The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on June 16, 1942 · Page 2
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 2

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1942
Page 2
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if INDEPENDENT NATIONAL eDITOPUAu. S50CIATION . . . JAQUA PRINTING , . . ((Mod claji 0*11 BHWMr nnder the Act HUMBOLPy 1HMPEN0ENT. HUMflOLDI Tuesday, June 16, 1942 BAJfttfififOf, the way t yeat at 4 eombfeed fifw dfTJ-.Tr^ii.. -...-»$3,00 '^/ta^'^'.'StJ** lv '!2 ! **. an<! Swlajte 14 m a< ]e O h •» ofderBd-oaUlflo of Hnmboldt and adjoining conn- >nd variM with the dmefiiAt ftdneft teftched. ftftleft in »u application, -..-.., Termt—Cath In Adtaace. r., f . •. Advertising Satei »«nl advertttsments. tw6 ««« per. word each Inmtion. -'«» Mreh each iweffloa, SSe. •HIM ettftrg* fot eomjiosltlwi. <«gl|l tnatteri at legal rates. lards of thanks, Boc each. •tfltaSrj- poetry and lilts of wedding preienti published n»?* def tit ot$fct« -'•• >« *d*erlltlnf idleti will be Inserted with the news natter. mar comrtrtffi flower, that Fringing the rfffsty fWa* With First pledge of blitnesolne May, , ' Which children pluck, and, full of ptldg uphold, High-hearted buccaneers,, o'erjdyed ttiit they : An Eldorado in the grass have found, Which not the rich eart'h ample round May match in wealth, thbu art more dear 10 me Than all the prouder summer-blooms may be. Gold such as thine ne'er drew the Spanish prow Through the primeval hush of Indian seas, Nor wrinkled the lean brow Of age, to fob the lover's heart of ease; Tls the Spring's largess, which she scatters now To rich nnd poor alike, with lavish hand, Though most hearts never understand To Jnke it at God's value, but pass by The offered wealth with unrewarded eye. —James Russell Lowell. AB & misfit of carfjtfn? ant the campaign*' Sftccessffllly, fcftfy afentfy r^ftWnted oft the coftftty Waf fioftifu'.iB cooperating in tfee effort M Inform termers of ffie Heed for the scrap rubber, and In urging them id take ' the scrap rubber to the fitting station coll lloii polhCti M soon as p"6ss!b1<*. •WEATHER „_ fCpflUnued from pa»M nne) •S fr roWf from to 163.60 1708. . 103.60 2031. 102.30 2117. 102.8ft 2439.6 104.80 ' 8fr*M cherry efSf> win be en soon, New pdtatoes are on thts Market, though they usually Are riot ready for, use before July i. TBe potato jcrop (early potatoes) are at least i three Weeks ahead of the ordinary I year. fhf Record . THE CHURCHES Church services every Sunday at eleven o'clock. -. • Sunday school at ten o'clock. The public is corftall? invited to .ittend these services. «T. MART'S CHURCH -J, T. Flfoipatrlck, Paster Sunday Masses 8:00 and lOiCO. Holy days, 6:30 and 8:00. .Confessions Saturday afternoon, I'M and G'.OO. Evening 7:00. Holy Hour and prayers for peace Saturday evening from 7:00 ninff«OLI>T FIRST LUTHE11AK CHURCH <l. B. Anderson, Paator Sunday Program— • Sunday School 9:45 A. M. Worship Hour 11:00 A. M. 'Junior Choir practice on Tuesday morning at 9:00 A. M. L. D. R. % (Girl's organization) meets second and fourth Tu'esday evenings. Ladles Aid meets every other Thursday afternoon at 2:00 P. M. Senior Choir part practice Thursday evenings at 8:00 P. M. REWRITES Taken irofii-the JiiimbohH Republican of June 12 Date June June June June June June June High Low Pre. Sun Wind S SB SE SE S W The city of Hnmboldt plans to blacktop some more of the city streets. Thalnchcr suffered ctitg on one knee Tuesday afternoon in a fail off a bicycle. Henry Weaterbeck of Hnmboldt has been appointed as "meat fat" chairman. Elmer Lfndhart of Hnmboldt, chairman of the Civilian Defense Council in Humboldt county, states that the goal in the drive for United Service Organization funds is near. The pictures of Clinton Hanklns, aviation cadet; Harold Juelfs, at- ached to the medical corps in the U. S. navy; Pvt. Charles Kelley and Supply Sergeant Bob Keller, who Is now in Ireland, appeared in the June 12 Republican. Auto tax tsampg went on sale Wednesday at the post office. The stamps will cost $5 for every car driven. . «| The Red Cross rooms ar* open on Saturday -only from now until further notice. Mary Garfleld was elected secretary of the Iowa Pilgrims Fellowship, Bill Coons, manager of the Humboldt Produce and Hatchery, states an, egg breaking room Is being in stalled In the plant here, and I expected to begin work the the lat ter part of the week. 85 CO .47 P.C. 83 731.38 cldy 88 631.46 P.C. 92 67 0 clear 92 67 0 P.C. .83 66 .18 P.C. 79 61 .01 cloudy NE Sunup at 4:21. Sundown at 7:39 standard time. An hour earlier by war time. Fiften hours and seventeen minutes between. Sunday nests June 21: wM- be--the--shortest day of the year. Also it will be the first day of summer. H. S. Brandsgard, reporter. -(The location of tJie pdlnt for each elevation I* fciveff in number of feet north from the centsrllne 6f Third Avenue North) finrft Ctifh t»oln« from to from to from to from to from to from to In 43. 870.1 466.1 78«. 872. 1187. W*«t Cflfb Point 43. 370.1 466.1 788. 872. 11D7. Elcvntlon 96.50 98.60 98.80 101.40 102.00 103.00 Glevnilnil 95.60 07.60 97.80 100.50 101.00 10.1.80 to #&. VMM 87.79 103.80 104.30 104.30 101.00 100.20 96.80 96.20 96.00 Avenue North (The location of the point for each elevation Is given In number of fe»t west from the centerllne of Taft Street) Sonlh Cnrb 1'nlnt Rlevndon from 66. 9(1.76 to 378. 94.70 from 464. 93.70 to 790.7 91.00 Nor(h Curb I'nlnt Ulovndon from 66. 96.72 to 378. 94.70 from 464. 1)4.00 to 790.7 91.60 In Spconil Avenue North (The location of the point for each elevntlon Is given In number of fftet ast from the centerllne of Ninth , 94.80 92.60 92.60 87.70 from tiS 789.1 Worn 879.1 to 1212.2 from 1298.2 to 1627.8 from 1713.8 to • 2041. from 2041. to 2863.7 Seotlon 2. The centerllne grade for each part of the streets referred to In Section 1 above shall be the same ns therein provided for top of curb, and Where one curb grade Is higher than that for the, opposite curb the higher grade shall be the centerllne grade, Section 3. All ordinances or parts of .ordinances conflicting with this ordinance are hereby repealed. Passed and adopted under suspension of the rules June 6, 1942. WM. P. IIOU8I5L, Mayor Attest: H. F. JAKWAY, City Clerk. OP T It ACT OP co.v- Notice In hereby given by the City Council of the City of Humboldf, Street) CAM) OF THANKS. We wish to thank our friends for their many acts of kindness to us during the illness and death of our husband and father. Mrs. J. P. Buckingham. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Hellickson and Phyllis. Mr. and Mrs. Gall Buckingham and Donna. I-4-lpd "Sbntfi Curb I'olnt Rlevntlon 92.50 96.00 FAKER BUNKOES THE LIVERMORE MAYOR- TWENTY YEARS AGO Livermore Gazette: The sympa- hetic feeling, that Mayor Sumner Vought holds toward all unfor- unate humanity received a severe check yesterday when a shoe-string ° ne arm for HUMBOLDT CONGKEGATIONAL . CHUKCII •The Church of Friendly Fellow- ( so badly shriveled and bent that „ lp " . -_,,„ „, , , It was of no HBO whatever. The if.- unrt Williams, Minister (mayor's eyes were moist with tears Services for Sunday, June 21: as he dug up a quarter, and com•10:00 a. m.— Sunday school; Vern \ mended him to station agent B. Allen, superintendent. Training t Mitchell,' requesting that he try nnd for Christian Tor all ages. living, with classes secure him a half-fare ticket to enable him to continue his journey 11:00 a. m.—Service of worship, to St. Paul, where his poor mother with Rev. Charles A. Richards as , would look after him. The agent {nest speaker, while the pastor Is ' couldn't give him cut rates, but absent as delegate to the biennial: he had a quarter for him, and with •eneral Council of Congregational- i the two quarters the unfortunate • Jbrlstian churches .at Durham, N. i Individual was enabled to procure C We trust all our folks will turn a half a pint. The liquor naturally >ut and give Rev, "Richards '£ fine limbered him up a trifle, and as he ••eception. Special music under the j unlimbered, the arm, out of-sym- lirection of Miss K. Gay Porter; ; P«thy with the rest of his anatomy, iiss Ellen Rlngsborg, organist, j unlimbered also, and a complete Four Circles of the Women's Pel- ' cure was apparently effected. His Jowship will meet Thursday after- ! tongue underwent the same change. -ioon, June 18, as follows: No. 1,1 and ln tlme B ot so noisy that the >vith Mrs. Wiilard Edwards; No. 2,1 mayor nad to advise him «.o take 1V - '- ' ' train. Undouht- whlch is now. known as Buena Vista college at Storm Lake, sh worked as secretary for her broth er, D. J. Sinclair & Co. at Duluth Minn. After a severe illness, sh Returned to Humboldt county where she taught school for several years It was while she was teaching in Rodman that she met her husband Frank Fenn. They were united in . . , With Mrs. Sigurd Skow; No. 3, ' lhe first wit hMIss Frances DeSmidt; No. i e . dly hls arm stiffened up by the I, with Miss Minnie Hanna. Circle j ""I 6 , h f reached the next town, No. 4 will meet Thursday evening a " d h ,!, lB now Drawing on the stock with Mrs. Harold DeGroote. No. 6l ofn ' m " k of hunlan h 'ndness else- net last Thursday with Mrs. Gay wnere - __ Thompson. ' Choir rehearsal Thursday even- j Editor George Gallamo jng at 7:30 at the church. ' ,. -.^ ,, . „, . _ - _ |0i Des Momes Plain TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH Rutland. George Palleson, Pastor Talk Passed Away Editor George Gallamo, editor of the Des Moines Plain Talk passed ._. -t _. • •" «•»••**"* * (MitA + tvin. iiaaouu Thursday afternoon, ladies aid away at his home in Des Moines meets at the home of Mrs. Estle; last week. Editor dallarno was Andrews. Hostesses are Mrs. An-; eighty-three year K of age and had drews, Mrs. WJll|s Pedersen. Mrs. been editor of the publication Plain Harry Pedersen and Mrs. Magnus; Talk for the pant fifteen years. He r? r f e *J « ~~ i was one of the most forceful writ- Saturday, 9:30 a. m,, conflrma-! ers in the state and was esteemed tlon instruction. Sunday, 9:00 a, m., worship ser-l vice. 10:00 a. m., Sunday school. whereever he was known. jIOWA HENS LAID TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH • 483.000.000 EGGS j DURING PAST MONTH UH***i*«Bf 9VJUWV4 *Q *>i BCODiUU 111 IB ' A nn nnn AAA . , ° IU1C1 week at tb? churcb from 9 a. mj" 3 ;°°°' eg88 , '"„ Muy> a produc to 3:30 p. m., each day. Teachers "°" increa " ° f f per cent above Hmaboiat George Palleson, Pastor Summer school is In session this • are Miss Sylyte Spreusen, Miss aB ° the stat "vestock and M* M Mt*«t» **j[ • It** MV* 15*4 OP *41 JUIDD •- ___ , i . Maxlne Smith and the pi«tor.l cr 2S re P° rtln e ""vice disclosed. Children of school age welcome. „ T i' e flg "7 e w * 8 36 per cent high - Frtday evening, bible study and ^ * b ! n the 10 - year 1931 - 40 Iowa pray?* meeting at the Alfred Jen-! f. 5f; sen home. Sunday, 10 a. m., Sunday school. 11 a. m., •worship service. was shipped out of the state, the May supply would have meant more than six eggs a day for every lowan, adult and child, "The large current production is a result of noth a high rate of lay per bird and an increase in the number of layers," the service said. Worship at 11:00 A. M. |"The number of layers this year Yp«ftg People's njeetJng at 7:15, is 17 per cent greater than a year ,HPWBOI4>T BAPTIST CHURCH Piml WilUanu, Piwtor Church, School at 10:00 A- M. P. M. Serviee at S; 00 p. M, The Home Builders class party at tfte cburcb Moadgy evening at eight o'clock. Mr. and Mre. Ben Trexel is host and hostess for our nwthly meeting, Our Mission circle, will 8»t& it the cfeureh Thur&4»y *ner»<M>JU at two 9'ctocfl. Mrs. a«4 Mr». Homer at JB the meeting, is eight g'clocfc ago and 24 percent above the 10- year average. "Even though the Iowa egg-poultry feed ratio continues less favorable than a year ago, farmers are Rot culling out their layers as fast as usual. The egg-poultry feed- ration, which, is the pounds of standard poultry ration equal to a dpgjeu.effB, was ljl.5 on May 15 this year compared to 18.2 a year ago and a, J8?§-39 live-year average of B-8." < E«g production nationally last onth Was reported M b»ve been IS per cent above tbj sawa- W onth ago e&4 81 per cent above marriage at Livermore Sept. 1893. All of her married life was spent in the viclnit yof Rodman. To this union five children were horn: Mrs. Nellie Barber of For Dodge, Frank H. of Ransomville N. Y., Mrs. Janet Winan of May wood, 111., Ivan J. of Amarilla Texas, and. Ethel, deceased. She was preceded in death by her husband April 14, 1917, and daughter, Ethel Marie, on Feb. 14 1D19. She is survived by four children, twelve grandchildren, two sisters, Catherine Sinclair of Rodman and Janet Sinclair of Humboldt and one brother Arthur L. Sinclair of Cortland, N. Y, Mrs. Fenn united with the Prse- byterian church at Livermore In her early teens and was a loyal and efficient worker in that field all her life. With her husband, she helped organize the Presbyterian church of Rodman and they were carter members of it. She was also a member of the building committee when the present building was erected. She was a member of the Sunday School Association of Palo Alto county and represented this county several times In the district and state conventions. For half a century she has labored here, not only within the various organizations of the, community, but in a personal manner for the uplift of this community. NOTICE. The Woman's Improvement Club of Grove township will hold their annual picnic at the Old Settlers Cabin at Livermore Sunday, June 21. Bring two covered dishes, your own sugar and sandwiches. 1-4-1 ORDINANCE NO. 2*T AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING OKAnKS IN CERTAIN STREETS IN THK CITY OK HUMBOLDT, ANI> KBI'RAMNO CONFLICTING ORD- ORD ORD- Mrs. health Fenn had been for some time in and poor last Thanksgiving time her daughter Mrs. Lloyd Winan of Maywood, 111., came for her to make her home In Maywood. It was at the daughter's home she died with her two sons near her. Funeral services were held at Rodman Saturday, May 30. They were In charge of Rev. P. H. Eekhoff. The pall bearers were Ray Barber, Ray Watson, Louis Lawman,' Guy Kuyper, Walter McCor- mlck and Henry Broesch. Mrs. Wm. Myerly of Emmetsburg Bang a solo, "The 23rd Psalm". The services were very largely attended. Interment was in the Rodman cemetery. Recommendations OfTheU.S.D.A. Rural families of Huraboldt county were urged this week by T. 0. Tjelle, chairman of the county USDA War Board, to collect every ounce of scrap rubber on their farms and turn it in at the nearest fllllng station as their part In the nation-wide scrap rubber collectio campaign. Pointing out that the whirlwind campaign must be completed at the end of next week, the county War Board chairman, urged farmers to act at once in order that the rural areas may make the ma*l- mum contribution to the impprtant nation-wide undertaking. 4 laj ge share of the nation's scrap rubber is en, farms, TieUe said, and }t is the patriotic 4u\y ot 'every ftrnj fajaiiy w see that every tt* INANCIOS AND PARTS "OF l.VANCBS. It IB hereby ordained by the City Council of the City of Humboldt, Iowa, thnt Section 1. Grades are hereby es- tiibllshnd In the parts of the NtrecU-s referred to herein, the elevations for which are In relation, In feet, to an elevation of 100 at the nlty datum line on the Btone In John Brown Park, the grades being for the top of the curbing, the opposite curb faces being: equldlBtant from the centerllne of the street and 30 feet upart, as follows: In Sernnil SKrcet (The location of the point for each elevation IB given In numebr of feet mirth from the eenterllne of Sum- m-r Avenue) F.nnl Curb I'olnt Klrvtilloii from 49.5 88.00 to 375.4 '89.80 from - 4(!1.4 80.20 to 860. 8B.50 to 1240. 87.90 to 1060. 92.30 to 2439.5 87.50 Went Curb I'olut Klevntlitn from 40.5 88.80 to 375.4, 90.80 , from 401.4 . 90.80 to 790.5 90.30 from 870.6 90.00 to 1201.8 88.00 from 1287.8 88.60 to 1617.7 91.80 from 1703.7 92.00 to ' 2027.4 90.00 from 2113.4 89.40 to 2439.5 87.70 In Third Street The location of the point for each levatlon In given In number of feet lorth from the centerllne of Sumer Avenue) F.ant Curb I'olnt Rlerntlim from 49.5 93 60 to 376.3 93.00 from 462.3 93.70 to 788.7 95.90 from 874.7 95.90 to 1203.1 94.60 from 1289.1 94.00 to 1016.11 91.73 from 1701.0 91.40 to 2028.8 90.00 from 2114.8 flfl.58 to 2440.8 89.60 WeM Cnrb I'olnt lOleviitliin from 49.6 83.60 to 370.3 93.00 from 462.3 93.70 to 788.7 95.90 from 874.7 90.10 to 120H 1 95 30 from 1289.1 94.50 to - 1616.0 91.73 from 1701.0 1)1.40 to 2028.8 90.60 from 2114.8 90.68 to 2440.8 90.00 In Four<li Street (The location of the point for each elevation Is glv«n In number of feet north from the centerllne of Surn- ner Avenue) Hunt Curb I'ltlnt Klevntlon from 411.5 94.70 to 6711. 94.00 x from 4(lli. 94 70 to 71U.9 98.00 from 877.9 99.00 to IB05.7 S8.50 from 1291.7 98.60 to 1018.0 97.50 from 1704.0 90.60 to 2032.5 Hi.(10 from 2118.6 94.40 to 21-H.3 91.70 Went Curb I'nlnt i:ifV!itlini from 49.6 94.70 to 379. 94.20 from 465. 94.70 to 791.9 98.00 from 877.9 911.00 •o 1205.7 !I8 60 from 1291.7 98.50 to 1018.11 97.50 from 1704.0 96.90 to 2032.5 95.00 from 2118.5 94.40 to 2444.3 92.50 III Sixth fttlrcci (The location of the point for each from 43. to 200. to 371.5 93.00 from 467.5 94.30 to 790. 97.90 from 880. 97.80 to 1213.6 96.33 from 1599.0 90.33 to 1026.8 97.50 from 1712.8 97.50 to 2040.8 98.00 from 2120.R 98.00 to 2453.4 90.10 from 263tf.4 95.00 to 2806.8 90.30 Xnrth Cnrb I'olnt F.lcvndnn from 43. 93.00 to 200. 96.00 to 371.5 94.10 from 467.5 94.30 to 790. 97.90 from 880. 97.80 to 12111.0 90.33 from 1299.0 90.33 to 1026.8 97.80 from 1712.8 97.80 to 2040.8 98.50 from 2120.8 98.50 to 2453.4 90.10 from 2539.4 95.60 to 2805.8 90.30 In Third Avenue North A. (The location of the point for eaeh elevation Is Riven In number of feet east from the centerllne of Ninth Iowa, that on July 13, 18-12, at 8:09 ftna^at^he P. M. It will megt In tK* City tta,ll for the purpose bl. icttnf ori bid? for ednstfticllofi bf approximately 32,902 Square yards of Street »ur- fnclnr t« Consist 6f bIftdln B th« existing surface so that the eomple- ed Irnpfo'eement Will match the grade of the existing Concrete gutter, sweeping the eiirface with « motor driven broom, application of i eoat of tar prime, application of two binder noats of tar or asphalt (alternative bids) with gravel Cover on each, and dragging nnd roll- Ing the surface, all In accordance with the plans nnd specifications now on file in the office of the City Clerk. The work Rhnll be completed prior to August 25. 1942. Unlefss permission Is granted by tfie TInltfta States to rnnntrUpt nil of such Improvement. Ihe extent of tHe work will he reduced to comply 1 with the maximum allowed bv regulatory orders of the United States. Payment for the' work shall be miide 30 days after completion and acceptance. Bids be on the form supplied by the C'ltv Clerk, ppalpd, and filed with the Clerk prior to July 13, 1942 nt 6:00 o'clock P. M. Each bidder must deposit with his bid n certified check In nn amount equnl to 10% of hip hid drawn on, nnd certified . the City art* or airbids recelied^ IT may reject 'Y COUNCIL OF f HE! Ctf ¥ OF HUMBOLDT, IOWA Mineral Springs Coca-Cola Bottling Co. in your home Street) from to from •to South Curb I'olnt Eleviitlon.. 43. 1)6.70 370.4 101.60 North Curb I'nliK Klevntlnn 43. 95.50 370.4 101.80 B. (the location of the point for each elevation IH given In number of feet east from the centerllne of Fifth Street) from to v from to from to Mouth Curb Til In t 4». 371.5 •167.6 78.1. 8611. 1196. North Curb I'nlnt 43. 371.5 78.1. 809. 1195. Rlevfif Ion 99.40 98.50 98.50 95.30 114.00 88.00 Guide to Good Eating .;.:.•.;..-... : • , •;...•» •,• • ; ; ^; :1 P ....... .. i>t \W2, June liairy Month fras trdader significance than ever before. This year, Dairy Month directly supports Uncle Sam's ^utrrtjon;; Campaign— a ha'tion-wide pro- gra * *° build the greater vitality that war- conditions demand.'. :. . '•' The chart at right shows the importance of dairy products to Health. Dairy products are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and other health-essentials. Best of all, dairy products are so delicious — so good to eat. Observe June Dairy Month in your home. Follow the GUIDE TO GOOD EATING every day. It will help you save money, enjoy better meals, build the strength that a winning nation must have. This message published by the IOWA DAIRY INDUSTRY COMMISSION Elevation 99.40 98.50 98.60 94.80 93.70 88.50 elevation Is In number of feet north from the centerllne of Fifth Avenue North) Bunt Cnrb I'otni . from to from to tp from to from to from to to from to 43. 369.1 455.1 550. 784.6 870,6 1205.3 Curb Elovqtlon 101.20 96.60 96.30 95.76 87.31 87.83 102.75 from to from to from to In Ptrth Avenue North (The location of the point for ench elevation IE given In number of feet west from the contcrllne of Fifth Street) South Curb Point Rlevatlon from 43, 97.40 ' to ' 371.9 102.60 from 467.9 103.60 to 791.1 104.30 from 881.1 104.00 to 1213.4 102.70 from 1299.4 102.30 to 1627.7 101.60 North Cnrb Point Elevation from 43. 97.10 to 371,9 101.00 from 467.9 102.60 to 791.1 104.80 from 881.1 104.50 to 1213.4 103.20 from 1299.4 103.20 to 1627.7 102.00 B. (The location of the point for ench elevation la given In number of feet east from the centerllne of Third street) South Curb I'olnt Elevation from 43. 90.42 to 371.3 89.78 North Cnrb I'olnt Elevation from 43. 90.4J to 371.3 89.78 In Sixth Avenue North (The location of the point for each elevation Is given In number of fent east from the centerlinc of Ninth lore glasses dally for adults r more daily —for'children To drink and combined w other foods 2 or more servings daily besides potatoes 1 raw; and yellow often 2 or more servings daily 1 citrus fruit or tomato 3 to 5 a week, 1 daily preferred CHEESE, FISH or LEGUMES 1 or more servings daily CEREAL or BREAD Most of it whole grain or "enriched" ' more, tablespoon Street) from to from to from to from to from to from- to from South Curb I'olnt Elevation 103.00 105.00 105.00 101.00 100.20 96.80 90.50 96.00 94.80 92.50 91.70 43, 372. 468. 789.1 879.1 1212.2 1298.2 1B27.8 1713.8 2011, 2127. 2462.3 2638.3 00.00 89.60 WANT and SALE Advertisements* In this coluwu cost one cent a word If CUH|I uccomimnlck the order. Nn arder Hccepled for less tluin ?5 cents, THE FEED BUSINESS I muet get a man tp work with our Olstvict Manager in this Cqtnjnualty. Must have, car, be over 25 years of age. Permanent work, no investment, gqod, pay. Our men making up to $95.00 In a week. Prefer man who has )iv^ ed, on » tarn;. Writ? Po* 9, % this BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY A BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY THAT WILL SERVE AS A GUIDE TO THE PEOPLE OF HUMBOLDT COUNTY. CONSULT IT WHEN PROFESSIONAL SERVICE IS NEEDED. THE MOLANDER STUDIO FOB GOOD PORTRAITS Dr. James H. Coddington, M. D. Phones: Office 03, Residence 52 16 South Sixth Street Hnmboldt, Iowa W. H, SMITH, Broker HEAl ESTATE INSURANCE FARM LOANS Tel, 150 legion Kulldlng A, S. ARENT, M, D, to IS South Taft Street Humbolttt, Iowa Phonesj Office 117; Reg, H7W9 PHIUF C. LQVKIEN DIRECTORY OF CITY OFFICIALS Mayor, William P. Housel ,. Clerk, H. P. Jakway Assessor, A. E3. Ruse Coiuicilmen, Albert Movehouse, A, P. Andersen, Q. P. Ruse, Ray Wogen. DIRECTORY OF COUNTY OFFICIALS Auditor, Otto H. Johnson Treasurer, R. B. Bennett Recorder, Arne Sorlieo Clerk of District Court, M. A Wallukalt Sheriff, H. J. Sexe Superintendent, Frances Mesaer Engineer, Vernon Miller County Attorney, Philip C. Lovrien Coroner. J. K. Coddington DIRECTORY OF SCHOOL OFFICIALS President, Harry Strong Secretary, Esther Ernst Treasurer, B. B. Watson Members ot Board, Mrs. C. W. Qavfield, T. C. Mickelsop,, Ed Rappi Harry Btrpng, Mrs. George McCoJIough,- Superintendent, B. O. Holmes DIRECTORY OF CHURCHES Methodj9t,- Rey. w, fc. Breaw. CongregatJpnal, Rev. W. Clark C. M. WOODARD DENTIST Humboldt, Iowa Office Phone 44, Ros. Phono 121 Office, 1st Floor Legion Building S. BROCKMAN INSURANCE Automobile and Trucks Fire »nd Tornado Accident and Health Phone 810 Hnmboldt, Iowa FRANKLIN JAQUA ATTORNEY AT LAW General Law Practice Office Over Reed Jewelry Store Phone 170 Humboldt, Iowa CLEANING, PKESSmO AJfD ItEPAIBING DEVINE CLEANERS Puone U» fop Free Pick.qp W)U UeUrery Good wort Prpwpt Serrlce Fifth, Aremie Baptist, Rev. Paul Williams ' Ln}tb,era,n, Rev- 0. B. Aji- 96.60 96,60 96.76 9T.31 97,70 103:7? Trinity Lutheran, Rev. George . S*» lory's Uhijrou, F»tb«r F>t?- D 9Wf SST Science Q«tee Oiw IQWH PuWte tacatfpn o| the pofnt* tor of Ws scrap is placed at ot our war dela;. Pvery artiste T, HERRICK 01 Office Orcr Be»«We»r

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