The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on July 7, 1942 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1942
Page 4
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Itigham Writes of ®rk of Judge Taft The reCeiil death of Judge Fred | ft fait 111 his home In Bntita, Is the release. 1 believe tills: «'ii6 Monica, Gal., where lie hns been A resident since 189:1, has recalled mfttty memories of otie of Ihe most interesting sun-leu of tiloneer lite 111 northern town, Judge Tftfl Was (he second son of the Hey, B. It. Taft and It !s may live In regret ev.>ry harsh word or action, lull never to regret n kliul or generous wonl or net. 1 came tinwlshtitlly Into tills world with a cry of pain. I RO without resentment or regret excen! for my mistakes and I IIP pnrtlug with to judge wtml thin may have j loved ones. Kreil II. Tuft, itleahl to him When we read this Nohoily knew Jmlpp Tuft belter ten In Fin paragraph from the history of Ituttiboldt Otnlhfy, published In 1884 by the Union Publishing Company of Springfield, til.: "1(1 the autumn of lRfl8 Mr. tail sunn bei-ante ylslled the Dee Molnea vnllejr. (tun J Huberts adds: Selected a location for a sptiieibjeitlt buying between fl.OOO and ? ( ob'6 IM thp enrller days Hum (l n nrup 19. ItoljPiLs who savs "Fred wits of- Dodge, which wits Iliiinholdrs tnarkpt town, and we I. fill-nils." Mr. acres of land located In Hmnhnldt "Fred WIIR 11 s'tccc»3 ns editor if the kopini's but soon wMiitcd n larger field. HP stnrt'-il -i paper Ihe ntirl still Inter IIP tiOflnty, to Which place he moved j at Iowa Fulls culled HIP I'lUz-n, In the spring of ISCiS With a colony j niid Inlet was employed hy inn on tit about fitly pm-sons. Here IIP- ' " —~ -"" ' ' ' Iweetl the two branches of the lies Mollies he laid Otit the town of 8j»iItigvale, later llumboitlt. find built & flouring dnd saw mill, a hotel, some stores and other bultd- *e is probably no more llt- gtery ia tbe whole pio- " of tfcs state titan the Of the rivalry between the _'' town of Bttketit Oily the faft town of §jirlng*ale. Judge taft was si* yenrs old hla father brought bis relist- ous colony to the wild west, one his father'H first uttflertahltiga •Was Mutttboldl College,- which was Opened to students lit September, l&n, the edlloge building actually cost 140,000, the "larger contributions from eastern friends.'' The college was In Ftltcesafiil operation for nine years/ and during seven of these nine years Judge 'raft was an ardent student. JJUt U WAS not the College merely that influenced the judge's beginnings, ills father bad started £ newspaper, the litinibtiidt Ko«JHOS, and the son had shown my much aptness for handling type that In the summer of iR74 when j he Was seir&iiteeri years b( age, his tather gate him entire eharKe of the KosrnOs and the record Is that "for some time be was the youngest editor of the state." The record shows that "he con- dUStot! tH8 kt!St!tr,3 tiS editor arid proprietor for nearly nine years" and during tills period "for over folir j'ssrs ho piifHiieU his college studies with his class." in ma he joined In starting the Hardih County Citizen in Iowa Palls, and the ne«t year be baearne' asBOclste eSItor H( fh<* Fort 0'J'lge Messen- did newspaper Work In Slonx t'lty. While there lie determined <<• study la* mid did so nl night. I Imvs always thought that his shift from newspaper work to the Inw at his age, and after be had acquired a family, his success In bulldlnc up A law practice among strangers, and rounding a permanent business WHO flli untistml aflilprXnent for fl Hiah without resotfrces ahd was proof of his courage, resollitlon and tenacity, fie Was elected to a district Jildge«hl|f, add afterward kiiowh as Judge Taft. He was of a sunny, cheerful nitd friendly disposition which bad much lo do with his success, ami he feinalned true lo the fiflliclple Inculcated by his parents'" The Ijos Angeles Times published a fine portrait of the Judge atid In Its obituary said: "lie WHS Santa Monica city attorney from 1003 to l!l(i7, Judge of HIP superior court from I9i9 to i!i30, «nd later practiced law. fie had lived In Santa Monica 4R years lie leaves n daughter,- Mr«. MUrlel Sliutt, and 8 son. Harris W. faftj four grandchildren and two great grandchildren." E%K Shells May Have Some Value For Soil Egg shells have a lime value for soil but require special handling, In «h» opinion of ;;. ,/' firkins, proof soil «t Iowa State (Jol- ger. Here is an interesting item in connection with the judge's news paper experience, written by Oen- elete g. Savage, who says: "When Judge Talt sold the Humboldt Kosmoa In 1883, it was my brother, J. B, Swinburne, who purchased the newspaper business, the Kosinos, which he owned until 1S9& My firotlier now ta nearly 93, Urea *l tioog Beach/ but makes & (rip took to Iowa each summer for i fetMtttt at Wanetiegter, la. Ur brdtbtt bai never been ill, and bridge and writing." 4««th Jadg« Taft wreft a ritkef oai»8Qal obituary sefef To In anfiwfr to » number or letter* from II.WH coinrnnrilffea which have egg dryins plants, Hie Iowa State soil specialist say* the main problem Is one of fineness, the coarsely crnstim! era «tiat|g fi r» not as valuable as fine commercial lime. for that reason tlfe shells must be recrushed, screened, or placed an the ground many months In advance of seeding. Firkins advises farmers who can secure egg shells for the hauling to get them on corn gronnd at once. Witb the constant cultivation of the corn, the eggs shells will be ground fine enough to become soltftile wlien the 1943 plant- Ing of oats and legumes is made. The egg shells contain about 84.5 percent of calcium carbonate or lime, and A small percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Hog* Need Water *g as Feed Plenty of water is as es?eattel as $r8fa tot goo* growth to hogs, s*y* E. L. Qualfe, extension swlae spec' at tows, State GttHsge. He out lhat an adequate »u> ply of readtty aceeasJWe watt* fa REWRITES raw WSKWWMH W act, ft* WWftmaft&W feftte W llSM eft-nftl^. Aft k*ettft* w'as y. fl'e- cert at the I<VCA» W» years old refislered At hail In Humftrtldt city Iftt *&» ? mtfa Wffilt *eV6rty frtll TO Mrt. t!. -H. ftttte* to n?r Mftig fft the lornl nrtd *lll Coftftl to It for mnt-e received n letter fv-6m hrr *M i^Hvnte Major Harris from Somewhere In tndtn were sold at the tiiirtilwtdt prtst- otti^e before .hily )•, strtto? Tost- mftster tttls Meisott. flnihf'Titv f\vt>\ nrirt Kefiwth JOpI both of Ollmore City were married f h«r$itfty evening nt Mo. A *i«h rtf jE rt f Xr ft 'who arrived from iVriftfny 1 oti »he same bnnt Bl years ago held ihelr annual romme gi-od supper nt HIP ttndy Olson home TUpsdny evening. A Irttrti nf StHd sttffrtf rtUHitrn- tiort? were rrpprovPil by the ihln\- Imldt county r-n'lotilnc lionrd for canning sugar cfHIflcrttes. Members nf lltr t.itfee t'llptirf* ff rlnb presented (be prngi-nm at the tlumbntdt Tlotnry Tne?rtrty evcnlno;. of tftp HAmteftlf<ft AI Hip npip {aims At tftft %rt«t, brtl she ftad sttf- I ficlemly re^overe'd Sd she ronlrl ', make tho trip y, their SMfi Sitnttny h'y rtrtilrrK tft« ni'tprnbtin fiftlrw or the fonrtpi- tlllie tinap.rher^ of >d? passed rtway nt n tolp'do hospital i-prrntly. Mrtdrtttnrt f*rtrt^ r pr f>f irtoile Wrt^ tui'od 3niirt-iy pvntsh^e: wbpn ;sfnlrlt by a bfHlt rif llfthtiUiiR. jtlavis of linhliiolfit were married nnclp nt Alhpit f'lty Wpdrtrsdfly pVf'iMna;. They Will live tin tlie crnnm'?' fnrm no:vr Hntnbrtldt. t't> to tt'eilne«ilrtj hoort, it Initil i»f !l2 toiis of rubber hh<f becji col- Ipcfpd in ttuhilmtdt crtilrtty nct-rtrd- Itur to salvnup Ijitlcb .Ail inch ivh» ivlll be iHilllribte to work 0:1 farms dtirlnt; harvpst ars nskPii to p|Rn with Viticp Rnttls, Cstrl Rclu'lliercjer or Nell IHtsP. \V. fi. tractrtr til be. William te. Heft), anMfield, farmer* 1 trurk tube. pasture tor (I immlhs than lo carry It n chorler dlslancp frtr fl. slltcp Hip hogs iisnnlly make much tnoi-p rapid Ritlns when kept oh clpan pasture. Clciui (Jronnil Kpi.'pltts becjs on c|pan ciDtind tins two blR points In Its favor. II Ei-pally i educes Manner of illscnsc mid parasites, and It takps niiicli IPSS Rt-aln and tnlttPials lo prinln-p ion pounds of pork. Whllp pood inislttrp Is extreuiply Important. «ras« will not carry HIP full load, however, IJualfp warns A self-feedpr kppt rilled with fcrd will pay well nt Ihp present prices of lings. Late Summer Oood Time to Introduce New Queen Bees Ijiitn RitniniPr Is a K"od tlnif lo lltlrodticp IIPW i|i|ppn IICPS Into rnl- onlps Hint nrc lit an iinsiiHsfrtcliiry condition, nccnrdlim to p|oy,| Ft 1'iiddock, cxlpiislnn lice sppclnllsi :it Iowa StntP (Jnllppp. Ther» has IIPPII nn liittisinil nmoiini of IIIIPPH siippi-Hpdnre till sprlnn. piirllcnliirly from colonl s- developed froin packni>e IICPP. This may be dne. In part, lo Ihe unfavorable conditions which existed In iowa dtirliiR t!ie peilod of IJIIPHI ItltfltdtiCliOIi. f lie Seileral Hiie is tiirtf (b now tliieen sliotild be Itlirndiicpd Infh HIP colony dnrliiR (he Infll week ot HIP sitniiner honey flow. Tills dale will have to be established by every pr'i- dticer for his locality. rots anil bppfs comprise Dtp first Inipoitaut Etroitp of vc.nPlalilps be- Inc pbtntcil In lumtp ?:trdpns b-- twppti .Inly 1 and 15. * * t Many c; ure phinnlnR to biivc plrnly of fresh vptPliiblps tn vtot-p for latp fall, winter and parly sptlitR use. rburlennrs ni-p con- trlhuiint! Rriatly to the war pffort In pl:inllnc stlmnler i;ardp)i>> so slat tltpy ntlcht have vpRetables for stoi'nap. * * * trucker, Hatch- P. farmer, eri, irnck- p'-, 4 truck tlnmboldt, Culvert .trthrtsoti. I.lvermore, lentrt hauler. 5 tr»ick retreads. I.PP Holinck, HnmboUit. ti-nckpi-, 11 lick rot reads, fitpl oil. \Mi-Rll llnirls. truck ml roads. i'. P. Wellnn, •V. 4 H-\It-k Jrthn droh. Llvpimor 2 fnirit i pti'pad.s. l;t>niiM Cbrtpnr, (Ittna ' r. 2 tincli retreads. T. J\l Aiirp. ttorte, frirm ret rends. Albert Morehoitse. fainter. 2 trnclor retrfc-j. Wm. Atidfii- tin. litimboldt, tit-rum "iriuler, 2 truck retreads. Rasmus llnsninssnn. llitmtioldt; Cfpnni hiinlet-, I truck tiro retreitcl Honalrl M. Olson. Undo. Irtulter, I iritrk ift.retulp. Mvermol-" Oil fo., Uverttidre, fn.l oil, 2 truck ret reads. tlumholdt ttr<bib<rlU*; C(i.. ttllin- I'olilt. i truck retread. Otto Pwmison. lienwlck. crcntii hauler, 2 truck t-ptipads. .luck .lohnson, Ftnmbolili, Irttck- ci. 2 truck icffPMdK M. .1. Mavle, 1,1 i' truck retreads. lllch;ird iMiirsn, tni-'t tclrends. H. ('. JcunltiE , faftm^, 0AM. . fiS^tt. OllmAV* CHy, farmer, 2 pASe. r'errapps. Artalpft P. Rnss, IfV^'e, fAHMr, 2 pas*. T'eeapjis. itrtamtt&seri, GdldfVeM, fn,- vecapps. Daffdta City, farm pass, iccftpps t. A. klr'cftnoff, HUmn'oliit, m- h 3 pass, recaps. t'loyd Olson, fe'agie flroVe, farmer, 4 prtss. recnpps. Oleti W. Snhtiir.p, Llvermoie. favmev-. 1 pass. i-Ccapp. C-'. 0. Prime, HiimHnldt. el^r- salesmnrt, 2 pnSS. recapjis (;. Krtphcr, Hiimboldt. hatch- evy, 1 pa=s. rerapp. fiertiarrt Wolf. LnVerne, farmer. pass, rernpps. .trtseph A. tlcciter. tinde, farmer, ^ J)SSR. rerapps tlhe ctsfcfis IVefens 1 * Cdt^s 6ttaft!*att6»! « eWrolled civilian vAftvitee'rs td fmfi^mTeftt tie Ws- MV* flefefifre. Jtft pvinr^fti frtnc- tlott will no tb minfmlJJe t&6 effects 6f e-nemy air rafd-. ft is Satd the btyectl 6f art enemy air raid mVoVi tfte city diet. to <Iestr6y oV oriole defense activities: 2. to dl«<6r- air ra'fd; 1 direct tMlfafti a** Yfc- tfrett fti ttWft* c*v%V; 1 repaid ftV65t^ malft%, 'fate fttefis is aVe ftee*ed 16 rtortallort; 3. to hrertk doxvrt tfte morale of the clvtllart pApnlation fire, 'des'trftrtlnh nrtd t;nsnallies. KVeh If the eriemfty siicteerts In 'aching and hombiriR his 6bjettlve. his mission can he frustrated ••"mimf-"• f-r- rr--"- - -•-• streets 6r restore ! cat!6fts, «*tmf?1iM incetfalary ' tombs, provide fdod artd sfielter for tfie 1i6me!es&, etc. t6' carry tferiti'iJth stocft ciVteaSnreft mlssfbh ot tfte dtlAens Corps. • AlheH. Maacli. iiumljolrtt. farmer. 1 obsolete car tire. Walter Criohlln, liutland. farmer, 2 obsolete car tires. floy telford. iJt'tlson, farmer, 1 obsolete trailer tire. frank h. Stiid'y, thimbolrlt, plumber, A obsolete; Car tires. TIRE VULCANIZINC 6 jl. 5th iteet.. Goo. Located at ti-ttckcr, Hod.- pbuicpr. trilckpf, j I truck !<-lr;.;;ii. ! l.tvi-rmnr,, r)|! (-,,., j_ lv ,,, | f»"l oil, 2 truck HITS. H. I!. Ijomcn, Hod-' creMiii PI. 2 inttl, rrirejids. ltp|rcn:ipd Mliil ltcc!t|ipcd s-fptl supply now add eel their supply of cplpiy cabba.i?n ffjhlnesp). "strlni! liinlts, tnrnllis, kohlrivbl, eti- illvp Mini winter rndlshcs. Those vpcctiihlp-- lire for plrtntltiR dillllm Hi" --i,,. m ,d jiliinlln.E; period - -July lr "" A '" ! " stl - ! «• I Fcvold. Mad,.,-,-, fnrniPr. 1 *• * * ! puss, t-pntjip. Rvprhpnrlnc s-tniwliprry plntit i Ilpttry F'. t'liniMson. (Mlnioro V---I "ill In the sprini* ttcpil not have I ''Hy. lariupr, 2 pns-. icntpps. lilo«soms cut fiom HI., phints nflor '.'hiinc:- Williams. Iiumboldt, nr-sl woelt. Alton- HIP hldssoms to ; liii'-mjtn. I 1111!"!. rcopp. TIPS ON CSAlU)tiNW(J About one more week Is left in which HIP first KrMllfi of vpRelublPs can |pp planted If they aic to mature before frost. JJWPM corn, car- ! -ti'vlop and produce fruit. It \a j v.-ls-o to mulch liPtwoc.'i and aiound t IIP plnnts \vltli si-vera I liichos of i straw o rotlipr iniitPi-liil to keep 1 dov:n. Ihp wc:il« and keep III" IIPI-- I-IPS clean. ! * * * Potato Insects, Colorado potato beetles, potato fletibottle--- and Ip.'tf-houpers, nrc still if problem filial tlie' p-iah'ifr w'llii i JjaH of cai- leliliti arsetiiite: or lead Hrsehitli! and H) piirts ot dusting stiifti! or spray with hot dm if.t mixture and nil d'- FPnlcnl. Apply every 13 days. * * * . Gardeners should be on lh<> watch this ypiii- for HIP h"nn lenft bPptle. "snpclnlly In southern liiwit. Tills ;'pest Is stiinller Hiati tile (WP|V:- j spotted cuciiinhcr Ueetle, but II lias , the same general body shape, it lean be Identified by Hie ?!•: hiiick Alberl Wcndi. pass, rccitpp. (!ci;tld F. Kcnncily, l!oil<\ fanner, 1 tlutnimidt, I CDC SET-UP __ fContlmted froiil Otie) bach; Rride, Miles Itelmen; Llv'er- morc, Harry JSlgrahg; Olhnorn City, nipri State. thnr, Ijeottard Ahderson: itlit- lattd, Harold ColtVet; Plrttu-er, fitly Graham; fitadt'nte, t3d. Wixoiii; dttOFcn. Prank Lalitp;, Itnrdy. and Chat-lea Holland. The mcetltig Tuesday evptilliR will be Mi- all these men ami prospective recruits for tHn work, they will lip gli-pti InslHiPtlritts on vlpll- latl dcfensp, and how to set tip an We Still Have A Pew Baby Chicks Left WAYNE 40% tOO tba. $3.95 occd vfeAst lOc Ib. iOO IBs. $8.50 ibt) ibs. T .._. SfAKffcit Idd Ib*. $3.fS GftdWlNG MASH 100 Ib*. $3.95 Paidfot-'Hghiiiiiit! Gall U* for Price*. Kocher Hatchery HEARTS chicken riillliiE. :> PH--H. rcca.pps. .loliu liiiniilty, Mvpt-inoru, turm- PI-, I pilss. rpcapp. Andrew Merrlo, Mv.-riiiorc. fat- uipr, 2 pass, wupps. U. if. tert-lliiiiti, liradgiilc, fttr.-n- et-i 2 iWsa. i-6capps. *I: f; tfe'vUld, JJtttifee'i-; fitHH6l- s g and WERS frlr- fviin iitire;, liJInioic Ciiy. 2 pass, recnpps. t,'. A. t'aylon. (llitti!irc t.'lly, ttier, 2 puss rcctipjiH. I'crry MOIKP, (llitnoi-c t:ily, farmer. 2 IIHSH. rpcapps. toni Olson, node, fanner, 2 Jiriss. recunps. Joliti MrtrrlH, Hardy, farmer, 2 Piiss. recnpps. . VfrnOfi H. Slenqitind, tlllfnore City, fatirier, 1 P'IJMS. ^I'l-.aplJ. ^^^"••••••••••1 | LOW COST CHEVROLET / DEALERS j^ service all make! * cars and trucks fc»M» teixlii Ahnj i'ni glad; i. koai^ get bafct IH tUflfe f6r tiiir Wedding' anrtlver : safy. Being on the road as iniicii aa j am, It seema like I'm never home. Here's YOUR CAR OR TRlfC* WILL LAST LONOIM IF YCH| HAVl jf ilRVlCIP HIGULARLY-SM VOUI* CMIVROUT M« h«s fr«/n««/ M««lw«lM< f*r ytrtft, ffttW6f«f tfi«J«M M« uses quality m«f*« h«Vt fl«lf ffl^lfftif ANN* 1fea ddrflngi f CSMji It dtrtiid have |»een A ne\v not If thai blamed car 6f mlhe hadn't bad itt havfe a new set of piston rings. AWN « I MOW wives shouldn't interfere in their husband's business, Tom, mis UiS. Reardon was telling me h6w much ioney rfact ^Ve4 oh the inaintenanfee df drives everi more than youdd. f6M: Wliat all did sbti tell yoU, Ahh1 AWWs Well,' Jack ttfiardnri Hut* Otinocd #^ niolor bli. ^hflt's the fall that <jh> PtATfes the ^hglhe Bind saves a lot of wear and tear. 4 n « Ik fcbnta.ins a pew syn- ihfetic that haps If^ep the 6ll fro;tn fqul- iftgli^itW, Mrs-ReafdottSayaJdcfehaa |c< make hla Caf laSi two bf ihfee yearis 16?lgef ^6W afld fconocfr fttii nifttof du will help' hlni 36 It! , , seitiesrt,-April %, to change right noW to Conoco get thai new hai? mi THI ORATION if ybi,r cor.., /•ur CH.vr«lef

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