The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 30, 1957 · Page 32
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 32

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1957
Page 32
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4kAlflofiB (la.) Upper De* MotnM thur*ttay,.May 30, 1957 This time of the year, wan so many grade senooi programs being prdsenied, our attention is often caned to oia lamuiur lairy tales. D'or me, tne story oj. Cmcietella ana her Princd, anci tne piignt ol the Ugly UucKlings have never lost their cnartn. Anu, though there are times nowactayb when 1 envy the Princess wno slept for a hundred years, I can still get a little indignant, at tnt vviich who caused the young lady to prick her finger wnn a spmcut | just because she wasn't invited to the Princesses' Christmas party. * » * I was pretty gullible when was a child but tairy stories did not completely fool me even in those days. iNot that it kept me from reading them anyway, but already I nad run up against quite a few situations that couldn't be solved with the wave of a magic wand. I'd still like to have a first class Fairy Godmother at my beck anj can and 1 could those bottles use a couple 01 with the ouilt-in Genie, .but life is reai ana veiy earnest and you "can t hardly get none" ot that stulf, any more. The authors of fairy stories are almost without exception, unknown, anu tne sources or tne tales lost in antiquity. But wonder what wouia nappen 11 someoody did a re-write job on the plots of tnese tales and made them conlorm more to the way they would happen in every-day Jiie. * * * Take, Cinderella, for example. That business about her slaving all day over a hot stove and scrubbing and sweeping is quite believable because 1 know it can happen even if a gal doesn't have a ciuel stepmother. I will also buy the part where the Prince iaUs tor Cinderella at the bah because the magic of love at first sight still operates'today. But 1 have my doubts about any pumpkin turning into a gold coacn ana 1 maintain that rats and rmc3 wouldn't make very good horses and footmen even if thoy were enchanted. The episode in Cinderella 1 simply won't swallow if we are going to keep it in the realms of realism is when the Prince comes around with the glass slipper on the day after the ball. If Cinderella danced as much as she was supposed to have, her feet would be several sizes larger and the slippers would not fit no matter how Maybe we snouid leave lairy stories alone In their origina .versions. Kids have to face tne grubby facts of earning a living soon enough so if tney can ge a little encnantment out of "let's pretend" perhaps we snouid lee them do so. Soon enough they'll find out that Knights don't come calling on White Chargers, Kings, don't give up half their kingdom for being kind to a Prince in disguise and that the Golden Fleece or the magic apple is no substituc for plain old-fashioned . haru work. Besides, 1 sort of like to dream a little, myself. - * * # Our Hillesl one, Jeania seems to have a small talent for making up siories. bne JaDoriousJy pnnts down episodes and presents some of them to her teacner. One day she came home eiated because her teacher had commenced on one of her essays. "Mrs Larson read my story and she says I'm going'to be just like my mother.' J. was quite pleaded and i still would be If jeanie hadn't-adued bne question — "Say, Mama, is that good or bad?" * * * Liiile Richard Schildtknechl 2% year'oid son of Betty and Walter Schndtknecht had quite a harrowing experience latdiy. AC leasi it was exuemeiy narrow ing lor nis parems. Kich ard got • into his sister, Ann' purse, took out a jacK and pro ceeded to swallow it. It didn' go all the way down and a trip to St. Ann revealed it was stuci in his .esophagus. Specialists were alerted at Fort Dodge and the Schildtknechts sped in tha direction. Richard siept calmly all the way. The jack was extracted witn instruments 3nd al the little boy suffered from the deal was a sore throat and lever. His parents, however, agec ten years, no .matter wnat me number of their birthdays read —GRACE. w'ai pitied and _„,..__. Council met with the f\n Chief and the trustees of the surrounding Townships of Algona, Iowa for the purpose of organizing fire protection. Report on east side storm sower project was given by the engineer. Mr. Hill appeared before the Council witn a complaint which in turn was referred to the Supt. of Public Impr. 'ihe council gave consideration to a petition concerning a proposed addition to the City of Algona. No action was taken. Council held a discussion on hire Zoning. Corner approaches to the sidewalks will be installed after tne completion of oast side storm sewer project Is completed. City Attorney told the council Mat the first payment has started on the Police pension Hund. ' Uter permit was granted to the D'S. 0 Cafe. • Seventeen building permits were granted. Following, claims were approved, uenerai Government Fund )avid A. bmith, salary ..$129.6' Dr. Cameron C. Snierk, salary ... IbO.U Albert tJoekelman, salary 37.7 Lneatdr bcnuitz, expense . 36.?i u.ry Oer*, advanced cash **K?/J d J|? ^iSL2S*U5* !8S*'-.** flflt S f ?l ***$* "Ma'*' War ffiMf ural, tor any and all jjufpeMi to taM asure Wife ffifcjfiffW ?' &&-* -*! m ^Si$!£J«A J" 1 ^' »*«L«4 JL»,«*»*«««".thereof,,and question public .measure ShWBfe fidOpfedV , Shall the foilowm* nfl?**cinsW franchise Ordinance NO/ 68 $4«se.a the Town Council of .Burt, lowa,< the 6th day of May,jSgt . ;:• •' NON-EXCtUBIVE, FRANCHISE RIGHT., FOR A PERIOD C "9. TO FIVE (25) YEAR ERECT, C m n ______ bprague, refund building permit te^ __________ :_•__• ____ i_. unnorm rildg. Code Assoc., build- l.oi ing couo oooks ______________ 55.71 he American City Ma., subscription ..... ................. 4.00 comiffesiern bell Telephone Co,, service — - -------------- . __ 32.71 och droihcrs, office supplies __ . II. 3; Street Fund ess Lashbrook, salary _„ ________ 137.97 iOtfr, rtrgijtKjc, salary ________ 1 18.6b luiin r. ourtis, salary _____ • ___ I IB. da ichard frambach, saiary _______ 99.6a aymond w. Merzen, Jr., salary . 9a.i3 o.idiu Prutv, saiary _______ it . __ Il3.4i eorje Weig Jr., labor _________ 4.1J Manners, labor _________ 4.71 tiner Huiniurs, laDor __________ 4.71 wa State Bank, withholding tax 50 00 Cny Clerk, advance cash 2.bu much they were poked and pried. Besides, what's so darned romantic about having small feet? * * « Jack-in-the-Beanstalk was a character without much sense. He took his poor widowed mother's cow to market and got conned out of it. He ended up with u handful of beans. Boy, was hit mother mad! I can't say I blame her, either, but really if she wort as hungry as they've always said she was, she wouldn't have, thrown the beans out of the window fur the bean-talk to grow. She would hava beat her son, put the beans ia a pot, add ed a ham bone and made bean soup. But then, generations 01 small-fry would have been cheated out the Giant's scairy* chant, "Fee Fie, Fo, Fum! 1 smell the blood of an Englishman!" * * *. Hcd Riding Hood wes a myopic young lady on the way to visit her Grandma. She must havi: needed {'lapses badly it' she cnul:t not distinguish a wulf from h-.-r own grandmother. Girls nowadays are instructed umie carefully about buddying up witli strangers but then they have the advantage of knowing t h a; wolves often have crew cuts and drive sports cars. On the other hand, as long as we're keeping this realistic and knowing how the gals keep their figures nowadays, it might very well be that the wolf would pass Reel Hiding Hood up entirely and do all hit, whistling at her grandmother! « f » King Midas was a guy with Jhe golden touch. If he were living today his address would probably be somewhere in Texas. Hi would undouijU'dly own all llu. Uranium mines, the jet plane factories, Standard Oil, United Steel and General Motors. Ev;-n if he gave up any of his inter e^ts to go to Washington, t:u. company would keep on piling up dividends for Midas just from his having once touched it. All o! the money hu sent in to the Department of Internal Revenue would somehow come b;;ek as refunds because of a new rulirij, on corporation taxes and I know blamed well to which political party he would belong. King Midas gol into trouble in the olo story when he touched his beloved daughter and she, too turned to gold. This could b<.' avoided in a modern version. If we can believe half of what wt hear about important executive:; Midas would be far too busy counting his gold to pay attention to his family. The nearest he would get to his daughter would be the letters he has his •secretaries send to school and camp with tlv notation, "check enclosed." SHE'E 106 May 18 \yas a big day for Mrs Ylana Jensen of jjysart, wnen ne reached her lOdth birthday. ihe occasion was ooserved in the onck house which has been her nome lor the past 8V years. Sha's a native oi ochleswig-tlolstein, coming to tnis country at the age ox iy. rier health is still good. Council Minutes COUNCIL MINUTES The Council met in adjourned session April 24, 1957 with Mayor Shierk, in the chatr, and all Councilman present. Minutes of the last meeting were read anci approved. Resolution relating to the widening ot the intersection of Jones and State street nun-Wear Service Co., fuel oil .. 82.14 M. J, i_owan Lontracior 6, builder, sioewdlk & crossings ..-, 34.20 Lyle S.gns, Inc., signs ._•_ „_ 14.49 i-tunhwii.t«rn Dell telephone Co., service ' . 11.25 H. J. lowan Contractor 8. Builder, L>reaK.iny wains 600 Instrument Repair Service, level and rii k .,u 389.00 Kon.iidds Maruwdre, muse. 23./6 i., id i.gns, inc., signs 2B.9B hublic Safety Albert Boekclnid.i, saiary 145.97 Kicnard n. uroen, saiary I3o.J7 L.rr«sr W. Hutchison, salary 141.37 Heter C. Jorgtnson, salary 12-4.37 i\cv>n«m J. mcuriud, salary llfi.ob *vilna.n I. AViKenbauer, salary __ iain<» A. Voigt, saiar/ 104.12 ira r\ohl, sa<dry 20.0O i tiburr, salary lu.uO Siuro dariic, witnnoiuing tax */o.3U ri/..n uruuiers, ortice supplies .Me A.^ona insurance Aortic/, hire Dialect Acciucnr Koiity 250.00 Ncrtnwestcrn beil leiepnone Co., service .„..'. 21.34 Hutzeh s, service on typewriter 3U./3 nuiiier ManutdCturing Co., repairs ls.90 fiit>ai< boeKelman, expense : 56.68 Sanitation Fund Chester H. SCMUIIZ, salary 224.68 Aio^rt Bdas, saiary ... I63.0J leresa Norton, saiary 63.V/ Myf;,e Kuriedge, salary i.38 >acnes A. tgn, salary . 14a.yo rreu tjronbu.h, salary 99.65 Kc'u.Mis n<..im_rs, lauor 74.43 iMtrivr Htiimcrs, laoor 78.^2 vvt'ig jr., laoor bi.y6 towa State danK, wirnhoiding rax ur. t-. t. Sawyer, rent 35.uu Kc-akus Heirnirs, labor 24.UO City Ueru, advance cash 2.99 iNonhwctitcrn Bell Telephone Co., service ._. 21.40 V\ C. orown supply Co., muse. _ 42. 6U i»u:nicipdi equipment Co., repairs _ 72.29 Kecrcation Fund Larry's Recreation, suit bans 36.00 Airport Fund owa' Aeronautic* commission, Unicorn'iat 130.00 Alguiia iviun.cipal utilities, water _ 3.UU uun i«.rvice Co., fuel oil 4 repairs 14o.oU ailc-r D.'dr.auw, eu>umenr i ,UU farming Meter Fund Raymond J. isriuj, saiary , 132.38 N.ittcy sanus, • iowd State bantQ, witnnoiuing tax 3i.yu >-ity Ci^rK, auvance casn |.oj T. J. Cowan comractor & duiiaer, labor 9.00 STRUCT, RECONSTRUCT) AND OPERATE AM, J „. AND/OR DISTRIBUTING SYSTEMS OR COMBINATION^ A H TIFI CIA L AND NATURAL OAf, —-"- •* " OR DISTRIBUTING bYBTB THE MANUFACTURE AND D: ^%SS^SA^i OF THEM, IN THB TOWN OF IOWA, CONSISTING'."OF- ALL BUILDINGS, MACHINERY, MENT, MAlNSj---PltEgJ E3, TANKS, AND OTHfifl TESANCES AS-MAY BE NE_ OR USEFUL FOR SUCH. MA: TURING AND/OR .DISTRI: SYSTEMS NOW CONSTRUCT! MAINTAINED, OR TO BE . UCti UIP- rtm. POH SARY FAC- TINO AND MERE- AFTER CONSTRUCTED, AND* MAINTAINED, AND TO USE ANO'dCCUPY THE STREETS, AVENUES, ALLEYS, BRIDGES, AND OTHER PUBLIC PLACES OF SAID TOWN WITH GAS MAINS, PIPES, PIPELINES, CON'' DUITS AND OTHER NECESSARY OR USEFUL APPLIANCES OR EQUIP' MENT FOR THE MANUFACTURE, SALE, AND/OR DISTRIBUTION OF SAID GAS IN AND TO SAID TOWN AND TO THE INHABITANTS THEREOF, AND OTHERS, AND TO SELL, TRANSMIT, AND DISTRIBUTE SUCH GAS TO SUCH TOWN AND ITS INHABITANTS OR OTHERS WITHIN OR WITHOUT THE .CORPORATE LIMITS OF SAID TOWN FOR LIGHT, HEAT, POWER, FUEL AND COOKING, AND FOR ALL OTHER' PURPOSES, AND PRESCRIBING THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE GRANT AND THE PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION OF SAME,'AND HE- PEALING ALL ORDINANCES, IN C'ONFLICT THEREWITH. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF BURT, OWA! — Secilon 1. 'That the town of Burt, owa hereby grants unto the North Central Public Service Co., an Iowa Corporation, Its successors and assigns, erelnafter called the Grantee, a non- xclustve franchise and right, for a eriod of twenty-five (25) years from nd after the date this Ordinance ecomes effective, to erect, construct, econstruct. Maintain and operate, and se within the corporate limits of aid town of Burt, Iowa, as the same re now or may hereafter be located, rtiflclal and/or natural gas plants or plane, ana/or distributing systems, or a combination of artificial and natural gas plants or disributlng systems, together with all appurtenances, pipes, mains, machinery, tanks, and appliahc- es necessary or useful thereto for the manufacture and/or distribution of or botH of them, whether sstd plant, or plant*, and transmission and distribution ' system* haV6 been hereto* fore, or. may hereafter be eonfrtrueted arid installed for the purpose of selling, distributing, and supblyiritf "gas to Said t6Wn and the Inhabitants Ihere- of, and others, together with the right and franchise to use the. streets, alleys, avenues, bridges, and public places of said town, as the-same are now or may hereafter- be located or extended, for the purpose .of Install ' ' " ing, constructing, rec tainlng/anToitphifln ,».=.=lit, thereunder and thereover, said systems 'for the transmission ahd distribution of gas, consisting of gas plant of plants, gas works, • and/or distributing systems for artificial and/or natural gas, of a combination of art • Elcial and natural gas plants and/o distributing systems together • with a appurtenances, pipes, Mains, Machin ery, tanks, and appliances necessary o useful thereto for the - manufactur and/or distribution of -natural and/o artificial gas, or either 6r both of them ncluding pipe line or lines, to and ihrough said town together with tne rancnise and right to operate, dls ribute, and sell gas, eltner natura or artificial, to said town and to the inhabitants thereof, and others withit or without the corporate limits o 'aid lowlt for any and all purposes nd under such restrictions and regu iiuona as are hereinafter contained nd such other reasonable regulation) s may hereinafter be provided by Ordinance. • Section 2. That in order to carry nto effect the rights granted here- nder, the Grantee is authorized to make all necessary excavations in the treets, avenues, alleys, and other pub- c places of said town, but the' same hail be done with the least possible nerference with, or inconvenience to, the pubjic, individuals, "or. public property, and the Grantee shall, at its own' expense, in all cases restore all streets, avenues, alleys, and public places, and all pavements and excavations as close to their original conuition as possible. . Section 3. That the grants herein contained are upon the expressed condition that the Grantee shall be liable for all damages caused by the negligence or mismanagement of the Grantee, its agents or employees, In the construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of said gas works or gas systems, and that it shall protect said town from any and all liability thereof. Secilon 4. That Grantee agrees to furnish and supply the town and Its inhabitants witn gas under such pressure and conditions as may reasonably be required under such rules and regulations as may be established by the Grantee and the Town Councir of the iown of Burt, Iowa, and only so Ion, as Grantee can secure such supply o gas. Also Grantee shall not be requlr ed or obligated to actually construe u distribution system under 'this Fran chise until it is able to secure suffi cient gas for that purpose. Section S. That said Grantee shal have the right to supply, distribute anil sell gas, both artificial and nat town to charge therefof such just and reasonable rates as May hereinafter, be fixed, and determined by the T6Wrt Cdunfcll of the town of Burt, Iowa, or* such rate Making body as may hdfeifiaf ter be established, Under the laws of the state of Iowa, and Jurisdiction thereof, provided • . NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION Moucc is hereby given that a special lection will be held in the town of lurt, iowa on the 10th day o£ June 'Mi, lor the purpose of submitting to le legal and qualified electors of said ONE STOP... for ALL your Agricultural Chemical Needs! A complete line of DOW CHEMICALS of which ESTERON 99 is outstanding. The sure kill for:; Canada Thistle (AMINOTRIAZOLE) ; WEEDAZOL Soybean weed control i . ALANAP INSECT Control . . . HEPTACHiOR, ALDRIN ... and others IK~ff*- •• •••• .! . ' '. j , •. ... WHOIESALE ONIY - SEE YOUR DEALER SWANEY OIL & EQUIPMENT CO. ,121 Central Avenue Phone: 7-2511 (21-22) Fori Dodge, Iowa' BUTTERMILK makes the difference! WITH OID SOUTHERN WONDER BUTTERMILK BREW The Exclusive "Old Southern Flavor" Loaf Perfected By The Bakers Qf Wonder Bread Recaptures The Exquisitely Delicate Flavor... The Unsurpassed Lacy Texture Qf Buttermilk Bread From The Deep South Do it today! Wake up your appetite with delicious Wonder BUTTERMILK Bread. 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IButterinilkj H||^k H M|MU|||M^||MH| ^^^, _. ^_ ^_ BUTTERMILK makes the difference! giv-- uii juuouiutiuji tneieuj.. fjiuviucu that the fates to be charged by the Grant' ed hercunder are to be reasonable arid shall at all times be such as Will yield to It a . reasonable return from its .property used, and useful in trie fUrnlshlrtjf of gas, The Town Cbun* ell agrees that, upon the filing of au application for a change In rate, It will tafte final action thereon' Within ninety (90) days after the filing thereof. . ' Secilon 8, No extension of the distribution' systefn will be 'demanded of the Grantee by the town of Buft, toWa, or any other regulating body until the Grantee is able to obtain suf- licient gas for such extension and until •the Grantee has been assured taat It will have such additional customers under contract to use Its product as will assure to the Grantee u reasonable return on its cost for any such extension. ' Section 7, That said Grantor agrees that after the Grantee's distribution system has been built the Grantor will not interfere with location ^of sale distribution system without relmburs ing the Grantee for cost of such re< location. • Secilon 8. That all of the provisions of this Ordinance shall appl successors or assigns " " herein. Including the eondltloriS ant -restrictions herein ^pressed'. a "<J, *™ s OrrJinance and Franchise granted here. la shall not be operative or binding unless such a-cceptance is filed with thu City Clerk. The Grantee shall pay thr- jCost incurred in holding the election 1 la submit -this Ordinance to the legal electors for their approval, as provld- . s»rtlon W il That all ordinances, or p4rts of ordinances, insofar as they are .in direct conflict herewith,' ate Secfton*?!. That this Ordinance shall take effect and be In full force and effedt subject to its approval by the majority of the legal electors of the town' of Hurt, loWa voting thereon, 6s provided by law, and subject to its UW provided. ' Mayor of the" Town 6i suit, Iowa Marion M. ChlpHtah , ' •• Town Clerk of, the Town of » the polls will be open at eight o'clock a.m. of the f&renoSn 1 and Will be closed at eight 'o'clock p.m. in the evening of said day. • Nels-j, Nelson Mayor ATTEST! Marion TMt Chtpman Town Clerk (10-20-21-22) iHtltii i N s u it A tt c E: ll appl of the provi ly to the Grantee with the same force and effect as they do the Grantee Itself. Section 9. That Grantee shall hold he town harmless from any and all causes of action, litigation or damages which may arise through or by reason of the construction, reconstruction, maintenance and operation of said distribution and transmission systems ind other construction hereby author- zed. Secilon 10. That any, person who hall cut, injure or destroy any of he buildings, machinery, equipment, ilpes, fixtures, mains, tanks, or other ppurtenances or other property of he Grantee lawfully erected, mainlined and being within the corporate Imits of said town, shall be deemed .uilty of misdeamor, and upon convlc- ion thereof shall be punished by a ine not to exceed One Hundred Dolars ($100.00) or imprisonment not ex- eeding thirty (30) days. •; Section 11, That the Grantee, shall, ilhm sixty (60) days after the puui. LIFE l|7 ANCE My company offers all 3! It you have a family, own a home, or drive a ear... you want the best protection money will buy. You can always rely on State Farm insurance for all three ... at reasonable rate*. Before you invest in further protection tot your family, your home or your car r.. let me tell you about State Farm'* budget-planned insurance. . ' ft pays to know your STATt FARM Agtnt HAROLD C. 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