The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 6, 1957 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 19
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nature of "TV on the business of contractors for the pur- *' prectl «*. altering. n*Mi i* 8ny othM wor * I" connection with any and all elaK<»>* ** 1 nd Wro5SSi«& if 5S nature whntsoevtr and to ' buy ' 8 , e11 - lrade and <fc»l every . hind of materials, SU PP I|CS - Products, man- Iron. >nd otner pro- capital stock is $50,— ,-; «. which .'* corhfnon stock, -.— which has been paid up and fn~h» l?"iS e of to £ authorized stock director UP °" election of the k, Th ££ or $ orate period commenced on h- «,K s ay 0{ May 1957 nnd 8hall for a period of twenty (20) .- said date unless sooner ------- In accordance with law. The business and affairs of the corporation are to be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of two members who shall elect a president, Vice-president, secretary and treasurer and such other officers as they may see fit or as may be provided by the by-laws of the corporation. The directors shall be elected at the annual meeting of stockholders on the first Monday of January of each year at the principal place of business. In all elections for directors, every stockholder shall have the right to vote in person or by proxy for the number of shares owned by him for as many persons as there are directors to be elected or to accumulate such shares and give one candidate as many/votes as the number of directors multiplied by the number of his shares shall equal, or to distribute them on the same principal among as many candidates as he shall see fit. At all meetings of the stockholders, stockholders owning a majority of the capital stock ot the corporation shall be present in order to constitute a quorum. The officers of said corporation shall be elected immediately following the annual meeting of tne stockholders and each director shall bo entitled to one vptr> for ench officer. A majority shall elect. The Board of Directors may fill all vacancies occurring in its rrternbe?- ship between the annual elections by the nppointment of qualified persons to hold office for the remainder of the term. All of the Directors most be stockholders. The following persons shall constitute the officers of the corporation: Orval t,. Hakes, President; E. C. Hennlngsen. Vice-President; E. C. Henningspn. Secretary; and Orval L. Hakes. Treasurer. The private property of the stockholders of the corporation is e*empt from the debts of the corporation. MILLER STEEL, BUILDING COMPANY. INC. By Orval L. Hakes, President (22-23-24-28) One Teaching Vacancy Now At LuVerne Two new teachers have been hired by the LuVerne Community school for the 1957-58 term. One of them is Miss Jean Janssen, who will teach commercial subjects in the high school. She has been teaching the past year at Floyd. Mrs Jerry Wolf will be the only new grade teacher next fall. She is a graduate of Eagle Grove Junior College and will teach fifth grade. All other faculty members are returning. The school has one vacancy, that of music teacher, caused by the resignation of Mrs William Littlejohn, who will teach nek term at Seymour where Mr Lit tlejohn will be superintendent The name, United States o America, originated when it was written into the Declaration o" Independence, in 30 DAYS or less... with a BUTLER steel building Your cash register will play a profitable tune months •ooner if you build the Butler way. One of these pre- •ngineered steel buildings goes up fast because all parts have been formed and punched for a precision fit in a modem factory. Erection costs are surprisingly low! By combining wood, masonry, and plate glass with the regular galvanized or aluminum covering, you can •asily individualize your Butler building. Clear-span interiors are well lighted—100^ percent usable! Insurance rates are low. And there's a size to suit your needs. Aslc us where you can see a new Butler Building in use near you. It will pay you to get our price before you build. We will be glad to work with your architect or you can use our complete building service. Call or writ* MM .. . todayl IBIITER: WILL CONSTRUCTION CO. Howard (Bud) West, Sales Representative 605 So. 15th Phone 43321 Fort Dodge, Iowa SPEAKING; Make a "summer resort" of your home ! An Iowa summer CAN be hoi! But your home can be cucumber-cool! Such a window fan as shown above* one of many types at Algona dealers will ventilate an entire floor. Investigate how easy it is to "air-cool" your home for summer 1 Algona Municipal Utilities Phont CY 4-2333 According to most anatomy charts, the human sketelton is made up of such items as tibias and fibulas, humeruses and ili- ums, several vertebras and a couple of carpals. These charts are very scientific but they don't even mention the most highly developed bone in the femal body — the wishbone! The wishbone is a legacy from Mother Eve who, after eating of the fatal apple, became disatisfied with her home in the garden ancl started the precedent of hankering for things she couldn't have. Wishing has been a major past- time for women ever since. * * * I do lots of wishing and although 1 know that the popular song of a few years ago states the case a bit too optimistically when it croons, "If you wish long enough, there'll conic a day .when wishing will make it true", i sure wish some of my wishes would start giving me some results. * • • I wish I knew all the words to the Star Spangled Banner, how many sheets of paper there are in a ream and how many tablespoons in a cupful. I wish I could always remember what 8 times 12 is right off the bat -without pausing to consider and I wish I could remember telephone numbers. I wish I knew what 1 have done with my typewriter eraser and I wish I knew the answer to this week's cashword Cal puzzle. '* * * I wish I had a widow's peak, or absolute pitch or corns that ached me when a rain was coming up so that I could bring the wash in on time. ' I wish I had a Dagwood sandwich right now because I'm hungry and I wish my decent looking shoes felt as good on my feet as my disreputable flat boats. I wish I could find a four-leaf clover or that spare gasket I had for my pressure cooker. * * • I wish I didn't have to get up in" the morning and I wish I did not have to go to bed at night. I wish I didn't have to pin-curl my hair or remind the kids for goodness sakes pick up your clothes. [ wish I never«had to say no to anyone. I wish I could make a Oowline knot like they showed us at Brownie Day Camp. Jeanie saw the same demonstration and she sort of lords it over me because she can tie it and I can't. I wish I had my book review for church circle all prepared. * * » I wish an ice cream cone tasted as good to me now as it did when I was 10 and I wish I could remember how to play jacks, from Commies to Around- the-world, with no mistakes. I wish I had the waistline, the sense of silliness 1 and the anticipation of great things in store I had when I was 16 without the pimples, the self-consciousness and the insecurity. I wish I could write a column without wishing I had something to write about. I wish the idea would spring into my head fully developed and that I wouldn't have to sit here worrying and rearranging it. I wish I could drive a car or ride a bicycle, sew a dress for myself and run a duplicator without getting ink all over myself and the copies. I wish I could speak a foreign language. On second thought, naybe the wish that I could iust use the English language and always be sure of the who and whoms would be more useful. • * * All of us at one time or another have wished we had, wished we could do, 'or wished we could be something that somebody else has, does, or is. At the very sarft^ time others are wishing about us. There is a law of compensation that evens things up. I couldn't make a flat-felled seam if you paid me for it, but if I do say it myself, my apple pie is pretty good and I have a way with beef stew. * * * I can't play tennis or golf but I'm pretty sharp at parlor 'guessing games, I can't read the, alto part well in a chorus but on a sustained note I sure have a lot of breath. I couldn't possibly squeeze into a size 9 dress although I sometimes wish I could. But thanks to a boarding-house reach' developed while being reared in a large family, I'm very good at grabbing things from high shelve* and there is plenty of compensation in that. I wish I had naturally curly hair like some of my friends do. I envy them a little, but then not a single one of them can throw both of their hips out of joint like I can. And, though I don't know how jthls fits in with the theory of the law of compensation, I can probably eat more macaroni and cheese at 'one sitting than any other living person! * * * Wishing is a harmless pastime so far as I can see as long as we use the proper subjects. The real needs of human existence - i health, happiness, courage, security, peace and understand' ing for ourselves and our loved ones shouldn't be wished for x at all. These things should be prayed for. No doubt we sometimes get confused about this and offer up to our Maker, not a true petition but a mere list of whims we would like to have granted. And, too often, we stand around wishing we could be better persons when we should be on our knees about it. Upon thinking it over, that song I mentioned a few paragraphs back is not only overly optimistic, it is downright misleading. Wishing never made anything come true. Praying does. Little boys have long been known to have around such items as snails, worms, dead and live mice and other things equally abhorrant to mothers. But I found out recently that this affliction isn't confined to mothers of boys. Jane Cowan has three feminine offspring with nary a boy in the house. And still the other night when I was down there I plainly heard their daughter, Judy say, "Hey, Mom, when you cleaned the refrigerator you didn't throw out my eyes, did you?" The reply was in the negative and when I recovered from a slight shiver of distaste T found that the eyes in question had once belonged to a pig. Judy had asked the locker plant to save them for her and she was disecting them for a science project! * * * Down at the Truman Simpsons, there is one member of the family who should be in the doghouse both literally and figuratively. June made two pies on Saturday morning—one rhubarb, one cherry, and set them out to cool. She went downtown to buy groceries and returned to find one of the pies entirely gone and a satisfied expression on the face of their Boxer dog, Kids and Father were questioned, the latter coming up with this remark, "It's the cherry pie that's gone. You know I don't consider rhubarb fit to eat and the dog seems to agree with me!" * * * Well. I dpn't agiree with T. Simpson on this point. Rhubarb is mighty good to my way of thinking. Just to prove it farth- THESE WOMEN 1 Thursday, Jun§ 6, Algeria (la.) Upper tot MolMt-9 "Man bourn, man hour*, man hour* I Never a word about WOMAN hours!'* er, try this week's recipe. It's for Rhubarb Cream Pie. 1 cup sugar 3 tablespoons enriched flour 1 teasp. grated orange peel 1 tablespoon butter 2 eggs 3 cups cut rhubarb 9 inch pastry-lined pie pan Blend sugar, flour, orange rind, and butter. Add eggs, and beat until smooth. Pour over rhubarb, cut fine in the pie shell. Top with lattice crust. Bake in hot oven, 450 degrees for 10 minutes, then in moderate oven, 350 —GRACE. • Portland Twp. By Mrs. Victor Fitch Mr and Mrs Dwight Potter of Emmetsburg were Sunday evening guests at the Ray Fitch tiome. Mr and Mrs Walter Reidel of Algona were guests at the Paul Krueger home Sunday evening. Mrs Roy Ringsdorf entertained at a coffee party Tuesday afternoon in honor of Mrs Clara Shannon of Hayward, Calif. Mrs Lulu Ringsdorf and Mrs lara Shannon were Wednesday evening guests at the Donald Ringsdorf home. A family picnic dinner was held Memorial Day at the Clifford Young home. Guests for the day were Mr and Mrs George Kain and family, Mr and Mrs.Joe Loebach' and family of Whittfei- more, Mr and Mrs Fern Drone, Barbara and Connie of Renwick, Mr and Mrs Edward Kain and family, Mrs Carl S t e 11 h o r n, Stephen and Sue of Lakeland, Florida, Mrs Mary Kain and Mr and Mrs Ramon Bisque of Ames. Memorial Day picnic guests at the Roy Ringsdorf home were Mr and Mrs .Wendell Ringsdorf and family, Mr and Mrs Brink Shipler of Swea City, Mrs Clara Shannon of Hayward, Calif., and Mrs Lula Ringsdorf of Burt. Mr and Mrs Paul Krominga of Roekford, 111. arrived Wednesday night to spend the Memorial weekend with relatives in and around Titonka. Mr and Mrs Bernard Phelps and Merle and Mr and Mrs Chas. Phelps were guests at a picnic dinner at the Cora Stow home in Burt, Memorial Day. Thursday evening callers at the Bernard and Charles^Phelps home were Glen Reibsamen of Marslialltown, Mrs Elsie Hart from Williston, N. D., Mrs Ethel Shaw of Minneapolis, Mrs Bertha Stow and Johnny Cunningham. Mr and Mrs Roy Petersen of Fenton visited Thursday evening at the Donald Ringsdorf home. Guests ( in the Victor Fitch home Friday evening after graduation exercises were Mrs P. W. Hansen, Mrs Arnold Danielsen, Danny, Janice and Diane, Mr and Mrs George Hix and Mr and Mrs Edward Harms and family. Mr and Mrs Dwight Ruse left Wednesday for Tabor where they visited Mr Ruse's mother and other relatives over the Memorial Day weekend. Mr and Mrs Herbert Nelson entertained at a luncheon Tuesday evening in honor of Linda Nelson who graduated from high school. Mr and Mrs Herbert Nelson and family and George Wagnon of St. Joseph, Mo. were Sunday afternoon guests at the Neal Michaelsen home., Mrs Harry Christensen, Billy and Wayne, Mr and Mrs Roger S.-hmidt -nirl family. Avis Finley of Algona nnd Mrs Russoll Christen?., n nf Sioux City enjoyed n picrvc at Algona Thursday evening. Russell Christensen will be at Mobiln. Ala. for about two weeks then with his wife will return to Sioux City where they have been for some time. Mr and Mrs P. W. Marlow were Memorial Day guests at the Clara Marlow home in Burt. Mrs George Harms of Redfield, South Dakota is here visiting her mother, sisters and brothers. Mrs Frank Beckf-r received a call from Dr. Robert Collett of Denver, Colo., to let them know that they, Dr. and Mrs Robert Collett were the proud parent of a new baby girl born Frida} morning, May 31, at the St Joseph Hospital in Denver. Thi little miss weighed 7 Ibs and wa named Camille. She has a little brother who is now 22 month old. Mr and Mrs Walter Scott wer. Thursday afternoon callers at the Roy McWhorter and Frank Becker homes. Mr and Mrs Raj McCorkle of Austin, Minn, were also afternoon callers. Mr and Mrs Harold Becker left Tuesday morning for Ind ianapolis for the speedway race and will also visit relatives. Mr and Mrs Roy Fitch, Mr- anc Mrs Victor Fitch and family, Mr and Mrs George Hix, Mr and Mrs Arthur Hix and family, Mr anc Mrs Charles Hix and Mr and Mrs Horace Fealherston and little son of Gordon, Nebraska, Mrs P. W. Hansen, Mr and Mrs Arnold Danielsen and family, Mr and Mrs Chester Fitch and fanv ily, Mr and Mrs Martin Zimmerman and family of Whittemore, Mr and Mrs Edward Harms and family of Whittemore, Mr and Mrs Edward Harms and family, Mr and Mrs Harold Fitch of Renwick and Mr and- Mrs Andrew Miller and Carol Sue of Fairfax rnjoyed n Memorial Day picnic at the Portland Community Hall. 101st Crawford county's oldest resi* dent, William McCracken, observed his 101st birthday rec*nt* ly, at Manilla. He's still aeimi. IP IT'S NEWS — WE WAHff 11 THE SIZE YOU NEED. WE HAVE IT IN STOCK, Upper Des Moines PUBLISHING CO. M41Q AWdftS 33UJO ATTENTION POULTRYMEN In spite of the reported increase In Chick Sales and Orders this spring, we are able to offer you a contract FOR NOT LESS THAN 50c per dozen the year around, We Have Averaged Over 60c Per Doz, Over The Past Two Years. FLOCKOWNERS REPORT OVER $3 PER HEN PROFIT PER YEAR If Interested, Call or Write Us IOWA BROILER EGGS BURT, IOWA PHONE 167 (9tf) Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Finds Healing Substance That DOM Both- Relieves. Pain-Shrink* Hemorr M*v Y«*fc, ». ¥. (Spctuu - For the orit time science hat found a new healing substance with th» aatoniah- ing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain-without surgery. In cope alter case, while gently Caving p»in, actual reductipa (•hrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all-results were M tbemfb list tullirm astooUbtog Hatemsnt* li'kt M PUw h«v« <MM*»4 to be » problem!" Tfee secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*)-discovery ol • world-iaraou* research institute. This substance J» W9W available la *wpj?«»u«rv or e»»t«o*B(/0r«i uudej the niuat Pr«Mra«o» «,* At you? guarantee. A farmer can be ever so careful, yet a farm animal on the road, a grass fire, hazardous farm machinery, all make a farmer open to a possible law suit for damages or injuries. Is there a low-cost insurance that will protect a farmer from such liability? For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at the Bohannon Insurance Agency. Phone CY4- 4443. MOTOR REPAIRS Large Stock of REPLACEMENT PARTS On Hand Prompt Service At All Times Service Motors Available For Emergency Use PRATT ELECTRIC CO. Phone CY 4-4326 Algona, la. Warm Weather WARNING! 8 Out of 10 Car Radiators In Use One Year, Are 25% or More Plugged Thtt INLAND FLO-frEST, ex- cluiively at Percival Motors, forecasts time-lofting, coctly radiator trouble BEFORE it flan ihappeit Let tgt FLO- TEST your radiator now — BEFORE your heavy summer driving starlit! Cost of lh« FLO-TEST s lowl Drive In At PERCIYAL MOTORS ..if ' • South Phillips Street , 108.45 Acre Kpssoth County Farm and 7 Rm. House in Algona The farm is described as the N'/a, NVYV&.1>95*90 (Whittemore Township). Th* house is located on lot 5, Block 86 of the original plat of Algona. For further information or for inspection of the properties contact the Referee: L. W. NITCHALS OR LINNAN & LYNCH 3 t-f ATTORNEYS 101 West gtatf Street Iowa

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