The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on May 12, 1942 · Page 6
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 6

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1942
Page 6
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** into*. v«mft» ***** «* * nm wi ytwi Msfctii frViMSWn, ftrtWi* Atottt* %£$& <AWH!¥* to Wife n«- ' Me-tolMVctf who was nnahip to frt* «f $l*yo and rftl With arid ' icadlttfc )!«t this IVf-ek of tteftoVMt rntse an |frtM8 ttirtt* tt'bhi- (i(WdM\ JrtM h nrli-hhrti, \\ho to trt ft «ioiy tolrt t iii y Mntfc rtrtd \Vp aie hrtrrylhft Along so As with as milch rtf our R-eoi>rAphy hook rts before the end or ihn s'c . .. .. Week tVirtt Purvey I'll 6Wt-pnt foi "TlH-n llvtro estimated at above in at foi 1911 this year's pig on the loose in Ames re- rtsnily had street traffic at clerk an'd Ma!rt streets tied nn in driving all The animal, -. .liSvi V 1 ! at the Mali linie, elndi (i who had imm depot tn \v;>* peVsiiaded by operator to travel d l.nxpinhiirg," And -MiWh ^"i sc«tim.11Pd l| (vX<ch 1i ilirtni seasonal decline in dniiriK Mann lowered the ratio to a point Oiie dtaen CECJTP would brty Of poultiv feed, ttow- . ...C-SMH feeding margin is . relatively fiivoiahVe and, is the Wghest foi this season Of this llfi iii Vicinity of Reinheck. finished sixty-acres to corn this a neighbor, Leslie Byrne?. began husking; a field of corn he failed to tret In last fall. kii'm even more ne\t week. \Ve dr'ew maps of \orway for class ' Thursday. Altvehra finds us strnirulinK with trinomial-." an- a litth- i-as.ier to t-rtive - have had in the past. In Kimlish \\: aie on the chapter and wriiinR to inform.' ; i'his takes up the study of how to ! give directions, wrltini? annourtce- imcnis. and uivinu various reports. ixriutson was tied 1 ib 1 ot tftti whett r:amf> in. 1 Thr:r was sihcdnled 10 play \Vr-l non at i'hor on May 1, hut the \Vea-| conditions would not so the uainc is to he played i*nes-| day. May 12. Tho! was supposed to play P.old-J field at Kaulc HniVe in the S'ei:liori-| al Tournament on May 7, hut tllel came was postponed until Uvbl o'clock. .Mav S. FOR WEDNESDAY EVENING ONLY Wateh to? f he§£ Hot Specials tn be reaturetl Every Wednesday Evening tor the Next Three Weeks INTERESTING ITEMS FROM ALL POHTIONS OF STATE OF IOWA or i Fellow jiist inrned up a drati | iniimbor in Sioux City area which ' j reads the same- hoth ways, 717. but j I that's only the half of it His nanv- 1 j riannlp. also is read backward j forward the same. ' "(me l'Mcnic and Two Ham- 1 ," ; three lopped pli? on the farm i Ralph Srhildroth near Reinhi-ck. -one of the liveliest ol new-Hit WKU (Continued should sr other time fi oni I'ai;p One) ers Ac.ccpi them ai except those whieh| As ' on its I "Lay wil Win; Hen Kb. j v" W* 'woriln advised the Alhin j nett 'Mvher thai if the hen disputes ! i Wterpretatrbn, tb let him know, j '' il l " Sfth. »» , nm J ' ^ & ^a.^ - , , DA vERAC I . MAi-s, attd 1 i. Moreton, formerly nf Le- 1 ttVft di ronnd of st-pfionrtl tonrnoy trt . early Bf the tile national at St. L'ouls, teh'glahd, Mr. j LeM>rs with his Catft. ftevivoids! —--( »,v uv»jr lOuntl III 6 v JISDV; EftgHkh fcbibny there in Hie syenites. The eojbhy bro- feeWhii bai-onels w\i«w Sbns Bbccccdcd t'o British at firadgat'i. LUVerne boldt t and llnm- .. the LeMars :lgnl bf that i iaayi has W aThYglit dttoHifey , htf 44-iB6 i- fcmsis bl the nfelective servlcb the Btej- «dy, hbted that It wtis the thlHi tlnie «i his lire that he btrer- m. ttls sel-Vice to th* cnutitry. Mr. Poi-Ui- serve'd In tho Spanish war, feha *iks registered In Wbrid Wrlr «tt. 1. Me Wtis ies<! thati 20 yuttrs ttf agre wii^n he sei vod In the nrmy ih iR98. IH Mnhi'riln^ ih a black box border, usually WthMflfeil With Ui'tUll, the N-ilalnin R'Spbfler tecently camo out With an dhhbinii-eWtihi ipadlng "In MtettbHnrrt (Wl- the duration) Sttgnr, 10 potiuda t'Oi 49u 21) , S3 Hbf. cf Meyer, p ttl*t,au. 3D MeiTlam, c . Ib .... D. Braytoh, ft 2 \V. Metiinm, If 3 total ktimboldt , 3b ___ tijirnsbii, ss .____: 03 Afi ------ -1 -——...4 -----,..__J -;._—_:. ___4 Wbrthiii'Btbtu fc .'.".".".2 CMihtuBhAm, cl _ 4 Mekltrlck, if ..........3 Schrbdef, rf 3 ft 1 i i o b o o o o a o o i i it o o o o H 1 0 0 i i) 0 It (1 0 a H 0 I) 0 i i) i o i u Total __. Score by Hmhboldt LuVeriu- 000 001 Oi 000 001 02 Miss A gin's Hlnnmn of la a Naval Reserve Nurse, the first wbman liom Retmnhd to be called for active duty. She has been asked to report May 21 at the Hulled States Naval hospital at San Ulego, I'nlRbt | the news article. i Ilarold Hishec and Fbneec. Velma Lliehsinirer. i-ot iieenre i to wed nftev pfxth ti y. Pallor and Iowa i-irl win cupid dash. Love and pei :-f>V( ranee an a toni-h eomhlnatloh for even the un- ci'-.taiuiles of war and fate to overcome, Vclma LliHvtiiiKer anil Harold liir.hec proved yesierday as they mavched out of City Hall with a marl-lane license. It \vas their sixth attempt to procure the necessary paper: and pet married. Five tlnies Velma dashed from coast to coa«t pursuing her man and his ship always too late. So finally she just sat here and waited for his ship to catch up to her. and the weddliig was scheduled for last night. Velma Is 22 and her homo Is In Ren wick, hi., R'lshoe, 2?,. Is from \Vaterloo, la., is a three year navy veteran and now is a betty officer with u second class iiuarternv.lfiH'r rating. Abotii a year ago th»y decided to Ret married, ami Bisbee, with Ills ship on the Pacific coast, asked tile girl to meet him at Long. Reach, Calif., for the nuptials. She left Iowa tor LOUR lie t \!:-M leiterated th:U, illdiv!d-l MI-; .May Not "liotd" their stamps! r v-om-- wi eks aiirl tiien prc-sehtl e\-ei-al. troni the sanie ration book.J ) !'•. ;..iocer v.ith ;i rniu'est for al • in!'! e.f h-uuar for eacii. VbttJ ne-t i!-' i-at-h riamp dnrini; Its ra-j (Mi r.i--t--od or if Is valueless. TRACK (fontlnuud from lhs '' V»'-l« tine tot the l'e« hum Uhoiry treps Bjttant In this count >y is thriving ilk the yai'd Of the » Ji 1 . NucUle* hoi«b In Gilnncil. The tn-« | H u Hatlre of Texan. Now It is in full blbom. WoiidHi what ihu owner does with the fitilt which bears so tovlttag n nnniB' Calif. only io learn btl arrival lie artd his shl»i had. UhBxU'ectBdt^ snlied Ui'e flit' liext arrnllReWehi; Was iii June at Nbrfoik, Va. Again she left, hbiile in ibfra fbi- Nbrfrt'lk— and the same tiling happened. they h'led Newbort, it. I., In .liiiy hut he wtis gone before she got then.-. Last Se|)teitiber they tried Roston, and In December It was New Vork. However, after New York they Rot mad and decided t.o sur Ise that. Hly old ship. Velma came to IBostbn and went to live with Mrs. Samuel H. Keii- uliiB of Beacon St., Fenway, The ship finally arrived last after all those weeks, but that IthotBii. tat met near Adc! whlie blbWug it tleld, nnpiutlu-d a Uen of eight young nibs, bi-iu-d of whfoh abb^ais to he in lontl dls- 1 wouldn't want my home lo be n mansion on n hill. 1 want Instead a little h.oii:< Elves my son! a thrill; I want (hat house to be a home place of hive and laupjiter. Where children play uon HIM tlo Where children piny upon flouts and climb lo eu-ri of those who enter in It With a c'leeiy welcome. meant. Iron! us uho llu- whether Roslon, New York or othei port lii'hci- wotilil not say. Today they hi-Rau 10 rush aiOund to get 'hi- 1-nnt tied before some other de- Inv ; i ame. wain a nintU) n>ar the dour a a low, while garden f-viice; want mi hourx- t,) ),,, ., |,,, m ,, place called Hecomnctme Isabel Wll.son > Colors Change as Hosiery Adjusts'to Wat-time future Is nut In ~ ** M«4*«*4VOjp1?** IUI.UIC IO 11UI. 1 etbr'ii for Afli'erlcau women in spilt Of th» a.bsttn«;6 bi ulik and hylou BUI tsw? fs&n^a liiiiHt turn, for the Wjtf' ^bfi'dttly jheahs that stock ""'}« ol gllk and ny frbm other ma , froiri Japab hai, 'Ibii Is bbt of the \t iu USB in para- Vi tide lisle are with iilso. H will be lelnlotci-a cot Ion Iii the leut and top-. iiojois both In cut ton and rayon will be limited, wllh lour to six colors the maximum on ihu market. Since Blockings ate always an Iniimitant patt ol tveiy woman's budget, (hey should be tieated with i-aie to lengthen tlmli useful life. To avoid accidental mags and ruhs when putting on and taking bft hosiery, watch out fbi sharp finger-Balls, jewelty and tough places on your fingeis. Wash stbcklttgs sbou after weaiittg fclth a ijjlTd ana soft lukewarih w-itel' rub nbr scrub, and dbtt't h^U« th«U iu the hot siiu or over a ra&- IK Bayou U weakened wtien Wfet lei pian to have an extra iJafr U reserve lu ease Motifs ar'Ssi 1 ! iir'f' far ilm, Otreray' 9 HUH All (Continued from Page One) tailon books, -he can take them all to tile store, huy four pounds of vtiBar. In this case, stamp No. 1 will be taken trom i-ai-h of the four liimd For IVrliid Onlj The idcii is can pet only '•lie noun,) of sugar for each stamp and that stamp is Rood only in tht- perlod which was set Ity the OPA. 'I yon bale a book which is lull ot stamps and do not need why -iu;ar before May 20, say, you can- no! at that time present stamps 1 and 2 and obtain two pounds of siiRat This is because Stamp 1 is uillil only through May 16. if you do not use it heroic that time It is ot no value. Likewise, a giocer cannot take stamps 1 and i duilng the period up lo May IT. l>pea«?c stamp z noes not become valid until the IT. Ki^Ulrnllon Ending; Uuitng the flist i egistrdtion for tatlon books, which ended at 9 $. tn Thuisday, Individuals who had mote than two pounds bf sugar on hand fdr edfch member of their tamlly had stamps taken frbra their books at the ratio Of Bite stamt> for each pound iii excess of twb. in other words, Ik you havb three in your family arid ybui- stigtir stbck wliea you tSgistered was ftlttS pbiiUds. the registrar rehibVed atanij) No. i frbte each of the i'bfei iJboks is»i«d W i-blir taffliiV Ttiat mesas that you can nbt buy i"" .more ingar uatU .^ a y || a 'nd m t«» m IN ii»fi4 ta ^wC T'age One) (Spitii Lake.) third, McMnrrnyl (\\elister City) fourth. Onidorffj (Mason city) firth. Distance, 2() fettl Irt'/t Inches. 2*).j:iht da«h- Welch (Story| i.'ltyl first. Davis (.tel'ferrtbn) ?ec- oud. Olbson (tNtherville) third,! Chapinah (Carroll) fourth, fihtmonj iMmnieisbnrB) fifth. Time. :2?,.7.| l>lscil«s fltnuv York (Parry) i Smith l.trfrev-ion) Kfccond, (Ssici (-'Ity) third, Salinansbn (Kst.h'er- rourth, McClelland (Clarion) | Distance, 12R feet 4 Inches, lir-otv--Fnriit (Ames) . . (Hmnholdl) Ko'con'd,! - (Pei-ry) third, Rose (Jefferson) fourth, futile (Sac t'ity) tif-j th. Mlftiine'e, 2S5 t'ect. Tivrt hillii i-eliij AnVns Stills, UiidiBy, Smith, first, iinni- boldt second; IBsthervllle tiili-t hsftroh t'btifth; Fdi-t Ubdg'p 'itt't'h.l fiWfe SiiiS-. SttlHynr^ iiH*h--WiHey Kteffer-1 t'li-st, MchailRhilrt (Pol-ry) soo'bn'd, Welch (Story City) third, fiiack (Aines) fourth, Myers (Bsthervliie) fifth, 'fline, :lb.2. Mli(* ftah—Van Hotttch (Huin-l boldt) first, Maguey (Aines) sec-1 oiid, Thompson (Rsthervlile) third, (lase i Mason lilty) fOUrtil, Tllley (Osden) fifth. Time, 4:45.3. Shrtt itiii—Plomnn (Carroll) first, Smith, (Jefferson) -sccbhd, Nyby (Hnniboidt) third, ChaUn'ey (VVcb-| stei- City) iirturth. Whitsome (Fbrt D'tdRc) fifth, IMstanee. 45 1 Hnir mlie tv lay -Ames (trtgue. | Byrnes, Arntstrohg, Mc'ciath) first, Mason city second, 1'eH-y third, Ft. Diidge fourth, Humbbidt fifth. Time 1 :?.«.B. l2().}ni-d hitt-h hni-di(«s—shimbn- jsoh (Kstheivllle) f|v'*t, Sanfbrd I ; (Spirit Lake) second, SiUith (jef- Ifcrsbh) third, Mlchelsrtn (Huhl-| I boldt) fourth, MeMurray (\Vehster I'city) fiith. lime, :15.«. ! llll.jiird.rnh noodman (Spirit Cityi second, fJangs'ted (Clarion) third Chapman (carioll) fourth, .l'>hn«'uh (f'Ort Dodge) and itbhnke icarrbll) fifth. Time. :R4.4. l v oUV vault Harness (Ames) first Tunic (Sac City) second, Uibsbh iKsthervillK). Mic'kelsbn (Hiim- boldt) Miller (Mason City) Webb (Spirit Lake) and Then I Ah iFei-ry) tied for third. Height, 11 h. 9 In. | I New record ) Hf» jTii-d «*toi---Verry (Rabher.l Axthelm, Little, Mchaiighiih) first,! Allies second, J'efferso'n third, Ciar-| Ibn fourth, story lilty fifth, time :4«.«. SOrt juW low htardles—Taguel (Ames) first Salrabnson (Esther-l vllle) sei-ond, Ruby '(Esthervlile) [ thii-d, VValsrtei- (Sar r.ity) fonrthj aanrbrd (Spirit Lake) fifth, 'titae,! :242. Mwilo} h»ljljr—Ames (Arihstrbhg,| byi-hes. Black, MdCalii) first, ^erit| se'cohd, liasbn City thli'd, HUiii-| boldt rblirth. Sac City fifth. fim'e,| " Hair niiie riih-bick Meddle metsiiurg) first, Maiiaffa tilty) secbtt'd; Hiisi '- ^' MiiBi. bMibtjpii biirth, Hle'dnii & .ul. Uli. -..! 2 11 1 Handy Hulden Pot- Vdtiv Suf a* G^me ih and LANE GLOTHING , WAV l PAPER AN§ S6RAP SALVAGE BAY In Humbditlt and FRIED SPRING GM!€1KEN \ViTH WAF^Lfe ^Rifeb rot Atbfes CENTRAL CAFE FOR YOUR WfcbNES&AY ce Mealj 2 jik^s. ) 2 OXFORD Bi-oWft W tan. il to '&. SI ,49 NELSON'S in *^^ 2 ife dan bttl^ Muffin Mix bb **4**W**4«*i4*^^ Remember the Graduate with the Hallmark Graduation Card. Return Address Envelopes Special 5c MUCi STORE S*^^ SlWfc td SEE OUR LiNE ffi .5b td 33; ts '^lj 4 bbxfe ^ Special AH Da^ Wrdft-esd^y mm DRESS PANTSi SI i7ft Va'ltte. lass tliAH a ^aff 8f 8Vef aHi. LANS €LOT **w»w***^^ 4*4^^ DON»T PORQRT THAT SATURI&AY, MAY IS In Humbbldt and Dakota City ^ ^^ Ihdp Mere Wedftfescia^ and EV6r y by fdf Mdnfej, i Grocery Specials ^ J^S*****************^******^ BRID3E MIX €AN 25c value 19c !b. A; i. WHITE eo. Basement ***S*i***SWS«S^^ GiSMSVSSa^t&tt&Si&Mttilt^^ * iriSUfi^t^i nfl JL f^v't i" i JhlSHlINU TACKLE License and Bait At ^ REX ALL STORE Wednesday Evenings . for Yoiir HUM§§LOT BARMft Y Frames and Axles Next Week OtIMi

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