The Courier News from ,  on July 6, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from , · Page 11

Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1949
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JULY «, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIKR NEWS PACK ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williorm r M *P TO DO SOMETHW&.' VOL) BLANKET PULL6RS WERE WELL. Of ALL T* CAMPtW STUNTS 1 EVER SAW — WHUT'S Thf RIDGE POLE Aji FOR? _ *JTWO _ WITH THAT ROUGH ^ ARMY BLANKET. THE ROLLER BEARlrOG Our Boording House with Mo j. Hoople , MMZTHA! wo, i. MESSED UP MV CLOUD- HOPPE SU«P«1S6O IF HALLBy'S COM6.T STBeARCO AC80SS TUC CfeiL ING/-~<aAY,ScX>'fZE ALL FIXED OP Lltfe A BIKTU CAKB — tKOWV \|OO FLV VOUR A FOS-~CCASH6D IMTO A MMTRESS FACTORV AfiO OVKAE: TO SITWS OK! A STACK OP SPRlWGS/ WHERE'S THAT -54-STOOT OP Ml K5e Sl'S THE MA3OR-' FATHER- Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawbo SWIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF CLIPPED ANGEL Copyright, 194», NEA SERVICE, INC. Give Grierson Cornish THK STOKV, Mlkr He 1.1.. | »<«rr. fcM fc*TB »!•••!•«•• tfcrw Mwtflb var«4l»B afttr w*rltii h.rrf |. Samk A-rrlr.. Tkr. We Specialize in Fancy Meats and ^ Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space - GOOD FOOD - DRIVE TO SIMPSON'S CAFE Uk-Mu State Line A Cool Plate lo Eal Sunday Special from 1 to 3 • Crappie Fish • Fried Chicken Dinner 75c • We Never Close • Service — That's Our Motto! We sp&rt DO e&un*LD ptovldlng an EXTRA everydaj prrscrlpUoc service Khlcb meant extra convenience to you Peel Iree to can on us at any time Prompt delivery service Phon» Ml WOODS DRUG STORE er* Mikr imttt m iff. l*»vii»ic tlie iwit I «i jre i h *• r, C*ry 1«-IU MIk<- *hp Im rkr i»»*hlrr W »«*• nf hln old tr\rn4m f I'arhoMe^ ParMcll, M«d Hhf Itax Inhri-tirrf lier fftlfcrr'i rich ie«>1d mlnr. ihr E>«rk h*-r« vrorVlnc; «tu(, )• *pt(« nf her rnrhrr'K hcll«-f thai K wo* id )••< for jrcarM. Mlk« hi »«traa I •)•«. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed B«st Prices Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete culvert*. 12 tocb lo 4> inch, plain or reenforced. Als« Concrete Buildlni BJocfc» cheaper than lumbei for barns, chicken huuses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds \Ve deliver Call us for free estimate Phone 651 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. HI CHE was a persistent creature. ° When we reached the cofle«- and-cigaret stage she said, "I didn't say No. 5 vein was lost. . want lo find out why it's giving only five-dollar ore instead of fifteen-dollar ore." "Ask me another riddle." I said "I've heard that one before." "Yes. I know, it sounds like an old story, but Dad told me the Dark Angel was good for another 20 years, and he knew what he was talking about" "Your dad knew hie stuff," admitted, "but better men ttx he have guessed wrong." "He didn't guess—he knew." "Cory." I said deliberately, -do you like to dance?" She nodded. "Then, let's." A FTERWARDS we kattced abou everything tinder the sun ex cept mining, and that was the way I wauled it. We discussed Ihe pur suil of happiness and discovere< we both had the same ideas abou direction, but neither of us wa quite sure about Ihe road. I wa willing to start hunting for it righ then, but it was 2 o'clock and tb* kid looked all in. In the taxi 1 pul my arm arouni her and kissed her, and she kissei me back. After a moment sh pushed me away and moved o« to the far side of the seat. "It's been nice meeting you Mike," she said. "This is only the beginning. I'v got three whole month* to kill Tomorrow—" She shook her head. "Tomorrow I'm driving back to th« mine." I slid my arm along the back o the seat, but she wriggled free "No, Mikfi." 1 thought of the loafing I ha planned U> do in the next thre months, the lovely loafing in Pair Springs, the lazipg around in th desert country and other place where a man and his money ar warmly welcomed. It would hav been nice to have seen Pair Springs. I had always intended to go there. "All right," I said. "You wii You, and No. 5 vein." You understand, I still intend* lo go to Palm Springs. In fact thought of Ihe place as an ire porlant wayslation on the afor< said rood lo happiness. But al th 4% HOME LOANS Elbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Chnnr K'i'£K Evening* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEI 1'lot Thickens "That might be my son Jim now—h» pilots one of those big liners, i wish he'd get some safer job that wouldn't worry his mother all the timel" I SAY , LIVfBMORE, OU> 60V &UYING A Bll" OF TWADOLE fOR. YOUR NtW VENTURE. WHAT, WHAT ? hEEVJCL. INC I'RISCILLA'S 1'OP Dine & Dance at THE SUPPER CLUB In South Osceola ORCHESTRA Every Friday Night O. C. St. Clair Call 911 for Private Parties To Kiicli His Own BY AL VEIIMEER I In the taxi I pal mj um wound b«r imd kwed her and kn*nd mt bMk. moment it looked »s T< k were' essential to delour through the Dark Angel mine first. • • • I DIDNT have a car and couldn't gel one, so we were going to use Cory's and »he was to pick me up at 11. I put in a busy two hours before that. Effie Lawson, my office stafl, gave me a reproachful look when I broke the news. She pointed lo a four-inch stack of correspondence on my desk. "You said you'd put ki two days clearing it up." "That was yesterday,' I said. "Hold the fort for a little while longer, there's a good girl." "Mr. Douglas Weyman phoned," she said. "He wants to see you." "Tell him I'm cm my way over, will you, Erne?" Doug greeted me with a grin. "Well, how diti you get on?" "Fine, after we understood each other. Obviously she needs a man around the place, though she'd hale to admit it." Doug laughed. "Plenty of guys have been willing lo lake on Ihe job. She's supposed to be worth millions, three or lour of 'em, anyway." "Then why's she worrying about the Dark Angel?" • • • FJOUG stopped grinning. "There's something there I don't quite gel, Mike. 1 asked her that—only in a more tactful way, of course —and she looked at me. . . . Well, anyway, we didn't pursue the sub- ject." He started t» grin again. "Too bad you're going on holiday for three months—but it's all right, 1 understand perfectly, Mike." At 37 a man cau't be too careful. It's not as if—" "I've decided I lost altitude too quickly while coining down from the Ancles," I said, "so I'm driving up lo the mine with her in an hou: from now." "Cafe society," chuckled Doug "Spoiled as the dickens!" "Cut it out, you lug," I said. "' didn't come here lo be kidded, want some information. Where d you fit into the picture? Whj didn't she approach my office direct?" 'Sh« was in here on legal business and she just happened to ask if 1 knew you. That's all." "What legal business?" "Well, confound it, Mike, a clienr is a client!" "All right, all righl—except tha' when I knew Parboiled Parncll hi looked on all lawyers as varmints. "Nobody can live without law yers," said Doug with snlisfactiot "You're not much help," I sai< Then a thought struck me. "An- body ever try lo buy the Dai Angel?" Doug gave me a searchin glance. "J just u>ld you, Mike, . clienl is a client." "Okay, I'll ask her myself. Wch I've gol lo get along. Give my love lo Carol." He was slill grinning when I let; (To Br {•(•••''•••iTtvM FROM NOW ON, ANYONE WHO DOESN'T HAN<3 UP HIS PAJAMAS GOES TO BED WITHOUT DESSERT." ISN'T THAT A IDEA, WALDO? Jose Wauls (o Titlk HY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE S OH. YOU, EH.' YOU N/ANO 1 HAVE A STORY MADE PIENTY Of 1BOOBLE I TO TEH YOU, 5ENOR, fORME/ INCIDENTALLY, I Bill t DO NOT WISH THE COPS AKf^—f' —T^TO BE FOUND BY IOOKINS /ff ^i>V\ THE POLICE. FOR YOU. A-O'^^ar AY CAN I TB05T YOU? THIS IS THE JUMPING 6WN AtAM WHO 6AVE YOU WE "BONUS PWCKASt." I THINK I CAN. COME TO THE BUEWA VISTA TOURIST COORT ON THE NORTH EDGE OF TOWN. _, __ ASK FOR JOSE s 8 got home from police headquarters just in time to hear the WASH TUBBS BY LESLIE TURNER SHOULD I \ BUT THE POUcE! THEVlt GET SKIP TOWW FOB. \ CURIOUS ABOUT THM" MOTOR VOtlC MEC.SW 5 \ KUUMNG SO L&TE....M&VSE GRAND. WHEW WJ | KAUT TO SEARCH THIS SHED- HOUR'S WOKK WITH l\ CM'.StL WILL GET ME 57 I... I CAM'T \ HAHt VOU'RE iFTER (Halt THEM FlND-\ 1H' LOOT VEKSEtF, IN6 THAT BOX... II WOULD RUIMAH- EE-lVINOcENr PEESOM! V0UNG WOMftW. I'M OUB \OKW. BIG SHOT! I WOW OF THE WEALTHIEST MEJU \ NEED TH' MOTOR IF VOU'l IkJ THE COUNFY! THATMOUfcY I GIMME (kHANPl GET BU5 ME&US NOTHING TOME! I'* I CWStM,<HW\.t I KEEP / OWLS TRYINGiPt&PEEATeiV/ LOOKOUT f'K AMV UIGHT tO PREI/EMT POLICE— si OWL THftT MlfiHTHEARW »IQ BOVl.M'I MUT BLOWIkTi SEE? C O .STUDEBAKER What's the Best Way To Buy a Truck? SEE IT ... DRIVE IT ... PRICE IT IftIS Studebiikcr !-Ton Pickup 1917 Sludebakcr 1-Tnn Pickup 1917 Sludebaker '/j-Ton Pickup 1916 Dorfge I'/,-Ton Cat> & Chassis 1916 Chevrolet Vi-'I'on Pickup 1SI2 D<idge ! 2 -Ton Pickup in II Ford '/ 2 -Ton Pickup lain Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pickup. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Kriendly Studehaker I)e«l«r" Railroad & Ash I'hon* RS8 T U DEI A K E UGS BUNNY Wonder Brain BUGS, WHXT G!^^B >• 64.NOEZ. WA,NT WITH ICE PICK WHEN HE'S WiTERING THE LXWM? AM.EY OOP HY V. T. HAMIJN THAT W/V5 MY \ I DIDN'T THINK, IPEA.OS<:A(e..VSEE, \vH SHOULD PELAY 1 KNEW TIME / -v2LJ<2 TKlf TO TH' WAS (SETTIN' " MONTH.' MY fiOSH.TH' BIGGEETH'/ ANYONE TAR3ET.TH7 CAN SEE TH' EASIEE ( MCCN WILL BE IT \€> TO \ FULL IN AR7UT HIT.' \ FOUE MIGHTS ANOTHER. MONTHT I RON'T BELIEVE I FALLOW . OOP. BOOTS AND HKR RUDDIES K Dcjiler HY UUGAR MARTIN

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