The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 13, 1957 · Page 34
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 34

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 34
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\ Dei Mo!n« ThuMday, June 13, 1957 IWittemore At Dubuque — : Four Whitte* tnore families rejoiced 'with their' sons a week ag6 Saturday, June 1, when they attended the ordination to the Sacred Order df Subdeacons at Mount. S.t. Bernard's Semiriary in Dubuque. Rev. M. Charles Bormann, Rev. M. Clettis W. Besch, Rev, M. Louis Kollasch, and Rev. M. Armand J. Elbert tpoK their first ttiajot step 'in advancement and tbward Priesthood in which they will be ordained next Spring. ' Relatives who attended were Mr and Mrs Fred Kollasch, Mr and Mrs Charles Bormann, Mr?v Norman Lane, Glenn Kollasch ., Mr and Mrs A. S. Elbert, Charles Mary D, Miller Of Algona Gets Top Prize An Algona girl, Mary Dell Miller, sh'own here, daughter pf Mr and Mrs Harold Miller, was named recipient of the Duchesne filbert, Mr and Mrs Melvin A. Prize during the annual Duch- Elbert, Mr and Mrs Robert Ked- ihg, Gary Borman, Mr and Mrs Dean Elbert Besch. and Mrs William ' Coleen Farrell, daughter of Mr and Mrs John''M. Farrell, will represent the American Legion Auxiliary at Hawkeye girls state Iowa State Teachers collegi campus in Cedar Falls, Juni $-22. . Walter A. Meyer and Harlai Leininger left for Seward, Neb. last week Sunday where they attended the high school graduation of the former's son, Richard at the Concordia Teachers College at Se\yard. Mr and Mrs Loreni Gade from here also attended the graduation and brought home their daughter, Brenda, also a student at Concordia College. "*, Charlotte Meyer R. N. employed at the Naeve hospital in Albert Lea, spent last Wednesday and Thursday with her parents, Mr and Mrs Theodore' Meier. I Mr and Mrs Francis Spilles and spns visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Donald Hartman and Mr and Mrs Paul Meyer in Estherville Sunday. '•Mr and Mrs James Mueller and family .accompanied by the former's mother, Mrs Frank Piekarski, left the fore-part of last week [Or Battle Lake, Minn., for a peek's outing and fishing, and -Visit with Mr Piekarski who is at Battle Lake. Mr and Mrs Erwin Siems .returned home from their week's lishing in northern .Minn., and esne College honors convocation at Omaha, Nebr. Rev. Mother Eleanor Regan, honorary-president of the college, presented the award to Miss Miller for outstanding scholarship and activities* as student. (UDM Engraving) reported fishing favorable. Edward Neitzel, son of Mr and Mrs Durwood Neitzel, and a 1957 graduate from Presentation Academy in Whittemore, passed examinations in Des Moines recently and can pick one of six subjects he may wish to major in when entering the navy this month. In a deal made last week, Gordon _Jenson bought the Mrs Veronica Slagle home in the southeast part of town and Leo Merman bought the Stan Brotherton home in the north part of t town. Mr Jensen is the athletic 'coach and Mr Morman is superintendent of the Whittemore public school and both families will move in the near future to their respective homes.' Mrs Ida Kueckcr of Lotts Creek retired from her farm and moved to Whittemore last Tuesday to her home one block south of Main street which she bought early this year. Mr and Mrs Harold Kueckor, ray and Joyce ,Mrs Jen McKcan, fill and Gai-y of Algona drove to Slayton, Minn. Sunday morning o visit with the former's brother and family. Showers For Three Future Bancroft Brides Bancroft — Bridal showers were held Tuesday evening for Diane Sandt, daughter of Mr and Mrs Nick Sandt, *md Sunday afternoon for Lois Schiltz, daughter of Mr and Mrs Arnold Schilte Monday evening for Mildrec Hellman, ' daughter of Mr and Mrs Floriari Hellman. All three weddings will take place in St, John's Church here. Miss Marilyn Doyle, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ray Doyle, left Sunday for Gale University in Minneapolis. Miss Doyle is a '57 graduate. A class farewall party Was held in her honor. Mr and Mrs Laurence Becker are on a two week vacation and with their daughter, Becky and 3etty Menke are visiting friends in Florida. . Mrs Frank Hemmerling, Grand Torks, North Dakota and Mr and Mrs Ross Solberg of St. Paul spent the weekend with the Forrow, McGuire relatives in this vicinity. Nick Sandt returned Thursday evening from Tucson, Arizona, where he was called by the serious illness of his daughter, Bernice, who passed away, ten days ago. A pink and blue shower was held at the Dan McGee home Wednesday evening, honoring Mrs Roger Wilhelmi, who with her husband are visiting their parents. Roger is stationed in Mexico at the present tirne. Banns of marriage were published for the first time Sunday between Merle Schoff and LaVonne Griese of Burt; Albert Kahler, son of Mr and Mrs Her- rrian KahJer, and Mary Kennedy daughter of Mr and Mrs Ed Kennedy of Armstrong; Delbert Ferguson, son of Mrs Maurice Froehle, and Lois Schiltz, daughter of Mr and Mrs Arnold Schiltz. Cletus Dorr has been, confined to his home suffering from t>ack injury. , Mrs William Farrow received word that her son-in-law, Donald "raham of Titonka suffered a leart attack and is a patient of St. Ann hospital. Algona. .Mr. and, Mrs- Jphn-Guy^ Austin, Minn, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr and Mrs Perry Torin6. JDM Classifieds Pay Dividends You've read Boron—get great new scientific discovery Tfte Smoothest Power you can buy Boron registered in U. S. Patent Office "Exciting ... limitless ... fantastic... fascinating" —that's how leading magazines describe the potential of the element boron for jet fuel and guided missiles. Now boron's power is harnessed for your car. D-X Boron Motor Fuel, proved by millions of miles of driving, is ready for you! This great discovery has been made possible by D-X Sunray's expanded research facilities and 10-million-dollar investment in refining equipment. D-X Boron is an entirely new motor fuel. It liber* ates more power per gallon in your engine—new or old! It yiyes you smoothest power! Thrilling accelr eration! Marvelous road performance! Push your foot to the floorboard without fear of knock! D-X Boron has the highest octane in our history. Get it at your D-X Dealer's now! D-X still gives you the famous plus—D-X upper-cylinder lubrkationl America's fastest growing oil company D-X SUNRAY OIL COMPANY (Subsidiary) Sunray Mid-Continent Oil Company Tulsa, Oklahoma D-X Products Are Distributed In This Territory by: MidUWesf Service Company Campney Is Simpson £rad Arthur B. Campney, above, of Burt, Was one pf 96 Simpson college students who received dipld- mas and degrees during commencement exercises at Indian-, ola June 2. Campney, son of Mr and Mrs Walter Campney, received a bachelor of arts degree in sOcio? logy. He was a member of Ljfthb-. da Chi Alpha, social fraternity, Kappa Chi, Blackfriars, Alpha Phi Omega, band and Religious Life Council. John Cowles, president of the Minneapolis : Star and Tribune, gave the -coni- mencemertt address. . ' Normady Was 1 ,, the section >of France that was settled by the Vikings. ,'• . • ; :,,.:" Concert Sunday : fcbb.a Mahery 1 dftd fiVetyft Bede will present 23 of their students in a Junior vocal and fft§W,fei cital at 'the PreSbyterirfn IdHfifch Suti'day,, 1 June 16, at '3)0o fritf. The public is Invited 'tb attend. Lassies Met • . The June 3 meeting of the Lotts Creek Lassies was held at Alice Elbert's. Barbara Elbert and Mary Loebach.gave ft dem* onstration, and Alice Elbert, Mrs George Streit and girls served a luftfch. ' . •_•.'• . Arthur Diers Offitonkd Wed, Wisconsin . Tilorika -- The marriage of Miss" Evelyn Elizabeth Schaefer and Arthur James Diers took place in Luther Memorial church, Madison, Wis. The bride is the daughter 1 of Rev. and Mrs F. W. Schaefer, Hendersonville, N. C. The'Rev. and Mrs H. A. Diers of Titohka • are the bridegroom's parents. "The fathers of both the bride and the groom officiated at the wedding. •''•'. The bride, given in marriage by her brother, Donald Sdhaefer, wore' a gown of >yhite net over taffeta trimmed with,, embroidered' appliques. A simple headdress held her fingertip veil of embroidered French net. She carried white feathered carna- orchids and lv>, • _ Th4« Rev. Herman W. Clefs, Vancouver, B. C., was his broth- ef s bist iflsn. , ' s A f'eeeptidh was Held in the Social r*d6nf 6f the church. Mr afKTMfs Diefs will be at hdlfle at Madison, _Wis. ' Mr Uiera, a graduate of Wartburg College, Waverly, is a theological student at Wartburg Theological Seminary, D'ubuque. He is president of the Lutheran Stjtdent Association of America. Seven Nursd Aides ' Nurse Aid's class is being conducted at St. Ann hbsjjltat by Sister Mary' Eileen, KS.M. 6f St. Jbseph Sanitarium-, DuTbti^ue and Sister Mary Marcelline, R.S.M. of St Attn hospital. Seventy hours of formal class and. super- Vised nursirig care will be given. Members of the class are: Henrietta and.Jacquelyn pook, Mary Kay ''Knoll, Judy Pickett, and Sandra Richman of Algeria; Karen Hainzinger of Fenton; and Mary Jo Thilges of West Bend. IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT M 2 TOP HITS! THURSDAY Thru SAT. (On at 10:15) Algona Girl Nurse Graduate fiuth E.'cYu'iks"nank' of Algona received her B.S. in nursing during cbmfnetie'ement, cere-rtidnies at the University of Colorado Fri- day, June f df < - .« , ewtdfl, new president Ite StoWel, waifflf ftrcfe hell in Folsom Stadium.^ Angora Is thcTname off a market place "ih ancient Ath'efia. . Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Find* Healing Substance That Does Both Relieves Pfift "Shrink* Hemor rhoida „..- ...... N. V. (3p«cJ*lj -••J*pf tfid firSt Hme science has found a new henlini? stibstancc with thd astonish* ing ability to shrink henjorfhriirts and to relievo pain—without durftery. In case after case, while gently roliuvinff pain, actual reduction (shrjnkogo) Wiik f»lfic«i." ": ' '• Most flmnairt^ of nll'-fSSMlW wore »o thorough that »U/f«rer» mnHn *ftf*»9 * «wp«»w« * »•*»•»«»• '. aitonlshln'g ntftfementSj like "Pllei have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new healing substance (Blff-DyfiB'J^dlSiS^iSfy of a world-famous, "''his substance is now available In ttipnoaiinru or ointment form under the nahi'e' PHptrMon ft,? At' your druggist, Money back -"'- Ji — "- . tt«, b.fl. P.LOff NOW THRU SATURDAY SUNDAY and MONDAY (On at 8:45 P.M.) FORBIDDEN •Turning atroplc paradise into a pit-hole of terror! (On ai 10:00 P.M.)' ,IT'S THE BI66EST LAU6H ROUND-UP SINCE "PALEFACE"!. SUNDAY and MONDAY (Daily Matinees All Summer) A . - . " //I 'A Uninrul-lnltcnolioMil Plehif* Dorring JEFF CHANDLER-JEANNE CRAIN JACK CARSON - GAIt RUSSELL ELAINE STEWART GEORGE TOBIAS • EDWARD ANDREWS • PHILIP REED two w JACK ARNOLD • mm n GEORGE ZUCKERMAN • nams n ALBERT ZUGSMITH1 ROCK in the he w to DaUy Maltnefs 2 P. ftliJillifft The "delightful, uproarious Pulitzer Prize stage play comes to the screen as a masterpiece of wonderful fun! - BONUS FEATURE (On at 8:45) GUY MITCHELL ROSEMARY CLOONEY ..,." -,,'i- in •" • • "RED GARTERS" r Marlon BRANDO Glenn FORD MachikoKYO pr^ent^n CINEJASCIOPEjsi METROCOLOR^,. ahouse fast Moon co-starring I ...... Eddie ALBERT with PAUL FORD > JUfl N£GAMI. : NIJIKO KIYOKAWA MITSUKO SAWAMURA ' • V 1 -" HiADQUART ALWAYS FINEST QUALITY AND GREATER SAVINGS ON GARDEN HOSE/ 7/16" GREEN PLASTIC 3.25 0mf9 Value 50 FT; Good quality at the very lowest price! Durable green opaque plastic with solid brass couplings. 50 ft. coil. 1/2" GRIIN PIA5TIC HOSi 50 Ft. Opaqu* plajrie ho»o wirh the new fire-flame high gloss finish. Has sijlltj niek?l-plated bra»j eoypllngs. 1/2" COIORED PIA$TIC 50 Ft. JIL99 $ boQutlfyl e^lpril Trsniptjrtnt plastic will not erscjs, peel pr breqfc ?rq»s nickel-plate^ couplings. • Polythyleno Plastic WATER PAIL 12 Quart Capacity Reg. 2.98 Value 99c Will not dont, chip or rust out. BAMBOO WASTE BASKET Good Usable Size . Reg. 1.29 Valua 49c THERMO HATS Choice of style and color. Reg. 1.49 Value 99c 3-TUBE SPRINKLER-SOAKER 50 Ft. Plattle sprinkl«r and sooktr com* blnalion. Ideal for long narrow ftrlpt of lawn. With wuplingi. 5/8 11 GREEN PW$m HOJE 50 Ft. Cfi ' Our top plastic hose. Designed for durability OQJ extra hegvy wqter flow. Has hsgyy duty coupling*. ALWAYS BETTER BUYS AT GAMBLES IRONING CONES Silicone — Deluxe Quality Reg. 1.19 Value 57c FiJs all standard size bds. Polythylene LAUNDRY BASKET V4 Bu. Size-Red or Yellow Reg. 2.98 Value 1,49 Gamble's Grade A Exterior White HOUSE PAINT Compare at 6.QO per gal. ClOTHiS PINS Pka. Q| 18- Snapper Reg. ?5« VolMe 16c FOLDING CAMP STOOt Hardwoprf l« Reg. 98e 77e

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