The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on August 12, 1988 · Page 48
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 48

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, August 12, 1988
Page 48
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 1988 F Powell as Bush VP? It's not just a joke By W. DALE NELSON .The Associated Press WASHINGTON - At the White House as elsewhere, Vice President George Bush's search for a running mate has people guessing and now one of their own is part of the guessing game. President Reagan says he's just guessing along with everybody else. "I don't have a candidate," he said Wednesday when asked about it. "That's up to him." Mr. Reagan also was asked about a newspaper column suggesting his national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Colin Powell, as a possibility for the second spot on the ticket. Gen. Powell is the first black ever to hold the post of national security adviser. "You'd better watch out," the president quipped. "He's standing right behind you." Gen. Powell, stationed behind reporters who were questioning Mr. Reagan during an Oval Office photo opportunity, made no comment. Far from the foxhole White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater, asked what he thought of Gen. Powell as a vice presidential prospect, said, "Colin Powell is a great American and would be an outstanding candidate for any position." Later, Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, responding to a reporter's query, nodded toward Gen. Powell and said with a grin, "He's my candidate." Gen. Powell just grinned and shook his head but said nothing. Before he went to the Pentagon, Mr. Carlucci had Gen. Powell's job, and Gen. Powell was his deputy. - The most recent thing Gen. Powell has said about his future was in ' a speech to the World Affairs Council of Los Angeles July 19: "As for myself, I expect to go back to a nice quiet foxhole where I can serve my country in a more comfortable and perhaps less-exposed position." Gen. Powell is an army officer and, before becoming Mr. Carluc-ci's deputy in January 1987, was f $ DOONESBURY GARRY TRUDEAir Colin Powell commanding general of V Corps in Frankfurt, West Germany. Questions about his future were spurred by a column in the Washington Post (Page IE of today's Palm Beach Post) by William Raspberry, suggesting that it would be a "brilliant idea" for Mr. Bush to pick Gen. Powell as his running mate. Despite the jesting tone of the questions and answers, it's not just a joke. Rep. Jack Kemp, R-N.Y., himself a potential vice-presidential candidate, is among those who have mentioned Gen. Powell as a possible Bush running mate. 'An exciting choice' Mr. Kemp's press secretary, Marci Robinson, said he believes Gen. Powell would be "an exciting choice" with the foreign affairs and other experience to be able to serve as president and that, "politically speaking, it would hit the Democrats at their strength." Gen. Powell is the only current White House aide being mentioned as even a remote possibility to be Mr. Bush's running mate, although former chief of staff Howard Baker Jr. has been reported under consideration. Make platform show that GOP has answers By JOHN R. McKERNAN Eight years ago, Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party won the White House by running on a platform of change. Tired of expensive, ineffectual, big-government solutions to economic challenges facing the nation, voters opted for a new direction and a leader who proposed solutions that were then and even now termed revolutionary. In 1984, the Republican Party, having begun to deliver on its promises to revitalize the nation's economy and shrink the role of the federal government, recommitted itself to the 1980 platform. Now, after 68 months of economic growth and eight years of peace and prosperity, it is understandable that some in our party should be tempted to focus on the successes of the recent past and consider pulling down from the shelf our 1984 platform, dusting it off and simply putting a new cover on it. Understandable, perhaps, but doomed to failure. For in the past eight years, this nation, like its government, has undergone dramatic change. More than 50 percent of women with children under the age of one now work outside the home. In general, American workers are becoming older, more female, and more disadvantaged. In fact, over the next 12 years, only 15 percent of our new workers will be native white males, and many of our present jobs will become obsolete. The new jobs that are being created will require higher levels of education and training. U.S. uneasy about future ', Despite this nation's relative peace and prosperity, over 50 percent of Americans feel unease about the future and believe that we, as a nation, need to change direction. Women, particularly, question the country's ability to address these new challenges. Such sentiments are, I think, one major cause of our party's perceived gender gap. And if George Bush and our party fail to recognize and address these economic and social changes, we will have plenty of time during the four years of a Democratic administration to sit back and think about them. I am not suggesting that in adopting its platform next week the GOP turn its back on its past successes. To the contrary, our traditional strengths a commit-. ment to individual opportunity and to economic growth will continue to provide the party and the nation with the necessary answers. What we need now are new means of ensuring those ends. What we must do, as a nation and a party, if we are to provide individual opportunity and prosperity for all our people, is invest in our human capital. We must make education and training priority one. More for Head Start Our platform should begin with the youngest of our children by calling for an investment in child care and preschool, particularly for those at risk. And we should endorse additional funding for Head Start and other preschool programs. The GOP platform must emphasize educational excellence at the elementary and secondary level. It ' should acknowledge that American education is not measuring up, that more educational reform is needed, and that our country must make a greater commitment to our schools. The platform must include a strong statement on the importance of early drug education, and should call for improving teachers' skills, demanding more of students and reducing our high school dropout rate, so that we are graduating from high school students with the skills they need to go on to postse-condary education. To finance that additional schooling, the platform should support George Bush's proposed educational IRA and take one step further Richard Nixon's assertion of over 15 years ago that no child should be denied a postsecondary education due solely to the inability to pay. We must guarantee sufficient funds for higher education for all in need. A strong education plank is important for children. But as the work force ages, as some jobs become obsolete and workers are displaced, as international competition increases and the face of the American worker changes, we must widen that plank to include education and job training for all our people. Costs can be met Combined, the cost of these programs is not insignificant, but the expense can be met through state funding and public-private partnerships. During the past eight years, as states have been asked to shoulder more of the costs for domestic programs, they have proved they have the resources and ideas that allow them to meet the challenges. What is needed now is not signifi cantly more funding but more in spiration, direction and leadership from the federal government Matching grants, added flexibility in existing programs, and support of pilot programs are tools that can help states get the job done effi ciently and effectively. John R. McKernan is governor of Maine and a member of the Repub lican Platform Committee. He wrote this article for The Washing ton Post. I MAN, YOU MUST ARE YOU KID-REAM LOVE PINO I HATS BOATS TO PICK BOATS! I ONLY UP THIS CARS ABOUT BEHEMOTH, CR5ATIN6AN MRU iwyi&- 5I0N. j YOU WANT TOCREATE AN IMPRESSION, SIR dim THB SUCKER VP. THAT WOULD CREATE AN IMPRESSION! AND SINCE- ITS REPLACEMENT VALUE- IS 180 MILLION, YOU COULD CLEAR 150 MILLION PROFIT IN INSURANCE.' OKAY, YES. SIR. I CANT THAT'S TELLYOU HOtUMANY ILLEGAL, PEOPLE HAVETOLP PUT I IH&HJD$eRV LIKE yOU EACH OTHER. -- 1 CW Campaign '88 has long, hard way to go: By JOHN HUGHES The Christian Science Monitor Is it all over for George Bush? Does his sagging standing in the polls mean he cannot catch up, and Michael Dukakis has a stranglehold on the presidency? There is certainly concern but not panic in the Bush camp. There remain problems about Mr. Bush's image. Is he too "nice"? Is he too "soft," despite having held such tough jobs as head of Central Intelligence? What about the vice president's commitment? Does he have the drive to win, and lead? Or is he simply giving it his best shot as part of his belief that a gentleman should make himself available for public service? Despite the problems for Mr. Bush, few insiders in either political camp are ready to say the campaign is all over. It is still too early, they say. Anything can happen. Remember Dewey and Truman. One point they make is that, while the Democratic convention gave Gov. Dukakis a springboard for his campaign, the Bush effort is hardly under way. Coming up is the Republicans' convention. While both conventions this year will probably turn out to have been a yawn for television viewers, that has not stopped the news media from devoting hours of television footage and pages of print to each convention. With upwards of 13,000 reporters at each convention, they are determined to photograph and write about something. Even a non-event is guaranteed to get coverage. Interested or not, millions of people are going to be exposed to another extravaganza, this time lauding George Bush. Then watch out for the stamp that James Baker will put on the Bush campaign. Mr. Baker, an old Bush supporter, has held key positions in the Reagan administration, most recently as secretary of the Treasury. He is much experienced in politics. He understands the need for substance, as well as glitz, in presidential ima-gemaking. He has the confidence of the candidate. And, in a civilized way, he will be very tough and direct in pinpointing flaws in the Bush campaign and seeking to redress them. With Mr. Baker in command, it is going to be a new ball game. So much for the predictable. What about the unpredictable? First there is the matter of Mr. Bush's running mate. Will it be a virtual unknown? Will it be a woman? Will it be someone like Bob Dole, Mr. Bush's toughest opponent for the Republican nomination? ' Beyond Mr. Bush and Mr. Dukakisr.tne voters will have to ponder how best the cpuntry would be governed in the event either one of them as president were incapacitated. . - Supposing just supposing the United State3 and the Soviet Union could agree -on a treaty limiting their big strategic missiles. Technical experts say it could be done before President Reagan's term expires. Supposing it were announced in the midst of the presidential campaign. Supposing there were a swift summit - a summit to which President Reagan would take Vice President Bush. Would not that give Mr. Bush a major boost with the electorate? Supposing the summit could not be held until after the November election? And supposing Mr. Reagan announced that for the purpose of continuity he would take to the summit whichever of the candidates triumphed? How would that affect Mr. Bush's prospects? ; Another thought: Supposing the Iran-Iraq war is concluded and, in the midst of the presi-1 dential campaign, American hostages in the Middle East are released? Supposing Mr, Bush is dispatched to receive them, and he dominates the news from some U.S. military installation in West Germany where they land? The campaign is not over. Remember Dew-ey-Truman. " "' DID YOU KNOW? SALE ENDS THURSDAY AUGUST 18, 1988 .... m&is Flmda's Usgest Ckak ! Qardm Ceuvtei! closedV MONDAY Y (For Inventory! I V Sunday closed , early at 4 pm Avocado Food I mtfkj? Rosefood I ' Longlife Lawn Food Vigoro Specialty Fertilizers f Landscape Beauty for Your Yardt Peace Lily. 3V2 ft. tall. Produces glorious white flowers. Does well in shady areas. 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