The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on June 9, 1942 · Page 6
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 6

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1942
Page 6
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entsoftheDayfrom Capitol Reporters M.L^ . ' . , i _. . . 8- and certain the recent pr|a basis for cfltl- ofnom- 'f lit flnd Can nr wlth lhe j of such officers, and their ftwtilnatldh Is of necessity a sort SirfS »^ln l M lr t , hat 1S n0t C ° n " ThJ fn«,«.? b ', C State O . pe r atlon The opinion of many of the best dates for l ^, Btate ," that Cand '' dates for offices alove congress should hr in f! ie r° natU B0rer ?° r wCl »ho In , a ,, conve . ntl ? n Z,nl« «i representatives of the People selected at full and fair prl- £nd?££ eet ,,y d frTr" Ruch candidates and at least form an ' tn6SS ° r ab ' my ° f " Jobs t6r the training unless they can be spared for the period. the camp will be at Camp Dodge where the southern portion hai been reserved for the guard's use The remainder 1» for an army Induction center to replace Fbrt Des Moines which will be used to train WAAC. Lobbyists. The Iowa Taxpayer's last Issue carried an editorial which, In effect calls for the outlawing of lob- hying In the legislature, especially for the duration. "It would seem fitting that ,..„ motors of special interests declare a recess for the coming session.' the publication stated, " but there Is little likelihood that this will occur. As a matter of fact, we be- liGVG thPFP A f*O rMrtf** on legislative any ----- .«, Asnnuui u w» 0. Pflehard et. "** WD 3, Humboldt. *«" annreciate hearing of any attempts that may - vbterV said £ f "'I 8 qUe8UOn Wfl8 " l , President Roosevelt at- Oin P ,t p n°H P ^f°, Se ? ttt0r ° Uy M Gillette and failed miserably. «t least one dally newspaper bless- second. So It appears that Iowa voters like to do their own voting In their own way and resent outsiders tolling them how they should cast thsir ballots. Tickets. Now that the general election tickets have been named, both parties profeoc to bo equally dellght- , Increased helpfulness and service . to those of you who come to Molnes next January" I Parks. .May of 1942 set a new reoorcT'f'or I school picnics, according to the : state conservation commission. i All the parks were sites of picnics of various school groups with the record for activity going to Backbone Park where seven different school picnics were balng held simultaneously. The commission also reported that malicious damage, notlcable TWO FIftfi CAMJ At Th F AUS KKCK Nf''fr The fire department'of Iowa Falls, answered two calls ''Stilt of child* caused little damage"! call was fnr the 0. O. residence. About ,$175 PAKKSTS AfiLffifin *0 HEAR SOif AM?B Parents of Elmer Berg of Swea City, were much relieved to know tnat the messages they had received from the government reporting his death Were Incorrect Rimer was listed as missing on Bataan, but upon checking it was found that he wa E stationed in Ft. Richardson, Alaska. It was thought that the confusion and mfjt-up in the messages was due to the fact that another Elmer Berg was in the sam company, which had been divided last fall, one group going overseas and the to '' Tuesday. June 9. 1942 OF Photograph of a unique table "~-ce was brought Into the -„„ , M , Belmon<l Independent recen y by Mrs. Henry Mennega. who nves northeast of Belmond. Tl « centerpiece consisted of a plate 3 high with hail stones which Anrl" lMtlM> f! 6nnega fftrm aboilt API , 23. one stone measured niches In circumference nn,I HIP 2ra averaged seven ami six in- cnGS. A LOOMA BOY GETS WJATIOH FOll SAWG' 1.IFK I\ CAMFOltiVlA , I'FC Edward C. Cook, son of Mrs Loota L. Cook of Algona, received a cltatlorr of honor for saving the life of Harold Glider, May 21, 19(2 Cook saved Gilder's life when he tore off Glider's burning clothing after they had accidently been ?et ' !>y Flaming gasoline. aftved hid life. »e ms fiurled baclc Into hla home, but retained consciousness. Pearlng his home would take fire and consume him, he dragged himself out Into the mud of the yard before he lapsed Into unconsciousness. Charles Blsmnrtc, 1 yenr*0ld son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Blsmark of Lake View, was found drowned in Black Hawk lake about 7:15 P. M. Friday,, May 8, after a search of nearly 24 hours. Darrell Hazelhoff, 12, using a pike pole off the end of a pier, hooked the pole Into the drowned boy's clothing and hrought him to the surface. He was found in about six feet of water. H was suspected he was playing near (he water, which he often did. INTERESTING ITEMS FROM ALL PORTIONS OF STATE OF IOWA Ilunlcr. 1 Fifty-nine foxes have been caught or shot by Joe Colaln of near, Jackson Junction' this spring. Col- Ian sells the yoiign cubs to fox i farms and collects a bounty on the ' -—'-- of the older ones. V. A grey streak has been apparent In Harold Hanson's hair all his life. The Decorah man now combs and parts his hair so that the grey makes a "V" on his head. The grey streak In his hair Is a character, Istlc of his mother's family. An [uncle and cousin of Hanson's also have the same marking in their hair. Kxploxlnn- An explosion of undetermined origin virtually demolished the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Nlew- 15 , , . v *,**•* uv>iiiu\sini,;v> »UI ttlUll of Governor Wilson's nomination while Republicans are saying that "Kraschel will be an easy mark for us at the polls." As a matter of fact it can he recorded that privately, both parties have a healthy respect Tor the candidates of the opposition whether they admit it or not Also that the same statements now being spoken would have been spoken no matter who the nominees might have been. State Guard. Oovenor Wilson has approved a training camp this summer for the Iowa state guard, if other arrangements can be worked out ,t . , It is hoped to train the guard by -battalions bringing in the first on — jas made every I motor vehicle more conscious of jthe manner In which he treats his i car, and since it has brought forth many older cars purchased by persons who can no longer get tires ! for their own. it In no surprise I that one of the topics discussed at I a recent meeting of the governor's jtrnrfflc safety commission was that (of statewide testing of motor ve- i nicies. Purpose of the meeting was to discuss traffic problems needing legislative consideration. other problems which came before the commission Included: 1.Drivers' license Improvement. (Sums rdrltdrs have never under- Jfpna^ examinations, particularly those,, who, were issued the drst , f(!preprteton — •- --- •-•• mi-. i,wunid for •all to use as they please- The cafe owners report that the customers use less sugar than they would If they served them or gave them the sugar In little packages. talion, which Is at the camp now, will remain there under the pres- nt plans as a tranlng pig Is being dls- In the window of a nelmond doctor's office. The pig had two bodies grown together at the side, eight legs, two tails, four ears but [only one head. The pig lived only ja short time but when It breathed one body Inhaled and the other | body exhaled. Carl Mennenga farmer living near Belmond took the freak to the doctor's office to be 'displayed. •No Sloon. emlorp was seriously burned and cut. Every wall and floor was torn loose, the front porch collapsed— In fact— the house was ruined Mond 1'leklntfs. The commencement exercises at Sheldon was attended by unwelcome visitors. At least four persons were robbed of their billfolds- Apparently the pickpockets did their work as the people crowded the exits on leaving the building Sium- Trnclipr. Miss Dlserens, kindegarten teacher at Anamosa, started all five sons of Mr. and Mrs. James White In their school work. The °l d .° St , bov _. wl11 be a senior In high "" ' and the youngest News of 4-H. ~ CLUBS THOU—On Tuesday, May 26th MI-s Jean Nessa entertained 8 girls iH a 4-H meeting at her home. Mrs. Jue (Jangestad county chairman discussed plans for the rally June 2nd. The group practiced making seams. Juno Gordon gave a talk on tbu care of the hands. Belhlne Larson was chosen the best groomed girl to represent the group at the rally. H.-freshmoiits were served at tht •lose of the aftemoon. Itiilluiul Lucky Slurs The regular meeting of the Rutland Lucky Stars 4-H club was held. May 28 at tlle home of Phyllis Larson. Roll call was answered by seven members, three guests, three mothers ,ind our leader to "One Uule of Flag Etiquette." The music talk was given by Joyce Helvick; a talk, "Attractive Smile Ueveals Good Teeth" was given by Ruby Hood; Donna ker gave "Making an t Salad" and "Where to Use pnt Stitches" was . presented .by KAOLE WttOVK K. CAs imN THEIR MOHTOAflF The Knights o( Columbus lodge of Eagle Oiove burned the mortg- I Cook Is now stationed at the Air -.^uvancssJ nying- School. Stockton Field, Calif. Cited with Edward was Pvt. Clayton Cartwilght of Kleser, Ark. with i ceremony. The lodge purchased the bulld- ~ five years ago and did exten- redecoratlng. The first floor Is occupied by the Gene Scriber's ""•••- Store. '. SI, n farmer nd Alta suf- „. ..ahtning last week while standing in the doorway of his hoifie. The bolt enter- jfid his right arm, ran through his body, down his legs and jumped over his overshoes. It Is thought the Insulation ot his rubber shoes r --— -~—K^™.^^,^,^*,,.,^.^^,^. Balanced Ration means profitable feeding pigs the kind that finish well and quickly at minimum feeding costs. Pigs need proteins, vitamins and minerals to supplc- jnent the home grown grains In HIP amounts that are lacking in these grains. no . B r'f P al " Mlneral Stock Food self- ed will help 8U ppi y these missing elements as the pigs will eat Just the amount of supplement they need to balance their home grown grains- Big Gain Mineral Stock Food is a first line of defense against , Wormy .p| gs J e ^ rifty pigs and Wo , pay no profits. . Free Samples on Request RKNWICK 1'ROI.UCfi, Renwlck FARMERS E1KYATOR, Hardy CARL COOKV ttnmboldt • • . —.« »n v W|»bMM4UUB trained at once so that the 2. Testing drinking drivers. 3. Strengthening pedestrians law ln per cent of traffic deaths last per cent were over 60). p "— 7' *••»»**«»» av UIIITO HO Umi LUQ ^training period will bo completed f Within MX, attar Its start Howeyer, details hare yet to be o. strenjrthenlne nf worked out for It Is not the Inten- careless dr vlng faw tlon to take any men from strategic ' 6. County traffic courts. 4. The moving of taverns Into business districts. 6. Strengthening of reckless and IfatnAH *l..l_.l • •' REWRITES Tak« froa m» H.mboMt Republican of j n>e 5 Humboldt county cast the small, est vote in the primary election v ,, - that has been recorded in years- Nearly all old officers nominated. - • • The small vote was due In part to the war, and the many boys that aare left the county tor military service. Fire destroys wash house and clothes at O. V. Lovrien home Wednesday morning. The fire was apparently caused by lightning Which was thought to have struck a wire and was conducted into the building- Tito AAA committee urges full , co-operation of the' farmers In aid, Ing the reporters in checking their farms before July i. Approxlmate- . ly 80% of the farmers in the county are participating this year. . ' The wading pool In Tuft park opened Friday, to be open every afternoon except Sunday, from 1:30' •to 4:30 weather permitting. Bruce Richardson, who reportedly worked «t one time in Huin- bolodt wa said to be missing In action near Hawaii. The state of Iowa purchased a quit-claim deed to the tract of land lying south of the M. & at. L railroad and east of the nubile Jblghway south of Humboldt." U is said that the state intends to use this property for a state park, installing tables, seats, etc. Two trains carrying soldiers uiid equipment passed through Humboldt on the M. & St. L this week, due to washouts on other tracks. Pictures of Everett larson, Stan, ley Larson, Harley Larson, Emmet Doyle and Gordon BversolJ, servicemen from Humboldt county appeared In the June S Republican. Brother of Mr* IVm, Kunert of Humboldt, Uufus Flemmlng of Madra, California, a former Humboldt resident, passed away May 30. Fifth registration of men Jn Humboldt county will take place June 80th. The registration will take place between tan hours of T a, m. and 9 p. m. Registration will be for all men born on or af- , ter January 1, 1932, sn*| 94 lor te; fore June SO, 1924. : Serials numbers have Loen strep j to the men who registered last- lJ|*ftS4 rn^n will not hWe erder "•iHjmbjjrs, as they are not eligible |ftsr<Mtfir« military gerytoe. 'f /n» MKr tww of rt* district i «oart to aeestan at the court houso I ^Jfctete city. Ju&je fVft "— J ' MBW presiding, adjourn.*} fri •?«W MOtfWaJ wlww? i ~ «•«&« *>ix^$%%j. g . "" "••—•••• Humboldt high school auditorium Approximately 175 club glrla. leaders and assistants, motherx and visitors wa-o registered- Miss Ellen Lee Tatnm of Fort Dodge has been hired by the local public school board to tench physical education the coming year. When women appl, f or cunning sugar they murtbtIng tho'i ration books. Tho9e applying muse know the exact amount, of fruit canned In 1941, and now much of It | s left i deputies the arnnunt "the°y ^"..''(o ' <:an this year. Anamosa firemen were called out- Chief Corwln reported that he' had six hours sleep total for the three nights. Kecnrrerice. Five buildings ' the John More Trouble. Just to add another problem to the numerous ones they already had, not enough application blanks for rationing sugar for canning was received by the Buena Vista county rationing board. A shipment of the blanks apparently were • lost enroute '»•«•« «r__i_, -, _ . n demonstration on "Checking he Jetan.^^ 0 -T S p' r»n p f m ' ° " D Co " tribut « "> Nation death when a tra^ ing turned over for Rally Day were com pleted after which a delicious lunc was served by the hostess and he mother. Reporter—Marilyn So beck. " ° d S ?,° n ' as he has °P ened a new under the machine, and one arm was seriously Injured. Twenty-two years previously, on the same day of the year, H B htnlng struck the barn on the DeMlchells place destroying It. First In Iowa. KSTHKHVILLK KDITOIt I)IKI> FKOM INJUUIKS George C. Allen, na, « H ,i!o- -rffor ?.L th 1,.^ ther r! llB Enterprise; died c unh rs ', ——••>. ."tjui-uHKu and South Dakota that are to bo stored In town moved In last week The Irst loads were taken to the Holland farm near Decorah- "Movlnic in". Audubou rounty Sheriff Fred Clememenen was called to the An- '''•"»• Jnhl home lle(ll . H,. nyton ro . cently on an unusual job. J 0 l m . i-arlson of Atlantic had arrived at ' (the Juhl home, Informing Mrs. Juhl I that (he fun,i was his and he v-i-j ;;~* '":• ™>«» M P . Juh i ;.y.i bone In her left heel when she fell from the secon story bedroom window of he home. Janice apparently opened n •window of her room and let her self out of the window, while stil asleep, landing on her feet below ' the window Ing several by her mother No Transportation Problem. Orlatid McKern of Leon "made a deal 1 whereby he will have transportation for the duration. He swapped a bicycle for a pony. One of his friends had a pony but wunt- ed a bicycle; Orland had the bicycle but wanted a pony. The trade made oth hnppy. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS IDA OKOVE HOY IN IHKLAN1) « «. ,.»« P., .- Humboldt county, Iowa, to Don aid Bommel, QCD $60 lots 6-7 bk 24, Dakota City. Humboldt County, Iowa, to B S Neal and Leta Neal QCD lot' 18 and EVi lot 17, bk. 2 Garlock'a addition to Oilmore. Humboldt county to J. H Freeburg QCD $30 lots 17-18 bk 1 in Oarlock's addition to Oilmore City Humboldt county to Emma M! Nelmler QCD $150 on lot 10 and N4 feet lot 11 bk. 8 Bradgate. Humboldt county, Iowa to H J Hackley $205 on lots G-7 bk.' 9 ' L.t. Robert H. Armstrong Jr |-, northern Ireland after an unev'ent- ' ful cros.-lng. Hradgate. QCD. Humboldt county, Iowa, to AN Jert Sorlein QCD »351 lots 6-6 and N "/6 W^ lot 3 bk. 8 Bode. Humboldt county, Iowa, to Hoy F. Depew ,QCD $37.50 on N33 feet ota 5-6 bk. 3 Humboldt. Metropolitan Life Ins., Co., ven- ° tr> w / th ^ arl E - Pergande $10,000 EMi NWH SEH sec. 9-9S-27 4 Ifclal '" tute sub-toutruct. Muy 2H- i Humboldt county, Iowa, to John 50 paneled Platinum Parchment informal* 50 envelopes to match .100 paneled Platinum Parchment visiting cards' PLATE INCLUDED .. See ourWp . . r,i;-->-.-M.:. : , , - . '. . - , . . JaquaPrinting Co., Humboldt, la. Here's Great News! Now It's EASIER to Get a NEWCHEVROLET •-•^ff'-J;, i**'. ' !fi!:*"^::;y:H, — much easier than it has been for months l*j NfW AND MORE LIBERAL CAR RATIONING RULES recently announced byQ.P.A. now moki it much eocler for eUajbJe *»My«r« to get d«Hv*ry of o»w Chevrolet! You need tht good, dtpomtaM,, /c»i, Htfll1 a lifw^tvralM will giv, yoH . . , ; A ^ battery-now 'parN.. * f I RoHeniiiB regulqtioru have ^il*! ff, been for FOR : TH£St

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