The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on May 5, 1942 · Page 6
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 6

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1942
Page 6
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TffE VIKING PRESS (He Jinlor Ctat of tl»f ffjfh School, had ofie-ntnwifed par-cent in Spoiling last Friday: Harold Knutson, Wayne Ophelm, Marian KnntteH, ttsger Holtott, Vlr&tt Loe MefHii Hflftson, Carolyn Opholm Michael Mokletnist, Joan Moedlng, Kay Holtoti, Laura Jeanleo Raker, nobln Holland, Donna Onheim, Betty Hfegfteri, Dennis Carter, Dickie Keen, Robert Kntitnon, John Mocd- Ing, Paul Moklelnist, Shtrloy Knutson, and Delmer Oondor. We arc making favors as a Junior Red Cross project. To-day, wo made May baskets In our handwork period. We are learning "The Marina Hymn", "Thn Caisson's On Holllng Along," and "My Orcmt, Oreat Grandfather Came to America," durlns our music period. •' SflTcnth and Rljrlil »ws We have finished nnr RcoRrnphy workbooks now. and are rorrectlnu thn ln»t few pages !zi th?m. tor on "Biminess Letters" in English And «fe to stun a new one entitled "ffiffeetive Speaking and Wrltlng.v in this new chapter we will learn how to carry on an Interesting conversation with another person without using slang. The topic In History now being stirtlled 18 "Telling how the French exchanged their king for an Em- but not until they had set a flood of Revolutionary ftarrlwm JS.44 Hfinrjf .... Humboldt ^3 . towfl ....... $8.80 JSclfobn ____ 28.80 Jasper _____ 88.28 Je'fferson ...35.04 Johnson ____ 18.12 Jones ______ 24,02 Keokuk ____ 26.37 Kossuth ...27.08 Lee ........ 19.65 Linn ....... 19.47 21.89 Lucas ------ 32,43 Lyon ..... ..28.09 Madison ____ 28.37 JMnhaska ...25.24 peror, loose Ideas. lortnlh nhd Twelfth News In Government we are studying I Mnrlon 2793 nhout "Welt A K e and City Govern- Marshall 2565 ment." In Mngllpli Literature wo have 'Inlslied the hook hy studyliiK Oer- nnn and Yugoslovlc storys. History finds us studying about Wood row Wilson nnrl 'the Freedom. Ilookkeeplng finds us about snle proprlpforslilp, (ho I-'nrt I nnrshlp niul Corporation. Mills 30.73 Mitchell .....22.83 Mononn 39.09 Monroe 27.07 Montgomery 24.78 and .. CT v..» ir.i inrriii. I llt-inill In Rendlnp; "Treasure Island" In I Sports our story. We arc going to finish j Thor played Knelo flrovn .l 1t J" PXt wpel{ ' College at Thor on April 23 The seventh nnd eighth grades ..... i r, in n v..\ Qnv-^-Q-. «» Tin-,from the rural schools are taking ( pitched n no-lili no-mil ""giiiiie three tests hero todny, Luckily i while Thor colleclod 7 lilts enough the seventh nnd eighth Saturday. April 25 Thoi's "learn grades hero don't have to take any. We f A ' i. have been studying prepositions, conjunction.''., Intcrjectlonii tfor English. Now we are working •on troublesome verbs. We have finished our History sbooks nnd are going through them .-again, making questions on each -chapter us n review. Ninth And Tcnlh I/own Commercial geography finds us studying "Atlantic and Pacific ESouth America." We have learned much about the country that wo •didn't know and have also found .the study quite Interesting. In Algebra we nro studying "Self• 'Testing Drill No. 10" which Is part- Jjr n review of what we have had • B6 far In this chapter. This takes up the topic entitled "Factoring The Difference of Two Squares." Most of us find this a little difficult. We are Just finishing up the chap- j spirit" showed Itself, for Ken Severson, Kd. Scversnn, Howard Nor- oni, Milton Thnrsnn. Arthur lloh- hct and Coach Taylor went and helped Jack Knutson, Thor's catcher with his farm work so Unit he could go to Fort DodRc In tin- afternoon to play Korl Dodge high school on their new field, riut tin- game was rained out after -l</j innings. Thor played Kngle Orove lilgli scluxil at Knglc- (trove on April 2,'!. Thor lost with a 3 to 2 score. Thor- j Wiiinobago .29 18 son pitched a one hit same and i Thor collected two hits. The score i —— was 2 to 0 in Thor's favor until the last of the seventh Inning when Eagle Orove run in tlire-t- errors. New j MuBcnltno .25.12 O'nrlen 22.21 studying , Osccoln 28.80 I'ngo .28.43 IVilo Alto ___27.0fi Plymouth __19.fiS Pocr.hontns _23.74 Polk 23.27 , i'otttiw ta'le 2s.ill ' I'ownshlck ..25.34 ' Illnggold '_..25.34 Sac 29/10 , Scott -._.!li.r.4 Shelby ., 20.0;i Hloux 23.GS Story 3-1.09 ! Tama 20.11 Taylor 28.10 Union 27.5-1 V.-.n riurcii _;i7.0S U'apelio 2S.89 Warren ...24.SS Washington 2(i.5.'! Wayne 45.B8 Wabster 16.23 11.40 f.95 0.98 8,20 8.4S 9.8$ 8.78 10.47 8.62 9.40 f.tffl 10.18 15.28 8.73 6.7B 10.71 8.87 ' 10.49 12.14 8.15 9.40 13.07 11.28 8.07 8.91 «.22 9.30 7.01 10.42 fi.43 10.2-1 14.44 10.00 9.10 11.40 7.05 7.0!) 7.04 7.50 1I1.45 8.4.1 9.14 9.95 12.0f! 11.28 1J.34 8.17 9.07 10.45 12.19 . li.fff Wlnneshlek .21.B« 12.4.1 Wright 10.42 lO.Bfi 14.68 14.00 15.81 12.SS 12.70 11.21 11.81 14.4!) 18.7* 18.22 (month , If,8f H.14 8,88 . 11. Xl YB 6.6% ABOVE A YBAtt AGOSAYSBAGLEY Despite all the talk about re. duced travel on Iowa's highways' the state gasoline tax yleldfed d.j per cent more revenue IB Marcl than In the corresponding 194| 13.4I! 9.5!) 13.21 13.30 13.03 16.57 10.5H 11.7') 15.11 14.54 12.3,'! 15.0K 11.00 11.55 12.UH 12.61 8.3D 11.90 21.70 17.7; I2.r>r. 13.411 11.111 14.07 9.811 19.93 1.0.3H 11.77 15.7-1 16.21! 21.9-1 14.41 12.11 15.8!) 15.7V 15.71! Figured from the office of Stall Treasurer W. 0. C. Bagley shoWel March receipts totaled flMO compared with 11,315,697 In th| same month a year ago. Treasury officials said they he lleved the unexpectedly high flgurj was due to Increased farm puif chasliiR power and fear of gasollnl rationing on the part of both thj distributors: nnd farmers. Storage tanks on both dlstrlbttl tors and farmers are being kei as full as possible, the official! said. Gasoline rationing is soiled] uled to start next month In 17 oas torn states but no plans have beoi nnnumioed 23 yc: for ths tr.ltluiej west. . Lasi month the i'eijr.mry rcpc showed a drop of $(iO,000 In gasoj lino receipts compared with tlul same Ifl-ll month. I)HI NKK.V IllttVKI! lOrncst Erfckson of ICngle Drove plead guilty to a charge oil drunken driving before Judge Pel- se nln district court at Olarlonl Monday of last week. The jtidgel withheld sentence' until this week.l tirlckson was arrested on the! streets of Clarion April 23 and al charge nf operating a motor ve-l hide whlln Intoxicated was made! ajnlnst 111 in on county attorney's] Information. .SCHOOL TAXES UP AND SALARIES JUMP- IS IT INFLATION? v < An article released by the publication known as The Iowa Taxpayer says that school taxes on , 'general property, due and payable ,Jlast year, amounted to $41.359,086 fir an average of 14.0 .mills levy lipon $2,357,020,867 of real and per- .iipiial property' listed for taxation. _ Was an Increase of $648,660 •the previous year's total school " , but JL Of one mill less on all y, Because of an Increase In on. the average levy for ite, payable In 1940, was 14.1 ., 'The additional tax levied i nioneys and crVdlts Is erclud- _ .n computing the average levy, j'bOth yetiVs. ,v * b* 9 ! 8 . for comparison we ?»how in the following table total ^.Taluatlons and school taxes for a r 'ten-year period. General Property Valuations (Not Including Moneys and Credits ( and School Levies In Iowa Prom 1932 to 1941, Inclusive: , Year Property Payable Valuation 1932 $3.698,613,232 1993 2.663,965,596 scores nn Thor wns supposed to play Vcr-j Klmlcrirnrfcn noon Township nt Thor on Mny 1 i This week has ushorrd in our lint tho game wns postponed. j May festivities. We are busy mak- Tlie sectional tournament is to ing Mny posters and decorating our be held on Mny Ytli, 8th ami 9th. i kindergarten room In pastel colors. I All of us have brought spring Dakota City School Chronicle 1934 ... 1935 ... 1936 ... 1937 — 1938 ... 1«39 ... 3,948,713,043 2,892,271,525 2.887.180.554 2,101,824,678 2,895.520,852 2,878,041.981 School Tax* 445,571,234 41,091,897 34,493,591 34,898,904 36,592,000 37,310.297 .19,346,478 40,541,898 Auduhon ...22.36 8.00 Benton 25.40 8.07 Black Hawk 22.10 9.79 Iloone 32.08 8.91 Bremcr 25.39 7.40 Buchanan ..20.50 10..11 Buena Vista 20.70 11.20 Butler 22.47 9.30 Calhoun —.21.80 8.95 Carroll 19.91 4.S6 Cass 29.13 8.29 Cedar .17.46 11.02 Cerro Oordo 22.04 10.20 Cherokee ...21.68 10,17 Chlckasaw .23.27 8.11 Clarke 29.65 9.88 Clay 27.89 10.12 Clayton 28.92 9.26 Clinton 24.88 10.09 Crawford -.23.72 .6.82 Dallas . 25.07 11.39 Davis 27.45 10.41 Decatur 30.27 12.40 Delaware —19.03 10.01 Des Molnes .28.94 13.31 Dickinson ..18.62 13.61 Dubuque ...15.25 5.36 Emmet 24.76 11.48 Kayette 29.68 10.32 Floyd 29.65 10.32 Franklin —.25,84 8.56 Fremont —.27.36 12.04 Greene 21.17 10.27 Grundy 19.83 8.27 Guthrie 27.82 9.91 Hamilton -.27.12 8.62 Hancock ...27..19 9.44 Hardln 28.38 9.36 0 ,,Q | flowers to school and we have made "" \ May baskets for May day. 1 " S| | Onr May 1st party for the chlld- 17.47 , ren who will be in Kindergarten 14.41 ; next year was a success. Many 11.43 new little'children came with their 12.28 mothers and we carried on n typl- 13.07 cal school day program in the nf- 11.49 tcrnoon. Lunch was served and 11.23 wo played games. 7.89 | First nnd Second tirades 11.921 Many lovely bouquets of plum 11.99 i blossoms, apple blossoms, lilacs 16.57 and tulips have made our room 12.18 |cho?rful and happy this week. 10.81 13.01 13.18 13.21 16.44 3.16 14.44 12.79 15.52 11.30 22.33 14.93 11.88 14.45 14.74 15.09 11.23 13.79 Our window gardens are still growing nicely and our two science experiments are becoming more interesting every day. Wa have benn busy this week in both grades writing original stories. Some of ttsm were very In- teresi.'ng. On Friday we made a Mny bas-| Uet frn our mothers. We have many who are still ab-l sen' because of measles. We hope by next week, however, to have I them all back again. The following ..uplls have had I perfect spelling this week: Doris Niish, Isabella Johnson. Lawrence I Jensen and Ronald Lonnlug. (.'miles .'1 und 1 The following had perfect scores In spelling: Charles ChrUtenseu, I Betty Lou Johnson, Louise Soren- | sen and Patty Ann Clay. We had a perfect attendance on Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Grades 7 nnd 8 Thursday, Mny 7, at three o'clock the Dakota City Girls' baseball team play Pioneer's baseball team at Dakota City. Last week the girls played their first baseball same with St. Mary's of Humboldt. J This game was won hy Dakota City 31 ,to 20. ftlghth grade perfect spellers for j the week Include: Lois Kunert, Marjorle Ennls and Ramona Balr. PIONEER SCHOOL NOTES Upper Grade Xews Reporters—Mary Rose and Kathleen. The sixth grade started on divld- 11.88 | lug with two decimals Friday and 9.75 j will continue with them. 12.34 I We received our Red Cross magn- 11.83 zine for May. It hus some very V 11.62 Interesting stories in It. 13.65 The high school hoys had a ball game with Clare and we got out to see It at 3:30. The score was 10-17 In our favor. Albert Powers and Harold Horn from our room played. Several children brought flowers | for our room. They look very nice. We have started reading Plnochlo this week. We have finished Hana Brlnker or the diver Skates. 1940 2,894,349,506 41,578,593 1941 2,957,020,867 42.1fi2,8l>4 'Includes-school taxes on moneys und credits which are in addition to the levies against general property. 1841 Levies b)- Counties The 1941 report of the State Tax Ccmnniasioa is authority for these figures. 1' lists, .for eacb county, the valuation anci average miiingo rates for city and town school dls- trtc tg as well as for the rural districts. The school taxes are those levied fur al! funds, including interest and principal for school house bonds, The average rate levied for city and town scuools was 33:04 mills and varied from a high of 45.68 in Wayne county were: Wayne, 46.68 mills; Appanooue, 40.89; Van Buren, 87.08} Jefferson, 86.04; Story, 34.69. Tbe five low counties were: Pubwme, 15.«6; ffeott, 18.64; Cedar, IIM: Wpofllwry, 17-W; Johnson, 18.W. The five ceunties bavins the rates in rural 4Utrict* »«U; r-, r,' - LOW TEMPERATURE MADE THE DIFFERENCE I FOR WEDNESDAY EVENING ONLY Watch for These Hot Specials to be Featured' Every Wednesday Evening for the Next Four Weeks BOYS' OVERALLS Plain blue, bib. Size 10 to 14. Special 59c LANE CLOTHING CO. For Mother's Day BOXED CHOCOLATES AH attractively packed for Mother's Day Gifts. 39cto$1.35 CLAYTON'S VARIETY STORE Breaded Pork Steak Sandwich With Waffle Fried Potatoes and Drink 25c TRY OUR 1942 FRIED SPRING CHICKEN WITH WAFFLE FRIED POTATOES, SOc CENTRAL CAFE Shop Our Entire Store For worthwhile values. It will pay you. A. B. WHITE CO. Wednesday Evening Specials Clorox, pint 9c Aerowax, qt. 37c Flour, 5 lb. bag 14 C Wax Paper, 40 ft. roll ....5 C HOOD'S IGA STORE SNITKEYS Phone 132 Bananas, 2 Ibs 21c No more until after the war. 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