The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 12, 1934
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 12, 193J (ARK.) COURtRR NEWS Priiiio's a Champ in This Role, Too Fisllhoin Urges Exlrome Care in Taking Medicines Molds Pine Bluff Ivlilor Iiilpiuled No Improper ( nliusm i.n-n.r: HCXJK. M.IV. vi <UPI~Tin- MHMI-HIP court today (inashed ihi- j-,itlirmc!H nf ihi' Jefferfcvi: county i' in the contempt case "f K." W FiTr-nian sr. '•"'• cl Waller Koii-r.).; publisher mid cdiloi 1 of 'h f Piin-' Rlnff fined'siM eiirli tnr ror.u-mpi ol ill" lower court. '''IIP conicmpi flnrec v;:i r mi'di 1 alif-i' '•»' '-I'ilniiii 1 :;ji|xMred in '!"' P-'l 11 ' 1 ' I'lHU-ixin; vl/.inv <jf slot nv.ichini'.-i in IMii" j P.infF. Tin- iu;« nines, Hit 1 cdltoriiil I I-oillted oul. had (jet-li taxed c'ly :i )id stale. f Today'.s n[>ii»;on saiii in parl: ••V/e think tin' ci)jiori:ii com-1 ports v.'iili thi- idea lhai it wu.s not .the '"'linn ol the court, either pa*t or prospective, ivhii'h the writ' 1 ' had in uimri rind intended to iiuiko t!ir- subject of hi.s.aniin- iidverslnM. but rather the law it.solf mid il'.c action of .revenue officers i>f ihr- Mmc and city ns lending to !uU owners tif.sln'. ma- ehine.s into a .senv of false i.ecur- ity. , •Tim judgment of the trl.'il roiifl • The ,< <if uie refunding ly vs. the state hallway commission wns adv-.mccd liy Uie supreme com I ond set Sar hearing four Tbe Editor'i Letter BOT io Camera plays a new role here and he's a big hit, as lie holds Ehe Ihree children of the late W. I/. "Voung" Sirlbllng In his mighti nv DH. MORRIS Killlor, Journal ut tlir American Medical Association, and of II)'- Kfia, the llriillh Mujralnr Medicines rlifiiily used ciin Ix 1 <>t linnensi' utd and fomfurl to tlic iJNIctcd; wrongly used, ilicy niny cnuso .serious damage to thp hu- 11:111 ixxly. When n dorlor pre.scrtlxvs n medicine for you. it Is for you alone, mid not Tor anybody else In l!» amlly. Hence, o'd proscrlplloivs sho'.rtd nil IK- fnveil. bill should V>e KsjWit'U of us .soon as possible liter you need them no longer. Tlic doctor usually writes on Ills prcseripllmi. und Ihe ihuuiilsl rn- coplc.s on [lie label, (he directions for Inking the medicine. Therefore, u'hcn Hiving medicine 10 sick person, be sure you know exactly what Ls on the Imillc lal Heciut'ie .sjxxms nowadays come In many fanciful .s)ni|x"> and sizes each family should have ;i medi- chw glass with measures of varloiu .spoons recorded. When a doctor prescribe--, a definite number of drops, ihe drop", should W measured w!lh n medicine dropper, nnf not by i; • • • If Hmiki medicine is prescribed the lx)tt;c should up shaken (hor oiiitlily each time before the med! cine is measured. Man medicine should hp mixe with a little water v.-hen taken, In soiiKf.hnos Die tiiedlclne mnV IK put into .the month and waxhr down with n swallow of wate Pills and capsules either should bo , handed lo the patient from the original package, so Hint he may lielp himself, pulling tlie pill or .irnr;. The heavyweight champion, who fought Onp iiouiul Ix-ef liver, 2 esirots, 3 ixitnioes, a onions, '2 cti|K rnn- itPil toiiinlne.s, :l inljlpsixxuis fal, II !al)!es]>oon.s flour, I lenspnon sail, M tea.sjyxni ivpjtor. Cm liver In slices mid iKirlioll 2i1 minutes, nraln nnd roll In flour, lirown in hot fai In frylnn pan nml nil In I'libe.s. Cut cnrrols nnd |Ki- tiitra's In i-uljps and t'lwk HHiPtlirr In i)")lllii|; water until almost U'li- iler. Save this water to use lt> male' nil- siiiri'. .slice onions and )>:-':iill lii |]i<> fm In uliich the l!\rl' wns hnnvned. I'm liver und veijt!- taules in ultc-tnii' layfi« In n bak- hi!; dish. A'M lloiir t» f:ii In which Hver nnd onttius \\erc cooked nnd ^llr until Ueiulrd. Add Mock which has li^eii iiil\Pd with toinaKx'.s nib- be dthioiiKh ii sieve and cnok nnd stir until smooth nnd Uilckenrd, Pour over liver and veni'lsilJtes in jinking dish, cover with Inking i ixnviU-r b!si-.Ul dniiiih, nniklnn silt- 15 « ' wa-. „„,) ve.ctalde ,,:e w ||],; )m , ;AKI , AST: ^ t '"„,„,„,,, -; H..I- vinsl is >,,„•,. la „'.,.«,:. },.„,,„ fc . Blls . ,-•!,. I tins ,,,rk p!e ,c,,,,. ,,uv d:,yi|, :lll , lll)( , lilisil , „„„„,,.,. ,,^ k '•„,. And Johnny Slolo Sway Crips Tonight Id' i-K'nuulvo of tlic fnstf.u mid fnniV'VS on lln 1 SliW.c.y clroiit ohnny .Stole und IVd Knlfhcl meet. In the triilmr. match un to- lit'.s UTe.stlliin t'lii'd ut the :irm- 01 y. The two toiled lo u dritw over tbp UO-inlinuo ro\ue hen* l.isi weeic without cither Sf'CiililiK u full ;,IK| \\-pie rc-iimtchcd tor tlic main go Compared to the usual Ppalr of BpfcUrlfs whlcli c»m« intn lh"tiK' Ifllh' ernliicy. ' twice, made : trip to Macon, Oa., to appear on the memorial bosinu prosram lor ills Georgia fisjhlcr. killed last fall in an inuo-cyclc crash. Left to right in i his picture,' taken at the Striblinf home, are Mary Virginia. 5; Gttevry lloor.c, 5 months, and W. L. StvibMng HI, 1. • SIO a Day for All (To the editor: [ I see Senator Harper nf '.he Mississippi legislature and also n canOidnti! for the United State.-, .^r-nnte introduced a resolution in the Mississippi lejji.siatiire meiiiori:i)l/lng congress lo put into effect Henalor Huey P. Long's plnn for Use retllstrihiilion of wealth. lie would have to issue 2 billion dollars and put every ab'c bodied innn in the United Smi«b In work at ten dollars per da>'. But glvijiff men 10 dollars a day 10 work will he seriously ob- Jctted to. Ry Whom? By men re-i ivorth while 90'; and the ruin of chiving more than ten dollars per I the country. dcy for themselves. son:e twenty n ' One thing we do know that if day. some a .hundred, and on up (you would ?)ay this labor and sal- to Mr. Schwab who Rets S250.0001 aried group 1CI doUara a day for a year, and other officials from I their services v:e would have no fifty to one hundred and twenty more ot .Ihc depression immedtatc- cent of the people who live \vhok 1 - ly upon profus. W/, of the people live on salary and by labor. The purchasing power of the conn- try is sustained by people who earn less than 2.000 dollars a year. figures arc taken Trim President Roosevelt's, recent dicss lo the American people. The to con- group .of (he people to snake laws favoring parasites to the detriment of the Slow Pay Forcing M. D.'s . Info Other Businesses SALT LAKE CITY, umh <ui>) —Consideration by the public ol ™ ln other debus before doctor bills arc .j^ipaid, is forcing many prospective 1'ork I'lc 'niiids jvivk s^ouhier. 1 s.ih. 1-^ te;is|Kion jjepivr, rconis. dash ot tliymi 1 . 2 P'I S c.inned tomato. 1 hend celery, ('.r. mcni in small p'.pt-es nmi roll In llfi'.ir. llro-.Mi in n 111'.:,, ]I U L fnt. P» r '.'.I b:ikin» dlsli. cover with h')ll- liii' valer :ni(l bake, closely cov- ln: r .in d'.oiiiiim-s iiibbtd Ihrouch n^. sit-vo. cut r.clery in dice and p.nboM [en inlntitm. Add to mi-.i; •.iiitl toiiiato mixlure in hak- »i'- r 'lis:i. c.'iivi'r with rich l»kiir{ IWid-r biscuit ; lnuir)i p innklii'> (.ISls In :hc- doumi In alhw [lie sleam to t'!.c.i',x' -ain] ijnke an mhniles in n 4W decrees p.) oven. Tlic ean b>? i^iiim'jTcd oil vop o^' th- siovi- [or one hour If ihe oven '.v,n'.«i for other tiakhia. <'ilrrinl Ijmb Fie fee. I.UNf.'HKONr Clear veiielnble soil]). _ inasit'il crjcki-rs. rice cm- (pK'Ues wilti elicr.^ 1 sin'iec, .sliced tir- niiKC.s sprinkled «'lt:i siircdded cn- connul. milk. ten. 1MNNKH: 1'iirk pie, buttered collri' T. >'llh'Ll lu esc. i:ln»cr fruit Milnil. hrcnil, milk. horse style of wrestler Ktule und Knichel iip|x'nr to he In thnt they iMtnre iicllon and sliced. Knichel Is n fnvorllo of local mm fans while Kioto iiuule his Knlohc] lius Ijenten nil of tlio lj!g- KIT nnd roimlier 'twy.s shawliiK heie with Uie exception of Roy Welch, hnvliiK broken even In I wo mutches with the Inner. Hlolu pix'iired to ut len-st hold his own vith Knichel lust week und iippar- •ntly isnlncil .some followers from hi 1 ranks of Knlchel's supiiorlers. hi a preliminary mulch tonight Jlimnle MorrLs mid. TlRer Mooro, nvo iienvlcr iilayinatcs, are slnted to perforin. OM tat a Day Brift«s $100 a UNrtfe Over »7(W.CK».OO.In cash benefit 1 ! have nlrwdy been paid to one- cent-a-dny policyhoiders by Uie Nallonul Protective lasurancn Co,, laOO I'lckwlclt Bld^., Kansas City, Mo., the olitesi and coin- Ixifiy of Its kind, Their new accident -policy,' pay- Jiiff bcnfflw up to 1100 each monlh or, $1,000 to $1,500 at d<ath, Ls now Itelng sold, to all men, women and children between the ajp.s of 7 and 80 y*nrs. Hit; cost Is only J3.C5 it yenr—Just one cent a dny 3rn4 No Mwwy or 10 days' free Inspection of polity, simply fiend name, age, address, beneficiary's mime und re- nlloiislilp. No application to nil out. IHI medical examlnotlon. AH«r eadlnt' |»llcy. wblch will Ijc inullrd lo you, eillier retuni It oi' wild $3.05 whtcli pays you up for a w)m!n year—:tC5 clays. Write Na- llonul Protective today while offer Pine BluH Wins State Cage Title Saturday capsule on (he back of the tongue and washing it, down «-lth a drink of water, or else brought to tlift iwtient on n sixwn, so thai he may take the pill or capsule from the spoon. In other words, Ihc person who is walling on the oaticnt should not carry (he capsules or pills in the palm of the hand, where they Simmer Ihn iiisnt, whlcli ran lie Three sho'ilder lamb chops. 3-4 cup tlli-cd cooked potatoes, R small cooked onions. 1 teaspoon salt, 1-8 teaspoon on riii'jy py.uler. I cooked carrots, I nn> HAKIUSON. Ark.— Pine HluiT high school's zcljra.s annexed tholr .second conscculive stnlc basketball f crown here Satunlny nlghl, distyxs- i; of I'urilyce- In Ihe finals nf tlie stinc lounmmenl, J7 lo 40. 'Itic (jninc wns closely contested with teams playing spectacular offensive ball, 'rite lend chmiKcd hands four limes durlntc the lilt The l!cdbiii!S led throiiRli the first half with Pine ntulf Inking Ihe lead in ihe third (pmrtei-. may be softened or disintegrated ( a "y cheap cut. o( lamb, In tmlllnc ' fjucs'.ion is are we goin . timii; to allow this 10% P ri . surgeons into oilier business, Dr. Alfred W. AUson. Hochcster. Minn, professor of Veurosurrery at the Mayo Foundation, told the Chani- ix?r of Commerce members iierc. "Mast persons pay their other debls before thinking of the doctor." lie said. "And the medical a year. These are | ly after the first pay day. Why five thousand the men who object so strenuous- mot? Well the Schwabs. Whitncys, ly lo the common man Rettin? 10 i and Graces might not gel their dollars prr day. Why do these j 250,000 dollars a year. What, people object? They are themselves pity if they shouldn't. prosperous, why .should they ob- j j. B. COOK. jcct to prosiwritj- among others, i Elytheville, Ark. Will you answer thai, question. i . These are among the ten per! Read courier News Want Ads. profession lias suffered serious by moisture or contaminated fron: the hands. » * + Tfiere are several ways in which medicines of unpleasant may be made more palatable. •!! very cold water is taken, il will serve to cover the (a.slc. There are many ways lo disguise castor oil. One of the siinyibst, is the so-called ca.slor oil sandwich, in which the castor oil Is poured on a la ( ver of orange juice and covered with anot'cr layer of orange juice. losses the past four years." Doctors put many years inlo ex tensive study, ut norfcssor There, arc ic\v remedies ( _ I should be kept regularly m the medicine chest. American dared, yet the!;- patients usually people suffer today from overdos- ..1H..-U, _.^v iiitu y.ivituia iiauum . , . ------set Ihc fees for major ireatri'ehtjs ° !e o! cal ™ rtl « and laxatives, nnd . : from overdosage of medicines to . -1 relieve pain and produce sleep. So ihat it should not he .crowded I Physicians' arc beginning to no- out by its own s«dlings .ihe creo-1 tire ..some .serious rr.MiHs, particu- sole busii drops its seeds and then Ilarly. from, .the overdosing with spreads a palson on \hern (hai. I drugs of' the last mentioned type slows up gcrmlnatibn.' ''. ' ' ' ' d one- should lake' such remedies Read Courier Ncw» Want Art* water to cover mull Under, lie- nive meal frrun Ijoiies nnd cut In not. nit'iliinn si/cd pieces. MlM lie curry powder and 1 tablestwon '!our [o a smoDlh jiastc wji:> a it'.le coy wafr. Add lo Ihe'stock i" '.vliicii Ihe meat was cooked. Brii! 2 to the boiling point, sllrrhijf. constantly. Add sail and ]i?pper. Arid meal nnd vegetables nnd turn into a baking :llsli. Cover wllh baking: powder hlscults nnd In a hot oven for 20 minutes. Liver anil Vegetable Tie Colds Tluu Don't lei Ihem yet n MrniiBli held. I'liilH ticimr, ipilckly. Crco mvlslon combines 1 major helps h one. Powerful but harmless. Picas .'•nl to lake. No narcotics. You cv.'ii driiBgLst Is ai'lhorlzcil to re Iiinil your money on the s|xi ytnr cough or cnl'l l.s not relieved by Creonmlslon. —Adv. Do You Cough? " I(o;',er llacon liivi'nted the first I JW _ BILIOUSNESS Sour stomach p gas und headache I Ls still —Adv. Don't Forget CaudilPs Agency General Phanr. 791 WRESTLING Fred Kuicliel ' .' vs. Johniiy Stole Jimniie Morris : • vs. _ Tifier Moore Armory, Monday NHe ORAHC A Raw Milk Pb»o« 74 . : Craig's Dairy Bulk Ganhiii and Field Seed Also Genuine AliultUm \A\m\> Vnrls - - .'iOc BURKE HARDWARE CO. ROXY Last Time Today Mat. 2:.iO, lfl-25c N.ite-fit:45»'l t O-2Sc ' ' .. conghir.f; ikerl me <ir.\ ar\tl [ Tell Afler ntinK lfc< 'IHjrovtiy 1 . t nai bad: lo noinul hcallli." AH sl-jii: li:-.c I I '-•- -,lll 11 \ I KNEW WHICH LOW-PRICED CAR ALL THREE! MAD THIS CERTIFIED J INTERVIEW WITH B.V.FRIEDMAN OF DETROIT, MICHIGAN drive without ••, •' "O' 1 1" "if »Iiop> »' 'AIITbr™.' You b«t . oulh la, "cm all beat on prrformancr •AIITlitrc'lBO c\c llltf, rljm- W E HT.AR" r r.ictW .ninxr Mi, Friedman -ivciaginsli'iw i lM .\Vc went'out to sec hiin. XVcaskcaifhc-lookcd at All Three" bcfoicrmyii'S Ply"'""'' 1 - .'/. M Watll'Cn^---^ ist ."' /V i i» ll-MM ?'*«'•''Jut )"st to f ' fi ^' ,1'v- e each of tlic low- make sure, I af° vc '•„ priced cais 1W «' ll «This owner says lie demand two tilings in »car-«»^"> nll ^">'So Plymoutli's Vioating Vp*« engine mountings nncl Imlivulual Wheel Springing appealed to him. Mo mote engine vihialion . • • .i™ no more bumpy tides to tire him out or injuie trie delicate radio apparatus he carries in his car. And, of course, anybody wlio knows cars as he docs is JoM on Hydraulic Brakes nn3 Safety-Steel Nodics. "I'll let the otlicr fellow drive without them," he says, "but I'm inking no unnecessary chances. There's not much we can add to Mr. Friedman's convincing story- But we urge you to do thvs—"Lool: at All Three before you buy." This year there's a surprising difference in low-priced cats. And you don't ncc<! to he a mechanic to ire it! Any Doilge, DC Soto ot Chrysler dealer will he glad to demonstrate Plymouth without obligation. "N '• 3 AboTC—DC Lni« Plymouth 4-ctoor Sedan, f lyraouth • (Xlcfebefln it MM f .'o. b. f Ktytf, Detroit. >ub|tct to change »itboutDotk«.DupUtc Safety Plate Glw throulh- tuttot low«tt»ch«U(only »U<m D< Lu« StJin). NEW PLYMOUTH S 495 AtjlD UP F.O.K. FACTORY DETROIT IT'S THE BEST ENGINEERED LOW-PRICED CAR * m w | | Jf_ AGAIN TONIGtfr ADM.—Mntinue itntl ISc iind'-tQc 2 RIG DAYS ON THE S'MGK AND SCRKKN On the Stage in Person "The Page Kiddies Band" America's Youngest Musicians A New Treat in Entertainment The 1'atfc Kiddies Hiind is a Kroup nf children (all .sisters nntl hroihers), I''nur Girls and Two Boys. They are real iiHirinns, each »u nrtisl on their instrument. Also I'ROI-'KSSrONAI, KNTERTA1NKRS — On The Screen — (IKORC.K RAI-T, CAHOI.K LOMBARD. SA1-I-Y RAND and FRANCIS DRAKK IN "BOLERO" I'AKA.MOUNT NKWS - - COMEDY ADMISSION— MATIN'EK and MCHT—15e and ttr Tuesday -Wednesday Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 0:45. 10-35c HERE IT IS IMnimount News .Musical Shovl HAIL TO THE UEEN! cause she is the STAR of STARS BEAUTIFUL •fbuf dangirbiisj ADORABLE — bof deceiffuli i GLAMOROUS — buf ireoeheroutf — yet first and last of all— A WOMAN! With FAY WRAY NILS ASTHER ArtMU, b tKMA, STVLK SHOW AT THU RITZ,.FRIDAY NIGHT ROXY. THURSDAY NIGHT . C»rt LM-iri*, It. Dirtcfed by Ktri Fnwd. PnM«M kr C«H I tin A UN1VEKAL HCTUM. . Fox News Louis Sohot Comedy —STYLE SHOW— ROXY- THURSDAY NIGHT RITZ • FRIDAY NIGHT

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