The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on May 12, 1942 · Page 3
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 3

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1942
Page 3
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Jlay 12.1942 Rutland independent School ""•""•nan of the program Mrs. G. Hoffman. 1 the t the The . u ., OOCI9 committee: Mr. and Mrs. L. Blom- K61*, Th?Sc7\t Sen, bne gt P 'M y o e d a : ern Schools vs Little Red School- louse. l^OAIltlCrclfll—3fiflH filtfiaunik World History World History studente have been studying the first World War They have also been studying about the League of Natioss, and the coionlal possessions that were given out. workln S the past Bookkeeping students are still n on thelr practice set "• Eighth civics are working on the final parts of their book. ArltJimefjc~-Mr. l)evlne Algebra Algebra students have started working with ratios. A ] 8O they IT, 8tarted a chapter on Direct and inverse variation rhysics Physics students started a new " Ele <=tro-magnetic They have started 6, on thls -_ —,. m^ various .. , „'• cr °P s - Physical features, etc., of south America. In Reading the third graders are taking an imaginary trip with the People in the story. They have visited many interesting places The fourth and fifth grade reading consists of the reading of variou stories, the book thatis now being used as their text book. They have re r^lSr V6ry lnterestln e We have been busy making crepe paper flowers for our Mothers. Friday we had a lovely time entertaining our mothers in the afternoon. Those in the second grade who received one hundred In spelling were: Donna, Mary Lee, Clyde, i>aie, Norman and Don. The first graders that received I IP hundred IB Spelling were ' Nancy, Mary Lou, Jacqueline, A vm and Jo Ann. We are making a house and fron yard for a sand table project 1 social study. the elimination contest for tho I «?«£* »*.!£? P i ays by the 8r<m *>' as rsmrsja n° " L "» ss? »° lj ^r~jmffi\?s^sssK-s£ £ .«», -A. ,^t,Mpr sn-asrs s ™. MW .,,„„„„„ „„„«. ;.T"""" " Mn '«""»»»« Before the Doctor ftftd Mrs. 'Perry; ot ttuflibold Eastman, soa -tohn Jtoob of ijukota Clty w "^Wednesday when be at! tempted to separate several fighting dogs. by Dr s' d f " m and W8S Introduced The baseball boys went to LU- Verne last Thursday, but because ,L ,* \ n they had to I" 1 * after 2% innings. They went back on Friday and finished the game. h,,?. Id , a W u' SS bad char se "f the bulletin board In Miss Altman's loom this week. It was very at- t*Q/ltflrA * tractive. Second Grade Miss Frlcden The Mother's Day program was finished our bird booklets last week and find that we can uize some birds quite easily. Grade—Miss Edglngtott The new reporter for the remaining of school year is Joan Jensen. The pupils who had 100 in spelling were: Ramon Adams, Gary Beebe, Verle Larson, Gene Porter, Albert Schmidtke, Joan Jensen, Johnna Lowder, Vera Nelson, Beverly Pryor, Joyce Sorllen, and KW at Fort Rlley, a ' bMI1 prom °ted to the Sergeant at the r, Center. St. Mary's seniors of presented their c , flS8 play ft "' w. * c'o'V Patty Weir. , Eighth arithmetic students reviewing for the final exam. Jnnlor nigh Bluebirds We finished our flower booklet which we were making in socla study class. Don George was sick one day last week. Iimlor-Senior Banqnct On Friday evening, May 8th, the Junior and Senior classes and members of the high school faculty sojourned to Humboldt where, in the beautifully decorated room of the Coca Cola Plant, a merry „ ^v la . iriaui, a merry evening was dedicated to the Sen- Editor— Cecelia Bradley. . Those absent this week were Ce- The seventh eraders ha,, * l ma ^er for the evening and called le Patriots Response-Vivian Tellier. The following received one Loll! ^ ^ Detense - L ° r raine ndred in spelling last Friday: iteds—Charlene Hoffman and on the J unl °rs and seniors —Supt. W. Devine. You and Uncle Sam—Eugene | Schluter. "V" for Victory—Edward Carl- I son. Included in the program were a vocal duet by Dorothy Saxby and Levina Torkelson and an instru- „„"".,"" * '. " IC """ WUIK " mental number by Miss Bankn , visite'd in ^r Where they A " er the Banquet the group en-' i visited in this years work, joyed a theatre party at Fort fifth grade has completed their Dodge. nanyat J-ort a victory as when they played here last Thursday. The score was 17 to 10. ^ Upper "^Business Mathematlc class J Reporters—Kathleen and Mary Several pupils brought lilacs for our room. They look very nice. We are done with all of our semester tests. We hope we will all pass. Next Friday brings the end of another school year and we are all happy about it. Friday we have our school picnic. We have nearly finished all our „„.,„, uanquec was i text ' JOO '<s and will complete them held in Fort Dodge, Tuesday even- I next week - at,, i —--"••" ""«ei orownrield, Shirley Mae McLaughlin, Shirley Kerker, and Ada Lankford The Business Mathem Is working on review problems. There are Btn , some j, ule dlfflcult% The Algebrn class is studying quadratic equations. Our Commercial teacher received a silver metal from the shorthand ontest that she entered last week t A. I. B. Kathryn Miller passed her 80 word shorthand test and. she has ent for her shorthand pin. The junior-senior banauet ll J 1_ T-» , •» . _._ ^ r r. . Da ?° f Humboldt sold a year- 8H.f r u cently ""d b °"«"t a 5 defense bond lenona Marceli ns , dimeter of Mrs. Dora Pollock of Humboldt and Jack Miller of p ort DodgTwere "" M "«^'»e, Mo. May 3 MeEntaffcr win rt 08 / h , s Jewelry store i n Humboldt and will be , oyed in defense work in *"&"', .uiinois. I H™'.''"""" "omcr lljornson »f Humboldt recently made a report and 5 d°n PU( f SCrap lron - »eW ami o^paper from h.s county dur- ° f ^ dl «W « S - eS • a * ........... . . 11 2S uh' W&tfalf ' /nrn J "J*^ "0.83 .. 20 Co. Z0 - * . Jjjgn. can. an 309 3.«8 0.28 16.00 1UI as.03 7.S6 *ZaKP»r WM ^JK&ftiter*tt aw " • Ms *ie*iis labor %>5»--~~ »7 c ^^^^;gE::: „"' y-,\" 91.47 sand The Stato Oliver Hold 6 n,'";; - fund"of"poli' ' ° » --- - «.. v j^uu&c, j ueouay even- J — *•*•**. ng. Everyone enjoyed themselves We h °Pe everyone has a very en- in spite of all the rain. Joyable vacation. Baccalaureate was held Sunday 1'rlmary Room News ght With the Reverenrl Hnhoo.^t mu- , rerly Simpson. Vhites—Terry Bakken, Duane ;sen. Dale Madsen, Gwendolyn I arns. ' i geography the third grade has I a studying about coal, electric- and oil. The fourth graders e completed their trip around world. They are now work- — "—-f "«o uciu ouiiuay night with the Reverend Schaardt of Gllmore City Lutheran church officiating. Commencement is being held Wednesday evening May 13, at 8-00 Everybody welcome. Everyone is studying for their semester test. There are many smiles In the freshmen and sophomore classes they have finlpjjed their project books in. Bookkeeping. The question that has been go- got teeth? say yes. The boys are going to play Clare boys' klttenball team Monday. We hope they come home with as good The second and third grade children presented a one-act play entitled "Polite Priscllla and Gertie the Goop" at the closing exercises of the home nursing class Thursday evening. We were sorry to hear Yvonne Abens was taken to the hospital because of a sore throat. We have a new poem on the board. The name 'of it is "Hot Weather". All the children In our room . juniors of the local nnhii/. school entertained the sTL' S he banquet held WednesdaVeven ing In the dining room of the First Lutheran church. Arthur J.Secor Republican Candidate for State Secretary of Agriculture Keosauqua, Van Buren County reading Friday. We learned a new singing game, "Oh, A Hunting We Will Go." We also learned a new song, "if you were a Bunny." Ottosen School News ergwrton anil First Grade their history book,' so now they are special Dakota City School Chronicle • u. ^ Mother's Day comes on Sunday, We have been carrying on May It comes but once a year, ' weather activities "in spite of the [••--•-- " —~ ••••lojiiiis i Thfe fifth' grade geography 'class* (New Friends" and will read is studying about Mexico They Inf """ 1 '' '— " lfind the warm climate makes that [afternoon and ,.^.,, JU6 ,„ fing Up," which they started »g in the afternoons a week 'ago. i jjonna Beam, E f>y Puff, Arland Speich, Mary Enockson, Keith i-uesdell, Lyle Waechter, Jack | Watnem, Donald country very different than our own. J3onna Beam, Darlene Buck, Joan Daniels. Paul Puff, Charlene early spring". that usher in the i uesueu, i.yie Waechter, Jack watnem, Donald Puff, Charlene jGerald McDanlel, Margaret Movick, Devonna KJnselli Louis imp, Freddie Struthers. Nor- Jacobson. DornJhv R,. O( IO«,T ««j Dorothy Bratland and . Anne Tabor wrote perfect spelling papers last week, Helen Anliker has come back to .jimp, Freddie Struthers, Nor- jpeich and Jimmy Jacobson, j perfect spelling papers lay. nnil Third Grade I school after a week's absence, second grade is making Ind- The f " th grade hn s been learn- Itures and the third grade of £ h° w to multiply decimals, i We will put these pictures , fourth erade has been learn- tlets BO that others may see e to flnd a fractional part ' I of a number. The fifth grade history class Is studying the things that have made our country of today, with all its 111 nnliltina n«.» *.i!_i_ Posters of children out of doors decorate our border. Another .group of pictures show boys 8n d girls roller-skating. We have learned some May songs and Rhythms—"The 1 telephone, "I and "May Bas- Children with perfect spell- )res last week were Muriel Marguerite Struthers, Ralph our ucount n Pa " "'' pip, Patricia Veerkamp, AN, n _,. Jnem, Robert Waechter, Dar- n " J " ur ff. Betty Lou Movick. Jerry ° ay cards ^n and Virginia Bratland. ^"f , third grade made up some I G " T t se6wno n ' n Tnurs <l a y we made Mother's We made our own de- well Barbara Sheeley, Norma Knudso,,, Betty Lou Johnson, and for English "cWs "and""^' I, Those who wro ^ Perfect spell-1 Sh ' rl % Lo « Mann. of the children guess them. £!L.E pe " last * ee . k ^«re Greta ^„**?**_ morning jerry Ul| of the children guess them. | IVl !" dT (dertmark; Ralph fourth grade has completed | Cyril Veerkamp. Dug A Garden" kets." All of us have brought bouquets of lovely purple and white lilacs and tulips and our kindergarten is very fragrant and garden-like We enjoy the sweet singing of the Meadow-larks and robins through our open windows. We made Mother's day cards and gifts which we brought home Friday afternoon. Jacqueline Schlck has been absent this week and we hope she will be able to return to our class very soon. Gnidfs 8 and 4 Those who attended Story Hour last Saturday were: Donna Bos- - " . — — v 11 \, vii *¥ «J1 C U J t)U Fowler, Charles Buck, Eldon Hun „ Jacobson and lumboldt Register Edited by Senior English Class j r—Phyllis Breaw. I.—Jack Dickereon. Banquet-Hew pnual Junior-senior banquet ' A }a«t Weanesday, May 6, '—'- In the first Luther- semble at the school gym for an "AU High School Party" "Kokomlii" wa« car- j ? wtjre banquet. M^l L*._ •> i_ il -mm _ _ Mesu Last Monday was a happy day! The "Nokomis" wag released. This edition makes the 89th. We think it is one of the best. In case you haven't seen one yet, this is how it looks. Jt has a red cover with the Statute of Liberty on it. The theme, "Step* Leading out through- v ..««•» **i"b jci i y Ul" rich brought a visitor to school The fourth grade had a perfect attendance un Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The third grade had a perfect attendance on Tuesday Thursday and Friday. Perfect scores in spelling were given to Betty Lou Johnson, Patty Ann Clay, Arlene Nash and Caroil j Askland. I Last Wednesday Arlene Nash gave a treat to the room in honor of her ninth birthday. In art class the people made Mother's day cards and on the inside wrote an original poem. The fol- lOWlni? arp n tanr rt* .U_ , I'm glad it's not on Mnnday, So I can be with Mother dear. Joyce Edwards. Dear Mothertyou are so wonderful, So wonderful to me. If you were not here, mother I wonder where I'd be, Betty Lou Johnson. Mother's Day cornea on Sunday, It comes in the month of May. It's nice to have her yet. And I think it's more fun To help her every day. Amy Whipple. Mother! Mother! You're so sweet, . You always keep me nice and neat Mother! Mother! You're the one ' I wouldn't trade you for The moon, the stars or the sun. Howard Vest. Umdes 5 and 0 Phyllis BoBwell brought to school t y ° f Pl ° neer llfe that ""a j It con«hts of a log cab in ' and covered wagon. In Art class we finished making I Mover's Day greeting ' ^^•^•i Vou Can't Afford To leave irreplacable machinery out in the weather. Build Machine Shed Now. J- F. Anderson Lumber Co. Pl«t a Garden and Help Win the War! STILL TIOIC TO PLflOT FOR CAMIM ^tn 118 ^ 1 tinned M ••^^^^^^^^^^^^^r ' p r* ^i^^^^^^r 'S< i • . - fr •«i '..' '^' •»?-& 'fri i. *&p£ ATTENTION. HUMBOLDT AND DAKOTA CITY Uncle Our 100% spellers this week are- Naatun - m Edward* T 0eorge '" comedy in ^. co uc[l of characters include: cast poems lowing are a few of the written: You run about the houee for us A little all the time And when you're walking by I'll kits you from behind. Shirley Lou Mann. Alison Allen-je 8 n Edwards Jane-Tbelma ^^ Ted-Bernard McKitriek. &.._ Dr --^« y Doty n ' Jy Locke. * -•--—— »ui.u Ennis. x^^ssxr- Joyce Lonning, j Murry Fort re- scores Jn spelling. Ma aazincs, Old Rubber and Scrap Iron fl ii B W R IT E S zfsusesausf itumj; ' srr^r-- Saturday, May 16 zssfgzss? 1 Mf *•«« - - -<'^- f ,-V*^|WC* , "; 4 -r>:;^%A»i, *-».^- f .^\ i;%;*'tE^^ V.I?', " J ""Mf^^ tor Humboldt, or ehairman'" fll J.^*fiu ^ i^ i .^Mfifi iiiaii 467W, for Dakota City. *«* j,I^- q^rt-^tK* S *' " "^> * _J " **-*« l hm *•»••• Hm , ^IH _. .sitaffl

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