The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on April 21, 1942 · Page 3
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 3

Humboldt, Iowa
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Tuesday, April 21, 1942
Page 3
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HUMBOLDT INDUPMBBirf. HUMftOLDt. IOWA bbable That the Iowa Fair fill be Abandoned for 1942 is MOINES, Iowa, April S1-* i old Iowa tradition and export, the state fair, is over for .'duration. Unless something reseen occurs within the next flays the state fairgrounds will 6 the hands of the army, iir board officials said the army jwelcome to the grounds if they ;he used to help win the -war. | a small portion of the grounds jbe retained but this is subject he army's approval. ja portion of the grounds is reed it is possible that a few B and exhibitions will take je but nothing like the usual fe fair. However, the fair fd officials are tentatively work- ion plans which may find the jsltlon becoming a "floating i other words, it is possible that ingements may hp wnrUfri out (old th<? state fair in "section;" iarlons parts of the state with istate J4-H club exhibitions featuring ithing definite has been worked Trat the thought is there, nty Fairs 1th the state fair out of the ling for the duration it is like- bat the county fairs will show Increases In attendance and in ictidns. whether it would be possible to raise rates in other states. Protests have poured Into the telephone company offices ir the state and they are also being sent to various federal governmental agencies in an effort to have something done about it. If the temper of the people continues it is likely that the next legislature may be asked to do something about regulation of the rates. Victory Boohs lowans have contributed nearly 200,000 books of all kinds of the "Victory Book Campaign" designed to collect reading material for the armed forces. Nearly 5,000,000 books have been collected in the United States in the program sponsored by the A.TnpHrnn Library Association, Amoriron Rj/j Cross and the United Service Organizations. Keep 'em reading is the motto and you can still turn in books which you may wish to contribute, these should be turned'into your nearest library. Coftl Senator Hugh W. Lundy, Albla. wh6 is secretary of the Iowa Coal Institute, recently issued a statement that an "emergency coal distribution system may be required" unless lowans "coal buying policies are changed very soon. Me reiterated previous pleas of, government officials that coal for next winter should be purehcased as soon as possible so that mines and carriers can get full use out of their equipment this spring and summer. Storage of coal is the answer, he declared, adding tha"t Iowa coal will store "equally as well as other bituminous fuels, if proper precautions are taken." These Include: storing on a dry concrete floor, not piling coal too high, see that windows are shut tight and that the coal is put Into the storage space only when It is dry. "The Miners need the work and cur overburdened system can beeter handle coal now than later, when war production of materials Is in full swing," Lundy said. room tne past week, Some of our industrious second grade gifIs are giving reports from "My Weekly Reader" number three. We have some new pictures on the bulletin board. Some of them show health rules we all should learn. There will be three dairy maids at the next Ft A meeting. Be sure to come see them. One of our second grade girls handed in a perfect paper for third grade six week's spelling test. INTERESTING ITEMS FROM ALL PORTIONS OF STATE OF IOWA Crows Many Iowa counties have taken action through their boards of supervisors suspending the bounty paid for crows. The. renson IR the R E W RITES Taken From Itepnb llcan of April 17 drnftees will leave llnm- ils can be deduced from the fact boldt April 20 for possible induc- people probably won't have the to travel as far and as fast fach their destinations as they jl when the state fair was pros- ig. Fairs seem to have a cer- i allure for all persons, and jns probably are well at the top !e list-of those who like to at- j them. So if lowans cnn't see Site fair It is probable they'll i to the county fair, bampaign already is under v;ay hich the state administrator of |ale of war bonds and stamps, i Clark, Des Molnes, has urged ty chairmen to ask county fair fls to pay premiums in wur sav- ! stamps and bonds, (anagement boards of these t Iowa Institutions can help nmensely if they will, by pay| portion of their premiums in savings stamps and bonds this Clark lums in said. "Payment of stamps and bonds emphasize the Importance of bond campaign in the victory 't. ( re are a few facts about Iowa ull over: Iowa egg production reached 11 time March high this year 10,000,000 eggs, according to poultry report of the Iowa Co- •ative Corp and Livestock Reing Service. jThe number of cattle on feed arket in Iowa as of April 1, 1 d6wn five ''percent" from same date a year ago, while 1 corn belt tsates were down percent as a whole. Records that 770,000 head of cattle £ received in Iowa from Sep- ber, 19'41, to April, 1942, corn- Id with 813,000 in the corres- Hng seveil months a year pre- sly. A total of 202,548.17 gallons iquor were sold In Iowa's 177 or stores during March for an ease of 18\620.12 over the same ith a year ago. This amounted ^1,563,425.39 worth of business fbmiiared with $1,521,619.02 dur- jthe month of February. i Iowa liquor stores also sold' 862.32 worth of war stamps ipared with $16,606.34 In Feb-y, plus $.1d,819.00 worth ris in March. of .pril 22 at. midnight was the fin- lay for filing nomination papers . those who want their names the ballot in the primary elec- is Juue 1. Jut what talk there was In pollt- | circles still seemed to be lut the assemblage fo the five ididates for governor at the Iowa incil for Better Education meet- in Des Moines recently. Jaeh of the candidates was i fled to come and give his views education and each — Lt. Gov. B. Jiickenlooper, Secretary of State rl Q. Miller, Ex-Oov. Nelson G. fischel, Senator A, E. Augustine } David K. Brown — accepted. They were in complete agree- it on one tbin^: there should state aid for schools to equalize prtunity for youth. However, b carefully pointed out that it a candidate says and what be - tlon into the United States army. Stores In Hnmboldt and 1'akola City will remain open Wednesday evenings, beginning April 22. The senior class of the Hnmboldt public schools will present Its class piay, "New Fires" April 23 at the high school auditorium. A total of 385 half-pints of milk were sold at the local public school Wednesday when the penny milk program was introduced. At (lie Farm Hureaii incising at the Maple Lawn school recently a bushel of seed corn was auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the Red Cross war relief fund. Republican women will April 28 nt the Legion Building in Humboldt. This is for the women of the sixth district. The recent Avar production hoard order banning further road building will prevent construction work on two sections of farm to market roads that were planned for this yenr in HumbolUt county. Key. Clark Williams, _ county chairman of the Navy Relief Committee, has named town chairmen for that drive. William Vonderhaar and Keith Johnson of Hnmboldt have left for Omaha where they will be Inducted Into Coast Guard service. Approximately 215 persons were In attendance at the banquet held for four basketball teams Monday evening at the Legion building in Humboldt. quarterly statement of the local public schools has* been is- sued. The disbursements for the quarter total $16,267.65. The Western Ant« Associate Store, with Glenn Kubis as manager, will move to the quarters formerly occupied by the Vonderhaar Hardware store in the Frank Golch building the middle of May. Mrs. Doris Lasson, 77, of lf«n- wick, suffered injuries to her shoulder recently when she fell while at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William Poggb. Trill jurors have bwn drawn for the May term of district court. Monday, Tuesday anil "Wednesday of lost week were designated as Clean-up days at Rutland. Through the medium of the county Red Cross, Mr. and Mrs. Nells Nielsen luivw hoard that their f"n Clare is safe. A registrant who needs assistance in filling out his felective service questionnaires can call on the advisory board members of this county. , John Klein in !«• of Itcnwlck, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stone of Humboldt, will be graduated this month from a mechanic's course at Rantoul Field, 111. Marjorle Oxliorrow anil Virginia Dunker, local residents who attend State college at Ames, will help prepare for the annual Velsheja Day this year. 1'atrolmiin Ahln Spur-by of Kensett is now stationed at the county courthouse with the Highway Patrol. The Hnmboldt Kotarlaus were entertained Tuesday evening by several high school musicians. Dakota City School Chronicle Kindergarten Spring is very much in evidence in our Kindergagrten. Gay posters of little girls carrying colored umbrellas and others picturing the benefits of fresh air form borders in our room. More than half of our class have been absent this past week and we miss them very much. Several nice warm days we en- Joyed doing rhythms and playing with the balls on the school The following received a perfect Rcore in spelling: Ruth Anderson, Betty Lou Johnson, IVHty Ann Clay, Joyce Edwards, and Arlene Nash. A number of people have been absent this week. Grade V and VI A number of pupils have missed school this week due to .illness. Our 100% spellers this week are) Barbara Balr, Phyllis Boswell, Braley Schultz, Clifford Edwards grounds. We also took our chairs >ancl James Nash. and "Here and There" books out of Jimmy Collins brought a bdu- doors one morning, formed a half quet of "Dutchman's Breeches" to circle and read. school. These were the first wild Mrs. Schulze visited one day flowers we've had. bringing Gerald's little sister with In the Eighth grade Joyce Lonn- her. ing, Marjoi'le Ennis, Lois Kune'rt, We are happy to have Irvin Nel- and Hainona Balr received perfect son with us again as be had been scores for the week. absent two weeks. Firtit and Second Grades Donna Mae Askland, Delmar H1U, Grace Lois Wallukait, Marjorle En- Several lovely bouquets of nis, Murry Fort, Duane Hill, and spring flowers were brought to our Lois Kunert have neither been ab- rooin this weke. uent nor tardy for the past six da it possible tQ 4o often Jn fact, Our garden is at a very interest- weeks. These student are from ing stage right now. We have the Junior high school. Those in been spending much of our leisure the high school who have neither time caring for it. Our attendance this week has been poor because of the Illness of yer, Robert Wallukait, Betty Doty, been absent nor tardy are Louise Dayton, Dale Kunert, Leota Saw- many of the pupils. , Pupils in second grade are fiiid- Jeun Edwards and Ruth Ennis. These students who have had a ing stars and the moon very inter- perfect record of attendance for the esting to read about. We are each school year are Betty Doty, Robert trying to observe both the moon Wallukait, Lois Kunert, Dale Kun- and stars at night so we can bring ert, Grace Lois Wallukait and Dona report to class each morning dur- na Mae Askland. ing our reading period. Those who are on the Junior hon- Lucy Margaret and Doris are or list are the following: Grace perfect spellers this week/ Loin Wallukait, Ramona Balr and Some of the spring flowers we Marjorle Ennis. now have are: Spring Beauties, Those who are on the high school Dutchman's Breeches and the Cro- honor list are; Li la Maaesen, Betty Doty and Ruth Bnnis. PIONEER SCHOOL NOTES an4 Mary Esther Bemrich have earned their 60 word Gregg Certificate* iij Shorthand. Tfre cjiagg is eftdeavoring to earn their An indignant citizen of Ida Grove has authorized the Pioneer-Record to offer a reward pi JlOO for the conviction of anyone poisoning in that city. * "When this war In over and every oOiw country will be busted flat", and that "we must not have any more wwr» even If we have to kill off every rat on (he face of the IPten Bnlrtey M»e l«8 ;lay are under yay after seliool aniJ'niW $jjrj* $« jfte result *»! too * ftf W8M> fore tlj« e»4 Pf the school year. fljstftt!fl» ' higJi cost of bounties. Lsst y*?p? ' Worth county paid out 4189 alone to crow killers, and has a record top for three days killing In 1942 of $86. >nt Lavish Here It was payday recently for Slg- ourney councilmen. They received exactly $1 per meeting of the council for a whole year. If they attended. The result was that three councilmen received $17 total salary, and the other, $16 and $16 and $3.00 respectively. Nothing was paid for committee work. Musical Publisher Chris Reese, Algona newspaperman and former state senator from Marshall county, revealed himself as talented in other lines also recently when he "made a violin talk" before the Algona Rotary Club. It was brought out later that he had had previously more than four years of weekly appearances with his violin before radio audiences. Surprise Meeting 1 Two Clarlnda boys, Charles Lee and Wendell Otte, enlisted in different units of the army at different times, met recently In far-tiway Australia, as members of the U. S. Army air service. They reported they liked everything JIL Australia except the mutton on which they nre fed a little too often. Honors Teacher Doctor Frank Luther Mott, head of the school of journalism, State University of Iowa, was principal speaker at the unveiling of original oil paintings purchased as a memorial to Miss Ella M. Steam?, pioneer Audubon county educator, at Audubon, April 11. Dr. Mott was a pupil of Miss Stearns. Exceeds Quota "Bondie,", a pig belonging to the Albia Hotary club Is doing his part In the War Savings Bond drive. ^He gets sold every now and then and the proceeds are used to buy bonds and stamps. He seems to thrive on the war effort as he has gained 85 pounds in two montjs and now tips tlia scales at 12jT pounds. A new sale of "Bondl^y Is Bcheflnled soon. The last bidder will not get him until he has gained an agreed upon weight i For America Mrs. Sam McCarty of Onslow, Jones county's first gold star mother of World War II, has purchased War Savings bonds with the proceeds of life Insurance carried by her son, William Allen, Killed In action off Pearl Harbor. William was in the navy. Life and Death Shortly after he learned that be had become a father of a son, and on the same day, Lloyd Cranford of near Emmetsburg was called to Beatrice, Neb., because of the sudden death of his father, Punctured A punctured lung and other grave injuries were Suffered by Ronald Bock, 9, when he slid down a flagpole of the community grounds In Hinton. Prongs at the base of the pole were mainly responsible for Ronald's sojourn In a Sioux City hospital. ('Iny For Humanity Modeling clay from Elgin, Iowa, Is being used by the Industrial art classes of Wartburg college, Waverly, Iowa, In qpulptured figures of animals and humans, as part of the work of Instructing future teachers "who can help children lo a better understanding of the problems of our modern civilization." Consolidated liirthdayg Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Shtfflett of Qrinnell were nominated grandparents twice In one night recently wh«n their daughters, Mrs. John Hansom and Mrs. Charles W. Wilkinson, gave birth to sons at Community hospital in Qrlnnell. A coincidence of the double blessed event was that the mothers have the same birthdays, JtecognUed Charles Noble, former Grlnnel! man, once left a Job in a casket factory to join the Des Moines fire department. Today, Noble is assistant chief of the Des Moines Fire department, a recent appointment. his rise to fame through an advertising stunt In which he allowed his beard and hair to grow long only on one side; he dressed In clothes which attracted notice from the fact, that the right side of each garment was constructed of dark material and left side in white. Tourists came from far and wide to see him. Romantic spot A romantic spot for youth in Mills county—n. swinging bridge over the Nishnabotna river at White Cloud—will soon be removed to make way for a new bridge a quarter mile north of the present foot-bridge. Suspended on twin cables and covered by rude flooring the foot bridge proved a grand promenade for young folks of the county. THE OFFICE CAT gj, cars{or ip>re than ?0 ye»r«, j»ro>ably knows more Iowa ti^ktiag «*C than any pa* to &« sj&t*, ft* is the »J friend Goy, OSflr, 9rH«$m *U4 WM All Wet And Half Aslwfl I don't suppose it'o news to you that lovely April showers Inspire small plants to grow up flowers. We've heard It said a million times; we've often read about it; And after umpteen hundred years, we'd scarcely dare to doubt It. Conceding April rain's good points, I think It's overrated; Or maybe It's bad qualities are meerely understated. My kick's against the night-time rain, which, mixed with wind. confounds me. I rise—close windows—and perceive n dripping gown surrounds me! —Lyla Meyers. Mike-—Helen's husband has been a sufferer for years, hasn't he? Pat—I don't known. How long have thoy boon married. A candidate for congress onro nil Id: "If I romnlii silent they will suspect me lo IK> a fool.. I shall speak mill remove all doubt." Mrs. Jours--Hcri', Tummy (to her neighbor's little boy)—run along and put this parcel on the street car. Lad—Which car? Mrs. Jones—Oh. any car. It's my husband's lunch, and he works In the lost properly department. (Jettliiir a husband Is like buying 1 an old house. You don't WP It (lui way it Is, but the wny yon think It's (folnjr in be •when you (ret It remodeled. She—You're the, nicest boy I «ver klssnd. Ho—Tell that to the marines. She—I have. Dozens of 'cm. On Mo in en Slippery Ice, very thin, Pretty girl tumbled in, Saw a ; 'b'o'y' upon the 'bank— Uuvc n shriek and then she sank Boy on bank heard her shout, Jumped right In—helped her out. Now he's here—very nice; But she had to break the Ice. —Louise Browning. Visitor—Why are you gobbing, my little man? Junior—My pa's n millionaire philanthropist. Visitor—Well, well! That's nothing to cry about, is It? Junior—It ain't, ain't It? He's just promised to give me $5 to spend for Christmas provided I raise a similar amount. The new helper In the heat- treating plant was rather dumb. The mechanic he was assisting had quite a time, but finally the helper Ht'cmed to show some glimmer- Ings of Intelligence. "Now I'm going to take thin piece uf steel out of the furnace," the mechanic explained. "And I'm go- Ing to put It on the anvil. Then when I nod my head I want you to hit it". Tl\u helper did. He was discharged when the mechanic recovered consciousness. Smith—Ho your son \s In college? How Is hu making It? Smithei's- He Isn't. I'm making it and he's spending U. The greatest country on Uio fare of the earth now ha* a people united a« never before, Let's get rtd of political-pressure group manipulating' and continue/ to keep (bo confidence of the people who ure today no anxious to give their 100 per cent support to our president and onr government officials Philip—Your sister is spoiled, isn't she? Jasper—No; that's the perfume she uses. through. He does not have to strut and brag. Fo; even if uniforms were a rag He'd still be dressed in the finest way In the uniform of the U. S. A. Sydney Smith, n cnlnor of wit and philosophy once said: "If yon wonld make children happy now, yon will make tJicnV happy forty years hence by tJic memory of It." Dinks—You don't seem to think very much of Bill. Skinks—Say, If Bill had to have his conscience taken out he wouldn't even need a local anesthetic." Don't expect the Impossible, .but co-opernte wHJi the Inevitable. Friend—Do you live within your income? Man—Good heavens, no! It's all I rsn dn tn Hvp within my credit. There doesn't seem lo be any shortage of sngar In the department where the government coats Its wnr bulletins. Tom—We met by chance. Ann—Yes, It was no more your fault than it was my misfortune. THINK, THINK AS YOU WORK, FOR IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS YOUR WORTH TO YOURSELF AND TO THOSE ABOUT YOU DOMES NOT ONLY IN SOLVING THE PROBLEMS THAT COME YOUR WAY, BUT IN ANTICIPATING THEM. AN OUNCE OR TWO OF BRAINS CAN WORK WONDERS IN LEAVENING BOUNDS OF BRAWN. Ralph—They're looking for a balloon dancer for the new Broadway show. Paul—Then maybe you can hire my wife. Ralph—Ob, is she a dftnrer?—N"o, but she's shaped like a balloon. THE ALL-TIME PRIZE FOR INAPPROPItlATK NAMES MUST GO TO THE PERSON WHO NAMED IT THE PACIFIC OCEAN. Doctor—Your husband, Madam, is suffering from voluntary Inertia. Patients wife—Poor dear Robert! And I accused him all along of being lazy! I,OM> Is an ocean of emotion entirely surrounded by expense, KnshloiiN In Knslilons When grandmother was a girl and wished to dress In style, The clothes that she put on made a huge and awkward pile; Now look at her granddaughter', oh, she is stylish, very, With scarcely 1 clothes enough on her to veil a wee canary. —Ivan Emerson. Junior—Dnddy, what Is a prophet t Man— -My son, a prophet is a man who tells you what Is going to happen, but doesn't bet any money on It. Of all the tilings yon wear, your expression Is the most • Important. Doctor—Where did you feel this pain first? Mandy—In the kitchenette. Form good habits—they arc as hard tn break as bad ones. N NOTICE. In the District Court of Iowa, In and for Hismboldt County. fvfny Term, A. D. 1942. x Alice Seaver; Ellsworth Morse; Mary A. Straohan; Mabel Morse Van Huron; Benjamin Morse; Bertha Eleanor Morse: and Alice Morse, Plaintiffs, vs. Ethel P. Allison: Raymond !_,. Motse; Howard C. Morse; Melvin L. Baker, as trustee of the estate of Anna Combs Morse, Deceased; Marian | Thomas; H. L,. strong:, as admln- | Istrator de bonls non with will annexed of the estate of Albert H. Smith, Deceased; First National Bank of Humboldt, Iowa, as trustee: Humboldt County, Iowa; Nora I*. White; Aura E/Sander- spn; Pearl Yungclas; all unknown claimants against the estate of James White, late of Worth County, Iowa,. Deceased; State Savings Bank of Woden, Iowa; Oscar Orthel; Melvln W. Ellis Superintendent of Banking of the V. '£* ot Iowa > and successor to D. W. Bates, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver for State Pavings Bank of Woden, Iowa: all unknown claimants against State Savings Bank of Woden, Iowa; and all parties claiming by, through or under any of the above nnmod or described defendants any Interest In or lien upon the real estate hereinafter described, and all unknown claimants of the said real estate, to-wlt, the Northwest Quarter of Section 36, In Township 9t North, Range 30, West of the 5th P. M., Ljinil In Humboldt County. loWa, »Sfend(Wrts. notified that theft Is ftoV 4 ori file In the office of the Clef It o* the .District Cdurt of XfrwU IA artd fdf fttlni- boldt County, the petltieit 6f tB» plaintiffs in the above entitled caus» claiming' and alleging that tn* plaintiffs are the absolute and unqualified o«ne?* in fee simple of th» following described* feftl estate Situated In Humboldt County. Iowa, towit: The NortftWeftt Quarter 6f Section 36, in Township, 91 Nortn, Rang* 30, West^of the 6th t P. M,; that the plaintiffs are credibly lii* formed and believe that the defendants make some claims adverse to the plaintiffs tn and to, tit upon, the said real estate; that any and all claimr of the defendants. Including any and- all Hens claimed b? them, In reference to said real estate, are barred by the statute of limitations, fully paid and settled, wholly Invalid and without foundation. The said petition prays' that the plaintiffs' fee simple title and estate In and to said real estate be confirmed and established By the court, and that you and each of you be barred and forever estopped from having or claiming any right or title to the aaid premises, or any lien thereon, adverse to the plain* tiffs, and the said petition further prays general equitable relief. For full particulars you are referred to said petition as now on file. And unless you appear thereto and defend on or before .noon of the second day of the next term of said court, the same being the regular May 1948 term thereof, which will convene and be held at the court house In Dakota City, Iowa, commencing on the llth day of May, 1942, your default will be entered against you and decree rendered thereon as by law provided and as prayed In said petition. C. W. QARPlBTjD. 1-46-4 Attorney for Plaintiffs. KVFD 5:15 P.M. Mineral Springs Coca-Cola Bottling Co. SPECIAL ATTENTION! To Owners of Lot or Lots in Union Cemetery With the coining of spring, special attention should be given to the care of the lots in the cemetery, this costs both time ami money and we must urge those that are behind in the payment for care of these lots to take care of same at once. Arrangements must be made now, before we can go ahead and take care of them. Please act now. George Colle, Sexton PROFESSIONAL CARDS 4 Van'* Urns The beat-dressed man in the world today Is the man in Khaki, American way. lie U right in style, be i* No. 1 Aaong all toe dressers beneath the H* year* the dress Jhat meaas tar ftU A sjanly answer to duty's call; A ?ip and 9, pep for tbtoyc th#t Dr. Carl C. Hoveland CHIHOPIUCTOB FOOT SPECIALIST Ground Floor Office Hours: 0-18 A. M., li!K).fl P. M., 7-0 P. M. Day or Night Calls. Phone—Office 376, Residence 219LJ Hiimboldt, Iowa SENIOR CLASS PLAY "New Fires" A Row, Petersen & Co. Play by Quimby Burdette THREE ACT COMEDY, S SCENES Thursday, April 23rd High School Auditorium, 8:15 P. M. Admission 25c and 3Sc **'''"' ' Tickets on Sale at Ruse's Drug Store Monday, Apr. 20 : £.* BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY A BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY THAT WILL SERVE AS A GUIDE TO THE PEOPLE OF HUMBOLDT COUNTY. CONSULT IT WHEN PROFESSIONAL SERVICE IS NEEDED. THE MOLANDER STUDIO r'OIt GOOD PORTRAITS Dr. James H. Coddingtoix, M. D. Phoiictn Office 63, Residence 63 16 South Sixth Street Huinboldt, Iowa aaaaaas W. H. SMITH, Broker HEAL ESTATE INSURANCE FARM LOANS Tel. 150 Legion Uulldlng A. S. ARENT, M. D. Moved te 15 South Taft Street Humboldt, Iowa Phone* t Office 117; lies. 117W8 RAY UNDHART FUMEBAL IHftECTO* PHILIP C. LOVRJEN ATTORNEY AT LAW Office Qm low* PuWJe Swri fe It, PARSONS ATTQttSBT AT DIRECTORY OF CITY OFFICIALS Mayor, William P. Housel Clerk, H. P. Jakway Assessor, A. B. Ruse Councilmen, Albert Morehouse, A. P. Andersen, G. P. Ruse, Ray Wogen. DIRECTORY OF COUNTY OFFICIALS Auditor, Otto H. Johnson Treasurer, H. E. Bennett Recorder, Arne Sorlien Clerk of District Court, M. A. Wallukait Sheriff, II, J.' Sexe Superintendent, Frances Messer Engineer, Vernon Miller County Attorney, Philip 0. Lov- rlen Coroner, J. K. Coddington DIRECTORY OF SCHOOL OFFICIALS President, Harry Strong Secretary, Esther Ernst Treasurer, B. B. Watson Members of Board, Mrs. 0, W. Garfield, T. 0. MickeUon, Ed Rapp, Harry Strong, Mrs. George McColloygh. Superintendent, p. 0. Holmes DIRECTORY op CHURCHES Methodist, Rev, W. L. Breaw. Congregational, Rev. W. Clark Williams \ Fifth Avenue Baptist, R»v. Paul William* Pirat Lutheran, Rev. Q. B. derson Trinity Lutheran, Rev. George PaBesen St, Mary's Church, JPVtfcsr Fit*Patrick Seyen Day Christiaa Science C. M. WOODARD DENTIST Hnmboldt, Iowa Office Phone 44, Ues. Phone 181 Office, 1st Floor Legion IiuJI4tag S. BROCKMAN Automobile und Track! Fire and Tonwdo Accident and Health I'hone 810 Humboldt, Iowa FRANKLIN JAQUA ATTOMEir AT LAW General Law Practice Office Over Reed Jewelry Store I'hone 170 Humboldt, low* CLEANING, PRES8WG AND KEPAIIHNG DEVINE CLEANERS Phone 99 for free Pick.™ and Delivery Good Work Prompt T. S. HERRICK ABSTBACTS OF Office Over EPWARD ANPER3EN Farm aj4 LJ[f ft . 8 Wtf HUMBOLDT C(Hf NTY COMPANY

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