are about to be tabbed by Uncle Sam The I government is going to take a cen- I sus of them for the time There will .be no fibbing about ages or other matters when the U. S. Fish and Wild Life Service starts »s census about April 1 "We'll count (lie fish by' a?e groups." said CapL Marvin G Rice of Gloucester, -skippc'r of the census-taking ship Albatross "We fection ot mh scales I ''™ s wi» Wl us the age of the Help Male An n$rgressltfe wood floors, 'screened- 1 ! „ ifa'ck | "^ouSr^SFHrfsfrifcr'l; porch. Located in new resi-1 ?SS?'X nIrs ' 1I ; t ' «".? . -r'"-'°"- or Steele. iOne 67. »-^ brand new M-57 ro»-|. Also new M's-rJcw a -•- — •-» in IILVV ichi- .lential subdivision. Can be financed at 4%. NEIGHBORHOOD' GROCERY, few steps off Main Street. Will sell fixtures, inventory stock. Building can be leased at fair rental. A going business, A-t proposition for ambitious man. FIVE ROOiMS AND BATH in good condition on Missouri | lease ft[>j]ly in 'person Jrook. Montgomery Wnrcl. "a a-ck-Tlo Major Rubber Company Hn.i OHcnlni! In Cutmhcrsvll:, ind sirrounuinK Arkansas towns ror rt-i-i'l sale.sinnn antl conr-ctors Md.s: rtii-o mrt" , s , ch . 001 wlucnllon. DC between'2$ >nd J5 years ol ni;e. niitl have Had • ales t.vnerlcnce. Good salary nnS bonus. E!tccll™t opporumuirs Vor nd- vanccmenc. Reply In own hnnawrlt- ing to HOJ BQ cjo Courier New, e The Albatross, with Hice and 2. 22-man crew, will take several years to complete a "fairly accurate census" of haddock, cod I flounder, halibut and other food' fish on Geurgcs Bank, the Gulf of Main rilld off Nova Scotia. I To Probe Myster; Federal autliories, faced with 1 the law of haddock and other fish i from the great feeding grounds of the North Atlantic, hope to obtain statistics that will aid in solving the mystery of disappearing jfjsh. A large otter type trawl will accompany the Albatrasi and will bt used to catch the fish. Ski|>pcr Rice hopes to obtain the secretary of interior's permission "to sell the fish we catch in Boston and other food markets at prevailing prices." "That," lie said, "will place sorely needed food on the market and will help to defray expenses." Lost and Found •nnnn, MO. ° •"*' *" 1 Jiiionvjut i | Ixjst—Black kit of tcl 3:^pK-i6 Avenue. Can be financed. j jicimty or mgn school. X c "l? "' m '" of Steele. _ _ 3,'9-pk-IS far s»!r: 200 hnles pea" crc'rn "loTfT ^. c &,,r r " h " T -' s !rffiiu For Sale. Cars & Trucks , ~"^^^-' v-*t S m '»**£ , DUPLEX located in high •''me, S6 w class neighborhood. I,ow tax FOR SALE: — In perfect shapa D.m One A-model rord Call 193 si[ tcr 4 . M ' Cricvrolpt five pasir-n 5 rr motor. ,,cw tlrts. hcnttr. ciettn catoseii. us o St ,car. 3-s. rer Photography ° Service* L. FREEMAN snti P»p t rri»iigln g . phone 28,1s 2 2S.pV-3 25 *utk •>. li).|l Ford Tticior- radio and i cater, new paint job. Good •nbbpr. Jfl'11 CMC three-quarter ton pickup truck. CaUle rack with it. '42 Mercury four door se- iian. New paint, good tires radio and heater. Hargain ' LEE MOTOR SALES Phone 519 insurance rate. Will net o«. Medium down payment will handle, can finance balance at '{%. MODERATE - PRICE'D house on two largo lots. Rent al property on rear. $3500 cash. Can be converted into good paying- rental proper!i'. See or call: MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch Building Phone 203<l 3,4-ck-tI 3,8-pk-i!IO L " '^' Too Worm a Day Foils German Smuggler FRANKFRUT. Germany (UP) — Methods used by German employes tojimnggle food and other esscn- MDcmhop ror 31 Plenty or btialncsi. nnon at Hives. Mo. 3.8-PX-I5 ^l». Holland. Nto. We'fl Deliver Your Jeep Today " Ior * demo i,6-c'k-l3 Trade Ins on Kaiscr-Frazcr Automobiles Late Model Used C-ux 10 appreciate It Kaisor-Frazer Doalor Highway 61, Phone 2M2. l;21-ck-ir I "t"w and city water !n both bullinnl;"' "w.ninKs priced S1700. [or both lols ^».»tits, ijiitge St. Lc.ichvlUe 2] 11 -pk-3; 11 Immediate Possession. Modern five rooms and bath in bMt residential sod ion on Cbifkasawba. Completely fur- nislu-d. Cood condition.' Modern Five Rooms and bath on Kentucky. Butane gas heal. Screoiic.l-in back porch. Garage and storage. This home is bi-p.uliftilly decorated and in fj, s ( ,-lass condition. Immediatp, possession for quick sale. Johnny Marr Real Estate 112 S. Second 1'bone .1111 Russell ['hone 807 38-CH-15 Norm ol IMrolyn Street. 2,12-pk-jfn' ree room house rurnlsherl or "'1. ?," """h Tcnt'li St. Ooble. otor*. Jim Harry >;i-c>t-n Reward tor Brown leather bliUoln lost near Sycamore and First Contain" an- proxlnjntclir S55 and Important iaJS- tlflcatlon cards, rhonc 2260 3,0-pK-U Private Rooms Bedroom. 3H N. Ninth. Plione 2338 ; Bedrooms, 352. Bljtlievllle Hotel I Political Announcements The courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to thr general city election, April « : anrt Phone :-329 Mrn onlv. Nice bedroom, close In 310 W. Walnut. Bedroom, convenient to nnth atram heat. Phon. 332S. 611 W MMn. 2.9-CK-3.9 Comfortable bedroom (or rent, Call ' 1.18-ck-J.lB Xltc ' 10 ' 1 Sleeping roo,n s 115 Vi. Ash St. 17 Chlcka- 3,8-pK-l.S ,o r rn eil or phone On* room, gentlem town. 514 vv. \valn in only. Closa it, phone 2315. FOR ALDERMAN (First Ward) Jesse M. Wliite Harry Taylor L. C. (Bud) posey j r (Stconrl >Varrl) J. L. (Jodie) Nnhcrs FOR CITY CI.ERK W. I. (Bill) Malfn COUNTV TREASURER Frank Wliltworth COUNTV COURT CI.ERK Elizabeth Biyth« FOR CORONER " E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTV ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippcii COTTON FARMERS ' Chemical!* flcllnltd rollon xr a scrmlnal. quicker rlanl . ••"! now .he «,R,« *«*. «„,,„« chopP i n|! e , pcn ; e ; •ow more rollnn. STATK CKRTIHKI. VARIETIES AVAIMRLB n. * r. r.. .Vo. N, per SO Ih. hair $11 Sloneville 2-B, p»r J( Ih. h.n \\ ]( Rowrlen 41-B, p«r 34 Ib. hag t| Other varlellr* Half A- Half (HlhredT ptr Sttfc.lM.jr . j, Stoncville 2-C. pcr 54 | b , |, aE ,, Cokrrn IM Wilt Re.^sUnl, per M Ik. raj... ^ Paula, prr S* Ib. h«^ Empire, rwr }« Ih. h»jt ""!!.'!.'!!! Com*. t« and pfne« jnmr order er fH yrnr RHD Rt.VTHF.VH.IT SOYBEAN CORP. 10.15 »3« I. Bljthtvllk, Ark. ctirillt, Ark. C*r«w««, M, Kwn«OTlll«, MMl, Mo. tlali out oJ American «it»b!Uh- nwnu «•• highly fng«nloui. Th« ntwMt trick wu turiwd up in WI«*b»<J«n, wher* military no- :ic», frisking on* Oernun, f«lt an 'unn»tur«l iof tries*" «round hlj chut. They discovered the German n amearcd mor« than two and on half poundi oi )»rd on hi* body.: might have got by, but th« day tried It wu tha first warm month*. We Stand Ready to do that* nccoMMf,- f«*d- •c and body repair* at reasonable pricn . . . anything from a dent U * complete paint job. • REUPHOLSTERINQ • POLISHING • TOPS REPLACED Estimates Made Without Obligation Hove All Necessory Work Done at One Time... Pay For It With Easy Monthly Installments Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Company Texaco Product* 2 Wreckers Successor to Loy Phon* 578 tich m : M Hr gM-,1^ T Selrwrlinjt Tlrw I ATTENTION MR. C L. PERRY, formerly * th. Blylheville Sales- Company, is now with u* aa General Radio and Appliance Repairman For th. best In Radio Repair and Applianc. Maintenance earl «s at 3450. ,g HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY WEIL KEEP VCUR CAR RUNNING TILL YO'U iJAVE IN YOUR DOLLARS ARE HARD TO COMI BY EASY TO LOSE , . . LET US HILF YOURS GO FARTHER! W« KNOW your auto dollar u ill go further if yo» Uk« advanlag. of » regular «p« r t check-up .t Umprto*. Wroten. It s (and s to reason that minor car ailment. caught quickly, Inexpensively, wi!I ^^ Wcome bjf repair bills! Pamper your car and stretck that b«dg«t, we'll help you! FOR REAL BUICK SERV ICE SEE- ^ SEE THE NEW U.S. ROYAL A1RRIDE AMERICA'S FINEST TIRE VALUE l

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