The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 4, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 4, 1945
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ESTABLISHED 1865 J$A 1&WK& ship SJh^e 18§lf Itt, $M ' ccty Cosiness M, ! Algona Since 1934; Highly fte spected Citi/en. fteath came to Lettdy Me Wherter, former Portland fsrme ftfid 6 resident of Kossuth eqUntj fdr ove r r 50 years, at his* home irt Algotta 503 S. Jdfles street, Tues dly morning, following at- Hear fitness which attacked Win las October 17th, Operating thi Kandy Grdtery oh South 'Mlnne fiota street he had been unable to leave his home since the first at tack. Funeral services will be held from the Presbyterian church ttday afterftoem at 2:30, in charge -Rev. <3, ft Richardson, witK in* ftnent itt.Klvefvfe'Wui PreeediHg e services the remains Will Hi state* in the church from 12 until 2sOO o'clock for friends' may wish to, view and "pay last respects to a highly re- id arid beloVed citizen o th and Algona, The palls will be C, U. Pollard i. Thompson, Leonard Maas- 'H.'W. jMiller, Sam Medit •CleVe Stewart. Honorary bearers will be Frank Shtlts •g'e St. John, Lynn Keith ant " 'lof, of Algona, and Ed Ditt[d Sophus Petersen, of Burt to Kossuth in 1891 'McWhorter was born on [ft-Whiteside county, IlH- January 19, 1870, son of tWJtorter and Rhoda Aim cWhorter, and was the "of a family of seven He grew to manhooc id in 1891 Came to Fort- Jbn cted ili ner :h Here lad .tdw rfatch 8 rfary E lllnols, for his brpther Bill.?., On * ship, -Kossuth county? 'to , 18*92, he was married to ftiel Barrett, at Sterling and > they came directly arm here and which they tt/thftlr-'t grated/ until in -1926.. Following retirement from the farm he op- rated Service stations at, Huxley ke and Osage, Iowa,, Mr McWhorter were parents ildren, Rowena.B., Mrs Storm mcl M >f/two i'igL rson, of near Burt, anc of Rogers Arkansas to Alfona in 1934,Mrs. LftRoy McWhorter died at Osagtivin 11932. On November 29 >33, he married Mattie Demaray f \Ter*ill.Vlowa, and in 1934, they -*— **- - fv '- i — and, bought the . __ri South Minne- rid 'Which business untiljiis death, Sur- [e'"daugfiter,,arid son", and a step-son, ita 'street i B^onducte ing'are" aray, of Joplin; Mo., astsijc grandchildren and grandchildren, nnd sa '•Vfasdft/^Qf "Manlius, only/survivor 'of«4he ~~~ Ward, The coldest day* this winter and, as well, the coldest day of the new year, was Jantiary'2nd when the mercury registered 10 below, according to Weatherman Harry Nolte. The holiday season in general was 'snappy with 5 below on December 21 and 8 below the day after Christmas and 1 below on Christmas eve. During the past itwo weeks period there was n j snowfall of 4.7 inches, with 2.3 Irishes on the 27th. The holiday season was really wintry. The record: . •••;;':>"•' HI Wednesday, Dec. 20 .......... 29 Thursday, Dec. 21 ". ...... .....14 I Friday, Dec. 22 ..... ........... 25 Saturday. Dec. 23 ..... . ........ 18 Sunday, Dec. 24 .... ............ 23 S Monday, Dec, 25 ..... . ........ 17 j Tuesday, Dec, '28 .............. 13 Wednesday; Dec. 27 .....;..,.28 rThursday, Dec. -28 ..,...._:.17 Friday, Dec. 2.9: ........ .i. ....... 34 Saturday. ,Dec. 30 ... ...... i....34 Sunday, Dec, -31 ".. ...... . ....... 30 j Monday, 'Jan.- 1% ..... ;...,..,..14 Tuesday. Jan, 2' ....... 4 ,;.....,13 1 Wednesday, Jan. 3 ............18 LOW 14 -5 3 1 -1 2 8 6 -4 10 29 10 -5 -i'o 4 Mrs. Alice Wilkihs Buys Morrison's Shop ,;Mrs. Alice Wilkins has nqr- chased Morrison's Beauty Shop from Mrs. A. E. Anderson • and t<v>K possession January 1. Mrs, Wilkins has been employed in the sljop for several years and has been manager for almost two years, since Mrs. Anderson left Algona. Mrs. Wilkins is -assisted by the Misses Esther Homervold and Marie jSemon. - -,.H,S, AljlgWA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 4, 1945 Lieutenant Harry Findley, Former Head Basketball Com - Me " ?<**«•>«'« Coach III Algona,!Now Athletic Officer In Navy Cut courtesy Des Moiries Registe*jf Two Iowa Pre-Flight basketball stars, Bob Baggott (left) and T. Ary (right), tell /their former coach at South Carolina, Lieut. Harry Findley, how their present five compares with the Gamecocks, who won 18 and lost two last year. Lieutenant Findley, 'now tthletic officer at the Memphis, Tenn., .Naval Air station and former coach at Clinton; Iowa, visited the Seahawk cagers while en- route to his home at Ottumwa, [owa, on a 14-day Christmas leave. Algona readers will be interested in the above picture of Lt. Sarry Findley. He was head basketball coach in th« local high school,during 1936, ,1937, 1939, arid .has ,a .wide.l ance in school Circles in this section 'of the.statel'i.'Fiforiv here he vent to Clinton^ lov^a, .where he served as coach prior to his entry: into the service. According to records in the Algona high school, -. Superintendent Otto B. Laing <has given us the names of men now In the armed forces of the United States who were formerly on the local teaching staff here: Lt. Leonard Wilson, former wrestllrig coach, left; here in 1942, to Clinton, Iowa, now with the navy in the Pacific. _ Ensign Byron Von Roekel, former" sTrfe1ice r iristructor7 ,left_ here in 1943 for Rochester, Miffn., now in the navy in the Pacific. Lt. Melvin Nelson, former football and basketball coach, leCt here in 1943, to Waterloo, in physical education department, now in navy. - He' was called" home recently because of the'death of a 4-year-old son who succumbed-to pqeumonia. f • , „ ", Lt. Lawrence Carrington, foj! mer mathematics : instructor. S| junior high, to the navy in 194J Ensign Ross Cutler, forajl science instructor, to the navV t 1941.' Lt. Waiter Edwards, former'sc| ence instructor, left here in for Camp Carson, Colorado,, AS in the army- personnel detaT ment. E. E. Attleson, former speed instructor, left in 1941 for.fFc Dodge, and later joined the "roe 'ch'ant marine, ,.now_ Jjeingi •*globe encircling ""cruise". -^ rr Bill. Lee, former music instructor, left here in 1941 and is- DOW scrying in the_ navy., • a -*•?•' *i Bill Shea f 'fornier 1 " speech'' inV structor, joined the navy in • " "~ D, Wane Collins, former, director, is now> servln'g W army. SUNDAY Services at Presbyterian Church; Soldier Was Western Front Casualty; Son of Mr. .and Mrs. Hugh Carroll. A memorial service will be held 'or Virgil Johnson, son of Mr. qnd Mrs,; Hugh. .Carroll, •: Algona, 'at he Presbyterian church Sunda.y morning,at 1} jofcjo^k. Virgil,.was tilled in action last Nov. 8 on the Suropeari western:; f^bnt." The pas- or, Rev. C. C.'Richardson, will be in charge of the service and will deliver the sermon;' Commit- :ees from local patriotic organ- zatlons of the city, will attend. Church Dedicates Hour The 11 "o'clock hour is the regular worship hour at the local 'resbyterian church.and the dedication of it to the memory of a ervice man is a .n,ew departure 't has been custojnary to hold uqh memorial, services 014 Sun-r day afternoons but the Jocal hurch has voted to dedicate the egular morning worship he memory of the boys who make he supreme sacrifice in the serv- ce. ' Five Gold Stars The Algona Presbyterian church as suffered heavy losses in boys vho have given their lives in the war for freedom. The gold star >efore the name of Virgil Johnon is the fifth one on the honor oil of the church. The other boys re William Turner, Kenneth Du- :6 passen- Li - ^/'ie' :ceec' ger car HcenSef J lss'ued in Kossuth in 1944 there'were, 3,845 issued in December Of 1943. This figure was exceeded by nearly 500 during the month of December just passed for the 1945 issue. The licenses sold during December of 1944 were purchasers 4,336, indicating to that number that surpassed the same period last year. According to Miss Alma Junkermeier, license - clerk in the treasurer's office, the January sales wJU also exceed those sold in January of last year. So far, out of the total of 1200 truck licenses issued in the : year, '750 were bought in December, Which .exceeds the number for the same period last year. Pedersen Missing In Air Aii ant, Victor Jehrends. Fender and Irvto Former Algona Boy Scout Cited By Admiral Hewitt In Naples became a sailor in States nayy. He thel United basic training he -was. overseas wj4 fo? gpnje Lieut. Maurice White Visits Relatives Here Lieut. Maurice White of Manilla, Iowa, who-is home from the' Pacific war onl furlough, came to Algona Christmas week for a short visit at 'the home Of his grandmother, Mrs. A. Norman and otfrer. relatives in Algona. He was accompanied by his sisters. Mrs, Bob Post!Of Detroit, and her infant son and Miss Joan White of Manilla. Maurice is a son of the late Joe White, former publisher of the Ma'nilla Times and at one time'Upper Des Moines foreman. Lieut.: -White will leave this week for Maryland for oft fleers' -training school. He , has been in the Pacific for over two years and has taken part in some of the most serious fighting. His ship was in the naval"., engagement at Leyte in which the de-- stroyer Cooper, commanded by Commander Mell Peterson: of Algona, was sent to the bottom. Wayne Schichtl Now On Limited Service Mrs. L, C, Schichtl of Burt re- ceived'a letter from her son, Staff Sgt. Wayne Schichtl, on Decem- received from him since I Mrs. Marie Pedersen was, notified on Saturday, Dec, 23, of the missing in action of her son Richardson Pedersen, over Jugoslavia on a recent mission. He was a radio operator on a bomber and had been overseas since Oct. 1. He had been in the service since June, 1943, . "Dick" has.two brothers in the service, Sgt. Roland Pedersen witt a hospital unit in Italy, and Chief Yeoman Kenneth Pedersen, in the South Pacific. Another brother, Lt. Arne Pedersen, was killed on Feb. 2, 1944, whjle on a training flight over England, waj stationed at Naples, seeing action ,_ ^. „._.,.... -^ Jt e tha( he Start the )tQ head* .end '«• <$*• ,,v«|» "qftflto-. November 9- If e wa? taken to a hospital where be spent 19 davs 'and has now been transferred to ^rvice due ta'pombst ex, 'assigned to t}n|t, He •.JHHftgjJ he „ guar|erm8|ter fri ^lsx> Mfi?(jte that ' Sfniip^— that h< WQlflil, D^itroyer Cooper Lost Off Leyte Island According to an Associated Press dispatch the navy recently announced the loss at Leyte of the landing LSM 20 as a result of enemy action. At the Same tlhie the'navy also Wehllfied as the 2,200 ton destroyer Cooper the vessel Recently lost in the same Philippine waters as a result of .fchetny action. Th« loss of the destroyer had been an-* nounccd as of December Sth. And it so happens that the commanding officer of the destroyer Cooper was Com. Melt A. Peterson, of Algona, Re returned to the states ami came to DCS Moines by plane 'and Mrs. Peterson met him there and they came to Algona last Thursday anil he Spent until Tuesday of this week here with his family. On that day he proceeded on to Washington on official business and Mrs. Peterson accompanied him. At this writing: their return is still tin- determined, depending upon n'avy. officials In the capital city. CHAS.A.W1L150N DIED IN HOSPITAL HERE ON SUNDAY Had Been III Past Eight Months; Survived. By Daughter, Mrs. A. J. Hertig, Algona; Was Past Years of Age. 90 Following an illness which extended over a long period, the past eight months' of which were spent as a -patient .in- the Kossuth hospital, Ohas. A.< Willson, 90, passed away, at •' the . hospital Sunday. Funeral-services were held Tuesday from the McCullough Funeral Chapel at> 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, in .charge of Rev. Robert "Lv-Kittrell, of the Baptist church, With, interment in Rivervtew cem- Charles M. Willson was born in Ohio on March 4, 1855, and came to Iowa with his family wheh. still a youth, and the grdat- er part of his life was spent in this State. On March 7, 1879, he Was married to Emma D. Howe daughter of thg late Dr.,_and Mrs. E, A. Howe of Bancroft, tffiTcere- mony ' taking " place in Benton >*To ithisnmton waskbri Pfc. Wm. M. Daughan to Arkansas Station Hot Springs, Arkansas: Reporting to the Army Ground and Service Force's Redistribution, Station in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Pfc. William M. Daughan of M- gqna is now living in one Of the four major Upt Springs hoigls ac quired by the army to Jiouse new installation. 'Veteran ol 53. monjih? overseas combat }n the Kuropean theatre,. Pfc, Daughan returned to the states in November, Jprior to checking in at the Hot-Springs ? t§tlo,n bf spent fl Jl- tbe whtte took, pwt }n enemy and Jeiry Good Sing* the Air In Tucson Boy/Choir away m 1924j and a Mrs. A. J. Hertig, of Algona, who survives, he'r father. • Ten years ago he came to Kossuth county, but the . last; ..several years his ihealth had been poorly and he was a patient at the Kossutti county hospital; -ui?. to the time of his removat ttprthe- Kossuth hospital. •„.-:':",'.', .. Relatives frpjn out of town in attendance at. the funeral Tuesday afternoon weve Mrs. Harold Bushnell, . "granddaughter, a n'd Mrs. -,Tra Willson, daughter-in- law.' 'both of Mt. Auburn, Iowa, ancLMrs. Wayman Clpsso, granddaughter, of Mason City. DERWOOD EIGLER, FENTON, VICTIM OFPARTAHACK Fenton: Derwood R. Eigler, prominent, young pharmacist died suddenly of a heart attack at his home at Lafayette, Ind., Christmas night. He was 32 years of age, born and raised in Fenton, the son of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Eigler. He attended arid was graduated from the local high school and later graduated from the school of pharmacy, Creighton University. Omaha, in 1933. He practiced his profession in Nebraska and with his father In Fenton. Two years ago he became associated with the Ford Hopkins Drug Company arid worked at Cedar -Rapids and Ot- turiiwa, Iowa, later moving to Lafayette. The body was brought to Fenton and funeral services were eon- ducted from the Methodist church on Friday with Rev. F. C. Preul in charge, and bural in the Methodist cemetery. Pallbearers were Eugene Huskamp, Robert Huskamp, Robert Goetsch, Hildreth Pettit, Ray Tietz and Ray Priebe. Surviving the young man are his parents, a brother, Paul, a sister/ Mary Jane, and his wife, Virginia, and six, year old son, John, Out-of-town relatives attending the funeral were Mary Jane Des Moines; Mrs. E. A- Hws- Los Angeles, Calif., and Mrs. J. M, gpglin of Kossuth Members of 51st General Assembly Take Up Duties Monday SENATOR DUANE DEWEL When the 5lst General Assembly convenes in the state house in Des Moines next Monday forenoon two Kossuth residents will be sworn in •to serve, Duane Dewel, Algona, senator for Kossuth Palo Alto and Emmet counties, and Ed Capesius, as representative for Kossuth county. It is the first, experience of both of these gentlemen holding a state office, Senator DeWel was elected on the republican ticket last November while (Representative Capesius democrat, carried the county for his office. It will probably be remembered that the senatorial district, the 49th, now contains only the three courities, Kossuth, Palo Tcch.-Sgt. Paul 8th Afttiy Air fo Been fteported Since September llth REPRESENTATIVE CAPESIUS Alto and Emmet, Dickinson and Clay having been absorbed by a new senatorial district to the west of us. Since the early organization of senatorial districts in Iowa the 49th was the largest from the standpoint of area in tha state. The biennial session of the general assembly in Iowa holds forth for 100 days, starting With the second day in January. If the session extends beyond the 100 days the members of the genera! assembly receive no pay. is no doubt that the coming session will be one of weighty importance with many problems of state to be taken up for settlement. Wesley: A memorial __. mass was said Tuesday MCI in St. Joseph's Catholic by Rev. L, N, Klein fof Sgt. Paul Garman, old&rt Mr. and Mrs. August CL__ Wiled in action over, ,,,0efn« Sept. 11. The Garman family*] ceived word Sept. 25 fliat f was missing in action. Sattir . they received official nftticfl -death. '- — 'a Entered Service in Paul was born Feb. 2; the farm where the, lives. He attended Si parochial school land-, , mff, from Wesley Hfgh In/lSSu. entered sfcfvlee in 'the armfe 1, 1942. Jam 1, 1043-he \tt ferred to the army 1 air ectfpHs; trained at»,carnps iffiT^xds, ian4, Tennessee,"" l$a U, V-rf '&? Ida June, eneral the 8th Army Air There j first engineer.' Honorary nallbeaters were i ice men of World," War (W v r — _.i_*u *»*r i A ^<*£t i * <v*#_i_j* ' Sgt. Wilmer J. Weber, Whittemore, Missing In Action In Europe After having- received word recently that their son, Sgt. Wilmer J. Weber, ball gunner <Xn a B-24 Liberator tax the llth air force in Italy, had been awarded the distinguished badge and one bronze cluster for outstanding performance with the llth air force,,'over enemy territory, Mr. and Mrs. Shnon_Weber, _o*_ Whittettore, " received notice from* the government Friday that their son was reported missing: hi action. The telegram said letter would follow. We were unable to get further particulars at this writing. 'Set. Weber has a sister, Marjorle, employed In* the county treasurer's office here. FOR ENSUING YEAR Newly elected members of the Council of Algona Townsend Club No. 1 met with Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Heard Thursday evening. Dec. 28, for the purpose .of reorganization The auditing committee finished their work, finding all books in first class shape. The officers were sworn into their new chairs with Mrs. A. M. Anderson as president and Miss Norine Lallier administering the oath. H. E. Miner was named first vice-president; Kenneth Dooley, second vice-president; Mrs. Cora Holdren, secretary; Mrs. Mabel Kruse, treasurer. Committee chairmen are Mrs. Mary Heard, membership; Mrs, Ellen Bjustrom, finances; William Carney, public relations; A. M. Anderson, publicity and extension; Mrs. Grace Carney, woman's auxiliary; Miss Jean Holdren, program, and Mrs. Lena Magonigil, social. It was voted to hold regular business meetings the first and third Tuesdays of each month, and the council members would meet on the Friday . evening following the last regular meeting and the auxiliary on the last Monday of each month, Hajnjnond, Ind. Mr«. Claude White Lt. John Phillips In Belgium Hospital In a letter written to his ^-parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Philips, Algona, Lt. John Phillips wrote on December 16 from a hospital in Belgium that he had suffered an attack of pneumonia and that he was recovering, Then op the 19th he wrote that the Germans were coming and he was helping evacuate the hospital of patients to a rearward position. The iwp letters arrived here Sunday morning. Lt. Phillips had arrived in Belgium only recenly as he was on his way over there on Thanksgiving day. SILVER WEDDING CELEBRATED IN UNION TOWNSHIP Mr." and Mrs. JEarl Sheppard Guests of Honor at Rome of Daughter, Mrs. Louis Schumacher, Saturday. Union: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sheppard were guests Of honor, at the* home of their daughter and son-, id-law, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schumacher, in Union township SaV urday f 'Dec. 30. It was'flle 25th wedding anniversary of the Sheppards' v and 50 guests' 1 were enter-/ tahiecLat dinner andssrputtd^Sj guests m the evening.. Cards werje played, i T h e •> b: "~ groomsman,; of 25 hohoreoVguests V* 1 Father more, was "d tier wedding • were decorate^ ors of 25 ye white. . For this obscrvi ___„ was dressed in a t^HHHft^P le and gray suit witjHHHRage "of pink roses, and fltMN|csmaid wore a tWo-piece 'Stilt dr powder blue and wore a corsage of white carnations. Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard were married by Father Coughlin at Whittemore. Mrs. Sheppard was Katherine Henry, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Henry also of Whittemore, andTVIr. Sheppard the son of the Gilbert Sheppards ol Algona and a former rural mail carrier there. • The Sheppards. have two children, Mrs. Louis Schumacher, (Geraldine) of Union and a son. Duane, unmarried, who farms the home place neat Whittemore, and two grandchildren, Merlin and Judy Ann Schumacher, Lunch was served to the guests in the evening. The couple was presented with many beautiful and useful gifts besides $40 in cash. Loebig, Schrauth, _. Albert Lifiktdg Members ^of ihe'Ufi Women attended in Four Sisters, Brothers tStir Paul is surVived'tbj^yhii ents, four sisters and^oufj ers: Sister Gratian*"" Carmel, raine) Mrs. Of Britt; Ed of Garman,'s< Tom, John and Rita'at his graridmother, ;SMfc#__. of w^siey** ' t * * \" Relatives attended^*Jhe ffnrH n1,,o -Prf^th t./llr.n' 1 from more, n--^^i'Mr. ' ^r.iVandM, haye Former West Bend Resident Passes In Medford, Wisconsin West Bend: Del Isch, U. S. Federal Forest Ranger, died at his home in Medford, Wis., following an illness of three days as the result of a heart attack which proved fatal to him on Christmas eve. He was 50 years old, born at West .Bend, Nov. 21, 1894. He graduated from the high school h^re and attended Iowa State col^ lege at Ames. On Nov. 18, 1932, he was married to Lucille Hep- flnger In Park Falls, Wis,, and the wife and, three children survive. He had been associated with the forest ranger service since 1925. Attending the funeral were Mrs. Otto Kin?mann pf Elmore Julius Bass of West Bend. North Western agent received the Purple Heart „—,_ r time ago at the time of his^flrstj" injuries. ' • Bode Man In Salt Lake Train Wreck The only person fronvKJ county thus far reported to been in the Union Pacific near Salt. Lake is,.Miles ( ^ Helmans of Bode, His wilef two children and his mother at Bode where they operate man's drug store. Miles was route back to a camp near Francisco after spending the v hi days with his family. He, ' " that he waj ok and had not hurt at all. Farm Skies For Januai farm 6 miles Highway 18 is a farm located Itt miles weet,of ' ing, out op of January 18, Wro, J.' Mp farm I mile east'and'$ Se*ton, is quitting djspps|pg of bis*" closing out sale shin. to Unofficial Figures Indicate Over Bond Drive Quota l» Bounty hit, § new purchases in the <5tb, War tk -^l$ A Y*{ _^» °* fc§* Friday, thp -federal Seserw S*nfe had diui cr^clttftjl to $1,832,3QS to here far attended the

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