The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on June 2, 1942 · Page 2
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 2

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1942
Page 2
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ttFJNPEPENDENt >AT!pNAUDITORIAU. ISjJjqpQN p«»ent« pnbltkbcd tin- ftdlet* Will >>6 InaertSd With tJi« newt mutter. THE tttJMBOLDT INDEPKND WAS. . Decent broadcast Herbert Hoover said: win tne total war President RftoSe- VWT ffltrsi liMfe dlctAtoriai economic powers. mtist t>e no hesitancy in giving them We tnnst start onr thinking with a dis- , cold, hard fart. that is, the eco- IfOtftic measures necessary to Win total war *Ye Jast plain Facist economics .... We %ant to 80 design onr actions that these TPaclst economic measures are not frozen into American life. Criticism Of the conduct of the war Is KfeceSsary If We are to Win the war . . . (The American people have always been fc debating society .... They always have view's. They always speculate about events ... It 'CflUnes from concern to win the war I and 'they ought to be allowed to grouse and ' gossip a little without being called sixth< columnists . . . 'I When uniformity comes we will cease to be free. men. Those who would reduce •'•, "US to a collection of parrots do not Icnow 'the meaning Of America. It Is from our | 'diversity that we sharpen our wits, gain In ' Initiative and strength over regimented peoples. This is the whole distance between the spirit of Amerca and the' spirit of to- 'talltftrlanlsm. We oelive the above is the spirit of the people tff the middle west of which we are a part. All out 4tfr 'the war. Dictatorial powers for the period of the •duration. It may be faclst economics but we Vfil Tiave to have them for the time of conflict. One *fctity "we have at this time IB to go all out, do all we , 'cat, 'and guard our liberties at home as well as ' •a'br'oad. While we are all behind the president we know what he' : is doing and why. ^Jfleveral exchanges have carried the official prl- "ballot. Time was when the primary ballot 'always published 'before the primaries. Then de 'ill-advised legislators got economically mlnd- the publshlng to F,ave the publishing •le'ft the'people with life prim&rles are -all ^B'iaiit filled ! fhe publication rtlunis. 'it'saved 'the cost 'of publlBh- l "each 'fair 3i;00'0 'Or more In lack of at- ft Is Veft t* Kt%«t> fn mind IH« tett What It !i nev*f ewMHfty to flenrtw iw people ot a fight 16 JrKttW what Ife totag ttn. tn«m«tlttnB that t,.-..-. pnrlte mosey should give a detailed account of their exfyeftdltures Id the taxpayers* Hie primary campaign Just past gave Indication that the "machine" that Is supposed to control nominations in Towa has lost Its power. Or have W« a new machine? The foes Molnes papers entrance Into the last primary campaign In fowa through their news column* was very noticeable. Efen their supposed humorist Marian Miller got Into it. Or was It a part of the fun in the funny column? A lot of people are talking about It—the part the I>es Moines papers took In a news way to the various candidates. We have cheerfully Riven up our rights for the duration, but we want them back after the war. It Is too bad tbat the number Of the Russians killed by the Germans (according to the German reports) have not been tabulated. According to the Germans they killed 260,000 at one crack recently, and another half million some time before, with 1,600,000 killed and taken prisoners, last winter, j With a total of 2,600,000 last fall. Gosh, but there tnnst be lots of Russians. They keep coming right along. The Germans have been calling on their subject nations to fill their thinning ranks, but the Russians use only Russians Somebody is an awfnl Also Japan's declaration that Australia has been abandoned by the Americans and is now ripe for conquest is something to stir the hopes of the Japs but that makes the Americans and Australians wonder. Again someone is an awful liar. We may not like the New Deal but we like Hitler and the Sun of Heaven less. Let's lick them first and then concentrate on the New Deal that Is R raw deal. It was an old Scotchman who said that man is made with two ends, one to sit on and the other to think with. Your success in life depends which end you use the most. , The ladles have complained that someone believes that their advent Into the political arena did not improve things. That's no reason they shouldn't have the right to vote. To be sure we have the same old musses with the ladles participating. Everyone knew it would be so. The ladles, God bless 'em, are human. They don't pretend to be anything else. Do you remember the Chicago Indy who campaigned so long and faithfully for woman's suffrage and finally saw It attained. And then she ran for alderman In Chicago against either J-Tlnky Dink or Bathouse John, we forget which, and was defeated. Then she said that ebb was sorry that she ever help•ed obtain the franchise for the ladles. She said they didn't know enough to vote. She was wrong. What she did not realize was that the ladles are subject to the same blandishments as the men. The lady campaigned for a better Chicago, an Improved Chicago. Her opponent, visited the poor and needy In his ward. He gave them groceries, provided doctors iJor those who could not pay, saw that Jerry and Jim .had jobs; ThBt Went ; to the 'heaft-'ot the wo'men voters. That Is why he won. Yes, -the ladles are jtifit human. They wouldn't be any good If they were not. Makes Unique Display Poppy Day*-Comfort Station THE CHURCHES 'Opposite 'the Public Library. f 6buTCh services every Sunday at H<«l«Sv«i 'O'clock. < ; Sunday school at ten o'clock. -- The-public Is cordially invited to * »Mttend 'these services. F. TBABX'S "CHURCH ->fo.1, *¥ltepittrlck, Pastor 'Sunday Masses 8:00 and 10>00. " 'Holy days, 6:30 and 8:00. 'Confessions Saturday afternoon, f «:00 and fcOO. Evening 7:00. 'Holy'Hour'and prayers for peace *lW8ry Saturday evenWg from T:00 HP'8:00. 4niHBOIiI>T FIRST MJTHKRAN ^CHURCH •'O.'B, Anderson, Pastor •'Sunday Program— ' ^Sunday School at 9:45 A. M. ^Worship'Hour at 11:00 A. M. •Senior 'League meets first and 'third Monday evenings. '•Brotherhood meets second Monday of'every month. L, 'D. B, (girl's organization) meets second and fourth Tuesday evenings. Junior League meets the second and fourth Wednesday evenings. Ladies Aid mee'» every other Thursday afternoon at 2:00 P. M. Senior flboir practice Thursday even-Ings at 8:00 p. M. Confirmation classes meet on Saurdays at 1:00 P. M. Junior-choir .practice on thurs-1 d*yat'7'P,H. I Morning Worship at 11:00 A. M. Evening Service at 8:00 P. M. There will be no Young People's meetings next Sunday evening. Our Bible school is June l-5th nine to eleven-thirty lii the morning and twelve-thirty to three in the afternoon. The program for the school will be next Sunday nvonlng at eight o'clock. , Au offering will be taken for the expenseo of the school. •>:We will have our Dally Vacation Bible school und Sunday School picnic this Friday at the James Johnson woods. Meet ut twelve o'clock at the church. Every family please bring two covered dishes, sandwiches and own dishes and silverware. Our Prayer meeting this Thursday evening at eight o'clock. The Choir practice will be after our prayer service. We will hiive our Mission circle a week from this Thursday afternoon. Next Sunday morning we will have our Communion service. Our fellowship offering will pj to our Danish missionaries in Africa. You are cor- dlitlly liivlt-od to attend every service of opr church. And thou shall call His Name Jesus (or He shall pave His people from their sins. Matthews 1:21. 'of ; fellow ; fk»mc«i 'for J&M%'te/ 'B. >0il*t»r, y, J»ne 7— l, 'Verne 'J,<0, Wtafew, 'Pastor Otto««s,'lowa. 11:00 A. M. Morning ••Beware of CovitousnesB," Luke 12:18-21. -10:00% », Sunday school. class meets Sat- ni.'at the'Church. €$- *;* ,'.•,,!« TRINITY UTTHERAN CHURCH (Jeorgit Pallesen, Pastor Humholdt, Iowa Dorcas Aid meeting is postponed from this week until June 11. Tuesday, 7:15 p. in., Luther Leaguers will meet at the church for an outing. Friday evening, Bible study and prayer meeting at the parsonage in Rutland. Sunday 10 a. m., Sunday school. 11 a. m., Worship Service. At this service an offering will be laid upon the altar for the treasury of the congregation. CHURCH worship. VISITED HERE ON FURLOUGH Private Kenneth Maaeh, son of Henry Maacb of Grand Junction, formerly of Humboldt, visited friends and relatives here recently. He is stationed at Camp Forrest, Tennessee. UA8KMENT FIRK AT EAGLE GROVE STORE A clogged chimney caused a'fur- nace explosion In the basement of the Fransen Drug Sunday morning at EJagle Grove. The store filled With smoke rapidly, which was soon eliminated by' the use ot electric fans. Janet Sinclair, In charge of the rost room In tJie Loglon Bnlldlngr in Hnmholrtf, fixed the above dls play for Popny Day In the comfort station. Thp two ptctBres rifts (tt Bill Sftthcr and Ed. Odgflnrd. l^o M iitt; fir*f, tTinnlMpiiK WUHity f-ns UAlt,i«w 0.1 Pv&ll County Tuberculosis Asso. Held Annual Business Meet The Humboldt County Tuberculosis Association recently held its annual business meeting and conference in the Legion Building in Hnmboldt, at which time Mrs. Ralph Richards of Ottosen, county s';al chairman, gave her review of the seal work. Dr. Asa S. Arent, president of the county medical association described the co-operative case finding program and outlined the preparation for the one this year, to be held here iti June. During the election of officers the nominating committee reported the following: president, Rev. W. Clark Williams, vice president, Janet Sinclair, secretary, Mrs. Emma Parson, and treasurer. Miss Grace Flemmlg of Dakota City. Miss Sinclair read the budget and explained the various phases of H, the program for next year was rend and approved, and the chief objectives of the group were discussed. They are health education, case-flnrtlng programs and rehabilitation service. In the health education department, workers are instructed, and committee boards appointed, also bulletins will be sent out this year to schools. Speakers will be lined up, and a booth will be exhibited ni the county fair. "Health Habits" will he sent to all schools in the county. The case-finding program is another interesting phase of this groups' wort;. Through this program, examlnatlone are made of persons who have lived In household contact with a case of tuberculosis, as determined from records of reported cases and deaths. Examination procedures consist of the tuberculin test and the chest x-ray. The rehabilitation service Is another helpful part of the program. Before they can be employed in positions mitable to the maintenance of their health, many arrested cases of tuberculosis require training in new vocations. The local county group has helped many persons find different jobs In suitable surroundings. In the budget presented by Miss Sinclair, money will be appropriated for different Items such as regional meeting, films, "Health Habits," supplies, rehabilitation service, etc. Mrs. Richards stated in her report of the seal campaign that the gain over last year was $147.0C. In the comparison of sales, only two townships showed n loss, the others showed a good gain. The gross in the county for the sale of seals was ?1137.42. M!A80ffS ATTENTION. Eastern Star Lodge will cele- irate Its 7Sth anniversary on Friday, June 5th. James I. DolHver will be the speaker of the evening. 6:30' dinner will be served. All Masons are invited. 1-2-1 RELEASE SCHEDULE •. . .-:- ->. . • •*.-7?d-a.,•.*;•-•!,•• ~ . - -••,-•-... <?0 ORGANIZE CORPS f OR CIV1WAN 41 GAMES IN HUMBOLDT Glenn Klibls, manager of the Kumboldt Sunday school klttenbnll iKUC', lniB released the following Buhodulc of games for the summer BcmHon: the numeral 1 stands for Congregational tennis, 2 for St. Mary's, 3 for First Lutheran and four Methodist. J. Is the junior team, S tlie sonlur team and C the Iris team. First Koliiul Monday, June 1— U vs. 2 J— 7.00; 10 vs. aa— 8:00; IS vs. 28—9:00. Friday, June 6— 3J vs. 4 J— 7:00; 3G VB . 40—8:00; as vs. 48—9:00. Monlay, June 8— U vs. 3J— 7:00; 1G va. 3G— 8:00; IS vs. 38—9:00. Friday, June 12— 2J vs. 4J— 7:00; 2G vs. 4G— 8:00; 2S vs. 48—9:00. Manlay, June IB— U vs. 4 J— 7,00; 1G 4O— 8:00; IS vs., 48— 9:00. Fri- duy, June 19— 2 J vs. 3J— 7:00; 2G va. 3G— 8s 00; 2S vs. 38—9:00. Swoml Hound Monday, June 22— 3J vs. 4J— 7:00; 30 vs. 4G— 8:00; 3S vs. 48— 9:00. Friday, June 26— 1J vs. 2J —7:00; 1G vs. 20—8:00; IS vs 2B —9:00. Monday, June 29— 2J vs. 4J —7:00; 2G vs 4G—8:00; 2S vs. 4S —9:00. Friday, July 3— 1J VB. 3J —7:00; 10 VB- 30—8:00; IS vs. 38 —9:00. Monday, July 6— 2J vs. 3J —7:00; 2G vs 30—8:00; 28 vs. 3S— 9:00. Friday, July 10— U vs. 4J— 7:00; 1O vs. 4G— 8:00; IS vs. 4*— 9:00. Third Itounil Monday, July 13— 1J vs. 2J— 7:00;1G vs. 2G— 8:00; IB vs. 28— 9:00. Friday, July 17— -3 J vs. 4J— 7:00; 3G vs. 4Q— 8:00; 38 vs. 48— 9:00. Monday, July 20— U vs 3J— 7:00; 10 vs. 30— 8:00; IS vs. 38 — 9:00. Friday, 'July 24— 2 J vs. 4J— 7:00; 2Q vs. 4G— 8:00; 28 ys. 48— 9:00. Monday, July 27— 1J vs. 4J — 7:00; 10 vs 40—8:00; IS vs 48 —9:00. Friday, July 31— 3J vs. 3J —7:00; 20 vs, 30—8:00; 28 vs. 38 —9:00. Fourth Hound Monday, Aug3— 3J vs. 4 J— 7:00; 30 VB. 40—8:00; 88 vs. 48—9:00. Fliday. Aug. 7— U vs. 2J-V7:00; IQ vs. 2O— 8:00; IB vs. 28—9:00. Monday, Au$, JO— 2J 78. 4J-i7:()Q; -?Q 2G Friday, 10 vs. Monday, 2Q ye. :00; 4i-»W ?B 3J-*7:00; on sales totaling $14,434,301. The sales total was up $1,939,131 compared with -the preceding-year. Total operating expenses of the system were placed at $1,175,362, exclusive of the cost of liquor which was $10,070,037. The audit said the actual operating expenses of $1,175,352.08 constitute only 8.14 per cent of the total net sales or 1.06 pel- cent less thun for the previous year. Operating expenses of retail stores were placed at $880,635.87, nn IncreuRc of $26,705.67 in actual expenses over the previous year but n decrease of .74 per cent in the proportion of operating expense to net sales. Central office expenses for the fiscal year were placed at $288,716.21, a decrease of $1,084.38 from the previous year. Reporting that coats of transporting liquor from the central warehouse to the 174 retail stores was $50,599.85, the audit said per case transportation costs hit an all- time low of 8.32 centp per case. Comparative costs in the 1939-40 fiscal year were 9.57 cents, the audit said. The audit said ilquor inventories advanced $520,546.39 during the year to a total of $2,009,050.83. Of the total liquor on hand June 30, 1941, $100,757.14 was in the retail stores; $843,887,74 was in the central warehouse and $164,405.95 was In trancit. The audit said that slightly more than one-half of the Increase in inventory value was due to the 75 cents per gallon federal tax increase that became effective July 1, 1940. David L. Aluorhttul, instructor at Fonda, has accepted a position in the Odgen high school for the coming year. AWARDS (Continued from Page One) oiid; Kenneth Seversou, third in the sophomore class; Gladys Orsland, first, punior Wergeland, second, Wayue HttUBOu, third in th« Junior class; Milton Tborsou first; Arthur Sandvig second and Edward Swenson third Jn (he senior Russell Anderson was neither absent nor tardy during the school year. Those who, received certificates for not being tardy during the year were Wayne Hanson, Knutson, Junior Wergel&nd old Xotoaon, John Hanson, Conrad Joftaspn, Rtctejd &ua& Scb*»ia«*r 1G vs. .40—8:00; IB T», 4.S— 8;ft>?. course in Civilian Denss at ' He spent & wt«lt at *A?aes, taking •4* %ours of • cJaeawork, where : he *s wriai at- YoMHff nresflntad »ULJI" f& tjjftTfJP'fUZS'* tfterwWy fw K««, JitfitViie Munday, Robert KbntBOlrl ftriti Conrad Johnson. program. Included a Rhythm fitftrf by Jtof way No. l with Amy Sftndveh, teacher; a play, "The new sehtJlaf by No. 2 with Eleanor Elm teacher; a choral reading by No. 3 Wlti Corolla Loaning, teacher; a *t»ea! tfuet "Remember Pearl Harbor" by Lois and Mavis Johnson No. 4 with Ana Tofcheiffi, teach- f#j "Three Little Kittens", a puppet play by NO. 6 with Amie Carl;, teacher; a vocal duet "God Bless America," by Lois Johnson John Peterson of No. 8 with Mlekelson, teacher, and a voeal duet by Joan Stensland and Prances Vorlce of Dial. No. 9 with lone Norem, teacher. The Thor grade school presented a number of patriotic songs. The concluding number on the program wag a most interesting talk by Miss Hazel Depler a missionary who recently returned from Singapore. Everyon enjoyed her ;alk on their experiences during the bombing of Singapore and their rip back to the United States. JPollawJbg the 'picnic iuiitn ihe'j commercial elnh snnnsnrpd rnroR and special events in which first, second and third prizes were awarded. An exciting baseball game between Thor high school and .Eagle 3rove completed tha days actlvi- :ies. The game went Into the eighth inning with Eagle Grove wlnn- ng 4 to 2. mtm n Coctfitf v/Ij UB BLJB™JBE.*v*5* ••'•' ' ' •/ The sugar rattdnJftf committee does Mot ftalte afl? altoWatices for organizations like the Hnmboldt Country Club, therefore members wishing sugar with their meals must bring it with them. 1-2-1 Mrs. L. E. Chambard. CAW) OP Words cannot adequately express our gratitude to those who expressed their sympathy and helpfulness to us so beautifully at the time of our recent sorrow. May God bless yon all. Mr. and Mrs. Duane J'oIHffe and Family. I-2-lpd «'« • * the — WItnift w *° t , li 's < *^;Wrt« ft'ot to e*eBffd $1000. NOW therefore, -----thereto, ana aefshfl on t»* $1 &6 ana ohattels in a sum you in&reio »nu UOIW*»M "" *"?.. ^rij,~ noes of the secona aay of the raf u- Jar October 1942 term '<it the •»»- tHfit Seltts* awsRBWjL-'»««a taker T«4lf ~U«fi M the trlfil Ceflrt »f Humttoldt Oouniy. iowa,whiBb'ooun will convene and b* helfl on the mh flay of oatotter, 1942, at the courthouse, in Dakota, city. Iowa, yeur default will toe en* terea of recora ana juafrmgnt ren- l-Bl-4 ORtGtttAI, XOTICK. In the District Court of Iowa, Jn and for Humbolflt County. Agnes M. Brlokson, Plaintiff vs. Harvey Grimm, Defendant. To The Above Named Defendant: You are hereby notified that there Is now on file fn the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Humboldt County, Iowa, the Petition of the plaintiff above named which Petition alleges amone other things that she Is a resident of Pocahontas County, Iowa, and that the defendant Is the father of a child born to iiei- on Afifil *, IBiZ. „„ OP J'ROtlA'tti! OP State of Iowa, Hnmbolflt County, g*. In District Court. No. 2731. To All Whorn It May Coticorn: You Are Hereby Notified, That an Instrument of writing purporting 10 be the last Will nna Testament of Inft Stewart Nlchson, Deceased, dated Mav 12, 1D42, having been this dav filed, opened and read, and the 13' day of June, 1U42, Is fixed for hearing: proof of Baino at the Court HOUHC In Dakota City, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of sail C'ourt; and at in o'clock A. M.. nt the day abm-o mentioned all pontons Interested nro hereby notified and required to appear, and show cnuno, if any they have, w-hy sal] Instrument should not be jirohattd and allowed a* ana for the la«t Will and Testament of said duceitsc'l. Dated at Dakota City, Iowa, Atay 28th ' 1!M2 ' M. A. WAT,T,tTKA!T, 1-2-1 Clerk of District Court. WANT and SALE AdTortlsnnicntR In this column I cost one cent n word If cnsh | accompanies the order. No order ; accepted for less than 25 cent's. PH07O5 102 FOR SALE — GOOD IlODGK SE- dan. See Clurk Lune. I-l-2pd WANTED AT ONOE — HOUSE- keeper or elderly choreman on farm. Write Box H this office. I-2-lpd -OST OR FORGOTTEN SOME- where, a silver ring, round cane with rubber bottom. Howard^ Take to Dr. Jensen's office. I-2-lpd FOR SAIiE OR^KENT—03EE. II. C. Hubbard residence. 502 Taft St. North. Phone 282. 1-2-1 WANTED—BURLAP BAflS. CON- Crete Products Co. I-39-ltf FEDERAL FARM LOANS-O. H. Southwick, Sec'y and Treas. 212 Doufcl BVk t Fort Dodge: Legion Bltfg., Humboldt. 1-23U. ihft defendant lian j>i c/j>efI* wlthlR Hutn»bldt County, Iowa, and is a resident of Humboldt County, Iowa, and said Petition prays that Judgment be entered against the defendant declaring- paternity to the child born to the plaintiff on the 2nd day of Aprtl, 1942, towlt: Jaquellne June, and for the support of said child together with the costs of this action. Said Petition further prays that the court enter an order ordering: a writ of attachment to issue against PROFESSIONAL CARDS Dr. Carl C. Hoveland CHinOPRACTOB FOOT SPECIALIST Ground Floor Office Hours: 9-12 A. M., lllMMJ P. M., 7-9 P. M. Day or Night Calls. Phone—Office 875, Residence 249LJ Hnmboldt, Iowa FOR SALE Complete Household Furnishings including: Electric stove, eloctric washing machine, easy chair, card tables, metal utility cabinets, chest of drawers, kitchen table and stool, end tables, Jenny Und bed and miscellaneous articles. Mrs. H. A. Beverly Phone 451W 303 2nd Avenue North We are back on the corner dealing on the square, and invite all old and new friends to come in. We can save you money on gas and oil. We buy for defense and pay top prices for iron, metal, radiators, batteries, paper, rubber and old cars. Closed Sunday afternoons from 1 to 5. Ringsborg Service On Highways 169 and 10 NOTICE We/Have Moved Into -j > OUR NEW LOCATION 2 Doors East of the Legion Building W. H. Smith Insurance Agency BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY A BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY THAT WILL SERVE AS A GUIDE TO THE PEOPLE OF HUMBOLDT COUNTY. CONSULT IT WHEN PROFESSIONAL SERVICE IS NEEDED. THE MOLANDER STUDIO FOR GOOD PORTRAITS Dr. James K. Coddington, M. D. Phones t Office 63, Residence 82 10 Sonth Sixth Street Unmboldt, Iowa W.H, SMITH, Broker RBAt KSTATE IN8URANCB FARM 1.0 ANS I Tel. 150 Uglon Building A, S. ARENT, M. D. is South f»ft Street! Office n? J «es,mW^ RAY UNDHART DIRECTORY OF CITY OFFICIALS Mayor, William P. Housel Clerk, H. P. Jakway Assessor, A. E. Ituse Councllmen, Albert Morehouse, A. P. Andersen, G. P. Ruse, Ray Wogen. DIRECTORY OF COUNTY OFFICIALS Auditor, Otto H. Johnson Treasurer, R. E. Bennett Recorder, Arne Sorllen Clerk of District Court, M A Wallukatt Sheriff, H. J. Sexe Superintendent, Frances Messer Engineer, Vernon Miller County Attorney, Philip C. Lov- rlen Coroner. J. K. Coddington DIRECTORY OF SCHOQL'OFFICIALS President, Harry Strong Secretary, Esther Hrnat Treasurer, B. B. Watson Members of Board, Mrs. C. W Oarfield, T. C. Mickelson, Ed Rapp, Harry Strong, Mrs. George McCollpugh, Superintendent, B,G. Holmes OF CHURCHES Methodist, Rev. W. 1^. Breaw, Congregational, Jley. w. 'OJark Williams PHIUP C. LQVR1EN «4f»OWI¥4 1 First Lutheran, Rev. 0. B, An- , Rer. C. M. WOODARD DENTIST Hnmboldt, Iowa Office Phono 44, lies. Phone 181 Otttce, 1st Floor Legion Building S. BROCKMAN INSURANCE Automobile and Tracks Fire and Tornado Accident and Health I'hoiie 810 Huniboldt, Io*n FRANKLIN JAQUA ATTOIHVEY AT LAW General law Practice Office Over Heed Jewelry Store Phone 170 Humboldt, Iowa CLEANING, PRESSING AND REPAIRING PEYWE CLEANERS Phone 39 f OJr j^e, pickup and Delivery Work p rM , g m , ce

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