The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on June 23, 1942 · Page 1
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 1

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1942
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PLUME NO, 76, NO. 5 HtlMBOLDf, IOWA, TUESDAY, JUNE 28,1042 WHOLE NUMBER 3,8% HI WAIT FOR DECISION ON COUNTY FAB bunty Over*Subscribes »uota in the USO Drive TOTAL OF 12,528.91 iOLLECTED ill Town* and Town- ffthips Reported Except iGilmore City. Humboldt county hn? over-subscribed its quota in the United Service Organizations drive, according to Elmer Llndhart, treasurer of the campaign for this county. The net total realized from this drive, with all towns and townships in the county reporting, with the exception of Gilmoro City, was $2,518.20. With the quota slightly over ,$2000, It can be seen quite a large sum was over-subscribed. The money was sent to the national USO headquarters Saturday. Total collections amounted to $2,528.91. The total expense, which was printing, was $10.71, leaving the not profit of $2518.20 for the USO. With the winding up of this campaign, Mr, Lindhart resigned as County Civilian Defense dtrect- or. He left for army duty Monday •of this week. (Amounts The towns reported the following mounts donated: Ottosen—included with Wacousta Bradgate—135.00. Rutland—$66.10. Humboldt—1394.80. Thor—$34.56. Pioneer—410.00. Gilmore City (no report). Dakota City—$71.08. Dakota City—$71.08. LuVerne—$13.05. Townships Vernon township—$108.00. - Humboldt township—$147.50. Delana township—$110.00. Wacousta township — (Ottosen included) $1.25.25. Lake township—$123,50. Grove tonship—$103.26. Rutland township—$162.25. Aver-ay' Township—$181.90. Norway township—490.78, Beaver township—$144.50. Corinth township—$139.50. Weaver township—-$128.45. WAR RATION STAMPS NO. 5 AND 6 ARE WORTH 2"'OF SUGAR The state director of rationing, Robert B. Adams, announced that Consumers' War Ration Stamps number 5 and 6 will be good for two pounds of sugar. Consumers' War Rationing stamp number 5 will be valid between June 28, 1942 and July 25, 1942 ' for the purchase of tow pounds of sugar. Consumers' War Rationing stamp number 6 will be, valid between July 26, 1942 and 'A^uat 3$, W| |or the purchase of two pounds of 4t the same time the OPM 4 .closed that effective at tbe presenl ,yme it will permit institutional and industrial »«P?8 to obtain psa.r a> .«w*^ » «* ^ ^ wonth (>erto)J pjie month sow BAPTIST MISSION •JBfiAS Mrs. Ray Van VorrhJs Is the form- r Miss Hazel Nygaard, daughter if Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jfyguurd of Ivurmort*. The couple wan married In Albuquerque, New Mexico., 9i) June 8. The couple will live In 'hocnlx, Arizona. SYLVIA GORDON AND DENISON HANSEN ARE MARRIED JUNE 17 The marriage of Miss Sylvia Gordon of Eagle Grove and Mr. Denl- son Hansen of Humboldt took place Wednesday, June 17, nt Bethany, Missouri. Attendants for the ( couple were from Eagle Grove. For her marriage the bride wore CENSUS FOR LOCAL SCHOOL COMPLETED Decrease in Number of School Age Children in Humboldt. The law requires that a school census be taken in each independent district every even numbered year. Actually it Includes every person, male and female, aged 5 and up to 21 on June 1 of the years when taken. The school census for Humboldt was completed June 1. The secretary Esther Ernst reports that the census for this year Is, boys 335 and girls 327, a total of 662 children of school age. Comparing this with former years it shows a decrease. The last four census records are s follows: 1934 1936 1938 1940 Boys 302 329 343 350 Jirls 315 349 363 360 Total ..„• 617 678 706 710 This Is the first time in the past eight years that the boys have out- mmbered the girls. To enter klndegarten in Humboldt the child must not be younger than 4 years and 9 months. NEW INSTRUCTOR Burton H, Hockel of Hardy Completes H aval Training Burton H. Hockel son of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Hockel of Hardy has completed basic, training in the hospital cfTrps school at the U. S. Naval Training Station at Great 'Lakes, 111., and wa^ graduated .limp 18 with a riRoo c f 4g3 nie:i from 31 states and one Canadian province. Hockel now rates as hospital apprentice, second class, and will be sent to a Naval hospital for additional training and' then assigned to general duty at sea or ashore. Commander Richard B. Blackwell, medical officer hero of the recent Java Sea Battle, was the featured graduation program speaker. Women Breaking Eggs at Humboldt Produce used. Mrs. Hansen is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam, Gordon of Eagle Grove, and the /groom Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R .D. Hansen of this city. The couple will make their home with the groom's parents for the present. Anna Jane Olson of Bode is New Farm Bureau Aid at Garner Miss Anna Jane Olson of Bode is the new office assistant at the Farm Bureau office at Garner, la. Miss Olson recently was graduated from the commercial department at Waldorf college and assumed her new duties In Garner Monday, June 15. , , Bill Burns Elected to Office at Boys' State at Grinnell Bill Burns of Algona, formerly of Humboldt, was elected to tbe 'House of Representatives" at the fifth annual Hawkeye "Boys' Stae" at Grinnell recently. He also played a solo and accompanied other soloists during the stunt night. Several Will Take Part in Physical Fitness Program Glenn Kubls of Humboldt, city chairman of tbe physical fitness program, state* several residents of this city have signified their intention of taking part in some phase of the program, as instructor?, or participants: Mrs. Wayne Miller will be in charge of tbe women's cycling group and Coach Omar Mauabip will instruct tbe class In callsthen* |«s, .4rlUifl* »nd, exercises of ftli kinds. Tbe latter group is for everyone interested, not w\y tbe men. •gvenor Bradley will have s In tennis and badminton, Mr. states, but first the cou,jrt must be put ia order. These injtf rejteo; ja helping with tbat yorfe are asked 'fa t^* 1 l ^T-•'::• T~-.".— -.~~ »«£,».. Schedule a Transportation Meeting Wednesday Byron Sheperd, secretary of the riumboldt and Dakota City Cbam- jer of Commerce reclved a letter today stating Governor Wilson has set aside Wednesday, June 24, as All Iowa Day." People of this vicinity are asked to come to Des Vlolnes to attend a meeting where the problem of saving transportation, space, equipment and tires will be discussed. The meeting will be held at the amphitheatre, Iowa State Fairgrounds, beginning at 1:30 P. M. There will be a band to welcome the representatives, tbe letter stated, and It Is hoped as many people as possible from this vicinity will attend, in as few cars as possible. John L. Rogers, 'Motor, Tranu- port Director, Office of 'Defense Transportation, has been asked to come to Des Moines from Washington and explain In detail the rules as Interpreted by bis department, and what the pnople In Iowa must do to comply. Also on tbe program will be John Olllespie, stato transportation director for Iowa. Tbe Hon. George Wilson will explain what has been done In regard to organ- ising Uiu mayors pf every town in Iowa Into an action group to work John B. Fellows of Magnolia will replace lifts Decker ns Instructor nt the Humboldt public schools. In tils college work Mr. Fellows majored in social science and minored in education English. He Is married anil the father of two children. JACOB OJACOBSON PASSED AWAY SAT. AT FORT DODGE Jacob 0. Jacobson, age 71, who Jived east of Dakota City, passed away at the Lutheran Hospital at Fort Dodge Saturday morning at 9:00 o'clock. He had been In falling health for some lime. Death MrTjacobgon children Marie, Odella and Clifford, his wife preceded him In death three years ago. ' Funeral services will be Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 at the house and 2:00 o'clock at the Thor Trinity Lutheran church, Kev. T. B. Ttiorson will be in charge. RETAILERS MUST FILE STATEMENTS ON COMMODITY PRICE The following bulletin wnfi received by the Humboldt County Rationing Board today regarding the filing of maximum prices by retailers: "July 1st Is the deadline for all retailer* (o flic statements showing their maximum prices t for each cost.of.llvlng commodity offered for sale by thorn. "The General Mnxltiinnm Price Regulation Issued by the Office of Price Administration under uutborlty grunted by the Emergency Price Control Act of 1IM2, provides (but every person offering to sell cosl-of- . living commodities at retail . sliull file wllb the; appropriate local War, Price and liatlonlng itoiml a .statement showing bis maximum price for each such commodity, together with an appropriate description or Identification nf it. "The various Hoards through* out the stale arc being supplied with copies of a bulletin lob. sets out for Transportation, and Victory. Conservation Ansle Severtson to be Ordained Sunday, June 21 ,4,nsle Severtson son of Rev. and Mrs. T. J. Severtson of Eagle Grove, will be ordained Into tbe holp ministry Sunday, June 21st at the Bast Side Lutheran church in Eagle Grove. His is paster of «ey. T. Lake Twpsblp church IK HujBbpldt county, KRTHAftUEY WED TO FLOYD 13 Advanced First Aid Course Will Begin Monday, June 29 The advanced first aid course will begin Monday, June 29, at 7:30 P. M., according to a Humblodt physician who will be the instruc- or. The meeting will be held Monday evening, and will continue for the next five nights. The first session will be held In the clubrooms of the Women's Relief Corps in the basement of tbe Legion Building. All who have completed their standard first aid course within tbe past three years are eligible to attend tbe advanced course. Individuals completing the advanced course will be eligible to take the lay Instructors' course which will be given at Clarion next month, it is stated. These Individuals also will head the civilian defense stretcher teams. prescribes the manner of prep- nrutlon and filing of these report* required by law. "All retailer who have not already filed their statements should Immediately get In touch with their War, Price and Rationing Hoard and file sold statements on or before July 1.- The law provides u penalty if tills Is not done." The bulletin was sent out by Robert B. Adams, state director of the OPM. . Tlio-above picture was taken«nt the new egg breaking room at the Hninboldt Produce, where local wo men are busily engaged breaking eggs, which "111 be fro/on and slil pnwl nut of Humboldt. MEMBERS OF BOARD MET ON SATURDAY Yilling to Co-operate With Government in Cancelling Event. Members of the Humboldt county . 'air Bdard held A irteetink in'tfae 'arm Bureau office Iti Humboldt aturday evening to discuss the urrent question, '"to have a Coun- f Fair or. hot." •. Last .week the government sent ut an appeal to cancel all state ud county fairs for the duration. Of course the main reasons tor his request are shortage of tires nd the possible gas rationing. ' President Otis Nelson states the air board still has not settled the question either way, and the plan s to wait until possibly next week o see what the fair boards . of neighboring counties decide. Mr, Nelson also stated this county will co-operate with the government • 100& If It is actually or the' best. 'However, the order nay eVen b'e rescinded within the lext few days, If It appears that :as rationing-may not be necessary. • ' County residents have boon ar- tilng pro and con on the matter; some think the fair should be held egardless, while others feel It would be better to wait until the Ire situation is not so .critical. Nevertheless, the fair board will fall In line with other counties and n all probabilities will • co-operate n the 'nation-wide request. n detail the ^ VfoOdrotf .Wilson, above, to in, charge of-.tnc iiiachlpiy IfofflKW the egg mixture Into the pressure machine. IN HOSPITAL AS RESULT OF BROKEN KNEE Loreu Kntler, son of Qlen En tier living southwest of Humboldt Is In a Fort Dodge hospital receiving care for a fractured knee. Mr. Kntler suffered the accident in some manner while he was completing ing. his chores Sunday morn- 3 More Candidates Report Expense in Primary Election County Auditor Otto Johnson states three more candidates in the recent primary election have reported their expense in tbe campaign to bis office. Supervisors Frank Hoffman and Jos. R. Nelson reported spending $12.50, while Supervisor W. B. Weir stated be spent $22.§0. PROPOSED ROAD PROGRAM IS NOT COMPLETED YET Ceuatjr isjiSnser Vernon Miller »tate* t'ae proposed road, program been completed yet, due to pertain restriction* set out by the war production p^ard. Tfte co.unty em- ployes feajg bfte ft wflf kjnj 0£ coua- &. I** Wither ^ been wet. AMiFrKtey Xfftnaan and ^.r^pW^WP *?*** T& Iflrt W»» 4W«« IttAl&l^mflDt&Ctt'JittV j- ftt jfebft ju—' — «Mr* • Misses Hewitt And Linman Attend Meeting at Ames Miso Mytrle Hewitt Humblodt county home demonstration agent, and Miss Marjorle Linman, who is training in the local Farm Bureau office to prepare for home demonstration agent of Sac and Ida counties, attended the meeting at Ames last week of the home demonstration agents at the state, to plan for the summer 4-H girls work. This week Miss Hewitt will meet with tbe club leaders and demonstration teams form each club to make plans for their demonstrations for the summer. Even though there may be no county fair there will be some provision made to give recognition for the demonstrations and completion of club projects. The Girls 4-H r;lubs will BO forward with their work thl ssummer as usual. DETASSELERS START AROUT 20THOFJULY DeKalb Management States 50c Hour Rate of Pay. Einll Hueff, manager 1 of the local DeKalb Hybrid Seed Corn plant states detassellng will start on or about July 20, In this vicinity. He also states wages of workers will be higher this year than in the past. The rate Is 40c and lOc an hour, or BOc, which Includes the working wage of 40c, and a ten cunt bonus if the worker remains until tbe detassellng Is completed. The work will ,la»t from three to five weeks, and detasaelers will be working In 70 different fields. Foremen will be in charge, as in other years. W. P. Truesdell Resigns at Ottosen to go to Kanawha W,, P. Truesdell who has been superintendent of the schools a Ottosen Girl on High Honor Roll at Hamilton Miss Mavis Holt of Ottosen received the honor of having her name placed on the super honor ro(l for the spring quarter released last week from Hamilton Business School, of Mason City, Iowa. Miss Holt was one of only six students who attained the honor rool with a grade point average of more than 3.5 or a B plus. Miss Holt is enrolled in general business course at the school. Sheriff Sexe Returns from Defenm School Sheriff Se^e of P»V°ta City haj returned after spending the past week o» all attejujlflif « ol CtyUi»ft especially to the lime of air te incendiary b//n$0, gu stt bow to teAftdje tie pofiulaitsift 91 grojjps v)U CivtUas W. P. Trues<lell Ottosen for a number of year, ha recently resigned to take the pos tioii of superintendent at the- Kan awhu public school. THOSE WHO STORE TRUCKS AND AUTOS NEED NOT BUY STAMP to state dispatche plan to store their BOND COMMITTEE The county war stamp and bond committee headed by Harry Strong, of Humboldt, will organize again this week to make another canvass of the county. They will try to get everyone to make a pledge and to raise the pledges which were given before. At present 65% of the required amount is pledged, Mr. Strong states.^ The new pledges will be made according to the income, not leas than 10%. The pledges must be secured in full, it is said. Mr. Strong states that the country people are taking the fulfillment of their pledges more seriously than the town people. ^ With the exception of a few possible changes the same chairmen will work over the county. According persons who trucks or automobiles before June 30 do' not need to purchase the new $5 federal motpr vehicle stamp. If a person stores his automobile or truck by July i, be need not purchase a stamp until be takes tbe vehicle out of storage, according to B. H. Birmingham, Iowa internal revenue collector. Tbe cost of tbe stamp will decrease about 42 each Bjentb. The stamps have been on sale since June 10 and up to Saturday* Juno 20 Postmaster Otis Nelson re, ports tbat 200 stamps have been sold'In Humboldt. The stamps are serially numbered and gummed on tbe face. There U space on tap back for en£ry ol tbe mike, model, serial nujajjes 0^4 st§te Ucanif Rummer ft* Plan Meetings to Discuss Inflation During This Week Several meetings will be held in Humboldt county this week, to discuss the widely publicized anti- inflation program. Tuesday (this) evening, a meeting will be held for Norway township at the Community Building In Thor, beginning at 8:15 P. M. Thursday evening Avery and Weaver township residents will meet at tbe Qilmpre City schoolhouse to hear tbe program discussed. Orrie Heeler of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation will be present. This meeting also will start at 8:16 P. M- Friday evening at 8; 15 o'clock A Delana township meeting will lift held at the St. Olaf LutfieraA church in Bode. Thursday morning of this we«k tbe district Farm 0u,rea,ij conference y)ll .be he}4 It U probable ft n4 severa.1 of the, Iqpal will ft,tte»4, In '"- -, ¥ LOCAL MARKETS | Quoted by Miller* Cream, $$, I-,.,.,,.™..,,.,, 9Brt«4»yilw*, "

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