The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on May 26, 1942 · Page 1
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 1

Humboldt, Iowa
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Tuesday, May 26, 1942
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VOLUME 76, NO. 1 HUMBOLDT, IOWA, TUESDAY, MAY 26,1942 WHOLE NUMBER ^^^^^^ ' " ._. ' •' . .... .. ..^""""'"^'"'•''•••••'•••g^MMaiMfcaMMiM^^aiaaate^^ -..n.,. " ••*—« A i ^/ ATJLJLTJU JLV VHJ«7« PL AN MEMORIAL DA Y SERVICE IN HUHBOLDT Board Receives Instructions for Sugar Consumers LODGES AND CLUBS, ETC. Are Not Entitled to Register as Institutional Users The local Rationing Board has received Instructions that churches, lodges and clubs, and other private organizations which occasionally serve meals or banquets, give benefit dinners, etc., are not entitled to register as institutional users. Sugar for meal service for such organizations must be obtained through contributions by members of the organizations, It Is stated. The following Is a copy of the order received by the • Rationing Board: "There have been numerous inquiries as to the status of churches, lodges, clubs, and other private organizations i which occasionally serve meals, hold ' banquets', give benefit dinners, etc. Such organizations may not register as institutional users unless they maintain a n establishment for the regular prepara-' tlon and service of meals. In order to qualify as such an organization It must serve at least four meals each week. Sugar for meal ;ervlce of those organizations which cannot qualify as an Institutional user under the abqre requlreV' DELMAR DESMIDT LEFT FOR ARMY Deltnar HcSiiildt, son of Sir. and Mrs. Jitmcs DoSmldt of Humboldt j left Mny 15 for Fort DCS Molnes,' where he was inducted Into the! United States nrmy. Ike remained nt the Fort until Saturday evening of last week, when ho was sent to Camp Shelby, Mississippi. , * Jaqua, the Chairman* of the Humboldt C,ounty'Local' Rationing Board, asks that all such Institutions tb*t have registered and recelved^Sugar Purchase Certificates return the Sugar Purchase Certificates'to the Local Rationing ' Board Ofttce in the Legion Building for cancellation. MRS. MIDA DOAN INJURED IN FALL DOWN'THE STAIRS 'Mrs.'Mida Doan of Humboldt suffered severe cuts and bruises Saturday noon in a fall down the stairs of the Doan Building. She was at the top when she apparently tripped on a rug, and fell down the flight backwards. Although she reportedly suffered no broken, bones she received many bruises. She is at the home of her sister in Fort Dodge, Mrs. Byron Wilder, at the present tune. RURAL STUDENTS GRADUATED FRIDAY EVENING IN HUMBOLDT Fifty-eight eighth graders of the county rural schools were graduated in exercises -held Friday evening at the Humboldt high school audUprlum. 'taiilB. Norris, rural BD3LE SCHOOL OPEN AT HUMBOLDT FIRST LUTHERAN The summer religious Bible school opened Monday morning of this week at the Humboldt First Lutheran church' with an enrollment of 96 pupils. The sessions will continue for two weeks, Monday through Friday, from 9 A. M. to 11:30 A. M. Eight teachers who are assisting the pastor are; Mrs. C. J. Torkelson, Levina Torkelspn, Ellen Hansen, Garnet Skaugstad, Mrs, John Holdefer, Mrs. Clemence Burks, Betty Brickson and Mrs. O. Clifford Anderson. The school is open to anyone ln- terested, wi(h classes for every sublet,; "V „. . Don JensWV Sje •'Wesg Maple drove school 5 was the valedictorian with a 94.average, while Donna Solbeck of .North Maple Grove was salutatorlan with an average of 93.2. Third'ranking student was Carold Claussen with 81.8 average. Honor students and their averages were: Herbert Moench, 90.2; Lyle Anderson, 89.'8; Mavis Anderson, 89.3;.Amos Hill, 89.3 ', Marjorie Johnson, 89.3 and Doris Bruner, 89.3.'" '"' ; '• .-••. • '... . '. Township Award . Herbert Moench was awarded the Beaver 'Township Award, and was given $6 in defense stamps by Mrs. Ed. Koppe, for; the k club. Special awards were given to the following for having the highest examination papers: in history and civics, Herbert Moench; spelling, Marlon Olson and Doris Bruner, 100%. Physiology, Loretta Anderson and Carol Claussen; geography, Don Jensen and Donna Solbeck; arithmetic, reading and grammar, Don Jensen, and writing, Zelda Lemberg. Frances Mesaer presented the awards and also gave'the diplomas to the students. Tre remainder of the program was made up of music by the eighth grade chorus, selections by the eighth grade verse speaking choir, the valedictory and salutatory. Rev. T. B. Thorson of Thor gave the inyocatlon and benediction, and Amy Sandven played the processional. Members of the commencement committee,xwere chairman, Elizabeth Doran, Marian Jacobaen, Kaleb Sunwall and Velum Jobanson. GRADUATION EXERCISES AT ST. MARY'S Commencement Exercises Held Sunday Morning Closing school activities at St. Mary's Catholic school in Humboldt were held during the last few days. The crowning o£ the Blessed Vlr- giti Mary took place Friday evening at 3 P. M. The students of the school entered the church in a procession singing "Raise Your Volce- es. Vales and Mountains," as they marched. Two senior boys, Eugene Feany, crossbearer and Wilfred Hanna, flag bearer, led the procession. The grades and high school students preceded the May Queen and her attendants. As the students reached their places In the center of the church they sang, "Oh Mary We Crown Thee with Blossoms Today." During the hymn Miss Constance Vonderhaar, the honored May Queen, placed a wreath of flowers on a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Following the crowning an "Act of Consecration," was read by the student body, followed by the- Rosary. Rev. Father Duhlgg of Llvermore delivered a sermon, on "Devotion to oils'. Blessed Mother." Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament by Rev. Father Fitzpatrlck, concluded Seremony. Miss . Vonderhaar's »i*^tt§i»«S&^iii*^i«r.iii;-. 'JS/L DAVID CARYL IN SCHOOL FOR CARPENTER'S MATES Mrs. D. K. (Tuck) Caryl of Hum boldt has received word that he husband, who Is at the Great Lake Naval Training School near Chi cago, Is now enrolled In the service schools and will undergo tei intensive 16-week course In the school for carpenter's mates Caryl was selected for the servlci schools through a series of aptl tude tests given to every blue jacket during his recruit training Upon graduation he will be ell gible for a third class petty oftlcei rating in his specialized field as soon as he Is able to pass the qualifying examination. As soon as he has completed his work a Great Lakes he will be transferrec either to the fleet or another nava base to gain experience under veteran petty officers. Tuck has a brother, Clifton Caryl, who Is also In the service In the U. S. navy. NAME CHAIRMEN FOR USD DRIVE IN THIS COUNTY TUESDAY J. t,. Campbell of Humboldt, county chairman of the United Service Organizations drive which will be conducted today (Tuesday) states the following men have been appointed chairmen of their respective towns or townships; Y.ernon township, Ed. OppeduhL lake township, Floyd Lane. Norway towishlp, Ed. Anderson. ftwver township, W. II. Vplber- ding- and Ler! Olson. Grove township, George Dnnpny, J. A. Cedar and Charles Christen- sea. MisV^apel'fa'e : ^D6Wn;.>nd?-- i 'M>ss Bette 3(mori, Crown bearer was Miss Dotts Russell and flower girl Miss Arlene Johnson. Sunday, May 24, after the high mass, graduation honors were conferred by, Rev. J. T. Fitzgerald pii. the following:- • Catherine Doran, Eugene Feany, Wilfred Hanna, Arlene Johnson, Mary Lyon, Botte Simon, .Doris Russell, Constance Vonderhaar The commencement address iWas given by^Rev. Father Hermsen, of Gllraore City. School Closed St. Mary's school term closed Friday, May 20. Reports and awards were distributed by Rev. T. J. Fitzpatrlck. Those who received awards for perfect attendance for the school year were: high school, Eugene Feany; grades: Mary Lou Albus, Phyllis Molander, Leo Feany, Patrick Feany, James Meld, Marjorie Albus, Harriet Hanna, Kenneth Hanna and Bernle Harless. Those who had the highest averages were: seniors, Eugene Feany; Juniors, Marllean Doyle; freshmen, Frances Van Horn; eighth grade, Billy Anselment and Mary Campell; seventh grade, Mary Lou Albus and Leo. Feany; sixth grade, Shirley Ruse and Robert Johnson, Class pins for completion of eighth grade were awarded to Mary Campbell, Billy Anselment, Darlene Doyle, Patrick Feany, Edward Lyon, Mary Alice Jaqua, Phyllis Field, Robert Haas and Robert Hanna. ' Dettiw township, Irwta Olso»< Rutland township, Walter Jemsen. • i Corinth towmshlp, James Olson." Weaver township, Harry Johnson. Avery township, Grant Hoffman. Ottosen, Merle Holt Thor, L. A. Uauman. Hardy, Charles Holland. Jlenwlek, l>r. Long. Llvermore, J. F. Hamm. Node,.Leo Klngetk. Bntland, Jaek McDonald. Pioneer, O. B. Graham. Hun,boldt, Geo. K. McCollonga. This county's quota Is $2040, and the drive will be held the one day, Tuesday. Mr. Campbell hopes everyone will respond as generously as possible so the money con be ralsedvwithout further sollclta tlon. With this money clubhouses am recreation centers are being bull for the servicemen of the United States. Boy Scouts Knee Deep in Salvage Paper n ihJt , ,, r h ,°? f sncc(issf »" ""» »«'•»• I"M>«r drive lit Humboldt W«H recently o» tic local Ho, Scout troo|>. Thoy unloaded the paper on the ImpleTnenl M i . ma * u ? l ' lc 'V, lnt « "m*'*- «''«! >>»le<l «hc papers for shipping. The mono- from the o 21"fin?IvT °' C ' Oy 8C ° Bt f " n<1 ' Dn ! ' Inn all<1 R ° ynl McBIlett a"™ 1 *" th. Sco£ In the LIBRARIAN GIVES END-OF-YEAR REPORT Librarian Nellie Plnney of Humboldt has released the yearly •eport for the Public Library. The report shows that the total number of volumes of adult non- 'ictlou lent for home use was 2880. Other facts reported by Miss Pln- ney are: number of volumes of idult fiction lent for home use, 10,12. Number of books for children for home use AWARDS AT HUMBOLDT GRADUATION Diplomas Were Presented by I. Strong Thurs. .,.. 'Sixty seniors of the Humboldt — • »u^ v*t i/isisi\n 1O *•» Ud/D, .LSUriUg ... . . . he past year five volumes were P ubllc school received their dlplo- oaned to other libraries. The re- j| ma8 Thursday evening in cora- ort shows a total of 1163 register- raenccment exercises at the high d borrowers, 389 Juvenile and 764 school auditorium. adult, r Awards were given to the fol- Borrowers registered or re-regls- lowing: tered during the year totuled 182 j Marvel Frlesth awards to Donna ,_ — . or loaning* for^he ma* ority of books Is'14 days. During adult and 97 Juvenile. There were 44 adult non-resident borrowers and 97 Juvenile. There were 8935 volumes at the beginning of the year, 0089 adult Nelson and Cecil Parsons. Science award to Joe Weir, D. A. R. award to Bernlce Jenaeu. English award to Joe Weir. Joe Weir was valedictorian of and 2846 Juvenile. A total of 669 the class, and Armada Carlson /was THE DISTRICT COURT STILL IN SESSION AT THE COURT HOUSE The May term of the Humboldt county district court is still In session < at the courthouse In Dakota City, Judge F. C. Davidson, presiding. The case, of the State of iowa vs. Robert F'vecoat who had been charged with driving an auto while ?r™^ ~TMi-vi 'afternoon at four o'clock. It did noV reacii a decision until ten o'clock the next day when It returned a verdict of guilty, The'defendant has a certain length of time In which to ask for a new trial or appeal the case. In the mean time Judge Davidson is delaying pronouncing sentence. The court reconvened Monday morning after its adjournment Saturday morning last.' The week's work had not been ADDRESS WILL BE GIVEN BY REV.ANDERS'N Exercises to Take Place at Bicknell Park in Humboldt Plans have been made for Memorial pay exercises In Humboldt They will take place at Bicknell Park Saturday, beginning at 10 o'clock A. M. Paul Leaverton will >e Matter of Ceremonies. The following program has been completed: ' Music, Humboldt high school band. Invocation, Rev. Paul Williams, pastor of Humboldt Baptist church. Reading, General Logan's First Memorial Day, General Orders, by Commander of Legion. Memorial address, Rev. 0. B. Anderson, pastor of First Luther— and church In Humboldt. Reading, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, George Williams. Roll call of veterans and services or unknown dead, by members of Woman's Relief Corpa. Decorating veterans' graves, four flower girls and boys. Singing of national anthem. Benediction, Rev. Paul William*. The committee states that In the nornlngy sons of veterans and the Legionnaires and Boy Scouts will go to'the cemetery to decorate veterans! 'grayer;; The? are to meet at Bicknell park for "the program at 10 o'clock that morning. After be program services will be held on the bridge for sailors, soldier dead ai\d those ,who have lost their- Ives In the air service. •' « WILL HOLD SERVICES ORGANIZE SUNDAY SCHOOL K^B ALL LEAGUE HEEE Qlenn Kubls announced today tt»t § Humbert Sunday 8C hool JtelU league has been formed, »nd games will be played every MWHllijF 194 Frttor ' erenJwr HWHJW, at (he dia- lltefffer the LUVERNE MAN TO IRELAND FOR TECHNICAL WORK Mr, and Mrs. J. A, Nelson of iVerne left Thursday night for Gleodale, Calif., to see their son John jr. The .latter has been employed for some time In the Lock- hewl Airplane factory, but baj eg* listed with a group which will bjr sent to Ireland for special technical work. wf Ht TI * «? h4UH»* V-T^^fTT^-gsfrtl •M^wm- •^frr<*^frYJ**^ ->-^r*rnmgi ^-y^ im F T <m**# ?fw fcwW » MRS, INA NICKSON PASSED AWAY AT FORT DODGE SUNDAY Mrs. Ina Nlckson, who has been a resident of Humboldt and vicinity for the past sixty years, with the exception of about is years in Forest City following her marriage In 1902, passed away at the Lutheran hospital In Fort Dodge at 2:30 o'clock Sunday morning. Her death was attributed to heart trouble, complicated with other illness, and followed poor health extending over the past several years. She was the widow of Dr. Harry Nlckson, former Humboldt dentist, who died Feb. i, 1938. Funeral services will be held at the Llndhart chapel Tuesday afternoon at three o'clock, Rev. W. Clark Williams, pastor of the Congregational eharcji, pfflciattng, gunrtYteg Mrs. Nlckson is a *is», Mrs, BAD parfc of Humboldt, sides other relatives and » host Pi friends. volumes were added during the second ranking student. They de- decided at the time tbU,paper went year. At the present time the lib- . Hvered the valedictory and Valuta- 'o Press, , , : , ,,' : ' ! ''!'7'' arv contnlnn 927R vnlnmnn anil K9 tOrV durlllir Ihn nntnmannatnant . " • . .. ERNARDW.OEVINE PASSED A WAY AT LIVERMORE THURSDAY ANNOUNCE THE ENGAGEMENT OF PATRICIA HART ary contains 9276 volumes, and 62 , torv during the commencement periodicals. Of the periodicals 27 Program. . are gifts. A total'of 229 volumes! .Other numbers on the program has been withdrawn. were music by various high school music divisions, presentation of the annual, Nokomls, by Mary Garfleld, presentation of class gift by Phyllis Breaw .Invocation by Rev, Breaw of the Humboldt Methodist church, mantle oration by Opnald Whlttle- sey senior class president, and re- Mr, and Mrs. David T. Hart of spouse by Margie Mayer, senior Humboldt announce the engage- | class president elect, ment and approaching marriage of j The class was presented by Sup- thelr daughter, Patricia A. to Ver- erlnttiiident Holmes, and the fol- non W. Huls of Berkely, Calif., sou lowing made the different awards: of Mr. and Mrs. Waverly, Iowa. Ernest Buls of Marvel Frlesth, and Science award, ,„, j Walter Crlssey; English award Miss Hart is a sophomore at the from the Women's Club, Mrs. Har- lowa State College at Ames and ''let Houaei; D. A. It. award, Mrs. Mr. Buls Is a chemist for the Shell Mary H. 8. Johnston, and the dip- Development Company, having lomas, Mr. Strong, president of the been graduated from Iowa State school board. College with a Bachelor of Science — — degree In Chemical Technology In 1941. Mrs. Hart went to Ames to spend :he week-end and attend a "Five {Pound Party," announcing Patricia's engagement to Mr. Buls. The 'ive pound box of candy was wrap- (Itoimbllcnn-Iodependent Newn Service) LIVERMORE—Bernard W. Devine, 84, the first white child born (u Riverdale township, Kossuth county, died at his name near Llv- oruiore Thursday, May 21, after having suffered a stroke a few days before. Funeral services were held death. Mrs. William McCOrd, 81, died at? her home In Humboldt about mld- . night Saturday, following a lingering illness. Final rites will be held I this (Tuesday) afternoon, 1:30 at the Llndhart.Funeral Chapel, with the Rov. Walter Breaw of the Humboldt Methodist church la charge. Burial will be made In Union cemetery. • Deceased was -born :' Jane MoOee, to . and Mary Twining McOee, her t, 1860 at Farmer C^ She came to Iowa In 1891, settling at Dakota City. She was married to William McCord and they lived In Clear Lake for 17 years and in other cities, before moving to Humboldt. They made Humboldt their home the past four years. Surviving Mrs. McCord are her husband and a son and daughter, both of Minneapolis, Minn., Leu and Mrs. Ruth Sawyer, ulso four grandsons, a brother, W, H, McQee. of Sioux City and a sister, Mi's. Perrjr Davis of San Pedro, Calif. Three children preceded their mother In Of in This Issue of Humboldt Independent The pictures of the Humboldt public school seniors occupy a page „ _—. — .,-_, vuut>v 9 t UUUJ auuiura occupy a page Ped in red cellophane and tied with : le this issue of (he Independent wide white ribbon. Lighted white E 8cn yeftr this page In donated to candles were on both sides of the the senior class bytS XUa 2ttndy and the tin* was found on an D>i n »i»» n * w **•*»» .andy and the ring was found on ai arrow piercing a red heart Rec oses sent by Mr- Buls completed be decorations, Mrs. Puls of Waverly, Mary Ann •avjleek and Plrch HaJJ bouse ouQcll and counsellors were the tuer guests attending the announ emept party. tfiflllt' anmTnta fer H^l r-f,, 1 ! r£ Disposed of Third of Stock *^^± • ' ••VDSMA — ••• *m*g <• T ^iV*-.-'. .-• f, •, . v~ » i j-*"- •••_>_ _ . _ _ _ . • _ *• ^«_««««P«^^_>B_!__ 91 ct ^J¥.« lumbar £.^."4. to Mil lift p| or WMI»#t9ti* n« nr l^^™l^r Hit Ml • «l»* Printing Company. CONDUCT A MEETING HERE ON THURSDAY Tte Hamtwidt county 4*rfeaife tUF&l. frnn fiowa t tsv« „., ».T^ ^^ '* Monday morning at 9:30 A. M. at the Sacrod Heart church, with Fr. Duhlgg officiating, Burial was In Mount Calvery Cemetery by the grave of Mrs. Devlne. Deceased was the son of John De- yine and Anne Meagher; he was born June 14, 1857 on the old John Devlne hpmestead a. w.Ue north of &t. Joe, His marriage to Kather ,lne Qwens took place January 19 1887 at St. Mary's church, in Dakp- jta city, with Father James Zigrang offictaotlng. '" The Devlnes spent the first, year of their marrie4 lite on what Is k w owo as (he John and Anna Duu-r Phy farm. From there they moved to the homestead where they lived lor six years, then moved to the present Peviae home where Mr. Oevwe lived until bis deftti wilb the exception e| a few yeajr§ when ha resided in Livermoje. Mr. Devine was the father oj sey. en bpy$, three pf wtonj prac«4«4 him Jn death. Mrs, Pevlne pass*4 ' 6 YEAR-OLD BOY DIED FOLLOWING APPENDECTOMY Gerald Jolllffe, 6-year<-pl4 son o.f M. and Mrs. Uuaue Jo])lffe of near Bradgate died Monday morning 9! • this week at the hospital Ja more. He underwent an ap tomy Monday of last weefc this newspaper went to press ei-al arrangements bad not ' completed. Qerajd is survtt «4 by l}ij, pj and a, brothw and slater, VJr| and Tommy, besides Ott>er WU1 t>« Further Friday's LOCAL KABKET! . " 'in- T3-*"JWfr • &J4I, 1 —<~f^ m to* »ftd ttii tBS 1 .. _ __. his death, following tfa> j at*-* VF-l^TARW lESMSBTOWr^SpH WiHF ? m 1441 . John *^WWE •a!59!, :t/-*2 , r , 1 *:. '-* Jfc.-,

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