The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on April 21, 1942 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1942
Page 4
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News I £"•,£**""* the Dwtfcm «>> jag their contest ntfmliffr. '•C. „„„ ,,„,. unwe AHltter has been absent all Nasby, Nor Nelson, Mary .„. —« Veerkamp, v. Struthers, Arland «• ' ' and Gerald McDaniels. wrote" | feet spelling papers Thursday SoctHicl and Third Grades Leona Anliker has been ahsei an week. Betty''Lou Movlck, Patricia Veer kamp. Mnrgueritc Struthers, an Richard Oppedahl are on the hono foil this six-weeks. , T '".« third grade has been learn ing nbout how people first began to Use fire and how they learned to make fire. We have some now feeders. The stories arc Interest- lural products after searching for the statistics. On the honor roll for the last period were Charles Buck, Eldon Hunderlraark and Ralph Jacobson. Thosti having perfect attendance for last period were Charles Buck, her sataphone solo. Ulft* pone soo. tt T Cu ° nln * h anS, director of «!.. j * j ''**!£(?( lAlKGQ - the student body, tt e told of his experiences In various races. TO the track boys and other athletes, he served as an Inspiration for l°l e r ! d "*>."* *»* Jwrder - «--..v.«. TTC.C Dunnes nucK, i •-a** iinuuuE pnfl "arder Hundertmark. Ralph Jacob- work - Mr. Cunningham stated in SLS VeerkamP ' and ° rville X^™** "***««**• • ..-.«* .v. vl u, v iiiiurysi ing- In arithmetic we have learned to multiply and divide by 4. The second grade has been reading about plants and animals that give us food and clothing. In nrith- ' wetic We have learned to udu big numbers. scores last week were: ^-s»> ».» t«»\f IT-} In history we finished the chapter on "The end of the Frontier" and started a new one on "The Growth of American Agriculture and Farm Problems." In Geography we have finished the chapter on "Manufacturing the Growth of Cities" and have had tost over it. The seventh grade English class s studying adverbial clauses and in foenn *T»I. _ _•_.».. Fonfth ««KI«-«M. *. «M?I , choM as cashier for the JaMle * *"«**»' sale of War the clr, k W ° ''? bee «town clerk for the past IS years handed the " .. afternoon. ..„«,„, the first buyer. Stamps win n* sold I on Monday, Wednesday and Frfoay of each week. | no matter how good won'iri"h""T n R , Ubjr Torf?er80n and Donna Ra •owed to compote unless he S.£ £5 on^Sda? by glvT rinri/o u..t.k.-j _ . .. ' a candy treat. W. dUHes the " rs * --- ...„. »^.. K wure . Virginia Bratland, Betty Lou Movlck, Rob- Wcchter - Veerkamp, - a eeramp, Elwood Klnseth, Richard Oppedahl, Marguerite Struthers and Muriel Zinnol. Grades IV and V had perfect prases. The eighth grade are iractlclnfi short talks. The seventh grade mathematics 'ass Is trying to find the list rice. The eighth grade are re- 'ewing the semester's work Jhe Literature clrfsses havp i, 9 . Marjorie Hundertma^ls'^bgeut this week, hovlng been exposed to the mumps.-Reporters, Eugene Movick and Morris Axne 8lh and 10 Grades Klndorgnrtcn—JH 8S jfcllon We have finished reading the first story in Our Story Book about Bob and Nancy, Mac and Muff James Myers brought two baby Pigs to school last Thursday They could hardly stand up on the slick floor and they seemed to bo rather af aid of us. James took his pigs Iflfrt »l.~ t). -. . «"O« and second grade i, ., / " Js celebrated her birthday on April n. by iron ling ' nrt fim**» IHM. __ _. into the first rooms too. Edwards i .._ ... Ja candy The following pupils were neith er absent nor tardy during this six weeks period: Merlin Aokerson Russell Beck, Donna Rae Beebe Donald Christensen, Alan Clay Barbara Cran, Dwlght Daniel Roger Foley, Roger Hanson, Wayne Heldt, Bonlta Johnson, James KJilght, Gladys Odland, Marjorle week were Mary Ann Tabor . Louis Jacobson nnaKto.eth. Charlene Movlck £ Darl ° ne Buck - J Dan ' e ' 3 a " d Pau In algebra we are studying powers and roots. In biology we arc studying plant life which Is Interesting. , ...«,y Ann Tabor kwTn^ * m ', Donna Beam an <l Kenneth Strutliers were on the -honor roll last six weeks. 's club are vice Bratland and JEnockson. Keith Daniels had treasurer, Joan a birthday —-—•"•" uuu u oiriiii -party on Wednesday afternoon. Helen Anliker has been absent tall week. The fifth grade is studying honey wees in science. The fourth grade geography tslass has been reading stories of Switzerland. The fourth grade has learned to multiply by three figure numbers. Grade 0 Those who wrote perfect spelling Papers last week were Charles Buck, Leo Bngebritson and Eldon Hundertmark. _Jeanette Bratland and Eldon Hundertmark have been absent all week. ' In our study of. Iowa we have been making graphs of the agricul- very The Literature calss is studying modern authors who have written of Social and Industrial Life In America." The manual training class arc working on various projects aud the home economics class are doing various kinds of cooking. I'hyllis Hundertmark came back to school on Tuesday. Marlon Underberg is in wUh tllc milmps Keporter, Richard Kropf 1O4 I. /I—.„ .• *^ ' the morning group. Betty Johnson also treated her r.l flss . she was " years old on April 14. We saw two movies this week They were Blrdb of Prey and Adventures of Bunny Rabbit. Hrst Grade—Miss Householder _ , ., „ vj-umuu, irjLtirjurie Schulze, Patty Lou Koob, Ruby Torgerson and James RIcheal. We observed Pan American Day by having a special bulletin board display of pictures and articles pertaining to the countries of South A ttlArfrtn America. IfUi Gratio-.SIj,, illlsiiistvii Those who had one hundred i spelling last week were Kiel Frels. Richard McFarland, Oeral Odland, Qeiie porter, Mary John son, Lois Nelson, Sharon Pattou _.-•*. CkttlM RIcheg Of ftolfe suffered fractures of both wrists when she fell In the backyaTd at rJceiSy 6 **' *° n P - !*' * ich * B ^'ISIE tflAllrt..!)*.**... 5t, *5? . . is 19 BOARD PROCEEDING were opened: ^"^3jmfas*rz s=-*= Prey" and one "The Adventure, or w! T° rke ' S ° n ' mtty Welr ' Caro Rimnv nni.uu.. A " v entuies of Wier, Donna Willev an,l Rnhhv , 1111. and 12th Grades The physics class has finished .1. I , '""•" l -" loa «as tinished the study of "Electralisis and Electroplating." We are now studying lifferent kinds of electric cells and tatterles. The American history class has Inlshed the stuping or the "World War I" and the signing of the peace treaty. We are now studying the rise of Social Problems and their effect on the people. Tho American literature claas is studying the "Advance of Realism" and modern writers. "Interest" is the new subject for discussion In Psychology A teat over "Feeling and Emotions" was given on Tuesday. In manual training the senior Bunny Rabbit." We had our first spring flowers this week. Gerald Kennedy brought some Iris aud Richard Johnson omo pasque flowers. Fifteen boys and girls In ou room are taking advantage of th Penny Milk Program. First and Second Grude-- Mlsn Stelllnyworf The following have had perfec attendance during the past 3 | x weeks: Don Nelson, Barbara fachultz, Mona Davis, Billy joenk and Henry Pitatick. Ruth Davis brought treats for us i K ,1,. I, I ..i 1, i _ >u her birthday. We have been seeing severa _. v.«, tjtub tut , senior boys are working hard to finish their projects before May 11 when they begin practice 011 their play •Reporter, Duane Kropf. l$- JWu>r-ta-phiBlt—Phylila Breaw,' J3«- Asslutant—Jack Dlckerson. Jf^nor Btui Announced , Once again the report cards hav peen Issued. Those who were for • ttraate enough to make the hono roll are listed below. Seniors: Jos Wier, 93W; Cecil Parson, 91W Mary Qarfield, 91%; Donna Reas ner, 91; Armada Carlson, 90% • El Inn X.TA.. n..**_ . AH.. — ' Juniors: Geo i!m, M8e Butler> W " 1|a ™»; 94: Jean Koppe, 92% BldaWalM. gi* : Pauline Thomp son, 91%; Elaine Laurson. --• --™, U.HIUD uauraon, »1W, Helen Ross, 91; Phyllis Collins, 91- Sheila JoiHKe. 90 4/5; Paula Scbmldtke. 90%; Anna Belle Go- ohenour, 90. Sophomores: Prank Qo^cb, 93%; Marcla Tllsen, 92 W- Junor Clark, 91%. Freshmen- NWlIyn O'Connell, 96H; Delores Hanson, 95; Philip Hanson, 94%Marilyn Solbeck, 94%; Alice Chrlstenson, 94; Donna Kuierlem, 31%; Leonard Jacobsen, 90U- Olenn Tilton, 90. Missed by ui -- the Juniors 22; the sophomores 26; and the freshmen 18. The high score honors the seniors went to „*.„.. Cueing aevera novics about birds which we en- oyed very much. Wo made posters of bird houses and birds Nearly all o f us are taking advantage of the Penny Milk Second Hmde—Miss Frlcdcn Marlene Holden brought us a large bouquet of pussy willows and Jacquelyn. Bradford brought the first bouquet of spring flowers. Several have brought books about birds to add to our library table. We have built a war stamp stand from which we will sell stamps In the three days that we have had it, we've sold nine dollar? worth Our magic garden has started to ... Uouna Willey and Bobby Wittman. Mark Thalacker aud Bobby Wittman treated the class with birthday treats this week. The fifth grade elected new officers for their club. The president Is Richard McFarland, Mary Johnson, secretary; Noble Adams, treasurer; and Lois Nellson, Jerry Oabrlelson and Joan Jensen are ou the program committee. Sixth Grade—Miss IYe,s<lilein The sixth grade began the sale of defense stamps last week. Mary Ounderson and Thomas Torkelsen will have charge of the sales. We wrote War stamp sales slogans In English class and have chosen this ' Fu^l price. .95 6.22 s.'oo . 16.00 . 119.90 t 9.00 - 22.60 pi?e 6 if hnar Hdw ' ^°- """"up-" w llfjon, St Cayou Mate'ri'a'lfl" vvlttman, A. E., Repairs "; |py^»averi n p'o?" n p ? a^S.^*n* PT"3» WSSS:::: H.-J- |-?er p ^?&"an:::::::« H q nn i?£' S atr °l"iari......:; I^I^SS^" months "" "- " ont ' twb Jnsrlneer'a Coal 'co"""roni •AnTh 0rl8he rr Ul ' e - I '»°^' "Idler & Chamh»r«'"co "•'-'- iKlS'-'lf^ if : -^=-^r :: si;?i2r?rj?''^:'>''or'.""co'a"i 76.60 18.00 ft.ftj C.OO 11.8S 11.22 22.60 5.92 81.23 4.90 61.79 .; 421.94 . 3.S6 . 14.27 . 235.'. . 13.6 . 38.7 . 5.2 110.0 11,0.0 no.'o 110.0 110.00 .. 110.00 .. 110.00 . 119.90 . 119.90 . 89.05 . 98.20 . 65.05 . 39.60 73.60 72.95 50.00 69.55 52.15 63.70 3.38 9.46 24.76 n?{^ .£««3M"L^OT" oV» £ K . nuts °n. r-abor S» f ^r;i, r fer"::: H^lLS-rW. 1 ?' &„£• °PheW Labor "alter s^ht.i-^ T_, a recess till otlng Aye"* Hoard took clock I'. M. 1 lOO o'clock P Nf H i d M hv' e i.h,?i "°y/ ma "» i"'l aecond- " Vn,f'f h M 1 - z _ e _ that . ?l>" -'-'- — ' im months ... Herrlck, M. aid Med.' Phllln n r""' 5 ', oi, l fi n1l ,^ ovrlen ' «. and ca'r Fund op D., =— o«»«^« utia BLurteu to bloom and it amazes us with different kinds of plants blooming irom the same bowl. Third Grade—Miss Larson Twenty-nine children signed fo penny-milk. Kelly Collins, Arnold Torkelson and Wendell Soppeland arranged the booth for sale of War Stamps Katherlne Strong was In charge of fltllno H>« *l»~i -i ° one as our class slogan: "If you want the Japs to keep unhappy, some stamps and make it snappy." The following were leither absent nor tardy during he last six weeks period: Janet Jrodale, Margaret Jean Butterworth, Colleen Collins, Mary Ouu- dorson, Marilyn Gustafson, Mar- orle Harris, Gloria Johnson, Kath- rlne Pitstick, Norma Sanford, Marilyn Terwilllger, Verda Wltte, <ent Cole, Malcolm Helvlck, Eu- ;ene Joeuks, Gordon Laing, Dick 'aing and Richard Terwilllger unlor High Kcws—3U S8 Tjiylor, Jir. Seymour and JUss Porter The Regular Senate meeting of the Junior high was hold April 15. They discussed old paper collection for the rest of the year ' o e per Jack Dlckerson, Jlm Loomls an d Donald Whittlesey. The lunior girls showed they read their papers with the following girls turning in hS sales the first day. "uth Ann Nelson treated 11, aud Bernlce Jensen Among f .3 sophomores Charles Bn- dahl, Dean Larson aud LaVon Johnson turned In top scores. Nathan Johnson, Phillip HaiMcra and ?h7f n reZen WBre8UCteS8fUla ' n0n « the Those who had perfect attendance up to the laat six-week period arc: Dorothy Christensen, Kelly Collins, Clairys Donahue, Virginia Oarbett, Marilyn Mosbach Martlyn Mosbach and Virginia Perfect records in "«i'i'uiH4iu brought us a bouquet of Paaque flowers. The elan* observed how the fuzzy covering protects It from Garbett hud spelling Wendell Soppelaiid b elan They're Stamps. going to soil Boby Welr, and War Ray * —-' Hen, BIIU nay Henely will be in charge of the booths this week. Members of the Senate are arranging for the booth Forty-six Junior hl*h students started their milk-drinking'project April 16. Mllford Ramsvlg brought a garden snake to science class Thursday. Six students In the 8-B science are drinking y a P | nt O f milk per day. So far 18 students have taken ty-AJ5A rt; " ; V Io ^-"> P i"^«"n« > ar A r aUr< !! t0r A?r d v e o rt( i nBt0A Jr Ue ^™* Ilo fmal b r, N , el30n R <^ Bonded by i=^llis^ All voting Aye. V mm Po^. n d°^^\a m Ja^"' r «- S^sssEKvt"^ Hlbbard, 'Mrs" months .. Hoia'n S 'r" "enf—t« : o months &^^'fe,rsr 25.02 21.85 10.00 a.46 30.BU 9.90 4.50 . r >i.'35 11.70 12.15 Sl'.fiQ S.75 T.S'S 10.60 tlon—March ','. Electric Service Co., Repairs Fort Dodge Machine A Supply Co., Repairs Fort Do<J(fc Steel and Foundry Co., Rings and covers, curb rrjuiifi and grate" Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., , casters ;... . Jaqua Printing Co., Prlntlnjr Ijinuiutrt ~- '-• - pairs 28.19 22.87 7.flf 68.34 •roiet' Co., Re- l*tiu n jfe.J- *"»*'• & So", Coal Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp., Fuel oil Northwestern Oil Co. o'a'ft"""" Afatt Parrott & Sons coT Supplies National Alumlnate Corp. So- mum Aluminate nllllps Petroleum Co., Gas and ''•'*•'"..-_•. !| ty Water Department', Water bill Foster Sllbaush, Bla'cUsmith- A. A. 8kniskj Suppiy'co.,"B u 'r- lap Standard Explosives'" Corn' Dynamite caps The Tropical Paint ft'oiT'co" Paint vondcrlmar Hard ware" Co Suppling of • V. I,yle, .Judjfe of Eieotion' NlBscn - Clerk of •^ Oxborrow,'"cicr'k"6f"Bii>c- j " Mn \; " c;i £r, tJuJge uf Klec- "llo'n TI !. 0 .!'. S . 0 "' JU ' IS:e °' ™ ec ~ Vre rer cn otion ndei ' haar '"" ; ' ii '^«""° f J "ti2n R> No1 *""' cierk'of'E'iec- A "lion'' f' y '^""ciork "o'risie'c"-' W "l- p .- Hoiisei','"Mayor ; s"saT- ?f y i?iV' eftr endl "S March tt , }•*** H. I,. Strone. citv T 10.81 42.78 3.7» 4.02 59.40 3.27 19.33 30.17 8.32 3.59 .41 3.00 .1.90 3.90 3.90 3.90 S.-jt) 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.1*0 125.00 Humboldt 14.88 12.00 5.00 BOOTHROVD '-Sls- County Auditor - 0 }-8 K. j Co., Fuel •uou, . .Jensen, Coal Co., Coal leSi '• c - Med a'l'd' .....%.!,, nujju, ware Kossuth Co. Food Stamp'"R e "n,?^"\? £ Un ?f Provisions.. 3 £" , M '. A - M <>d. "Id Knoll. Mr«. C. C.,"c"are f a r mn k p p \? fr ?.- r -° ute ' Rent':::: ix 'e Oenevleve. Post- '''s^v' 1 ^. ^^ Co. Farm ....... Ted ' 7.91 6.5( 13.00 22.00 21.00 2.00 isioo 75.00 8.00 9.56 t ., nn • 28 En ainco tne la«t > RAC*,,!,... or_ Jfoen, Chestte, care ^{JV»S' - . Mrs. Ole, Care Miller & Son. J. F., Coa.—^ u Farm and Poor ..... 220 6 5 MoPherson, Frank, iiont 800 McFarland, Fred, Fuel s jo Mci»reg;or Bros c r*nnt"'n"AVt' p - 10 ^oT^z!:. 0 .: .?«™ "* 6491 NOPt h U/Mat Ann r»«,t n. ••""••"••• O^.tfl llOUsV dlttbn' John Co" ?n° a Northwestern "BeTf Phone at water Sno\v removal '^ M . a '.' ch 8 i"«ry""l t 3.00 89.0 54.3 ler^niee'tlns attended.. 31.00 per nd'c'tltiB' attend- 2200 - : *owMnn— KM m 4 retln » f attended ... JI nn WoRen - V ou " cl "rmr,— Bettv Aifn mce U n «f attended 31.00 57 '°° Monday iu "Anrl'l l ^i'*' Vol 1 ," 0 " met on 10.00 120.02 140.62 77.00 10.85 .70 130.42 3.85 l " 20.00 56.50 z^'K£fts$j-\& ent M".-~r ti "use wore also prns- il/llu W lowed. Concrete were read anil 4.00 6.67 8.07 ^IIPS Morrison, Freight I3 'cc B^vSnfa^.^nJ.^^i 1 " "™ "" M "Standard Service, 3.38 1 Vn^"...5' d ''"<' ; ''s' ; op;"weld: James Mo'rrison',""Fr'e'ight'" NamTof" 1 '"" 18 * 11 ' 3 "^'""'" So'rLTm, 1 H,nry^{ lat r F ,° r '^^ Fevold, Vert"/. 'lnd I . n ±Ji 1 " l " p *.S9-S9 Olson. Jo"hn,""su"pp'i'lei^cS S! °' 19 Farm » ..„ O'Brlon V r TI "."*'*; o.ou peTers, Tom.""Rent'":::::::::: ^io Parsons, Dr. C. D., Med aid"" BBO Parradee, Mra. o. A." Care " g no Peterson, H. F., rent in'no Renwlck Farmers Co-op."'co" Dr. E., 'Med.' — — ....,.,.u.,,.0 UUYB laicen "orsum, Hpnrv Xt r « Aaowea Plans for building model aircraft %&*. Bjrt "7.. "nd^liy'^UJiS or use in the U. S. Navy Bureau of L?nn."°& Ua ' lv A n ' /»-m»ity::." "f.'SJ Aeronautics. Fees :..":...„;;. I " 8pector ' a Aeronautics. Edgar Hanson is working hard in preparation for the State Spelling Bee which will be held In DCS Moines next Saturday. Edgar is ' Eugstrom Bob Meyers visited arouud school thjs week. Jean Watson, of the class of - was a visitor Thursday. ArJene BJornsen is in charge of the new bulletin board in Miss Alt- roan's room. 'PW you notion. Prof. Barber ou ""••'""• last Wednesday? The sprained his rumor Wttg (h at j, e ankle. Bpb McKUrlck; catcher for local (earn, split "' finger ano, three Quire({ (p sew up Tbe Jocaj team played" Prove •—' ~ •- Groups from the vocal ana instrumental departments entered a contest at Manson recently The Birls' sextette, composed of Garette Skaugstad, Helen Ross, Donna neaaouer, Arleue Bjomsen, Doris Lindhart, aud Marjorle Cralu ,e- elved a first rating. Juck Uuslel $t^%E££»z KlZK'W^^^ Janice L RUTLAND ECHO i**ces , ~* *" " M ntty el8 .°. n ''' i ' i '"' i; '''J' : "''n'Jem- Olson, Oa'par" Sh ^j w . M.""D.'.""Da'v|"d""F".',"'M'e'd" S ^Io JS p S ' e Ia r i''' Kf '^'""^P Yi »' : Schultz.C M. b..""A".""A".;""Me'd'.' 6.00 70.60 j 17.50 30.00 I NORTH MINI ---—-» •• mmp • •ow* wfc . P , '-ililioa. ||., ( NEBRASKA IOWA Edltor-ln-chlnf—Dorothy Saxby. iuet solo, aud the br asa tuined flr« ratings. Phvllia borg with cornet solo. Donna second ratlnga. - for the festival recently olo got A'lyouu musJc follows: ...,._, nciu as follows- clarinet solo, Velu lu Fanui,^ • t eul or saxaphoue solo, Jauku drum solo, Roma solo, Phyllis our Honor Roll stepped up to uor- |Jial again. The following made the grade thin aix weeks: Lcvlna loiKiilsou, Dorothy Saxby, Donald H"ok, Bernlce Madseu, Mildred Thorn and Roger Davenport The senior class wishes to invite everyone to "Hobgoblin House," winch is to be given Friday eveu- ing May 1st. l-iigllsh—Miss Uanlis Literature We are now caught up ou a 1 -i i>ii itt _. . 9.00 12.00 7.00 •fuuiiu Piles fiil'i) jjj|itJ8 —* "*»i* i _ — - ' — -T "—i»T> )*u|tic t npti U. ^^Ta^SSIftiip: :!'!^&»g»i:^^^"c«q: 3 ?:?g am- the coulomb, pere, volt, and ohm. Junior High Bluebirds The following received one hundred in spelling taBt woak . D Blomker, Lyle Madsen. Jack Paulson, Violet Thorn, jo an Christian sen, Roger George, Virgil Larseu, Douna Jeauno Peltz, Doris Saxby Bobble Braby, Alfred .Chapman «aSlaynan"!t S C'« V ' «!f,? ,^ otl ««a SO.go'l Aj-'JiVi 1 arlo , K . .* Tile Co., Coal ' • -* fe'.-? UI) P»» l0 - 00 Uh a U h h°aV:'ft.,V^ur R Tl' ^ofa^^ %w« B "sr»^ X 11 ^*"^"'"'" 1 "-"^*"- "pl", * ClV «'"b«rH"oo7 BuF 3!i ' 6U H flupW/'™«"^"- "•'" H Sa l ie k beea« B "..3£I°" ""*"* .Sale Deeds "..??*' °" Tax 7.7BI 6.88 8,00 ^nompson VardH. Ino., Coal T Pton Brlok ,& f lie Co.rOoal" Tnielhorn \fr»u A -«r V» "^* Hiiro! ' 1^" *"' "«» U MI U.. nurgr. AIM ot ftft Thalaoker, Fred"o.""M|i'e"aKe"" in in I Uftum Jfarkot, ProvUlonS- l0 ' 30 ' Co. Home u 7ft I Fa i rm BI ' S ' B ° bl straw —Co!"" ' United Chemi'oa"l""Co'.'""i'no Supplies—Co. Home ....'.'. 84.50 | " B ••••' 8-39 *650,000 Damage to Telephone Lines ' by Storms During the Past Winter Donrw Blomkcr. Doris rm 'Burs C.. Ma- Hum T»r i * * \\ e have covered all the Penulng 9enlor c,laas me{ Wednesday »«i tn ho^ Rev Bfeaw - (B 8 er- „ , Nelson, Doris hart, Phyllis Folk, and Fritz cl'Sic tl " Ve °H Cl0tk U wo ° d wind MUIIO was conducted by Mvrnn IS! %£ £*£.**»**»> a e stages of poetry f row t j, e seven . Spmi l ° the tweatieth ce «"urie B . Our speech class is mostly dedicated to make-up, learning of lines, and building stage properties and W»ria History World «| s tqry to their work | 8 wor Civics »m(|ent8 are Typing JJrt Project our sick list u,e „„„ „„„„ anft 9 The I'tttrolU The following receiveU QUO hundred In spelling laat week: Reds—C^arleno Hvttmtw and Beverly Simpson. Matt f „»!!«« , tek'sare.h $»?»"*•"• ' 3J ' 00 ..,„. on The foqrtu and fifth, been making pQSter Tfte m fi * W Co t , Thompgon Yards IncTcerae'nY Q*0. Smith Harry r Harvey Waltsr Job* - 84.75 27.13 f 48.00 . 2.20 52.00 sast *W, ™*f ^ffl *HflSft MM? 4ftA'fiAJt| ann -w«««** ana Miai i^. «™_r?^ «gi «pf«?te^^ i IAOJC at tSVr r3S2.^.f?** i *>l 91 , -£,-v *!'"•*,*,t7*<!

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