The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on May 19, 1942 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1942
Page 4
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REWRITES tAk»« ; froM R*f>«nll<*il of Jfif IS ..Win II little Imitation of .. j to Huthboldt county p&l. itlcs this year. There are bflt two to the count? primaries. tot Uie pf tartr? Clerks asd election have been appointed by the Board of ehlldrwt took theta first communion at 7 o'clock Sunday, May 17, at St. Mary's Catholic church in HumbOHt. A Red Cross first Aid class for men has been started at Llvermore. -.Robert Natby, four year-old son of the Nell Nashya at Bode suffered a broken collar bone in a fall Wednesday. Tho bine and orange stump sail has been in operation in this county a year. A total of $34,356 worth of orange stamps has been sold. Popples, made by the rptenns of the First World War, will be sold on the streets of Humboldt Saturday, May 23. Mrs. R. C. Bellows Is chairman of the drive for Humboldt The Mat term of the district court met at the courthouse in Dakota City Monday of last week. Several oases were before the court The Republican Women's Council will have a tea at the J. F. Miller residence Tuesday afternoon to which all Republican women are cordially invited. The Hnmboldt Garden Clnb expressed Us appreciation to the Ja- qua Printing company foi* the publicity given the recettt bird contest At least two HninboliH county youths were said to be on the Island of Corregldor when It was taken by the Japs. They are Clare Nielsen of Rutland and Dudley Wyatt of Hardy. tTanws I. MeMcf was nveloclwl county superintendent of schools when 22 representatives met at the courthouse Tuesday of last week. Dakota Cltr has hired a fifth and sixth grade teacher, Miss Lucille Leland of Swea City. Cadet* Laurence Blesate of Renwick and Carl Larson of Bode are enrolled in the last class of cadets to enter Maxwell Field, Ala. Bill Crnmford of Fort Hodge, Boy Scout executive of the Prairie Gold Area, talked to the Humboldt Rota nans and the boy members of the Huwboldt and St. Mary's school 1942 graduates Tuesday evening. •The 1943 gfadfintln§f etas* of Livermore includes 15 boys and one girl. Members of Ute Dakota City Pa* rent Teachers Association held a joint business meeting »nrt fern- well parity for three teachers Tuesday evening. Honored were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hovey, Miss Fern Christensen and Miss Ids hell La- Budde. Twenty youth!) from this county left Friday morning by bus for an Induction center. _Tgg_ m ttetf diilla*. by Code P a* , ths County f° ? »F* awtrucllon of th«pfflfiiai County per Section 4M9.U, All toting Aye. " *08?lnt*d Sen B. SOLVDD, 6y lift' iKWdl d* visors, of ttumboldt coaf it, " that • 14 h«r«by A«ltRbriVji"ftrnf to execut* and acknowledg" for and .on behalf, of HuntUolB i Hoffmann at a to count, the cash In the various County office a* of the cl ?J6 of .b«*ines* oft May «. 1942 -J«oved by Schulie and seconded by JKt lp . tl !f t1t 5'» c S? ll V Auditor publish notlcn for the letting of con- pufohase o g of f ap proxi- 00 board feet of treated s * ld letting to be Rt 10:00 o'clock 28 « , i A. M. All vdtlft* Aye. Moved by Hoffmann and seconded fa y Nelson that the County Auditor publish notice for the letting of contract for th« purchase of approxl- I 40 . 10 " 8 °t stoker coal, «ald . t ,° be held May 25, 1942 at A - M> A " voting Aye. . Ben B. ,i n U <?° * - > Moved by Supervisor . Schutee and seconded by Supervisor Frank Hoffmann as follows: Menolntlon to Sell IntereM In Rtnl _.. , w . h ereas, Levi a. Balr has offered , 'ilL mb ?, ldt County, Iowa, the turn of Two Hundred Dollars, cash for Its Interest In and to the hereinafter described real estate: and County, to Waiter a died of oonveyanee ,;Bnr«1. «al( Whereas, the said County acqulr- P r °l>erty on or about o,u the 27th day of April, 1942. by tax need; and Whereas, the said bid is the highest and best bid received for said property and this board of supervisors consents and approves of said "?, / or _ thls bld a "il a majority of ail of the other tax levying and tax certifying: bodies having- any Interest In said general taxes have given their written approval to PA)) «n-n« which approval and consents are now on file and made a part hereof by reference. County's interest In the following described property and deliver the jape on receipt of the sum of One Hundred Sixty Dollars cash, to-wlt y$\ir§ w»r ttfefl® S^wmw^rM h»reby approrad -by, ..the Bokrd -of Supervisors of HQmooldt County IOW4,, and •; that its approval hi spread upon the minutes with the yea and nay vote thoreon. Roil Call: Ayes: W£W/BOOTHROYD, Chm. BBtt B; SCHULZB JO8..R, NELSON PRANK' HOFFMANN • W> B. WEIR Whereupon the Chairman declared the motion carried and the resolution duly passed and adopted, this 5th day of May, 1S42. Attest: o. H. JOHNSON, County Auditor Moved by SohuUe and seconded by Hoffmann that the following named Judged and Clerks be appointed for the. various voting pre- olnots, as specified, for the Primary Election to bo held June 1, 1942, All voting Aye. Pint Ward Precinct iiccelvliiit Board Lucille Adams Judge Fannie Morrison Judge Mrs. J. K. Ross Judge Ottts- WirrfrRUi;;....;............;.. ClBi-k Esther Llndhart Clerk Sprlnrralr rirnt Ward Precinct Counting BoBf* nuiii Lindhart, Judge Mason Shepard Judge Eileen BUP| Judge 'clc,clll;c. I t t- r I *..««£,»_- Wlior»n«, It I. for !h» )>?st inter- '6 ? Clerk ests of the'snld County that the snid I A * ar saret Nlssen Cleri offer be accepted amf the P rope?ty SnrM*v«li. Second Wnrd l'r*cl«c« sold; property ^_ j.p TIC* by the "Board of'supervls- o" ,<>f Hamboldt County, Iowa, that Chairman W. W. Boothrovd be and lit Is hereby authorized nnd directed to execute and acknowledge for and on behnlf of Humboldt County Iowa, a deed of conveyance to Lcvl ?• B " lr '.. con .ry | "* 8n| < 1 county* .m- TOTAL PER PERSON SUPERVISORS COSTS FOR THIS VICINITY The per person cost of the boards of county supervisors for this portion of Iowa, follows: County No Members Cost Webster , 5 .26 Kossuth w-B .43 Hardln .3 .19 Wright —5 .37 Hamilton^ 3 .31 Franklin 3 .35 Pocahontas 3 .30 Hancock •— 3 .47 Humboldt 5 .32 on of Renwlck. lot 13, bk. 4, original town The above was taken from a table sent out by the Iowa Taxpayers Association. The total cost of the various boards of supervisors of the state was $607,177 for tha year 1940.' Then, - Father—Now Son ants In common, WD for $1 Etc., on sec. 32-93-27. May 8— Humboldt Co. St. of la., to Francis D. Claman, $30 QCD on lots 15-16-17 bk. 4 Grlswold's addition to Ollmore City. Humboldt Co. la., to Walter W. Engle $160 for QCD on lot 6 bk. 9, LuVerne. Humboldt Co., St. ot Iowa, to Lev! Q. Bair $200 for QCD on lots 6-7-8-9-10 bk. 13, Dakota City. Humboldt Co., la., to Lev! C. Bair $100 for QCD on lots 11-12-13 bk. 86, Dakota City. Sam Klassle and Onelda L. his wife, to A. D. Gimer, WD for $100 terest in the following described property and deliver the same on re- celpt of the sum of Two Hundred )>ollnrs cash, to-wlt: Lots 6, 7, 8, 9 p'ltv ' Block u '" Town of Dakota Th B ? ,h T _ Pl .i K J HBR RESOLVED, I hat the deed having now beon executed and acknowledged, It Is hereby approved by the Board of Super- vla .° r " of Humboldt County, Iowa, and that Its approval be spread upon the minutes with the yea and nay vote thereon. *}<.». Roll Call: Ayes: W. W. Boothroyd, chairman, Ben E. Schulze. Jos. R. Welr" 1 ' nk tl °ffmann and W. B. Whereupon the Chairman declared the motion carried and th Mrs. G. llonrd W. J. Vonderhaar Judge This Is, a decrease of about one per cent from the preceding year. The cost ranged from fifty-four cents In Palo Alto county, high for the state, to seven cents in Polk county, low for the state. The Polk county per person cost may have been lower because the county contains the city of Des Molnes that has a heavy population. The average cost was twenty-four percent There are some counties with seven supervisors, some with five and some with three. There are two counties. with seven, twenty- eight with five, and sixty-nine with three. So the lower number are in the predominance. The Bunyen WittVAwaake 4-H club met May, 2 aWha.howe of Jean Sayers. We. had a short, business meeting after which we entertained our mothers, with-a program of songs and'poems. After this we had a style show. We all put on garments we had made and showed them to our mothers, then we had our mothers Judge them Amoag the garments.. we maUo were aprons, a playsult, skirts and a blouse. We had a delicious lunch at the close of the afternoon. Arleue Kirchhof, reporter. Several.years ago, Dave Sutherland and Clifford Braley played baseball together at Kellogg. This year, the names of Sutherland and Braley again appear together on the roster of a baseball team. The Montezuma high school 'baseball team brought out Dave Sutherland, Jr., and two of Cliff Braloy's sons. Two Time Appearance Virgil Cole of Sac City was recovering from a broken arm received when he collided with something while cycling. Last week the same arm was broken in the same place when he fell from a teeter-totter. Vlr'gll Bays it Is a nuisance. Long Time Walt Dale Smith of Orlnnell started proceedings in January, 1938 to obtain a patent. The patent finally .was granted in,April, 1942, mor,e than, four yearg-later. Smith's pat- ent,applbs to-.a combination bed and, carriage for ambuleice work. I".!.' 01 ? duly . P HSRC(I and ndopt't'd,'This 5th day of May, 1942. Attest: O. H. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Moved by Supervisor Den E e i:i a "« socon «ed by Supervisor Frank Hoffmann as follows: Itmoliitlon «o Nell Intern,* hi Urn I H»(nte Whereas, Levl O. Balr ha» offer- T, m ( ° , H " mbt> ' I «t County, lomi, the for IU l?, n °r H( u»1red Dollars, 'cash for its Interest In and to the here- lnd ^Vr.pK-, d «a n ~^^ff r ? &™X B oVA r sr&« osn % ^iyi 9 and ecu, Whereas, the said bid Is the hiirh- t and boat bid received for said SS"^ •".* "«!•. bp.rt •>' «"nprv1s- of said sae foh! hM 2n „.• .». th ' s b J d aml a majority of all of the other tax levying and In- part P. Ruse Judge Gertrude Kite Judge Julia Nelson Clerk Olga Hoganson Clerk SprlnK-vnlr Second Wnrd Prrclnct Counting Ilnnrd Nellie Schnoor Judge Mildred Sneefus Judge Maud Sherman Judge Ann Myles Clerk Harold Ennls Clerk Corinth Precinct C. L. Joiner ludge G. E. Strachan Judge Walter Mlllward Judge' C. Z. Wood Clerk Clarence Sheker Clerk ll*«*er Precinct E. G. Fevold Judge Anton ijtoebe Judtre Otto Klrchhoff Judge R. J. Sayers Clerk Mrs. W. H. Volberdlng Clerk Unkota City Prrclnct J. D. Cragg Judge Carrie Buckingham Judge Angle Braby fudge Auguat Luke Clerk John Lattln Clerk ffrove 1'reclnct D. T. Hart Judge Geo. B. Dunphy Judge J. A. Cedcr Judge «. Verbruggc clerk Chas. Christensen Clerk Lake Prrclnct N. P. Peterson Judge Doimvan Lerdal Judge A. H. Goettsch Judge Omen E. Nervlg Clerk Glen Bray ton Clerk L. O. , ...,„......... ...w..,.,,,...>, . Johnson s«ryiee,p».» supplies a.i« Klassle, S. H., na. of Review •.irri?¥'^i«S ..».»,.«.,».....„..„ .i"?* 1 *^ fito Loo*« pit** CO., Sup- Lattln, P. M., Oeneviove, Post'-' tAttth,"p7'M'.7o6n'evi'e'v'«i'p'd8t'.' I2.6S 35.90 7r5ifift j* PhilipVc.j rM'ilea'ge',"" .Tele, and atefiog. 24.02 , Deeds B. tt.. Work on 4 , .................. . ..................... Mfttt Parrott & Son* Co., Sup- 69.75 , r —, — j —, of Review*— qilmore City * i.OO M«»»er. Frances l.,. Mileage, supplies and extra help ...... 28.40 elropolltan Supply Co., Sup- . plWs , i.jj Monarch Products Co., Supplies 13iJ7 Morphouse, Albert, Bd. of Re<- view—springvale , 3.09 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co. TftlePhone ..„.......,,.„.. ,.._.,.,,. 83,83 Olson, Marie. B., Salary, Mlie"<-. age « * ' "* ~ tarle, MW& «*»*> « M1IDU, VA1J. , Packard, C. A.« Bd. of Re; view—Renwlck 'Sderson, T. N., Posting QUar- 05.45 1.00 &• j^S #••. Bfouift. dog* "~""-J>! BOde..,.,,..,,...,, "... 2.80 „.„...„.. ..., or*on, ifwtn m BflfJm. dogs Oljon, james.A., Bnum. dog»— Corinth Twfl Ophelm, Maurice L., Enum. _<log»-'Town,of 1 .TJior 1.10 Phillips, w. B., Enum. dogs— m -\« of Braatate i "...... i.t« jv Guy E,, EnurrL dog» oWn of LlvernlOre 3.20 Ruse, A. B., Enum. dogs— Springvale Sayers, W. A., Enum. dogs— Town of Dakota -city 4.20 Stoulll, E. J., Enum. dogs— Avery Twp g 90* Struthers, Watsotti Enum. dogs—waoousta,' Twp Weiss.' Elmer W., Enum. dofrs—Beaver TWp Wluff, Reuben HA. Enum. dogs—Rutland Twp Wyatt, Oscar, Ehuhi. dogs —Vernon Twp.', 10.50 12.8 8.0 9.2 antlne Signs 10.9 Japp Hardware Co., Supplies 3.9 Reasoner, Agt., J. C., Ih8- surance—County Units 387.8 Rlley, Arthur, Bd. of Review —LUVerne—2 yrs 2 0 Ruse, G. P., Supplies and Bd. of Review—Sprlngvate 5 2 Sadler, P. H., Bd. of Review —Renwlck ,-,--„,„,,< , t-0 iexe* H. J., Mileage 15.01 Sexe. H. J., Bd. and care of prisoners 17.8 Sorensen, Harold, Bd. of Re- view—L>uVerne 1 00 Sawyer, Don R., Gas, oil and patch mat 2.06 Tlgges Drug Store, Supplies.. 1.2f 'odd Sales Co., Inc., Supplies "rens. of the State of Iowa, t.'se tax 3 47 Verbrugge, G., Posting Quarantine Signs 10.85 Walker, Chits. A., Bd. of Re- view—Renwlck 1.00 Vclble, L. C., Bd. of He- view—Gllmore City l 00 Velch Printing Co., J. H., Supplies 3 70 'oxen, R. N., Bd. of Review —Springvale 3.00 eman. Albert, Posting Quarantine Signs Clitlnlx 1'reclnct Larson Judge offer be sold; and the property acknowledge for to 13, City. rITHBR BOARD PROCEEDINGS St Th*.°h f Iowtt - "umboldt County— as Th.h — K L. e ^ oard ot Supervisors of Hum^W County, Iowa mut In at, Adjourned Regular April 1942 HeHaion of said Board on May 4, 1942 in the Supervisors Room. In Dakota city Iowa with the following named uTJ'u ni ' nut »» °f the Itet'ulur April .HJ HHHHlon hnld April (i, 1912 w ,, ri . ruad and approved ^ Buard took recoaa to l:ou o'clock 1:00 o'clock p. M. Hoard i,,«t, ull Roll Coll; Ayes: Chm . JOS. R. NELSON Attest: O. H. JOHNSON, p Hoard took . Moved by Suuurvlsor W. B ' to Sell Ind-rriit In Heal REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Muy 4— The U. S. of A. to State of Iowa, certified copy of patent to NW fractional % of.NW'4 of SB % sec: 1, W fractional V t of the NWV4 sec. 7, E&of NE% sec. 10, SW& NW% sec. H, NW>4 NB% sec. 24; SWV4 SW/4 sec. 2C, NE% SW% sec. 26, SW% SW% sec. 26, sec, 36 al lin twp. 93.28. The U. S. of A. to state of Iowa, certified copy of patent to sec. 11-93-28. ifter described real estate; and Whereas, tha said nm.r.,:. „,." r approved. All voting Aye. Y Muyed by Suhulzu and seuondf 18 y «n H /M f T U .""H that the claim fo 18.00 filed A fn l j . . »••**!. nic (Jiuilll f,,W,i Andrew Erpelding fur re ^u;?,^nax u ra^ a '^-: eu uy the Royal "400" ON r-n.,. Katie Rosslug and Xena Scheck contract tor 1625 on lots 1-2 bk. 2 Qangestad's addition to Bode. Qacar 0. Holdeti referee to Andrew Espejand, referee's deed for lot 6 and all of tots I818JO OR 7-8 and all in bk. 12, town of % W, 0. Wlttman to OrvWa mid, wife of grjHitor, WD for »1 Etc,, OB lota 5 an,d < bk, 24, Hum,, hereby A1 , 1 ,. vo ".n.*f Aye. Schulze the . as .. Township at members present. and seconded by the M. Whereas. U the Inter- Iowa deed conveyance to said i A {"h 1 ^" 0 " b& viag been filed ask- ttffl$P"il i*»T. l l€*'-* 81 "**^>nd running thenca W. P, H»«ck »n4 M*ry, husbani ABA wil«, to H*rP»4 Hauck WF for II me., o» «H 3BH ,»od gqv. lot 9 il) in sec. 3?, and gov. lots 1-9-9 M. O. Olson Judge Paul Volsht Judge Leunard Anderson Clerk Otto Olson Clerk l.uVernp Precinct Frank Moedlng Judge M. M. Lowmlller..._ Judge Nelfc P. Holm Judge Roy Wlgans clerk Freda Boge _ Clerk Ilenwluk Precinct Mrs. Edith Packard Judge Charles Walker Judge Pete Sadler Judge Mrs. Maude Anderson Clerk Ernest Eggerth Clerk Delnnu 1'reclnct J. I. Dale Judirn Sidney Holland Judge John Thul Judge Harold Reding clerk T. N. Pederson Clerk Humboldt Preclnot Carl Hanaelraan Judge E. L. watts :.:::::::: :;judle 9' J- ,S an J. tan Judge John T. Olson. Oerk Van E. Hlserodt Cltrk • ••-• WMcoiuta Precinct Peter Enockson... „ Judge Fred Struthers Judge "an", Wors*er judge Albert Zeman Clerk Sylvan Jaoobson Clerk „ , _ Avery J'reclnct Karl C. Day Judge Theodore Benjamin Judge Wm. P Lannlng Judge W. H. Turley Clerk Gerald Ellsworth Clerk Ollmore City Precinct Brayton, A. H., Assessing, Town of Hardy 61.50 Butler, L. W., Assessing Grove Twp 184.70 ook, II. h. Assessing Town of Renwlck 106.00 Day, R. N., Assessing Town of Ollmore City 10580 Kills, D. C., Assessing Town of LuVerne 46 00 Hanlfan, C. J. Assessing Humboldt Twp igs 50 Loftus, J. H., Assessing Town of Pioneer 61.60 Morse, Howard C., Assessing Weaver Twp 134 gf Movlck, I. E., Assessing Town of Ottosen . 62 0( Nelson, Arthur, Assessing Lake Township 18490 Nielsen, Niels, Assessing Town of Rutland 75 70 Olson, Andy M., Assessing Town of Bode 105.50 Olson, Irwln, M., Assessing Delana Twp 135 5( Olson, James A., Assessing" Corinth Twp. 184,70 77.20 Ophelm, Maurice L., Assessing Town of Thor Phillips, \V. E. Assessing Town of Bradgate 7750 Raney, Guy B., Assessing Town of Llvermore 10620 Ruse. A. E., Assessing Springvale 405/37 Saycrs, W. A., Assessing Town of 'Dakota City „.. 104 10 Stoulll, E. J., Assessing Avery Township 196 in Struthers Watson,'"As'se's's'ing Waeousta Twp rag nn Weiss, Elmer W., AssessTng"" Beaver Twp jj 8 4 7() w i"u"ia?d eu T h w nP ."::. *•"••'»' 184 ' 60 w nonS% c ":..;. v . s . s r 8l ^'' v " : m Clerk and" Trui'l'^" c'taliw ' Corinth Totvniililp Sr ,; W 9? d ' Clerk's fees 20 00 Walter Mlllward, Truste. fees 20.00 G. E. Strachan, Tru' a te'e""fe'es:: 20^0 C. L. Joiner, Trustee fees ...... 2000 xr T, P dason ' f. Tru fees.. 12.00 I rustee* tees 12 00 stee feea r - - e.. rusee- fee John Thui. Trustee fe ,. . drove TowiiKp Verbrugge, Clerk's fees ...... "' - ...... 20 00 ' - --, Trustee fees 2000 n T - G ,, 6de , r . Trustee fees ...... . .. 20 00 D. T. Hart Trustee fees .......... C. A. C. Warner!!!i!!!!!i!i!'."!!"!iii"";);!judBo Fred Fisher ...» JudfS Sophia Paine Clerk Mrs. Ed. Wolcott '.!"!c!lerk Hutland Precinct John W. HInrlohs Judge r "hn Jensen Judge ..alter Schluter "."judge P. P. Osla Clerk Floyd Blomker ""^^^".Clerk r , . Weaver Precinct J. J. Loftus Judire Ralph Roberts ..Jud^e Harry Johnson Judge Perry Morse........ Clerk Mrs. Frank McLaughlln.... .'.'.'.'.'clerk Moved by Weir and seconded by Nolson that the County Audltpr 3 'h Us f»i. n c ,? , to be aerv ed by the sheriff on Ralph Hanson and fam-, I' depart and on the County Auditor of Webster County to re- •novB. All voting Aye Moved by Weir and seconded by NelHon that the claims bt> allowed as per attached schedule Including ••"diem and mileage for this Board U for all Intervening Sessions ce the last Regular Session arid the County Auditor be and hereby s Instructed to Issue warrants drawn on the several funds, as al- ow'ed, In the amounts as specified ,',',!,",? y "i ( ' l ! t ot £ a i 111 ;- A y es = Hoff- Booth'royd. ' Schulze ' Welr and SCIIEDULt; Clal'-Ln't What for tlTtfwed K lB n I v y "rir >l "Jf"*& K . r »'"'--«<l»» ^und neny. iJr. F. H., Inspector's fees I ''8 40 '.'.""• Dr. S. D., Iiispector : »"fee"s 1'j'flO licmeUon, Manly J., Indcm- I-nkc Ti hip 20 o .00 . bfnlnaire fund Alexander, AMhur D., Labor D. D. NO.. 3 80 Arne, Qus, Labor—D. D. No. 3 38 Arne, Qus, Labor—Htim.-WM. Jt. 6-113 3 2 Boothroyd, W, W.. Per diem and mil.—D. D. NO, 7 50 Brodale, Oleti, Labor^D. D. No. 6 i 9 Labor—D. D. NO. 22 ..... '" 7'g Labor—D. D. No. 25 4.'o Collins, Chas. Labor—D. D. No. 6 42.2 Farmer's Co-op. ASs'n., Tile —D. D. No. 33 l l Hagen, Harvey, Labor—D. D. No. 11 3.2 Hag-en. ....HArvey,— Labor—D, U. No. 74 5.8; Hoffmann, Frank, Per diem and mll-r-D, D. No. 7 6.60 Holden, Oliver, Labor—i) D iVn. jjii 7 .. Labor—'D. D. No. 25 4.0( Knutson, Oeo. O., Labor—>D D. No. 3 3 85 KftUtstm, Geo. O., Labor— Humb-Wrl. Jt. 5-113 3.26 Mathlaaon, Carl, Labor—D D. No. 3 ! 3. Mosher, K. H., Labor—Humb.- Wrl. Jt. 5-113 325 Nelson, S. J., Labor—D. D. i No. 11 2 25 Nelson, S. J., Labor—D. D. No. 74 3.16 Olsen, Sam, Labor—D. D. No 29 12.00 Schulze, Ben IS.. Per diem and • mil—D. D. 7 5.5( Schulze, Walter, Labor—D. 'D. Noi 6 52 00 Telford, Harry, Labor—D. D. No. 22 7.6. Labor—D. D. No. 26 4.01 ln»nn« Fund . In the matter of the Insane case of Mrs< Annie FJemlng M. A. Wallukalt, Clerk's fees 5.50 J. K. Coddlngton, Physician fees 3.00 H. Parsons, Attorney fees 3 0( In the matter of.the Inebriate case of Charles H. Folk J. K. Coddlngton, Physician fees 3 oo E. H. Parsons, Attorney fees 3.0C Poor Fund Alrd, Mrs. Anna, care 20.00 Arent, Dr. Asa S., Med. aid.... 3.60 Bartley, Mrs. Elsie, Cash allowance 8.00 Beardsley, Dr. R. W., Med. aid 38 50 Been, Dr. E. F., Surg. aid, 50.»( Benge, Mrs. Dwayne, Care 12.OC Bradley, E. O., Provisions—Co. home Brodale, Carl, False teeth— Co., home Inmate Carmer, E. G., Rent Chambers Imp. Co., Spray \pump—Co. Farm -- . 34.97 17.09 10.00 17.50 istensen, Mrs. Verna, rent 9.00 Clark, Dr. T. S., Med. aid.... 30.50 Coddlngton & Coddlngton, Drs. Med. aid 66.00 Cook, Carl, Seed corn—Co. farm 48.00 Corbln, Dr. R. L., Mod. aid.... 6.00 3alley, Mrs. Warren, Care 70.00 Dept. of Social Welfare. Blind Pensions 3odd, Irving C., Rent 100.24 8.00 00 *^vuu, A.1 T 1KB *-r.t IVCJUL 3, Edglngton, C. W. rent, 3 mo 24. ihrhardt, Raymond, Grinding feed—Co.' Farm 11 00 Engineer Coal Co., Provisions 6.63 •Jverson, Dr. G. A., Med. aid.. G 60 Farmer's Co-op. Ass'n. Supplies—Co. Farm and Coal— .???'. x •"•: ••• «. 38.07 Farmer's Co-op. Elev. Co., Coal 36.33 Omen E. Nervlg, Clerk's fees.. I2.uu N. 1. Peterson, Trustee fees 12.00 L. G. Larson, Trustee feus J. Donovan Lordal, Trustee 8.00 8.00 Isher & Thornton, Provisions 30.60 Jabrlelaon, Mrs. Arthur, Care 15.00 Jles, Wm. J., Care 10,00 Jllmore Co-op.' Elev., Coal .. 30.66 Ollmore Drug Co., Medicine.... 26.86 Grant &•Son,,,J. T.. Coal;; 4.34 Hanson, (Tenaj'pash; Allowance ;'; 2000 Helmen's Drug Store, Medlolne 16.61 ilbbard, Mrs. p.. Rent 20.00 lorrlgan, MJTB.-M.'T.,-Rent..i... 10.00 Housekeeping Aides, Cash Allowance ...; _ 5 00 Herrlok, Dr, T. G., Med. aid.... 133.00 HUmb.oldt Counlv Fgad Stamp Revolving FUnd-rProvision^ ttumboldt county tfona stamp „ Revolving Pund^Provislbns 329.00 Humboldt codnty Rural Else. Co-op<-. Electricity — Co, , Farm ...... , ......... . ......................... 24.34 I. 0. A. Store, Provisions ...... 11.00 Jensen, Dru A.- E.. Mttl.jald.;.. 10.65 Johnson, w. F., Meduine ...... 19.72 Jones, tf.",p.-, c, L;, Med. aid.. 18.84 Johnson, Grace, Extra Help — Co. Home .................................. 22.00 Klnseth, Leo. O., provisions.. 4.B9 Klsch, Rose, JGare ...................... 22.00 Knoll, Mrs. C. C., Care .......... 76.00 Koch, Brothers, Supplies-^ Relief Off ................................ 3826- Kossuth County, Med. aid, hos. care and care .......................... 176.00 Kossuth Co., Food Stamp Revolving . Fund— Provisions.... 21.»0 Kun* Grain CO., Coal ................ 7.37 Leserman, Dr. L. K., Med. aid 41.00 Linn, Dr. S. D., Vet. services — Co. Farm ....................... 5 54 Lutheran Hospital, Hosp care 162^0 Lutheran Welfare Soc. of Iowa, Care 15.00 &iY£ rne ., p !}P 1 ™ l °y' Me'd'ioin'e 6i71 ii-i.--.-,-• M,. H,, Rent siflO Mctntlre Funeral Home, Amb. Moen,' c'h'e's'ti'e',""ca"re"".";!!;;"!.'."; 16'flO Mortensen, Ted, E*tra help „—Co. Farm 45,00 Myers, Mrs. Nellie, Rent 8.00 JfeS 1 " 8 ' J? ella ' Cash Allowance 10.00 Nelson Store, Osoar, Provisions 8.16 Newman, Dr. C. A., Med.. aid 66.25 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., Telephone ' 1901 Northwestern Oil Co., kerb"-"" sene . 13$ Nissan, Mrs. Louise' Rent".'." 12 - 00 Oleson Drus Co., TAe, Medl- cine ,..,, i rut Ofsland, Nels, Rent"'.'.'.'.'.'.!:; goo | peters. TGI.,, Rent ..:::::::::;:::;:: ii" 9 r QlbbS-CfOSfc ^Eljulg" ts Iowa oPttbllc Ser«., JO cSn??ac1 Ldtilert, H. B., oat". Mid-Continent Petr. Com" Grease and Oil .. . S 4S J7 ffW&V 6 : Materials.... . disen, Sam, Labof .....'.'.'.'.".'".'.'.'.'.'.'.' Ph nips Petroleum Co., oaso- llne , Sargent Machine Co., Inc., „ High Test Chains Sawyer, Don R., Service Charges Sleg-Fort Dodge, Co., "Gas"" Hose and Battery Bottle.... Spencer, Fred, Libor on R.. O. St«<!k'e'r',"c'ha'r'ie8,' 1 'Lab'o''r"on"" Standard] Oil Co.,'6li "". Strachan, Ray, Materiais'".'.'.";. Treasurer of states of Iowa, US9 t&X j,;, Co., Supplies Roble's I. G. A. Store," Pro'-'"" Royaf ••40b"""6i'l""Co",""6"a's"a"n"d 4 '° 8 Grease—Co. Farm 13 45 Ruse, OP., Supplies—Co. Home & Medicine—Poor 13.21 §^S?2 n ',^ r «i °f°" ««,"' •••••• 12:00 ~* "•• A., Med, aid 45 oo Sohultz, Drs., Med. 'hulzo. Waiter," Uepairin's 66 ' 76 tile—Co. Farm .„ 13.00 Mrs. Lewlsi Care .... 30 00 Mlleag Aid and — »*•. ou.^k *^J>, ATlllUtlKe Telegraph Serv ............. 44 ot C ? nV K Home - Care 3 0-00 n., Amb. Serv ............. 2 90 «™ l Smith, ., . ............. Soppeland, Mrs. L. O., Rent . Sorenson, C. A., Rent ......... St. Joseph's Mercy hosp. Hosp" on *•« *-«»*. 12.00 8.00 46.73 Steffa, Mrs. Clarence, Rent .. 2.«5 Stegge, Joe, Rent 7 no S-Unnycrest Sanatorium, hosp. ' care on O n Thalacker, Fred C., M'Tieage'.'.' 14. - 40 Thlelhorn, Mrs. A. W.. Rent 8 00 T gges Drug. Co., Medicine .. 7.68 Tlpton Brick & Tile Co., Coal .. 2 13 Trexel. Verne, Fuel Oil .. Tuttle, J. c., Rent Webster Co. Food Stamp Ref- 13.87 16.00 wr .- 01J " Fun" 3 ' Provisions".!.. 56.00 West Side Coal Co., Coal 6 75 hit . e & Co A. B., Provisions and Clothing—County Home and Poor 71 gg W r.'.!&L£ 0 " F5° d Stamp'Re": ' f Mnlnienanee Pay John A. I^attln, Survey .......... Maurice B. Lee, Survey Kenneth Barrett, Survey ....... Kenneth Barret, Labor ...... Donald Blessle, Labor ..' ........ Ace C. Bordwell, Labor and oar ................... Albert Bratlind, Labor ............. , aor ....... . am Caryl, Labor and * jjiank Dalley,. „«,„„, Andrew Davikness, Labor .. Abe Durrett, Labor ..„..." w. Oondor, Labor and Car Harvey Hagen, Labor '„'„ Si tV H'Bglns, Labor and Car Ed. Hoover, Labor and Car ..„.. A. A. Jergens, Labor Bernard Jergens, Labor GUS Joselyn, Labor A iY' n _ Celling, Labor "-• ••• i«^ti 111 ng ( jjHi^or 1 Edwin Klnseth, Labor Geo. Knutson, Tiling and" bor Julius Knutson, Labor Ole Knutson, Labor Gene Landholt, Labor °» uy ?• Lansing, Labor , , .' Lee ' Karl Mathlason, Labor .. Kervin Mdsher, Tiling and Labor ....................... S. J. Nelson, Labor'"a"nd"ca"r'."' Sever Neshelm, Labor Dan O'Nell, Labor- «r R- °B h £ lr P' Labor""."'.'.'.";",.. Walter Schulze, Tiling and Labor Guy Stoddard, Labor O. T. Stoddard, Labor and" car ,, '.,...., Otto Swansen, Labor Bill Sweney, Labor . Ray Thrift, Labor .' Earl Trenary, Labor .' »i i Fund—Provisions.. 98.00 Zlnn, M. D., E. N., Med. aid . 1 00 _ local llond Conntructlon Kund Frudden Bridge Lumber and Supply Co.—Finn Stakes 9 91 Johnson, Fred, Labor on Tile 1.00 Nelson, Sam, Labor on Tile .... 1 00 Rapp Hardware Co., Cable Clamps Conntructlon I'ny 2.14 John A. Lattln, Survey Work 85.00 Maurice B. Lee. Rodman .......... 58 40 Jenneth Barrett, Rodman ...... 60.40 Frank Dalley, Labor .............. 48 60 , aor .............. Durrett, Labor .................... 36.10 t , .................... . S. J. Nelson, Labor ........ in 35 Jarvey Hagen, Labor ........... "". IQ'SS Reuben Torgerson, Gravel Checker and Car ................. 22 10 Glen Brodale, Labor . 4849 Chas. Collins, Labor ..... :::. ......... 2990 oe H Duay, Sr.. Labor ....:...'" 144 - 95 Jussell Hemarson, Labor ...... 72 IB Wm. Jacobsen, Labor .............. 59 80 Oliver Holden, Labor ............. 47 45 Vern Sohultz, Labor ................ 50 05 Geo. Smith, Labor ............. 54-47 Harry Telford. Labor .............. 57'8B Llvln Bakken,' Truok driver 13.00 Eugene Landolt, labor ........ 71 10 w A F. A. Johnson, Partolman"!.': atrolman . . ., aroman ........ Hans Porter, Patrolman .......... Balbach -.> Co~Th67 , Treaa.. R. otsford, Lbr., Co., 449 .95 pplies.. 7.01 -.«vo lu ,u, ijur »j<j. .supplies.. frown Co., ,Herman'-M.v 2 trao- •tors i8C7nn ionorete-Materials Co., Waste Gravel . onorete Products Corp, pTn'e .......... o ft Raney. aPtrolman .......... R. II. Smith, Patrolman ...... i a j"« s Struthers, Patrolman.. Keuben Torgerson, Gravel Checker and Car .. Gus Arne, Truck Driver '""::"" i A vln Bakken, Truck driver Glen Brodale, Labor " Ycr -- 1 Chas. Collins, Labor '.'.'. ........... Joe H. Duay, Sr., Labor'".'.'.'.'.'.' Russell Hemerson, Truck driver .......... Oliver Holden, Labor"":" ........... Wm. Jacobsen, Labor ...... T. L. Mitchell, Custodian ...... Vern Schultz, Labor ...... Geo. Smith, Labor , ................ Harry Telford, . Labor' ............. Earl Trenary, Transportation Soldier'. Relief Fund Jaqua, Franklin, Fees .'.. So ' d "'« »ellef Commission','" Funds for disbursement ...... 71 W;'w!"'_BOOTHROTD Humboldt Conuty Boari r»,°V, Knutao , n ' Clerk's fees g 00 Otto Olson, Trustee fees .......... s'00 ". G. Larson, Truston fn^'u 'n« M. O. Olson,' Trustee Jles.."'.'" «'nX 8.00 93.3U '"Alt,"'£"*•,?•• a « a a'on wk. 2 days 41 miles ,, ns Cotnm. wk. 9V4.days 333' miles - days Uomm. wk. 7 day's"'sT'm'l'ies Bennett, Juror fees Court" nlty tood, Ciden Y Indemnity ........ 37.60 Jur Rob "rt"Bl'e"-' en ry fees rlstenuen, Guy B. SinJth,"wH'n'e'8's"fe'e 34.70 15.70 4.00 4.70 5.00 BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY A BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY ™ATWII I «oJ/rf: Ir GUIDE TO THE PEOPLE OF HUMBOLDT COUNTY CON^LIL? IT u£f™ PROFESSIONAL SERVICE IS NEEDED CONSULT IT WHEN niileago subpoenas .. ........ . helmet. Henry M., Indemnity 20 22 -" V ""' •*"««"«»«»• Fund Dr ' • H " 157.60 ju r 6.30 2.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 aas Art Sorenson, Witness fees::"" l go Wheeler Moore , Wltneig fees 1JO ' THE MOLANDER STUDIO FOR GOOD PORTRAITS ' Dr. James H. Coddlngton, M. D. Phones: Office 02, Residence 52 16 South Sixth Street Ilninboldt, Iowa W. H. SMITH, Broker REAL ESTATE INSURANCE FARM LOANS Tel. 160 Legion Building A. S. ARENT, M. D, Moved to 15 Sooth Tuft Street Humboldt, lown I'honesi Office 117 j Res, 117W8 DIRECTORY OF' CITY OFFICIALS Mayor, William P. Houael 1 Clerk, H. F. Jakway Assessor, A. E. Ruse Councilmen, Albert Morehouse, A. P. Andersen, G. P. Ruse, Ray Wogen. DIRECTORY OF COUNTY OFFICIALS Auditor. Otto H.'Johnson Treasurer, R. B. Bennett Recorder, Arne Softien Clerk of District Court. M A Wallukalt ' ' Sheriff, H. J. Sexe Superintendent. Stances Messer Engineer, Vernon Miller County Attorney, Philip C. Lov- rlen Coroner. J. K. Coddlngton DIRECTORY OF SCHOOL OFFICIALS -President, Harry Strong Secretary, Esther Ernst Treasurer, B. B. Watson Members of Board, Mrs. 0 W Clarfleld, T. C. Mlckelson. Ed Rapp, Harry Strong, Mrs. George McCpJlough. Supedut/mdent, B. c. Holmes C. M. WOODARD DENTIST Hunboldt, Iowa Office Phono 44, Res, Phone 1 Office. 1st Floor Legloa Bulldii S. BROCKMAN INSUHAIfCE Automobile and Tracks Fire and Tornado Accident and Health Phone 819 Hp»boMfc i ow FRANKLIN JAQUA ATTORNEY AT LAW General Law Practice Office Over. Reed Jewelry Stor »«,. 170 Humboldt, Jo w UitAAXJVG, WUJSSWQ AITO «BPAIBIWG DEVINE CLEANERS Fhone 39 fop j ree j *"^ un4 BellTery Good Work SerrJc A -w.lnspec'uir ; s' Robert P Flvecoat J -.. B '? k J'«!». Justlee fees.... rant .nd'SliaSf.""* W * r " RAY UNDHART PIRBCTOB DIRECTORY OF CHURCHES Methodist, Rev. w. r,. 8 reaw W ' *'. 5, HERRICK OF B*tdjr,|0,W«ir SfcOU Roll Cai: A. ., 1C. thence : p line between orth, Ran search and Sen? Supplies " Des Molnes R ™ fcuyjer»n, Rev, 0. .8. PHIUP C, LOVRIEN LAW E, H, PAWOW8 4fTtM«¥ Af uw #!ia J, ¥,V««t

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