The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on May 19, 1942 · Page 6
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 6

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1942
Page 6
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_ if, regular ahtittat school pichlc win be held FfldiSy May 22, In the Rutland Park, fne Holland frbjans finished ttt«f baseball season with a 1840 tlctofy over Bfadgate last Thursday. The last P. T. A. meeting of the year was held Wednesday, May 13, in the high school auditorium. An Interesting progrgam was present- j ed with Mrs, Gordon Hoffman as all the trimmings were placed around the house. Commercial—Altos Glenson World fftalofy World history class has been studying about the reconstruction In Europe after the first World war. typing : Typing students are finishing up their tabulation course. Bookkeeping students have fln- .chairmnn of the program commit- Ished their work on practice set IF. tee. At the end of the program a spelling contest was carried on With the ladles vs the gentlemen. Captains were Mrs. Jack Paulson atld Roy Entlcr. Time was so short that the contest was discontinued before a winner hounccd. was pro- Exhibit furnished the rest of the Interest. Each room was very attractively decorated by the respective teachers. The tmlalnniittig project In each room were as follows: Commercial—As sponsor of the junior class, Miss C! Season dlsplsy- ArlHimpfle—Mr, Dcvlnc Arithmetic students are stfl! re viewing for their semester test. It Will be given them on Tuesday. 1'hyslcs Physics students arc finishing lather vlniamf and Mfcrllyft Vlnttfin 1 , RftthtyH and IVolet Johnson, Donna ftae Weydert and Allc* Maugie, Bever* Sawyer and Darlone Van ttduten, Alberta Westre and Joyce Kallem, Mavis Anderson and Carol Jean Nelson, Evelyn ttalgrlm and Mavis Nieol, Jean Nessa and iona Lttnd. their text book. Tho last few chapters were entitled: "Vacuum Tubes and Radium," "Radio Communication," Writer Power, and "Automobiles and Airplanes." The semester test will ho given next week. .Jiinlor High KIncUrds The following received one hundred In spelling last week: Donna K::::n!:er, Lylc Mathen, Roger od an array from the junior-senior I George, Donnn Joanne Pelts',, Doris banquet. Another item of Import ance was the display of typing awards and 8th grade projects: Pioneer, Washington. English. The English room was very attractively decorated In patriotic colors. Girl's athletics was one of the tnetnoa carried out Medals from the girl's field meet •were also displayed. Tho respective winners wore as follows: 1st place winner—Dorothy Saxby with 156 points out of a possible 200; 2nd place winner—Bornlce Madsen With 90 points. 3rd place winner— Mildred Thorn with 76 points. Pictures of the entire play cast and band members were other Items of interest, besides the general exhibit. Junior high—Miss Olson. An Outstanding display of mathematical drawings seemed to draw attention in this room. Another of project was that of a group themes about different types of ocean fish. A lifelike fish was cut .from paper to servo as f.ho cover, and the theme was written on pieces of paper also in the shape of a fish. Intermediate—Miss Tallman. A map and poster project seemed the item of greatest interest in the Intermediate room. The maps were fitted together and the industries •were also pasted on to make a very effective piece of work. The posters were done In like manner. ' Primary—Miss Lovrlen. Beside the general exhibit, the primary , pupils had a little house that they had made. It was placed in their sand table and a picket fence with Snxby, Hobble Urnby, Alfred Chapman, Edwin Cook nnd Mary Williams, We have completed some of our books and arc now reviewing for our semester tests. The Kill-lots The following received one hundred in spelling last Friday: Reds—Charlene Hoffman—Beverly Simpson. Whites—Ten-y Rnkken — Gwendolyn Stearns. Mines—John Berkhlmer — Jerry Paulson—Hilly Thorn. The fourth nnd fifth grades have been reviewing In all subjects but arithmetic. Wo expect to soon complete this book. The third grade 1ms completed most of their books. They still have a few pages left In arithmetic and their reading book hasn't as yet been completed, 'flip Primary Do-A-Lots Norman and Dorman Tubs celebrated their eighth birthday Tuesday afternoon. The last halt hour of school was spent by playing games. Ice cream and cookies were served by thulr mother. Kindergarten was discontinued because of the whooping cough opedlmlc In thin room. We have finished all of our readers and workbooks. Alvtn Olson and Nancy Dakken are 111. All of our outstanding work has boon put on 'exhibition. Our spelling contest ended and .he first graders were the winners. The second grade will have to plan Mid serve a party. 150 Ynrd Girls' 160 yard relay: Carol Lin- domann, Geneva ftigrtusseii and Virginia ftnsmussen; Delorls Hot- lickson. LaVonne ttalverson and Phyllis Michael; Alberta Weatre, Joyce Kallem and Jean Kallem; Lois Torkelson, Doris Jo Jensen and Florence Benjamin. Klltcnlmli Throw Girls' kittenball throw! Carol 'jindemnn, Esther Vlnsand, Marilyn Vinsand, Kathryn Wood, Mary Lou Andrews, Opal Wluff, Elanor Satern, Alice Mangle, Donnn Rne Weydert, Marie Kilt, Audrey I'cdorson, Eva Lou Butler, LaVonne Hulvor- son, Albert Westre, Cnrold Jenn Nelson, Mavis Anderson, Doris Jo Jensen, Lois Torkelson, Patsy Ack- innd, Phyllis Joiner and Nnoml Phillips. ?5 Yard !)nsh Boys' 75 yard dnsh: Ohnnnlne Greenu, Edwin Edge, Carroll Ernst, James Goodell, Lloyd Godell, Roger Terwllllger. Etieonn Vlnsnnd. Kenneth Larson, Howard Sntern, Jerry Mangle, Gerald Weyderl, rohn Pederson, Cecil PederROn, Karl Kilt, Gerald Helllckson, Junior llel- ickson, Charles Helllckson, Hich- nrci Helllckson, Lclniul Anderson, Hyron Westre, Howard Hlmrod, Jeorge Ferrell, Arvln Hnsenboom, Orrin Halgrlm, Clifton Larson, gene Viasand ftfid Ktmfteltt Ufrofij Arlo Doughty and Cleo Doughty; j Gerald Helllekson and Chat-teg Mel- iie»8on; Richard Helflcksoit and" Junior HelHekson; Leland Anderson amr"Myroh Westre j George Terrell and ArvJd Rosenboom; Or- [ fin Halgrlm and Clifton Larsons Frank Jensen and John Tdfkelson. | 880 Yard Rclny Boys' 330 yard relay: Chanhisgl Greene, Edwin Edge and Gordon Bennett; James Goodell, Lloydj Goodell and Roger TerwIIHger; I Richard Williams, Richard Sawyer and Junior Sawyer; Arlo Doughty, [ Cleo Doughty and John Thdrne; Charles Helllckson, Gerald Helliek- I son and Richard Helllckson; Le-1 nnd Anderson, Myron Westre and fToward Hlmrod. High Jump Boys' high jump: dimming I Greene, Russell Jensen, Cleo Doughty, Gerald Hellickaon, Richard Helllckson, Lotand Anderson, Myron Wcslrc, Laurence Davis, Howard Hlmrod, Russell Ulddtngs llnronce Nelson, Uurwood Oldd- ngs, Curtis Albee, Richard Joiner ind Glenn McHurney. >0 Yard Dash Boys' 50 yard dash: Vornoti Person, Edwin Edge, Channlng Greene, Carroll Ernst, James Goodell, Lloyd Goodell Roger Tonvilliger, Eugene Vlnsand, Kcnnth Larson, Earl and Royal Seward. Ilonrd .In in j) Boys' "broad jump: Clinilnliig | Greene, Russell Jensen, Howard Satern, John Thome, Charlie II?!- tlckson, Junior Helllckson, Leland Anderson, Myron WoRtre, Charles K!ev?!?.!!d. Jerry Ac!:!a»fl nnd Dick Ac kin nd. KlllPtibnll Throw Hoy.s' kltlenball throw: Vernon Person, Channlng Greene, James Goodoll, Carroll Ernst, Lloyd Good- nil, Roger Terwllllger, Eugene Vin- Biiiid, Kenneth Lurson, Earl Kilt, Gerald Weydert, John Pcderseu, Ocil PedcrBen. Jerry Mangle, Rlcb- nnl Williams, Virgil Willlms, Junior Sawyer, Cleo Doughty, Arle i:oughty, John Thome, Charles Hel- llckson, (Jcruld Holllckson, James NellHen, Leland Anderson, Richard Helllckson, Junior Helllckson, Howard Hlmrod, George Ferrell, Orrin Hulgrim, Clifton Larson, John Kilt, Jerry Mangle, Gerald Weydert, John Pedcrsen, Richard Wll- Hams, Junior Sawyer, Gerald Say- yer, Virgil Williams, Richard Sawyer, John Tliorno, Richard Helllck- Bon, Charles Holllckson, Gerald Helllckson, Leland Anderson, My ron Westre, Howard Hlmrod, Ge< Ferrell, Arvln Rosenlioom, Orri Halgrlm, Clifton Larson, Robot N'essa, John Torkelson. Frank Jen sen, Royal Seward, Laurence Davis Lylo Sorensen, Allen Davis, Rich "I'd Joiner and Glenn McHurney, 100 Yard Ka.xh Boys' 100 yard dash: Channlng Jreeiie, Edwin Edge, Carroll Ernst James Ooodtml, Lloyd Goodell, Roger Goodell. Eugene Vlnstind, Ken neth Larson, Cecil Pedersen, Ear Kilt, Richard Williams, Virgil Wll- Torkelson, Frank Jensen and Glenn McHurney. lams, Junior Sawyer, Arlo Tboruo, James Sawyer, Richard Doughty, Join Nellsen, Junloi igazine Solicitors Iron Lung ? ' * ' W . , ;lqus reports have been com- the Pocahontau Record-Dem- o*flce recently concerning igazlne solicitors in Pocahontas unty. According to the reports Fthe salespeople .are representing '"themselves as solicitors who are working in the interest of certain organizations making an effort to raise funds for an iron lung. POG'jUlOMAS STOKES TO BEWAIN CLOSED WEDNESDAY NIGHTS Pocahontas stores will remain Closed on Wednesday nights for the duration, according to a resolution adopted by the Chamber of Com- mer.ce there. This patriotic move Is in line with the government's program to conserve tires and electricity. deinann, Agnes Bennett, Esther Vinsand, Marilyn Vinsand, Mary Lou Andrews, Nellie Malkums, Beverly Sawyer, Darlene VanHouten, Audrey Pederaon, Kainona Hellickson, Delorls Helllckson, Phyllis Michael, LaVonne Halverson, Alberta Vestre, Mavis Anderson, Carol Jean Nelson, Evelyn Halgrlm, Doris Jo Jensen, Florence Benjamin, Ruth Ernst, Virginia Watts, Patsy Askland, Phyllis Joiner and Beverly Joiner. 100 Yard Relay Carol Llndemaun and Virginia Helllckson. Leland Anderson, Myron Wostre, Donald Kallem, Gerald Ferrell, Arvld Rosenboom, Orrin Halgrlm, Clifton Larson, Arlo Johnson, Jerry Ackland, Dick Aak- land, Russell Glddings, Richard Joiner and Glenn McBurney. 220 Yard ron Boys: 220 yard run: Channiiig Greene, James Goodell, Howard Satorn, Arlo Doughty, Cleo Doughty, Gerald Helllckson, Charles Hel- llckson, Junior Helllckson, Richard Helllckson, Lelund Anderson, Myron Wostre, George Terrell, Arvld Rosenboom, Orrin Halgrlm and Clifton Larson. 220 Yard Uoluy Boys' 220 yard relay: Channlng Greene and Edwin Edge; Roger Terwllllger and Lloyd Goodell; Eu- OIIH.IVW, \OTHT:. In thn District Court of Iowa, In ami for Itumboldt County. AKncn M. KrlcUHon, Plaintiff V8. llnrvoy Grimm. Defendant. ' To Tho Above Named Defendant: You are hereby notified that there Is now on file In the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Hum- bolclt County, Iowa, the Petition of the plaintiff above named which Petition allegros among other things that Hho la a resident of Pooahontas County, Iowa, and that the defendant IB the father of a child born to her on April 2, 1942. Said Petition further alleges that the defendant has property within Humboldt County, Iowa, and IB a resident of Humboldt County, Iowa, and said Petition prays that judgment be entered against the defendant declaring 1 paternity to the child born to the plaintlrf on the 2nd day of April, 11)42, towlt: Jaquollne June, and for the support of said child together with the coats of this action. Said Petition further prays that the court enter an order ordering a writ of attachment to Issue against the defendant's goods and chattels within ,the State of Iowa In a sum not to exceed 11000. Now Therefore, unless you appear :horoto and defend on or before loon of the second day of the regu- ar October 1942 term of the DIs- :rlot Court of Humboldt County, c owu, which court will convene arid >a held on the 12th day of October, .942, at the courthouse In Dakota City. Iowa, your default will be en- ered of record and judgment rendered thereon as provided by law AGNES M. HHUCKSONr PlalntTft. -61-4',.-4 . - : • - • •• ... • . PROFESSIONAL CARDS Dr. Carl C. Hoveland CHIROPRACTOR FOOT SPECIALIST Ground Floor Office lours: 9-12 A. M., 1:80-0 P. M., 7-» P. M. l)»y or Night Culls. honu—Office 875, Residence 84ULJ Humboldt, Iowa • TRACK (Continued from Page One) Tranory of Qilmore City 3rd. 440 yard run, Jacobasm of Humboldt 1st, Peterson of Qllmore City 2nd and Oodd of Humboldt 3rd. High jump, McKltrlck of Dakota City 1st, Dodd of Humboldt, Ulrlcli of Dakota City and Scanieder of Vernon tied for 2nd. 440 yard relay, Peterson and Hagan of Gilmore City 1st, Dodd and Smith of' Humboldt 2nd and Wallukait and Hill of Dakota City 3rd. 880 medley, Humboldt 1st, Veru- PO 2nd and Qilmore City 3rd. 880 relay Gllmore CUy 1st, Humboldt 2nd. Pole vault, Uirign of Dakota City and Carlson of Vernon tied tor 1st, Henely of Humboldt 2nd. Following is a list of rural students and tne division^ they participated In: » Yard J)*ek Girls' ?6 yard dash: Betty Jean 'erson, Carol Wndemann, Geneva Jaeumussen, Bstner Vlnsand, jJarilyn Viasgnd, Ma.ry Lav An» drews, ffeUJe Malkmus, Katnryo Wood, DO»B» R*e Wey4ert, M»rte Klit, Beverly A»n Sawyer, Darlene Van Hoiitsu, Bv» ten BttUer, Audrey Peflerwa, flftBM Hlbbard, Ifery toVoADf pouf&ty, Cftrlft Jna» Tborn, AlbpFts Westre, 4»rwn, Carol Je»j» Better Buy An OK USED CAR ^^^^^^^ • j • ^B ^t ,i 9 h« n2«- 0 « the - ..,.„.. I^d in *. '••«"'. «ond!l!2= CHEVROLET DEALER Com* in. , . . S«« our w id« stltc- lion el OK u§«d can in many ntaktf and modtl*. , , , Thty'rt pricvd right-fold on convtni«nt ttrmi— and art conditiontd to Yinrifllit BoBimicBi VteiMAj iound, dtp«ndablt, tco- nomical wartime traniportation. •ttttrbvyontof thtftcari toaax/ See Your Local CHEVROLET DEALER Today! * j , j -wca^j^- 'x=ljfWr " '1 rj"""'-!' » H ^^ J-f if ^f A^*Tft'«5^1«*fe 5> * | ^ .* ' ~^fr' 4| * '- * ->>**£ I L ETT ffl^BBpHJ ppH| , PHH FOR WEDNESDAY EVENING ONLY Save on Tires by SHoppfng in Humboldf, Wednesday and Every Day " Special All Day Wednesday 48 PAIR MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S DRESS PANTS, Si.79 $2.9S Value. Leas than a pair of overalls. 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HUMBOLDT BAKERY Wi s REPUBLICAN For the Biggest Mone; ing News of f A Full Page Chuck DON'T OVj ^as

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