The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on May 26, 1942 · Page 5
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 5

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1942
Page 5
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MOT* IffElfRCli *nd Thursday IThe brides too busy f Give 1 He shad to make a date wjlth MB wife for their iioneyjnoon:! What .a bride:! She even ve him * key to her apartment then never came home! . . . It's the prize-surprise of the year! CHARLES BOYER MARGARET SULLAVAN In U APP With Eagene Rita Johnson, Paiiette, Ruth Terry, Reginald Denny, J. M. Kerrigan, Ceci] Kellaway, Roman Bohnen,Gus Schilling. Admifteton 10c-2Qc-30c A1J admission prices include state sales tax and iederal defense tax. '•Mr. r.aiad Mrs. Uoarles Bradford I were visitors at Laurens Sunday. Mrs. H. P. Schoonover .attended the progrress club luncheon Thursday in Bradgate. Mrs. Ila Mayer was taken quite sick last Wednesday night and is under a doctor's care. 1 Mr. and Mrs. O. C, Tabor recently spent several days at the Herman Kramer home near Ottosen. Mrs. Earl Skaugstad and sons of Bode spent last week at the parental Harry Telford home. Mrs. Ben Trexel and daughter Helen and Ben Jr, spent several days with relatives at Denison. Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Porter Ot Des Moines are spending ,a few days at the parental Hans Porter home. Mrs. Vern Allan left Sunday for Moulton, Iowa called there by the illness of her brother George Lynch. Master Sgt. E. 0. Fitch of New Orleans. La., is spending a few days at tbe home of his brother, Leon Fitch. W. F. Ttberghlen of Sac City, i spent Sunday at the home of his sisler and husband. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hale. Mrs. William Holt, who has been .j tlTll .."H... *lv»t, TTI117 IIOR I1CUII Betty Lou Wilson of Porneroy Is a patient in the Lutheran hospital 'Pending a few days at the home of in Fort Dodge, returned tn her her sister, Mre. Russell Campbell. Jlr?. Han? Nielsen who suffered a paralytic stroke, Thursday, IB receiving cart- at the convalescent home. Mrs. Gertrude Heifers of Indiu- nnpolis. hid., was called here by Uodge, returner! to her home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dean of Lost Hill, Nebr., have rented the G. C. aunt, Mrs. Ina BIRTHS Paul Gerard, son, boru April 6 to Wilbur Henry and Hilda Margaret Rood. Bonnie Bel), daughter born April 7, to Orville and Haiinab Naomi Bates. Wanda Lee, daughter boru April to Laurel Eugene and Treva A. Worster. Betty Lou, daughter, borju April 10 to Daniel Andrew and Klleu Margaret Haviland. Shirley LaVoune, daughter, born April 11, to Carl Jobu and Uug- na Johnson. James Kenneth, sou born April 33 to Charles Joseph >md Mary Lucy Miles. Ronald Oelmar, ton boru April VI, to Arthur Uelmar and Kvelyu Mae Pont re. Sburou Ann, daughter, bom April :be deatb of her Nickson. Mr. and .Mrs. C. E. Canine of Sac City were over Sunday visitors hfjr'p at tlie liomc-'of Mr .amii' Air's." Kd. Baker. A baby girl, weighing IM/i }\>t. 22mi to Mr. and Mrs. She ban been named Wmtin§ Man Kenneth MeAndrews ?of Esther- vllle son of Mr. .and Mrs. Andrew McAndrew ,a ipromlnent family there, is back from overseas ;8.nd talks freelj- about the -war. He 'has been flying 'With the .Hoyal Air Force :0f England and was ahotidown In a bombing cruise across the channel last fall ,and was Injured while making ,n :para- cliutp landing. Both ankles were sprained. He has ;been :in;a hospil- nl tor several weeks and then in- valded and permitted to come home for u visit. Oral, home. Mr. Dean is employed ] ..«L!! y ! at the Hood'E I. G. A. store. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Johnson of Storm Lake visited Sunday at the i He I stubborn :and .will die before they will submit to German rule. food IB scarce there foi- home of Mrs. Johnson's parents, j Pl«"es and guns iare given first Mr and Mrs. Guy Lothian. Richard Cliristensen of near Brad.Katp. ..underwent. .mi i>perat!nn tor appendicitis at the Lutheran hospital in Fort IJwlge Saturday Hoy Joenks. J u lit Joyce. Mr. aud Mrs. Ernest Peterson 26 to James J'eter Pauline Oregersou. and Maggie David Burt, eon bom April 27 to Rossweil and Helen E. Arust. DEATHS Mary Alice Lowfler, /lumboldt March 6, age «9. Anna Christine Kjeer, Humbokit March 9, age 36. George W. Gist, Gilmore, March 10, Age 76. He|en VJoJa Jacobsop March J2, Age 46. Petrje Anderson (Mrs. A. H. Anderson) Bradgate, March 16, age «6. Fayetie Jasptr Stoddard, Livermore, Marcl) 22, age 82. Jpbn KJi-cbboff, Uumboidi, March ?4, age 72. James C. Cookiiie, Bradgaie. March ' 26, Bge 6S. Henry Friday, Humboldt, Mun-li 26, pee 83. Andrew M. liailge, Dnde, April 5, SfJfe 71. William Wellesluy McCurray, Htu- )vtck, April 18, age 8u. J«))» Magnus Tour, lliiiulwlili, Apr!) 18, age 71. A fl KJII ilor'fiiiiui, Pa)iutu Cily, April JO, age 66. Frank K. King, Hmiiboldt, April Ji», Bge 66. Magduleim ), Livx-naofi;, April Ch«i'|t-s April 21, <ige 3 William M (Jrui)bL-lb, uu m b>jiai, Apiil PERSONAL MENTION ,Jiil)aii Hkuiv. nui'ili itt wilb Mrs. Res M«ili.-y and art; vitjiiidg l|ij*> wt-tk. i BMII, dtfiigbic (411(1 Ml'H. VJtfPI 1 4l(d«ff»H fji witli priBMmQiila » . (lev. W. sflri Mrs. Mr- Mini Mr*. Vlcfili «wli)< spent last and family of near Arnold were Sunday evening visitors at the H. Porter home. Mrs. Paige Miller, of Aurora, 111., is visiting her sister, Mrs. K. C. Wittman and her mother, Mrs. Phoebe Hutchison. Nels Palms, of Clear Lake is spending tbe week at tbe John Adams home and will remain until utter Memorial day. H. V. Keadiuger of Des Moines came Thursday to visit several days witb his daughter, Mrs. .E. L. Braylou and family. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Johnson and children left Friday morning by cur for Lebanon, Ore., where they expect to bo employed. Mr. and Mrs. PeU' Van Houten and family of near Llveruiore were last Wednesday evening visitors at tbe Merlon Helvick home. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bellows expect to leave Tuesday for Columbia. Mo., to get Jbeir daughter, "is, who has been attending Stev- eu's college. .Eugene Bradley and family have been trausfei red to Washington, J.). C., from Greensboro, N. C. Eugene is tile youngest son of Mr, and Mrs. K. 0. Bradley. Meii KUBC buiii ills residence recently to Mrs. Kuttmus Jucobaen. Tbe Ruse family will move June 1 to MI-J-. Anna Muacb's residence, near Bickiiell park. M. and Mrs. \V. P. Cuthbert and family of New.ton. Iowa, visited ovt-r tbe week-end ut the home of Mrs. P. L. Nelson. Mrs. Cuthbert is Mrs. Nelson's daughter. Stanley Nielsen, quai'tei-inuater in the army stationed ut Fort Frances K. Warren, Wyo., came Sunday culled by tbe Illness of bis mother, Mrs. .Hans .-Nielsen. Mr. uud Mrs. Antone Penning and family attended graduation exercises ut Buffalo Center Thursday. Mr. Peuniug's niece was u member of the graduating class. Mr. aud Mrs. Harold Porter, Betty Jean aud Kobert of Wuverly were Sunday visitors at tbe Gewge JJeGroote home in Humboldt uud I ai the Andrew Anderson Uume iu KuUttUd. Mrs. I). If. Coyle received a message iroiu Loag Beach, Calif., reporting tbe birth of & daughter to Mr. aud Mrs. Oliver Coyle. This in i- gecoud child, a sou WUK eleven morning. Mr. aud Mrs. G. C. Crain aud family moved Monday to l)es Moines where Mr. Crain has been employed for some time in the defense plant ai Ankeny. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Weidner of Belleville. 111. and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Weidner of Humboldt wen- Sunday evening supper guests at the Will Eswine home at Livermore. Mr. Bswiiie is an uncle of the Weidnere. Pvt. Allen Shadoin of Wichita Falls, Texas visited frieuds in Humboldt Saturday. He has been enjoying u ten-day furlough at the plnce in all shipments. In the convoy in which he re- turned to the United States, there •were two transports escorted by American and English destroyers. He said the English now believe their aircraft equal to the Gcr- maus in quantity and superior in quality, but they have to scatter them over more fronts than tho Germans do. He says Fngland is getting to be one large airfield, and the English to keep r/n producing until they are clearly in the lead. He said that England has dropped more bombs on Germany within the past six month? than Germany dropped on England during tho dti- tirc war. He says that the impression ho has gained Is that the average German believer that Germany can whip any country on earth bul tht- UuiteO States. tachmont calling the fire ittepan- fnent men together. WltHIn two minutes ,ail the -voltiteer 'flremnn in town *»ere on the scone—'but there was no actual fire. Essayist Miss Anne Diamond, daughter of t» chain grocery store executive, author of o monograph "Sixteen Pages of Print," n -history of Journalism recently was awarded the $liOOO prize arid Sold medal of American Nowspaper Publishes Association for the essay. Mystery A small first aid packet of the U. 6. Army, bearing date Aug. 29, 1910. but with contents clean and white, was found in n backyard by Elbert Mclntyre nt West Union recently, it is not known to whom the packet belonged or If It hna been in use in the last war Well, Why Jlof.7 Glare Davis who operates n chain of candy, gum and peanut machines recently paid an nccont tit c Clear Lake lumber company with He brought, tho lumber comrmiiy Circumferencei«n Height arid qnaners Indhes UmlflhWtse the ends. SEALUS1M3E 16.000 pennies. Et -iiVH> tils oriug Corolla Lonnlng who will be I Future Farmers of America have ! ottico '" " ix SRf;!t ~ containing S2« married to Edward Henderson, i subscribed to buy $22(Hi worth of on{)l1 '" P ennlB!f June 7. A social afternoon was en- j stumps and bonds. home City. of his mother in Charles Mr. Shadoin was formerly employed in the Humotu Theatre here. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Soppo- land and (laughter and Mr. and Mrs. E. G. DeSmidt and children of Waterloo came Saturday night to spend the week-end with relatives here. The Soppelands visited at the MUBOII Shepai'd home und the UeSmidtn visited the W. C. Hoags and Juuieu DeSuildts. Joyed after Which the group presented Miss Lonning with u pe'.- Boual shower. Furewcll I'«rtj Honored Mrs. Grain— A group of twentyfour neighbors and friends surprised Mrt. G. C. Crain Friday evening When they gathered at her home lor u farewell In her honor. Mrs. Oraiu moved with her family to DOB Moiues Monday. Tflc Crain girls sang three selections and the evening was spent plr.ying gameb. Refreshments brought by the group was served aud .Mrs. Grain was presented with a gift. The Hook club which Mrs. Crain belongs to entertained in her honor WeduBBduy night at the Crain home. The presented her witli a gift. A pot luck lunch was served. Stampi? purchased durinR the period from April IB to May 20 by student* of the public schools amounr. to $402.45. Whittemore People Injured When Car Hits Cow in Road Mr. and Mrs. Harry Marchn and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelson all of Whittemore escaped injuries Tuesday eveniim when the Macha cat- struck a cow that had wandered onto the pavement a short distance south of Bancroft. The car wan damaged, but no report wan made concerning the extent of injuries ID the animal. SOCIAL CALENDAR Monday, Jttuj American Legion Auxiliary meets An the Legion Club rooms. M. W. A. regular meeting. Chamber of Commerce meets at G:30 P. M. ut the Country Club, j nigs and the Boy Kcouts. 2C— i Speaker—-Irvin Chapman, Club meets at ill*' thin- Klley. Friendship ut Committees Selected Fur Memorial Day Plans at Lu Verne The following committees foi Memorial Day plans at LuVerne have been selected: Program—Mrs. Ray (Stone, Mrs. Carl Goetscb, Mrs. Chas. Wolf, Walter Peterson. Platform and Beating—Scoutmaster Harold Soreuson and tht- Boy Scouts. Itecoratioc of Veterans' Grave*— Flags, DeHue Godfrey und Kenneth Sorensou; Flowers, Airs. \Vm. Big- AKl "K HANII. AIAKi: Strawberry cobble)- is n pood Ues- Ar- sert to make when extra strawberries are on baud. Sweeten 1 (junrt BOYS TOOK PART IN STATE TRACK MEET AT AMES Coach Walter Crlsse'y of tin lliimboldt public schools took two entries to the state track meet at Amen Saturday. Dale Van Houten ran 7tli in u field of i», in the mile nice. CrisHcy's two mile relay team ran Uth in u field of ID. Comprii*- inK tiie relay leum are Kelly Kiel sen. Howard Duggy, Joe Weir and Don Leuverlon. Dessa L. RichardHOn nnd 'husband to Lucille M. Paulson QOD $1 Etc., lots 3-4 bk. 11, Western Town Lot. Go's. Biit^dlvJBlon of ;parts of nutlets 2-3 lot 3 !hk ;B, 'FUflk nnd Smith's addition to Renwldt. J. H. Sheldon and wife Clara M. and B. -E. Stong to Wlnnifred Jtme Willey WD $] for lot'6 bk. 87, Hum- boidt. May ,5 Norman C. Tuoketl and wife to William Brophy and wife special warranty deed $1 Etc., for -gWVi Bee. 10-i92-27. Kliiney E. HnlHns nnd wife to J. L. E\'ersoll, WD $1 Etc., for 30-n?,-20. «tf After -wevett y«itt8i«B'tt*«titrt|»*4<1 rural < •public imfawii, <tme "nwttn NOTBntnBr 1902 -to «r. fWWy 1<tt8t- J son, 'Her unamflage USklrrg ipiace ' HnmbOTBt. 'fhe yonflg couple 'ffistfe home 'ftt ! StJre»t :<0tty, Iowa, about 16 years, >whete *r. ' estatolhlhed iHltmtait tn the pfaftttce- of tfletttiBtry. Tfiey tnen to Hmrtbdiat, «flB Dr. engaged In his >jrrtrteBBltm 'hare until lils death on Fflb. 1/19S8. Tttey were the 'jmrBilti! nt only one <Shlld, aiad atwtn. Mru. NldkBrtn CBftttfiuWlte'r residence in this city, ;trflt Was Bittlsrett poor health for i severnl 'y0«rs. 'H«r WHEN i:XTRA KTJtAWIHE Methodist church parlors. Tuesday Bridge Club meets Hotel Humbo'idt witb Julia Nel son hostess. KuUiry Club meets for 6:15 P. M. dinner iu ..Legion dining room. L. P. K. meets at the home of Mru. Wayne Miller with Pearl JSrick- sou JtB/JiuJlant ipateSB. Jtfrs. Archie jUockel will .have the pro- Nominating—Hurry Licbty, Mrs. "' bt-rrles with honey or corn syrup Henry Kubly and Harold Phillips. "«" ¥||H Hf i) )(i Mr guests at Mie 4u>)few Au 1)1 wf Mf- Simj* Pity, U)l» week witb Plxirn Talw tows in Hs»veF twp- Mrs- M»* ft few d «y» il (he Fitei) li'ii)i»m Mure Alfflfiil their second child. Mr*. WnUU Wuuker, teacher in tlie local school left Friday for New City to spend her swumier vitiation witb her buabaud who is iu tbe navy ou tbe east joa»t. Sue i> to return iu Uie fall. r. aud Mru. Clai't'-uue of iJi'llevjlit, ill., were guests at tile Lno 'A'eiduer bouie. «re i L>iothers. Tht-y M.( Monday uioru-1 K to vitrii witb utbei e\uiii?j) Mi- itud Mre. CUiarley (jjic: Wallace uud Mi', uud Mit. •'luuk j>odd ali of GiJuioit City ut htflj- borne lust tuuduy eve Mi't. Ciara Ciayvlwd, of ^'••I'd Vu.^1: "ti^ A«»W tjljefct ul Put&dt'Uv, Cfiil., tiu 1,'ojjU'i-", oi Fort iX>dl£e vitll.<d iu Ibe Ju</m$t> vf tlifir coutiiiib, Mis. Jm$t Tbur^dtiy. Mi 1 . Mud Adrb. W. C'. R. 'N. .A. regular meeting. >Vodn«*diij-, Mu.v 27— Rutland WOIUUUB Society :of Christian Service meets at the Methodist church iu Rutland. .Mrs. L. JE. Gulch and Mrs. ,E. A. Tellier are luucb boateBBes and Mre. A. L, Gregory and Mre. Gurdwi Gregory proeruin couimittet. Key Bearers meet at :the home of Mrs. T. C. Mickelson witb Dr. Nelle SchulU, Mrs. Dinar Man- Mbip, Mrs. Harold Hollar and Mrs. W. ¥. House! assistant host- eBses. JJevotiouH will be gives by Mrs. Herb Jensen aud MTB. Melviu Baker. Mr*. Paul Jid- wardt if iu charge of the Parking—Ralph Uimler, Carl Btauu ti Goetsch and Phil Henderson. night. The committee to engage a After cups ol water. Le ir several lioiirs, or over- standing, m:x I/it cup o: Bpeaker has been making arrange- curnsturcb witli ^4 cup nf the .liquid ments to secure Mujor A. M. Mel- ""(i add to the berries. Cook uuti son, editor of tbe Fairmont, Minn.. thiL 'l' and place in u casserole, Ilinc Sentinel, to ;give the addresB. The the cuaiKirolv with tiny .bukiug ladies of-the JLtfVerne Cemetery jitB- powder :bincultB aud buke in a -hot eociation will prepare the wreatho ove n (42$ dgoreee F.- for ubout 1C to be usad. DeRae Godfrey is serv- minutee. Serve witb u pitcher of ing as chairman of the general thick creuiu to jiour over iudivid- eommittee, J. 1,. JUichty vice-chair- uul belpiugs. man, Mrs. Irvin Cbapmun secre- tary-treuBurer and Mrs. A. H. Him- JK.LAMINK J-'OJt EL1XT1UC ler, Chus. Wolf und Floreuct HIM" are the executive committee. Rev. Share Spoke at Bradgate Commencement Thursday "Bev. J. J. Share of Webster City, , 8wlta « ol ' I ° 81B ttt aL ttu e^ <* « TJUOI.1HUE ftAMliJt , pour insulutiou and use of runty wire urt c.oinniL'ji CUUBCC ul tronlile in elHctrii ieiiciug, Bays Harold C. Beuty, cxteimiou argrl- c.ulturui engineer at Iowa Btate L. W. S. C. S. of tbe Methodist chorob «.t tbe cburcb witb Mr*. U. Sujdfr niid Mi't. lienii OBtfcbKtt. JDevotiuus by MrB. H. P. Schoouover, program by Mn-. Lloyd Adam*, Urn. iu:e Adams aud JWttry Luucb will be nerved by MLre. A. A. Kicbardboti, Mi't. Henry btiiuwr, Mrs. fc. K. Oelirt, Mre. M. K. iiicieal and MJ-B. F, K. former Humboldt puHtor, wu^ the Miaiu spcukor at the Bradgutt public BChuol commencement exercuief. Thursday eveuiug of lust week. Tbt giuduuting cluHt WUB coiujJOBod ol Mary Lou Gehrt, Velmn MudBeii. Beverly Bradburn, Dorothy Law, Dean Mttdseii, Miirviu Onuene, Lawrence Rippberger, Douuld Boi'- and Gerald HUHHIH. COUNTY PASSES NAVY RELIEF DRIVE d«grnBp so tbut we«di can be clipped beueutb ciie wire it one way of helping to keep ivewlK from shorting the lent*, be explains. Giust insulator* ui-e generally iiiurt- cftuctive tbuu unelaz«d or poorly glazed iiiBUlatorb. Houit- inutlt electric fence uou- troh; are i-eldoni uatiKluclory and t'.re often Uuupt^roui: They Hboulfl iifver lie c.oiiiiticied to jiiiwei Ujuity CiicJt JUifcuis »t ill* iioiue of j Julia JvVibon, with Mrt. Wil- OoUecuoue lor t^e last iivt iiightB at t4ie HUUIOIB theatre for Wavy K*Mt-f totaled $&4 7!!, fcud tbit- »Uta W»B turned over to Titnt-ur*J' K. B. Watbou Mtmday, County Witt* iu charge tif tie prt<- jCbaij-maii W. Clark Williuiui i*- grttui. J. O. O. If. regular meeting. Aid cbuicb witb Mr*, Oi« Mrs, 01* r}etlwx<J I'll ib« unity. inure, (rum Oil W#t*rkw A Mr. »u4 Mis, unit-etui} lit remain* lu • »t tk* to CoouBUuity Club will cot Mar/MM> I— Mx»H4ay Club ti»if uutjli Club Lb* «. H. »»wi»j( club Krtday luBcbtcw. tint, *» u »ut*4 t>t ti Urn. W»i»» JIJUw Ji»itor«4 »2».S7; f 25.00; Ottoceo, at » ojw o'clock bsuwtos Kttol etru*bei?, 118.26; Humota theatre, f 54.73. While Humboldt county U taw to the growing iUt of Iowa that bavt now subscribed their quota of the |12$,000 to be rai»e4 In tbi» «ute, U is believed additional *uod» will be re* particularly from Pioneer GJlfficr* City. An? individuals who have not been nolleited, aa4 wbo in»y wUb to *ub«cribe, aj»y *ttVf tbeir coutribulioiyi with Mr- at (JM Pir«t National at HuwJwJdt, Mr. WUilaja* IfewJy fai |*svlB8 Wwnu, f ««** wtwrs witb Mr. Hewtly tout t*«iflil*»Uia tt«r« fll« pirty ww« it (hi ft bflffle.- wsi Mr, »itd *(/»- W. K, «fie tftlwte wbltb iso«fl wti gpeut ttoi ; Mr« i, & Wiiwa Mil: a^li i; Than Fur Octane ttW W? roll HuwtwMt frew we Uviaf to tto Jpt vwt»t«tf by have ^ffiP™V bfta 41SU. in, •tenuu '' u '*** L "f' ilMPIH^W WR ftWWIBdfc^' ol ™ Monday. »um, together witli an -ov*r tbe U>p" r«uiittauv« Iiom Livera»or* of I50.UO, rfcttii-t.d Friday, and £& addiiional tbnk tor $€iO Jio» Ouobtti Monday, raifcfcd tbe Hutuboidt county giving u> date to I724.VV or IUM ovtr tbt county 1 ! of f700. it is Muectfcd tiiat addiuooal will be reported from Pioneer and Giitaore City, neither of .'iilcb bav« nit yet reported. Total coutributioiifc w date, a* cMnpiUtd by Mr. Wiliianm, are follow*: Hutnboldt. I2&375; Hutland, 160.06; Reowick, I5S25; UT- truM>rt>, 460,00; Bode, KS *6; Tnor, $«,M, Dakota City. $40.0»; Hardy, i. Ji.rjrcuhon Jr n him of tbe e-diloi ot the Klemme TiujfcB. wufc u memliej n) tbt graduating tlh'-.t ui Lubbock. TexuJ-, on Suiiy Sftii, and received iiifc wingti uud u cuiumisBJoi) ut u Hucioiid lieu- t.eiiiiut iu tie Vuiled Stutet Air Corjis. INTERESTING ITEMS FROM All PORTIONS OF STATE OF IOWA "Lad" a theptrd do£ owned by Wendell and Wayne Durham was reported to the Jefferson police department at either sick or Injured. Policeman Bill Gilroj answered Ulr call and cays be found tbe dog frothing at tbe mouth, to be shot bjic- Toe many friends of "Lad" Ibtn wondered if perhaps he had been shot needlessly, and city official* ordered a post-mortem. Tbe doctor 1 * report was that in his opinion, "Lad" bad been bit by a car, at tbe right shoulder was badly crushed, three ribs were broken and the lung cavity filled witb blood. Lad's friends were assured that be could not bave survived bis injuries, and tb«ir minds are now at rest regarding Ms deatb. Toll* Again A cburcb bell, silent since 1919, will again be used when tbe 76th. anniversary ol tbe PbjinfleM l|etb- odim cburcb is observed. Tb= he}) TVar Mrs. Wesley Bum)) ol Grinnell IIBB receiveti a letter from Mrs. W. Lonic of Baliorat, Victoria, Australia, at whose home Mrs. Bnmp'H sou, Everett, was billeted for u time after the young soldier reached Australia from the tJnltnd Stater,, stating pleasure at having the youth there. Everett since hns been transferred to New Caladonlu. The letter enclosed a photograph or Everett in front of the Lonie residence. AmerleonJied In the Inst world war, Berlin, a small town in Tamn counts', went American one hundred per cent. Citizens changed the name of the place to Lincoln and then followed witli u change in name of the German HnvingB Hank to Lincoln Having* Bank. A local insurance company eliminated the word German | from its title and decreed to print | no more policies in tlie German language. (link! Avoca citizens were aroused to n raid alarm one night recently but tht 1 disturbance proved only to be the squealing of escaped hogs from tbe vehicle of 11 Good Ilupidft trucker whi) upset in u ditch .and debouched iiis cargo into the vegetable gardens ol tbe town. Mtcrlinp Hllver Beth Bllver, Cuntril, Republican candidate to rcongresK in First. Iowa DiHtrlct. bus a campaign motto: "A Silver guarantee IB us good as Ciuld." Wartime Hpinnlnp Wliwil Tlie spinning wheel of Mrs. Albert Curson of MurQiietlu, Iowa, IIUK .seen IndustriotiH service in four wiini. Native of Germany. Mrfi. Cui-Hon spun yarn uud knitted for Boldiei'H in tbe Franco-Prussian war, tlie Spanish American war uud the two world wars. Itiriky 1'urklnpr his car in front of the ^Bheriff'B office at the court house in Mucjuoketa, Bam Higgins of Zwiugle, bud the misfortune to lose one of bin tires by theft ic broad duylighl recently. lliiHlneni- UK Dunul Tlu- exp l »'t buBiuosB to South Africa yeeniH not to be wholly cur- tliiled by tbe war. The Silver Rtrtak Munufanruriiie Ou,, of Dy- erBvillt- bun just received uu order for lu.UUU renewable cutting «dg«K for plow uburuii for the port of Imrban, South Africa. This is near i he inland ol Madagascar. 'Another «uob order was shipped by tbe firm M the Huiue pluct luat December. Like* Hiram Piuley, 101, oldest nurvlv- ug Civil "War veteran in Iowa, re- Hiding in lied Ouk, says hie appetite is good, be likes his "nweeteii- ne," and therefore applied for u nurs'1 rutioniug books at Red Ouk. Wr. Fiuley also likes a goitd gctme jf 11 fSuic Fi'hd Gardiner, cuttle tester for lie North Hardin Dairy Herd ini- prt'veme.iit auBOcbjitiou, who tuite lie inealB at u different furm etiifc tisifc, has saJTeS hit £• ratiouiiig problem by carrying ais jinvme BU^iir bowl containing his OHITIIAttY Inu Stewart Ina Stewart, daughter nf Jdhi and SusannE Stewart, was bom in Pann, 111., July 7, and came to Bum- boldt county-, la., with her parents when she was a small girl. Her early girlhood was spent on a farm south of Humholdt. She received her education in the rural schools and in the Humboldt HOW ABOUT A GOOD OLD FASHIONED GET-TOGETHEH ON Oim SENSATIONAL NEW IIUUN^WICK CENTENNIAL MAPLEWAYS-^IN AN ATMOS- PIIEUE OF HEAL FUN AND FROLIC — BIUNO THE FAMILY FOR A PLEASANT WHOLESOME EVENING OF TOP.GUADE BOWLING FUN ! The 'Bowling Leagues Tiave finished their •eMions. may bowl any evening -you wuh. From now until 'we close | for ithe Dummer, -we -will be open evenings <only a;t i 6 3 30 IP. M. TREE INmUVTlOKt BY APPOIHTMEHT FOR VEOINNERI Come one — come all for 7<«,5 ol bowling >fun — come on along ond bouil at Bawimur hettith .tirtWa rapidly during 'fife pnat'tnonth, and on^May I6'«he WB removed to the Lutheran hospital nt -Fort Dodge, •'Where 'she ITTOHSBO away :«t '2 ;'30 a. m., -BnniJay ;May 24. Site fsriiiHfvlVSiHby .^prnHnster, * ECR iBsrth, of KulriBohU. services wave fteld '-May '26, 1942. She was >a 'tnenibflr <of 'the Woman's oltib, '«nd oT the ''Grtraen dliib, the •oreralssatlon -meeting of Which ! WBB iheld in 'her Tiotne. . ;8he wa& •alBo ;R faithful 'and member .of the Woman'? •flhlp, formerly ;the <DaBh»B' of the 'Congregational <dhurdh. — Contributed. POLITIOAL Uoyd i. Smilh for Congress KEFtniMCAN EI/EOTIOW «lJoyd iR. Smith ,of tForast City, •was horn -arid -raiM3''ttn 'nij Iowa farm. Worked -aria eatohea Wis way through Forest. 'City school; Waldorf iuthoi-an 'College; and the'Chllllcoiho Bufll- ness <C611ege. TTaugHt -for two years at WW- Bwrf college; Tobu'la'tor for the AAA; >01naerWi«iter Hor Aettia Lite anaurance 'Company;' 'Secretary Jin :the 'State .Seasle; -anfi Weld RepreBontBtrve tor £he State TreaBurer 'of Iowa. iloyd ;R. -Striith Is known as a forcoful iptfbTic speaker. I&O ihns dolivfffea 'over :2,000 speeCh- es iduring itiho fttttst 'eight years. This'QlStridt meeas his speaking ability fto ireproaent their beat •Interests to <vhe 'halls ot Congress. iFarmers, businoss menj luborlng imen, and elderly peo^ .pie 'in rueod or digger pensiotis 'Win ffina to Smith the mart 'Win 'give them eiiutti an* irnprosentatlon. unw Bi • *>v< > i-ation along witli him on hit, travels. Tbe bowl is equipped witb chain and padlock. Agsl* Catur Mits Lillian Peters of Shtldon it a specialist in rock cutting, oldest art known to man. Her collection of rare and precions stoats is amo&g the largest in tbe «tate. Her worfcthop contains modern machinery and equipment Including power buffer for polishing. Tbe an of finishing stones bas many fans in ail pans of tbe country, was donated, to 188$ to. tbe Plainfield Presbyterian cburcb. but was Her** Show A horse sbow has been added W the program of "MacAnhur Week", June 1-6, at Bedford. Tbe sbow will be held tbe evening of June 6. For tbe event tbe Bedford Horse Sbow Association was organised. 014 Hood Burner A historic wood burning locomotive and train similar to that used by railroads in 1857 was on display at tite opening ol Villa Louis this month at Prairie du Chlen, Wis. The engine and mail car made tbe famous run from Hannibal, Mo., to St. Jogfcob, Mo., at 69 miles per hour, in order to demon- One fl^ecs is mor* convincing tha* one tkoticand words. tuaz BREWINO ca, MIIWAUKM In full IS-OK. Club-size Bottles. ability to dispatch mal} faster than tbe pony express. Tbe train vent so fast toat tbe pail clerk was unabla to *prt tbjr Bi*il b*twe«a stations, and as b« inv«aw4 tk« pigeon boles now ( used IB railway w*« ( e«r*. The train on slsted of LocoatoUw >j«. 86, stored iu 1919 when the cbmch | car, and Pullniw 3&.». A. of tbe original doaer will charge o| pl»cU>« tjie bfill to its £$g jysn'« AU U W**. i i»UJC«!i Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday SPECIAL; l .fl f 5 * New White Potatoes, No, I for , ,,, T Prunes, No, 10,...,.,.... Peaches, No, 10 Kraft or Standby Cheese, g Ibs..-.;! Early Ohios or Cabbl©r8| No, J 100 Ibs, „,.,... ,..._„. Armow's Tall Milk, 4 P & G Soap, 6 for Round Box ^ii.' - * *• '•• v.,3 : \ ^ ,,.,,,,,, Blaek ,5* ?3f >l t pfiuridfi j^i WBIBP^STSF :

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