The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on April 28, 1942 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 28, 1942
Page 4
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All for State-District Offices DBS MOINES, Iowa, April 27— The race in on! The race to see who will be Iowa's senator for the next six years, her governor for the next twft years, her state officials and legislators for terms ranging up to ftfur years. Although a senatorshlp la at etalce approximately 50 less persons filed for all Offices this year than in 1940, definitely manifesting the lack ot interest in state politics. However, some 360 odd persons did tile and will he on the ballot when the June 1 primaries roll around. Here Is the list of candidates for state offices: family workers and 60.000 were hired hands. Ninety-nine, per cent of the total farm workers were over 14 years of age compared to 98 percent for Illinois, Wisconsin and Nebraska, 96 per cent for Minnesota and 95 per cent for South Dakota. Meanwhile. Agricultural Statistician Leslie M. Carl, also reported that Iowa farm wages show a sharp Increase over a year ago, reflecting the decrease In the number of workers available for farm duty. The average fnrm wage rate by the month, with board, In Iowa on April 1 was $53.7f>. an increase of For United States Senator: Re- 38 per cent over April 1. 1941 when publicans—G. Scott DavlesK Des the average rate was $39 per month. Moines; James I. Dolllver, Fort j Cnrl reported that wages are Dodge; Mark G. Thornburg, Em- particularly high In the northwest- metsburg; George A. Wilson, Des j em portion where Ute supply la Moines. Democrats—Clyde L. Her- j limited nna In the Industrial east ring, DCS moults; Ernast J. Ssc coj;:ra! poriisn -.'/here the cumpsti- man, Waterloo. .For Governor: Bourfcc B. Ii!c!:cr:!sop=r, Cedar Rapids; Earl G. Miller, Des Moines. Democrats — A. E. Augustine, Oskaloosa; Nelson 0. Kraschel, Hnrlan. For Lieutenant Governor: Republicans — Robert D. Blue, Eagle Drove; John R. Irwin, Keokuk; Hugh W. Lundy, Albla; DoVere TVatson, Council Bluffs. Democrats — Howard C. Baldwin, Cascade; Lester S. Gillette, Fostorla. For Secretary of State: Republicans—Walter H. Beam, Martens- -dalo; Mrs. Marie M. Christiansen, JOes Moines; John R. Ford, Car- Jlsle; John Olson, Calamus; H. L. Peyton, Logan; Wayne M. Ropes, -Onawa; Cole Van Gordon, Emraets- •burg. Democrats— Mary K. Fagan, -Casey; Alice Rasmussen McOrath, ,S10ux City. For Auditor: Republican— C. B. .Akers, Otlumwa; Democrats — W. M. Shaw, Des Moines; John H. Palmer, Waukon. For Treasurer: Republicans — W. -O. C. Bagley, Mason City; John H. Crulckshank, Sioux City. Democrats — Walter Arant, DBS Molnles; -Jaul P. Zerfass, Algona. For Secretary of Agriculture: .-Republicans — David A. Dancer, i-- Harry D. Linn, Des ; Arthur J. Secor, Keosauqua. Democrats — M. I. Bowman, Des Moines; Frank M. Murray, Buffalo Center. For Attorney General: Republicans — Ralph L. Powers, Des Moines; Jolm M. Rankln, Keokuk. Democrats—Ronald L. Ryan, DCS Moines; Joseph N. Wagner, Ottuin- wa. "For Commerce Commissioner • Ctwo to W nominated in each party): Republicans — Roy E. Burns, Ores ton; Fred C. Eslick, Mason City; Robert B. Fearing, Cedar Falls; Barr Keshlear, Shenandoah; David B. Long, Des Moines; Goo. .jtundy, Des Homes; B. M. Rlchjkrd- 'io~ri,''» Cottar "Rapids. ^ Democrats- la. 0. Conway, Atlantic; Sidney H. Johnson, Granger. • For Superintendent of Public Instruction: Republican — Jessie M. Parker, Lake Mills. Democrat — May B. Francis, Waterloo, Surprise Usually there is an eleventh hour surprise as the dead line for tiling nomination papers approaches, In the form of some candidate enter- Ing the race without benefit of previous announcement. This year, however, the surprise was in reverse. David K. Brown, former Harlan newspaperman and an ex-state superintendent of print- Ing, who had announced for the Republican candidacy for governor, {ailed to file his nomination papers and thus did not qualify to make the race. Brown told reporters that he did not file because he did not have enough signatures supporting his candidacy. He suid that fria'uds who had promised to send in petitions which would qualify him as a candidate had not done BO in time for him to file them with the secretary of slulu. Jio Interest Despite the inr.reuHed activity in the political field there Is believed to be very little interest in the candidates this year. This Is evidenced by the light votes In city elections throughout the slate and is echoed by the various candidates themselves when they find u. mo- to catch their breath between ntops. The people are thinking only of the war and they have no time left |or politics— that seems to express the collective feeling of those ob- ipervers who've had their ears Close to the ground. tion of defense industries for work Republicans— ] era hns forced farm wages up. Ills report Illso ?h'nv (1 ';1 Hint fnrm labor supply Is down to 71 per cent of normtil. a drop of IB points from a year ago. For Hie country as a whole the supply has dropped to a 61 per cent of normal. State Fair Iowa Is to Imvo some kind of a state fair after all. The army «!ga*d a lens* tot my a .... of the fairgrounds last week, leaving tta gfftftdstaad attd the „ north and etfslf of U for the fair board's tire. the state also retains the ground on Which the state highway patrol radio Is located. Fair Secretary Lloyd B. Cunningham, at latest reports, was working on plans to present a 4-H club exhibit and the night show at the grandstand if possible. Telephone As this Is being written Atty. Gen. John M. bankln Is studying tlip recent 15 per cent telephone rat p. Increase put into effect by the Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., in Iowa. Although there hns been nothing public on the phase of it he is studying up to this time, enough hints have been dropped to Indicate that the angle of discrimination will be worked Into whatever charge he may bring against the monopoly. This, undoubtedly, would be based on the company's rescinding of' the vats .lisci'efl?* 1 In. *!v<? Iowa communities along Iowa's borders. The rate Increase was promtly rescinded In these towns when the Federal Communication Commission gave notice that it would Investigate the increase In these towns under Us rights to look into interstate matters. The commission contended that the telephone companies In these towns were engaged In Interstate communication. fill 3 c. chogpM % ,c. firttfy packed fcrown siigaf J,T. flour Dash of salt 2 egg*, be'aten 3 T. heavy cream Line pie plate wfth pastry and fill With rftubarb. Combine remaining ingredients; spread over rhubarb. Bftke in hot oven (460 degreesF.) 10 minute*; then reduce heat to moderate (360 degrees F.) and bake 40 to $5 minifies or longer, or until rhubarb is tender and custard Is set. Recipe makes 1 one-crust, 9-Inch pie. Serve with whipped cream if desired. JWfAU, to BOY REWRITES Taken t'rom i lilicun »f April 21 Hurry Strong 1 of Hnmboldt, chair-I Oklahoma City. He is Improving man of the war savings bond drive | after his recent stroke. in this county, states the campaign Is Hill! on, and at the present tlm« not nil of the reports have come In from town" and township chairmen. Aswn, Douglas MacArathiir, wiis born to Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Holmes of LuVerne on April 14. Bob Ellsworth in' llrndgutts a student at Bucnu Vista college at Storm Lake, has been awarded a basketball letter. The Humholdt I.i'fflon post received a gavel and block, and other Hems of Interest a tthe mid-month social Monday evening, donated by Mrs. Gertrude Boore, who had received them from her father, lust adjutant of the local G. A. R. post. All touchers of the Bode public schools with the exception of two returned their contracts. Ralph Allen and Miss Thelmu Ann Heritage will not return. Anna Loulso Strong 1 , i'h. I)., who recently wrote a most Interesting account of affairs In Moscow, that appeared in a magazine published at Toronto, Canada, is a niece of the late Dr. Ira Welch of Humboldt. JL':s Dorothy Petry, locul public school Instructor, and Wallace Duuker ot Humboldt were married April 9 at'Braokiyn.'New York. Herbert French lias been transferred from the Thompson Lumber Yard at LuVerne to Sioux Rapids. It Is stated that L. B. Gunge.stad and Son ot Bodo have been awarded prize money In a contest staged by Successful Farming. The Humboldt Country Club's every-other-week picnics will begin on Thuraday, May 31. Hnmboldt friends havo receded news ot Alec Duncan, who is making his home with his daughter In Candidates fur governor of the state of Iowa will Epeak at the Republican Women's meeting to be held at the Legion Building in Humboldt Tuesday, April 28. ' Joseph Collins of near 1'lonccr received injuries recently when he ,fcll while working around his farm. •Mrs, KII/.alH'th Jergens of Kut- land observed her 91st birthday Friday. April 17. Up to Thursday of this iveek $200 worth of war savings stamps had been sold at the Humboldt public schools. Hen from •>>> to 01 years of ago will register in the fourth registration Monday, April 27. BUI Williams of I.iverimirc has had several workmen overhauling his road building machinery for some weeks, getting It ready for the big grading contracts that he expects to fulfill. A "Forcible entry und detainer action" was tried iu Justice Bick- nell'u court Tuesday, with Hugh Edwards as the laudloard and Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Atkins as the tenants. Hubert Speiir, 82, of Humboldt, died at the* Ch es tie * Mben residence Monday afternoon, April 20 at 5 o'clock, of a coronary heart attack. Kdwurd Oppedulil of Kuuwtek was elected head of the Humboldt County Cattle Feeders Association at the dinner and meeting hold Monday, April 20 at the Legion Building In Humboldt. Four prisoners front the federal jail at Dakota City went to Cedar Kaplds Thursday to receive sentences from Judge Scott. The 2% year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Sheriff of southwest of Belmond burned to death recently while at play in a playhouse lear his home. The lad's slater came to the house and told her pa- raents the playhouse was on fire and the baby was in it. The boy 'HS dead when Mr. and Mrs. Sheriff found htm. It Is though the lad had struck a match and thrown It to the floor of thn pleasant afternoon, Club reporter —Marilyn Solbecfc. WIFE OK CONGRESSMAN HOMK FROM HOSPITAL Mrs. Fred C. Gllchrlst Sr., wife of Congressman Gllchrist recently returned to her home at Laurens from the Colonial hospital at Rochester, where she had spent the past six weeks recovering from the effects of a hip fracture. She Is now able to get about on crutches. Wright county has exceeded Its quota of $1,483,200 in the war savings bond campaign by $8,000. News of4-H CLUBS Among Spring Garden "Firsts" Is— Rhubard's Tart Flavor Teachers salaries in Iowa are fs the report of the low* ta4e Teachers Association iu a 3S3 acjippji, not recently, that 3,680 repregent- 9f the 1?,943 Tart and smart for spring meals these days is rhubarb— either plain or glamorized. of the variety o{ ways of available fruit, and especially be- prepariug and preserving this easy cause of the "jsip" it atfds to menus, plan to use it often while it's still young and fresh. Ju addition, to being a tair source of vitamin Q, rhubarb also contains some viUwin 4. Vs04 with other which ffiftjr be sparce, it helps tP stretah ^e|r llavpr; it nia^es roly-poiy sparl(Ie I UlWiuj toucfc to trult cook until soft. Adrt sugar and a pinch of salt while .not. Because of the sugar scarc'.ty, add more water to make the sf.uce less strong and sour, if convenient, ihe rhubarb sauce also can be made by combining the a.'oove ingredients aud baking in the oyea. Especially good to use at harvest time is rhubarb juice made by adding 1 c«p ot v/atey to I galjoa of Iruit. Hea,t u/atU the rjyjjbarb son, nod »tr«^4. To c rehea,t t9 bolMng and. for canjjns rhubarb! Juice j| of otter Other t» try Hutluml Lucky Stars Joyce Helvick was hostess to the Rutland Lucky Stars 4-H club April IS at her home. The meeting was called to order at 2:15 by the president. Margaret Pitstick. Nine members, two mothers and the assistant leader were present. Roll call was answered to 'Grooming habits for me to Improve'. The secretary, Joyce Helvick, read the minutes of the previous meeting. Bills were paid and the treasurer's report wus given by Donna Solbeck. For thu music talks. "From tb,e Canobrahu" was given by Ruby Hood and "Home ou the Range", was presented by Marilyn Solbeck. Donna Blomker gave an Interesting talk on "Grooming—what my hands tell." A discussion was held over courtesy when traveling and Ruth Pjtstlck gave a talk, "Applying Bias Tape." "Personal account and (Slothing" was very%pW preientefl by Margaret Pitstick. ponna Solbeck gave a talk "Appropriate Blouses;" Phyllis Larson t.old us about the favorite buds of Iowa. The defense talk, "Our Flag and Its I Etiquette" was given by Joyce Hel-' vlck, after which the pledge of allegiance was given to the flag. We adjourned the meeting af(er which we practiced our folk dances. We aang the vocal numbers and listened to the recognition numbers. The next meeting Is scheduled for May 9 at the home of Marilyn Solbeck. A dellc'.ous lunch closed a very HEALTH DEPARTMENT (State Report) rt Are 'mother' and the children/ o. k.r Provide an "adequate, positive answer" to that question by community planning to maintain the security, health and happiness ,of the wives and' children of men in the armed forces and we will do much to boost the morale of our troops. Dr. J. M. Hayek, the state health department's maternal aud children health director, declared today. Dr. Hayek urged cooperative effort to remedy conditions in the community detrimental to the welfare of children and to promote conditions favorable to their health and well-being. "Study your community," he said, "and ask yourself: 'Is' everything possible being done for health and safety? What about sanitation? What about traffic protection? " 'At'c rvcreiat.lqnal facilities adequate? Is leadership satisfactory? Do we have supervised aiyftnniiijr? A.r» Immunization programs working? Is there sufficient health supervision for mothers and children?' " " 'Have day-care facilities been provided for the children of mothers who are working? Are there library facilities for the children? What about park areas for picnics, hiking and camping? Are leisure-Lime and youth agcr<- cies functioning?' " Dr. Hayek added, "The men who are fighting for the welfare and safety of their families want first of all to know they are getting these things at.home. A cheerful letter from home telling of the things that are being done will make their hearts lighter." * .given o Otlor, 410 rsuarit to of the -JEl—«-M-- fc •»"• SHJWUli int dbde 8f fawa. Date* at i>&ko& CUy, Iowa, April O. it JOMNSoW, County Auditor of Humboldt County, Iowa, R»-i 1-49-1 OlttGt.VAt NOTICE. the iJlatrlot Court Iowa, In Alloa Soaver; fillsworlh Morse; ary A. Strachktti Mabel .Morse M9M«7|ikl«'.._. ilson; Raymond ard C. Morse: , as trusty OT .tn -j and Alice 8, VS.. Ethel P. AI- *• orse; How- estate of Anna Combs Morse, Beeeased; "Mar'ii'n Tnnwfts, H. I*, stfong, as adtnift- IsWftlor de bonis non with Will annexed of the estate at Albert H. Smith, Deceased; First National Bank of Humboldt, Iowa, as trustee: Humboldt County, Iowa; Nora B, White; Aura H. Sanderson; Pearl iTungclas; all unknown claimant* against the iatale of James White, late of Worth County, Iowa, Deceased; Slate Savings Bank of WOden, Iowa; ,si; "Majlis -«nt at Sam Life**«^.i««***°: '» SUte of Iowa, fts •- lavttiga Bafk ail ufikaBWn . ~* T,- **t Stats Savings of -Woden, lo»«{ All ufil claimants against Jtate Savin Bank of Woden, Iowa; and. parties -«- Ij —--' '*. VTVUBJIi iVVYttj UIIU I CbJl olaimiag by, through or ny of the above named or ia defendant* any .interest in OF lien upan hereinafter desCMbed, the real estate A1U1 <3111C»1. IQt UQBkilllJQU| &liu ftll tin** known claimants of the said real edtMe, to-Wit, the Northwest Quarter t of Section 38, In Township 91 North, Range 80, West of tho 5th p. M., Utnd in Humboldt County. Iowa, Defendants. To said defendants: Tou and each of you are hereby notified that there la now on flle in the office of the Clerk of the District court of Iowa In and tot Humboldt County, the petition of the plaintiffs in the above entitled cause claiming- and alleging that the plaintiff!) are the absolute and un- wlt: The Northwest Quarter of Se r lion 36, in Township 91 North, Range SO, .West of the 6th P. M.; that the plaintiffs are credibly in* formed and believe that the defend- the pi&tntTff* in i said real estate;. tnat olftims ot the.def«naa any and all Hen* dial barred 6 by tie statute fully paid and settle valid and. Vrtthout fOL_^ said petition prays that,. tlff« p fee «mj>le tills fthd and to said real estate be ed and established by t.^_ ,, and that y-ou and each ot f6u barred and forever estopped fri having or claiming Any fight title to the said premises, of lien thereon, adverse to thd^p..— , tiffs, and the said petition further' prays general equitable relief 7 . For tun particulars you are referred to said petition AS now on file.' And unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next term of said court, the same being the re laf May 1942 term thereof, wh ' "* court house In Dakota Git H Will convene, and .bi held at .i942;"your default'wili be tered against you and decree rendered tHefe6n as by law iSfo and as prayed In said petition. C. W. 1-48-4 Attorney for PialntiffSip BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY A BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY THAT WILL SERVE AS A GUIDE TO THE PEOPLE OF HUMBOLDT COUNTY. CONSULT IT WHEN PROFESSIONAL SERVICE IS NEEDED. V fffffff-t-f-f* COU.NTV AUUITOH'S OKPIC1AL CAM, OF COUNTY CONVENTION To Elect u Cou'.ity Superintendent of Schools and Three Members of the County Board of Education and Notice to the Presidents and Secretaries of School CorporationH of the Time and Pltiijp of Holding Convention. You are hereby notified that there will be n convention of School Presidents of }hn vnrloiin School Districts of Humboldt County, Iowa, to bo hrld In the Court House In Dakota City. Iowa, on the 12th day of May. 1942, at 10:00 o'clock A. M. ' r the purpose of electing; a Ooun- Superlntendont of Schools and reo members of the County Board of Education. T'.ie School Townships of Rutland anfl Avery, each being 1 entitled to ono representative at the Convention. The School Presidents of the several Boards of Rural Independent School Districts comprising Rutland Township will meet at the South Maple Qrove Independent School House: and the School Presidents of the several School Boards of the Rural Independent School Districts comprising Avery Township will meet at the Center School House {Byron Independent School District); both of said meetings to bo held In the School Houses named on May 2nd. 1942 at 10:00 o'clock A. M. of said day to select a Representative and an Alternate of said Rutland and Avery Townships to attend the Convention to be held an KVFD 5:15 P.M. Mineral Springs Coca-Cola Bottling Co. THE MOLANDER STUDIO FOR GOOD PORTRAITS Dr. James H. Coddington, M. O. Phones: Office 02, Residence 52 1C South Sixth Street Hnmboldt, lovra W. H. SMITH, Broker REAL ESTATE INSURANCE FARJI LOANS Tel. 150 Legion Building A. S. ARENT, M. D. Moved to 15 South Tuft Street Humboldt, Iowa Phones: Office 117; Res. 117W2 RAY LINDHART FUNERAL DIRECTOR AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 428 PHILIP C. LOVRIEN ATTOJINEI AT LAW Office Over Iowa l'ubl|c Serrlco Phone 329 E. H. PARSONS ATTORNEY AT LAW ABSTRACTOR Only Bonded Abstractor In County. Office Over Council Oak Store Phone 217 Humboldt, Iowa DIRECTORY OF CITY OFFICIALS Mayor, William P. Housel Clerk, H. F. Jakway Assessor, A. E. Ruse Councilmen, Albert Morohouse, A. P. Andersen, O. P. Ruse, Ray Wogen. DIRECTORY OF COUNTY OFFICIALS Auditor, Otto H. Johnson Treasurer, R. B. Bennett Recorder, Arne Sorlien Clerk of District Court, M. A. Wallukait Sheriff, H. J. Sexe Superintendent, Frances Messer Engineer, Vernon Miller County Attorney, Philip C. Lovrien Coroner, J, K. Coddington DIRECTORY OF SCHOOL OFFICIALS President, Harry Strong Secretary, Esther Ernst Treasurer, B. B. Watson Members of Board, Mrs. C. W. Garfield, T. C. MIckelson, Ed Rapp, Harry Strong, Mrs. George McCollough. Superintendent, B. C. Holmes DIRECTORY OF CHURCHES Methodist, Rev. W. L. Breaw. Congregational, Rev. W. Clark Williams Fifth Avenue Baptist, Rev. Paul, Williams First Lutheran, Rev. 0. B. Anderson Trinity Lutheran, Rev. George PaMesen St. Mary's Church, Father Fitz- patrlck Seven Day Adventlat ^Christian . HUMBOLDT COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY Onljr Abstract Firm In County. Have AH the Abstract Books Ever Compiled In the County. HUMBOLDT, IOWA C. M. WOODAkD I DENTIST' f Humboldt, Iowa ' » Office Plione 44, Bes. Phone 181 1 Office, 1st Floor Legion Building- S. BROCkMAN INSURANCE Automobile and Tracks • Fire and Toru«do Accident and Health Phone 219 Hnmboldt, lot •••^^^^^^S^^^^v FRANKLIN JAQUA" ATTORNEY AT LAW General Law Practice Office Over Reed Jewelry Phone 170 Hnmboldt, Iow«l CLEANING, PRESSING AN1) REPAIRING DEVINE CLEANERS Phone 80 for Free Pick-up and Delivery Good Work Prompt Serrld T t S. HERRiCK ABSTRACTS OF TITLE Office Over Hull's Kcady-to-lVeor Shop •? Phone 111 Humholdt, loiri ssssss^sf^^^ ^^^^^^^^H !Wttww>H. EDWARD ANDERSEjiif AUCTIONEEB "" v ''o, Farm and Live Stock Sales « Specialty, HEAL (ESTATE BKOK«T, x i Farms and Town Property. Ali'< ] Farm Loans 4% Without Low Charges. Loans Made for gonu Loan Association. Office In Bowlraor Bldg, Phone 118 Huinboldi, FOR INFORMATION ABOUT SPECIAL RATES IN THIS DIRECTORY PHONE 102 Yes, now vaccine prepares you to beat trouble... how does this oU work that principle? like a plague, modern driving conditions are widely attacking motor oil-wasting it.away. Nature can't modernize her oil And th8 b»st refining even weakens certain natural 'imrounifles*. BUT CONOqO N'A OIL, makes it all up r-fttui then eome— with its modern manmade preventives. They get the credit for its healthy record of more than twice the mileage averaged by five other fine oils in a Death -Test lasting till engines burned up, The rival Qfe, in identical carp, under impartial observation, braved blistering Death Valley with a Strict 5-quart fill apiece ami m wore, One gave out when Conoco N'A was stiU more than two-thirds up! None game closer than a bare 68% of ! OIL-PLATED engine lives long. FLATING a recognized Conoco advantage through the years, comes from the other , 1 ° 1envel °P «H»r parts in close- bonded lubncant that doesn't all quipWy dram down. Instead it sfcay S pfe«* ^Vtece -much as any other plattog-and that's wnai the conventional movable oil «im slides on! ^^^ You're one more -from the hazard of Get tbis

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