The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on April 14, 1942 · Page 6
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 6

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1942
Page 6
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INTEREST FARMERS m MAY BEUWN'SNEED I&wfi Is thin and scraggy it mfty heed fertllUer much more thaft H fleets wrtf* lawn seed, silg- gejsts S. W. Edgecomlits extension horticulturist at Town State College. The law should be fertilized with ammonium stilfate afi the rate of 3 pounds to 10 Osquare feet. This application should be repeated at the same rate around the first of June, says Edgecombe. The application of fertilizer should be fol- ton over 1648. Sttgar beet production has gone ft < long ways Since the first beets were grown In Iowa in 1908. Mel* bus points out that present day varieties yield more tods per ftcfe and ft higher percentage of sugar. The new improved cultural prac tlces and modern machinery have reduced the amount ot labor ncccs- and years ot experimentation 'have resulted in effective control measures for the important disease and thus have tended to stabilize stands. Melhus states that Iowa beets lowed with a thorough watering or j should never , be *rown twice in rain sufficiently heavy to wash the succession on the same ground, and fertlmer off the grass and inlo the l a 3 -,°f 5 -* ear rotation «8_..recom- soll. Fertilizer should not be applied when the grass blades are wet •L'Bt 6fa«s lligb mended. They should not follow flax or potatoes but do well following ilfnlfa or clover that has been „. ^ , » plowed under in the fa!!. Rolling is Tssential to the main- 1 plnn ' tenance ot smoota, line turf. Roll TJ!S L '° 'the ground as soon as the soil be- ? ie!d2 hsvs b " a HCMBOLDT 1NPBPBSPEOT'. HtlMnm.nT. IOWA HUmboldt County " , That the C no*« ReftlltaiMl Men By These' J Hm6? ftuffy' bisCntl makes the foundation and Is spaY tag of the family sugar howl, flcned Jflonr In the biscuit dough insures extra food values. Game conservation'is at least too years old. According to Marco Polo, Qhengls Khan directed game management practices. Including winter feeding and regulation of hunting, In the thirteenth century. Sodium chlorate (Allnclde) Is the main chemical that is being recommended by Agricultural colleges for - " ^ "• *ri»^ tbuu *TU * am utzi vi tjttuu your kllllnK most perennial weeds, Oilier iupon prc'senta.tion and *ntr*na*t nt . - ... thn fnfrtfiiaF /.ntinnna lini...?.* ..i~i.k..iZ~ i>i iuivn, i«r vaiue received, promises to pay to bearer, or if Ms bond be registered, to the registered holderL hereof. One. Thousand JDol* if . lawful money of the .i United States of America, . on Uhe prut day of ...... .. ........ 19,..., and to fids' Intercut on said sum from the data hereof until paid, at the fate of..,., per cent (..... November 1, annum, payable and soml-nn- products for this use are being developed however. Fall Is the accepted weed-killing period. POCAHOXTAS MAX KOirjfD UJfCOXSCIors RfcCKXTLT Asa Shank. 52..was found In an inconsclous condition by Marshall Ed Mudek of Pocnhonlas near the own hall in that city Sunday morn- ng, April 5. He was taken to his lome where ho is recovering. Mr. Shank has been In ill health for iometime nnd had been receiving the Interest coupons hereto" attach£.'' ** they severally become due. Both Principal and Interest of this bond are payable at the office of the County Treasurer of County, In the City of ..." Iowa, and for tho prompt payment of the principal <nnd Interest hereof when due, and for the levy of taxes sufficient therefor, tho full faith, credit and revenues of said County are hereby Irrevocably pledged. Tbl.i bond Is one of a scries of honcls Issued by said County pursuant to and In strict compliance with the provisions of Section 4763-.1-14 and Chapter 2fi8 of the Code of Iowa, and all laws amendatory nnd supplemental thereto, and In conformity with a resolution of the Board of Supervisors of said Countv duly passed, for tho purpose of retiring and refunding a like principal >pm the I»»MtSte-M1ghwasr'Com- mi*sion at Antes, tows. Ail open bids are to be made oft condition Ujat before a final acceptance there«?• "!*yyi» bet-Woo on' one; ot said bMdln£ blanks. The right j» reserved to reject any or all bids. The proposed,bonds are lo be Is* refunding ns of May°l, 1*942,"a* like principal amount of bonds of said county how outstanding, Issued for primary road purposes. Tho purchaser of the Primary Road Refunding- Bonds will bo required to accept delivery nnd pay for the proposed bonds at the office of tho .'onnty Trnnmirer of said County or through a county Be. the bonds are avallab and payment. at le bank when for delivery vl«o y or< ' er of - the Bollra of Super- Dated March 2. 1042. R. B. BENNETT, f n°s „£' nX i!., ng Co., being duly pose and say that I ty. »s. Prlnt- sworn, do de- , i ' t<soofd 1 off Sup8 3r ' / ow fi ttla proceedings o? Hum" as said May i ***. Issuance 00 Primary Road 'orthe tlfy that each , of each meeting i-eftd At ,d approved and duly b he L'nilrman of the Audor . of the att e»t*a by the County Whereof I hereunto A.-.—.* -i"iv «*0" seal of office this 26 day of March, 1942, O. H. JOHNSON, a,.i,. iu j j County Auditor. f'lteS'iM * n - d , M*™ to. before me tills 25 da , pose and say that I am foreman of The Humbofdt Republican, a weok- and Humboldt , umo Countv Iowa, and that the notice of which' the annexed Is a true copy was printed and published In said p was ane? oocurHng on taine(I where 125 P° unds ot 8l 'P er comes dry enough so that the soil Phosphate (20 percent) is applied •"• Will not be packed. Heavy rollers ! P er acre when the seed is planted. Are essential " es ^ y'e'ds have been obtained on : , fidgecombe recommends mowing Webster and Clarion silt loam In "!at the height of 1 to 1H inches to « h 'B h state ot fllth produce the best turf. Individual Beets should be P lantod as > ' lawn plants are dependent on the as possible, preferably before corn leaves for food, and mowing these Planting. The seed is usually fur. , leaves too close results in small nlshed bv the food supplies for the roots. High- cut lawns will withstand adverse '< weather condition^ much better than short-cropped ones. leave Dead Grass Rake off only the large sticks and , other debris in the spring. Close, diligent raking removes large quantities of dead grass which Is necessary to furnish humus. The dead , grass around the base of the grass * serves to prevent water run-off, to retard excessive evaporature of the soil surface. All these condition Will tend to produce better Kentucky bluegrass, points out Edgecombe. The clippings from the mowings should also be allowed to remain on the lawn, unless they are so heavy that the grass will be smothered. beet companies who contract for the crop. This seed is usually treated as a protection against seedling blight and root rots. KILL SQUIRRELS WITH GAS, BAIT . Using poisoned bait or fumigants la probably the most effective method of controlling ground squirrels on a large scale, according to George C. Decker, extension entomologist at Iowa State College. Trapping, shooting and drowning are commonly used methods for reducing the population -of ground squirrels, but these methodist are ;-f successful only If followed persls- ' intently. When used intermittently, they will tend to make the rodents ry.: and "result In scattering the population, Decker says. KEEP SMALL PIGS OUT OP OLD YARDS Any method that will keep small pigs away from old yards will go a long way toward preventing worms, "necro" ad other common swine diseases, says Dr. K. W. Stouder, extension veterinarian at Iowa State College. The first essential in the management of swine to promote good health is clean quarters from the time the pigs are farrowed. This calls for cleaning the farrowing pen with boiling lye water. Lye loosens the dirt and kills disease organisms while boiling water destroys worm eggs. Clean, Pry Bedding The bedding should he clean, short, dry material. Feeding the sows outside their pens in a small yard, alley or feeding floor will aid in keeping pens cleaner and drier, Stouder points out. When a central farrowing house is used for early farrowed pigs some plan should be devised for the management of the pigs until they can be moved to a clean pasture. Do not drive the pigs through old lots to their new location— haul them, Stouder advises. Renovating' Lots Old hog lots can be cleaned and renovated In the following manner: 'All surface filth such as manura KXPLOStOX AT IIOMK IN KAGt.K GHOVK Mrs. Martin Frank of Eagle Grove, while cleaning house April 1 swept up some rubbish from tho store room nnd put It In the heating stove. An explosion followed, windows were broken out nnd the fire was scattered around the room. Mrs. Frank grabbed the baby from the crib and ran outdoors. An alarm was turnetTin, nnd the fire was soon extinguished. It was thought a dynamite cap was swept up with the rubbish. BOARD PROCEEDINGS This bond shall be negotiable and r.-!« -telivery unless It been registered In the name of the owner on the books of the County Treasurer of said County and evidence ff such registration endorsed on the back hereof. Thereafter, no rentments at the hospital In Iowa [ Rmo " n i 9,' th f h ?n*«<l Indebtedness the 13 day of March, A. D. 19"f • •. lOiSHlnl^OUntVIRRIIPn fn** tirlnifl rv' 'Wisrn'if'^ Tl O ^fl* 4 or* ' lly< l ro fti,L m JL r _°J re - m ? n . l Jl. u rP 0 . S8 . 1 !-'.'. " „ Subacribed'and'sworn to be f 'he 13 day of March. A. D 1 lea!} (Signed) Mary Voiidifa Notary Public In and for H a ' •' ' ot Humboldt, transfer- of thisbond shall be Valid tor' of ' iy of March, I94£ M. A. ««.) Clerk o'f ?he"Dl 9 #. U cf &urt. ^.tiiJ" 680 '" 1 ' 0 ", entitled."Resolution "ailing for redemption $340,000 Primary Road Bonds of rfumboldt »°, unt ,f'', Iowa ' wn * Introduced nnd caused to bo read by Supervisor Frank Hoffmann, who moved tha-t said resolution be adopted; seconded, by Supervisor Ben B. Schulze' ftT?i the r< J", bcl . n & called, the following voted: Ayes: Frank Holtmann, Jos. R. Nelson, Ben B. Schulze. VH f' J W tt ' W- B »<"Hroyd. Whereupon the Chairman declared said motion duiy carried anil nald rewoiiitron uutv aaOnteH with sented "v*ernon file county -ffnitneef, on me he County Auditor, was pre* and fully eonsiuer.»d. oral report was made by Boothrovd Hoffmann and Schlllze, a floinmltlej appointed tb personally Insueot the drainage Improvement i and report. T1 L 6 ,S 0 J tt *P l l* i £$ report and writun report and nndings of the Engineer. a« on file, are hereby confirmed. Af» ter full consideration of the matter, motion made by Schulze, seconded by Weir that It Is tho sense of this Board that 6. mere clean-out of the open drain In the said district will prove of no permanent value or benefit ,md Involve a greater expense than should be borne by the land owners of the district, and there being nr> pending petition or proceedings for Improvements as r< commended by fia Engineer, further consideration of the subject Is laid on tho table. On roll o.iil, nil r-ietnbera vot-) I . Ayp. otio ., Tho Chalrmaii . declared said motion duly carried. On motion Board adjourned "sine PRANK HOFFMANN JOS. R. NELSON BRN B. County »0». Auditor. »*»tCB Ofr PAOtUf ft 0*» Safer*! «9,1 lowa, Humboldt Conn .In District Court NO. 272b. To AH Whom It Ma?, Concern: You Are Hereby NotlfleJ, That an nstruttent of .writing, purporting! b -«- ^L^t-W" jincl .Testaftienll aftted and read, and the pril, 1942, I House, in Dakota City, Iowa, before the District" Court of said County! 10 o'clock A. M., of the, Wakcye mentioned all persons interested are heresy notified and required to appear; and show cause. If any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of •-Id deceased. Bated at Dakota City, Iowa, April a, 1942. M. A. WALMJKAlT, 1-47-1 Clerk of District Court. uufy 'adopted. Hraolntlnn Cnlllng for ItedcmpUon e, , °i n u snltl ' book « and certify that the notice of sale o? y noted hereon, unless tho bonds na evidenced by • f|,e ; : «; .•«».;«• no, v\jti, unman mo i "«,iun IIM evidenced nv LMA nft\rlaitlt last registration shall have been to ! hereto attached; appeared In Thn £°. nr £': : 'Jl. w : :h ' ch c . nR P. trnnsferabM- Humboldt Republican a ft™i „„£!! , Ity by delivery shall be restored. The registration of this bond shall not affect the negotiability of the coupons hereto attached, which shall continue negotiable by delivery merely, not withstanding registration hereof. I» Hereby Certified And That all acts, conditions things required by the Constitution and laws of tho State of Iowa to be done precedent to and In the Issuance of this bond and Precedent to and In the Incurring of ihe Indebtedness hereby retired and , epublican a d ub " U "' no w« H ln°Th S e Humboldt, Iowa, and In sniri a of newspapers JST a y n e d ar t.h¥lea, of O. H, JOHNSON, M,rer? OU " t>: AUdltor Dakota City, Iowa he rs Honorable B*rTV&up!r! IIIXMII, vit SESSION IIKMJ MAKCH 28, 1M2. State of Iowa, Humboldt County, ss. Thi> Board of Supervisors of Hum- poldt County, Iowa met In an Adjourned Session of the Regular January 1942 Session of said Board tin Vlarch 25, 1942 in the Supervisors [topm In Dakota City, Iowa with the allowing named Supervisors present on roll call: Frank Hoffmann, Jos. R Nelson Ben B. Schulze, W. B. Weir and W. W. Boothroyd. . . The matter of Instituting ceedings for the Issuance of »340,- pro,- 100.00 Primary Road Refunding Bonds was again brought up for lonslderatlon, and the Board hav- ng Investigated and found that no- .Ice of the proposed action for the ssuance of said bonds had, accord- ng to law, and as directed by this ?oard, been duly published on the ! "J day of March, 1942 In the Hum^ >oldt Republican, a newspaper of encral circulation within said regular and duo form and time as required by law.-that the Indebtedness hereby retired and refunded /ii^l'd' lybslatlng, logral and Please bo advised that pursuant notice, the under- 1942 at l "e o'cloc A.' SET receive "scaled _ . - - ---—.i""™~ "*" **«"»iut« {totting 1 .orth objection sto said proposed action had been filed In the office Hoff- With poisoned bait, it Is possible A ' 11 ,^\ ?!r -w«i.Aw ~~.» -« .1,1 v.— j and cobs should be removed down to poison most of the burrows and : th£ kill a larger ^Zvto \« ** '«}" ^.'l "*™ ^ at ohe time. Shened con soaked in a solution of strychcnine su and 80 the 8U » des oy bacterla and has frequently been used. Use about ! P arasltes ' Sometimes conditions 2 ounces of strychnine to 2 quarts j p , or!nlt sowlng a cr °P •»* " 8weet of corn. Born poisoned in this way cl ° 0ver ' c f ne ' rap ? or mlllet „ should be readily available 10 i. Sorae '" B need Brading so that < better drainage may be obtained. ground squirrels. Poison Bait Itocipe j If yards are cared for in this man- re C ommended by the U. S. Wildlife Service is made i 4 tow , 5 montha ot age wlth a reas ' as follows: Mix 1 tablespoon of onable degree to safety - 8ays Soud & teacup of cold j pint of boiling i laundry,starch in water, stir in water age. Mix i ounce 01 powuerea |'f T clln ii. r p,,,. strychnine alkaloid with a 1 ounca 4 UhUaiiy rrOVC to make a thin, clear mucll- ! Crowding Chicks Will Mix! ounce °f powdered of powdered bicarbonate of soda and stir the mixture into the hot starch making a smooth creamy paste free from lumps-, stir in % pint of heavy corn , sirup and 1 tablespoon of glycerine. Apply to 16 quarts of oats and mix thoroughly to coat every kernel. A quart of poisoned grain is enough to bait 40 to 60 boles. Scatter lightly around the burrow entrances, being careful not to place it in piles so that bogs will pick it up. Because of the low susceptibility of pheasants and quail to strychnine-coated grain, there is no hazard to them In the uee of this formula, Kill With Ga* Various fumigants have been used to fumigate the burrow* of pquirrels, Pecker says. Among these are carbon dlsulfied, par exhaust and calcium cyanide. In fum- with carbon disulflde, a wad of wtton or Waste Js saturated with the liquid au dsmffed into the entrance of the qatelum cyanide cornea iq granular form 07 In a dust fprm which ,be Ifttroduced into the burrow s»»a«i;fll » Jong-handled sppon er\a $ar centr^ Jttfgft ft dust sun, la lor ground squirrel Ml garde» toert tft« besfl teto tte burrow rua one SUGAR KETSAJtt 6000BETFO(I'42 iwai 9m X*fcS .,••,, ..,.,- ^tef-v^r " .^-v^^ffesi'i* rtffSiK't^SiSSe: Baby ohick flocks will suffer greater death loss, there will be more runts and a general unthrifti- ness is likely to develop if the birds tire overcrowded in the brooder house, warns W. II. Whittleld, poultry specialist at Iowa State College. For moft economical guins, chicks should have at least Vi square foot per bird. During the first 8 weeks a baby chick multiplies its own weight about 20 times. In many instances fewer chicks in a brooder house will produce just as many pounds of meat as a larger number—and at much less expense. •Two inches of feeder space and VHnch of drink; apace are needed for chicks to secure uniform growth. the County Auditor, Thereupon Supervisor Frank ..„„- mann Introduced nnd caused to be read 'he resolution hereinafter set out, entitled "Resolution providing (or the Issued of $340,000 Primary Road Refunding bonds of Humboldt County, Iowa," and moved Its adoption seconded by Supervisor Jos. R Nelson, and after due consideration . e f by " the Chairman ~... ,. e arma put the question and upon roll be IJL? A edl th A following members voted: Ayes: Prank Hoffmann, Jos. R. Nelson, Ben E. Sohulze. W. B. Weir and W. W. Boothroyd. Nays: rt^ia' ^ Whereu R on . tho Chairman declared the resolution duly adopt- tr, to er for lhe !"«"« Primary Itoad He- nondi of Hnnibnldt Coun. i .i r <?. as . the . County of Humboldt, In the State of Iowa, Is a body corporate, duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws and Constitution of the State of Iowa, and i } V !}. er J? nSl snld County now has an Indebtedness oustnndlns, evidenced , e Prima , - —.~ — *,.« »«« 1'iimii.ry rorici Improvement purposes as follows: Ilonds Numbered 61-400; Dated lanued 8-1-SO; Amount J340,- opo on; Interest Rate 214% which bonds by their terms are on- \f,, tor retirement as of May 1. iy42; and, Whereas, said Indebtedness was cimtractml and Incurred by order of the Board of Supervisors of Bald County for the purpose authorized by law. and In the form, time and manner as required by law; and sad Indebtedness was incurred In full compliance with all laws re- btrlctliiK and regulating the contracting or the Incurring of indebtedness of that character and In particular the law as now contained made for payment of tho principal and Interest of this bond as tho same will become due, and that, the total Indebtedness of said County, .Including this bond, does not now and did not at the time" of Incurring the Indebtedness hereby retired and refunded violate any constitutional or statutory limitations. In Testimony Whereof, said County, by Its Board of Supervisors, has c i' u sed this bond to be signed by tile Chairman of said Board and countersigned by tho County Auditor, with tho seal of said County affixed and the coupons hereto attached to be executed with the facsimile signature of the County Auditor, and the said Countv Audl- ',° r ' b . y . J. h . 0 _ exco " t .">no' 'his bond at which Primary Roacl Refunding Humboldit County, Iowa? wc t me open bids were called for, and t has been determined that the pro- 1 ? S A , ot IIa laey. Stuart & Co., Inc. , . Ch K tor 8ad . Is the h«i , ,., ase s e as foHow!- Wer ° reoolved Interest Par plus "f and None Whereas, there are now outstand- !"£, Primary Road Bonds of Hum- "o'at County. Iowa. In the amount of 1340,000.00 as follows: Bonds Numbered 61-400; Date Issued 9-1-1936; Amount $340,000: Int Hate 2-^4%. which by their terms are optional for redemption as of May 1, 1942 on notice, and; Whereas, It Is deemed advisable that said outstanding bonds be call- tel for redumption as of May 1, 1942, In order that same may be refunded, and In order to effect such re- pemptlon It Is necessary that notice thereof be given: Now Therefore Be It and It Is i-,Si' e !' £ lds w ero made as follow Lulled Home Bank, Allison City, Iowa l Pulne, Webber & Co., Chicago i City National Bank, Kansas City i Iowa Den Molnes National Bank & Trust Co. Wheelock & Co., iloes adopt as and for his own pron- Des Molnes er signature, his facsimile signal- "alsey, Stuart & pons, all as May, 19 Co. -- SaId"cOU- I v . "!"£.•! >""<;»BU of the First day of No ^'i h _ e _ rn _ Trl 'st Co., Chairman, Board "of""su"pervisor8; Countersigned: County Auditor No Audltor........,...County, Iowa (Form of Coupon) .or ••- County. Iowa. 19 the Treasurer .County, Iowa, will pay . ............... , , to bearer . ....... ...... Dollars at the office of the County Treasurer, ; ........ •; ........ .Iowa, for semi-annual Interest on its Primary Road Refunding Bond, dated May 1, 19 Number ................. ........ ' Section 4. That mo,,,rae ?ini n J eres L and , maturity and a oer- i such reelstration shall be endorsed on tho back of fowlng°form n : substantla "y the fol- Statc of Iowa ) County of ...................... ) I hereby certify that this bond has been registered by me In a book kept for that purpose In my office, such reg4stratlon showing the date amount, rate of Interest and matur- ° f tho flrst 'a: $1560 2076 1925 2425 225 2426 1850 I have awarded the $340.000 Primary Road Refunding bond to Ha - sey Stuart & Co. Inc. of Chicago highest and best bidder at par plus f??J^« Interest plus a premium of $2426.00, interest rate of bonds 16 bo one per cent, the county to furnish approving opinion and purchase" to furnish the printed bonds I respectfully ask that my doings herein bo confirmed and approved by your honorable body. t ""« vou (Signed) R. B. BENNETT, O. H. JOHNSON, The County Countv Treasurer County, lown Section 6. That on the 'bnrk of each bond tlioi-o shall be printed provisions for registration of ownership In HUhHtnntlally the follow- was duly oonsldred by the Whereupon Supervisor Jos R. Nelson Introduced and read tho ro ^>lutlon next hereinafter sot out entitled "Resolution confirming salt ?,"'' , a ^ R . rd ot *3«>,000.00 Prfmary Road Refunding Bonds of Humboldt County, Iowa", and moved Its adoption; seconded by Supervisor Frank H? ttm i a i, nn and . a "er due consideration thereof by the Board, tho Chairman put tfie question and upon roll being called, the following members voted: Ayes: Frank HofP Jos. R. Nelson, Ben E. Sohulze Hereby Resolved and Ordered by the Board of Supervisors of Humboldt, County, Iowa, as follows: Section 1, That the outstanding Primary Road Bonds of Humboldt County, Iowa, as referred to In the P reamble hereof, In tho amount of 340,000.00, are hereby called tor redemption *as of May 1, 1942. Section 2. That the County Treasurer be and he Is hereby ordered and directed to cause to bo published In the Des Molnes Register, a newspaper printed and published In the City of DCS Molnes, and having a general circulation throughout the State of Iowa, a notice of' redemption In substantially the following form: Notice of Redemption. Public Notice Is hereby given that $340,000 Primary Road Bonds of : Humboldt County, Iowa, numbered, ' dated and bearing Interest as fol- j lows: Bonds Numbered 61-400; Date Is- ! sued 9-1-1936; Amount $340,000: Int. I Rate 2-.«4%. with Interest'payable annually on May 1st of each year, have been called for redemption as of May 1. 1942. All bonds should be surrendered . at the place of payment denlgnated therein, on May 1, 1942, and If not so presented will cease to bear inter- ; est thereafter. By order of the Board of Super- ! visors this 26th day of March. 1942. R, E. BENNETT, County Treasurer. Said notice shall appear at leant once in said newspaper not leg* than twenty (20) days "prior to May d said County Treasurer 1, 1942, Ing form: Date of Registration Section _ , Signature of Registered Countv Owner Treasurer . Nays":' W. W BOOTHRbYD, o.Si a JOHN'SON"" ot Su P e County Auditor. llrxnlutlon Section C. That the bonds hereby uthorlzed shall be signed by the !halrman of the Board of Supervl- Ch sors and IOWA FARM KERNELS Allowing the old stock to run with the baby chicks Is like sowing weed seed in a clean field. Foul- try diseases and parasites are soon spread over the farmstead. Use Vt square foot of floor space per chick And 3 to 4 square feot per hen as a basis in planning the size of poultry flocks that will ftt your equipment. Treat tile crusts in the ben bouse with used pil and cresol before May I to kill tbe first geueralatioo Of mttes, ad-vwe Iowa State College poultry specialists. Storage supplies of old-crop pot- tatoes a re lass pleat.jfuj and higher priced than they were last year. AU »ew crop potatoes are moving to market la slightly larger than ft ye«r age, old. por cofttinui t« lujpjjy wait t»(ojl tfee Cfltt*fe Ji-jpr#, fl» t PM» to tw» jt, la toe lay frjiyifttiaffr i ^*^r^^ iifcri fiMfiAft m^^^^Hw M. **ftrt?^ts Chapter 241, Rode of Iowa, and, evldenqed Is a legal, valid and blnd- ...... ..„„„ thus evidenced la In such form and of such character "!?.' .', t ... can . 1 , e ^ ally , b « retired and refunded (and 'gaily In th e manner hereinafter provided); and Whereas, It Is deemed advlsabln and for the best Interest of said County that Primary Road Refund Ing Bonds of said County be Issue as proposed and notice of -the pro- ppBed action by this Board of Super- ?!,".h r n i to .'S"'?' 6 Proceedings and authorize the Issuance of Primary Road Refunding Bonds In the amount of Three Hundred Forty Thousand Dollars .($340,000.00) has " y K!vn . pulication o «unh , caon o such notice at least once In a news- pa fii er r, of $«neral circulation within said County ut least ten (10) days before this meeting, and no anneal pursuant , to said notice has P be on Therefore, Be It and It Is Hereby «asolved by the Board of ?n U ?h rvl H° r . a °f .Humboldt County, In the State of Iowa: • Section 1. That for the purpose of retiring and refunding the indebtedness of said County In tha amount of Three Hundro'i Forty T «.,.? U H a , nd D . ollars (1840,000.00) rer ferred to and proposed to be refund?& ln .i, tbe Parable O f this resolii- Upn, there are hereby authorized to be issued 340 negotiable Primary Road Refunding Bonds of said County; to be numbered consecutively from 8Ct to 1140 both numbers .Inclusive; to be. of the aenSS- In«tion of One Thousand lIMinra (11,000.09)- eaSS. to be tote" th! P«t day of May, 1»«, each bearing Inturost from and after the date thoi-ivnf nnfll r,olj „» it._* t""_/**"? thereof until ep cent aid at the er annum, of one pep cent (l^O p November 1. 'l»4? and thereafter on the first days of Ma ay suoft goti- able coupons attached tP wol! of Novwnber pf each Interest to be evidenced year, by bonds; both prlnc pal and interest of ss.i4 bonds are h . made payable at the office o County fr9«furer of sai4 CQUnty. In the City oC Pakotft Cily, State o Iowa. Said -bonds shsJl WpoTnlaue on ««« tool, • OR. S»» *ai«..._ ?*»'-!» " ' «y fy'^-f !>$.•**• • if*:; *%«, shall be delivered o executed, they to the County Treasurer and that said County Treasurer be and Is hereby directed to reg-lster said bonds as hereinbefore provided In Section 4 hereof, and to sell, In accordance with the provisions of law, all of said bonds and apply the proceeds to the imy- ment of a Ilko principal amount of the outstanding- Indebtedness of ?» ? Si° unt j he . rol n authorized to be retired and refunded. Section 7. That In conformity with law there shall he and thoro Is "^n e y , levled . «nd thor 9 shall be collected each year a tax upon all fn en rt a m ble P/oParty In the County, in addition to the levy authorized for other purposes, a sufficient sum to pay the Interest on the bonds hereby authorized as and when the same becomes due, and aluo to cre- whinS nd i, I R»'n'ta'n - ? sinking fund which shall be sufficient to dla- the P rln ?'Pal ot said bonds 1 , ma t«rlty, and the moneys 1 Bllch lev ' OH ,i, . e «8 the primary roart bond redemption and Interest fund, and shall be used for the payment of Interest coupons and bonds and for no other purpose whatever, provid- ?ftnL° w ? v % %' l . ha .annnii p remltl tances to the County from the State primary road fund as provided by Taw shall be used to retire and pay •the Interest on said bonds, and only 2SSi J? or1t ' 01nJ o/ said tax, "f any' shall be levied from year tb year as l* neceasar > r to raeet any de- floeno „ Seotfon 8. That all resolutions SX5 S r rt era ? r par i? of resolutions ?Sd M, rd «" ln 00 1fl!ot herewith be ft"o the same are hereby repealed. and approved March 25, W. W. BOOTHROYD ON° Sr<l ° f pounty Auditor O. H 19«7 aV the V, ",'", be -jr eo «ived o'clock. A. M..March of V.140,.. lond» o , l f rl |T,!' r: i i 1 }? 11 ;! Ue "»""n'g »r Iliiinboldt County, loiva nnnnn 000.00 notloe of sale . imary Road Refundlnir Bonds of Humboldt County Iowa has heretofore been given In strTct uomplianco with the nrovlslons of F, la Pi tor ,i 83 ot tho Code of Iowa, by publication of notice for two suc- revive weeks in one of the ortJolai newspapers of said County; and j ! J\«n, 1 , thr s l HS-o-fth?':sS'js and n>ond » Pursuant to said notloe Count on l. That all action Treasurer In the sain i^«% P «rt«?. a A 0 t'. t o ll f 0 oSSTar I1 S.J!f (1%) per annum, any 5 by ., _- delivered to thu ..,...,. .'M-^ounty Treasurer' and thus derived shall demptlon Fund ana applied bv s'afd County Treasurer directly L,> th« purpose for which said bonds haV-S been authorized, ""nus na>o Section 3. That all resolutions or hf^f* ° r Parts thereof, in conflict uurewiin, are nereby repealed 1942" approved March 2«, W. W. BooTHaovn, Attest: O. H. JOHNSON, Chalrra » n ^County Auditor. tate"of w Io"wT 4hat there nas been no chanira' in "l^personnel^f said B«»*r4 Bctvcon a **M^p presduc Supervisors itoi 8 !fef«T^'/3r : ft?« L *!. te. b y..???»fy 'hat the W^&jk^'B wflari ' »4»'«a the. t>*sl* *" 7 —- it. .or Ke£ 1 JtoarlQjc OJB II &* r *te* *_M P- •SPfij F ?/ ty^.o_« M J»QW S£ &»§&' 1 4.01&, aiiu auiu v^uuiiLy j.ruuaurur mil, by letter, notify any and all known bond holders of tho said redemption, and such letter shall be j substantially the same form as the published notice and shall be mall- I ed at least twenty (20) days prior to May 1, 1942. Section 3j That all resolutions or orders or parts thereof In conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed. Passed and approved this 25th day of March. 1942.' W. W. BOOTHROYD, Chairman. Attest: O. H. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Board took a recess to 1:00 o'clock advertised Conservatio tata* t> |tl mck lwi« <•"!" Irwi em MI Hni. 1:00 o'clock P. M. all members -present. Board met, . The Chairman appointed J. D. Cragg and W. L,. Hawkins to assist the County Auditor to destroy tho ballota cast at the last General Election and also the nomination papers. I Moved by Schulze and seconded I by Nelson that the bond filed by Levl W. Olson as Treasurer of the Humboldt County Farm Bureau, with Salt Paul Mercury & Indom- , pity Co. as Surety, be' and heraby Is approved. All voting Aye. Moved by Weir and seconded by , Nelson that the. petition for vacat- ' Ing a road between Sections ID nnd 30, Two. 92, Range 30, signed by Chris Nielsen et al, be Accepted and the County Auditor !s hereby ordered to appoint a Commissioner to view the same and file a report. .411 voting Aye. Movod by Hoffmann and seconded by Nelson that the salary of Eleanor Meyer, Clerk In the llellef Office, be Increased to ?(15.0fl pnr Standard OM dealers offer this program to keep your vour^^r 016 /^ tn " c 28^bu«t into See the full list of the semible and S?« rf ^/?-?j ""' J alk to your P^tiwl "rvicea that can be skilMuUy Standard Od dealer hxlay and you'll performed by your Standard OU ^amthatkceprngyourcarrollinglsa. dealer. Decide today to follpw Sta Tnd //r, common - en « dri *ng practical program on mSg a "° care ' Bo/ie</u/e-you'll be the wlnnerl YOUR STANDARD OIL DEALER IS CAR CONSERVATION HEADQUflftRS STEVENSON'S STANDARD SERVICE I To Telephone Users- The increasing costs of the past several years have reached a point where, in order to continue to furnish adequate and reliable telephone service, it is imperative that additional revenue be provided promptly, TUe revenue increases from growth in the business and from some increases in local service rates have been more than offset by substantially higher wage and material costs and greatly increased taxes and, although we are applying every practicable economy in operations, additional reve« nues are necessary, The unprecedented increases in service and equipment requirements for residence and business customers, for the defense and military activities, and the protection and safe, guarding of the service and property in wartime, all have necessitated wore people on the payroll The dislocations res wmsg froa tne present emergency also are adding greatly to the costs of furnishing service. Fret ent wdisationi are mat we cannot e*peot reduetions in costs bui on the gon* trajy, there may be further inereasee. In order to meet the ntedj of tbte situation, a general »j»pU9§be» of a m change e f fiftftn per sent will be madt MI* ™! s fe to<? * l fcWow *?wet< rffecttvt with the ne*t toll, Tbt fiftttft tr cBt iurebii 99 also § ^\^ ou >} V-;.«v 1 " -W.-^ 'atffe ? ^ft] ,i&. l'3f, $m ^^£w^£Suia ^7r? ' «M 1? ^yFw; -Jtt&Ss,

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