The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, August 18, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEABr ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—No 131 Blythevllle Courier, BIythevllle Daily News, ^z^^^- '- B'ythevlll£_H_erald_. MluLsslppl_Valloy Leader. B1ATH10VIUJC, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, AUGUST 18, 1!WO Up in Tree For 682 Hours Great Damage in Many ! Rainless Stales; Higher Prices May Help. BV JSKAIJ, KLEIN SKA Scrvk-L- Writer i Copy right, 1930, NBA Service Ini-i Farmers in the area allectcd by i the n a t I o n's record-breaking drought, extending eastward from the Rocky mountains,, will incur -i financial loss totaling above 'In. billion dollar mark. Crops, earlier in the year vsti- mated al above average yield, will t;e reduced in some aix-a.s to ns low- as 50 per cent of lust year's pro- • diction, j Livestock has lost weight and the i milk supply has dwindled, due to i Lie drying u|j of pastures. ' Winter silage is being eonsiimeii. endangering the feed supply for the coming winter and spring. And each day of dry weather has been piling up losses of additional '• millions of dollars, according to a survey just made by NBA. Service : lor the Courier News. The survey covers Ihe mid-western slate, the north Atlantic stairs, below New England, and the southern stales bordering the Ohio and , Mississippi valleys. Every query ~ w j, c( ] (u t! , e c |j. rector of agriculture of eacli of- these states brought forth a disheartening reply. Each ollicial re- • ported losses of from one_-four;!i to ' one-half in most uf the crops Hint, at the beginning of this year. ha;l keen expected lo yield an abundant supply. Price increases as (he result of .shorter crops, already exhibited . on various produce exchanges, are i expected to do much to reduce the : losses suffered by the farmer::. ; but of course the increases will br ' Insufficient to completely offset '• them. Another encouraging factor : is that wheat appears to have escaped, the diought arriving too Lite to cause much damage to this major crop. The most serious losses appear! along the Ohio and Mississippi ! perches in a big tree at 328 Dougan fo r 082 hours before health SINGLE COPIES FIVE CErTOS BEUHE POPt Hawks Sets Record Investigate New Angle in; Death of Memphis Aulo- j mobile Salesman. MEMPHIS, Aug. 18. lUP>— The | belief that Hubert A. Pope, 24-yeai : old Memphis automobile salesman.! was a suicide victim, dying from poison and nut' from a wound on j I his head, was being investigated here today. The investigation was V. handled by Roy Mullen, Lawrence comity prcBcculor. who said the i IK iv evidence throws "a new light | Across the ! on Pope's death." ' ; Poj>e died at Marion. Ark., Fri| day after being brought there by a negro farmer who found the man in a semi-conscious condition and \ bleeding freely from a head wound. Shortly afterward, George Hopps a half brother, was arrested and charged the slaying. : Mullen i Seek to Better P,ecord I of Jackson and O'Brine PORTLAND. Ore., Aug. 18. tUI'i 1—An orange monoplane wilh bril- | liant yellow wings soaied in circles over Rankin airport here to- I day in an allempl to establish a ; new refueling flight record. The plane contained three brothers, Tex, Dud and Uick Rankin. They took the.air Sunday alter' noon and hoi>e to break the rec- ! ord sec by Dale Jackson and For Umlcd Slates In 12 hours and 25 minutes! Ami above. sleek, sv/lft monoplane that a plishert the feat. Is Frank Hawks landed II at Cudl .. ulrirart. Long Island, at the end of breakfast-to-suppcr (light country speed champion regained. Capt Hawks is pictured at the left imd lowered Col ami Mrs. . Lindbergh's west-east record by 2 hours ami 20 Virginia Appeals for Federal Aid; Hoover Works, on Farm Relief Program.] said he had learned that the two men had quarreled violently before Pope left for Memphis. Today's Investigation was begun after S. L. Clark, druggist, in Trumann. Ark..' Cap;. Hawks has announced he i had advised Ihe prosecutor a man ; may attempt, to belter his own i whom he believed was Pope called j mark nexl fall. ' al his store and asked for poison : tablets. \ i t51 N , Ihe 128'. O'Brine "who remained loft in Greater St. minutes. IJ47 hours - .valleys, from western Pennsylvania • thurilies and jxjllce decided lliat M1SSISM| "* m * ™ 6 ^ yai " M ™ '"'"" The Burns Brothers. Dick. II, and John Fayette, 12, stayed in their jTrfiC Sitter's Friends Watermelon the youngsters should come down.' EouKia™ ™^. .... , The- boys gained as much fame-iocally as was aUributed to the Hunter 1 while there appears .o,bo a dfc-' Ohio's Loss $?.OI),OM,(WO ' BrcU 'eis and Jackson and O'Brlmj over the nation. Here (hey arcVpule over the winner o"f the lt Bfy- In Ohio, one of the worst h!i 'seated, with the principal member of their refueling crew. Left lo I theville championship for tree slt- Uthu Barnes, icfueler; Dick Burns and i tlnfi Virgil slates, C. J. Williams, director of ' right en the lower the state agricultural experiment ; seated above them, John Favelte Bmir- Thev came down Fridiv .nation, estimates a total loss of . ' ' ' about 1(200.000.000. mostly in the ; southern part. Corn production, he ', says, will range from a fourth of I normal in this section to half of i normal farther north. Hay produc- ' tion wilt be in the same pro[xn-- : lion, oats will average a Hub higher. , . tlfllil U I L fill I Wheat, as in most of Ihe other' """iU L,!_MUl_ states, will tie affected only night. I 11 year old . k on of Mr. and Mr.s. J. R. Wright, was ly, if al all. because the ill-ought Arkansas Prosecutor Noill- struck as it approached maturity- . „ ..,,,, ' inee Says He'll Make Hot Spot ft;r Gingslers. LITTLE ROCK. All». 1». iUP)- and so rather improved the quality. • C. J. Jordan, secretary of agri- j culture in Pennsylvania. iciKirts a • conservative loss to crops niul livestock in lhal state of at least S50.000.000. with a daily increase ol Arkansas, regarded as a retreat for at Least a million during the dry eastern ganijstris. today put out a weather. ' no welcome siyn on its door. West Virginia. Virginia, Kentucky Especially during the winter are slill trying to collect figures nionllis have notorious gan-; iead- from ihe various districts on (heir ; ers and henchmen invaded the re- i losses, while Tennessee, through W. ! sort sections, spending their vacn-' J. Filts, of the agricultural com- '• tions in operating gambling resoris Drinking Bout Fatal to Convict SAN QUENTIN' PRISON. California. Aug. 18. (.UP)—One San Q:iemin prisoner was poisoned and two ol hers are believed to be dying ::s t!'c result of a wood alcohol parly stayed in the prison shop' VU I fv last night, it was learned today, i "• lj -- L " champion at a watermelon feast Sunday evening. Thirty of his friends, who had watched his endurance test with Interest, were served iced watermelon and enjoyed a partv after Virgil made his formal descent at. 7:10 o'clock. In Ihe four weeks, lacking one night, in the tree. Virgil gained 11 pounds. He declared that he would have liked lo have stayed up mucn longer but preferred to cooperate with the city officers who demanded that he cumc down. Arkansas Republicans Oiil lo Align Group with Their Parly. LITTLE ROCK. Aug. IK. (UPl — Churged \vilh aligning "Hoovar- crals" with the G. O. P. ticket in November. Republic a n leaders started Iheir campaign today in p:aclicnlly every section of Arlum- I They relumed to their homes after the biennial republican state convention held here Saturday. Party organization was effected al that time In accordance with prtf-conventiun plans. Cooperation of Republic-mis with Independent Kr.ils. those voting for Mr. Hoover in the 1928 campaign, was asked by Wallace Townsend. national coimnitteemau. The G. O. P. party was described by Osro Cobb. Montgomery county representative and secretary of the stale G. O. I 1 , committee, as a young giant testing it-s slrength. J. O. Lizesay. forenfan. Little River comuy. wns nominated 101 governor by acchim. His nomination is existed. , and road houses. The First shot was fired by Houston Emory, nominat: ed for prosecuting attorney in the ing edict: ' "The ganps'.ers from Chicago r.nd mission, gives a temporary estimated loss of $90.000.000. Arkansas Hard Hit In Arkansas, the losses due to drought will probably reach S100.- 000.000. says Earl Page, commissioner of agriculture. Page lisls lite state's losses as follows: " other cities who have been in the Corn. 20.000.000 bushels, value liabil of seeking our resorts as a 820.000,000: sorghum. 2.000.000 gal- haven of refuge will find it plenty Ions, value S2.000.000: rice. 3,000.- : uncomfortable for them here. e.»000 bushels, valu: S3.000.000; pota- pecially if they attempt their ne- Ices. 2.000,000 bushels, value S3.- , farious business here. 000,000; swcel potatoes. 2.000.000. "I exi>ccl lo make it so hot for bushels, value $3.000.000: cotton.' them they will seek other pas- 300.000 bales, value S20.000.000: co;-1 lures.' tonseed. value S5.000.000: soy bra us.! M.OOO.OQO; cow peas. Sl.OCO.OOO; hay. : been paid lo visiting; Jfi.COO.OOO: fruit truck crops. : Emory asserted. S5.0 00.000. , Livestock losses in Arkansas., _ page says, win exceed 620.000.0^0 Frisco Again Defendant due lo the lack of feed, shrinkas? in values and sacrifice salrs. Mo:.! animals, not, ready for the market, are being sacrificed for lack of fee.; at prices less than I'.alf of (heir actual value. A ."111111011 Dollars n Day The situation in Missouri is no better, according to E. A. Logan. Nominee for Near Constable recent prlmarv and certain of elec- 'IIIID'EC ' Tl lion. From Emory came the folio.v- I ™^ Brief Session loclay; the w | Due to nn error in the tabulation ; of returns, Ihe Courier News in a lews dispatch Saturday stated that A. M. Co-pcr was elected as Demo' cratic nominee for constable of Neal Township at the recent primary. W. L. Dismukcs was certified as inner of the race for constable in Neal township and not UTll D II ' . ble in Neal township and not \\ ill Begin Hearings al I cooper. The Courier News is glad Osceola Augus! 25ill. I 10 make thu <-"" cction The comity board of equalization i T\ e \\ 7 a liv Rrpak* I 6P ,el al the courthouse this morn- I Utl1 *8Dy DreaKS Leg In Leap from Porch Holland Farmer Is Shot The condition of Cale Bradford 33-year-old former of Holland. Mo., who wn= wounded In the bnck(lur- ing a friendly scuttle al Holland lale Saturday, is inipiuvcd today. •.-^Bradford say.s Theodore" Dlll;Jinc. 50, of Holland, v Ith whom he snld l.e hail (lUairelcd previously, sli-p- ped up and shot liln In the ba;-k with a pislol will e Bradford anO a friend. Ralpn Sanlor.l. were scullliJii; over a J;nlf?. Bradford was s!:n! Iwlce, but will probably recover. It was ludicalci! by hospital attaches. A preliminary hearing on a charge of assault will be given Dilldine Thursday at Carulhcrsvlllc according to Constable G. C. Wilson of Holland. Dllldine is free under iKIUCl. inEj with Zal B. Harrison, chai:- ! man of the board, presiding. / number of landowners presented their protest of 1930 assessments In [he pnsl little attention l:an ; , • before the board but members ol gamblers !hr> group decided that because cit- ' i izens had no; been generally in- James Rittenberry. 3. son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Rittenberry of Dell, sustained a broken leg late yesler- aflernoon when he jumped In Water Damage Suit Suit has been file;l in circuit court by J. C. Head asainsl the St. • L-juU San Francisco Railway c^u- pany for Sl.OOO damages. Head alltgrd that the r>bilr«c- ! ticn of r.aturnl drainr.go by the of the state's department- of njri- • Frisco railroad along i;,<. riyht of culture. t.opan estimated Ihe l:>- tal loss to crops and Ilvrs'.ocfc a! $125,000.000. with each additional way from Biytheville lo Joneslx>r near his farm, forced surface water lo back up 0:1 land h? had Joseph Modernizes His Perch day of drought adding a million rented and prevent a crop on th2 dollars more. ' land. "Mississippi Is facing Ihe pros-. J. T. Coston is ihe attorney for peel of the shortest feed crop In the plaintiff, history," reports J. C. Holtoi). ; the state agricultural commission ! "Cora is already reduced by 15.- noo.OOO bushels, valued at SIS.flOO.- . 00(1: hay. 300.000 Ions, valued at ! S4 600.000; sweet polatoes, 2.0!X).oni) . bushels, calued at $2.000.000: cow ST. JOSEPH. Mo. (UPi-Elcc- pcas, soy beans and peanuts. 500.- . ( r j c ijghis. a bell connected lo Hs 000 bushels, valued ftt $1.000.000. mother's kitchen, and ,-in electric and all other crops In proportion. t stove, are some of Ihe modern con"Collon has been reduced 500.-; veniences which Felix Brown has 000 ba'es, valued at $-10,000.000. and j in the tree house in which he has Ihe tomato movement was 10CO i stayed continuously dmini;' the pasi cars less than last year's producing i three weeks. Light Is to enable the , , . , ,-,,-, I from a P° rc)l to t!le ground. Tlie formed in advance of the date the tot - s fcot l!UKied | n a sma u hc i c in board would convene, that the thc erolmd causing the fall to board would adjourn until August | r racl u r( , the limb. " 5;il - . I He was given emergency treat- Ai that time Ihe board will re-]nienl at Dell and was brought to convene for n week's session at Os- i the Dlythcvillc hospital last night ceola lo yive citizens in the Osce- ] whre his leg was placed in a plaster ola district of the county an op-:cast. portunity to appear before th board. Starling September 1st one week the board will hold session at the courthouse here. } Charles McWhirlcr, who was recently appointed by Judge GJ?O. W. Barhatn of the county court to succeed L. G. Byerly. resigned, was prescnl al tr.e brief meeting today. fe j Memphis Ballplayer Dies of Injuries GP.S Fumes Kill Two Men in Hold of Steamship Services Held Here Sunday for L. M. Tanner I Funeral services were conducted at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Greene Sunday afternoon for L. M. Tanner. G9. who died suddenly at Newport Saturday morning. The Rev. P. Q. Rorie, paslol of the First Methodist church, officiated, and burial was made at the family lot of the Maple Grove cemetery. Friends of the deceased, residents of Osceola. served as pallbearers. Mr. Tanner, who lived In Biythe- ville until ten years ago. was sheriff of Laisrtordnlc county, Tenr. before coming to Mississippi county where he since resided. At the time of his death he was manager of th; Earl •Qiiinn commissary at Newport. He had suffered heart attacks on previous occasions and dropped dead while at his work. Among thc out of town relatives! at the funcraryesterday were Mr.' and Mrs J. L. Tanner and Mis5 Louise Tanner. T. W. Davis, Wils Davis jr.. Mrs. Robert Robertson. \ Mtses Marjoric and Meredith Da- ' vis. Mrs. Josephine Anderson an:' [ Miss Orpha Huddleston, of Memphis: Mr. and Mrs._ Earl Qulnn .in:* family, Mr. and Mrs. Finley Cartwright and family of Osceola: Miss Mattie Lee Tanner of Jonesboro: Miss Juanita Tanner of Brookhaven, Miss.: numerous other rela- live.s and friends from Paragould and Luxorn. His seven daughters and one son who survive him arc: Mrs. Virgil Greene, of this city; Mrs. Finley Cartwrighl and Mrs. Earl Quinn n' Osceola: Joe L. Tanner. Mrs. T. W. Davis, Miss Louise Tanner of Mcinphls: Miss Juauita Tanner ol Jonesboro and Miss Mattie Lee Tanner of Brookhaven. Miss., be sides numerous grand- children, nieces and" oiher relallves. 5EE5DEUYII HELP Si ale Highway Engineer Says $2,000,000 Not Available Soon. WASHINGTON, Augi-ilS. (UP) — President Hoover tinjpQecrelury 6f,=;| Agriculture Hyde wefe'ip.tonf routed "H today with further .<|1ifcnds for i federal aid lo relieve drouth slrlek-.' en areas as they continued organ--j Izlng a farm relief program. Former Governor Harris p. Byrd, chairman of the Virginia drouth relief committee, appealed to "Hyde for federal old, explaining that damage In his slate aggregated $100.000.000. part of which was represented by a loss of 800.000 Ions of hay and 35,000,000 bushels of corn. Shortly after Byrd's call at the agriculture department Hyde made public a list of 173 additional counties In Arkansas, Missouri. li— llnots,; Virginia and Ohio In which-:.51 emergency freight rale reductions \will be applied to nltl' farmers To get feed for thch livestock owl lo"M| move their cattle from drouth--";; stricken areas. .. ' ;\ ; This brings the lotallo 492 cou'ti- lies In which emergency rates have been applied. -Negro Girl Admits Theft of Money and Clothing An 11-year-old negro girl cap- lured by officers Sunday afternoon alter u chase through a. residential section of the city, admlled the . theft of approximately six dollars In cash besides several articles of clothing and n hat bag. The money was stolen from the home of Mrs. Solllellnbler on Holly street while, the hat box was lake: from n cor parked on Main street, ' and several other articles were : taken from the residence of Boone Hall on Chlckasawba ave. Part of the girl's loot was recovered in Hie home of a negro woman, Lilly Bradford. . • •_, ... The negro girl has .been. In p?- "; lice court several tlnics" irjfl police [ will make an effort to -Save the • Abandoned Ship Sinks Today; Passengers Saved LONDON. Aug. 18. (UP)—An Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Wellington. New Zealand, today said the S. S. Tahiti, abandoned In I the south Pacific, sank this afternoon. The Exchange Telegraph correspondent at Wellington reported that six bags of mail, all containing letters, '.vsre lost at sea during the transfer from the Tahiti to the Ventura. About one-filth of the other mail was drenched. The passengers cuid cre»- and part of the mail were transferred lo the S. S. Vcr.'.ura. Lloyd's report said. Iff (UP) — Drlny of from six months to a year in the actual payment of the $2.- n-t.lfki In federal hlghw'ay funds allotted lo Arkansas lo help p for slate highways was forsecu by T. S. Christian, state highway cn- Rincer. Christian said Icderal designation of the highways on which Ihe money Is [o be .spent was necessary. This procedure takes six months or longer: then Ihe money has to be matched with state funds. Christian suggested that, speedier relict could be given the state by the federal government by payment of th 51.800,000 appropriated two year.' ago to reimburse the shite highway funds for the flood damage In 1027. This fund, the engineer said, could be used immediately for construction work. Scattered Showers Bring Hope of Rain . LITTLE ROCK, Aug. IB. (UP) — Clouds and scattered showers i brought, encouragement and some • relief lo drouth stricken Arkansas j loday. | Although 37 days have passed ' without any considerable rain, thc : intense heat was dispersed by intermittent showers and clouds. school. Two Enforcement Officers Are Suspected By Chief WASHINGTOJ*. Aug. 18. (UP) — The campaign of Prohibition DI- . rector A. W. Woodcock to raise the standard of enforcement, policies resulted today In the suspension of lv:o enforcement officers for violation of the new code. •• • -' Agent Robert P. Merkle of Milwaukee was suspended for five days for drawing a gun In a traffic dispute. Agent Basil Quinn of Washington. D. C.. was suspended for Ihe same period for striking Thomas E. Quintan during an argument over the right of way in Ihe capital July 16. a loss of $500,000 more." Extends fo Louisiana North and Central Louisiana ha? by one-half in Kansas, soy agrl- l hi.,. He cooks his rwn meals on I endurance contestant to | i!i£lu. and the belt is to signal when h has need for more mater- '.Conllimco nn page three) little clteliic stove. SAN PEDRO. Calif.. Aug. 18. (UP —Two men were killed and 13 others overcome today when they were trapped by gas fumes who' ! "~~ . they were in a lower hold of the | Captain taker Admitted British steamer Tasculusa. r MEMPHIS. Aug. 18. (UP)-tu- jurcd fatally during thc opening Inning of an amateur league baseball game here yesterday, James Ir- I by, 19, catcher, died late Sunday In ' a local hospital. Irby collided twice with members of the opposing Icam while runnlm? | bases and later collapsed. Hosollal j The Swift Undertaking company River Steamers Ply I Upper Mississippi Again MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.. Aug. 18. (UP)—The whistle of a passenger I sttamer on the i.pppr Mississippi river will be he.ird for the (list time in years Any. 30. The "Alabama" vull make its first voyage north'.vurd on that date under the direction of Captain Milton Hairy, veteran river man. Passenger service on the upper river continued ir.termittently up lo the time of Ihe World War and has been susix-ncicd since then. The "Alabama" formerly In Ohio fiver service. \ ,-i'lu-dulcd to :e its first trip iic-iih from 31. I.ouis early this m-isiih but low water toicrd p n - <: P "-finens of the maiden voyage. Gladys O'Donnell Leads: ; : : In Woman's Air Derby SAN DIEGO. Cal., Aug. 18. IUP) —Led by Gladys O'Donnell, Long Beach, Calif., entrants in the 1930 woman's air derby left here today on the second lap of their cross country flight to the national air races In Chicago. authorities said the- dead player had died of Injuries causing nn in- tercranial hemorrhage. JOVFl'L COf'S LIFK MUSKEGON. Mich. (UP)-The life of a traffic officer In Muskegon has its compensations. When complaints regarding the cosiuaies. won) by young women bathers OP the municipal bpach reached headquarters., the motorcycle .officer.* were Instructed lo visit U:e beach , _ .,, ri U to the Caterpillar Club WASHINGTON, Aug. 18. (UPi— Captain Ira C. Eaker who piloUd the Quesllon Mark on Its pioneer refueling endurance flight, was forced to jump from a plane he was testing at Boiling Field loday, but escaped with only slight Injuries. every hour ami serve as Inspectors, crash. Eaker's plane was wrecked In the of Osceola was In charge of arrangements. Draws Dollar Fine for Selling Melons on Sunday Johnnie Swlhart was fined one dollar for working on Sunday, in police court this morning. Johnnie sold watermelons on the streets of the city yeslsrday. • J. Moore. Bill Jones and Sara Smith were fined $10 each on charges of disturbing the peace. Four were fined on charges of public drunkenness- Negro Pastor Gives "Snow and Ice" Sermon HOT SPRINGS. AUJ. 18. (UP) — Following tt-.e presentation of a "snow and Ice" feivicc by ihe Rev. Arlhur D. Williams, negro minister, at Hie H.i von Methodist church here, while residents have requested him to repeat the service a public park. Reverend Willi.inv at the unusual service. <!e'.iur,'d his sermon from a pulpit cov.^lTUOtecl of more than a ton of ice w:-.ic!i wns brll- Itontlv Illuminated. 'Ivmns such ns "Wash Me. and I Shall Be Whiter Than Snow" and "From Greenland's Icy Mo'.:m.iin'" were sum: and iced refreshments were served The scripture les-.m consisted o verses which c.n-.l.imcd the words "snow" or "ice." delivery trucks. Summer Schools at Arkansas Well Attended FAYETTEVILLE.—Combined cn- •ollnient.s tor both summer sessions at the University of Arkansas as this year t^tal 1.316, according to Registrar Fred L. Kerr. The total combined registration last summer was 1.093. or an Increase this year of 223. Exclusive of duplications, the total number of students, in school at the University this summer Is 1.091, while tt was 897 last year, These figures count j only one time those students in ] the first session who remained for the second. | Seventy-one Arkansas counties! Triple Slayer Sentenced to Life Imprisonment SEBRING, Fla.. Aug. 18. (UP)-^Willlam Carver, convicted recenl- Jy of the slaying of his wife and a small so nand negro servanl In his home here, was sentenced to life imprisonment at noon today. Express Company to Extend Delivery Service Effective September 1 the Ameran Express agency in this ci',/ will extend its free nclivry and nek up service to oullyliv; scc- .ior.s which include Pride addition, ic-.illi on Harris 1.1 street to Pta- body. and on highway 01 lo a point one block north of the Cotton Belt tracks, near the Jake Ungar TEREHAN, Persia, Aug. 18. (UP) gin. : —Revolution has broken out in Shi- The local agency operates two i raz. Persia, it was reported here to- Report Revolution in Region of Terehan Persia day. Several officers and 120 government troops were reported killed. Chinese Federalists Claim Victory Is Near SHANGHAI, China, Aug. 18. (UP)—The government claimed today the turning point in the civil war had been reached with the recapture of Tslnin, and that • the nationalist armlas along the northern front were advancing rapidly against the northern forces. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy with thunderstorms in the north portions tonight and Tuesday. and 13 states are represented in According to the official weather this rcord enrollment. Texas leads j observer, Francis Carpenter, 'the the out-of state delegations with i maximum temperalure here yes- sludents enrolled. Louisiana having i terday was 93 3-1 and Oklahoma 32. Other states minimum, 68. represented Include California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas. Mississippi, Missouri New Jersey New Mexico, ond Tennessee. degrees and On Saturday the the maximum was 88 degrees and the minimum 76 degrees. It rained M o! an Inch Sunday and .03 of an Inch Saturday.

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