The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 6, 1957 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 21
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tWNTIHC f IS HI NO - — —— .. Mw*m* i nis could be ft season When trolling might not yield the results it usually does. It might lake a bit mote work to get those fish, therefore, here era a law good tips for Plus- Calling. In choosing lures for easting, select a weediest spoon in weedy cover? a surface lute ever sunken weed* beds Or lily-pad pockets; deep-diving lure along drop- offs or deep ht»les; dark or vivid lure* in dingy water and pale eolan in dear watet. In plug-casiln§. vary your technique, fte»I tit fast then slew, Reel in steady, then Jerk. To be a successful casting Inhuman, you have id judge the waters, the time e! day, your tackle box, and your arm. In the photo above, you sec the 'Big Fish Contest" window at Larry's Recreation, which was trimmed in person by Craig Clark of StorzJ3rewing Company in Omaha. Craig made a special trip here to do the job, and a number of local sports-minded firms, including Becker's Sporting Goods, Kohlhaas Hardware, Diamond's Surplus, and Ed Wolf's Coast-To-Coast loaned outdoor "fixtures" for the display. There's a lot of folks connected with this 'Big Fish Contest'— helping to put it on, that is. All of these good folk are chipping in on the prizes, and if you guys and gals who are handy with a rod just knew about some of this stuff that is coming, you'd sure handle those fish with care, and bring 'em in. Algeria's Sports "Spot" It's BECKER'S Sporting Goods Store Big Fish Days Coming Up Soon I Get the Habit of Dropping in at BECKER'S To See What's New. UP-TO-DATE FISHING & OUTDOOR INFORMATION AT — BECKER'S I guess what I'm trying to say is that the "Opener" wasn't any too good — far less ttian expected due to wet, cold weather.- In fact, the best Hugo Gade could do was to get 47 bullheads in one Ivy — little two and three- inchers, none of which we would accept for the Contest. But things arc looking up, for Mrs Fred Gebken of Burt brought ih a swell-looking walleye that grossed 2 Ibs., 12 oz., and looked bigger. She won a combination minnpwbucket-picnic cooler with that fine walleye. Almost everybody is gonna get a free prize. Among the good 'fishing folk' connected with putting on this 'Big Fish Contest', aside from this column, are fellows like Robert Hart Storz, of the Storz Brewing Company, who is most conservation-minded. Bud Morck terms him a very fine sportsman, and of course, we are very happy to give him this "plug" inasmuch as he is donating some fine prizes. There is also Homer E. Circle, public relations vice- president of Jas. Heddpn's Sons, one of the country's biggest and best-known N , , Mr Circ'M ";WmIe; a big-time executive, is just an ordinary garden-variety of fisherman, and I feel I have to tell this story- 'on him. In the midst of arranging this 'Big Fish Contest' here, I wrote a letter to Mr. Circle, and in the meantime he had taken off at the season opening for some place up in Canada, I guess, for the fishing. So I got a letter back from Mr Circle's secretary at Heddon's — a Miss Davey, who on paper looked mighty efficient but just didn't seem to 'cotton' to fisherman talk. In fact, Miss Davey turned me down — on the contest, I mean. So I sat down and wrote her a real, old style 'kinfolk' letter, one with a little rock-and-roll, and the first I heard back was when Mr. Circle wrote and said Miss Davey just kept staring at the office wall and mumbling: "Iowa, Iowa, Iowa — what kind of a country IS that?" Anyway, you fishermen get your fish entries in on the contest. Bring 'em to Larry's Recreation, where they'll be weighed-in, displayed on ice and duly recorded. Due to pressure brought on us by Chet Williams to have Perch also, eligible in this fish contest, we have added another to the seven classifications — a "Chet Williams Perch Class.'* We at least expect a perch entry from Mr Williams. iiffliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifliiiniUH We Can't Catch 1m For U But Well Help U Do It This Coming Season Prom Our COMPLETE TACKLE STOCK! Try "Coast" For What U ttetdl RIFLES ~ SHOTGUNS SMELLS OUTDOOR SUPPLIES Always at Typical "Coast" Lower Prices COAST-TO-COAST Store Ed Wolf, Owner Biiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiniiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Due to 'lack of fish' In this contest, I'd like to make a personal plea to some of our fine local fishermen to bring some in. Ray Alderson, 1 know you're headed Up to Flin Flon in Saskatchewan, how about toting down one of those 18 or 20-lb. Northerns that I know they grow up there? Jack Button, I understand . you are going to be in at Cass Lake this week — and I know you'll latch onto the best in the lake. Arnie Ricklefs, they tell me you are planning to fish the Plum Creek sandpit this weekend. If so, bring in a cat. Gail Towne, how did you do with those "sonics?" Ralph Lindhorst, I have it on good authority that you are just as good with a glass rod as you are with a gun — how about proving it? Bill Becker, where are those big "cats" you say you snag out of the river north of town? Craig Smith, why not fish deep on this forthcoming trip of yours, and bring home a Muskie? Al Borchardt, I know you're catching fish — why keep it a secret? Jay Alherton, what's the plans for Red Lake this season? Harvey Larson, Howard Forsburg, Bill Amon — aren't you getting any strikes? And to Horace Clapsaddle, I have this to say — for a fisherman who opened up Kabetogama. even before the Indians knew it was there — can't you bring in .a Kabetogama Jtunker? ' And ^ filially to Virg SmftR;l^know. .that- in. that leit- hand desk" 'drawer of yours you have pictures of prize hogs, but in the right-hand drawer you have photographs of some wonderful catches of fish taken at places like Drewberry Lake — why not go get some and enter 'em in the 'Big Fish Contest? (Fish .fro'zen for tjver*'-a« year not eligible). FISHING At tts Very Best On Lake-Of-The-Woods, Canada WE INVITE YOU TO WHITE PINE LODGE, on Lake of The Woods, a completely up-to-date fishing camp nestled among the pines on Snake Bay. Fish are really hungry here in May and June. Walleyes, northerns, bass, muskies, crappies. Outpost camp on Highwind and Porcus lakes for lake trout fishermen. Lt. hskpg. cabins, boats, motors, top guides of-area. For details write now to Wyatt N. Peck, Box 2236 N. S« Springfield, Mo. Summer address: Sioux Narrows, On*. WHITE PINE' LODGE on Lake-Of-The-Woods Agency Honored for Best Newspaper Ads Hills, Michigan. Here, proudly displaying their priw, are (L to r.) W. A. P. John, a director of MJ&A, Charles F. Adams, vice president end C»4UUc account superviapf, »n4 Ernest A. Jonei, agency president, Our Congratulations! We've always thought both Cadillac ao4 Us advertising were something special, and it's a great pleasure to learn of tbw «*»t priw award. A fine car deserve* to have rtfelf pre, tented in a fine way , . . w* knew our Cadillac owners in ihw area will be pleased with this news. Eniie Williams Pontiac-Cadillac ACROSS F1QM NiW 6©U*THQUSfi M90NA, »OWA Here's an amusing little fishing yarn I rah across. Seems that Joel Herbst and fed Larson were over at Okoboji fishing. Came noontime, and the two hooked Up to shore for lunch. Ted happens to like egg sandwiches with a lot of chopped-up chives spread over the egg, which his wife had dutifully learned to make. Seems Joel didn't bring along a very big lunch, and so Ted offered him a sandwich. First thing Ted knew, Joel was picking out all the chives, and saying: "You ought to be more careful, Ted, you must have dropped these sandwiches in the grass." • • » John Beiser is a subscrttm to one of the best fishing magazines it has been my pleasure to r«,d, and this last issue contained a really sound article on walleye fishing. John generously lends the magazine to me, and I think we are sure doing the publishers wrong as a year's subscription price is only $1.00. Don't ask Lawrence or Stu about this magazine — ask John. • » • In visiting with some prominent local fishermen last week, we got on the subject of cleaning fish, which I recognize as a chore. Catching 'em is one thing, but after the thrill, to clean a fish —even a nice plump walleye — and get him ready for the pan requires a great love of fishing. Here are some good tips I gleaned on this chore: (1) Freeze your fish overnight and in morning take fish, which is stiff as a board, stand him on his nose, take sharp knife and clip off fins, then head, then riffle down backbone. Open up belly and de-gut. You can then fillet or scale, as you wish. (2) To clean fish at once, place under hot water faucet. When scales turn partly white, they will come off easily. (3) To freeze fish for taking home, remember to put water with fish before sharp-freezing. If nothing else, saturate paper around fish. Quart milk cartons are good for this — fill water, insert fish, then freeze. A dried-out fish is no good eating, • * * SHORT SHOT — (I am once more indebted to Clark Orion and his boyhood mem- iors, so rich in lore of the past). "The buffalo fish was' a species of sucker and they were often caught weighing forty pounds or more. They were -'quite free from the small bones found in the sucker, and if they were properly prepared, by baking or belling, and correctly seasoned, they were very palatable. They were the "pork" of the fish tribe. They ran up the Minnesota river in May and the Indians along the valley in that early day would not ever plant their corn until the buffalo started to run, Some^ days when they were running one could fill the wagon box in a very short time." Cor Sobs Show Spurt In Area New cars and trucks continued to sell at a rapid pace during the past two weeks, with a total of 44 new vehicles registered at the county treasurer's office during the period. Owners and make of new vehicles are: Ford — Clark Grain Co., truck; Whittemore Hatchery & Produce, Whittemore; E v e r d s Bros.. Algona (5); Donald Bollig, Fen ton; Andrew bettering, Bancroft; Fred or Goldie Erickson, Algona; Alvin Gray, Titonka; Geiald K. Ama, Wesley; Robert or Joan Nielson, LuVerhe; Elmer Dole Co., Irvington, truck; Johnson Produce, Swea City; Everds Bros., Algona, truck (7); M. T. McGuire & Co., pickup, Algona: A. C. Schissel, Lakota; and W E. Meyer, Lakota. Dodge — R. E. Deal, Algona, pickup; K. R. Strahorn, Algona. Chevrolet — "Garry Funeral Home, Bancroft; W .J. Lane, Whittemore; Brayton Gilbertson, Lcdyard; W. E. Laage, Fenton, Clarence or Marcella Smith, Bode; Walter Vaudt, Whittemore. G. H. Johnson, Swea City; Louis Sapp, Buffalo Center; Fred Rich- tcr, Ledyard; Marvin Tigges, Burt; Albert L. Metzger, Lone Rock; Anna M. Fechner, Algona: H. J. Manser, Algona; H. H. Krause, Fenton; and Mary I. Budlong, Titonka. CMC — Bradley Bros., Algona Pontiac — Ernie Williams, Algona. SWEA CITY NEWS Mr and Mrs Bryce Johnson and their three-month-old daughter, Donisc Lynn of Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, visited from Monday through Wednesday at the home of Dr. and Mrs R. F. Snyder. Both Mr and Mrs Johnson had been members of the high school faculty here until last year; he is now director of the industrial arts program tot the army at Camp Lucas. Mr and Mrs Johnson were honored at a number of social gathering! Mrs Edward Stewart and soft Jack visited Thursday at the home of Mrs Stewart's parents, Mr and Mrs Ross Elvidge, Burt. Arriving Thursday for a five days' visit at the home of Dr. and Mrs R .F. Snyder were the doctor's uncle and aunts Mr ana Mrs Glen Griffin of Mesa, Ariz. The Griffins Will also spend some time visiting other relatives in Ringsted. Mrs June Ewing and daughter Inez and Mrs Swing's mother, Mrs W- E- Northern, drove to Storm Lake Thursday where they visited Mrs Jack Schorh- berger and baby daughter at Buena Vista hospital. At Baccalaureate services Sunday evening the Rev. S. H. Hammer, pastor of First Methodist Church, chose as his subject, A Thurtday, June 4, 19$? Algona (to.) Upptf DM Mclnet~§ Man Under Authority. Guest, speaker at Commencement on Monday Was Dr. David Sluhm, pastor of College Hill Interdenominational Chapel at Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls. Dr. Bluhm's topic was Square Men ih a Round World. Four generations were represented at a Mother's day dinner at the home of Mrs June Ewing Sunday. Those attending were Mrs Addie Ewing, Mr and Mrs Oliver Ewing, Mr and Mrs Alvin Ewing, Mr and Mrs W. E. Northern of Thompson, Linda Pulver and Reggie Peterson. KILLED Robert Pierce of near Columbus Junction was killed recently, in an accident with a brush-cutting machine. A low-hanging limb knocked him off his tractor, into the path of the cutter. Henry Clay is credited with saying "I'd rather be right than president". QUALITY ENGINEERIM it) LOW COST CHAIRS! m*t»)v*. f»a» deilgft, fa«» coshioned *nd With dramatic two. tone ttpholrt*** * «My fingertip »dju«t- tn en t«...quality-«n- g!rtttr*d bat low priced CHALLENGER SECRETARIAL CHAIRS UPPER DES MOINES PUB. CO. Algona. ta. fisher men! FRI., JUNE 7th KENNY HOFER SAT., JUNE 8th RALPH ZARNOW & Orch. MON., JUNE IQth Standard'Oil "Dealers Miss Gold Crown Dance TUES., JUNE llth Teens Dance JULES HERMAN & Orch. Coming Thurs., June 20th RAY McKINLEY And The •„, . v,,. Glenn Miller Orchestra Adm. 1.60 plus tax, tot. 1.80 Enter Those Fish of Yours! Try For A Prize Big Fish Contest Co-Sponsored By The Storz Brewing Company, Jas. Heddon's Sons, White Pine Lodge, and The Algona Upper Des Moities 'Hunting & Fishing' Column Mrs Fred Gebken, Burt, brought in a fine walleye she .caught at Lost .Island., . . it was on display,, in the 'Big Fish' window. A free minnow bucket-picnic cooler^ ^^''lo Mrs ; Gebken, and she's "in" for the bigger 'prizes, tool!The rest of you fishermen 1 . . . bring 'em in, remember it ain't necessarily the muslcies that will win the Free Week's Fiehlng at White Pine Lodge! Enter your fish at Larry's, where they'll be weighed in, and displayed on ice for a day. There's prizes galore for Fish 1 Watch The 'Big Fish' Window At Larry's Recreation ! ! • EXCLUSIVELY AT LARRY'S IN ALGONA! LL v v THE FLAVOR-RIGHT, REFRESHfNGLY-LiOHT BEER YOU'LL LIKE "PEERLESS" . . . ifs just right! Right in flavor, right in its refreshing lightness, right for picnics, right for home* serving! And right in price, too, due to the fact that tarry's is receiving truekload shipments, bringing you liked-by-thowsands Peerless Beer at ... plus dep. plus dep. Economy«Priced! CASE 24 Bottles......... 2,93 C 6 BOTTLES. QUARTS M 3for.93 S SIX-PACK CANS 93 Other Brands All At Popular Price* ARRY'S RECREATION • Free Home Delivery Case Lots All Beers Phone CY 44! Exclusively At

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