The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on May 26, 1942 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1942
Page 4
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House fly Is d- o! Ipttl «| 1f 1BW&'"StajeS C tte honse fly has been known to ~ o¥ Wot* fever, tuber- 1 ' 'hnd lunimor a* round uS of 'Infantile t>af- se tiles can be controlled, tte . ft Way preterit" tihdt>striibi<3 cdfl'nJ tfllc'attoni to a fconWdefablfe ext^h't. tt W hoj claliiied t6 alWrt^U pHdHtfe fong-ltiihuirifty to <h6 dfseaSt*. ' Ih all cas(«s the spi*v((ies ot a conipeteht veterinarian sbbftld"' bo sodgtit 16 worft HUl tht> b«st"j(olil- (l6h Wr that fiord Mcanse th'pve'n're ftri iiirthy complications «een'. 'spl i ea'd f the inanlire on fields SrV'S flays 01 pilo it !n iock<i and lit wnlf wr paper , X'tJso'ot fly ravs E>ery (arm *h6ul(l have ttto or tlneo traps"of 1 'serf Thi most successful It. A .in,, , t a witH .1 !rn tnoiitn Wir<< i \Hiulti This Is Ct tin legs and billed with fish, ~ &k, baiton i etc Tripped HIM B killed 1 by dipping iti U'losem' or fllhg' wtilpi or b^ hnrniiw. p!"tfse of fl> PMMW Poi.-on* A lie Hsefl on I'MIV safety • handl d \ budiip wick i pint ot <u>d<nm arvpnite \*3j$L I'i'lrA of lil.X(k«-tiop molasses galibn ot watel will make an ^vjjIRfctiv^ fly poison rtlRfnwr all * f SfiiraW. Hang the moistfncd sack ""IhVtmiiS or t.hcd ilgli enough so x"litrm' animals and children lH Widh it nnd moUu-n every 1 'with *atei [ait ["arsenitc i.s a dangerous I'a'hd mifst be handled CMI-P- ..}'" JLtibtticr poisoned half which 'lisa 'dangerous to humans eon"" '• ^"pint rif milk and % pint I'Hhflbr pills 1 '3 teaspoons of for- Bn'.' Idxpose In shallow pans i:i"piecfe% bt bt'ead or strips Ot iftlrig pape^ acting as iahdihg Illfi" tor 1 the flies. » **^cV^en^ should be placed on i and doors 1 of dwellings anfl 'she'ds may be datk- ..dnde 1 ffy activity ' sprays snoiild bo used reg- jf4 ftoroughiy to kill (lies _.. -'-", 'sbng-egalfd In i6 f nuttberdl Moaf fly sprays do 'All the flies knocked down, to Weep up an4 Uarti flies' oh the floor Frozen Fruits (Can 6e (*rcserv^d With no H ' ' *4 • J*' » ' ' " Sugar Briefly Some dozen fruits can be pic- scivcd without stigar but only toi a llmltod time. Silgar or sliitar sytup [t required (.. prf^nv natuirtl Jlavoi, color nnd aroma in practically 'ill fruit, •avs It It Plaftito. town Stafp f'ol- Icge Agrlciutufal Kxiipflmenl Sta(!on horticulturist. Strawberries, raspberries and cherries can be without Sugitr for 2 Or ' trlats tore Kho^ff that's i*6V fsif eftfasftitich Irtes 111 Xul^ n'rts ffiit'intf 'fife# *rt barfW wlfl' In 5 * foaf |>^o'vl8ing" sfirh** ' «A IS'B^CnlafSi st«ck an&' Unit ft! Sudan grass' has a high carrying capacfty, espebiatly on Ido^bfl. It II tne Best' ^mef ge-ncy hot We^the'f ' fof io'Jfa'' producing Its A 'bWe|i s asr t ls'' normally ffof inalit. ^ It' trSffdrtralmp'Mg alid C^ntlHttes to m'aitd "ne<tf gfotvth'. tf it Is ttf farnisfi^the finfy pasture tlttring these hWnthfc it Is nrobably a good plan to figure an acre for each 2 head of cattle or an acre for each 10 'to 15 sows with piga. The latter part of May Is a good ;'en fo K'voitf'We a It' 1owl"^ta\e""col I, H > f'. i," ' ii- ng possib)e must be don« 'al rf }nr^tldu"comln'g t« 1 **•_ -JJifjliJ!f'J.!li _ I L.^««J i« 'aWfcft tt'telr-'iarms < (' say's', srihets 'W cut j(fe, r coiurhu'ni- the'butsldo ' dfr^'ctiy 'Into T taVe'|ty that "\u Jfoni plac- ' clear, bog 'of JSWfn can afford £o go to .(ur.ifllatifi -ittuji. jfL'ju.il_ ''>_^ ~^ its re"gal i, Increased cost mre.r jiiterference ' ia' liegrrc bt Katlsfactlon. However, sugar will bn inpcdcd to bfitig but flavor ,il tlic end 6f that' iie'riod. Storing longer th^n S mbiilhs without sugar iB'hot'r'ccomi|n6'nded. Ylln'ebei-rieu,'" 1 crahbur'rips, "rhubarb. gooseberries^ ''dui'rn'hts, sliCPd ripple? aiii| p!rteapp1a"cah be prc ji served by fr'cbzlhg' wltli6ut '"Bitgar wlih grciitci 1 sut'ccSs thaii''soft berry and stone tr'dits. fte'fe/'tftW,' Sugaf- will be ncedecf at the tlnife' of tablS usi\ To prfiVcnthrownitig riiid loss of flavor' sliced 'iip'plds 'sho'tlid' K6 scalded In Hot Wrtte^or ste'aiii' b'o- forc packing'.' " '""' ; In preserving with sugar a ratio of three to one of fruit and sugar glvts the best pack for strawberries, "but a reduction of toiir to one will glv'p satls'faciory vi-snlts. A 50 pprcont syrup (luilf sug!/-, naif water by weight)' for raspberries may be reduced to -15 or •!() percent \vlth a fair degree of success. Peaches and apricots roijulru at least CO percent syrup; cherries and plums for best results require GO percent sy.-lip or a threa to one sugar* proportion. 'Honoy, C6ni sugar and corn syirUp have been used for sweetening fiozPti fruits but If thisp pifj diicts arc high In price or scarce. thpv ma\ not be htlpful substitute 1 ? Honey will add another flavor to th6 frozen prrtduct StretcU your rubber for the dura- tlon'f tespeclalljr tihibly ahd tlcrti- h'ent IS ttils iiilgoatton' this 'spring, bVdt "tfS r lie ' pVloi'lllel ' ilat, frost' y'bu rab- bel- Wrtn^e^s, 1 girdles, garden hdse knu JaP rings * respctt 'The tlireu wor^S* 1 onemieu of Rubber aro heat light and oil or grease so be sure the garden hose is not left for a' sunbath W'lhe lawn all summer. Foundation 'garments that contain rubber 'fchoujd be washed frequently to'remoVe' body oils llub- bor gloves should be removed when polishing brass' wttrop and copper. These two'metals ruin rubber. The siihpjOB't' cleaning method ot all— plain Boap 'and water— Is the boat Jor rubber. 'GIrdlps should be washed frequently and then rolled up uufckl.y in a dry cloth Don't p'ut them on the radiators, stovus or'oii'hot pipes if you want them to last. Rubber should bo stored In a cool, dark place ai;d put away clean and dry and in as natural posltkm as possible. If the article must be folded, dust the surfaces that come in contact with each other with talcum powder or cornsturch If 'you 'have' rubber iirtlcles with small tears or holes, repair them now with patches. H4VJ WGS br1ft fl l&Hf »F f? F> •?. Fall pigs to he mobt piofitablu should be farrowed curly, preferably by Oct.' 10, lecomniHiids B. L QUnifo, uAiuubiua swine 'peclalist at Iowa Htate College This means that sows should be bied some time before June 20. Undoubtedly Iowa will be ex- pectsi} to produce a large fall pig crop. ' While the size of the aprtng Wg/'erop w jij not be known until about the middle of June, It would f)'e"we}} |pr fo^a producers to' plan necessary these plans can 1 " be fchaDged v after that' date, 'Qualfe B8yB. ? ' T -' " 5 ' 1 ' s 'Iij the tall ot 1941 many sows in' fj^yejn'ber atfd e4rly wWch"j|8 f< (:o6 late' uijjess '- Barters CAR be -- * - • fed and ]u goo4 f ' ? |«!l%yt» tor flil Dispose of ypo^ters qit Eiid of ttatcning Season E5cp'ertSays nM - '"'• i " ft ' With 'the feud of the hatching season at hand, egg producers will find it to their advantage to (Us POSL ot all old i oosters and to seg t'egato youiiK cockerels fvom ; tlie laying flbck, says Ward'Wagilcr, nxteiislon poltry inarkdtlng speclal- i t at Towa State College PCkm foi old roosters have beui gun rally high with pi'Odticers net tinfc from 10 to 16 cents' per pound deptndlng lipoh the sl»o nnd condition of the hlid4 Mariy dealer-, aie planning to offei siieclal Mai- kpt days as an ineontivo to rid poultry flocks ot the robsterS In adrfltion to securing a good price foV sncrf poultry as wtll &» ttti savfnB'of: *ee'<(: < ridd'ln-fe'thtf tloak b't robs'(brs" r wHl'in^P6Vl« 'the'tfro- dutdis' egg dfeck 1 because Infertile eggs aie less Hkoly to spoil and aro more icadllylcept In top quality condition 1. Open bags by untying string.H - don't cut the bag. 2. Protect filled bags from rodents—rats and mica are "'No. 1 Gnomic-.--. 8. Store filled bags in a dry, protected p'iace. This will protect both h< h IRS and the < outwits ™, ^ ,. r u Id cbPtntPiilb stub Hut'itml Lutk) SUrs SAYS W GOOD EAT IS oil WR ls Wlioat Is aii excellent toed for liotli cUickens and turkeys but the price is the thing 'Which will determine its uaablllty 'as a grain substitute. : ''••• Wheat ciin ba used pound for pound to replace some other poultry feeds, say H. t,. Wilchre, head ot ii'iultry husbandry at Iowa State College. That means wllsat nhonld he substituted [or the best economy. ' I, il Millie Qrf;ilnd whole wheat may lie used in replace all ol tiie bran uild mid- dlings In mash tormuUiS for chlfks. liens or turkeys when oar.s and alfalfa muni" aro included to priivldo hulk. Wheat may also be used 10 rsplaci; the nata in thi^e foriinHan but It should not place both the bats and the bran in the same mixture. Too much wheat will have a limit ivi- nffr-fi nji ij-.iultry- nud would cause poorer growlh or egg prrtduclloti. It Is safe to /eud ubout lio p^r- cfiit of the ration as wheat, Including It in botli the mash and the grain. : : Shrunken wheui is high in protein and may produce better results than the plump 'wheat 'in feeding poultry. '•'••"••!',• '•''• •' "• i''--.i>i ;• lleplafo ISo W c Corn 1 '^'Tie'at'rii'j'v 1 bB'Used to replace not move thttij' tef tb'e'cohi'in the fation ' ir'tn'e 'price "''rela'tiouship* IB vifeht; 'Corn provides carotene or yltaiuln* A', n wWeh''wheat ' does not, wlrtiilj^'IsHhe'TeasoW 1 whett" sh6uld not ifepjaee'alV ijrthd' toi' u . '"•• ; "' 1 1 : Ext»a ••leaders'' coijtalniiig whole oats,' 'whole %Ueat or -whole b4Mey should 'b& ! suppUea when the ebleki are 1 ? 1 weeks 'old. ' In case broilers Are to tie sold, the grain should consist of 'equal parti' or cracket} corn fcnij small grrtn to tetten th« itfar- ket bl^dsl -'Cootertls 'to b e 'j4«rliflt- fe£ *« fryers' op 'ro'sslBi-s, aad'iiao pUHets; «lMmi4 he gtreo «w ats as fcttllli'eis from bigs as soon TS prit tlf Tbl( Do not place bags lie u oih niuiiMit. 01 bti/cctlon ablp chemicals. 5. Empty'all bags as soon as pos- ih|< —they 11 la t longer- if em^tl pd beatch and hung over a wire t If bag-i .he wet. diy fn siin to pit vent mildew and rot Snlhi'dt wis hostess to the Rutland (auk> Stais 1 II club Snilrdiy 1C ,.t iioi honu Tiie inpeting was cilkd to oider hy the pipsiaent, Maignrtt Pitstick iit 2 W 'p M,' after whith r6ll cafl v, is answeied' by all of the mem- '^" °* f* 16 club leuhr a«sHtdVit loader 1 aiid a guest Mis Walter 7 SU1 bags you 1 do n6t need Let 1 ChrWterisbn to "thru- vitamins aiiU thorn do duble duty ' I ' la soarde of'each" The middle's S Sbrt llaga by fabilc and by were Vead arid dppioved A cbnv 1 mlttee 1 Was" a^p6tttett <6 pfati tiie tlinfch for 1 RdllfDky 1 ' >''" ll) nt^eh'd the' s'ta'te"4!.'H ( c6hVe2tion Ut sire Cheap spring eggs can be stored foi xn<) in thu fall to replace Tiigi piiced eggs by dlp'bltiB them 1A mineral oil putting them down In water glass 6r storln'g the'ni in re- frigcruted lorkeva. Details of 1 how .o treat the egga mity bii obtained aW e' ' feeff'fUf BH- rftf a's mffclt time to seed sudan in Iowa. If VeMy Wr ' *"'' '' '" '' * 1 f'rom 15 to 25 pounds of seed per crV'fS the refcoTftmfea iel atf. The 'gr-als <!6%S fleft «Sf rf' soli affJUW ^ prepared (nuch Writ.' 16 18 be\3t iiot (olSa^ttifg itt- | flan gr'Sss 6sp'e6Wll5i" afid catlle- ifrtHl it has •nplghf of at feaSt a fobt ahtl it |6f'hvo'fcet. ' Siklati should heWf B8 pkstnred aftf-r the Mr^t frosl Irt'fdll !flf ffeaf of prt«ai<! acid po!- EGG CASE SHOULD, (by C. O. Powell) EKK rases should "be douserved by both farmerrf and buyers arid erfrifcd"oi r hiffflStrat!o«"tb"p r rWeftr ^VK 1 ^ Wr tftcsW ctfn'f«l«ev# frritfl 4kyrB6kfet'- 1ft? tn 'fl8V «f 'the'nftparefil "hbft- ^ ,, • , ,.,-. , ' "OK "following are a few suggestions fof' p-fe'.Wtng e^g'fasesl: '. "" 1. fro not"ifroj) or handle cases •' " ' "'"'' •'''""' 2. trge care in i emovlng flats and tillcis rihtt'replacing'theifl In'phiW fcrtses "' >''' ' " " ' " otl 3.'""Open cases carefully so that the lld^ Wlirft'ot 1)6 Sj)llt, ' ' ' 4. tffetf fca^e'i in a''<ilean place so'thi't they "flrfll n6t becdWe sfaR- ed.' " " " ' ! •"''' fA£"'ADVmRTISBMl>NT'"" fcOMTiCALT AbVK'RTISEiiVIBNT** i. t - iltimiy i i •'' ?r '• "•' "•' .'i'" 4 one extra in the Iowa Legislature. viu vfci. AIUL • oi-cmi^ UAI. VILA*. uu^EibfuiiD AIAO «UWAVO fti^wn An4i.y lAjLLOt,!. uvtf v«* (&nu teti'^eous: He'' W' KnbWn' aiidtetoj^ 't^eH^JiedWs'iioiaiAKtlbri^kpfe^r'-'^'V 11 * 11 »V J"w-<«« f.'»- ; -«•,,!><., for rt»>.(JOO ->t iifig community, JJourfce g. tjicjceajoopcr Jtnows J.'b'^Witi is maii Aines' Marilyn Solneck was chdsdn d« the M best giooirted girl, Helvttk and Margaret Pltstlck to be candidates far county Parts tobre assigned to gfi'ls for'biir part of Ihe Bally 1 Utiy ^iWgrito.""' : •' " "" l!: - llv '':'>' i'" Thb"fbllowing program was glv- i __i:i•WI-.^J^A'.-...! ] )y rjohna' BIdihker; from Iowa State College, Aines. The zest for early spring greens haa led''some folks to use the,..,.,,^ .-. t -• . ,. ,.,,,.,,, , „, leaves of rhubarb for greens. Ow- son rir 'f Etiquette on' the Street by Ing to the high content of ovallc acid and Its soluble suits found In rhubarb leaves It is recommended that -they bo left entirely and hoi used under any clriHimfitanoea' as food. Numerous cases' of inorh or I loss serious Illness nnd soni'e fatal! itles have been 'reported "In' both I Kim>p« and North ' Amei lea from rfatlnft rhubarb leave 1 !)'. 1 " ' '"-"• fJaking a whole barn is no trouble at all, hesanse nil you do'is put'It Into the oven ut a low temperature and forget about It until done. 'If the rind was not removed, take tiie ham from die oven a few 'minutes' I it-to re it is dune and 'remove this. For decoration you ' may"want ! "tb soon' the ham by 1 cutting' ti'cross th» fat la diagonal lilies. '' ' Caiiijagi; worms ami cabbage lice will soon be attaqk ! lnB''in i; force. DiiKt the |)rants'-Svltn''r()ten(ine''ddst or iiae'1 part ofI'lilctuiri^araerfate, leud arsuhate o'r' parls'"green 'ahd Wpneta" O f" wheat'"flciir" for "the Woi'ins: One tiSaSpooiiful of ul'c'bi tlny i sufuVi! ! 'in"l 1 ' ! jfa'nbn" ! of aaa'pV 'water 1 'WUI kill 'tli&'iice, ( " " 1 ^'-' 'In culiiiig'' ! bot'n' 'old and young flocka ;it' la de'slrkbtei'to -Wniove'lh'- NeUtibr or'theW''^^^^* 1 injtliierice the' 'quality of niea't'IUr 1 humktf cbtt- sunipttoti; ''' 'ix'st for hmti<tit \'i>n- Mtfrllyii 'golbuck. 'Margaret' 1 __,_ s'tfcic"gave 'the ! 'talk,""ljj"' ! my do'ni- pleiloh'ds' Nature''intendea?' at in tne June prtmartc wt» urge your frieni \>f Donna '' ' . ''Th'e" 1 4ejteliye 1 !i e'at?' '''waS we talk— Wtidt 'iilio'ul Bil ; enl^ : iQlo'r| 1 a'}i ; 1 The'' Vecbgnft (oil ^ n'umbers were rev/e^ea 1 " a'fte'r 1 t "w|i!c"fi'"funch '¥is seK J ecl ! by t'jie'fiosteas 1 , "'"' ' v ' !l " ' Tlie next "meeting |s to be hejrj ay"2?(h v 'ut' ! t}ie ! 'horab 'o! 'pbyllS ' liarson, ' tlep'orter—Marliyn '' So]- l.iU(,l»! i:,f,ri('V M-.I.H!! !-r-.| beck:" ! Powe}|) }f Humbdl(|'t county 'Jarraers are -.1*. .**< V.4- 1 IrnUvj iuUtUi^t.r/L-JJn ill^ n'Ln for a"good stipply of grabs' in July a'iid a A%' u %:-' u ¥iidah lf gYaW w^ll 3 M this W&lveW&Lf'&Ml SWyHo Ui»,.,ii'c-«a,Jri' cfitaBijiM »ts,a' ,te f»* :?'44W/.?^ ' j^i 1 "^. -^- J ^•s ^*?***f*rr+t+ffttfmfi <ttt«#4-i t-r+r+iff+f+tf+r+t MS .9JC? fe¥J -*^^ W- Iff) W8P»4«F| fiHHUlHI ftft JWi M H RAY WNBHART *IWUWlPWfi _ Mayor, Wlljlam P. House! Mi 'bVk! N |t!V« Ma'f' 1 Mtrt; I B. tl !tu'si ' R- Me. fl- ' 1 " 11 "' "• f ' "' 1a I^TD 17 f**T^\lQ^7 f\V eDiWSIfo »««! SmMa SifflBI tTW: ~ mm ffjfflteinfe ftj?j? Rffftijf mm if,- te Fte m fiffisft"" „ , ws Rf Rft»n T- fi SS}.^'K&H B sBrien|, & C. ?: MFIr fir W. Mil: fat mmz$n Jt&SHIKZW PitiUI CHURCHES a?v< W. h, flriaw, ' fiav, W, Qiarii at' Re* Paul 0. B, AB> MBAWlTflj.? OBVIW1 UBW MiW ?ML- K^I-i'Si:

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