The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 13, 1957 · Page 43
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 43

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 43
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Secretary Beftson has set the 1958 wheat support price at $1.78 a bushel. That is 22 cents a bushel under the present $2 support. This will mean a loss of more than $200 million to U.S. wheat producers and their rural communities next year. But each of you wheat farmers could lose at least 75 cents a bushel more. In the Wheat Referendum June 20 xqu have a voting i choice between: J, YES—for wheat sup. , ported at $1.78. S. NO—which will bring wheat down to around $1 in the market place. Dollar wheat would mean uinous corn and livestock )rices.^ ?igure*your 1958 income either way. You will find you have o choice but to vote YES. nyone who owns or tenants • nas a joint share in ownership or tenancy of a farm growing 15 f qr more acres of I wheat can 'vote. Your/ ASC office will give you the voting I place and hours. A two. thirds YES vote is I needed to protect your income. [ So—be sure to vote YES on j JUNE 20. ihem on their day as we mothers get on ours. But they might get so they would like decent treatment if enough of us decided to give it to them. No reform comes easily but if we work at it, there may come a Father's Day when Pop gets, as they put *' it in political campaigns, equal time ivith Mother's Day. * « • Having expounded in this column on this theory both last year nd this, I can do no less than VOTE W H E AT R E F E R E N D U M . •/•.v>,i7' ; -: ; V'- v;:;! ^:i^v5:fe»^s i; • : . /Jim El Inserted in the public interest by: IOWA FARMERS UNION Father's Day is coming up next Sunday. We are supposed to be nice to Daddy—cook him a decent meal, let up on the nagging and allow him to do practically anything he wants to. This may put quite a strain Upon the rest of the family, tout it probably can be managed so long as it's for just one day. * • • Father has always received the short end of the sheet .when it comes to celebrating his day. Nobody even bothered to dream one up for him until we'd been having Mother's Day for years and years. Then somebody had a twinge of conscience and decided that after we get through heaping praises upon Mom on her day there might be a few kind words left over for the Old Man. So we have Father's Day. * * * Mother's Day is operated on the theory that'if a woman has given birth to offspring she:'has her chances for a harp and a halo all made. There are no reservations in the build-.up she gets on her day. Not so - with Father. Even the directives 'the National Father's Day Association puts out are not ideas of ways to show appreciation to Dad, but a list reminding him of the responsibilities and the ways of improving his role of paternity! Lois of the fathers I know would toe genuinely embarrased if we made as much fuss over practice what 1 preach. And because my Mother's Day column consisted of the different ways Mom appears to the members of her own family I mean to do the same thing for Father. There follows a list of the way the people at our house look on Daddy: * * ' • to Bill, age 13, father 5s a person whos Finds time to take me fishing. Always listens when I have a problem. , „ Tells me walking is good for me when I want him to drive me somewhere. Has to dig up the money to the pay the bills. Expects me to put on screens when he's supposed to. Really is the best friend I have. * * * To Mary Ann,'age 10, Father is a person who: Fixes my bike, my roller skates and trims my bangs. Acts proud when I do well in a program tout is awful hard to get there in the first place. Tells me to ask Mother before saying yes. Hates to scold us but means business when he does. Expects me to hang up my clothes; leaves his own jacket in a chair. Really is the kind of man I FRI.. JUNE 4th ANDY DOLL And The Ridge Riders 7 SAT.,"JUNE ISlh KEITH KILLINGEH - Orch. Booths available for July 3rd lo llth lo be paid for on or before 6-29th. TUE9., JUNE 18th Teenage Dance DON HOY Dick CoElie to Spin Top 10 THURS., JUNE 201h The World Famous GLENN MILLER ORCH. with RAY McKINLEY MONDAY, JUNE 24th Appreciation Dance "On The House Party" MALEKS US Dude Ranchers Pop - Ice - Hot Dogs - Free Popcorn an|l Checking Penny Beer All Evening mean to find when I get married. To Jean, age 8, Father is a par son who: ' Falls asleep when he's suppos ed to be baby-sitting. Answers my questions and I sure have a lot of them. Teases me by whiskering me when he needs a shave. Hands me a nickel sometimes when I've spent my allowance. Expects me to act like a lady encourages me to be a tomboy. Heally is easy ot get around when I flirt with him. * * * I am Mother, and to me the Father at our (house is a person who: Fixes faucets, sharpens knives, listens to my gripes and rubs my aching shoulders. Acts gruff when his emotions are touched. Tells me he's already heard it down town when I tell him a joke. Has to be reminded' to take a bath. Expects me to be smarter than I am. Really is nicer to live with than any man I know. * «• * Although I know they are completely out of context in a col 1 umn dedicated to Father, I have heard a couple of dog stories lately. The first one was told to me by E. L. Garbett. A family was dining in a restaurant and the steaks were mighty good tout there simply "was too much of it. The, father called the waitress and asked if he might lake the leftovers home. "They'll be real nice for the dog", he said. Whereupon the five year old son in the family piped up, "Oh, goody, Daddy! Are we going to get a 6-Algona (la.) Upper Pet MoINi June 1 3, THESE WOMEN} "Oops — excuse ME!" DAMAGE! with d-COM d-CON GUARANTEE d-CON ii guaranteed to destroy ratt and mice on your property or your money back. ACCIPT NO SUISTITUHS. d-CON Concentrate Mat,i t> full Ui. el koil *2 ends July 27. Of course, other youngsters outside of the contest age group are invited to take out as many books as they can read and they really have some fascinating ones down at the library. * * * 1 had coffee with Elvira Haase the other afternoon and she serv-; ed a.most unusual cqokie. It is especially good if you don't particularly like sweets as is the case with me. They are called Pecan Cookies and they are this week's recipe: 2 cups flour % teasp. salt 1 % cup butter 1 teasp. vanilla 1 tablsp. water Vi teasp. baking soda 1 cup chopped pecans Vt cup sugar 1 teasp. vinegar powdered sugar. Sift together the flour, soda, salt, sugar. Blend- in butter, vinegar and water. The dough will be very dry. Roll out dough into 3/16 of an inch/thickness and cut in rounds! Sprinkle with powdered sugar and bake in a moderate oven. —GRACE. As Advertised In Farm & Home Section KOHLHAAS HARDWARE Then there was a little boy who .ved next door to a dog he was ond of, named Lady. He call- d upon her every day but one norning, Lady wasn't there. He vas told that the animal was at fie veterinarians and the boy went home to report to his par- nts, "Lady is in the dog hospital. 'hey are having her shovelled!" • « • A great many local women are doing their washing, ironing and other housework in the afternoons these days. Daily Vaca- .ion Bible Schools are in session and these gals should really get a salute for giving up so much of their time to teach. It's not easy to do and still keep up with their other duties. * » * Our girls attend Bible School every morning down at the Presbyterian Church. Jcanie came home one day last week with the message that her teacher, Mrs Colwell, had told her they should repeat their Bible verses for the day to their parents. According to Jean, this particular day's verse was, "Go into all the world and spread the gossip to all the people." If you are looking for a worthwhile summer project for your youngster (and who isn't) you might call his attention to the Baseball Reading contest currently in session at the library. Each three books read counts as a run and there are prizes at the end of the session. Eligible are children who will enter the fourth grade this fall through the kids who will enter seventh. The contest began May 27 and JR. LEGION BENEFIT DANCE AND CARNIVAL BANCROFT Bancroft News Mr and Mrs Tony Schneider are the parents of a daughter born Tuesday at St.. Ann hospital in Algona. The little girl has two sisters and two brothers. Mr- and Mrs Richard Dudding are .the parents of a daughter born Tuesday at Holy Family Hospital in Estherville. The little *irl has three sisters and one brother. t Mr and Mrs Maynard Long and Lois Lampe of Cedar Rapids spent the weekend here with ;heir parents, Mr arid Mrs H. K. Lampe. SWE A CITY Honored At l.S.C. Ruth Ann Pehrson, freshman at Iowa State College, received the bronze instrumental award at the "Music Honors banquet last week' at Memorial .Union.. • She has participated in four music groups the past year. She sings in the college choir and the Iowa State Singers, and plays the tympani in'the concert band and symphony orchestra.'. Ruth Ann is majoring in'home economics education. As a prerequisite for. her degree, she will be employed this summer as food counselor at Camp O-than-ag6n at Three Lakes, Wis. She is, affiliated with Sigma Kappa, social sorority at the college. With Mrs Wallace Johnson as manager, the VFW drive-in opened Saturday for the season at the VFW hall 'on Highway 9 at the east edge of town. Hours of service are fro,m 5 p.m. weekdays throughout the eve* hihg, afld from 3/p.m. on Stltt-, days* - . • , • • - .. • . • - Mr arid Mrs Clifford Ahderabn announce the engagement of their daughter, Marilyn of'.'Port* land, Ore,, to Al Miles of Salettt, Oregon. Miss Anderson gradual ed ih 1962 from the Swea City high school and has been em : ployed as'receptionist in a doc- tp/s office in Portland. Her' fiance is a tea'cher and coach. An August wedding is planned. Vacation Bible school began Monday at 9 a.m. at Immahuel Lutheran Church for chidren who have finished kindergarten, through Confirmation age. A special'program will be given by the pupils at. services Sunday evening, June 9, at 7:30. Teach,-, ers . are Mesdames Monford Peterson, Morris Johnson, John Nymah, Albert Swanson, Roy Valvickj June Ewing, Ed Peterson .Cecil Thoreson, Miss Shirley Stenzel, Miss Reta Walker, and Pastor Leroy Pillniart. At morning Worship Sunday the Rev. S. H. Hammer of First Methodist Church conducted an examination of three boys and three, girls who had completed the course of. religious instructions, meeting each week throughout the school year with their pastor as instructor. The young people receiving diplomas were Michael. Stewart, Allen Mather, John Boland, Judy Pulver, Judy HurlbUrt and Sandra Ellefson. At the Grant church at the ten o'clock service, four girls received their diplomas: Wallie Kay Reynolds, Mary Ethel Gibson,- Janet • Richardson, and Nancy Patterson.' .Howard, Roalson and Tom Sanftner 'left Sunday, morning for Hawkeye Boys State at Camp Dodge. The 8th district of the American Legion provided, a 'chartered bus for the north central Iowa delegates to make the trip to Des Moines and back. OLD AUTO ' Jim Kolbeck has a car which will be right in style for Webster City's centennial celebration; a Minburn light electric automobile, manufactured about 1918. Thirteen 6-volt. batteries are used to power the car, which will travel 35 miles per hour. RETIRES At Inwood, Miss Malene Jacobson has retired after 36 years as a teacher. An excellent photographer, she plans a good bit of travel in the future. By MM Jerry Heetland Mr and Mrs Guy Beemer, Mr and Mrs. Robert Beemer and Monica attended commeneiement exercises at Morningside, College, Sioux City, May 25 and 26. Billy' Beemer was one of the class. Mr and Mfs Raymond Winter 'and Mr and Mrs Ronald Sehroe- der attended the wedding of Carmen Brandt and Wayne Jer* genseh at the Lutheran church at Swea City May 25. , Mr and Mrs Jerry Ukena received a telephone call from their son Paul of Pelham; Wew York Wednesday that a son had been born to them that morning. The new baby has been named Jeremy. The Ralph Boeckman family family moved Thursday to a farm home near Fairmont. Mr and Mrs Glenn Dewey of Clearwater, Fla., Were overnight guests of Mr and Mrs Jerry Ukena Friday. Dr. and Mrs Maynard Ukena and sons of Ames were Sunday visitors with.the doctor's mother, Mrs Ida Ukena. They' were all dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Jerry Ukena. Donna Olson accompanied Mr and Mrs Mike Winter to Venice, Calif, last week. Donna's sister, Mrs Morris Wortman, lives in Venice. Mr and Mrs William Kienitz, Mrs Carlyle Gerzema, Mr and Mrs James Smith, Mr and Mrs Vernon Smith and Mrs Minnie Thaves attended the Fortieth wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs Ed. Kienitz at Burt, May '30. Mr Kienitz is a brother of William, Mrs James Smith and Mrs Thaves. Mr and Mrs Frank Neaman BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Large Livestock Feed Supplement Company has opening in this community for Distributor. If you can work for someone else, you can work better for yourself on our Plan. Small investment of $292.00 for initial Stock. 10 ft. square dry space for storage. Desk in home for office. Turning stock over once— grosses $84.00 profit. Should turn over 2 to 3 times every week. We work with you and show you how. Ideal for ex-Farmer — Farmer with spare time or man who' knows Livestock. This is not an ordinary deal. Write for full proof without obligation to LBP, 2340 Maury St., Des Moines, Iowa. PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMORE. IOWA Sunday, June 16 GUY DE LEO Friday; June 21 Western & Old time SFRANK BUHR Sunday, June 23 LYNN KERNS Friday, June 28 TEEN-AGE DANCE Don Deane Sunday, June 30 DON HOY No Advance Booth Reservations — Doors Open at 8:30 BUTTERMILK makes the difference! WAKE UP YOUR APPEI1TE WITH OLD SOUTHERN FLAVOR WONDER BUTTERMILK BREAD My company offers all 3! If you have a famfly, own a borne, or drive a car .., you want the best protection money will buy. You can always rely on State Farm insurance for all three ... at reasonable rates. Before you invest in further protection for your family, your home or your car ... let me tell you about State Farm's budget-planned insurance. It pay* to knew your STATE FARM Agwif HAROLD C. SUNDET 300 East Elm Algona, Iowa PHONE CY 4-2341 FRIDAY, JUNE 14th Frank Jonas FRI. and SAT. JUNE 14th and 15th Byers Brothers SHOWS & CARNIVAL lOc rides for children under 12 yrs. on Saturday afternoon from 1:00 to 5:30 p.m. The Exclusive "Old Southern Flavor" Loaf Perfected By The Bakers Of Wonder Bread Recaptures The Exquisitely Delicate Flavor. . . The Unsurpassed Lacy Texture Of Buttermilk Bread From The Deep South Do it today! Wake up your appetite with delicious Wonder BUTTERMILK Bread. It's now at your grocery store ... a secret flavor blend perfected by The WonderBakers. Now recaptured la the exquisitely delicious flavor.., the unsurpassed Jacy texture of the buttermilk bread from the Deep South. If your family is hard to please, then you should try genuine '"Old Southern' Flavor" Wonder BUTTERMILK Bread. No other has this secret blend. So—for a real treat—ask your grocer for Wonder BUTTERMILK Bread. It's's dif-r ferent,.. it's delicious! co P r.,j957, CONTINENTAL BAKING COMPANY, INC. mm FRESH,.. At Your Grocer's Now I Buttermilk and children visited Frank's .too- BUTTERMILK makes the difference Mrs Ethel Ballard of Union oame Tuesday to stay with her granddaughters, Sherry Lou and She? yl Hue; Anderson, while their parents, Mr and Mrs A. E. Anderson vacationed at Woman Lake, , Mr 'and Mrs 1 Rdy Albers and family attended a'^." 80 ^™™; lly reunion at Tuttle Lake Memo- Hfll DflV • Mr and Mrs Hugo Hans of Rockford, III visited at the George Sehroeder home the past week and with other local relatives. Mr Hans is a brother of Mrs Sehroeder, Mrs Mary Zoller and Ahrend Hans. UOM Classifieds Pay Dividends DEMONSTRATION AND PERSONAL SHOWING ALGONA HOTEL TUBS., JUNE 18 9 A.M, to 12 NOON Batteries and service for moat hiakes — You are invited io come in. IOWA AUDIPHONE CO. ' 611 Fleming Bldg. 6th it Walnut Sis. — Des Moines Authorized Zenith Hearing Aid Dealer Studebaken has... THE MOST HEADROOM of any car in its class. Ample leg room, too. STYLING that started the trend toward the low silhouette. POWER AND ECONOMY up to 276 hp—plus America's best economy record I TWIN TRACTION another exclusive that lets you go when others are stuck. LUXURY-LEVEL RIDE I with variable-rate • I front springing in all (sedans. 18 MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM... We have... • • TRADES the other* just talk about! • TERMS that nult your convenience! •SERVICE that you can always depend upon. •DRIVE •COMPARE,., and you'll buy... STUDEBAKER SCHULTZ BROS. South Phillips Street AK30NA, IOWA

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