Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 10, 1935 · Page 12
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 12

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 10, 1935
Page 12
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 1935 OAKLAND SHIPPING AND PORT NEWS ADDITIONAL SPORTS •JU lAW WQisTRici Moderately Ri.-in^ ' Vinpcra Hire Preilirli-d; Frn.-l (Ion tiniies in lhe Sierra Mevai i Fair weather will return to tlir Bay area today, witli im.dcrau-lj increasins c-mpcriitiires, according to the weather bureau. The freezing condition th:it wil usher in tho morning is ( uc to rise before noon, reflectinj: a rise in temperature throughout all of Northern California. Fair weather will continue Monday, E. H. Bowie, forecaster, said with moderate to fresh Northwest winds prevailing off the Coast. IN KIFKItA NFVAIIAS In the Sierra Nevaclas frnvint, temperatures were expected to continue tor ay and tomoi TOW, with fresh northerly winils. In the three valleys thermometers tha reqi.s ei freezing today will mount tomorrow to moderate levels with the same north wind prevailing. Southern California was also in the grip of the cold wave this morning, that showed no si^ns of liftin ', today or tomorrow. Frosts are reported in the interior. Washington and Oregon were in the path of rain that was due to fall Monday, as clouds moved in off the Coast. The disturbances were not accompanied by unusually low temperatures. OTHER FOIIKUASTS Novaila nnd Irt.iho: Fnlr Sunday .ini Monday; continued colrl. W nd and Wr.-ithcr oil the Pat (!<-• Cniist — Nnrlh o[ Cnpc m.inco: Mndfrnti: to fresh southerly nnd ovrri-iul tonilillt anil Between C:ipe Hlnncn nnd Pninl C'nncepcon: Moilernlr nortli nnil norlliwi'!.! ami (air on Chi null Sunday. South of Point Conrendon: Moilcr.itij to fresh northwest nnd fair toi Illht nnd Sunday. WKATtUlIt COMHTIONS The weather chart nf Sato" ay .liter- noon showed Imv hnifimclrjc nicSJiie over the Rocky Mountain reui m ant lh< Plains States anil also over 1 le C.nlf of Alnskn nnil A ashn nnd the "erlni; .Sea. Other recinns reiiorted hn:h hauniieliii. pressure w th one (.-ciiler of maximum and°nn r othir''olt the Cal'lfoinl.-, fW This ™K et;^^' vi,s^' | riS5s, p JS! 1 n,S5r 1 r ra . p |isn ? K and the Canadian Prairie provinces. Warmer wcnlhor pruvnllpd Saturday ovrr the Middle Western and SouHiern SlalfR. while cold wcntlier prevailed In tin- Fnr Western and Norlhwpsti'm Slates. 'Hipri- were miller Ke.nrrnl frosts Sntt.r ay m<»rn- nir n the Interior of Ciilliuii i. The outlook la for Kcncrnlly fn r \veallier Sundny nnd Monday In all Fnr WcMcni Slates, except thai the wentlipr will he- come unsullied and he followed by rain Sunday nicht or Mondfiy over Western Washington nnd Nortluvcslnrn OrcKon. No Important rlinmrcs in IcinpcrntlircF an; forecasted (or the Far Western Slnlrs. 'Tlicre will ic frusls Sumlny mornlnf! In C B. fW r™ «o Mnxlmitm *l minimum ^ffiSriM-ximiim 52. minimum 34 de- CI Los*Ani den— Maximum 56, minimum 42 decrees. Bay Union-Clear and slifthtly winner Slindny. but frcczliiK Sunday mnrnliiF.. .Monday fair; moderate northerly wind. Northern California — Knlr :iml slluliUy warmer Sunday, tmt frosts m frcuKltu: tcmperntures Sundny mnrnlni:: Monday fair; modcrntc to Jrcsh northwest wind off the coast. Slerr* Nrvailn— Fair Sunday and Monday; cont mice! tool; freezitm lfinni:i:i- tures; fresh nnr h wind. Sncramrnto, Santa Clurn null San .l»a- qti n Valleys- -Fa r Sunday wil i fmMs or freeznff temperatures hi tho miirnmif: Mom ay fnir: mot eratc temperature; moderate -northerly wind. Southern California— Fnir Sunday and Monday; continued cool with frosts; in Hit- Interior; moderate to fresh northwest wind off the rinst. „ , . Nevada ami Idaho -- Fnir Sundny and Monday; continued cold. WMliliiEfnn— Fa r cast, cloudy wiwt nor- lion Sunday, followed hy unsi-ttlcd weather with rain u-rj.1 nnrllnn hunclny or MOIH ay; modern tr te.inuerntnrc; fresh south wind of£ the coast. Omon— Fair cast, cloudy wrsl unrt on Sinidny; Mondnv fair east nnd imsi-tlli'd west portion; rain northwest portion: iiiiid- eratc tempenitnrr; modernlc to fresh south wind off the coast. PRECIPITATION TO Ii I 1 . M.. SATUKIMY Stations a^frF.KMililetr.dnlt-'inM Eureka ID M.-lfi 30.311 Ifi.JR neddinK J!H 30.71 2H.IS J3JHI Sacramento W 14.i:i n.7i 10. ..t San Francisco... .(HI Ifl.ftO 17.M 11.53 Stockton <K> m.«4 \n.m n.n2 Fresno . T. la.™ n.rt-l -1-35 San Luis Ohispo. .22 1(1.72 in.fi) 12.1U Los Ansees 2fi I7.r,;t n.r.7 M.n San DlcKO 10 1377 7.!>7 :i.fil! SAN FBANCISCH ail-.TKOKOI.OtilCAI, DATA Ra.ni. Noon .1 p.m. Barometer son leveli... .Ki.nr. 30.lt W.ll Temperature ichy liullii -1-1.0 A Ml .11.3 Temperature (wet hull)) :«i.l 40.^ -W.l Humidity (per cpnu.... r.c -in so Wind din-L-lion N W. N'. N. Wind velocity (m.n.h... :( « 8 Weather ricnr Clrar Ctrnr Pacific Coast j r.a^frrn Baker 38 M Aljilcnc 'ic, 43 Boise 40 .. Ainanlld Cfi :tti Calsary Zfi -inlAttiintii -Mi :m Del Monte.... ft-1 W IJoslf-n :«1 If. Edmonton.... M 2:Hinv:iwil!c... IK K Estevnn 4'1 .ID.Ituffnl-. 311 Hi Eureka -la ;ifi.Chaik"ton.... w, -14 nasstaff 3d 14Chir:ii:n -1" :'f- •H. Mclchy... 37 13iCini'innali. . . . ;i4 ^-1 Fresno 52 34jncnvcr -ill :in Havre 14 2.I>i-\ Mniin-s. .. 'M\ 2(1 He f na ni! ir.-Uodcc <•'» ;m •Honolulu.... fid 7» ( nuhiih a? :'^ Juneau 24 Hi : G,ilvr.-«!nn 7d W Kalispcll 42 :{br;r:ind Jimct.. -i- :•! Kamloops 4'i 24'iiiuin: M :u Los Ancclr-.s.. Wi 42 Jjirl:Min\ illi-.. ll'J f-ii .Mars, field.... 4JI ;«i Knn-.,-. City.. . -«: :-R Medford fln . .'Kiinvi iiir «i- :H NVcdlt-s K. 1 - -lfll.:iinii-|- 40 ^1 North Head... 4« :tft M.-rnphi; tu; 4- Oakland Ci :t4 Mi.drn.i IM 111 Phoenix M -1-1 N< -w Hrh-ai •;.. CJl if. Pocaie'lo ?.r, -<> N'c\.' Ynil: •!" HI rolnt Jti'yrs.. r,(j 42Kr.i!h I'l.itl.-.. M IU Portland -in ;t4 nun. I'fiy :c -;i; Prince- Rupert 34 2-1'Oi]i;ih:i -Jfi :i'.' Redding s:: ;c i-iiisiiincii.... r.n i'i Reno 31 IfiPnm-i- Alli-it. If. « Roschurt; 5'i 34.Qi:i-i 2:* -:: Sarrampnto.. SO 3ii,Rjipid Cily •»' :'•San DieKO.... 5B 47 Hoswcll r.it :tl San Fr.inci9.vo T4 42, St. l^nis :.4 IW ounnyvalc.... M 3ft MinnraiiuhH. . :(l li'i Scatt e 50 34 s.ili I.ai;r City 32 '.'2 tSoda Springs 2« -fi'S.ui Anlnnlo. . fin S( Bpokanc 44 aita.-inta Fo :i<< '.'H TatOOsh 44 4r< : Rtu>rld.m 2'-' 14 Tonopah 24 10 Swifl Curirnt lit II Tucson CO 42 Tninp:i 7ft r-Q Wai a Walla.. 4V. SttVirkshiKK.... 5R 4R Winnrmucr.i. 3G M : W;isHi:H:ton... 4L' :!4 Yakima Sd so V/iilistnn 3" '.'<'> Yuma f4 -ill Winnipeg 3d '.'t; , 'Maximum temnfratun- of lufci-dinn day. tSnow on tiic cronnd, 124 unlu-v i'ltliCll'ITATION P.iciflc Coast — linker T.. Cnu.uy T.. Kstcvan T- r'ln^t.-.ff ..%. Hi-ti-h ll.t.hv .24, Havre T.. )Ielrn;i .01. .huu-au .28, K;ili- spcl T.. t*-, AiiKclr-s T., M;nxhf|pld .in. Medford T., North Head .Oil, I'h< i-nix .'"i. Prince Rupert .10, Itfddini; T., Hfno T.. Sunnyvale T., Km!., Sprltitfs .SH. Taiof.-h .18. Tuc:ion T.I Winnermircit T., Yunia T., Oak and T. K-istPrn— nululh .01. CJr.-.nd Junrlion T., Jnclcsonvillr T., Knn'.'i? Cilv .V, New Or- ]c.ir,<- T.. Olcbhorn:i Cilv T.. I'm <••• AH.i-ti .(14. St. I-oiii-; T.. Miini(-;ip'ilis T.. S;ill I.aKr Cily .01, Sn*i Antonio .ta. Phi--ni.,n T.. Sv.- fi Ciirrni- .(n. Vichsljii:,: 4-: Will:- no. I T.. Win,.,,,.-:: .1.2 ( j EASTERN POKTS M1W IirurOKIi— fi;iiJrd, Mai(!i 7. Sai:f liru.f i for SoMon. I'llOVIDKSCi:— Arrived. Marrh B, llli- mils from New York. BOSTON— Arrived, Mnrrh B, SnppliiuMi from New Bedford. • - ...—..-,.. .___ . . _ - • •-'— ' A. S*^*'-' \ ^^^/ I \ f \ f * ,'•?• ^'it ^ Inn It }( 1 -""A ^ja,' vy/it: JLJV_y vJ /^ Hy FRA. J. n. CJrconI.iv.', better known in • ]w;il .--hij)i)in« circles MS "Old Chip.^," from the f-'ict that he was f<.rmrrly a ship^ f:;irpc-nter, droppcx; into iho (.fficc yestpnlny for a t-hal on tlit: old day:-. After talking "f this and that fnr a while, ho rr- I nifirkrd: j ' RrtTiil shipping nt?ws ahou , .strikes nf, and d(»wn the Coast psjif-ciiilly atnonti thf; .sicvi'df/rrs | rr-ininds ma of days back around the time of the; World Wai when thoro was all kinds of stevcdoie work up around I'ujjct Sound ports. Victoria and Vancouver. I.CJIK of car^o was bcinK tians.shipjx 1 ^ at Victoria from Japanese boats a IK loaded again on C'anadiiin ships for both Canada and thr; old country. Ont: day the Princess Alice Jay at Ihr- otitM 1 harbor wharf ready o oad it cfiriJfj of .Iapanf-. i :e or.'iiiHes. Tliuru weru a lot of poor fellows hanging around wait ing to .see i there, was a chance lo tfo lo work mining a truck to earn a f w needed dollars. The. mate wanted a (janfl of about 11) men to loat the Alien and the first man ic )ic aid was a deck hand sailor 10 knew, Tommy by nnrnu. A biji bullying longshoreman .spoke up impertinantly to the mate and said, "You can't hire that man. Ho don't belong to tho union." Tho mate had offered this bin bully a job but that didn't please iim. lie was looking lo make (rouble and hold up the loading of Iho Alice. Then the mate askec fo- volunteers. But the poor hun- Kry finys were intimidated and afraid lo offer themselves. I was a needy worker then with a wife and small family, and I hesitated when the male first asked for vn untocrs. When lie asked again 1 ventured. The big bully made a imge at me. The captain of the ship had been standing near watching the trouble Jim ho immedialely grabbed the bully and then ordered him off the c ock. That ended the trouble hi favor of all us poor guys who nccr. cd work and were nble to naviyale truck.-; down the gang pank inlu the 'tween decks of the 'rince Alice. ?l< ®^ "Sometimes there wouldn't be union stevedores around the coast boats as it was often hard am t iuigcrous work going down a sleep cargo gang plank at low tide. Working at a /ast clip, sometimes a night, on overtime pay, and some of the old-time shellback doc c aborer.s were none loo steady to hit the plank with a heavy truck load. Unless one was able lo keep us foet he would skid down the s ippery plank rubbing the gium, es lecially on a wet nighl. We worked hard in those coasters. The union dockers preferred to wor ; tin; Lamport & Holt Blue Fumu 1 r v^ > s jp-j -nr- S'K HESTER »honts whf-ri! it was all mu: h oasif-r work in tlio holds and on thf- Jr-vr v.'linrvcs. V/o oufsidfiF, ns ihf-> cnilfd us, j;ot the h:ird ship?. "Another day lhe J'rincfss .May lay at the doi-k and it was guinji u bf an easy job. Thorc were pk-i t> of union men about w.'.itinfi to st.'C what the mate would no, hire them or a hunch of i poor scalawag outsiders. Well sir. down (he jjanH- way conic wee fat "Tubby" JJarrif- tlie first male, and says lo rnf, "You tfo down in tlie for(!holrl. I led a whole gmiK of outsidei.s lo work that niorninj!. The unidn boys were jumping mad. Tliny mfi( r such a fuss that they Hot us nil fired after an hours work, as they iad an ntfn-emf-nt v.'ilh theC.-in.-.d an Pacific to net the preference on jobs. %^IC "Rut there was little animosity shown Lo the nun- union men in those days. We usually /l"t a fair share of the work and most all of Ihu JiunH plank jobs. It used to be that when I would come up to the office to draw my pay .some old hardshell longshoreman would sintf out, "Here comes John the Baptist who has been working on the bojitK." They i;;ive me Hint honorable niekniimc because I user: to preach lhe gospel uptown near their labor hall. However, we were friendly, the way all workers oiifjhl lo be. Those were happy c ays before all this "aKitatw " rouble and radicalism rolled over from .Russia lo domonili'/.e shipping conditions and the harmony amonjj the dock workers." LOSS OF TIIK ORIENT Ten sleeping halibut fishermen were sent to their deaths when lhe s uirp prow of lhe Admiral Nulton cut through the hull of lhe hnlibul sc looner Orient, on the niglil of September 1. 1!WO. Thu accident • c- currcd off. Sisters Island in the Strait of Georgia, between Vancouver Island and the mainlnm . Only Hi rue men were saved from lhe fishermen's crew. Harold Hansen and Alfred Elingson were fount f Ion ting about in the mnsfi of wreckage, and some time later lhe unconscious form of Edward Land- stres was discovered on the beiic i where he had been washed up by lhe lides. All lhe rest of their companions were dead. Thu Orient, with a full cargo of halibut was on lier way back to Soatllo when tlie collision o c c u r r e d. The men drowned were all asleep in their bunks at the time with no thought of disaster. At tlie sharp bow of the Nulton cleaved ils way through the wooden .side of the uchuoncr the waters rushed in and not a one had n chance. Tlie Admiral Nulton cruised nboul through the wrecket filled sea for more than six hours in the hopes of finding more of the survivors. ^* — . ^ JM ^v^^a^^^^ J ^^c.-ju^5 ; ^ — — ^w?r^ W1RULESS REPORTS llr HADIO CORPORATION Tinnii:H 1 HHS]i--'ll;iilK>a Yor'san Pedro. H(iH inili-i H. S;in IVdro. JIAU.NA Ki:A — Iliilbon for Han Pedro. -Ill inili-s S. Sun P.-dio. .MICItlfiAN— .Sun Pedro for R.illiim, 2710 initi-s N.W. Itnllion. COl.HLN (?(>AST— Kan Pedro for Auckland. .13-12 miles K. Auckland. MOXTintUV— S;in Pcdio fin Honolul i, MM niilo^ N.R. Honolulu. l-'ltANK <;. DKIt.tl -Knii Pedro for Snn Anlonio, 100 mile.-: N. Snn Antonio. CIIAS. It. MrCOKMlfK-Siin Pi-dm for n.iiho.-i. ir,a:i miles N.W. Miiii.itn. \Vi;ST CAIJTI'S—Kan Pedro for llnllmn, 21 :il! intlp-: N.W. Itiilonn. Ki:KOSK!-:i:— San IVdio for SPiillle. 52:) .1 HP:; H. Si'iittlc. <;OI,IH-:N (JTATI:— Pan rnmcisro for COM H«y. ini' miles S. Coon Hf.y. Toi'll, A -Portland for Khiood. 1.15 miles N. Klu-iinil. 7f. inilvs N. S.nn Frnni-isco. l.i:iii:i--Si>:ilili- for San Pedro. 47fi miles fmni Kan Pr.Iio. {'AOAKKTTA— Knn Pedro for San Francisco. 17:: mill's K. Kan Fr.inrisi-ci. T(Htlti:S— Poi-Il;ind for I^inn Heai-h, (1^5 i lilcs N. I.MJII; HP;IC-|I. ri:.IUN - .S.m Pcdii. for Portlnnd. 207 iut<-:i S. Portland. 1OW.X Sim KI-:IHI-IJ.™ for Portland. 107 \Vi:sT lltJS V;iii(.oiivcr for Portlnnd. Ifi4 mill-; .N. Portlaml. I.AKi: I'KANCrs Si-attli* for San Fran( -,-n. :il!l roilt-s N'. San Fr.inriM-o. nilli-.H N. K-III' PudlO. MM. A N.-w WcMrnmster for Honolulu. .MAKTA- -Ki-iilth; fur Ka'nnaimli. 18(13 i:n\VlN It! ni:r;uij.v- San Pi-ilro for San St '() 1 IA Alifidfi'ii fm S.m KramiH-iii ll«f mill-.-! .N. .S.iii VianciM'n. WTST .M.\m:.\n I,-itil>ni;,d for Snn P.-dni, !'.:>:• mil.-, S San IV.ii.i. Wl.M fAMAIMiO -Hail-adm-s for Hio, i-;.?:. tmiis N. Km. MATI San Ki.-muso) fur Honolulu, MO nnli- \V S;UL K(.IIII-IM-II CUl.Ill.N lilt At inN - M.mil.i for Sao Kiar.tiM-fi, 2l-J!t null-:, \V. San Fr.im-iM-n. r.i.oiti. vvntn.css M. lr ,h H I'ltr.SIDI.NT 1 Ai T - Halboa fur .Sail ; !',•(!:. i. ::•:•! n.ili-- fiom ll. ( ll»>a. I'lil.MIM.M Cl.l.VM.AMi- Havana for Ni-\.' ^•,.li,. dill null-.-, fnnn N'i-\v Vi.ik. i*ltt.MI)i:.N 1 IIAICK^ON r-jfvv ^u[k lur I'ltllSllH.NT VAN liriUiN Mlimia for ; Ki iK.uinn-. Hi') inll.-s from Smi:.T|iorr (•It IIM hi: NT 1100 VI. K Yokohama fur Kobe. L'3 mil--., from Yokohama i ritiisiiH.NT e; A it r 1 1: i. n Kniic fur Sl,;int;lii,!. HI mile:, hotn Kol<c I-KI.SIDIINT JACKSON N.iKnva for Shl- tild/u. <)[t inilcs fr.iin Sliiiind/n. ritr.sn>i:NT AII-XMS -rtaiiioa fur HH\ '• IVrlio. alfi mile-; finm San IVdro. ' l>l(i:Mlti:.NT ( 1 (MM.I|)(;i;-YoV:imama for • H'.iioliilu. I'd link, from Moiiolulti l>iri:.->li)i:NT (iltAM — VH-IMH.. f ( ,i Yi.ko- li.iii,.]. :':!!!-! TI,I]<-S iKim Victi.ria I'HI.MIH.NT 1IA1I.> Mai:cill<-; lur Nrw Y-,rk. II!'. 1 : mi!i". fl'utn N.-w Yoi!;. i-i;>.-inj.M rn.irci: s.,c i'la-inn-i. fi r .'-'. n Pi-lni. ::.'i n.i!i- S. s ' ti.mi-iMii. ISLAM/ POUTS MANILA— Sailed, Mnrch 7, MrU'HS for IIANA-Kfillrd, March K, Mnnn for Ku- SUN, MOON, TIDE Hv U. R roast nnd Ocmirtie: Snr\-ey. no-l CiiPtnms BldK.. San Frnncisco. SUNUAY. MAItCII 1(1 S in rises r,::tl);i | Him ^fls r.:ll|t Miiiin risiv U:-in:i 1 Mui.n M'ts HMMii MOON rtiAsi;s First Full L.-^i Now Quarli-r Moon Unartor Moon Mar. 11 ftliir. 1!) M»r. 27 Anrll :t followini:"u."s! 1 Ci'ail iiniV Ccmlv-lil-'sn •- vcy tnhlc MIC K'vcn for foot of WHistcr Sirrel. Unklan.t. For Furl Point siilitiiirt 40 minima MAltOll in 'I'd MAKl'H IT. Dt.Tlmn FI 'I'miL' H. -nine !•!. Time I'I. H.W. 1,.W. ll.W. I..W. 11 'l:27a s.{» U'rOftp (i.:i 7: top r. 1 . llilt'ii. ;i.^ L.W. H.W. LAV. ' li.W.' 1,1 IMifia 3.3 ti:4Ha 5 P J-^di. IK! <i-|i;p -1 'i 14 2:lBn :il 7:. r1 ll.i fi '., Ill 2 " :.|!|. T. 1 IS :i:tln LMt llrMIp :>.li ;i:;-|l«p (l.:Ml'::!'Ji> ."'.:•. NO'I'ICK— In llu- almvi- i.iluilalion ( .f liilr.-; the only lidrs an- Kivni in Hit- nulrr of Ilicir occur ri-nrt 1 . conimi'iu'truf with the imm nnd in sm-ccrdiiu: (tdc^ .T; llu-v nrcur. Ihc fourth occnrrini; tho fdllmi'im; n ornini:. The c(.lumns of hriclu r.ivo tho rlf\.v tinn <if f.ich tid.- .it.nvi- [lie pl.Ut- of rrfiTPiirc to Ihr ('o.i^t ami C.-oili-tir Snr- TKAiNSPACIKIC MAILS Tin- lollowniR juiilmn <latc.^ nnil cloMtic tii p.-: of tranvparifh- mails .it the mam S.in FranriM-n liostnffi. <• ..ct- h.)--i-.l nn tin- latest Information fnrnishod by Mc.imhont companies' M:,tVh 11. 4MOn. in.. Grncrnl l.fiv M.-n.-h 15. fn-Ilta m.. rn-Milcnt J.'ffi-Kon. M.n-rh 15. 1:10 p.m.. 'h^aii. March IS. 1:10 p.m.. Pro-uh'm Ailamp. April 13. !):fNla.m.. lloiicli-isiin. HAWAIIAN ISLANDS— M.irdi 1-J, 0:(Ht a. m.. Ri-puMiC. M.-n-h t:t 111 lfta.ni . M.UI.M. Maii-h lit. lllrlii a.m.. Malolo. M.in-h If.. 1:li) p. m , I'rc-Mili'ilt Ail.nns. Apui :;. n in.i m . M.uii.i.-..!. ArsTitVi'.i.i ANII *xi:\v /FAI -AND— March 13. 11:30 a m.. M.ihnr.i Apul ;i. iCina.m . Manpi'-.i. Mrvirn ANU sorrii AMi:inr.-\— Man'Ii 11. l» '1(111 ni..li..Ni.-ii ('luff. Man-It 11. 1:in p in.. Capar. M.irrh IS. 11:1(1 n m . Chilian!. M.irrh IH. n-inn.in . IVnns\ h.nil.i. THANSPOKTS r ni*> following ntr i..r approxitn.ito lo-.iiiun of Mill* nf tht> Unilrd Stall's An iv Iraiv-noil •i-usn- {'HAIIJAI. TllintKY' San Finni-Uro to NViv Yoi I:. lir.M)i;itsn\--N'oiIul!i tn S.m 1 rai ' VriUNGTON Honolnhi to Nrw York. ,Mi:i(iS— In Manila ItCPCIII.IC— New Yoik to San Fianri.-.cn SIIIH'S— Nonolk to Mnrr- Mand. I- s <;it\VT S.TI r:-"it't«-'-" in M-irihi LOU CHI TO WSlt MEXICO i I';irl\ \VilI Ktnljiirk Aliuan Thr ( nitrrl Fruil Jnor Oiiriqui Knrly in M;iy On May ',i 'he Oakland Chamber of Common'e will r-nbnrk aboard the United Fruit lint r Chirit, ui for its secrint visit to 1 u; por s and cit es of Old .Mf.YJe-o. Although t in s lip is scheduled lo ( cpnrt from San Franciyro for lhe cruisf then.• is ;t ffoof possibility tint 1he «ta't m; y. in.'H-afl, be m:i( e from the municipa tcrmir.ah' of the nort of Oakland. '1 h»: i'.xciii>iun last year wa.-; a | treniei id OILS success and there is every iiu icatimi thai t lis year will see a larger throng of Kaslbay re.si- ( enls making lhe journey to tho Southe-m Itcpulilic. A stop i- s mace at .os Angi-lcs for one ( ay am thc-n four days later the liner arrives at Acapulco. After a day s lent n that famous We:;t Coast sea lort Ihc- >art.v will lake rtulomo >iles for l 10 uplands, spending that night al Tax co. Tlie next day lhe parly continues fo the interest ing ci y of viewed. On May Hi the excursion- is s arrive at Mexico City for a five- f a 3* stay during whic i time they will be shown the sights of the Mexican capital as well ns being taken on excursions to the various points ant town;; of in crest in the are;. On May Jfi Ihc >nrty stars home, s opping over for the first nigh I at Gauadlajara. ant I hence on o Manxanillu where the steamer will pick up the party for the return to Los Angeles und San Francisco. According to Phil So omon, w 10 is land I ing the cruise in the- Knslbay, there has been a big ac - vance in eresl shown in the forthcoming cruise. FINK FLEET OF SUM'S The United Fruit famous Whi « Fleet, is a noble aggregation of passenger iiner:; containing all the modern conveniences for travel n (lit; tropics. On the coming Chain- jer of Commerce cr.uise every effort will be made by the officers ant crc-vvs o guarantee the passengers having a good imc. Ente •- tainmcnts, dances, games, nnd various tournaments have been arranged. Six ships com wise the fleet w lich o jerate bclwcon lhe Golt en Cla c am I'anama. Tlie sin ;an of tho company, "Every Pnssengor a Guest," is well borne out by the service. • OAKLAND FACILITIES IN LEAD Term na facilities of lhe Port of Oakland w lieh provide for Ihc interchange of cargo between the various forms of trans lortation are generally regarded ns ranking among the finest in the Unitet Stales, according to A. 11. Abe , port Manager and chici engineer. Jn providing new faci ilies for the uir jor, Abel expUtinet , thu Port Jommission employes a basic plan which is modified when necessary o meet the particular comlitit ns of .he site selected. All of the mu- licipally-owMctl and operalec faci ties are of fire-resistant construc- ion, sprin dcr-e(|Uippet ihrougbou . I'he apron wharves have widths of 12 fret, the transit shr< s are from 1 HO lo IHd feet wide ant Iho gangways in the sheds vary in width from '111 to (50 feet. "The net result of these ample dimensions.'* Abel salt . "is that cargo ran be handled with much greater efficiency and dispa ch nt our modern municipal Icrmiuals. All of our facilities are moreover readily ,-njcessible tu .steamship?, rains, trucks, and inland wa erway carriers. SIIirSIDK TRACKAGE "Shipsit e trackage is irovit cd a all municipal tormina s lo icrmit the direct interchange of cargo bc- iwccn shi >s and cars, \vhi e dc- prcrscd tracks on the ? lort ?iclc of Hie transit sheds save time ant In >nr in Ihc hnntlling of rail freight. ! Trucks a sn use this jiavet (ie- prcssed track arra fen- the outvie e loading or discharjiing of frc-t ;hl. "Tht; haiulling fif truck slii mien s on lhe inside nf transit sheds is fur- wnys and the provision of ac equate en ranee.-; nnd cxils. Vehicles al Ihr municipal terminal:: have complete circulation, there is no time consuming backing and urning, entrances are matli' at one point and nfttr the (lading or discharging of freight the 1 rucks proceed forwart <i an appointed exit. "All of thi-M- inodrrn coii^lniciion ffaliin-.s" Abi-1 roiu-liu rd. "innki; \ tUN.'-iblc tn h:mdlt' lan;c ainotinls o!" Minium- al Iho Oakhint iMimicipa Terminals \vilhuut cnnj.'cstiuii.' 1 IJO'l'Ain' Cl.l 15 \V1U. ! CHI !SK Til MKAICO , ConniHH ore l-'rit/ Kru.-e, veteran ,inr, nnd r.n\v in cummand of the incr Kcsi ule on its annual voyane annind the woild. \\ill remain on Ihc bridge of Ilial slo;mnT ( uring '' iu- cruivo of tin 1 T»o!ary Tntcrna- ionnl to the convention in Mexico Ci y next June. Commotion 1 Kru.-e is a mnnber of < thr Hani Mir::, Germ; ny, Kolary Club, and ihrom:h fhe niertim^- licit bv him, not only on transatlantic vova-;r-; of lhe sleami-r New York. roi ilnrly ih. flagship of Iho Ham- j Mim-Aniei'iean Line and the Cum- ' mot ore's command, but also on his ninny previous cruifes armmd thej world, he* has beconn 1 widely known ; as an cnlluiMa.MLC Hot ar inn. hrin 1 ; one of t le few mariners holclm;: . inrnibcr.^l ip. The KesnluU'. with ils e.unplc- ' in-ill oi' Kolarinns, will :ai from N'ew York nn .hme 0 fo • \'i-r:i Cru.'. i eallim: i-n muU' nt Nassau am Ilav.ma. When the sh p returns n New Yort. Cnmmndore Ki'iise will ransfor hi.i flag hack tn the New York. MOVEMENTS OF SHIPS MATMEN START BOUT SQUABBLE TO ARRIVE SI MtAY. MARI'H HI ..i.::.i ....................... _. ..... Tcxii- niy^' A i r*- ".'.r.'.'.'.' '.'.'. '.'.'..'.'. ..."'.'. .hi'cr-1 . iiifi:*,- Aiif-i ..................... Antomo !•:.•'; . . . I..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".".".'.'. .A(lin:rrii Uhssp j Si., fir- ..................... ]...!:(• i-ii.nci^ hi;, ................ Tf-Mi'- Pin tit ot bi;, .............. Admiral Cole .MUMIAV. MAttril II Vill;. {. 1 u!:';t(!ijcion ...... Ki^mliri;:l»n Court : ,Sr:iitli J.-.cc.v I (:,;i,;ir'i!n:i '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '.%>!•.'(.n"Tr.-»vHi-'f I ............. wir-, ........... I' ( . in S:m I'ahJ.t 'I 1'I.SDA V. .MAItf'H I 1 : !N«-w Yi.iJc ............... I'lCi.rlcni AiUirn. M"l,i:«. ......................... J'OIIIT Clt-.u- i H.-iv.-.-m ........................... Mnlikn s.-aiilc .................. Kinma AlexMidor St;,ttlo .......................... CVui.ii- a.liii.iUln ............... A(!mir.il WHliiitn., I-.-. Ai:i:i-l»-s .......................... Y.-.I.- U,:, AiiKdcs .................. Timbr-rniim TO ni-:i j AKT t .Ma . .................. . N'--.v York .................... Oillffir ('orintf. ..................... N'I.V.T Chief Ci.hm.lii:. ............. Walter I.nrkfnbndi TrrsiiAV, MAKCII r,' Ki-V.- f)ll(-i-;i!IH ....... Dornlliy I.tifl.-f>n1i;ir-li Ko«M Ic ....... '.',.!'.'."'.'." .' .'[tilth A ii-xjindiT Si'i?.llc .................. I'oiiit S.-.n Pablo AlH-rdri-n ..................... TlniDPMiini Oilmiiliii FOREIGN PORTS HAVANA — Arrivcrl. March n, Sant.i flu.s;, fintn Puerto Cnlomlii.v AltICA—Anivi-d. Mnrch fi, Snntn Hnr- iKtra fir.m Mollnulo. AIniflfi A fmn7G!inyn d '-| MarCh *' R ™ [ * VOKOHAMA —Snilcd, March fl. Prcsi- ilrnt Hoover for Knbr; Rni-.lnaiix Mnru for p'!'| Fr:illciscf 'i Nojimn ftlarti lor San SAX A N'T O MO-Arrived. Mnrrh S, I-rank fi. Drum frnm Snn Pedro. ItOSAICIO — Arrived. Mnrrh fl. Wrsl Niitiis fiom Iliifiitw Aires. -MA/.ATLAN—Arrived. March I). Sin.ilo:i from [•|iscn!i(l;i. nmi»r r i>ir ri l iUw'im S ~ S '' likl11 ' Marcl1 *' ItOAlllAV — Sl-iik-cl. March B, President onrof! Inr Sur/.. KOJi!'—Sailed. Mnrch li, President Uar- HHiMin/.l'f-. Arrived, Mnrch D. Prp*!- (lenl .lacksnn fruni Nnmiya. M r. I. It I) i; R N i; — Arrived, Mnrcli 9 Gulden Uer.r from Wolliniiton. V AN'Cf) II Vi: ll~Anivwl, March 8. Uui'iu... Aiiw. liciiL'C Mnich f.. iixHn^n' (!IIA *~ AlTivwl ' lMnrc " 9l A!inni ° SUVA— Arrlvfd, March 'J. I'cKasux. hcnce Fehmary lil. l'Ui;KT() UOI.OMIIIA—Sallwl. Mntch a. MarHiii-i'1 .lohiiKon for Plymoulh. Ai;('KI.AN!)-.S. 1 lled. M;uch B. Mnixi- poFa for Suva. I'OltT AUiKHM —Arrived, Mnrch 8, " Si A N '/, A N I l"), u-™ rrrjfid. March P. Alnsl:;t Siatirlanl fruni To»olnhampo I»A\ AD—Arrived, March !l, California from Homhlon. WIRELESS REPOItTS Ily MAf.'KAV RADIO .t THLRnnAPH CO. .March H. K;lin p. m. ADMm.-M, Y. S. WILLIAMS—San Fran- cis'jo for J'orllan., fi» miles from As- AOMIItAI, COLE--Portland for S.in Fran- Iscd, -IS4 miles from S;m Francisco. IIKK.MAN FRASCH—Portland for Los ATI- liftl) miles from Los Anccles nt IOWA -San Francisco fo.- Portlnnd. 100 iles .S. of Columbia K\\;r. .l][t:ilIf;AN-I,os Ank'iilcs for Balboa, 2710 NW. of B.illwt. I'K'IKU IIKI.MS—Snii Frnni-i-ro for Po.t- ' il. f. m lies from Porll;iml. TilXAS I'LAXTril — I.cmKvirw fur S:ui ^bL'n. ;i|!i miles from Snn Francisco. W A L L I ,\ <; I-' o K n—Portlaml .for Vnn- IVIT. Wash., arrived Vancouver nt AltMlltAL WILIIV—Los Aiiireles for San is«i. aiU milus rnmi San Fran- tMTV "Ol* ItAfiDAD—nalbna for l.oj, An- i:eli'.;. aBV miles from Los Amides nt urrv nr KAN nn:no—i-'isliint: nnnks fm- iji'Kfi. ini'li mi IPS from San Dicito IK (1. SCUI'IKLII — !'ic.vi<h-nce fur Hous. 'M miles from Houston at noon. I:MMA it. s. — On Fishing Hanks. 2fi5t> Difficulties surrousi'-lirm the number (>f fall;, constituting tlio inairh bolwcen ••.Man Mountain" Dran and Ktanloy Pinio nt tho Municipal Auditorium Friday ni'iht rhould b i ? irdiicd out before.- the day is over. Drnn it holding nut for a one- fall match. Pinto wants Uvn lulls to deride, and has advanced the opinion the reason tho "Alan Mountain" is partial to the short route is a lack of ability and wind to travel any distance. Arbitration of iho matter re^ls v.'ilh tlir: rival matmcn. Roth have sinned for the show and must go through with the- schedule and tho promotion dor-sn'l rare- much whether the contest is of the one or two fall variety. (Jus Sonnc-nberp, former heavy- weifiht rhnmpion of thr world, and Dr. Freddy Meyer will take part in a one-hour, two-fall bout supporting the Pinto-Dean embro^Iio. Son- ncnhery twice was defeated by Pinto, with Dr. Meyer addim; Hardy Kruskamp to a ^rowiiig total of victims lhe other ni;;ht. Two newcomers arc ?latcd for .supporlinf" puKitions. "Wee V/illie" Davis a nil Major Ivan Komarofi respectively, will face Joe Kujot and "Ri^" Hill Beth. Davis Is six feet, four inches in height and weighs 250 pounds. Hf has hecn a sensation through the Kasl. IVlajor Koinaroff reputedly is a former officer In the Ilus- .sian army and like Dean and "Ilaron" IJen (iinslierjf, allccts a heard. The fifth contest will feature Pat Fraley of Boston nnd "Tai7.au"' Steinborn. Hollywood Fans to Qive Bttal Seals Take 12 Hopes to Fresno Training Camp When 21 rookie players are taken fo the Fresno training ramp today by the San Francisco Seals, 12 of the number will be young hopefuls from Oakland who have been picked for further trial by the trans- bay team. Three other Eastbay boys, less fortunate than the 12, were released yesterday by the Seals. Those turned lose were Mike Sou/a and John Erccg, pitchers, and Outfielder Ken Keating. The players who will be taken to Fresno are pitchers Jim Addtego nncl Carl Monzo; catchers Bill Cal- lagcri, Neil Clifford. George Phillips and Gordon Williams; inficlders Tony Madinga, Kenny Colman and Tony Masucci; outfielders Ernie Oliver. Elmer Corbett and Al Peacock. MODESTO. M;.:'i-h S.-Osca:- Vitt has diiftul hi . duties Irojn MoMy- v.-fioci to Oiikinnd. but he h;«^ n<»'. rniirr'v lost ll:i- : upp'*rt "f .Southern California fan*--. Hollywor.-) bn.--e- ball fans are plariiiir.fi to £ii\v a hiq 'day thf fir«t limr- the Oaks appear in the South. i Vitt reroivf-d a wire from fieorge i Vounff. one f.f his ^rcalf-.-l boosius. 1 rerjurytin^ thai two FCftiun? of bix i yfrHt.-. bu re.-ervcd for him :md his i friends for the opening yamo in j Oakland. Yonnii is cominfi up from ! Ifollvwond for the contest and I amon-; his i?iie.Ms will be Harry i Ruby, playwripht ;md comp'>:-:er of I music; Ham. Dave and Bill Symon, Oakland .--purismen, and Carl I.ov- sren, packer. Vi!t recf-ived a wire from Youn;,' I which read: "Have put enoiifjh corned beef on train lenvmp hrri' at 8::iO p. m. to feed ;m army. Want to build up ynur Ortklnnd athletes so that they can .sock that ball and win the IMfi pennant." Younjf, a leading merchant of Hollywood, hnr. been a Tribune MIU- ?criber for IT) years because he al- v/;iys lias been an Oak booster. O O O Ed Mairc, who pitched for the Oaks in 1009. during the days of Jim Wigffs. who also saw bis league service after leaving the Oaks, is residing here and nets much enjoyment dist-ussiiiR days of old. lie recalled the day when he sold Nculon "Red" Lynrh, former major league outfielder, to the Oaks for sm He is hopins that Secretary Herbert McTarlin will come down here so thnt he can renew his acQiiainlance. O O O Rain, hail and snow was not all that dampened the enthusiasm of the Oaks here Friday morning. Shep. a ye.unfi ColHe dog, which waited at the front gate of a local ranch each day to greet Oscar Vitt and his Oaks as they set out on the six-mile hike, is in a pet" hospital fighting for his life nnd all the players contributed toward paying whatever it will cost to try to save (he mascot's life. As thr d •>(? dashed across the highway trying to join Eddie Walsh and Lou McEvoy. who led lhe hikers, .she was struck by a truck going f>0 miles an hour. Police were called out and rushed out. sirens open, and took Ihc pet to the hospital. It will be another 24 hours before the crisis will be reached. 2 St. Elizabeth Gagers Named On Star Team miles fn i R:.n Hir for Lx>5 An- AiiKL'lCf llIjtAi.no — JI;i7.,illnn for Topolubampu, ,a ri.ACLXTlA—MtirlinW for Shclllnirn. :ti:» null's from Shclllnirn. .rilKirn—Tivcrtim fur Im Ancclcs, %f! miles fmm Colon «t noon. M.A<;i:i.I.AX— l»s Aniick'K for Fisliiui: ll;mks. ITfiO miles from l.os AiiKolrs. MAf.v.\Ki:A- Rnlltoa for I,os AnKolcs, ' . AnirvlCK nt mmn. I'itDSlhKNT TAKT—nnlhon for Los An" :. 3:(SI mill's frnm nnllion ItAIMIOW—P.in nick'o for FisliinK Bunks. . Snn IJirKo. ItAJO—dn Fishini: Rnnks. 2"iOO niiU'K from p;in nn-Kii. SAN ANSKI.MO— R.-iIbn.i for Son Dieiio. " 'Ics fmni S;m IlickM. SAN SAI.VADOIt—On Fishuik' Hanks. 2100 IllL'KO. SANT AMAKIA- C'oriniinbo for T.n-; An- ilc.-. (rum Ixis AnKoler. SANTA AMAlto—On Filling Banks. 2410 Dircti. STi:i,I.A Tii (ii:.\()VA -Fi^hiiiK nnnks for ill... 2142 link's from S.in Dieco ST. Tlll-:iU:si: —On Fishmc Hanks. 900 Playground Cage League Gets Going This week marks the openinu round o[ the third annual Oakland Playground Athletic League's basketball .season. There are 48 teams entered, making a total of over SOf) participating between the afics of 16 and 20. This year's league will be run ofE on a two-same elimination basis due lo the Ian;e number nf entries. The teams are divided into seven divisions. Each squad will play until defeated twice. The winners of each division will then play off for (he 1D3J championship of the lcaj;ue. Games are played in the nym.« of Technical and Cnstlenumt hii;h schools and Woodrow Wilson and Hoover junior hijfhs. The teams in t crested are composed of regular attendants at the Oakland playgrounds and is one phase of the. adult recreation program sponsored by (he Oakland Recreation Department and supervised by William Quaylc, in charge of iidult recreation. •rf i i Sn i nip ; T.A1VO— On Fiihim,' n.inks.MSO milfs from YAl.i:—Ixi.C Anin'h'K fur Snn Frarnisco, SO Hi;NKV I). WIIITON—S;in Podro for Ba!"in null's fiom Rnllinn HAWAIIAN STAMMKI>—.Mnrslifield for d.-cn. 1. r o mi\c£ fiom Ahordrcn. HAIUMIOX—S.m Pcihu foi Bnlbna, 14fi2 fnim Hnlhon .ni n-ion. INVAnrit— On Fishins Hnnks. ?5tH> niih-s .1. C. Rr/.SIMMoNS Snn Vrancifco for ..... Hiiy. 7;. nn!,.., fr<»ii EOeni R:i.v. K. It. KINCSUCltY-Hichmmui fnr Malti !l mil s fro . for uf jit r Prattle. ROO ItllTA - Ran IV.l i-: fmni S.-atilo. >1.\VI-'1.0Wl-:fl 111: FisliiiiC H.iiiks. 2500 nili-< frnm San I1ic«o. IIACXAWH.! - - Hiln for S.in Frnnci-ro. MM mil,-; {mm Sa:i Fr.nirisrn. Al.lKo — lionolulti fur Snn rranc!?co. 1-JJ2 iniliv fiom S.ui Kranci-ipii. MTV AMI- Pan FrnncKi-o for WilininRton. . iilt-fl fn.ni Wilinitiiitou. HC.MIV n. WIIITOV— S:in Poilrn for Hal. L'llii miles from million. HAWAIIAN" STANDAKIt - Marshfiold for AluT.lccn. 155 milr-; from .-Un-nlcea. HAi:iMlOS-S;Hi Porlro for TlMho.i. 1432 intli-s fi'iMii Halhoa, noon. .T. c. riT/.siMMO.\S— San Fra St. Mary's Nelmen Meet Club Players St. Mary's Collcg« tennis team moves into fast company this afternoon in meeting the strong .Belle Vista Tennis Club of Oakland on tho campus courts at Moiaj;a. Belle Vista boasts some of the outstanding players in the Eastbay, and if the Gaels can trim them it will mean that Si. Mary's has ils best team in years. Dick Bennett, California vamty member; Johnny Friedman, former St. Mary's captain, and Jackie SmelUer. Slate ranking junior, arc some of the club notables. Cordnn "Flash" Laird, captain antl center of St. Elixiiboth's crack Catholic Athletic League championship team. v."ts an unanimous choice for the official All-C. A. L. five, picked by the four C. A. L. cage 1 mentors, Richard Donovan of St. James. John Leo of St. Joseph 1 ?, Paul Vredonbur£ of Serra, and Ray Brennon of St. Elizabeth's. Mike "WriRht. Saint guard, also placed on the all-league (earn. St. Elizabeth's was (he only school to have two representatives on thr nil-star five. Mrrvyn Martin of St. .Joseph's anil Prfc "Redmond of SU James, forwards; Laird, center, anil Johnny Mnttilirh nf Srrra ami Wriffh't comprisp thp A1I-C. A. L. quintet. Mrlvin Kolile?. captain nnd center of the 1933 Saint squad, is the only other cauer of the Oakland five ever to make All-C. A. I,, team. The Saints did not plane any men on last year's squad. Baskolball prospects of the Saints for 1030 arc bright. From fliis season's team are lost Laird and Jack Clark, forward, and Kd Simonich. .^tiard. However, in their Ft earl will be Richard Laird. GOT don's brother, at center; Bryan Lynch and Larry Rncno, forwards. and Mike Wri.qhl and John Tuite. guards, Tuite. Laird, Lynch and Rntino farnrd I heir leltcr.s Ibis srapnu. Wright, havinp earned hip block last season, will be awaidcd an extra stripe. Friun the lightweight team will come Captain Walter Sehneider. unanimous elioice for the All-C. A. L. lightweight five, and Johnny Fowler, forwards. .. . T-M*'i . i n.-iv . 75 milrs Fstr Ray. . mf for Hnlti- Marin Cagers Name All-Opponents KFNTKIKLD. T\Inrch 0. Plnyer.-; on the Marin Juysee hoop varsity today met nnd picked their choice of all-opponent plnyers for n mythical five which the Mariners would nut c;uv to meet on any court. The .Marin .laysee All-Opponents five includes: Jno.obsmeyer, f. Modesto: Bowman, f. Modesto; Calderwood, c. San Mateo; Anderson, g, San Matco; Ttobertson, j!. Santn Rosa. TKN EYCK HAS AID SYRACUSE. N. Y..—(U.Ri— .Iim Ten Eyck, "Grand Old Man" nf rowing at Syracuse University, fin-j !. KlNfiSlirUY--Hirl »ro. 201H1 mill-.; from i..u'RiTs SWI:NSON-Colon f..r Liver-! sistant. After .1-1 year- of coaching i-'^Hiti'''!" "".'i^ p.-Iiro^'^r ] s"auie"°Bmi! S ' vrnoi1<e rowin - ! ' tMI11s alone. Ten "miii"! ('-•oiir'siMtiV'. 170 '" ' ! Eyck. th.? oldest rowing conch in >i.\yi : !.owi:ii--on i-'isiiini; K.-mTis 2.V10 j the world, will be assislod this year ^i'u'>?\ f w'i l |V-iiii(. n "for San Fnim-i^co, i ^- v ^» r i"ay McKaig, 1031 coxswain. illl mill's frnm San Fi;nH-isci>. i* * MAI.IKO- Honolulu lor San Fr.inciTO. I •|-om S.m Fi-anrisi'o. | lirSAMI--.^.!!! Kraiu-iM-o for WilminK- Howell Makes Diamond Debut LAKELAND. Fin.. Masch n.-'UR) --Hivie llnwoll made n "fair to niitidlin'" debut today in hi? first Biu Lenytio workout, malting one 1 hit and executing a difficult nmninj: catch. All pitrliors being in excellent shape. Manafior Mickey Cochram*, of (lit. 1 Delrrtil Tigers, called off Sunday practice to keep them from over-trnininjr. Moraga Cage Men Get Award Sweaters ally has consented to having an as-1 i tir»« lllOn to , 142 niilfx from WilmiriKlon. \\u.\, VISIT HIVIKHA \Vln-n tin- lint'i- Volcndiitn leavi's .ui htT annual Mcditcrraneau-Xoi'- i\-;iy i-niisr. from Nrw York. July 3. she will call at several ports .lioiu; thf Krcnrh and Dalian Kivirra, in- j cliuiinj; tlie rvcr fascinating city in" Naples, before ttirnins northward for (he Vikinrt lands of Nnr way nnd Sweden. (By Unite*) Pr*>«s) Fl.iminfio Pnik. Fl.i. - R. U.K. Anu>ri<\m. Philadelphia... 01ft ]0ii-: fi I National. Nrw Yorl: 2i«> nilf -:! (1 :: Hatt<:rio?.: Cam .1111! Koxx: Fitz^immoi'.j.. Chncnon and Mnm-iisn. iC.iilcd rml oi' sivth: lain.' T.impa. Fl.i. MarFa.vdrn. Oil? At NVw Orleans—Smithr Icnn* v«. Amrncnn Cleveland, i II H F . 10i» -100 |t(hl-. r - in 1 . Hin fldrt W2- -1 7 "' Snnlli anil Snrihi'i: Mnnsiim. Hermann, •hsnn. Lewis. NVw Or- l varsity and nine froslinier bi^kclball players were amionncixl yosterday ;i-- winners nf award sweaters for the season just closed by St. Mary's board of athletic control. Varsity players rewarded for the- Gael's most successful .'.eason in years were Cnptnin Billy Monde nnd Monroe Olson, Snn Franci.H'o; Don R.iffnnti. Paul liarncs and Al Ncl- snn. Oakland: John Giannoni and liud Ilnnna, Sri era men to, and Rill Scott. Marysville. Kirst-yciir players to earn numeral j-weaters wei't- Warren Jenkins, F.fl MrSweeney, Harry Aronson and Kd Fil7patrick. San Franciscn; T.arry Minnhen and Julio Lynn?, Stockton: Frank Shock, Morris. 11].; Wilbur Wilkin, Sprincville. Utah, and Davo Carey, Seattle, Intention? lo Wed PU. Tai Cmr.s-:'.>. L'.vi^ Bcr.t-roi! Way. Hi-: !-:(•*... IIXC. Lu Su--20. l'5-'2 Eis.«•>:: v. 1 .,-.-. Rc-/r:» : .-. WACJNKU. P.n;!—:':•. li>.iiic!otK Box 3-;.. • HARVEY. AtH-:,::" ia. p. lt \ U'7J, M>s. r. A Ri:. l.'.iyd ft:,-.!!:(,!!»!-27. 162 !!'»! SlM-t-l. OakJpno. .VOODV. P^'^y—IB. 19J llt!i S'n o:. (iri'-.'.i.t'.d KILEH?. nu-!..-. .jy. i.iiidwi. San Joa- ij.;m r.j!i:-.)v J'J.OJIMF. llu.i:, M.. Phn*. ;.^r^ /:;. I.indc-,. s.-, n Joncnnr. County. GKUWrLt.. Clii.ton J;,i'.(•-• 1'2. 4fi2 \\rli -!n Srrf*-'. M.I::-, :? -.-. VKNT!.\!lGL!.j*i l.ui-y Kh?:.lM-Tii—ll.j. 5l-t Ah: 050 Stret^ '' f.lNDAHI.. Klun J oil a mi f,: -33- 11" S!-.f rwoori Aviv.if. S..r. Jon'. BOI-AN- DK!:. KI.JVJH Amnnda F-h-ahp:- 2R. 153 WiJ.j.-.ooil Cauien-,. Plfdmoni. coi.r. Ai;i.i.i -:;?. 32:-: • U" Suen. S.-icransinto. VAX Al'KKN. F.vn--37, 3141 :;5i!i .Siroei. Sncrain 0:1:0. -\larriape Licenses AI'ED.AILK. C'.rrion Honald-21. Oak- jnuri cni'THFSFN 1 . .Manila Pauline—18, Or, k land. .MAK'l IN. John .\ilt-n--37. Oakland. ('AfiPF.NTlFR. F.steljp Sophia- 3-J. Oak- lard. CAKHUTHFIES, Hc.bfrl Tallirrt— 2R. Ai.unL-.la. HUMiiitEK. Gone Kladanc -IB. K.NUT.SK.N. Norvnl Julici' -"fi. Hudson. St;iiiis!.in ; . County. KLLUKSON. llcrtha Jnn— v;. Hn^iiM.n. Siaius!:.us County. IJE'rn'NX'OUKT. f'.iiiiiln Fcrn-iiii—35. .San Jute. A.M.Mt.M.U, .Man 1 -30. nerkr- .SHKItWOnn. flcdint- .Misrion—27. Oak- lautl. DOLL. Ani:a .Maria--27. Oakland. LUG AH, Charles William—37. Pulca. Untie Cuiiniy. .MEREDITH, Grace Paul- JIH—29. Ilcrki-lev. r'L'IULMAK.N, Karl Albert—UL'. Ilerkelry. YOlhNC;. .Maxine .Mabk- l 1 ^, Bfrkeley. KUnL"/.AWA, .lu;-:iljii:u— 31, Rk-lmiond. U;iA, Hidt-mi -Ifi. O.ikt.nnd. nrtANUKiMlUIUl. AUKIIPI Herman—24. Richmond. KOEN1G. til.sie Aljirle -21, Hiihmmid. CIORANHSON. KiiRenr Victor—2.1, Snc- ramoiito. NOVER. Cenoviove HU, Oak- Inn d THOMPSON, nalnh J — 2:1. Oakland JONES. Emma Lt-tjna -^1'. Oakland. YOUNG. Eutit-ne Sawyer—uR. Oakland. AIcCAIU.KV. Gladys—L'B. Oakland PINNKLL. Herbert Austin—3fl. Indin- napoli.-;. DE JONG, Frances Falicry—19, Pii'diiiiint. SCOTT. Robrrt Alexander—34. San Francisco. PKTEHSON, Greta Frances— .MARTIN,' Per/y' Valinut-26, Oakland. GASTON. Joan Elizabeth— 25, Oakland. DivnrccB Fiiccl LOVIF.R. Florcncp vs. Ijinri-orp, tnielty. BETCABE. Kltredn vs. Joseph, cruelly. FUNERAL Designs OUJi SPKCIALT^ Oakland Floral Depot S. Garcsc & Co., Florists and Murserym*n, 930 Wnaliington Street. Piedmont 12S7J. AN dover 079T. LA hesiile OSS7 Depot Phone LA kealda 0262. CI.OSi;— I n lifi-koli-y, March '.< I0;!5 l,HWrn U>;ih U"s«-. liflovnl ilaiifrli. tor i't Harry W. and MM: late Julia T. Clus.--, Kisti.-r of Harry S Cluse, iii»-i-.« -.C .Mrf. A I'.rown,' .Mrs. .1. S. Simmon.-.-, .Mis. W. S. JVott, Mrs. M. M.-tllt-y. iiml .Mrs. M:uv Sutll- vii n. A n:itivi.- nf Jlcrkr>U : v. n K *A 111 y«-iir.-<. Fru-nd:; art: invited to at I cud the rmifr:il .':••[• v ii •(>.•-• TiifFdav, f,» iliiivti 1L'. :il S:::u «.Vl",-i: ». m. from V H'-i-;;'s Kmi.-uil rh ;i[) ,.t. i;.;::i Cni- vr-rsiti- AviMiiif. l!.-i-|<"!cy. Thtuce to S:ilnt M.-u-y .M:i::il:ili»iu> Church, .Milviii ;uid l!frrym;i[i Stropls. Itnrlr<-l)-y. wlii-r- in:i:^ will he .•olf-l,r:itPd for Urn nM'o<T of hf^r hitt'i-fiit-rit St. J"sc|'h's Ci'iiH-tpry. MOClxl-:\ — In .Mill V;iiif\v. M.in-h ^A!:>;:;'>. Kvjihii'- \\i-\\? MIM-I^MI, wifrP of William .M. Mockfii. ni<itht;r of .Mi>' .l;nncs t l ;.'i,.-i.M- and tit- lain t:i;t! i; K(.|[y. sislor nf .Mrp. .M. l.i-.-lcr and D. A. VIHIIKT »( I''irt- nfti'iiiiinn, .Mnrrh 11. in tb- L.itM« I'li.ip.-] df lb<> Flcwcrs (Mi?) I R- nni-uin). Atl'-linc ^irrt-t at Asliliy Station, Hf-rkrley. I.ITTl.l-;- In Onkland. ,M;in-h S, l?3.i, Pan LcriiKli-n. lrcn<- l.'ittlf. li-lnv.M li-.viiifl'iin.tii'.T nV rii.irlcs Frnnlvlin [.itllt-; n n:i:ivft »f Oliio, n^fif M to ritt'-nd tii- rnin-r.il fri.-n the IMHI, ::S!- l-;asl l-ilh Stiefl. Monday Ojikhmd (ViluiiiliariiiMi". 1MKHCK In Oalilnad, .Mi.ich S, IUSS, Csih-n H. I'i-rcf, linslnuid oi" I-idif-I M. t'it-ivf. fullitr nl' flii.vlo ri.lri.-c, KOM of -Mr. ami Mrs. A. II. I'irrfc, lM-i<tli>-i "f Mrs. l-'ffi-- XraniiM-ti-r and lil.-nn \' riorf-; n nntivc of Wisn.iifin. Kri.'iiO.s :>.r.- invit.-d to attwnil tin- fnn-ral from the ('hninjl "f llic 1-luisn-s, -t r.f.i I'ifdiinMit Ave- II1H-. ,M"n.l:iv. M:.rHi 11. ;tt 11 n. m. l!.-m;uns ilr.int I'. Miller Mnr- Inary. L'riTL 1 Kii^t 1 Itll Street. i i!r.t'-lli" service, i S.UI'I'll — In I 'iain"!i(l Sprincs. t.*;ili- fi>nii;i .M:ii'i'li T I'r:;.". ,l<iliannn, dfar l.i-liui-d u-ifv uf th- : laic I-'r:'!!•-is M Srnil li. Inviiiy jnint f-f Mis. Fr'-dl-ni'k M. I! i.[ Inainoml Ari:-.i-:i:i' ati'l ' Mr;;, (.'liari^ .Mnliin a *"l'-r]'.'niis- ll !n'" imit'-d ti- nttf-nd th- fun.M-al from the. imrliTfl oE S'.i.-n^-n Hn.thr-r.. ;.iH CnMro Strc.-l. Havwar.i. .M "inlay. Mnrph '!Nl'.''nn''nt"].<'ii''' Tr«-t ; (Vni.-t-ry. >TH AVSS — In O.iM.-nid. Marrh 7. Wa'l't.'-r Strli'ns:': a n.itiv.- »f "I-H-n- I,nr^. (;-nii:niv. :is:.-d 77 yc:ir*=. -V m.'in!.-I- of l-:d» hv.-iss ].•.(!?«• N". ?, ud. 11. S. Mi- fii!n.-::i! .-.-rvi.--s. .Mi-nday, M.H, h :!, ]:«::.'.. a: :: '.'.-I'-i-k p. in. -,t tii-- N"' ." Mi.'-lir<i"- "f Alli.-rt lain View Cemetery - VORTK'IANS Julius S. Goc?eau Inc. Fimpral Director? Newly Decorated and Refurnished "A minified Service Very R*?:iRon:il>ly Priced" HI ghgate 4045 "Day nr Nlehl" 21 10 Webster Street

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