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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 14
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 14

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:

qj 3M THE PES MOINES REGISTER Wednesday, April 17, 1991 Bankers' insurance firm sues over commissions Police search again for Gosch Man cleared in shooting death $2.4 million lotto winners finally surface 1 1 i CAROL TONY RIVAS RIVAS Tony, an electrician, asked Carol to hang on while he finished ud at hi mother's and came home 15 or 20 minutes later. The following mnm ing, the couple took the ticket to a safe deposit box at their bank, where it waited until mid-afternoon Tuesday. "I kept wanting to go check on saw Laroi, a market research in terviewer. With lawyer, ticket and relative in tow, Carol Rivas was awarded the first of 20 annual checks of $90,000. i nat take-home, after taxes. They said they had no special plans for the money, planning to oav bills and buy a few of the things that might nave oeen outside their easy financial grasp before the windfall. By PATRICK BEACH Rsdttar Stuff Wrttvr Nearly a week after they won a 2.4 million prize from the state of Iowa, a Des Moines couple ambled into the Iowa lottery office Tuesday to pick up their first J90.000 check. 'Zi Carol Rivas and her husband, Tony, both 39, both of 1740 S.E. Park Ave. and both the very picture of calm, talked about what they'd done n' between winning last Wednesday's Jowa lotto drawing and appearing at a news conference Tuesday. The ticket was bought at the Hy-Vee Food Store at 1300 E. Park Ave. a few hours before the drawing. Carol Rivas said she watched the reg- ular Wednesday night jackpot draw-ing and called Tony, who was at his mother's house, saying: "You're not going to believe this. I just won the lottery." This Tout Includes July 21 BUS TOURS But Statehouse lobbyists said the large amounts involved in the case have prompted lawmakers to take another look at the issue of capping the insurance sales. Had Bankers Association officials been alert, they would have discovered the discrepancies in commissions earlier. In their petition, the bankers say Schaefer was a corporate vice president who "has failed and refused to account for and pay" commissions she received. The group said it believes Schaefer, either individually or through Colorado-based companies she heads, "collected large sums of money in the form of commissions." In a counterclaim, Schaefer said she had an oral contract with the agency allowing her to keep commissions. She said the agency offered that benefit as an inducement to her to leave her prior job to join the agency. Schaefer said she was hired in 1980 by the bankers to help sell a variety of insurance products. She contends the bankers were wrong in firing her and in interfering in her businesses. She also contends her reputation has been injured by the bankers' actions and she asks the court for an unspecified amount of damages from the bankers. 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Police had found Turner shot to death in the basement of a house at 1417 McCormick Ave. After interviewing seven witnesses on two occasions, investigators decided that Turner apparently stepped into the line of fire as Williams was pointing the gun and that the death was not intentional. Williams had been charged with voluntary manslaughter, which carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. Polk County Attorney John Sarcone said he would abide by the grand jury's decision and not prosecute the case. In other court news: A Polk County judge ruled Monday that a teen-ager should be prosecuted as an adult for carrying a homemade gun. Jeremy Joseph Lisle, 17, of 2237 S. Union St. faces two years in prison and $5,000 in fines if found guilty. If he had been prosecuted as a juvenile, he would have been released when he turned 18. In March, Lisle was arrested for carrying a homemade gun loaded with a bullet. Police took the gun away from the boy at Eighth and Locust streets shortly after they stopped one group of teen-agers from chasing another group. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION (R620) SAYDEL CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT 5401 N.W.SECONDAVENUE DES MOINES, I A 50313 SPECIAL BOARD MEETING MARCH 11. 1991 The Saydel Consolidated School District etoara or taucat on ne a a spec ot meet na on March 11, 1991, at 7:15 p.m. In the District Office Board Room. Board members Harold Kramme, som Hobson, Dr. Lylo Maynard, Dennis Oner. Ken Vanderpool. Phyllis I aurit. sen and President Greg Weiss were present, Also present were Superintendent Ken Jensen, Dusiness manager virgii naraen ana eoan secretary uarcy Moeiier. Aaenda A. Proposed Budaet for 1991-97 School Year virgii naraen presenrea me proposed budget for the 1991-92 school year. Spe cial explanation was otterea ror tne current negative unspent balance. Special education costs were mentioned as un. controllable costs contributing to the negative unspent balance. Ken vanderpool made a motion fo accept the proposed budget lor school year iwi-vz as presentea. ur. lvio rvtaynara seconded. Motion carried 7-0. Sam Hobson moved to adiourn the special meeting. Harold Kramme seconded, Motion carriea -o. Meetina adiourned 7:30 p.m. DarcvL.Moeller Board Secretary Give My Regards To Broadway Surprisingly Affordable! At Josephs, you know you're always receiving honest value for every dollar you spend. Express To Broadway 1 ti A Musical jfr" Tribute j15 George M. Cohan Call piiKTi By DAVID YEPSEN RNUKr Stiff Writer An insurance agency owned by the Iowa Bankers Association has sued a former employee, accusing her of improperly pocketing commissions that should have gone to the agency. In a counterclaim, the employee, Margie V. Schaefer of West Des Moines, denied the charge and said she had an oral agreement with the agency to keep commissions she earned. Documents filed in Polk County District Court do not specify the amount of money involved. State-house sources said the amount is more than $900,000. According to court documents, Iowa Bankers Insurance and Services Inc. is asking the court for an unspecified "substantial sum" to "fully and fairly compensate" the agency. Neil Milner, chief executive officer for the Bankers Association, said the group is in a dispute over the commissions. He said the association formed the agency to sell insurance to member banks. Banks often purchase life insurance for key employees or for all employees of the bank as a fringe benefit. At issue in the litigation is who should get the commissions on the sale of the Insurance. Schaefer's attorney, William Ser-angeli, said neither he nor his client could comment about the suit. Neither Milner nor Serangeli would discuss amounts involved in the case. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION (R651J SAYDEL CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL UlSIKItl.MUl NWStLUNUUVtNUt, DESMOINESIA50313 REGULAR BOARD MEETING MARCH 11, 1991 The Saydel Consolidated School District Board of Education held their regular board meeting on March 11, 1991, at 7:30 p.m. In the District ottice Board Room. Board members Harold Kramme, Sam Hobson. Dr. Lyla Ma lciihs uuci, rven vuimciMuui, riiyins Lauritsen, and President Greg Weiss were present. Also present were Superintendent Ken jensen, Business manager virgii naraen, ona Doara secretary uarcy rvtoeuer. Greg Weiss welcomed all visitors. Approval of Aaenda Dr. Ken Jensen requested removing agenda Items -3 (Receive Recommendation from Superintendent for the Termination ot a Contract Pursuit to Iowa Code 279.27 and item (Ap- Soint Attorney, Thomas Foley to Counsel the oard at a Hearing on March 13, 1991). An agenda Item to accept the resignation of joetia arner was aaaea. Dr. Lvla Mavnard moved to accept the aaen. da as amended. Ken Vanderpool seconded the motion, motion passes Approval nf Minutes nf Previous Meptina The minutes of the Regulur Board Meeting of February 11, 1991, were presented for approval. Motion by Ken Vanderpool to accept tne minutes as omenaea. seconded by Sam nuown. wuuoniamea t-v Grea Weiss asked the Public for anv adril tional issues to be included in the agenda and reminded the Public of the evaluation sheets available. Administrators Reports There were no administrator reports. Information from the Superintendent Dr. Ken Jensen pointed out the end of the 3rd quarter. ParentTeacher Conferences are being held the 12-14 of March. There will be no school Friday, March 15 and auring spring ereax Marcn ib-22. Approval Items A. Month Reconciliation The monthly reconciliations for all funds were presentea to rne eoora tor approval Phv lis auritsen moved to accept the rec onciliations as presented with a second by naroia uramme. Monon carriea -o B. Bills Payable The bills payable were presented to the Board for approval. Board member Har- oia Kramme had reviewed the bills and recommended approval of payment of the bins as presented subiect to audit. Motion by Kramme seconded by Dr. Lyla May- nara. motion carriea C. Transfer of Fund Balances Virgil Harden presented the proposed Fund Balance Transfers required due to expiration of the 27-Cent Site Fund, the Insurance Fund, the Unemployment Fund and the Early Retirement Fund. Ken Vanderpool moved to transfer the proposed tunas os presentea. seconaea ov ur. Lyla nnaynqra. motion carriea -o D. P.A.L. Price Increases Motion by Harold Kramme and seconded by Phyllis Lauritsen to approved the pro- posea price increases: FromT Full Time PartTime J13 00JM.00 Before After t5.7y4.40 Before or After J3.7SM.S0 motion carriea r-v. B. School Bus Purchase Note Sam Hobson moved to set a Resolution to tix a aate tor a nearing to authorize a School Bus Purchase note, providing for publication of notice and authorize the Board President and Secretary to take necessary action, seconaea dv Ken van deronaL Mntinn mrriori 7-fl The Hearing will be March 25, 1991 at 7:15 p.m. at ine wooasiae scnooi. F. Personnel Dr. Lvla Moynord moved fo approve long-term substitute pay for Cathy Gar- rer. n.en vanaerpooi seconaea. motion carried 7-0 Harold ramme moved to opprove Judy Henning one hour per pay os on aide at torncii. seconaea oy rnyins Lauritsen. Motion carried 7.0 Sam Hobson moved to accept the retlre- mem ot joeua ranter, rnyins Lauritsen snunura inF mm nn nnm nn mrr Open Enrollment uutot District Brittany Koufmann Jennifer Berry Randy Jobst Sarah Lambert TabathaMcCrea Into the District Sean Cavonaugh Motion by Ken Vanderpool, seconded by Phyllis Lauritsen. Mntinn rnrrinH 7.0 H. Business Professionals of America Nation al Leaaersnip conference Motion by Phyllis Lauritsen to permit teacher Kim Jones and students Greg Weiss, and Melonie Grahom to attend the Business Professional of America National Leadership Conference, April 24-28, 1991. Second by Dennis Ober. Motion car- edA-O. Grea Weiss nhstnlnnH I. Summer School Offerings ur. Lvia moynaro moved to approve offering a Saydel Summer School Experience Program. Seconded by Harold Kramme. Col leen Corrutherj outlined the program In a memo. Dr. Ken Jensen reviewed the benefits of the program. Dr. Jensen also encouraged a close watch on its costs. Motion corrini 7-ft J. Ratification of Master Contract with SEA Dr. Lvia Maynard moved for ratification of the Master Contract with SEA. Harold Kromme seconded. Virgil Harden gave 0 summary of the proposed Master Contract and recommended its acceptance. Dr. Ken Jensen reminded the Board of the upcoming "lean years," and recommended "tightening belts" now. A roll call vote was taken. Ken Vanderpool and Greg Weiss In the affirmative. Harold Kramme, Dr. Lylo Maynard, Dennis Ober, Som Hobson, and Phyllis Lauritsen in the neaative Motion failed 1. K. Approve Saydel High School Registration wuiae Motion by Dr. Lyla Mavnord to approve the Saydel High School Registration Guide os presented, seconded by Som Hobson. motion carried 7-0. Disrussinn Items A. Little eague representative Walt Monnlng expiainea tneir interest in laying rock Irom the gate to the senior field. They would be willing to contribute 1400 500 toward the costs. Parent Tom McCullough expressed his concern for student safety with the road as is. Harold Kramme explained the necessary procedures of such a job. A 28E Agreement with Polk County concerning maintenance was Introduced to the Board for consideration. Other concerns over liability, procedure, responsibility ond security were expressed. A full report addressing these concerns wil he presented nl thm Tnm Management meeting. B. Spring Retreat The School Board Spring Retreat was set for April 26 27, 1991 (Friday Saturday). The Board Room at the District Office was chosen as the location. The Administrative Team was invited to loin the School Board on fheevenlna Prlriaw. Anrll 1A C. April Team Management Meeting Lue to a convention conflict, tne April Team Management Meeting originally scheduled for April 15 was changed to April 29 at the Cornell lementary School. Reports from Board Members Phyllis Lauritsen oavea rpport on the status Of the Staff Appreciation Dinner to be held prn mi, at jq m. in the woodside Lunch Room. Mamie McCullouah will soenk that afternoon. Ken vonderpool addressed Senate lie 15 which would change the school election dale to correspond with the statemunicipal dates. By concensus of the Board. Vanderpnol wil contact the appropriate people to express the DWITQ JWWJIIIWI. Ken Vanaerpooi moved to take a 5-m nute recess. Motion seconded bv Dennis Ober Motion carried 7-0. Closed Session Harold Kramme moved to go into Closed Ses- Police returned Tuesday to an area marked by a psychic northwest of Des Moines but could find no traces of Johnny Gosch, the West Des Moines boy who apparently was abducted more than eight yean ago. "She described a bridge and a compost pile and some lumber and old boards. There is a bridge there and a fork in the creek and a bunch of junk boards so we decided to have a look," said West Des Moines police Sgt Ber-nie Taylor. The location was described by psychic Greta Alexander who sat in her home at Delavan, 111., Saturday. She gave ber "impressions" over a radio phone to police, who followed herSi-rections. Taylor said the area along Walnut Creek, north of Hickman Road and Northwest 128th Street, was a flood plain. He said it had been under waiter several times since Gosch disappeared Sept. 5, 1982, while delivering the Des Moines Sunday Register near his home. "If anyone was buried in a shallow grave" as Alexander contended Gosch had been in the area, "he remains likely would have been washed away some time ago," Taylor said. He said a bone was found near the site but it proved to be an animal's bone. Taylor said there were no plans to return. The search had been the Gosch family. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION (R623) SAYDFLCONSOLIDATED SCHOOl DISTRICT BILLS APRILS. 1991 Company Amount MerchondiseService AAA Security Systems 51.00 Quarterly Moni-toring-Woodside; Accurate Mechanical 120-40 Water Heater Vacuum Breaker; Adaison-Weslev 1,686.39 Instructional Workbooks-Cornell; AEA (Heartland) 380.18 Workshop RegisLaminating; Aeschllman, Melinda 45,71 Cooking Supplies-Student Aniens, Cooney, Dorweiler, Havnle, Smith Allbee 6.376.98 Legal Services; Allied Construction 35 84 RepairsMaintenance-Ceiling Tile IN); All Tec Co 130.00 Pest Control-Area; Amoco 13 27 Gasoline-Area; Ankeny Comm Schools 318 34 Phase lll-Spec Ed; ATD American 305 62 Library Folding Tables: 83.50 Phone Leases-Area; Credit Corp 419 50 Phones-Area; Bacon, Anthony 28.00 Drivers License Reimbursement; Beckley Cardy Inc 26.42 Instructional Supplies-N'ville; Beacon Computer Center 162.30 Computer Memory-Cornell; The Beener People 15.60 Monthly Paglng-April; Bohnet, Chris 63.40 Mileage Re-ImDursement; Bnntels Restaurant Baker 27.50 Wellness Ski Trip Breakfast; Commer- ial Const. Products 154.00 Maintenance upplies-Woodslde; Bob Brown Chevrolet 10.12 Parts (Bus 12); Corruthers, Colleen V4.U MiieageASCD convention r-ees; cen tral lowa Binding 513.00 Laminating Film-Cornell; Chaselle School Supply 67.66 Excellent Certificates; CllnicareCorp 552.52 Spec Ed Tu- it Color Tile 12.65 Maintenance Supolies- CornelT; Computer Emporium 104.90 Computer Materials-Woodside; Crawford Piano Tuner 40.00 Vocol Music-Piano Repair; DMACC 238 00 Tuition-Bus Driver; Dellaca, Richard 66.75 Wellness Stepaeroblcs Supplies; Des Moines Sanitary Supply 819.70 Maint Supplies (wllceMeltFloq; Des Moines Lock Service 8.10 Locker Keys-Woodside; Des Moines Register 624.50 PrintingNewspapers 4th 5th Grade; Des Moines Water Works 2,387.48 WaterSewer Area; Dubuque Comm Schools 159.17 Phase I ll 1 1 Durand, Becky 40.00 Seminar Stipend; fccono Clad Books 21.88 Library Books-N'ville; Electric Pump 309.89 Air Handler MotorHigh School; Excel Business Supply 79.96 Office Equip District Ottice; First Image 18.72 Microfiche; Geneser, Kathy 44.00 Drivers License Reimbursement; Glenn, Jon 103.80 Whole Language Conference Expenses; Gophers 76.94 Wellness Equipment-Woodside; Hansen, Sharon 40.00 Phase Ill-Stipend (Mock Trial); Harco 334.48 Football Helmet Inspections; Hawkeye Food Systems 245.91 Pal Food Supplies; Highland Park Hardware 28 90 Maintenance Supplies; Hill, Lisa 47 84 Mileage Reimbursement; H.O.P.E. 400 00 March Sessions; Hunt, Louann 23 86 Wellness Food Reimbursement; IASB 34.00 Legis. Cont MailingProcedure Manual; IASBS 46 00 Spring Convention-Dorcy Moeller; Interstate Detroit Diesel 201.11 Bus Repair; Inst. Environmental Assess. 1,850.00 HS Boiler (Site Fund); Invest lowa 55.00 TAG Registration Fees; lowa Methodist Med Center 3,039.50 Wellness Health Risk Profiles, lowa Power 9,514 53 ElectricStreet Lights Area; J.S. Lattas 28 96 Chapter II Dictionaries; Jay's Music 128.35 Instructional Music Supplies; Jensen, Dr Ken 687.75 Travel Reimbursements; Johnston Institute 64.15 At Risk Instructional Supplies; Jones, Kim 41 00 Travel Reimbursement; K-Mart 15.08 Communicator Supplies; Keller, Karen 13.91 Mileage ReimbursementWellness Food; Kramme, Harold 354 04 Expense Relmburse-ment-NCA; Lakeshore Learning Materials 100.99 Pal Food Nutrition Resource Chest; Lakeshore Wellness Conference 815.00 Conference Registeration-Wellness; Larue Distributing 16.59 Coffee Service; Lehman's Flower Gifts 104.00 Centerpleces-Wellness Dance; MacMillan Oil 1.894.47 Gasoline-Area; Manny, Linda 305.00 Phase Ill-Conference; Marriott-San Francisco 584.00 Motel-NSBA Nal'l Conv (K. Vanderpool); Meier. Charles 35.00 Physi cal Reimbursement; Merle Hav Mall 50 00 wellness fcitt certificates; Metro Sales and Service 234.93 Maintenance Supplies; Midwest Gas 9,373.84 Gas-Area; Mississippi Bend AEA 150.00 Conference Registration; Musick, Bill 36.00 Drivers License Reimbursement; Naoa 1,393 99 March Bus Parts; Owens, Judy; 9 58 Postage Reimbursement; Pace 72 73 TopesFax Paper Area; Pavless 247.17 Maint CnnDO Tinefflrni. C.u4 KCL Qn UUt''fr. UM otrcj line, DUncl 81.00 Postage Head Rental; Plumbs Supply B.jfl eiag Kepairs-Lornen; rooisot lowoitj.yu Bldg Reoairs-N'vllle; Prange, Brell 295.00 Travel Expenses: Professions Offset 3AH Oft Communicator Printing-March; Quill Corp 315 28 District Office Supplies; Queue, Inc 146. ir Lomputer Materials; Rhodes, Inc 2,359.78 Grovel-Parking Lots (Site Fund); Roto Rooter 93 00 Fix Stool South Pnd. Cornell; SAI 80.00 Seminar Fees; Saydel Hot Luncn lur t-eovmarcn rai meals; smith, Debra 15.66 Travel Senrs 96.85 Maintenance Supplies; Sherman Williams 27.52 Paint District O'f ice-Wellness; Sitter's Supply 61 89 Light Bulbs-Area; Smith Sewer Service 141.95 Clean HS Drain, Slate Chemical 101.77 CleanerMaintenance Supplies; Swanson's Glass 120.96 Bldg Door Hingcs-Woodside; Thomas Bus Sales 381.34 Feb Bus Ports; Thompson, Jeanne 112.00 Phase 1 1 1 Conference Fees; Travel Agents Intl 98.00 At Risk Program Plane Ticket; UPS65.53 Package Delivery-Area. USA Today 39 00 Newspapers-4th Grodp: US West Comm, mira tions 8873 Telephone Area; Visible Computer Supply 9.58 Office Supplies-District; Wal-Marl 79 40 Wellness Dance Candy; Waste Mgmt of lowa 469.70 Garbage Area, Woodside Activity Acct 29 89 Wellness Food Reimbursement; World Almanac 9 84 ibrary Moterials -Wood-side; Xerox Corporation 4,471 57 LeosevMomt ControctySupplies; Youth Shelter Services 30 00 At Risk Conference Registration SUBTOTAL $64,551.10 MANUAL WARRANTS: Christioni's Catering 200 00 Deposit-Statf Appreciation Dinner SUBTOTAL $200 00 TOTAL $64.751 10 (R6361-NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON PLANS, SPECIFICATIONS AND ESTIMATE Or COSTS FOR ASPHALT STABILIZATION THE CITY OF DES MOINES, IOWA, ON SCHEDULE NO. 1991-34, AND SCHEDULE NO. 1991 37.W O.NO 0220 91 002 TO ALL TAXPAYF. RSOF THF riTv nc ncc WO'ES IOWA, AND TO OTHER PERSONS inicncaicu: Public notire is hrhu IK.t k. cil of the City of Des Moines, lowa, will conduct a Public hearing on plans, specifications, and estimate of costs for asphalt stabilization (oiling) on various streets within the City of Des Ipwa, on Schedule No. 1991 34 and Schedule No. 1991.37. in said rii clock P.M. on the 6th day of May', 1991, said meeting to be held In the Council Chambers in theCity Hall in saidCity. Said plans, Specifications and costs are now on file in the office of the il the City Hall in Des Moines, lowa, ond may be Inspected by any persons interested Any persons (nterested meeting of the Council for the Purpose of male ing objections to said plans, specifications the cost of making said improvement I 't'riS, 'r, Court- tt ul'm Moin" "eg'ister April 17 (R-615) NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed bids for the construction of Root Southeast ond Soulhwest Wings at the Unlversily of lowa, lowa City, owa, wi be received hv th cint a of Regentsatthe Universilv ArchitecluralFn- r1 wince, "4onn Mall. The University of lowa, lowo City, lowa, 57242, unti 2.00 p.m Centrol time, on the 30th doy of April, 1991, ond will then be auhlirl. and read aloud. The proiect consists of roof replacement at Ouadranqle Residenre Hall at th un. of Ipwa. work includes the removal of rvistina rooting, insulation ond flashing, installation of new insulation, 60 mil EPDM fullv-odnered roof system, associated flnshina and fiqds. re-sealing of Indicated coping stone oints, and installation ot new cost iron roof drains. Bids will be received for sinal rnni.1 eluding all work as specified This proiect has a target percentage of 0 percent for certified Targeted Small Business participation. ror more information contact Architect--'Engineering Services Ottice, 400 North Half, he University of lowa. lowa rilw. inn s-rtt AVAILABLE AT YOl LOCAL BOOK STORE. Meredith BOOKS 1716 Locust Street Dos Moines. Iowa 50336 planting of hybrid corn became Without question! flp Family Owned Since 1871 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION evaluate the professional competency of an in- aiviauai wnose appointment, niring, performance, or discharae is beina considered when necessary to prevent needless and irreparable iniury to mat inaiviauars reputation ana that Individual requests a Closed Session. Motion seconded by Sam Hobson. Motion carried 7-0. At 10:07 p.m., Dennis ober moved to end the Closed session ond reconvene into Open Ses sion. Harold Kramme seconded the motion, motion carriea -u. Reconsideration of Ratification of Master contract with SFA Dennis Ober moved to reconsider the motion to ratify the Master Contract with SEA. Motion seconaea oy ur. Lvia Maynard to reconsider. motion carriea 6-1, with Harold Kramme vot ing in the negative. Dennis Ober moved to ratify the Master Contract with SEA. Seconded bv Sam Hobson. Virgil Harden recommended the contract be ratified and assured the Board that its adoption was feasible through other necessary cuts. Greg Weiss stressed the need for a malor change In the 11 months left for planning tor 1992 93. Motion carried 6-1. Harold Kramme In the negative. Future Important rintps Team Management Meeting March 25, 1991, 7:30 p.m. at Woodside Middle School LI brarv. Board Meeting April 8, 1991, 7:30 p.m. at tne uistrict uttice. Dr Lvla Maynard moved to adiourn, second- ea ov rnyins Laurtisen. Motion carried 7-0. Meetina adiourned at 11 m. (R643) NOTICE OF FILING OF THE SCHEDULE OF ASSESSMENTS AGAINST PROPERTIES FOR TREE REMOVAL SCHEDULE NO. 1991-40 W.O. NO. 00220-91-006 To: The owners of the fol lowing described real estate situated in the City of Des Moines, iuwa: LOCAL AND LEGAL DESCRIPTION: 03-0 05420-000-000 644 26th St Lot 68 Woodland Place US-UUIOO-OUO-UOU 2724 SCOtt AV Lot 7 Ik 9 shbough Wests Addition 06-0 0891 3-001 -000 1 209 25th St -Ex Beg SW cor thn E4.5F NW to In 35F to POB- Lt 15 Woodrow Wilson Place 08-0 02544-000-000 2326 Payne Rd Lot 106 Glen Oaks 10 0 04685-000-000 171841st St Lot 49 Fleetwood 10-005000-000-000 5918 College Ave lot i4o t-ronKiin rarx Ktat i 11- 000155-000-000 1224Hutton Lot59Ashbrook 1 0 05955-000-000 1 705 1 2th St Lot 95 corrected plat of Washington Heights in Capital Park 12- 001534-000-000 1812 Highview Lot si rarr view Acres 12-00313O 0O0-0O0 4608 Union St Lis 13 UMcKinley Heights YOU ore hereby notified that the schedule of assessments against said property for removing diseased trees, Schedule No. 1991-40. Work Order No. 0220-91 006, has been adopted and oiiru wr mic t-uuncii ot ues moines, lowa, and that said schedule of assessments has been certified to the County Treasurer of Polk County, lowa. Assessments exceeding $100.00 are payable In ten equal annual Installments, with interest on the unpaid balance, all as provided in Section 384.65, City Code of lowa. YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED that assessments may be paid In full or in part with out interest at tne ott ice ot tne county i reasur-er of Polk County, lowa, at any time within thirty days after the date of the first publication of this notice of the filing of the schedule of assessments with the County Treasurer. Unless said assessments are paid in full within said thirty-day period, all unpaid assessments will draw annual Interest at 10 percent (commencing on fhe date of the adoption of the assessment schedule) computed to the December 1st next following the due dates of the respective Installments Fnrh insfnllmant be delinquent after September 30th following Its due date on July 1st in each year. Property owners may elect to pay any annual Installment semi-annually in advance. All said properties have been assessed for the COSt Of nhatina each nuisnnre: the nmnnnl of each assessment having been set out in the schedule ot assessments, which is now on file in the office of the County Treasurer of Polk County, lowa. For further Information, you are referred to said scheduleof assessments. This notice given by direction of the Council ot the City ot Des Moines, lowa, as prescribed bvCode 38460 of IheCity Code of lowa. IHfcLASl UAY 10 PAY ASSESSMENT IN FUL OR IN PART AT TUP pni rni IWTV TREASURER'S OFFICE WITHOUT INTEREST ISMAY 17, 1991. If vou have anv auest ons on this assess ment, call 283-4748. Donna Boetel- Baker Clerk of theClty of Des Moines, lowa (R632) NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Notice Is herehv aiven that there Is now nn file tor public inspection In the ottice of the Clerk of the City of Des Moines, lowa, a proposed Resolution of Necessity, an estimate of costs and plat and schedule showing the amounts proposed to be assessed against each lot and the valuation thereof within the district as approved by the Council of Des Moines, lowa, for Sidewalk Improvement, designoted as the 1991 School Route Sidewalk. WO Nn 0209-91-001, Schedule No 1991-01, of the types and In tne location as follows iwi scnooi Koute siaewaik, o. No. 0209-91-001, Schedule No, 1991-01, described os: Construction of Class Portland Cement Concrete sidewalks, four (4) inches thick (six (6) Inches thick at driveways), together with all necessary appurtenances, all in accordance with specifications at Evergreen Avenue from SE 18th Court to SE 22nd Street, and 2502 Grondvlew Avenue 25th Street side) That the proposed district to be benefited end subiect to assessment for the cost of such mprovemenTs is aescripeaos follows: ah tnat lana described as follows: Donno Roe Heights- Lois 10-11 Evergreen Pork- Lots 19-14, Out Lot Part of Out LotZ Evergreen Park Part of Lot 1 Kruegel Heights -Lot 10 White Oak Park Lots 38 39 NW '4 NE Va Sec. 23 78 24 Part of the East Q.P. SE Va NE Va Sec. 23 78 24 Part ot the Eastl5acresof Lot2. P. SE Va NE Va Sec. 23 78 24 Part of the West 19 32 acres of Lot 2. SW NE Va Sec. 23 78 24 Pari of the East 11 ocres. Va V4 Sec. 23 78 24 Port of the West 18 acres. SW V4 NE V4 Sec 23 78 74 Part of the East 11 acres of the West 29 acres. The Council will meet at VMn'rlnrk an the 6th day of May. 1991. In the Council Chambers, City Hall, Des Moines, lowa, at which time the owners of property subiect to assessment for the proposed improvements, or any other person having on interest In the matter may appear and be heard for or against the making of said improvement, the boundaries any lot, tract or parcel of land, or the final adoption of a Resolution of Necessity A property owner will be deemed to have woived all objections unless at the time of Hearing he has filed ohiections with the Clerk. This Notice is given by authority of the Council ot the City of Des Moines, lowa. IF ANY QUESTIONS ON THIS ASSESSMENT PLEASE CALL 283 4748 Published in The Des Moines Register April 17 and 24, mi (R524) NOTICE The U.S. Department of Agriculture. 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