The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 12, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLg, (ARK.)' COURIER NJJWS THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE OOURIEB NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. 13ABCOCK, Editor H. W, HMNES, Advertising Manager -. ' Boi« National Advertising l?«pixfculat!ves: Ariansss uaillM, Inc., Now York, Cmcago, Det;\Lt, 61. Louts, Dallas, Kansas Oily,Memphis. Published Es-eiy Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second matter nl Hie posl office, nl N:yihevllle, Arkansas, under ;\cl ol Congross, October 0, 101V. Served uy llic United 1'rcss SUHSJUIUPTION JIATES By carrier in Utc Ciiy of BWIu'Villc, 15s per week or J(i.50 l>cr jcar in luu'ancc. By mall \vil))iii a radius o! 50 mill's, $3.00 per year, $1.5') for sis months, 85c fcr D.rcc luoiUlis; uy mall lit postal «mos two to six, Inclusive, $(j.5U pel 1 year. In zones seven am' eight, JIO.OU per ycai, i»yai>le in advance, Unpreparedness Loss nl' Icii iinny |jiM:; in <lyin;r tliu iiiiniiiil is nwi'ttaliK'. Ijul the puli- lit;, iuslwwl t)l' joining \viUi ;i l'i:w Kr- iniljlk'iin politicians in I In- try of "iniii 1 - ilcr," will ix'^iird it a~ furluiiaU' lii;tt the imiii-epiirodiiL'.ss ol' I'm 1 ;irmy :tii' sti'viee fur emurguiii'y tu-li'm was demonstrated al ;i liniL' wlii'ii eoiTCdivu measure.^ c;iii \ic t:ilioii IjcKirc' ;i tfi'wilcr toll '1S lllliL'll. An ;(i'iny air .sui'vii-c Hint l;ifks IriiiniiiK ami oc|iii|iniL-iU fin 1 ;i i>wu-c tiinu jiib liko Hying Hit- 1 niail is puurly prepared i'or tho mtidi more rigorous demands that \v;ir servJi'u would impose. It is (<io Ijiiil tliiit tea livi-s were siicrifiral in bnuiliiiK to light lilt; weakness ui' Uie si-vvito, bul iL is a mighty K»uil lliinj; it \viis hmujrlil to lij/ht. ll' it wiis miirilur to call upon tile army to lly ilie mail, wliat would it have been to call ii|ii»i it foj- the tmidi moi'o hn/.anluns survici; ol' war tiniu? The army lias been directed to lake no more chances with the mail. The job of carrying it will be returned to private hiiiuU as soon as honest eon- tracts can ]>u awarded. Thill scorns ID be tho only eyuvsu U> follyw tw the present. Jint (he \ p ery Tact that, the imnj-j hiib been found iitcapabli: of iwiT.viiiK the until is a (jrelty good argument for making the mail iU permanent ussiirniiicni. If it does not seem feasible or desirable to have (lie army handle the entire job, Ihen at least it might be wise to «ive the army a few of the murr. difficult ami hazardous routes, just to furnish a check cm how well the service is keep, inn itself iircpared fur the job for which it is nmintaimid. In any event it lias been madi- deal- thai military aviation requires nivaler attention, and |ivoliubly wuiv. liberal appropriations, than it has had. The nalion needs an army air turps that measures up U> the best, in equipment and training, as well a* in quality of IHU-soimel. Jlonoy that hns been spent' in subsidies to private avialion. much of which went, to pay \i\x suluvies ami Jal dividends to promoters and spern- lators, miijhl imu-li lirUor lie mvil to provide the army air service with I lie best plants and lo »;ivi; army pilots every (jpijoiluuity to [i selves in their use uiiilti- conditions. Control Threatened K is ninwred in \VushiiiKlou tlud lite proposed bill to regulate the -stock niiii'kels may mil be passed at this .session, a Tier all. Faced with many dill'icidties, 1:011- Hiv.-sional leaders are repnrled to be iialf-ready lo let the bill lapse, milt ss llu'iv is definite public demand fur its adoption. One would imagine Hint I hi- disclosures made (litrinjf tljc; last year by Uie Senate coinniiltei. would bu- eiiollgll lu create hticli a demand, ill nve.r- wlicliuiiijf .sli'englb. Modilications may be needed, of course, U) pivvellt uiului: .-IriiiK'iiiy on the How of investments; but lliat some sort of measure is needed si ems almost beyond dispute. Then: is H! ill ailolher aniflu !u fill- sitter. Trade and iiitliislry are reviving; a|>|iai'eiitly (hi: revival wilt continue for some time. Unless we are caivl'nl, this easily ini^ht set the stage i'or a new stt^'li market boom, which could have disaKlrous results. It might he wise lo hurry (his regulation bill through as a safeguard against the excesses o) 1 .spmilative enthusiasm. Benejit From New Law A .statement liled with the Federal Trade. (.'ommisMnn I he other day by landholders ol' the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Soul hern railway said thai a loan secured in part by the con- irolliiitf iuli>rv<i in the Alleghany Coi'- ]ioration was in default. l.aler on, it developed thai the use. of Ihi.s word "default" had been in- eonwl. Ilowevt'r. the whole incident shows how tin: operation of the new securities law may prove bniclieial to investors. Regardless of the mistaken coniilruc- tion whieh at lir.4 was jmt upon Mils' statement—i( was assumed momen- Itarily, for inslaiife, that lite Van SwuniiKCiis luul lost vonlrul of thuir vast railroad empire—(he fact remains that Hie securities law was the instrumentality through which information of great potential value to investors was made public. MONDAY, • MARCH 12, 193. OUT GUI! WAY KA8S1T, HAH ? WEIA., VJHY TU' TWO CLUBS? \- HE RUMS STRAIGHT, AN' TH 1 OTHER'M IS FEfi IP ME "2.1 G - ZAGS . >,<S<$ Thirty Days That Rocked the Nation Jtcviowing the Crush—One After \(tK> ORIGINATED te OOP ELEPHANT ANOTUE DEMOCRATIC DONKfiY? (Answers an I'ajtc >'ivc) (iiJtnly (jiiiidinK away, (lie jirrsrrs :il Ihe U. S. Burwti ul En- ;raviiij and Priming produml ruirigfiicy Federal Reserve bank notes. Here. Is .Secretary Wucxlin, .eiiler, with Ilffl and liglii) J. 11. Dougl.-ib, aiShlaut secretary, ^inil A. \V. Hall, director of Ihe bureau. 2Clh and 27tli Days, March 11, 12 11V WII.I.IS THORNTON NKA Strylre SUIT Correspondent The in tbu Bureau ol Engraving and Printing were viuiv- i% on Saturday, Mnrcli 11, fevcr- ilily grinding out the new immoy 'liieli wns Iwlng distributed to XrtertU Uvscrvo banks utid llu-mii;U to oilier banks to . hem for opining. Evcii ;i.s related earth tremors Jaj»n I- rap:diy l:eiuin|ny Ammwtmaid. \Vf sin- ndnpini;; tin- wiiys o! your country Ih' 1 no havi' found llii'y arc Ihi 1 Ijt'.sl wnys. —Sam IjiH-lbu, pubhMier, Japun Titiu's. * ••* -f Tin 1 iuLi. L .liliii:u;i dues nul .srunr lo nnyoiu: lib;.'ilY iri rrtiiduct hl.s busiiH'.s:; in MIL-]I 1'nalnon as (u inll:i;t Injury uii tin- public at large ur any group uf tlu- puopk'. —U, S. sitpiTnir couri, in recent dcmion. The Kreuvciy At 1 1 u, a miMiimuT. H", «i- UiAv .soiuclliing lu ratovrv. We can- Hi:! KU b;i"t", 1" !lm.-"c ;:iuxl old il.iy.-, ol a PiirUnn rulu m Unl.yloti. —Nuniiiiii Ttnjjiui.s, Soi-ialisl llMlll'l. * -* .-, have bcci'. lliv v.i-luu 1 , ol u l;m of ;i lew inu:. with purt'ly I'-HMi jute-it*!- 1 -. In mill tlio IIH-HIII inr trans- p-jUrai'jii ij-hli-in til llic cuiiiilry. -Kit-liurd W. fiobbiu.. pn.-;iil<-i;i ul T. W. A. from Uie liucv miu Mnnchuiian NEXT: Banking vluuds btgin l» (Jives <;arbo Diet I'lIILADEU'llIA (UP) — A c\iel vcre tdmldn;; parts of- Jiillforiiln. the ill lo give to President RO-.J-..I'- c-lt tin; lurpii'ilcd powers to ir.iikc cinioiiiic.-s in- veterans' pensions nd salaries M'liiclj It now «:is Qi:ccJ«J lint Congress itself did 10! cl-.iri> make.' The 2GG-138 mftjorily lov Dip '500.GCO.POO economy program slioiv- eil iijjain, as it Imtl the dny be-} ore, dial there was no question it all of Congress' Intent to "s't;iml by Hit.' president." Thu flvii iiuivmm 1 of opjxisitiun mini- on tile reduction of velcinns' It—;i innrmiir thnl" was lo grow |iiilil. Inter in [lie year, u was necessary tu niudify somu «! llic cuts. A ptlilicjii uf 160 economists v/ns X'seiucd lo tlie president, iisi- Ins Hint some means be found to . ' . to u hlgliur .general level. Tlie "brcalliing spell" lliat c'npic, v/iili Sunday, March 12,'gave 'pco-' tlH-ir first vlv.mce lo look' id mill sac Hiljer and 'Hin-i iirg muling lo iimkc NiraVsm see-in: n.s Uie. new German recline; liic shoaling lo death - ot 35 ''more fcovicl lenders; find the retirement' ot vxsl numbers of Chinese iroops ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc«s lias brcn authorized to announci; Uie following as canilidalcs for pi,bile office, subject to tlic Demr-crnlic primary nt:<t August: For Member c,- Congress . CLINTON L, • CALDWELL I I-'»r Sheriff and 4'ollrelnr \ CLAnENCB II. WILSON j For Re-election for Second Term For C'ounly Treasurer JOH S. DlLLAHUN'l •/ ROLAND C.lilitiN l-'iir Circuit (,'mirt Urrk HUGH CfUtU ADDISON SMITH For County Cnnrl Clerk FRED I-'LEEMAN" For Rc-Elecllon tor 2nd Term jtor Asiisvji H. L. (1JILLV; CiAIM-.'S C. C. (IKE) HUDSON I'or Cuiiblablr (,/ JACK ROBErubo:-;'' .iiicjluding celery and carrots was scribed for Greta Garlxj, noted 'screen actress, by Dr. Benjamin !Ci. Hanser, bio-cliemlsl, tiuriny a itL-ctiire here 'recently Janet Gay- 31- and. Joan Crawford should cat fish, lie said. The hippopotamus Is OIK of Ihe jliugcst animals, often weighing three or more Ions. CHURCH EXCUSES Br tit*. W. Buium Dear Aunl: We ssjit you a present Tor you birthday nnd lioi>c it icaclics yo on time and we liotli fed sure yo will be pleased with my se'-cciioi Of course the younger scl do no wear them now bui, my rcuollee Uon is that you still t,lay wit eoiiie or Uie old. fashioned itiing and this was such a bargain could not resist buying U. Wcl Junior came through all tht doctor says Inert is noitiing t worry about anil in a feu' days \: will nol remember \vVml 01 'now il SIDE GLAiNCES Jiy George C '•.M;iybe we alioaM hide his food and let him hunt for it." happened. I am glad you went \K- - vcar ^•'••'• s - we s ''" oul11 ll 'V au " fill(i Dogs Attack Boy fore the Church Board about your solo, but 1 do think lliat was n,. rather nasty remark made uy OIK i ' cf the membe'is and I con'l sec wv.y |' they want so much lime to coii- lcan ' 1J2 sldt-r the Inatter, especially iinee I Archibald says biiire ih; oporation they hayc all heard you tiiig it sojl'e may qi!i« down. t many times. We-have lx:en think-1 ing every since Ke first o!' the i nu: Clmrch Loiters and get ourj ZANESVILLE, Ohio (lip)—Morf la-.uei -jn {IK clnivch Record—but' •n:s I Inu as Junior gets older ovt nervous or ut le-.isl he uven in a crowd but Read Cu\u;er Hews want Acts. ric Thompson, 14. was seriously in;- juretl when lie was allacked by pack of IB dogs. He \vas bitten E times before a farmer drove • til pack away. Seven out of every ten person"] in London are Londou-born. JT • - .4 r-nYMAKiKE ,,-^ V/'.viL'.?!':. 7 .--.'!-'.-:;* .Id IIKUIN UtllK 1011AT I-ADMTU. , h,,t, omt 01 .. W»co HHJ'» daocilrr. BSTELI.E. nrrl> c ji hr l.ill> ID | UV r i<llk ktr • linoil nt »lKln. r*!>ll|o .olhlni; ol kl> li.irtnr.— n tlttet t'.ncll-lnnaf «n<l * •rrrnnt iglrl. A* » cLIU kr ran ana, from AJfGEI.A. the krnn- "V oil) rnrnc la nko» emr« kc i V * ? i fl B lr| 1 f " ""Ing >n r <.. >nd rfc- """ ""' '• "« "•"•»'»'• * •»<"> ; to r «k tk« Flttd m '"«<-'»<le p«rtr vtolnc. r.bllio onfT lo m ia ^»V v.^M VigMf - : m -~^^^^ ^wvvqm''. •- "i.^y/;/,!, 1 ''<,'''l,'\tft,^',\ ^^^.^ THE CKAK16E OF PACE. ,,, 3 .^^:? j '-J FOIl CITY OlTICliS Election Tuesday, Apr.! 3 Kor City (ricrk S. C. CRAIG H. b. McKNIOHT KOSS BEAVEItK for Cily Attorney SAM hlni there latrr. ""nl'lT , 1 *^.""""' cr » dc '• "fti SOW 00 ON WITH TUB STOUT CHAPTER X PAUUTO found Estello .a little withdrawn from tho crowd. No ano seemed to notice tbe bonder clilld swathed (n rjreon lulls, she was royalty eiilcd by a mast and she wavered, a Bedsllng. while sure-fooled seduction moved easily and surely; Jewels twinkled on low- riarcd breasts. Invitations In Ian- Euid-llildcd oyes. Tbere was a pathetically uncertain smile aUciu licr still plastic lips ami tlierc was a lilllc ache In ner sliffenin;; clicefcs which bad grown of forcing the smile. "May I sit will, you'" Tab risked. It was what ho plan to 3ay lint Ue bad nol planned t I*. S'Mi cave to," s iie answered »«d Uf dropped to the rug boslde lu-r S!ic sinilcii naturally now ani aailduMj S |, Q flushed, sbo bad rtcogniicil p.iWito because of in Bluencsa nf his eyes. Slie thought har heart warming, that In all He tfrcams of Mio r arly sbe bad not Uareil bopc ihl 3 (trcsm could come true! She wauled to say, "I'm so glad you came!" but ttiflcd the impulse. I'erliaps tie might nol want her to apuear to rcrognlzo htm, knowing that bc.mitst havo come unbidden mid by a circuitous route. "It's a lovely night for iho rarly, Itn't ltr r she asked. "1 juppose so. but if it were pour- IDB I wouldn't know it—now." "Oh!" Sh- dll like lilra so much be said sucli nleassnt' "J ve lliought of tbls and ibought of It.' Ko contested, bis w'tct !»• don't touch the blade—" She took It from him and turned it over. "It'a quiet at tlio lower cud of tho beach," I'abllto went on, "anil uf on his. and :;he did like it. Presently, spcakin; a little less shyly, he was (cllins her Uie drccksr" Idea tUat Ihe stars in their moving made mustc (hat Uie Rods alone could we could ECO the Elars there. I hc.-ir. "I like to think of that." he Ilko tliem better than torches." "Oh— «o do I! She roao ind ho waa h» her in Bbo iinjk.0. liliit'E ls-j T - "rrr.- ipaoc'i, but frovir.ed ct lio'r 1 r'cr.Dlrjn ot Jt_ '"H-tt n fcrlisb," nhr '1 «i=h it wore. Tilings fa bn no ffiiicb simpler-. ?-;a i,:. rri . io, 1 have lo require tt : ? pr'^r^'' 1 armor —dinner clotl:=:. — comelio'-r ,nd a lance—1 mcin R c!:ool: Coo!.. lud f have lo Iparn thj password vhlch Is Imowins tbc 'viglii pro do.' Thcre'c co much 1 li.ivcn'l bat 1 need!" "You arc ver? clever." Es'.rll*. iaid. "Who taught you aboul a/li those things?" ! "I can't tell you." be answere'l. lilllc worry creeping into iiii. voice. For a nioruenc Fl:? w;is chilleil. failin;; to see loyally in Die wall between them, "fiut I'cn not clover." he added. tl T wish 1 could see your face."JL she said. " 'I "1 see yours in the dark or 1! and 1 sec it mosi of Ihe time." * • • CfTR was vaguely depressed by- Iho sweetness lliat made so|| thick and overwhelming an aura around her and by the ttanalcnc-v of such sweetness, which sue Knew because- on llic morrow the mnidsj' would begin to pack for the (1 norlli. ; "Arc you goins north?" she : asked. , j "Ko." llo sal iDokin;; do-i-n at : 'bor steadily and worablplitsly. In': ( a few short hours miles would licl (between thorn. Suddenly s!i*: leaned toward him anrl he Celt lier^ baud on liis. He turned qnickly-fo 1 Krip her fingcri anil remembered;) Hie fact that her hand waa s:iia!l : and soft and that he niust not li'Jrt her. "We nius,t be friends." sf>s aaidi not quite steadily. "1 do a »saU us to be friends." f For a moment he pressed her-J liani against his breast wliwt I hard poundins of his heart woi siicak for him. Thea aliruptly released U to Kit away from her, his strong tcclli set on hii I lip, frowning from nl3 effori lo r» ; I »l, "and somehow I don't believe ' cnplure a Htllo i It's so far on". Almost every man, 1 " T1:0 fino automobile p.irl < has a sous that "is his'. m-itter," slic wir tCMjC. "Have you really! an Instant, toworlng above her nml ,-ilono and lhal soino one ho cares! ""h. but it ijo-js:" r,e cnnlr.i -- "'•• ' Id'.cUd. uia voice .almo:t narsn. "1 have lived one life anil luokeil or. at another and It has taiiBlH '"o " lot 1. would liave ralsscil If 1 tun at hcr - atla EiVli ll ™ t<)r ? 6 ' Ippe() " lluilei ' lhci broaij B45J1 whicb. revealed tlic hard .toiderncvss that had been "Usi nighl t coiildo't sloop for about it," alic heard ntjt. , . . M was a curious feeling tbat ?he *aa esperlcncini!. She was happy - - --- happy •nd yet she wanicd lo weep a Iftlle In April fashion and to lay her k.inil on Ills. She wondered whether tliat was a dreadful wish and knew ie could not help ft oven l( It »'«rc. Sli- did want to lay her tavit on his. • "Vs« don't need those pipes." he wiii r.cst. "Anywhere you are tlere 13 innaic," "Vou say—very kind things." • * » ~ U!'. «hooV liis bead niicklr. h-;:,icntiy, wlihoiit ansv Theu. djiwlng i d cep hreatij, ho *oV,cil ilowp at t] 10 siual] pip«s »lnch she held. Sometblus thai Itrew ol her now emotions nude "I—I lil:o your .tit sho stid. it ( rom wlds red si lie umpired, "U'E te»t so bj muscle-testing work out o[ doort. Then, almost ia Biience, their way to Hie ,-, E i his b'avU". _,....,., , , , , S '' LL turIlC(I (0 f ' 1f:0 looking \'.f, at him: -Paulito," bien waited'tnjidc tho one or tii» , she said, '"I know you and 1 knew I'd like you and I do!" lertcd be*** where torches did not j "° c0 " 1 ' 1 not answer that. tmito tho star*. . "Cnn't wo bo friends?" slie asked. Now and again bo toucher! her \ ."° fiiiglit his brcith. "How, -•m to help her over a hit ot drift-i^j^ Kslclte?" li« asked In Uiti wood or a.ridgo ot wind-blown :"'•"" '•- '•' 'sand. Ua lelt hitnsolt ttemblln; as j lie touched her and knew how he loved her. An* ho know loo that he lov«<J her so much that he would alwaya think ol her needs before be thougbt of bis owu, BO waiter how urgent his own, and that Hits was the way of true loving. They Milled on a bench tlicl- tcred by tho twisting, trco-ilke sea grape' tine and, looking at UK stars, Pabllto found biniM" telling , her of tlia Mtloyan legend which says tbat the moon, when she comes out with bor many star children, drives tbe childless sun, In bur great s!i»tn«. Into hiding Ur to the other side o! the world. HE thoaght lie would like Uie lessno he could up "Jiul—why couldn't *vc bcl" "Wo beinag to different worlds." h.c said slowly. "Yon EC.S you are a princcsa and I am a servant." "1 rion't think that should make any difference," she "eald with a of ymrthlul scvfrtty. "You dan't really lalnlc It mattcrj, do sou?" "I'm 3tra!d I do." "Wh>r the as-kcrl with a shade o( dirjpnoiutnciit. "^'pn. bccauso nowadays a prince who c.-iuies calling on A prluccw »«tt r.c mounted on a fine automobile. You can't rescue a princess from i tower U you're tulrlde • Giver. People would bear jou ccsv iuj «J bar the jalesl" other. But I'D'. s°l»S ^° lv ork to: .he right t'J conic l>ac!\ and pound- in tbe front fiat'c. I'm tolas to! work for nothlnfi 'else bul ihaL', J Will you remember tlint?" He liari'] lo slop .lo set l-.'.s 'r.rcalh. -wil". yon remember," he "went on. "ibai I am coming b*ck and lhat 1 shall..) never forgcl It aud thai I'll Hi U dreams about \tt" "Yea—" he heard be- whisp He drew a deep Breath, Hflcd ber rlaspcd hands ttam In-rl and little kncoa to kiss Grst tlj) other, She Ehrank pnrcd. browa drawn clbse o? 'col-, "You needn't be afralc it r.,-~ —in »nj way. Will yo 1 .' re- that, tool" "V»s," she wblfpef"' lEiin. mtp, thought, "1 wish be woaM tla^J me." She did o^.«are whether lhej:| thought were usd hs nould kiss b=r' ot tot; n.e

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