The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on May 5, 1942 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1942
Page 4
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Sdft<Sf4n-chief—rJoroihy .9axby. JBttLHttlrt al . hate 'studying'the-<Wthfeafc of th Wdrld" Wfcr: Who entnrted i m Which 'side. Also the f eartm tat the flatted Slatee entering, and ttti whlctt Side 'they entered: Cities ,' •' • • Eighth'etvlefc students have fceen studpina the steps In passing ft bill quorum, number of committees in each house,- number of sessions--In Congress, franking privileges, sal- iftfy of a congressman, vice president, and the cabinet Bookkeeping students have been forking ,on their second practice Bet. This Involves quite a bit more than practice set I did. % Typing students have been working on their tabulation course BO they cat have It finished by May eighth.:- '.',', .:,?V.^.' ITiyslcs— Mr. Define •-. Physics students are studying the nttMa of . Meetrtclly. They have also started a n«w unit On Electrochemistry. This fnvol- »es a series of experiments Including Electroplating a silver spoon with copper. » The coming chapter is entitled f.Voitaie Cells." KngWsli—Miss Banks jjltcndaro Monday we had a test over the .Series of short stories .we have just finished reading. The.list includes such stories as: I operations Involved in speaking: rssplratloft,- ftrtWttlatloh. Phefna tlon, and Resonatlon. Junior High Bluebirds The following received one hundred-In spelling: last week: Keith Berkhlmer, Joan Christiansen, Roger George, Caryl Gene Helm, Donna Jeanne Peltz, Doris Sazby and Edwin Cook, •<•:•• Our eighth grade readlrtg class has completed the story of "Evan-- gellne." The seventh graders have ilso completed "The Courtship'of Wiles Blandish." The sixth grade Is reading "The-Wanderings of LJlysses." The Patriots.. The following people received one hundred In spelling !ost Fri'day: --.? - • ' . Reds—Charlene Hoffman and Beverly Simpson. Whltesi Myrna Blomkeir, Dale iladsen and Gwendolyn Stearns. Blues; Tommy Ruhacjt,. , In Geography the third'grade Is tudylng about-materials used in IP building nf grade is studying about China. We find this particularly interesting at this critical period. The fifth grade Is studying about the Central [Andean Countries: Equador, Peru, 'and Bolivia. They arc also studying about the Temperate Andean Country: Chile, In Arithmetic the third grade v "The Trial of Warren Hastings", 'Thomas Macau ley. „ "Mr. Winkle's Dilemma, Charles ^Dickens. "Becky Shary", William Thackeray. - "Play of Chance," Tom Hardy. '' "'The 'Bottle Imp", Robert L. ; "Stevenson. "Wee Willie Winkle", Rudyard . Kipling. "The Garden Party." -Mansfield. Kathryn 'Story of a Piebald Horse", W. ,H. Hudson. . • "The Brute", Joseph Conrad. . VSpeech , ; ", We can all draw a deep breath •again now that the play is over. Although It seems quite hard to get accustomed to the plain everyday work once more. ., We resume our study of pronunciation and the use of the dictionary. We are a little surprised to learn the correct pronunciation of some of the common words. Friday we found the normal voice pitch of each member of our class. has .been having a review of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Th«y have also been making story problems. The fourth grade has been study'ng about the thermometer, and measurments. The fifth grade has been studying and learning about decimals. 1'rlmarT-no-A-Tots Everyone^tn the first and second grades received one hundred In spelling fast.' week. We are having flower study In social studies. We have colored a tulip, pansles and California pop- ples. Senior Class Pl«y Presented The senior play "Hobgoblin House," waa presented to a capacity crowd Friday, May 1, In the school auditorium. An excellent cast, ably assisted by two efficient sound-effects men, turned In a smash hit' and sent the audience away with the remembrance of an evening well spent. This performance marks the last appearance oa a Rutland stage of four senior dramatists—Levina Torkelson, Vivian Tellier, Eugene Schluter, and Edward Carlson, who closed tliolr high school dramatic'career to a huge burst of applause as their R ill«ffp«fa WeW, fSf»; told at'htt training ,*u* -«. £*'*»*"«•-'•«'* « contact •wlthj. The field Is .One of the newer-field*. „ . . . The speech class has teen em- phasising laws o! parliamentary training. • Demostrations are being developed so as to show th« correct method of making nominations, motions made and amended, etc. The RuMand-HumboIdt baseball game scheduled at Rutland was held In Humboldt Friday afternoon due to tha condition of the Rutland field. The weather also prevented the local track boys from participating In the track and field meet scheduled at Fonda. A call from the Fonda schools caught the boys Just as they were preparing to leave. Phyllis Johnson is getting prac- ! lcal office experience. She Is working In the Farm Bureau office from 1:16 to 3:15 p. m. This will be continued for the remainder of the school year. Laveta Keller, who Is employed as a private secretary In a War Department office, la nnjoylng a two weeks' vacation, she visited with friends' and teachers around School the later part of the week. . This week we hare been making different colors and shapes ot May baskets, • i- • • .We have several pretty- bodquetn of tulip* and tree blossoms brought in by Maurice Kendall, Marilyn Marcellus, Marilyn Sorleln, Craig Miller, Jerry Sorehsoh, Joan Bennett and Donald Clafk. Because of Illness Braden Stev enson won't be «ble to- attem school for the rest of the fear. W are very sorry that he can't be here with us and hope that he re covers soon. • . First Grade—MI«s Householder Mr. Seymour took a picture o all the children in our room. We are reading a new book called "Happy Times." We have been studying about how to take care of our-teeth and why it is important to have good teeth. First Grade and Second Grado— Jftss Ruth »«5B«d pet Davis brought treats for Also w-e learned the four specialtz-• final curtain was rung down. The fourth . Ocnsvleve, BerRhimer and Mrs. Joyce Odgaard had perfect attendance during the 16-week course of beginning shorthand. Miss DeWltt offers her congratulations to these two women. Humboldt was defeated by Eagle Grove lost Friday 9 to 1 on the home diamond. Batting averages: Edge—-700 Cunningham—154 Blanchard—400 Klein—333 Bjornson—307 1 Worthlngton—222 Green—200 Clay—1G6 Poderson—125 H. Dickorson—000 Schroder—000 Boyd—000 McKitrick—000. The senior normal training girls went to the courthouse last Friday for their State Examinations. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Barber are the proud parents of a baby boy born Monday, April 27, at the Fort Dodge Lutheran honpftal. He has been named Tommy Finch. Kindergarten—Miss Mellon In connection with our transportation study Michael Heverly and Rowan Schultz made an engine out of coffee cans and cracker boxes. It was completed Wednesday after James Myers, Marshall Engolking and Kenneth Gustafson painted it black. . Those who have dra ( win enough pictures during the past 2 or 3 months are planning to make picture books out of them. Harriett the first graders oh her birthday. Since last week was Dental Week we have been studying about our teeth and how to take the proper of them. Several of us made l punters. Hiiimboldt Register »<i.i. -... •*.. ^3 Edited by Senior English Class Breaw: ' • Dickerson. Tells AH ' /ring side account of D. of D. anquet as seen by Miss Ima M. i Gbambers. Wednesday was the annual of ,D, Bay In Huraboldt high Every year one day is set to recognize those students -who have achieved honor in the literary field either through wrlt- ing or speaking. , v The D. of D. Banquet and initia- ilpn concluded the day's activities honoring these students which had ' i s been celebrated during the day with ^.informal Initiation and our aseem- program. The theme of the was a continuation of that ,.». ,JWhlch had been curried out during the i, At six-thirty a banquet prepared and served by the homemaking cW'ss' was given in the cafeteria. The tables were decorated to carry out the theme ot the day which was based on the play given in assembly, <*The Efficiency Expert." Miniature telepiioaos, typewriters, nut '«ups representing waste baskets, and menus of small paper pads made attractive 'table decorations. , Mary Qarneld acted as toastmaa- fer, and Introduced the numbers of <tbe program. Phyllis Bre»w spoke ion behalf of the new members, Miss Opla gave an interesting rem- iniscescs of bigh lights uf activities of tile organization in past Ulllan Hanseu represented : members in her talk. Other on, the program were a • girls' weal trio composed of Don- Reasoner, Betty Crain and Pat rbejT'Were accompanied by r ,<£rtam Jun Crain by an 1nitl«tlPft of the w«f APP.f<>Wtofl piaiw •*.=* W-t.'-A'"*^ tp3* «***»'*' 'Ruth De'Smldt' reviewed the his* tory. of the D. of D. The mixed quartette composed of Helen Ross, Betty Crain, George Williams, and James Crain sang "Rose Marie." Miss Altaian presented literary awards to Donna Nelson and Edwin Olson, She also gave honorable mention to all the students who are'now In school receiving D'a. James Crain then sang "The Gypsy Love Song" accompanied by Patricia Hull. The.last feature on the program was the D. of D. play, "The Efficiency Expert." Those In the cast were: Curtis Little, George Williams, Donna Nelson, Armada Carlson, and Billy Robinson. The program was under the direction of Miss Chambers. All.Jilgh School Ilirly lo bo Held The annual Junior-Senior ban- quent will be held Wednesday, May «, at the First Lutheran church. Following the banquet an all- school party will be hold in the gym. There will be games and dancing and the Student Council IB hoping for a large crowd. The price of admission is tea cents. *". F, A. linjojs Animal Trip Eddie Olson, Norman Edge, Donald McBurney, Cecil Parsons, Mer lin Dyvig, Curtis Little, and Hobert Terwilliger, Dale Welleu accompanied by Mr. Brayton left early Thursday murning tor the annual trip to Ames where they will participate in the F. F. A nate contest. The farm management team was composed of Merlin" Dyvlg, Curtis Little, and Robert Terwilllger. The chapter contest wag given by Edwin Olson and Cecil Parsons. Norma» Edge and Donald McBurney acted as, delegates. iowBa— ifrs, Andersen—Music Helen Hogg and Jack Russell went to the State Music Contest In Spencer Thursday. Velma Fan- •ecra* ning, Roma Rapp, Janice Latng, the girl's sextette, and the brass extette participated in the Spencer contest $TW*y. 4 new club baa been formed. Hoiusel, Sheron Shepard ; and John DeGroote have finished theirs. Last Thursday Eileen Leavertou celebrated her birthday by'treating the morning group to candy and balloons. She was (5 years old Third Grade— Miss Larson Nearly everyone has returned after having had the measles. Katharine Strong and Mary Lou Penning hav? returned. Marlon Cragg observed and taught In third grade. Our war stamp sales have greatly Increased. In charge ot sales this week were Clalrys Donahue, John Jaqim and Wendell Soppeland. . , • Fourth (Jraile-^Jfrs. Wllllslon We very much enjoyed the splendid demonstration on magnets given by Mr. Orissey on Wednesday morning. It concluded our study of the unit on magnets. Russell Meek favored us with a birthday treat this week. We made posters on tile theme we can do for Defense" In men of the sixth district. Renwtck Is the first town In t. county to go over the tejt in navy relief. On« ftnndl-Bd t>efftOhs tnfe annual father-son banquet at the Bode church Monday evening. will be flag-fid if Haniboldt Satnr day, May 9, according to Chamber of Commerce 1 'cotttiSltfees. LArry MndtoMl M* feafcned iw chief of the fire department. Acting chief Is Charles Peterson. Mrs, It. M. Ifaftt* of mother of Mrs. : Duane Wliebx'ot Rutland was killed In an auto accident near West Bend Tuesday morning. Almn itfay Clark was granted'a divorce from Wayne Jasper Clark when one of .the district judges visited Humboldt last week. Charges were cruel' and inhuman treatment. The fonrth registration In Hnm. joldt county brought out 1430 "old timers." ' ' Donald Hanna of Thor telegraph. ed his parents he was safe and un- ne y etl to their hew home In Perry, njured when his ship, the U. S. S. Sturdevant, was sunk off Key West Florida. • . , Jtotarinns listened to tlio life Charles Etflrctt Oransetli Charles Swarett Granseth . was born at the Lutheran hospital at Fort Dodge oh Saturday, December 27, 1941, at eleven forty-one P. M. Here he spent the first ten days of his life. On January 8th he and his mother left the hospital and spont the next eight days at his grandparents' home in Bode. On Wednesday, January 13 they Juor- art this week. lionita Johnson returned her dental card last week. Fifth (Jrudo, Miss Those who had one hundred In spell ing last week were Roger Holden. Verle Larson, Virginia Joiner, Johnna Lowtler, Vera Mae Nelson, Joyce Sorllen, Patty Welt, Carold Wler and Donna Wllley. In art clasa the fifth grade have made sood teeth posters. Our attendance was perfect for a few days last week. We had our club meeting on Friday. For roll call In our club we told a riddle and someone would answer It. The people who were on the program were: Gone Porter. Albert Schmidke, Ted Harbour, Joyce Sorlien and Beverly Pryor. Sixth Grade—Miss Nexlielm These pupils had 100 per cent in spelling this week: Robcr Cunningham, Richard Terwilliger, Colleen lolllns and Gloria Johnson. Junior High The eighth grade girls have been April 14, but at that time she had measles.^. ,; werklng with pastels. They have John Gran brought';two,;;= baby completed their first project which rabbits to school last week. They was to coup a portrait using thl. were found In the corn field. We medium Ottosen School News Kindergarten and First Grade Little Maxlne Bauer had a birthday Thursday. She treated us with candies. Freddie Struthcrs has been absent all week on account of 111- IICBS. He has had Pneumonia but Is recovering nicely now and will soon be back with us. Paul Anliker 1ms been absent part of this week too. Kindergarteners finished their first Pre-Primer, "Wo Look and Sou" and have started the second one, "Wo Work and Play." David Nasby, Norman Speicb, Margaret Veorkamp, Jimmy Jacob- ton, Juno Nelson, Mary Kay Truesdell, and Gerald McDaniels wrote perfect spelling papers Thursday Sooond und Tliird Grades papers last week were Hazel An- Ilker, Jeanetto Bratland, Greta Fowler, Charles Buck, Leo Enge- brltson, Eldon Hundertmark, Ralph Jacobson and Cyril Veerkamp. (jfrados 7 and 8 We are studying the Industrial Age in history. We are studying Transportation in geography. In English we are reviewing capitalization, punctuation, spelling and usage for the Academic tests. We have just finished reading "Evangellne" in literature and had a "memory test" over it. Wo read "The Raven" by Poe in class today, lu mathematics we are studying checks, bills and endorsing notes. Deanne Telford und Mary M. Veerkamp, reporters. ginla Bruiiaiid, Hetty Lou Mo- I vlck ana WalSBce Unuerberg are ,. T,"™ , 1116 buck in school. ia " la wing . present it la being called "The I.iiHt Tuesday the second grade wrote letters to Edith Bavender and the Third grade wrote to Gregory Bavender. Edith and Gregory moved to Spencer several weeks ago. On Tuesday and Wednesday we made May baskets. Everyone in our room went upstairs to see the magician Wednesday afternoon. We all liked the show. spellin Grurt«« » and lt> Since the end of the school year near, we have started Those with perfect scores last week were Leona An liker, Elwood Kinsoth, Richard Op pedahl, Marguerite Struthers, Ver ne Waecnter, Muriel Zinnel, BJdon bllingson, Jerry Jacobson, Darold Puff, Robert Waechter, Allan Wat uem and Patricia Veerkamp. Grades IT «nd V Those who ha4 perfect spelling week were Louis Jacobson nManaetb, Charlese Movlck Oar ene Buck. Joan JOnockww, Jean JpJMfc, KoiH. DasielB, K e Strutlwre and Paul Watnem. We m»4e |4ajr baskets on w«4- to give wloista a chance to ex- to review Algebra for semester tests. We are expecting a test any day now over flowers, in biology. We took some tests from the Waterloo Dairying Association, and found that we are not us well acquainted with dairying as we might be. ' Reviewing seems to be the thing now, for we are going back over subjects In English we had earlier in the year. The first two days of the week we took notes from lectures by our home economics teacher. Today (Wednesday) we made conventional cake. A magician was at (be schoal- house to entertain us today. Rosemary Jacobson/ and Phyllis Hundertmark, reporters. Gmdes U and 18 We started working in oijr Bng- IJsh work books Monday, We are also reviewing for the academic tests, Physios have finished studying different type* of generators and wiring and bare started to review tbe book. lu history we h^ya bftea ftdw4n4straUon8 of Ires* tlw IftBW ii^ tory of two new mnrnh?rs at th." egular meeting Tuesday evening Music students of St. 'Mary's chool presented an entertalnmen Friday evening at that school. Tim Chamber of I'onnnerre rotcii to discontinue the meetings during the months of June, July and August. ' , ('buries Vf. Eilgingfon of Gllmorb City dlfld at his home Thursday morning. G. H. Stamper, of Gllmore Clfy, has made an announcement for the Republican nomination of supervisor of the fifth district. t Charles Bartholomew of Thor died at his. home Thursday after a lingering Illness. , \VlllInm McGep, a county charge for many years, died at the Skaug;tail Convalescent Home Wednesday. Tlip his pinto glass window In the Hood I. G. A. store In Humboldt was blown in by the strong wind last Monday. Another window was cracked. A very successful Republican women's meeting was held at the Legion Building Tuesday, for wo- lowa, to join his father. Little Charles Everett was baptized In the St. Olaf Lutheran church nl Bode on Palm Sunday, March 89, by the Rev. M. B. Tollefsrud lly and Sfr. and- Mfs. Brones of tho'mpidh. Ood oare a* & f»fe*ftftis Jewel, We planned for hlft with joy; Our love was all tot him, Our precious baby boy. But Ood had other plans, That we had not foreseen'; So now we have an angel, Within the gates of Heaven. , "Contributed, ft^bl " 8Srf fnWsim ot Saile Grove is president ot the circuit TJftftlB*ao6d afttf'pl-esldbd; * tee son of Mr. and M'rs. Farrls Bailey of Wapjgllbv was ' fouml drowned 1 In a tub of gasoline, at their farm horns, , .' * T * _ r He was taken to the Lutheran hospital for medical care on his parents' third wedding anniversary, Wednesday evening, April 8, and passed away two weeks later, April 21, 1942. at 5:JO P» M. at the age of three months and 25 days. Funeral services were conducted April 24 by the Key. M. .8. Tollefsrud of Bode and the Rev. A. G. Schardt of Qllmore City at the Merman Cronseth residence, and from the First Lutheran church at Gilmore City. Burial was In the Bode cemetery with the Skaugstad Fun- ral Home of Humboldt In charge of arrangements. Flower girls were Arllne Bakken and LaVontie Jakken of Bode, Violet Thorn of Rutland and Carla Jean Thorn of Mverrnore. Pallbearers were Richrd Granseth of Gllmore City, ackie Thorn ot Livermore, Robrt Torgerson of Rutland and Vicor Larson of Thompson. Out-of-town relatives and friends present for the funeral were Mr. nd Mrs. Winfield Crowley and amlly of St. James, Minn., Mr. and rtrs. Leslie Larson of Forest City, tfr. and Mrs. LevI Larson and farii- 200 MEN ATTEND BKOTHMttOOD RALLY AT THOft One of the most successful rat* leg of the Eagle Grove Circuit Ltt« heran Brotherhood was held at Thor Tuesday evening. About 20ft nen ant down, to the banquet tab^ 1 es at the social room in the Thor Lutheran church. Of the visiting brotherhoods, St. )laf Lutheran church of Ft. Dodge 'iad the largest attendance, with nore than ^thirty present. Second onors for "attendance went to the talleiidcr pnrlsh, with more than wenty In nttimdiuice. Other towns epreseulad ^ern Knnnwhn, Hows, Rouwlck. LuV*>rn<>, Olnrlon Orove, nelmond, Unrdy. Bode, Duncombe, Rolfe «iid Humboldt. The women of the.Thor Lutheran church served the banquet. The food was tasty and the service was efficient. The national colors marked the gartxof the waitresses, and the table decorations. The high-light-of a very Interest" ing program was a stirring and challenging address by the Rev. Joseph Knutson of Lake Mills. His subject was "Fifth Columnists In the Church." In the unavoidable absence of A. Langehaug of Fort Dodge-, president of the Iowa Dla-' trlct Brotherhood, the vice-president of the district, C. K. Storre, Kensett, brought greetings to the PROFESSIONAL CARDS Dr. Carl C. Hoveland CHIROPRACTOR FOOT SPECIALIST Ground Floor Office lours s 9-T2 A. M., 1:80-6 P. J» n "•9 P. M. Day or Night Calls. •hone—Office 376, Residence 249IJ Hnmboldt, Iowa RAISSLOTSOF US WG HUSKY mitsys 'TURNOUT UK CHAMPS ' ORDER TODAY FROM THE QUAKER OATS CO. UENWICK OTTOSEN BRADGATE Tel Ifo. 8201 Wo. 8811 Jfo. 2881 Sure, every acre's raising more.... Now what's upping ,, • ••<-••*;; f - : -'-- ':-. ,,4^IlM,;"o.»J the mileage from this oil? How does prize wheat or corn «t the county fair set that way? Sure, man-made soil improvers-moaern synthetics-were added to improve on nature. AND MOPBBN SYNTHETICS in Conoco Nth motor oil make it yield mileage that outscored all other brands tested in the sensational Death Valley Certified Competition. Five big-name quality brands got every fair chance against Conoco N'* oil. All were run till engines failed and none came closer than 58% of the mileage totaled by Conoco N«i I ... the oil you can have for your needed Spring oil change that's now overdue,.. the oil whose best towwn man-made e*trft substance— at iw extra premium—gives ypujp engine OBH^ATPC backs up the fawttfcr fjujg fite with a 8urfecin$ 9 f Juj>ffcant c^b^d engine pa^ts. pyery syliadaf ft wall ajl the time ypu -i _ . , _ "e- ,.. another synthetic.., invented to inhibit or restrain the, dangerous "jelling" of oil under excess strain. Engine heat and pressure can even gum up oil into something like fly-paper coating-only dirtier, and not much better formieage, Against this threat, Thialkene inhibitor was crested for Conoco N^ (U. S, Ptt.. JJ.8W.188), ^nd Conoco Wh out^njleftged tte others in the Death Valley Test-fcQfli 74f? s£ tbj way t«j to 161%. Yoi» can get real optimistic about your own mileage, Conoco N«> m come thiwgh. for you," Change at Your Mileage W QU Company

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