The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on April 7, 1942 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1942
Page 4
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fHE HtlMBOLPf INDEPEJ Ive Seeking to Raise $125,000 Iowa for U. S. Navy Relief 1 TO 60 TO FAMILIES JttjmaLw. fl» a Tribute to lighting Fleet campaign IB being started In ^C- raise $125,000 fur the Navy society, a non-profit orpnn- Whlch provides emergency TT- — tot wives and children of rag navy's fighting forces. VWft ranks near the top among States providing personnel for navy, marine nnd coast. guard the Society stands ready lo the families of these men In uy emergency. [ The United Stoics navy suffered : I6f6 casualties at Pearl Harbor J the one day Japanese at- ! Itt December than were suf- l»y the na«y during (he Spnn- l-AWerlenti wnr nnd world wnr Iowa Recruits Told of Navy Relief Officers and wives of navy men. *<Tadminister the society's relief : Were called on to pay out than $60.000 to the mother?. fc&d children of seamen klll- Or Wounded In the Pearl Harbor ittttck. Many families needed Im- ledlate financial help. Our naval forces now are engaged In their greatest task—that ""keeping open the shipping lanes the seven seas, despite the haz- irds of enemy U-boats, planes and at-shlps. iwiuirln Task. They are seeking out tho enemy _ Jd transporting military equlp- 'tnent, additional manpower and i Deeded supplies to our own troops I Ifmnd allies all over the globe. j Thousands of Iowa seamen are j .. .. . _ ,. . Ifengaged In this heroic task. They prMld « nt noomnrelt. Navy Sec- Bum offered their all that we at \™ in !7 . Franlc * nox !ln " Norman „ home many not suffer the ravages i."' D; J vls1 ' P I-l>8t(lent ° f tho Amcr- &0f enemy bombs destroying our | ™ n R ?' CroES ' a " faml ' t!l ~ wi; ' fcllves and homes. !'J 10 so '' l ' t >' H work - are -.mpwimR 1 four Gift a Tribute. i" 10 na'lo.iwld:> campaign to raise, .I. Your gift to the society n al flve nilllnn c '" 1IarB - ! ; tribute to a fighting American i K||H Co-operation. | '.fleet, its men, and their families.! "There Is the full co-operation! [It will demonstrate that we are 'between the Red Cross and do : [backing up"tH« navy men and their j NaT y Relief society In dealing with ! (families and realize the tremend- rellot and special services to J ous.task^ ahead of them. It Is evl- ! nav y personnel and their families." dence we want them to discharge j Da vls said. their duties with a minimum of " Tll ° two organizations have worry about the folga back ho:no. ' worlt ed together many years and * * * I have arrangements whereby their For more than ^0 years tho • national and local offices avoid Maty. Relief society has been the I duplication of sarvlces and ex- i most cherished possession of the P en so." | nayy 'personnel. This is the first Tlle drlve ln lown will be car- i^the public has been asked to rled °" m the nex t four weeks. .rlbute to Us support. i Quotas have been set for each ftretofore, Its funds have hoen j c "unty and contributions can l>o M by voluntary contributions ! collt to tne county chairman or to the men serving with tho, tho Iowft headquarters, Navy no- coast guard and marines. ! llof Society, 801 Register and Trib- Kere Is no red tape involved In j ulle "''tiding, Des Moines. allies of the navy men getting j Cltl/.ens Committee. J-4L / | The National Clltlzens commlt- JO Hardship. ; toe, which Is sponsoring the drive f . unds may be needed for nn , la composed of a number of proin- nergency operation, n sudden 111- : • - a new baby, or to meet some T rtunate circumstance while' th6 father or son is miles at sea; p' protecting our country. I % Whatever the need, the Navy Re-'_ ^ unrim rjU1 . 'lief society is ready to answer tho son, Thomas W. Lament, Richard I- call. The society's whole purpose, K. Mellon. Harold H Vniidorbllt 111 that no widow, no orphaned William Green, Philip Murray' k The ,\avy Belief society's emergency nnd family care fund Is explained to these lown youths who hnvo enlisted In the United States nary to dn their part In defeating the Axis nnd assure America's safety In the future. Robert B. Crcswell of Otiimwn, la., yeoman first class, explains how financial help Is (riv- en navy personnel's families. I,of( to right, are Wilbur W. Fatkn, 23. of I'nton, In., who has Iwfln tench. Imrnt Hiibbard; Beryl ,1. Black, 22, of 8011 Cambridge are., Des Moines j Cresnell; and William H Sehanilt, 21, of Sinter, In. Robert Bolirer, 17, of 1302 K. Second st., Washrlngtoii, In., Is sNUed. Tho Iflrl Is Jean Ilcadlngcr, one-time featured dancer >vllh n musical comedy, who has offered her services to aid ihe Iowa drive for $125,000 for Hie >'avy Relief society's fund. Aid Iowa Drive for Navy Relief These Include Clarence society emblem on her blouse. "This Is die first phase of the .., ........ ..« n . UU TT, uu UIIUIUIIBU wnuam ureon, Philip Murray '" l " c '"' Hl pnasu of the children, no mother or other mem- Heeso Taylor, Frank L. Polk siiol- ! l '" ln|mlRI1 '" cll "' k SIll 'l. "And must Oer of a navy man's family shall don Clark nnd Gardner Cowles jr i l)c Completed just as early as pos- a 11 FT £11* na»**1nVi lr\ *•* •* * . .. _ *"*!,,Ji>i,,nnn .. suffer hardship. Des Moines, the Iowa chairman. Iowa Gubernatorial Candidates to Address Educational Group In." The second phase will he based on local effort, Interest and performance, t-duwiliumii in na- the former a Republican hous leader In the 1!)37 legislature. In tiffH too, over printing board mutters when the latter was state superintendent of printing and the former wus one of UIOHO voting, as DES MOINES, Iowa, April 6—All of the candidates for governor on all tickets have been invited to express their educational views to the Better Education meet to be held at Des Moines April 13. Although the meeting will not be representative of the many diversified interests of the state, and comparatively few people will hear them, the event should give those present an opportunity to see and Judge the various candidates. If there is a weakness' in the primary system of nominations It is that any candidate, no matter bow unfit, can employ a good press man and produce a creditable campaign. Or anyone in contact with the people through work over the radio, no matter bow unfit for office, If he or she has a good voio.e ou _ ullu and read the matter written for his j the meeting may develop into one or he-^broadcast wuild make thou- ] that is extremely educational. The council Is composed of 16 statewide organizations, and the items for flock Island arsenal and lowu hospitals and Red Cross chup- tei-s, will take on added meaning in the light of this pledge. Definite -, ...,.,..., 11.1111 i ill Illl- [ ture with Hpecinl ufforl placed on' U wo " l he Io "B ""t" you will I know definitely who yon pirn vote of :, year around program. This plmsu will come us counties no over tin- top on their quotas. Ho nlso called attention to the •fun*., 111 nn; i;,j( lUKiauiiure. m •"- '•-•" »<tm-u imiMuion 10 inu fact, when the session was in p| . o -! H l )U ' lull(l work that school children gress, one of them hardly spoke a ul '° doing to incn-asi; purchases. In view without an answer from the " m "y Instanci-s spending and odd other. I Job money have gone directly into Miller and Drown have had their! 11 "-' Pin'i'lmsu of stamps and bonds. • »..» . . . /~il....i. ,,., . reported that when Park- orslmrg High voted to ellmlnlatu the annual Junior-Honior banquet and prom to spend the money for a member of the pringing board', to i Hilv lnss hond.s and stamps it was n fire him. unique action. Then toe, It would be difficult stam l' booths have been set up by any stretch of the Imagination' I'" 8C ' llnolK at Centervllle. Monlton to say that Hlckenlooper and Mill- a " U • Mysllt! '" Appanoose county er are exactly pals. If the boys wlllle A11 ' la Het a B ° al o( * 1 - 0 °0 to confine themselves to educational ' reach by the ? nd °' the sch ° o1 remarks the meeting may not pack ! year then Proceeded to reach It muiiv fl,.a,,,r,,.1,o n... i. .1 ,_. Wlthlll a month. Tiltal snlen urn many fireworks. But if they let themselveH go hammer and sands friends and be a formidable figure in $ state campaign. But if these candidates are forced to appear in person before the people tliey would never receive consideration- Four of tbe six candidates who have announced their Intentions of seeking tha Democrat ic and Republican nominations for this office already have accvpte'4 and by tne time this appear* fo print tne to be beard , state department of public instruc- other .two Are from. 14. ear, , , Moines, uttd Secretary of State Earl Q. MlUer ut.Mbu u«(*M« bmciii Ul llUUliu IDStrUC- ..^^twn, \v«*oivncc, 1UI1UW tion. The organizations are: Iowa i ing llis deatn in tlle battle of Chau Association of School Boards, Iowa"""" rphl --" '" "'—'-' •"'-•• ' Congress of Parents and Teachers, Iowa Department of Veterans of Foreign Wars, and auxiliary, jowa Division of American Association amount of the pledges made and a ""' '" " U8e you don't want to write In names, for public office in Iowa. Kor hy'mldnlght April 22, all men wlio want their names to appear on the official ballots for state office must have filed with the secretary of state the required number of nomination papers properly filled out. Not until then will you know definitely who your candidates are to be. Many Instances have occurred where men who have announced for office early in the year have changed their minds and withdrawn through failure to file their nomination papers. In other instances persons who have never announced their Intentions but who have quietly been gathering tho required number of signers on their nomination papers, walk in at the last minute and qualify for the ballot, thus creating quite a furor. What this year will bring fort! nobody knows. But It wasn't so long ago that one candidate had to fly in from Dubuque by plane in order to file his papers in time. Appointments Appointment of a special com mlttee on traffic law enfon-amen has been announced by u month. Total sales are ! ovi ' r * ll50 ° " ow una u new S° nl nf tonz i i>i,uuu HUW UHU u new goal or > n,,o * 2 > ftn ° has been set for the end of the Kchool year. Inspiration On the flyleaf of the diary o Martin Trepton, Cherokee, follow teau Thierry in World War I wo found this pledge: "America must win this war Therefore I will work, I will save I wil Isacrifice, I will endure; .bptvftBiuu ui .t&iueifuau Association ' • ""•*-••**"-», i niu DIIULUB; . of University Women, Iowa Farm I wi " flellt cheerfully and do uiy ut Bureau Federation, Iowa Federation of Business and Professional Women clubs, Iowa Federation of Women's clubs, Iowa Junior Cham- most, as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.' Senator Guy M. Gillette Brought attention to the pledge in the sen- wUl Barton, have in4l£9t*4 be oo tang for {fee. Still to I*, Kartf fr 0ffl at tl»i» writing are Senator &, |j, ^USW' «»4 *V«+ W V«I4WB, AUVT4 ^l4U*Uf UllaUl- *.»~w^v «*« LUB OOU- „, of Commerce, Iowa League of ate rec ently. Now the Iowa office Women Voters, Iowa Library Asso-1 f/ tue National Youtl} Admlnlstra- clation, Iowa Society for Crippled""" *~ ' Children, Iowa State Federation of Labor, Iowa State Orange, Iowa State Teachers Association and Women's Christian Temperance 3*»f*!^.i&.**t.. Bit continue to crop out &orou«hly demonstrate that lowans are doing all they can w»y P| wsr stamp and In tlon has reproduced it for fanning aud banging in all Iowa NyA out- of-scbool work sites, Theodore P Eslick, state administrator announced. "We hope," Eslick said, "that tne pledge will serve as ai> inspiration to the approximately 400 Iowa NYA youth entering private employment or military service each taontl). »n.d [he 3,000 young men and women now preparing themselves for w*r«we Johs to W. A. Smith, Dubuque, of the lows State Bar Association. Those appointed include Judge Norman R. Hays, Knoxville, chairman, Senator John Hattery, Nevada, president of the Iowa State Safety Council; Senator G. R. Hjll, Clarion; Judge C. Edwin Moore, Des Moines; Rep. Albert Steinberg, Ames; and Ralph W. Bastlan, Fort Dodge, Webster county attorney. The committee's fun.ctlon will be to assist the governor's traffic safety commission and to work in close cooperation wlttj tne department of public safety. First step in formulation of the program is tne obtaining of information, tbrougU questionnaires addressed to district Ju-dges, cftunty attorneys, legislators a»d others, eueb. pjoblem« as sp.eed Itoits, L ittSJtM^ fljl RfiftCfl courts. Tuesday, April?, Ml fit. Blerflhg recently , rettirnei from Washington Where he obtain ed this figure as Iowa's share o the 32,000 additional physicians who *lll be called Into service within the next nine months. Approximately 24o Iowa physician*, or eight per cent of the total practicing In the state, already are In the active service Dr. Dlerrlng reported. News of4-H ~ CLUBS BADGER — The 4H girls' club net at the home of Betty Bradley in Wednesday evening of last week. Rol Icall was answered by on members and one visitor was Iso present. The song "The Star Ipangled Banner" was sung, after rhich the minutes of the last meet- ig were read and accepted. Old nd new business was discussed he demonstration agent, Miss •ma Johnson was present to teach IB gh-ls "How to cut and can a ilcken". At the close of the even- tig a lunch was served by the ostcss. the plants . Additional spraying information can be obtained from the office o the cotinty agent. Upon request the county agent will also send notices advising of the correct spraying dates during the season. \ /3CTOHY ON THE FARM FRONT V NEWS -from your county Chicks Bought Near Home Are Most Likely to Make Best Gains (By C. 0. Powell) Humboldt County poultry raisers are most likely to have healthier birds that make quicker and cheaper growth if they purchase their baby chicks from reliable dealers near homo. Recently completed tests by poultry specialists of the United States Department of Agriculture show that not more than GO hours should elapse between time of hot chlng and the time the chick is fed in the farmer's brooder house. Although 60 hours may seem like plenty of time even for long distance shipment, the average chick Is about 24 hours old before it is moved from the incubator, leaving only 36 hours for transportation and handling. If a batch of chicks is delayed lii transit so that they are out of their eggs longer than 60 hours before the farmer gets them, many are likely to be dead on arrival, more will die soon after, and still more will be weak, stunted, and slower to reach egg-laying maturity. Another reason for buying chicks nearby Is that the buyer has an opportunity to know more about a local hatchery, its reputation and the quality of Its chicks, than be does about a hatchery a hundred or more miles away. Adequate Spraying Necessary This Year (By C. G. Powell) This year, because of the necessity of producing as much of the food supply as possible at home, adequate spraying of fruits is very Important. This Is especially true of small fruits. Dormant nnd pre-blossom sprays should be applied soon and are the Sanitation Important in Raising of Chicks (By C. G. Powell) Sanitation In raising of chicks is as Important as with swine. Many farms are just receiving young chicks now or securing a second batch. The first important step Is to see hat the brooder house Is thorough- y clean. Dust and dirt should be swept out Including the cracks. After sweeping, the house should be scrubbed with scalding lye water, islng 4 ounces In 10 gallons of vater and that followed by a borough spraying with a 3 to 5 ler cent solution of any good coal ar disinfectant. Potiltrymen should carefully look for any mites that may be In cracks, especially If adult. chickens have been housed In the buildings dur- Ing the last few weeks. Such houses should be sprayed two or three times In an effort to reach all the mites or mite eggs. After the cleaning, the brooder stove should be set up and started to help dry out the house. A great many farmers having electricity are finding the electric chick brooders vcJry reliable. One or two Inches of chick litter should he put on the floor. The chick guard should be put in place around the brooder and the feeders and waterers clean- id and scalded. The brooder should operate at the proper temperature for several days and the thermostat should be ihecked. William Itlggtfl!), publisher of the Whlttemore Champion, has been :alled to the colors. He has been ordered to report to Fort Bennlng, Georgia. His wife expects to join ilm later. He Is n reserve officer. ltor Slrelt of t'ocahontns went to 3es Moines recently to enlist for be U. S. Coast Guard. Also Tlob- rt James of that place left from Sioux City for Lincoln. Nebraska, where he will jnln the army. | tot Lehowei* wiU found dead In his bed at Hotel Pocahontas Monday morning, March 23. He has been in falling health for sometime but had been confined to his bed for only a few days. AfllBOOST FOR BROOD SOWS ANftiLIItLE PIGS! -we* • ''' " "" Feed Ful~O-Pep Vitaminized Pig-N-Sow Feed and see how pigs thrive and fill out. Here's a REAL Bargain! C I Oil-eating and gas-wast- fing cars are burdens to •Uncle Sam. Trade yours • in for a good used car. H 1 ERE'S an excellent feed to condition sows for farrowing, and to promote, health and vigor in pigs and sow both, until weaning time. Provides rich sources of minerals and proteins, along with the famous Ful- O-Pep Vitamin-Boost for health and thriftiness. ORDER TODAY FROM THE QUAKER OATS CO. RENWICK OTTOSEN BRADGATE GOOD TIRES ON THESE USED CARS 1941 Chevrolet Sport Sedan 1939 Buick Tudor, a dandy. 1937 Chevrolet Master- 85 Tudor. 1937 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Tudor. 1936 Plymouth Tudor. 1937 Hudson Tudor. 1937 Ford V8 Tudor. 1935 Ford V8 Tudor. 1935 Buick Sedan. 1933 Dodge Sedan. Tel. No. 3201 No. 2311 No. 2331 Why Worry About Your Transportation. See and Drive One of These Good Used Cars. LINDHART Chevrolet Co. first steps in a fruit spray pro- Kram. A dormant spray Is necessary for apples and pears only when scale Insects are present. Use «»4 gal- ions of liquid lime sulphur (12-1 pounds of the dry form) to 5 gallons of water or any oil emiil slon or mlsclble oil spray as recom mended by the manufacturer. Ap ply the dormant spray before th buds awell and show green at th tips. This spray will control oyste scale, scurfy scale and San Jos scale. Apples also require a cluster bu spray as the blossom? separate an. before they open. Use 5 quarts o liquid lime sulphur or 4 or 5 pound of the dry form, plus 3 pounds hy drated lime plus 1V6 pounds of lea arsenate with 60 gallons of water Plum pocket, a disease wlilc causes the plum fruits to becom three or four times the normal slz early In the growing eeason, re quires a dormant spray of 3 gal Ions liquid lime sulphur to 50 gal Ions of water. This spray shoult, be applied before the buds swell in the spring. Plum trees should als have a cluster bud spray just a the blossom buds separate and be fore they open. Use 3 quarts liquid lime nulpbur or 2% pounds of thi dry form, or use 3 pounds of wet able sulphur instead of the liquid or dry lime sulphur. Peaches In southeastern Iowa are generally affected with peach lea cur|. A dormant spray applied Jus before the puds begin to swell i: essential tor control. Three gal Ions lime sulphur to EO gallons of water is recommended. If San Jose scale is present 6% gallons of liquid lime sulphur must be used to 50 gallons of water. Raspberries, especially the blacks and purples, require a dormant spray applied in the spring gfter growth, nag started but before " leaflets are 3/8 Jaefc lon«. If „-rose eeale (a pweni, U «»|ions of BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY A BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY THAT WILL SERVF A« A GUIDE TO THE PEOPLE OF HUMBOLDT COUNTY. CONSULT IT WHEN PROFESSIONAL SERVICE IS DEEDED. ^POULI u WHEN sary, JJnyi sulphur JU> aeces- e ft gallons qf Is sufficient. «*»! THE MOLANDER STUDIO FOH GOOD PORTRAITS Dr. James H. Coddington, M. D. Phones: Office 02, Residence 52 10 South Sixth Street Humboldt, Iowa W. H. SMITH, Broker REAL ESTATE INSUKANCK FARM LOANS Tel. 150 Legion Building A. S. ARENT, M, D, ' Moved to 15 South Taft Street Humboldt, Iowa Phones; Office 117| Res, 117W8 DIRECTORY OF CITY OFFICIALS Mayor, William P. Housel Clerk, H. P. Jakway Assessor, A. E. Ruse Councllmen, Albert Morehouse, A. P. Andersen, O. P. Ruse, Ray Wogen. DIRECTORY OF COUNTY OFFICIALS Auditor, Otto H. Johnson Treasurer, R. E. Bennett Recorder, Arne Sorllen Clerk of District Court, M A Wallukalt Sheriff, H. J. Sexe Superintendent, Frances Messer Engineer, Vernon Miller County Attorney, Philip C. Lov- rlen Coroner, J K. Coddington DIRECTORY OF SCHOOL OFFICIALS President, Harry Strong Secretary, Ksther Ernst Treasurer, B. B. Watson Members of Board, Mrs. C. W. Oarfield. T. C. Mickelson, Ed Rapp; Harry Strong, Mrs. George McCollough. Superintendent. B. C. Holmes C. M. WOODARD DENTIST Humboldt, Iowa Office Phono 44, K« 8 . p none 181 Office, 1st Floor legion Building BROCKMAN INSURANCE Automobile and Trucks Fire and Tornado Accident ami Health Phone 210 H umb oldt, Iowa FRANKLIN JAQUA ATTORNEY AT LAW General Law Practice Office Over Iteed Jewelry Store ] 70 Huniboldt, HEPA1HING NE CLEANERS 1' 89 for V rw pjc^ and Delivery " flood Work SWT| DIRECTORY OF CHURCHES Methodist, Rev, W. fc. Breaw. Congregational, Rev. W. Clark WJUlams Fifth Avenue Baptist, Rev. Paul Williama First Lutheran, Rev. 0. B. Anderson Trinity Lutheran, Rev. Qeorge PaMesen St. Mary's Church, Father Fit?- patrick Seven Pay AdventUt Christian Science ABSTRACTS OF TITLJ5 Over PHILIP C, LOVRIEN ATTORNEY AT Office Orer fowa Public Service AUCTIONEER ¥*rm and Live Stock Sale« E, H. PARSONS 4V UW W,H, STOCK 9E4{. tSTATE HUMBOLPT COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY 4b»trwt rim IB Utr» twa Town PwiM)rt7, 4% WltioM ' FOR nip 0m4TiCH* SPECIAL RAT« IN THIS

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