The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1939
Page 3
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, JULY 12, 1939 Eiilistihg'EnglishWonicn- BLYTHEVILLB, '(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Recruiting 'Activities Keep I Englishmen Conscious of | Tomorrow's Perils . .BY MILTON BKONNER ME*. Sen-Ice Staff Correspoiid'ent I .LONDON, July 12.—The sun Is! blazing ns' It sometimes docs oven' In England, nnd there Is a pleasant | ( warmth which ordinarily makes, the. thoughts of youth lightly 'turn to boating on the river, excursions 1 to* the country, idling in the open -paces: :But, because over in Germany there" Is one mighty air force ami >«"""'••'»• in Italy there is another, -j..»,.i youths these days no longer play. They work at the job of making themselves 'soldiers to de- ftnjS'! their country nnd their liberty'.- ' '..•'.;..•. .Lot's examine just one of the boroughs .Into which London is divided—the borough of Chelsea, lii' wlilch .this correspondent hap- p«ns : --t<> live. WORK HARO AT'MR DEFENSE Go' along any evening about C'30 arid:'you will find a bee-hive named the Duke of York's headquarters. It" Is a barrack and drill ground off King's Road, now belonging 1 to the Territorials, the British counterpart of America's state mlltia. . : . 'At tlie front there are a number" of business-like, grim-iooking 3,1; anti-aircraft.. guns capable or lriitUng;ari airplane four miles up. Young'-men 'in Khaki, volunteers for this" service, ore being trained In.the uses of this very compll- c'atc'd' gliii. . ' Ajiptlier set 'of young men Is : . being trained in the uses of range • findiJrs, ' airplane detectors • and formation possible, so 'as to enable them" to' lilt an enemy airplane flyirig.over Chelsea. Iri : the ample grounds In the back there are two groups of young men. Each numbers some hun- : dreds.. One group: in khaki is do;. nig drill .work. Another group, • A London icciuiling van stops lo cnlisl nomcn m the nursing and ambulance services ordinary, will be suspended. ••••.' "ff you.and your household are untrained and unprepared you will wish ns never before that you hail taken the opportunities you nnve been given in time. "It, doesn't, niatter whether or not you approve of the policy or energy of : the gov- that this danger exists. It is your. business to face Ihe fact Unit it is here. You cannot afford lo 'leave, the matter to someone else. Your safety and that, of your friends is 111 your keeping." t - "i& um* .wvnn.. /mutiiur group, FIND DUTIES "•• down to their shirt sleeves, is do-, FOR EVERYONE " ^'•_ S ?. tUn e; Ui) «""«'!«••. A » over': Having thus vividly -presented 3" •»*& , -Ji-vviug-ujj cAciviic^. i\n uvur . | ; the' place: the sharp bark of drill ;- E'e'rgeSnts is lieard. ' i STRAIGHT TALK I ON: .GRIM FACTS | But Uiat is only one phas,e of I tlie'rworlc being, done In Chelsea. •'. Lt'. Col. S. Boyle, Deputy Mayor of ; Chelsea ,and Chairman of the Civil Defense Committee of the borough, writes-to-every resident: "What would you do In an ail raid? Could >ou help yourself, -your household - 01 your,friends.if aiv Braids- were to start in the next few hours? "Unofficial messages foi help will not get through in an emergency; some, streets -will be blocked bj files,and debris In every street and some In every block of fl'al&-of° which Ihere arc mnny in Chelsea, The control room lo which' he refers Is iii the town hall basement. The control board covers one whole wall arid shows at a glance where all Air Raid Protection parlies arc nt work and which arc free to go lo new rescue parties to aid people trapped in. damaged buildings. Men from 3D to 55 and women from IS to 55 are wanted as transport drivers lo drive vans, lorries and private cars which will be used for rescue work and anib'ulancc work/ Finally, Col. Boyle wants youths under 18 and men' over 40 who ride bicycles. They will act as cycle messengers between posts. • the danger to the chelscim, Col. Boyle points.out' what the borough needs: . '•:'•' Men from 25. to'SO as stretcher carriers. This is the most urgent need at present. Tlie strength of men is needed to lift the wounded or they will die. where they He. Nurses and women ambulance drivers cannot do (his work. Men , and women over 30 are needed as "air raid wardens. It is they whqjvill have to put through calls foi help when dlsastu oc- uns They me the cje 1 ; and neiies of the oiganleation Posts lm\e been prermed nnd they ttill be fully piotcclcd and connected with a cential control room Col Bojle says he 'wants at least one', warden Holland News Foiii'-ir Clujj ntcets. Seven- members of the Holland 4-H Club and the' lender nnd assistant attended the meeting Friday at the home ot Dana Capehart. After ihe business session, there was a social hour during which time a geography match was played. Melbn Wilson was the winner. Refreshments of ice cream ana cake were served. The next 'meeting will be Fri day night Julv 21, at the home of ..'Betty Loii and Putty Edwards Oina Dell McCrnry will be the fun leader. PASTEURIZED MILK Mom Saj-s: "I alwnj's manage lo find time for several glasses of Craig's Pasteurized milk during Ihe day. Surprising how,it makes me feel belter nnd"giyes me energy, for my housework tasks" "I Know It's Safe Because It's Pasteurized" Sis Says: "Nothin'' like a glass of Craig's Pasteurized milk with some of Mom's cake! II seems like all the Wds at school, drink it: MLss Brown, our teacher, says milk gives us good teeth and solid bones and is just about the best all 'round food there Is." "I Know It's Safe Because It's Pasteurized" Billy Says: "I want to grow up to be strong like Uncle Jim. He says milk's (he best thing for every fella 1 that likes lo play baseball and football the way I do! Mr. Smith—that's my gym teacher-tells all-us kids to drink a quart n. clay." "I Know It's Safe Because It's Pasteurized" nad Says: "I wasn't much of a mllfc fan until I tasfed Craig's Pasteurized. After that, I drank it regularly. Seems like I feel better, too. Folks say I look belter!" "I Know It's Safe Re- cause It's. Pasteurized" (Continued (ram Pnue One) handling establishments. "I inn ready lo do Ihe Job," Dr. Orlmmclt snld. "I want lo knov.' how fnr the council wimts lo go, If the council will back me up I'll do it but If Ihe council wants lo reck along Til do that too, It's up to you.' 'Several members informally ns- surcd Dr. Dilmmett they would slnnd tack of him. lie then re-, piled Hint he'd start clamping down Immediately. Mr. Nelson lixmirrd if the .•olmcil would approve payment ot costs by the city In 'litigation iro\v-«; out of a collision between . fireman's mito and another vehicle. Tlie council tinned thumbs down and several members, led by Alderman Sam C. Owens, were critical ot purported fast nnd reckless driving by ilrcmcn answering alarms. "Better be n minute or two Idle ilinii hint or kill someone," one iklemiitn remarked. Because of HID absence of Cecil Shane, counsel for Tom W. Jackson, Mayor Williams shtd that n hearing'on a building code controversy between M. Fitxslmmoiis nnd Jacks!!!, would lie continued until the next monthly meeting. The iimtler has been pending for some time. A petition for a, new slrcet light on Holly street was referred to n committee. To Attend Batesville Eastern Star Picnic Ten Blylheville women will go lo Balesvllle tomorrow for the an-, nual state picnic of the Eastern Star which, will be hold nt (lie Masonic Orphnnnge. The : snmc group will visit with the Mbnctta chapter Friday night when Mrs. Loutee Thompson, Worthy Grand Matron, makes her official visit to that chapter. . The^ Blythcville group Includes: Miss Com Lee Coleman, Mrs. 3vf. Filasimmom, Mrs. J. p. Smith, Mrs. J. A. Sallba, Mrs.. J. E. Patterson, Mrs. J. w. Adams Sr., Mrs. \V. A. Stickmon, Mi's. S. p. Mar- Uu. Mrs. Charles Alford nnd Mrs M. T. Burr. Swimming Classes Are Now Underway J Classes In swimming and life saving under the supervision of a certified Red Cross Instructor, Mrs. L. L. Ifubener, were begun nt the Walker Park pool this morning when 20 -Blytheville children and adults 'enrolled. . i The •cinss. is using the "buddy system", as.ln inetliodVnf checking jytinneapolis'.Mob.-Ruslics Workers ' School Building At ,i > Burdette Completed The school nt Dui dcllc, situ led muic limn a year ngo, IIM been comiilclcd nt n cost of $'>5,000, It hits bccii imnoimcHl by Jesse WlK- Slus, district WPA Mijicivlw. Tlio project, which Included the erection of n new 11 clnss room school structure, ami the toinoifrl- Ina of the old school into n tench- eniijo, wus sufficiently finished seme lime ago Djul tthool Vns held there for n )>nrt of'lust yi'ur. The brick vi'iicrml timeline lias « lovgi- nmlllorlmn, In addition lo the n doss roonis and of lice. The twichcraec Is of fminp. Tho school dlitilct tiiiulbhcd $»,COO mid the WJ'A $35,000 for thi) project, Read Courier News want ads. Crowd mills about sqiuul cur nt Minneapolis, Minn,, us policemen nl- tempt (o protect workers on WI'A sewing project from n,i fir y tlrlkwa (n this friicus', Pnlroltnnn John Oenrly later dlod in hospiUU from, heart nttnck. now- nnd later on will study the principles or such water safely devices as rings and life buoys. Inlei mediate and beginning swimming classes, will continue far two weeks. This group 'will iilso have the privilege of studyiiijr life saving mid nisi aid. Anyone from seven years of age up, who Is'In- terested In enrolling may do so by contacting Mrs. llubcncr or by report Ing to the pool at ten o'clock/ .: Advanced swimmers who wish to work on their Junior and senior life saving badges mny nlso receive Instruction from Mrs. "llubenor. School Session Now ; Underway At Gosnell •: The Gosnell public school opened Its smmncr sr.wloa Monthly with Miss Thclnin Cook, the only new lonelier In the system. ', '.jMlss Cook succeeds Mrs. Marvin CrlUcndcn. Other instructors In' Uie school as announced by J. M. Cleveland, prlnclpnl, arc: Mrs. Maude Ciodwin, Mrs. "Jnmes- A. Puckctt, Miss Cook and Mrs. Clove- land In Die grade school; Mrs. Uo- Innd Potter, Mrs. Henna Shepherd arid Mr. Cleveland In (lie high school, ?'Mrs. Delta O/ec ia the. teach,!-!'' In the Driver Grove school, nnd Miss Mac Dcnsmorc is lendiing nl Calumel. Area Supervisors To Confer With Sharp LITTLE UOCIC, July 12. (U]>)_ The Male WPA iidmlnlstmtlon un- notmccd (odrty (hut n mccllng of the six areas supervisors In Ark'nii- sas line! been called for Friday afternoon here to talk over details of the revised program with stale Administrator Floyd Sharp. Shnrp now Is nltrmllng'tlic ita- tlonnl meeting of mlnilnlstmUmi ill Chicago but he will lie unck. in Little Rock by Friday' .• 'COURTS The nveraue American home conlnlns 24 article* mnde in .Jnpnn: Anicrlc'nn (lugs, lays, etc. Jim llatlcy nnd w, 'o. Roger. 1 *,- farmeis of the Nuinbci' Nine coiu- mimlly, were cnch placed lindnr n $500 peace bond by Municipal .Itldgo Doyle Henderson following un MBiuncnl over alleged dtiinnscs done to ix crop. A man nnd women were fl'nctl on public drunkenness charges lit municipal court yeslerdny, Onrlnnd M. Morgan. hns'; tiled .•mil In clmiicery court nftainst Mrs. Marie Morgan, asking Cor u divorce on the ground ol duser- ,(,lpn. vii'Bll..'531'ccue. Is his. atlor- ncy. '•"•'• •"••'.'• '- ' • As measured by. Ihe U. 6. Coast anil Ocodetlo Survey, Florida hns the longest coastline nf nny stale, with 1107-miles; California rntik- socoml with 013 miles. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WiltxKit Cildout-Aod You'll Junp Oul ef M Ii - lleM«Ma|Hwl 0 '|,C« . Hn, m ii c i . 1 our out '™ 1>°»"'U o' llaiiWLlIc Into yourlwclsaivHy.K 11,1, UK. j«nutllowlni[fr«li',y,iirJ«iila»Mii'li|liiril. t juit .!««)•« In (l, u inwi,. (•„, Wo ; t J w iuur iicrontli, Vcu K ti roiMiliminl. Vour wM« ,y,|,. m t« lidlrancil nnil you /«) ,tmr. •unk on.) llio worlj look, |iu,,l, II u ™,r* bTi " 10 , vt '">™l 'loi-'l'l net «( 1 !" 0 « M|! ' ° U1 Cutter'. i n' . | ' ° utter. 1.11 lu |,| VW I'll); (a drt ttni, (wo jvoun.U ot UK, noivlnit frtoly wi,| mll ^ >' m /«! Ill' «nd up." llnnnU,,, ici,i!,, y/t jm'nl. c«ii?-.7f«h , UI ",,?, I>W '"• t "' " * k '" '• ' » '• lv(r ' "'• • Mm< ' V '"'''V-i-fA 5 ., &-",/', X\ii' ^ -' - r '* ! '' <: f *•;• V- PAGE-',THREE t /<« , SYDNEY, Australia (Up) :f e crypt of Siliit Jninev church hav-' I»B been unused for some time ,'Jt will be turned Into a laboratory ' Dr. Burton Bradley and his assist-' nuts will USB it foi making Wood tests, . . , "i~, • BUY NOW PAY THIS FALL! BBS. & 1'BNOBR WORK, AND PAINTING. All On Fall Time NO DOWN PAYMENT BUY NOW - PAY ONE PAYMENT THIS FALL TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET, CO. . I'lione rm Always Open CHECK GAS SAVINBS! - SAVE 15% TO 40% LEE MG>1X)K ,SALES, Tiic. 1105 E ^ l!tin ; ' . . ; .Phoiie32». CMC TRUCKS They ALL Say--"IT'S GREAT" that are necessary in every diet. 11 is vifal protection against sickness —and it promotes body growth. Serve it to your family daily! Craig's Pasteurized Milk rates first with Blytheville families. It contains the minerals and vitamins Daily Delivery To All Points on Highway 61 Between the State Line and Joiner CRAIG'S DAIRY Call 74 For Home Delivery FROM THIS ALL-STAR COMBINATION (Chesterfield's Right Combination of the world's best cigarette tobaccos gives smokers what they want because THEY'RE MILDER—THEY TASTE BETTER. Iry Chesterfields. See for yourself what pleasure there is in a really satisfying cigarette. You'll agree there's nothing like Chesterfield's can't- be-copied blend for MORE SMOKING PLEASURE MEIVYN DOUOIA1 and JOAN BtONDKl ^J^ 1 For More Pleasure ol the movies see Ihe oll-slar combinolion of MEIVYN DOUGLAS and JOAN BLONDELl in GOOD GIRLS GO TO PARIS COIUMB1A RICTUSES CORPORATION'S current hit. •JkrFor Mora Pleasure in smoking, enjoy ^ CHESTERFiElD'S happy combination of the world's best cigarette tobaccos, , UCCIIT S J.fvm Tojcco Co, lestenie fi

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