The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS IHE DOMINANT NEWSPAl'KR OF .NORTHEAST AKKAMSAC «wii .Qnirriifiu-i. ,,,,.,.„,„,, **-^ VOL. XXVII—.NO. 229 Blytheville Courier, Blythevlllc Daily News, Blythevllle Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader. OF NORTHEAST AKKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI . DRCI-IMUKK n, i< HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIE^'FIVE CENTS Grant County Bank Resumes Business Mississinni IMlSSlSMppi LITTLE ROCK. Dec. 11 (UP)— The Grant Counly Bank of Sheridan resumed business today after a suspension during the financial unrest that swept Arkansas three weeks ago. Affairs of the Institution have j txen reorganized and Us entire financial structure has been placed rjon a more solid basis, the stale nent Rapidly Growing Coun- \ J ""^ department has been in- tlCS More Votes. j W. E. Taylor, state bank com- i missioner, today approved Hie mer- Einstein Wants Quiet Visit, in U. S. Bank of the United Stiles' Suspends Business Wlicn j Merger Fails. i RrapportioiureiU of the Arkansas legislature on the basis of the 1930 census, provided for in a bill IT be introduced by Senator I! A Nelson when the legislature convenes nest month, will give Mississippi county three representatives. Instead of one, and a senator of her own instead of sharing NEW YORK, Dec. 11. l UP)—The I gcr of the State Bank of Siloani | Springs and the Hutchins First i , , , , , , National Bank of Slloam Springs. 51trilc , S T^ i 71 ° f ta " kln "' The consolidation l,as been Under- JKOph , *' ™!* c ', [ *; ™P '"'' way some time with the Hutchins First National assuming the lead- jng role. The new bank will relaln the a senator with tiro other counties Uofial as at present. Other Arkansas counties which will win incieaLed lepresentatlon under the bill arc Crnighead, Crlt- i lenden, Miller. Pulaskl. St. Francis and Uninn. all of which have enjoyed a substantial growth in population, since the last apportionment. Pnlaski county will gain ihree representatives. Union, like Mississippi, will gain two. while i tlie others will Bain one each. ] On the other hand eleven ciun-| ties will each lose on? reprcsenta-' live. Thesn are Clark, Columbia Conway. Crawford. Franklin. Tn-i riroendence. Lcn I.ogan. Pope. Washington name of the Hutchins First Na- of the Uank of ihc Unit- an Institution which has ' deposits of $202.fl7?,00fl, of which j there are 59 branches in New York ; city. ! Heavy withdrawals were rciiort-1 ed last night at 13 branches in tlr.' j i Bronx and Brooklyn. Leading n-1 j nancial interests of the city. In-! I eluding representatives of J. l'. [ j Morgan and company, and federal ; I reserve authorities, worked all last j night In an efforl to aid ihc bank, j i The aid planned was centered about i a proposed merger which would | have brought a billion dollar bank. | Fiffv Eat Turkey, Heat- Talks at Osceola Courthouse Last Night. Negro's Death Sentence Commuted by Governor LITTLE HOCK, Dee. 11 (UP)— i Ciovernor Piirni'll loduy commuted 'ito llic Imprisonment the tentcnce ! -nrnnirrnilin 0 ' iM " ek Clcvolnml. Columbia IIL ULI ILL Ull I L colml >' "wo, convicted ot inur- 1 IN nil II I nil I n ilerliit; two mseu children, and UltllLLILI UILLU sentenced to die in Ihe electric chulr Friday morning. The chief cxicutlvc's action followed a report by physicians nt foi' Delavino Arlinn In the Kl " lu llos l lll;Ll for nervous dls- .....) .*> 'W-i'Oll 10 emu's , vh i<. n indicated that Clcve- lund is not. mentally responsible. Cleveland was sentenced to die with four oilier negro muvdi'rers Cntici/cs Aclniinislration ino Ar A'lii 'M- Aid Unemployed. Flames Destroy More Than 25 Freight Cars After Derailment. . WASHINGTON. Dec. 11. (U!>> — The Democratic assault on I'rc.-l- l dent Hoover's relief program was 1 continued in congress today. , ' H was marked, however, not by j c co " (lllctcl1 ' vitriolic outburst* as -were heard in '• the senate yesterday but by a.; measured plan by Senator Robert; F. Wagner. Democrat, New York.! for speedy enactment of his bill-, to aflord permanent unemployment \ relief, thai are now; held up In thf i trnllon had been chastened by the last election mid would be willing (o cooperalc In an endeavor to ef- Prof. Albert Einstein, fcct samc relief," Wagner said, "In-1 j shown above In his i.tudy, before he sailed for a visit lo the United!-'"" 1 I - nm KrcctC(t wllh tlle ° w j Stales. "I am only going lo visll friends while in WYNNE, Ark.. Dec. 11. One man was burned lo death and order liiat 'an examination might', several olhcrs are believed to have ' died In Ihe wreckage of a .Missouri Pacific, freight (rain five miles east ! of here laic last night; The body of -Arch./ Anderson, Scarcy. Ark., was found today, b'ei nealli the charred ruins of a freight mi 1IEFTS1 Trainmen said H or .15. hoboes. . . ;i»»<i 9 w i ii»i • W |-t'ei'c riding the freight: and' they Administration Uricliuslenrd ! j believe several of them perished. "I relumed lo Washington, cher-! r-v • n A • j °«e car of nmlos, a car of chickV ; Ishing the hope that the'ailmlnls-! UpCl'allVC Here to Assist m <™ nnd 25 cars of general freight, R.,,,tr' DailK Ihe following statement: "Resolved that whereas rumors j ~" have been circulated. which have' >' ou WBI1 > lo stud a message lo the 1 , press, lei it be that I waul- lo be •caused abnormal withdrawals of left alone." Profes-or Einstein, probably the .world's foremost matn- * f™"i.!L" 1 !: !cmticla!1 ' ull ° sall « ! fl ' om A1UCT1 'P *»» h '* «'lfe. Is reported to have been ordered abroad for his health. A department of justice opera .* states: ,f!:r'to o ar^^ orrow ' iti3iM i^^>--'- Wngncr said he had not including several'car/) of crude oil; "land gasoline, were destroyed in flrb, A defccllve rail Is believed to have caused the wreck. The amount' of to I the apparent embezzlement of $50.- damage had ; determined ' been definitely; The orinciol^ embodied in Sena- Nelson's bill was eiven the en- rtcrrement of Parnell last Governor instituted a year ago by County Judge George Barham. A turkey dinner, served by the s "mmcr. Political I women's auxiliary of the First l»«dcrs and civic organizations inj Prcsbvterian church of Osceola, ail r«ii-t< of the stat» have nporov-|was followed by Introductions and en if. its effect will be simplv to (short talks some In a humorous enualize renrerentdtlon on a barfs; vein and some devoted to county of DODjilalion so th«t citizens in problems and the program for the E. Sollenger was all narts of equal voice in miblic affairs as nearlv z* is permitted by the state constitution. Under the constitution the house SL representatives is limited to .100 toastmaster, and county agents, highway workers and.others participated. .' Praises Judge Barham members, and each of the 75 ciiiri-! * number of the sneakers paid ties is entitle^ to a'. least, one rep- ijr ll)u '^ to the record made by rosentntlve. That leaves . 25 rep- j Judge. Barham in the administra- rcEcntatlves to be anpc,rtioned| tion . of county affairs during the nmint tii c .larcer counties. There;P a st two vears. J. T. Coston de- arc 18.545 persont in the state.-for!Bribed him &s "the best, county each representative while under 'the i Judge Mississippi county has ever DrcDOsed reapoortionment counties!had." The development of county having more than one represents- highways under the present admin- live will have 19,120 persons to the representative, sn that even after the proposed change the larger counties will have slightly less rep- re.'.?ntalion in proportion to pop- illation than the smaller OIKS. At present the 25 extra representatives are divided nmrtng twenty, rounties, white under the 1 Nelson bill only sixteen counties will have more lhan one islratlon has been particularly worthy of. praise, Mr. Coston declared, sayine .that Judge Barham rould go'out of office "with the thanks and plaudits of those best c*i^ii'intcd with his work." Judge Barham made the concluding talk of the'evenine: saying that he had'simply done the best he knew how to do and'that the withdrawal of deposits which result in disorder, and It Is desire:! that all deposllors be treated eaiial- ly and assets conserved for Iheir interest, the officers of the bank hereby authorize and advice the state superintendent of bankin'; of, New York that they believe it to: be for the best interests of tiie depositors of Ihe institution that h3 take possession of the assets in the bank according to the laws of New York, with hopes of a speedy and satisfactory reorganization beini effected, the bank reopened, 'nnti money due depositors paid at the earliest possible time. " Carolina Bank Closes LAURENCE, S. C., Dec. 11 (UP) Company Owning Memphis Anneal Papers Involved in Court Action. \ NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 11' cut 1 ). —Suit for nwlvcrJhlp of the Southern Publishing comoany. Inc.,] ' us holding e-moany for.the Mem- ' pSfbut'for SJiCSraS ^/'A ^aSK ?* i >» " ~ S,s" lief but regarded them far from ^p^'formc*' caller M L*- ^™™^™™* sii fll cleat. Democratic leaders interrupted consideration of the interior department's appropriation bill kicper of the institution, are'now In county jail awaiting the filing of federal charges against thenv So far ns Is known, the accused i ...... -- , wllh a protest over failure of He- 1 mc n. both of whom have admitted ! - when the nan said he heard a man cry for help but was unable to reach him. The wreckage burned several nnd the heat from the fire ' i so intense trainmen, who tried . , . publican leadei-s to call UI ) ihe hnipiicalion In Ihe theft of the I ' lly lo rclnovc iwts of the car, $50.000.000 drouth relief bill by the , no ' ill;y , wm remain In the local i until (he agent has completed at senate. Disgruntled senate forces were ! u-nsl the preliminary features ' of called upon yesterday to enter a ! h^ innulry. l -jail ! we l? UIls »«es s ful in their f.ght. - hcen » 111 = ld »°' 'MVC Hie .new cooperallon for emergency rc- Ilief by Senator Robinson of Arkan- Eight Arrests Made by Pol- i ™ • ICC Oil Authority of New 1 Hcover ' s denunciation of congrcs- /-i J- T I ' sional proposak that fell outside Urdmance today. A court battle over Ordinance proposak that fell outside the presidential program. Tav Boost .H Necessary Ihr.t he did rnI , 1 ! rnl1 ?' n - c - Williams, division su- t. He said this morning , ""Inlemlenl here snld, and noua not expect to flic in- I °f " lc tro '»men was hurt. formallons ngalnst them until he | ; On -"count of Ihe burned bodies lias gone over Ihe ground and ac- i 0! mi "« s "enealh Ihe wreckage it que.lmtd himself with the fads. (J 88 "'nl clllt to I mtlly any of the The operative interviewed Scott Human bodies believed trapped. ' this afternoon, but if he obtained .. Ino trftm wa s cnrouta from'Llt- , .. nny Intormallon In addition to that ..if • XIenl P hl3 wh ?n one o hiihorin mnrfo raihii/- t» ho« unf ! '»8 cars was derailed, the other hitherto The senate resounded for -Tncst of .tjen divulged. ' ' ' public it fias not ; " ' ' • of was derailed, the others ' ' . phis Commercial Appeal and Knox- vil!e Journal, will be heard at. 3 -The Farmers National Bank of | > o. m. today Chnncellor James B. Laurence failed to open for busl- N ' e ;, nian '""onnced this morning I =ci:rl Friday. 372, prohibiting taxis from parkin; ifhe day with angry replies to Mr. at slr^ci curbs within the fire zone! Hoover and Republican leaders except, to pick up or discharge pn.s-! found discontent In their regular sensers. locmcd today as eight taxi j ranks. They were silent, though operators and driven; were arrested Senalor Watson of Indiana, parly by p-lice and cited, (o appear in (leader, left the bedside of'a sick representative, j co-operation he had received from These will be: Pnlaski, 7: Jefferson.j other county officers and from Mississippi, Sebastian and Union,;county employes was largely re-! for whatever progress has i wife to take charge of the situa- u...., <-.,*.(,- luu^u LU i-.}jcii iui uu:»i m, ,. . , , ., , ness tcday. following action of the . f - u l lnvolvcs only <•"•"> stock The ordinance was passed at the: Uot >board, which was faced with heavy , '"* h ~'i' n * company which was Tuesday night, session, of the city Robinson advocated, in addition withdrawals. It was capitalized at nlacert '*"" tnc Nashville Trust. council with on emergency clause lo the drouth relict bill, that th« $50,000. company in return for debentures j that provided for it to go Into ef-! government purchase and distribute of $1,500.000. now owned by the; fcc; immediately upon being pub-'surplus wheat now held by the Minnesota and Ontario Paper com- [ Hshed. The ordinance was publish- j farm board- road Improvements In the flood -stricken slates and con- ordinnncc the! tlmialion of the agricultural cxlen- , 3: and Benton, Craighead, Crittenden. Garland. Hempstead, Lonoke, Miller, Phillips St. Francis, Wash-1 mention" oV B?."k"wiison."'coimty been made. He made p ingt"n and White, 2 each. Following is Senator Nelson's bill in full: A Bill for an Act to Be Entitled An Act, to Apportion and Establish The Representatives and Senatorial Districts In The Stst,? of Arka; Be It Enacted By ihc Serial of Arkansas highway engineer, and the highway maintenance organization, as responsible for improvement In the county hlg'<w'av system. Debt Reduced larifcuiar i Killed and Robbed Memphis Auctioneer, Cabaret Singer Admits. pany, a parly lo the receivership ed yesterday. ' ' In pnsdng the ~Z~ _ ,. ..._. council backed up a suggestion I slon work. NASHVILLE. Tei.n..Dec. 11 <UP' mndc lo the cmcf 0[ ^^ ftttu ,, n e proposed that a bond lane -Tlie Lea newspaper chain and November sc-slon that he order be employed, if necessary, lo meet Col. Luke Lea, the principal owner., taxi drlvcrs w ^sist fiom using \ the added costs for relief work ra- became tiic target ot financial lc-; parking 'stands at various street \ ther than an Increase of tax-s TVJ i , n-, w, gal sallies tcday with the nilng cf i corners fcr places to o|:crnlc their, "But I would raise laxes""' he VYOVK tor TllOSC Wantlllf It three suits Involving recovery of; business. At, the time the alder- : roared, "ratlier lhan refrse our pri i:-MlsspUri.'.Si\cifin. : .' company today estimated, wreck- './*-*' ^* T WJ5r~- • ' } • ' Scott, 'In talklhtr 'with^.fflen'ds ' Who called at the jail to see him I ? al "™aii company today ( this morning, expressed his willing-1 f" !mn * B ™ s "'»n8 from UK new to help bank cmplaycs or'au- m;r M ™ burning of the train at dltors trace the falsification of-the ! more "™ " bank's records • by which he con- j ccalcd the defalcations, but con-1 tlnued 16 express Inability to tcl! I ^hat became of the money. I . , SlfW.OOO from Col. Lea personally, men were under the impression and a receivership for the Nish- Tenncsjcan. and Sauthsrn villc Publishing comnsny. Inc., owner of the Commercial Appeal and Evening Anpeal in Memphis, and the SALT LAKE CITY,- Utah, Dec. 1! Kncxville Journal. (UP)--Her bravado and flippancy | Paper Company Sues r n i- TI [decreased county revenues. rrom Benin iheatre! Mr. wiison. who with sponsored the "I killed him," she sobbed, "but rern named Col. Le?, president Judge! don't tell mama. I couldn't b^ar the Southern Publishers. Inc. and that police regulations gav,? Chief M. G. Goodwin authority for the order. Taxi operators followed the police order for a day bu'J later returned lo their stands after con; forrlng with their lawyer, Claude i F. Cooper. The city atlorncy, Capl. : Ivy \V. Crawbrd, concurred In the contention of Cooper that police, regulations did not provide authority for the order and taxi operators rerurr.:rt to tiieir street corner ' St: the council was designed to give police authority for such action. The ordinance provides for n minimum fine of S25 and a maximum fine of S1CO. Tile following lux op;rators are charged with violation of the ordinance: R. E. mary duly to «ncve n such a thj." J S " C " " Will Be'Given Murder Charge Hearing Preliminary licaring will be held at Caruthcrsvillc, Mo., Friday, December Ifl, for W. Henry Caldwell, 50 year old Tyler. Mo., fanner, .who Is charged with tho murder of Gus: Childress, 35, who. cil^d Monday from blows inflicted by Caldwell late Sunday night. Caldwelt, who was arrested late Tuesday, made bond of $7.500. Jus, tlce Tom M. Smith will have the Is Sought bv American' "^['"s- I • "r\sr ' \ Mlfsourian, a formor deputy LeglOll Ultice. i sheriff of Femtscol county, has . ; staled that he nnd Children, wn'o Plenty of Job-seekers but a very j Ilvc(1 near Luxora, exchanged blows marked scarcity of Jobs was the! ns th(1 climax to nn argument situation in which the American ! which Icok place Just over Uie Mis- Legion's free employment exchange sr)llrl 11|V? " e( « Huffman, He says found Itself at noon tcday, t:ie :ll e<!ld not know he had seriously first day of Its operation. \ injured him end went, on his way More than twenty applicants for ', " fler thc fi 3 nt work had registered before noon ° r ,°" B | lt to tlle •:nr!-..'n 10 uiL-n »vi 1-1:1 tuiner ., r\fr - i i with Corporal Luther Leathers. In • ° 5 '' ' nrn(| s. and:. The odlnnnce pa^ed by^ lOIing OiflCei' 01 Closed j charge of the exchange. Most ot i ' " Childress was hospital • %j-**ii^ v-*iii^^.i *_/i v^iuauvj Arlington Instifvi tion Shoots Himself. ARLINGTON, Tenn.. Dec. 11. (UP)— John Falls, 27. cashier of Mlf» TJanV nf Arllll^tn.l /./MnllllUn^l the Job sec):ers were laboring mcn. j who announced themselves ready | lo do "any kind of work," but in- 1 eluded in the list were carpent- 1 ers, bricklayers and one barber. ; Some delay was experienced In j the installation of the telephone at i C!iEpman-Dewey Theft Hearing !s Continued / OSCEOLA. Ark. — The trial of Aleck Hatley ar.d -W. P. Knight, rhni-piM \vitli pmh^77Trmpnh nf 51 fl BEHLIN, Dsc. II. (UP) — The war'setlicr meetings of county high- | did the Job nlone." 1 ' 5 nbody vvilh nle - ' | of the MenphiscommWdal' Ap- s:ringer, H. Stringertwo counts • the ^Bank of ArUr?to. commtted tho cxchaigebut isnow , . . film, "All Quiet on the Western j «'HJ' workers and officers during! "There is a man implicated in ] director In both orgsiib.aiions. a Frcn;" which caused a storm of j tne P as ' ' wo years, also spoke • the case. Ha planned the robbery i defendants. protest, and minor rioting during Us ! briefly, expressing appreciation of with me hue he was not there. I j Attorneys stre.wd that Ihe sui 1 I peal Inc.. and Rogers Caldv.f II. n j Carl's Matleny atid Hubert Carter, suicide early today by chootins i rfi.,.t». i.. u-.,. _ .•_-.:— ._! .... , _:,_.., ^f ar | ln . oorsey lilmselt as a friends who had been : [< r ! Vcr .; ( Or ! Cannon, Buford Martin, Joe searching for him drove his auto, Scruggs and Ed James, driver tor . mobile alongside that of Falls on r.nd all persons needing lielp of from «'« Chapnwn-Dcwey any kind, even though they have Lumber Company, set for hearing ' no more than, a hour or two or of tlle ? ccurl , , work, are urged to call No. 208 and ' yesterday, was«l by agree- stale \elr rcoulKmenis. Tliu ex- me " [ °' ""orneys until inxt W^d- ering what course to take after the i * Iec . ted PJ es ' d , ent , °J, r the Osceola ' in his hotel room last S2turd?.v t nr e bonds in in? sum of Sl.500.dM j cabinet viewed the picture. .Civic Club. Sheriff W. W. Shaver, \ morning. The Dayle girl was ar.-.-fl- i secured" bv trust indenture to the j County Agents J. E. Cntz and :eri Tuesday and admitted that s'-e • Ha s «vli!« 'Tenir«.-nn | Stanley Carpenter, Miss Cora Lee ! intended to rob him but insists:!' aifsm.-m.incmenl' AlWcrt |CoIeman home demonstration that two men broke into the room . Another violation of ih- covcni-l ,agen, Miss Winnie V. Turner., aud beat her to It. cited was allied "mtsmamw- county supervising teacher, Addlson • Miss Dayle "broke" aft:r four . menl" ot affairs of thc M»nnVs smrth. dDputy county clerk, Harvey hours of grlmn g by police, who be- ; Commercial App,nr In? ' I 10 /! 13 ' d . epu . ty c J rcult . clerk ' Roland, ucve Jack Guinan. a barber, now ! The suit charges that an cHlchl in custody, was thc girl's eccom-: report of the Memphis Conimer- plice. They claim to have witness- clal Appeal Inc.. l a highway near here. „...,. ,„,,.. .„,,,...^...v,.^. ^^ ,»op- j The bank closed Its doo:s yeslcr- change will see that n suitable man ntsda i'- 'day in day, giving no cxplam'.lon. Falls! Is Immediately provided. Thc ex! left yesterday for Memphis, 28 j change Is located in the army and j milts southwest of here, and when ; navy recruiting office on thc. I he did not return a searching party j ground floor of the court house. , , j j was started.. j Besides registering the names for Garland CoiUlty Land | John Douglas, a member of the i and addresses of applicants, and i searching party, rushed Falls to a j the kind of work for which they . State Will File Suit Slerg Will Seek to Form New French Government Green, Green. R. Babcock and others. __ ^..^ .„..„ .._ ,. PARIS,' Dec. 1I. (UP)—Senator HOT SPRINGS Dec fl (UP)—:hospital""!^™ whe"r"e"he" il'ici"before I are 'mW' Coriirai" Leathers""is 'Theodore Steeg, former governor Action to connrm title in lands' m «lleal attention coukl be given obtaining Information concerning Bengal of Morocco, accep.ed m forfeUed In!oSJrtand coiinty for'W™. : their dependents, so that those in principal a commission to teniu- non-paj menl of IBMS will be filed; Banking department officials were greatest need, may Monday, Informally requested '.o take charge \ consideration. Oct. 31. showed ' according -o a statement made to- , of the Institution las: night. Florence i E. A. Rice, commander of the receive tat ' a ' e a caome ' f ro!n President Gas- Ion Doubergue today. I will seek a union of Republl- Mrs. M. E. Fontaine HI/, «» W WICS 31 new Mrs. M. E. Fontaine, 74, a sister! .... . of A, C. Hall, died at her home in Illinois Woman, 90, Vem- Xforfrl/i \ff* 1«r(- nlnU» -*-i ' ' New Madrid, Mo., last night after a nine weeks Illness. Funeral services are to be conducted in that !es to whom Guinan showed the cash on hand September 30 of SI,-i day by Viss B'ss'e N Florence i | American Legion post, Issued an- can groups," Steeg lold Ihe United .stolen Jewelry. He has maintiine::-307.591.57, while en Oclober 31. thl; I repif'cntBl'ive of the attorney gen-! COLUMBUS. O.. Dec. U. (UP)—j ether appeal today for puKic co- Press after he had conferred with, a sullen silence. Hem totaled only S76.2DS.-13. | eral's office ; William C. Willard. 53. vice-prcsl-1 tp.vatlon In making the employ-, "^ president at Elysse Palace. 1 The cabaret cnterttiin:r in cor.-' The suit alleges that (he Sauth-1 The proposed suit will Involve i del ! t ot 'he Huntln?:on National: r.ii nt exchange a success. Bus!-1 ' i fesslng the murder fainted twice em Publishers Inc.. has 1.000 shares: more than 1.000 acres slluated In oar iX here shot ar.d killed himself I ness houses or Individuals having ' of common no par value stock, half j ihe county, and approximately 200 , toda y 'n an ante-room of Ihe CD- : . w '°rk that must ultimately be done of which it says is ov:nod by Col- I city lots In' Hot Springs. The pro-' nimbus Athletic clu'o, cf which he , can render a genuine public ser- onel Lea. ar.d the other half by j ccdure will mark the first timeless a member. . v .lce by-having it done now, when WEATHER rr »! CM- Mr. Has Never Seen IV10V18 e dlv ' Mr. caldwell. The 500 shares alleg- j the state has taken such action to p}.-.: c+ ,, lp , . , city rriuav morning. «P»n.' R^ »• B g 11Carer ™ A ' Mr ' nnd Mrs - A - c - Ha ". Mr. ana : -Mrs. Nfarla Sophia Anderson, * nearer. But its still far cnmigh, Mrs . A . G . .Hall, Mr. and edlv owned by Mr. Caldv.-ell. trn J clear titles to lands annexed for ; General ^tvllrp? Start suit avers, were pledged to the ] non-payment of taxes since the an- j UCUL ' dl olrii "" ol ° 11 there are many men whose faml- - ,, ----- , ,,.-,„„._,, .^- . IIVJIl-IJH V IHl'llL UL UI.M-1 .^11 ICC 1»1U 1MI- i ff. _ - _ ,- • * ;clty Friday morning. 9 o'clock. | RCCKFOUD. ILL., Dec. 11 tUP) Bank of Tcnnc=sso to secure obli-1 thority'was granted it at the last] Today in Cadiz, Spam em P 1 <>Vi>«nt, l:e pointed out. ARKANSAS—Pair tonight and Friday. Colder tonight with frcez- Ilcs will be redticed to relying upon ing temperatures in the northwest: charity if they do not soon find regions. u<iun wi n;nin--s^i: LU .-ttun: v jn- inurny was granieu it at gallons of Caldwell and cornixmv. I session of (lie legislature. so that nn r it .""nu7" '" 'i """' "' "' I""" 1 ""• "'"* Mrs.-has never seen a moving picture and ere now In the uosb 0 s='.":i oi; !n« can te rtn-..i H « f I 11 ' °; , W!ckn ? m ' ML ' S Bcs s Hall show or eaten a meal In a rcsiaur- the receiver for the Bank of Ten-, OMAHA. lUP>-I'rccte Adkins » ^ .(, te done In time to get | and Miss Mae Toney will attend ' ent. celebrated her 90th blrtl ' , According to the official weather : observer, Charles Phillip.;, She min' all the packages mailed, and in i the services time to avoid the last minute rush. | The deceased, who had Ire. -I,;;, i, T, can 1f you ' re P™"" 11 ! Qaently visited relatives here, had ? rt ,. v i -T l haven '' R "endcd I lived- In thai Missouri city most to ft yet, you'd belter do It now. of her life. today. birthday nessee. Onlv one modern Invention, the • Baltic seal is merely the tmpi radio, has played a part in Mrs. er trade name for s«!-dyed ra city most Anderson's life. Her radio, the or the South American aquatic says. Is her greatest enjoyment. ,'dent known as coypu.

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