The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1949
Page 10
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FAGK TEN BLYTHEVFTXK (AKK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY «, 1949 ' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uftlir r*W per Mo* tor conM^utiTc Insertion : Uinlrauna cnarf« ............... 60c i Urn* per line ...... . ......... J5c 3 KIUM per line per day, ........ l'2c 3 time* p«r tine pei daj .......... Uc 0 time* per line p*r day ......... Vc 12 tlmw p«t H pe per day ...... 6c MontiJ p«[ tine ..... SNte Count live average words to the line A a ordered lor thrte 01 six a n:e5 and stopped oelore expiration wJN be charged for trie oumt>ei oi tinier irte ad appeared aad adjustment oi oiti made All Olaulfled Adverti<<lnp copy sub- mitie<i ay persons resioinB outride or trie city must D* accompanied by cash Hate* oixy ea.MJy ce computed Irnrn thr a bore taole Advertl-Slug ouei foi irrefiulai insertions take? itie one time tabfe No responsibility wilt rje taken loi more man nne incorrect insertion of anr classified ad All ads are resmclea to trielr propel c law :n cat inn \tyle ancl type Trie Courier r^FprvM* Ihr rtgliT in *dlt oj reject any &d Service* KodaJt t'liiisniug. 1* nour *4tvic4 «J ijJEKN'B blUUIO PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2028 Blytheville or 407 Osceola 5-2 pk 8-^ At service. Sir Tltnmy O'Burr. Registered olonde Cocker Sire. World renown ea StocKdBle bloodlines Twenty Mne Champions, lour generations. Pii 24U6 6 "tf-pk-TfZS M a K a you r Dom« pretty rot §prl Dg f.ipen Rug OleantnR service \M ?ntm PEERLESS CLEANERS tor AIJ type.s ill nmblng work c*U Harry Myera rh 6349 Typewriter Notice W* wLfifc 10 ihiiiik OTir frleude and neighbors for their kindness and beau- tllul (lordl ofTerinx* f.t [hi- tlnic of the dt-atft ol our loved one. MlHitn MHhorn. We especially want to thank tli? Rev. .lernlgan of tlip Cahaiy H»|» Cluircli nnd the Cobb Fmu-ia! Home. Mltliorn. iiiisLiAml ' ! TYPEWRITERS Hoyai, SJiiitn tinrona «no Reming- nn fonaUle DON EDWARDS Dor my Cti-o D«vts *- Milhoni. ifnu Apartment fat a-room rnrnisnca apartment, newly rterorateti <Ja-i rqinptnent. electric re- InRermor. goo<I rurnlture F Slmnn n 'Jl\>'> 6 2t; ck tf Unlurnlshed apart men t, rootn.s. screened po/ch C^i large. 4 np 90 ] N 6 30-clc-7 a ^-rooni fiirnlsjied apt Refrigerator and attic Jan Couple only Ph 3152 ot 2MI 621-ck-tl '.(-room iviniishtii apt. Eietirlc re- /rlgeraior A.- store. AntoniaUc liottvstte>r neatfr Good location CulJ MM EiVnr P- Borum. Ph. 3J2J. 7 5 ck u 2 roon: haih, W2 rur t 6th. Phone 43U6 a-room nirntsried 76-pi-9 106 E. Business Service Directory Auto and Services _ Jeep parts now available "at POOLE MOTOR CO, «• t»n nil Ell your nrMs ^« gen u in. par u from oui com- jJiet* Una, BLLIH POOLS. OWNER & OPERATOR South HlRttway «j M S te«t« MO Pboue Stifle 49 _ OHAPMAN 8ER710K STATION M*la -t oivisioo Phon« urj oon 1 : endanK«r four family with Urtr tlr«»— BDY LE« TIRES Loans Money to Loan 0 7011 n«a R loan to repMt oi Hlel? No down paymenr. no mo «, no red tape FHA APPROVED R \TK 5^ ASK FOB DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Ark AOTO AND r'UHfTlTIlRE LOANS Prompt Perwina i Service Ueneral r o ncraci PurctiasR Corp 106 Smrtb 5th Phnnr 803 Courier News Want Ad.s rne typewriter Man 110 N Second St Phone . for Sate. Misc. Hardy strawberry ptatii" /2a Jaml- on 6; 17 pk ?|ll ROOFING -AND SIDING Get Ward's low prices! lop quality at a low price Ward* aspuajt rooimy and skiing \s iat>nraiory tt.stea Otves 1011^. nard service siayt ariKtu ano roiortul Convenient monthly terms lioollnR. a wide variety n; styles. cnlor= ann welgtus Ohoosp today lor an attractive hniis* al [on cost MONTGOMERY-WARD 6,15 ck u J'om -Sawyer paint ru; quality ROLLISON LUMBER CO 69 ck 119 Gas A; art welder, electric forger i it) sirip rirtijijntr. drill press & uery, nanti snw »nd ri]) saw. pJan- inj? in a en me. J phasa 5 o.p motor n njoior, and lots ol small tools Will seJI any (Here or all at n hnr^aln See Henry EtlRln. Ftunt Sirccc Le&ch- ville, Aik. 6 :JO pk 7JM HAVE FOR SALE nice resUnrani In oa locRCion <.»as equipment, yootl Ilxture.'., Plidiie 2SJ2. 6.30-pt-7t7 Pure bfed bluclc A white Cocker Spuniel. Mrs. N T . G. Jerome I'h. ^101 7:2 ck 7,9 Crotcheied spreads for table or bed. nanu.soine weddlnf? present. Mrs. O I-. Pinillps. Housecar across Ironi B]y- ineviile Compress. 700 m Broadway, 7S pk 7il2 Practically new portable Royal typ- writer. Call i876. 7'i-pk-7 8 xitH nice Jersey HplJer. Will ft rah en about two weeks. Pile* SISO. Joe T. fcle. Highway So\ith 61. Blytheville. Fryers 109 Lake St. Ph. 3319. National Window Guards fnniish silent, sturdy harriers against burglars. Ask for an estimate at BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC., ph. 2434. 6-28 ck If to ItiK phone »ud aat ror IK anil upholstery cJsnntr:. 829 ck:729. UeaJ's ('flint Siore. FOR HALE CHEAP ONE SIXTEEN INCH WHIRL WIND FAN WITH ADJUSTABLE S'lAND. C1OOD AS NEW A REAL BARGAIN BROOKS MUSIC STORE. TEI.UPHONE 811 6 28 ck tl GnrbflKe cuns 21 KttLlou size Onl- Tanlzett .-so rs tn lust for years MpeU« city requiremenLs. »2 97 Montgomery Ward ft: Co. 029 ck 7)7 After the 4th CAR SPECIALS AT YOUR BUICK DEALER'S • See These Cars and Trucks • HMl linick l-l)oor Sedan, in every way a verv sound automobile. ISMfi DeSolo l-dooi Sedan, a one-owner, cilv-rirhcn car... equipped wild radio, healer, and new iires. 1947 SI u lie baker -l-dooi- Sedan, lully equipped, a city- driven car with very low mileage. THE PRICE IS RIGHT WHEN YOU BUY A CAR FROM PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. • See These Cars, Trucks • 1918 Ford Super Del.uxe Kordor, nice maroon finish, lias radio, healer, and 1949 Arkansas license ... an all-around good car . . . $1395. 1947 Ford Super Del.uxe 5-passen«er Coupe, maruon color, has radio mid healer, in excellent condition . . . S12H5. Ift-lfi Koril Super Del,uxe Tudor, blue, has gowl heater, 1919 Arkansas license . . . $1095. 1911 Ford Tudor, original black color, equipped with good heate,r . . . STilo. 19 III Ford Dcl.uxe Convertible Coupe, has radio, healer, and !9.(!) Arkansas license . . . $650. Ml Hi Koi d One-Ton I'ickup . . . $995. HI IS Ford Pickup . . . SSI5. Hill Ford l.oiiff Wheelbase 1 J/i-'i'on Truck, in extra fine condition . . . $(>95. PAY ON CONVENIENT TERMS «*utilul a-bedroom bom* on l 5>tr«i. call r B JOYNER. ph 3201. «,1V pi Vi Th< first almanac In this country ciuie from Bradford Pfess in Philadelphia In 1687. BEAUTT SHOP In I.uxon. Pliont 41 OAceol*. Ark., Kaihryn Lamb. 76-pk-13 40 Acret of good land. >i mite oil It Hl«nw*y. Good gravel road, ?i mile Irom city limit. KM nice 6 room home And Barn, mall and school bus routes. Kleclrlclty and phone &ertlc« and running water. This It a choice farm ft Rood t«rnu. A]so Lave several nice homes In Lown thai will carry 100% CJ1 Loan. BERT ROSS. REALTOR Ki>, WEST MAIN PHONK 2415 or 3316 For Rent, HMJMS room /urnlshed ho us*. 407 DOUK&D, 7|2 pk 7 Modern 2 bedroom furnished home. Aittc Jan iwi cincKasawbft St. Photic 4-rocin inifiirnUhed house. Adult* only. 701 Janil&oii. 7,9 pk Ifl Lost Loei 2-Walker Fox Hound*, color diacic iV white wLth some yellow »poU Horn male. No collars. jLohi near city ir Mo Siut» Line Jvin* 2?lh. CftU « see H W M#h*n or Riu&ell Galnw 7,6-ck-13 BLYTHEVILLE KEAI/fY~ SPECIALS WEST BND—Marguerite Street. 3 room, city water. Priced (2000. LAKE STREET, Near school. 5 room nome. Priced $3500. Terms. NORTH 10th. Grocery store building find nome, corner lot. Only $4.125. ATTENTION BUYKRS Cil and FHA—We build, you p]ftn House, on your Jol or our tots. PHONE t'lKLD 2394 Notice Notice Factory i. ained tuner and buildei 11 J'tono lor OVPI twenty years tiERALD W FOGLE 103 West Kentucky St Phone 3109 ompany 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 A1TENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free oi :liartre in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blythe ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD AN1MA1 DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 7-28 For Salt, Misc. one lilx en. H. Hot Poliu Rrflyprator Kxcellenl con-Jlllon, Can 7nia, WH1Z7.ER BIKE. cheaD. Call 205J. ]2 u. Kedpral meftt display cases. imiary scales. Meat blocks, one •-, nors« meat chopper, nnr lrlxed-n\lst air L-unclLlLuned display <:nse. one U'allc-ln cooler 6X8. All thpie nrr Jtraci]fa]ly new Rnd al a sacrifice PH. 3900. 7 « c'« II for Sale. Real Estate Real Estate Farms — City Property LOAN: 11 intiM-onea ID Buying or ^elJinft *•* Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls F. B. Joyner Glencoe Bldsf. Phone 819 19 12 DodKe l!.i-Ton Truck. .. .will g j ve you lots of good service. 1940 Internalional 3/1-Ton I'ickup. . . . priced very low Hill I'lymoulh U-door Sedan, has healer, seat covers and a neiv engine. JSH1 Clievrolel 2-door Sedan, equipped wilh radio, seat covers, and good (ires. 193!l Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. ,,ew engine and new tires ---- in truly excellent shape. "When Heller Cars Are Built, li,,i,.k Will liuild I'hem" Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Salesmen Otho Stanfield W. J. "Bill" Wunderlich Langston-Wroten Co \Valnul at KrtMdWMV Dial ,S55 lot Servir* Grocery store &. restaurant in connection. Owner must change climate because of ill lieallh. Will sell stock & fixtures & give lease on building including Hie house. This store s well located & doing an excellent business. See or call Cates-Worllunglon Co. Realtors IIS S. 3rd Street Ph. 2751 Blytheville, Ark. 7-6 ck 7-10 For Sale, Heal Estate Good 6 room frame house and bnth in restricted COUNTRY CLUB AREA ADDITION. New servants house, several other out buildings on acre of ground. BKAUT1FU1, COUNTRY HOME yet it is in town. Priced ? 10,600. $ 10,000 GI Loan. BKAUTIKU1. 6 room house and bath on 100 ft. corner lot on KENTUCKY AVE. Screened front and back porch. This is a nice home and extra well kept. Priced §8,800. GI Loan BRAND NEW MODERN 5 room bungalow. Floor furnace, attic fan, disappearing stairway, a roomy closets, concrete walks and driveway. Lot 7S x 190 ft. out in Country Club Drive Addition. Nothing was spared in the construction of this roomy home YOU'LL LIKE IT! Pricec $9300. 100';*' GI Loan. JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2596 112 South Second St. HOUSE FOR SALE •l-room house in Pride Addition. Pi-ice reduced to ?!,500 for ciuick sale. See or cal CATES - WOKTHINGTON CO.. 115 S. 3rd St.. Blytheville, Ph. 2751. 7-5 ck 8 biff lire cat Mil) and (arse Buffalo umoadeu a.t uoo South Olart Stree dally Clark sueet Fish Market Phnn 3939 We deliver 6 23-ct-7| Help Wonted, Male -Mails GRUKN WRIST WATCH. Basket weave band. Reward: call 3120 For Safe, Cart A Trucks Save Money on These USED CARS Wanted Salesmai! with car Unlimited amount of pay, home every night. Write Box QRS, c-o Courier News. 6-30 pk 7-8 1948—leep. Low price. 1 !)<!•>—Korcl. Exceptionallv good buy. J 9-11—Ford. A Bargain. 19.10—Chevrolet. Radio, heater, a truly clean car. 19'll—Chevrolet. A bargain !!M1—Pontiae. Radio, heater. in-17—Kaiser. Radio, healer. A real buy. 1040—I'tymoutli. Radio, healer. 1340—Buick. Radio & heater. 1946—Chevroet. 1 i/i ton truck. Steel bed. Good 8^5 x 20 tires all around. Also several others to chuose from. 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiway 61 Phone 2142 6-10 ck U Business Opportunities Wanted Farm tractor dealer for B]y- tlieville territory Fonr-roa-. all purpose mm Itacior-Clirysler engineered. Fasi sturdy, operates at low cost. Complete line or Implements. Chrysler. DeMto. I'lymotith and DodKe dealers carry parts Unusual nnaiiclal opportunity Wrllp or wire Southern Tractor and Implement Co. at once. 520 rails Hvulrtms. Memphis. Tennessee. 7,S rrk 7.7 For Kent Modern apt- & cablr^ OS weejr oi ' Store building 20 x 50 I't. Injrram BIdK., First Street, p)i. '4»7. 7-5 ck 8 Wanted to Bay Hisnest price paid foi CHICKENS- 1.1.1L.9 Ash street Grocery A- Market •*"' w Aan 517 ck n Proifuction of canned meat more than tripled in i 10 years be- twfen 1937 and 1947 Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection w HOTE1 BULUMNG t a-cft-t: l!Mfi DODGE CUSTOM MADE SEDAN. . . Radio, Heat"!-, all extras. In excellent condition. 51,395. Harry H. l,e- vitch, Ph. 3743. 7-6 ck 7-B $150 MOKE FOB YAUR CAR. That's wnai (Jlin Harrison now offers you as a speciaj trRrte-ln allowance on ihe purchase of a 1949 Hudson, America'; '••1-Most.' 1 car. See It. drive It this week. GLIN HARRISON MOTOR CO. 517 West Ash. Blytherllle. 76-c^-li RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere VOD Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 ! Nationally Advertised , i Fei.iinine Apparel j In the most exclusive t lines at the I Accessory Shop | ! Feminine Apparel > • Alabtl I|og»r, - .lesslr Sritt ! i HOIT.I NOBLE BI.OG. I I Bb'fheviile Arkansu j KJasD cauierma m Oiil'hL'Nii STUUIO NOW! New Low Prices on Good Used Cars & Trucks! 1917 Plymouth Special Del.iue Tudor Sedan, equipped with brand new Iires. sent covers, radio, healer. 19-17 Chrysler Coupe, radio and healer, new set of tires. 1916 Chevrolet, 4 door, black, wilh excellent rubber. See now! 1937 Chevrolet, 2 door, new paint, comulele in every way. 1!);!7 Ford, 4 door sedan, conic in today and see (his bargain at $225. 1917 Dodge I Vi Ion. green color, excellent rubber, cab and chassis, 151 inch wheel base. 19 IK Mack, 2 Ion truck in excellent -.omlilwn, good rubber, 161 inch wheel base. T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main phone 2122 Private Kooms riouaekeertlng room. Phone 72-ck-7i3 *o vinturnlshra rooms Call 2fi5Z 6 29-p!c-7.1 Lflns?. cool oedronm Men only 310 walnut 8 8 pk 7U Hftlronm—prlTAln bath. Phone 46*3. 7,5-rrti-a.i Personal oalnut« pnotrataiir nervier Ss STUUlO 1^6-cft-t] FRAZIER BUS LINES Charter Service For Church Organizations, Baseball Clubs, etc. Licensed & Insured Licensed & Insured for Your Protection Call lor Our Schedule Phone 23H1 or 4152 Drive it in ... or Drag it in . . . Well Trade lor More 1M7 Plymouth 2-d<x>r Sedan in A-1 condition, has radio & heater. . . .i:{95. 1!):)2 Chevrolet l-door Sedan, the price is mighty low. 1941 DeSolo 4-door Sedan, equipped wilh radio, healer, seal covers. . . .has new paint. .. .$695. 1917 Ford J-door Sedan, in e\cellenl condition, has healer. ... make us an offer. 19 IS Ford -i-door Sedan, lop condition, equipped wilh healer. . . .you'll like Ihe price. Many More to Choose From CABOVERS—CONVENTIONALS—SHORTS LONGS—PICK-UPS—PLATFORMS—STAKES Blytheville Motor Co. Broadwav ft Phone 4122 CHEVROLET SERVICE Gives You the Protection of Reconditioned USED CARS - ON OUR LOT TODAY - 19(2 Chevrolet Town Sedan, has healer and a 1949 license. 1942 Chevrolet Special Town Sedan, beautiful blue finish, equipped with radio, outside visor, and 1949 Arkansas license. 1937 Chevrolet Coupe ... at a price you shouldn't miss. 1939 Ford V-8 Tudor ... the motor, (ires, and appearance are excellent. See it today. li).')7 OeSoto 2-door Sedan, has 5 (ires that'look like new, spot light, tog litfhfs, and 1949 license. 1929 [Model A Ford 2-door ... a good fishing car al a give-away price. TUUCKS. .. 1JMO to 1948 models, large and small, long and short, 2-speecl axles and regular, some wilh bodies, ',< and 1/j-Ton, stakes and boxes. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always .tlake a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON , Chevrolet Company 301 VVesl Walnut i'hone 578 You're making 3 wisi investment when you let us install this new Oldsmohile engine in your car. It's surprisingly low in cost—less than a major overhaul! And it'« available now, on our easy BudRet Plant In addition, this factory-guaranteed engine—precision-tooled with new materials throughout— assures you of increased operating economy and lower maintenance expense. Call today for an early installation appointment. AVA1LA>1£ FOR • J 7 - ' 4 7 MODELS LEE MOTOR SALES 309 Kast (Slain Phone 2056 First at Walnut HERE S THE PRICE... Now Come in And SEE THE CARS 1942 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, has bright, new paint job . . . only $745. 1939 Ford 2-door Sedan, new molor installed . . . $145. 1941 Ford 2-door Sedan, newly painted . . . S715. 1940 Packard 4-door Sedan, equipped with radio and healer, has new paint . . . S545. 1946 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, radio, healer, and white tires . . . ?U95. 1947 Mercury 4-door Sedan, equipped with radio, heater and new Iires . . . $1295. 1910 Ford 5-Passenger Coupe, less than 3,0(10 miles, equipped with radio, healer, and seal covers . , . special ... $1 H9o. 1339 I'lymoulh 4-door Sedan, a bargain if you ever saw one . . . $395. MANY OTHERS, OF COURSE STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY Phont 4333

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