The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNE 1, 1030 _ BLmiliiVH,Lla, (AUK.) COUU110K NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Bally rntc p«r line for consecutive Insertions: One Urne pel- Tine JCc Tira times per line per day ., 08c Tnrcc times jjer line pei clay . OOc Elx times yier line per day .. 05c McnUi rntc per lino C0c Mliiuuum cnarge DDo AOs ordered tut tnrce or <lx limes anil stopped before expiration will bfl charged for Llic number <il tlmrs the ail ai)|>eared and •"Uwlmcnt of 1)111 marie. All Classinec. Advertising copy GiibciiUlcd by persons residing outside of the city must be- accom- tumled by cash. Rates may be easily computed Irjm above table. Advertising oratccu lor irregular Insertions take the ana ttnio ral« Ko icsponriDlliiy will be token (or more tiian one incorrect lu- h^rtion of any classified ad. JBusiness Directory | Barbei- Shops WAATi'KU— f.i.l. KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to « ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. ' Brass, 2e to 4i f iC Ib. Copper wire, 4c to 5c Ib. nadlatoi-s, 4','jc Ib. HIDES A: PURS noi/rs KAitiuai suoi 1 101 South 2nd St. HAlliCin 1 Me, SHAVE 15c Bath-close 8 p.m.—Shine t'HONE 170 VVOl.F AK1AN jjaUcries 128 IS. MAIN OUAli ANTEEI> K L E O T Ul C A 1 WOnJi, rea.soiiaWe. Prank Gable. Phone 218, Osceola. HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATI3 LINK Open l)?y and Night FRESH CKAPPIE 35c Every Friday, Saturday Si Sunday LION fi TEXACO GtiS I6.8c gal. Cigarettes $1.25 Carton DIG BASEBALL GAME EVERY SUNDAY Phone 1505-F4 or 143 BATTISKY SKIJVIUK Call J. B. Chine At Tom Jackson's Smite Slutimi Slice iicpaiiing Shoes Half Soled, 65c&~Ui) Strings with jol). It extra SATISFACTION G UAHANTKKI) THllli HUH-: SIIOK SUOI 1 Next, to 1!. T. Worthy';; Hi inch llmi'iMdi ax'illalim; KAN. Cinoil roiuiilluii. I'ricc J1J. '1'nui- thnm Co;d Co., s. Broadway. . Poultry Baby Cliiclcs DAY OI.O ,^ STARTED any dny MAIill.YN irA'I'CHEKY Stalin's Steely^ iMienTempcrc'd For Sale Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction AIONKY HACK OlJAKANTKl! V.'ith livery It. Jt G. Or Stiuiirc Deal Car Bought l-'rom I'ltlllips IMolor C'o. 1935 KOI! I) V-S UK LUXE COUri:. 5 Windows. New Tires anil Itailio ?>' r > JSI-fi iJliKVKOUiT C <) I) 1' I!New Paint ami Seat C'ov- | eis. i\lo(or and Thes Oil ¥323 1832 !-()I!l) SIODEI. B MK LUXE ROAI1STEK. New Tires anil 1'aint. IMli License. Onlj 1 $' ix> }933 CIlKVHOLKT I'ltJK-Ur. Alolor Overhauled. N e w 1'aint. A Good Farm Truck $' S5 Liberal Allowance. On Your I'rcs- cnt Car - - Low Finance Charge Through U. ('. C, Open Kveiiinns (or Vour Convenience. Drive liy Lots and Get Acquainted. *-':lll 810 - 811 for Demonstration »'" mf""" 511 ' 0 "Ask for Graves, Shanks, Calvin or Barber. PHILUK USED, CAR LOT 51 Iv i Walnut I'huiic old or Sll Open At NiEl'l _Best Prices Paid For ' SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Ulylhcville Iron cSt Metal Co. •221 W. Cherry AVE 'BUY & SELL HAY And we handle all leading brands of High Grade Coal: SUBMIT, GREAT ME ART. HU1U-1ANT, JIONTICELI.O ETC. Superioi- (Nial & Mining C». I'hunc 700 F0f( RALE- Used i tt . uoxrsTnud | It!cdric Relriaeralors. llroadw.iv I Sales Co.. Ill s. limulway. I __ :ioc kti 51M.OO Credit on New Chevrolet or used ear, value S'IOD.00 or mo--;, to buyer having no trade-in. I G'.nd discount, for cash. l!ox "Air' I Courier News. dh l( BEAM ,t TOMATO" "STICK s. s fc 6 FT. LONG, Hie UACH. CHICAGO iU!LL. Certified Potato Planb Tomato, Pepper & L.: BG i>] a n(.s <;. v. Hanks Cor. Lake fc Main or 520 Madison I'ODI.TUV Kiirr & soi.n liii:lii>:.t 1'iici-s I'nid H. T. WOHTHY—315 E. MAIN Cash Feed Store Pays To]) Prices For Etjgs & Poultry '11 E. Mitln IN Till-! CHANCKHY COURT. FOit T1IH CHIC K A S A WllA: DISTRICT GP MISSISSIPPI, COUNTY. ARKANSAS. In Zoo fed I5y Force livery Month HT LOUIS (UP) - Altliouull Hlondie." ID-root pytlion, h,\s trelli ure csiimliu'il ami occasion- - "'Hliirotis iwlcnt tleil up traffic HemovHl !;; accuinpll^H-d hy eight ini'ii well versed In pjilmi) l«"iv Munis and (rlelt holds. KeoiH'i 1 M. J. LmitK caiilloiisly i'1'ii'^ i MI cui!(«, und tll|)s u towel around the sliaku's head, lie- Bi'laes HIP pyllion bcliltnl llu- jaws nnd drniis It llirouiili llu 1 eaue door. Atlendants srl/o .sections of (ho powerful liotly and u,\n ntlerl i Wlliiln 30 seconds "liloiulio' 1 Is' Barlisdale Mfg. Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 19 I __ _ _ ___ _ I 1 or ileut FURNISHED aiiartineiil, (iCB N. 5th. Mrs, W. S. Crow- 3 room tier. Call 142. 1-ck-tf J Character Loans from $100 to j SMOO repaid over a period of , 12 to BO months. No red tape and low government inl/irest rate. See E. C. Robinson Lumber Co H room 'nrnishcd apt., newly decorated. Mrs. I. O. Wcslurook. 3fl-ck-tf 2 room FURNISHED ant. Call 108 Kentucky. Mrs. Elva 29-V-.-5 G83, Foe. 3 room FURNISHED apartment. Mrs. Mary Hollingswovth, 621 Chick as awba. 29-p-k-b 3 or •! UNFURNISHED rooms, rea- EonaVilc. 511 Park. 2g-pk-2 INGRAM apartment, Inquire at .Paikhurst Co. 28-ck-tt 4 loom house, furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. Edwin 'Robiiuon. Call 271-W. 23-c-tf 3 FUHNISHED Rooms, mortcni. Sink in kitchen. DH Hcarn. 2 room Furnished apartment. • Lights, v,'ater free. Reasonable. Call U'U. 22-c-tf 8 IKinm HOUSE, 115 S. Division. Mcr.l for tourists, Low rent. ?.-rix H. Keif], ['hone 832. We fclf COOL bedrooms, icaf.onal)lc. Mrs. .lennic Craig, 800 Main, Phone 776. E room house, furnished or unfvir- rri.<ncd. 2 • baths and sleeping porch. 911 Walnut. C. J. Crane. Call 83 or 20. c-k-13 :-'UHNlHiIEl> ap.iviment., i'Tii. 1111 Ash. Mrs. George M.itl!iCK-K. Call 20!. ck-tf '2 hedroonifi or a Uvo room ii'r- tiishcd uparfrnent. Tlcasonaijlc. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hcarn, UNFimNIRHET) 4 room apartment with bath. Call 327, or 55 at night. 12-ck-» Furnished 3-room house. 508 N. With SI. Couple Only. Oh Hooni Aixirlincnt, 4 rooms furnished. J. If. Smart. (Jail 805-.! 2c. ktf DOOM. f.i/e 22 ny EO. next '.0 HiihrKirrl Tire & li.'.llery; newly tkcoratcd. Tom Jackson. I'lioue 3. 25-ck-U 4 room FURNISHED npart- ment, duplex. Shade, very cool. All conveniences. BOM Hall. Call SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. Good Used Trucks 11)31—l!i Ton Fold 1835— \'. Ton Ford I'iek-Un 1931—1<£ Ton Chevrolet 1031—1'G Ton IiilcuiiUioiml All IKII-C flood S(al:c liodics TEHMS mlMUil^C Wl.'me, Delia Implement CD ^'uSf ail m . ALMiY oof'"' ' [SO YOU WAMT ,) ( MY HOME 15 MOT VERY (US TO 86 X^"~\r : AR FROM HtRE-BUTSEE.W i' YOUR. ( WHERE \AS HOW OUR DINOSAURS ;GUESTS? ( OO YOU / HWE SKEDADDLED, IT ^.__^\UV/E? / LOOKS AS l c WE'LL i: lion, am! John G. Hoy I, Trustee, ; I'Vcd ArmaiitriniL. Hal[ih Arnmn-! trout; Frank Kdwards and his' wife. MIS. Ki-iini; Edwnrtls, De- '''"""v'AI'XiNV n.inri- T' 101 ' 0 is liU1 ° ot lhc ''"Icnllcss .... »">I'MM. OIlDhlv diclalnr (.'.vprc.wioii in ||ij s n<!Vr ine dci.'iHiiinl, Fred Annan-, iind umisiinl portrait of'Josef l.oul. is warned to appear in the; Hlaliu, who, ns ccneral sceretarv Clt.'iiieery cvmrt within thirty days' nf thd Central Coininitleo of the nnd answer complaint of plain-' Communist. I'lity, is Hnssia'n tiff. K. C. Land Conipany. ' dictalor. Tho iiuk/ieal expros- Wllncss my liand as Clerk of "bunt (lie niontli and kindly eyes said Coin I. and the still theii-of' lK -' lle 1"3 title nf "Hie Slocly Oli Illi:; (In- -.'9 (| UJ . ,,f M : , V| ]o;j(i ; ^ Olio." II. M. Craitf. Clerk. i ~ ~ •—~— Hy A. K Bmilh, D, O. one throry of [lie origin of thu r.stin-.o Is tliat he Is ' dL'MHMHlcd ,'ttin (he IiKlian.s of N'orLli Amer- NOT1CH 'I'lie followlni! diMilnl uldees will lie Moral every Thursday afti'rnnon dinlni; the lumimei'. llrs. llrewer, Cliihl, MIKJIC anil Tavldr Drs. Wcrt & Wcrt OVTOSlCnilSTS Over Joo Isuara' Slow "\VIi MAKK 'HBl SKK" Phone !H(> Tlii; work compli-ied, "Hloiulle" If cnriiril tack (o Iht- fttnt;e. Wanted to Buy Or Lease My Icasn on (lio S|iici>r plnoe in Piiclo Aildlllon will expire' Mmitly and owner will octmiy. I am Ihi'retoro In HID nunki'l to huy, If a baviitiln, or Icasj a modem horn; 1 . Aliont, llvi.' 1 rciwiis, in or near (o'.vn. Kouin for elik'Kens and iioiailljly a cow. Must, hi! eleidi place. Oor.d i!i'l«hbnihoral. Family of Uiive in 1 four in:o|)lc, no" clitldivn. A. F.'Dietrich Scrvlct! - lias Ol'KN AM, NlttllT .Miirriii|:i> Orrmimy Siwdcil, \ JJKl.LEVILLE, Kns. (UP)—llcv.' James G. nolx-rls admitted lo his 1 parsonage a yonn^ \vo-J iiiiin and man who came well pvc-1 p;ncit lor the- .mani;'.f',e ceremony! llu'y asVa-d iiic parson lo perform. '• The man handed the pastor : n iminlasie liivme, then a murriittic j " ctl c " 1 ' antl Ulc SKHVIC10 CIWTKU rliones 777 - «IO mans-. Now Uicitlcil nl 101 North Secmi'l ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU 1ION i;i)WAItnSi, I'mprlotiir All makes o. rclmlll Typewrllcrs, Ailillng Ainimliu-i. >n,| V 1 - dilators—HeiialrliiE—Parts—HIMjunj ONE STOP SKKV1CK STATION •I'Olt VOUIt CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND WVSK I'HltltV in charge of HIM- vice Department. I... II. JOHNSON in of Hotly Department. ' -ISATTIiltV SliKVICi; — UAIIIATOK IIKPAIll — iionv ivoitK -I'KNUKH \VOKK -(il.ASS lN'STAl,I,i;il — AIJ'J'O 1'AKTS W, T. BARNETT odto to 1'lyinuuilt Ilriilfr. I'HONK' 888 HEAR! If you have » bwinl .association ccvliliciilo of any kiiid on your loved onea wlieit they paas away, wo will accept it nf, full value on the funeral, provided yon Ijtiy att iniicli «s $50 ar tnoro in nicrchandinu. COBB FUNERAL HOME 1'IIONK 2(i 1'AHADISK! (jU5"FGLLOW ME AM' KEEP YER EYES .^T' A V''V<, >'- vl "" l " u i l ., 7 OPEW -WE y S5S.T- ^.''THEREIS llt <, MAY RUM y 1 DOM'T !SIJMPtMQUEEC>IUT050ME -iJPU^TTHIS .f 'BCUTTHIS- ^DlFRCUL'ry *?., FELLOW - /BUT I'LL WATCHi ' ! ^W: '"(cX liSf \-z>\ W..'/WE'RE ."*// ^//GONNA MAKE N*--.! IT, ALL RIGHT- 'w';-- J i XWE'RE NEARLY fffjn ~ -r- ——— Ul' WELL, FOLKS -\ HOYKAWOW/ " HEREWEARe..Jl.OpKfr /WHY, ALLEY, HOW 00 YOU ) ALL TH ' ( WHAT A LIKE |V- 7 /WATER/ 1 PERFECTLY BeAUTIFUL PLACE' liy Hiimliu BOOTS AND HER Wall Paper NEW I'ATTKllNR-I.OW TKICES CANVAS, VASTE AND TACKS ASK AHOUT riTTsnuncH-s NEW TAINT FINANCE FI.AN The Arkmo Lumber Co. 1'Iionc '10 Free Estimates V/e Guarantee lo Save You Money on Screen Work oi All Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co, Phone 19 STOVES STORED TOR SUM- Local Hauling My Coal Is Black But I treat You Wliile JOHN BUCHANAN— PHONG 7 Wanted -- Used Furniture Spot Cash Paid Wade Furniture Co, 301-303 K. Main formerly Davis & Dftdson Mrs. .1..!. O.ivts — spencer cjorseUcre Call 421-W for appointments Auto mo live I'UICES CUT ON AXJTO PAKTS Tires, Tubes. Batteries, Paint, Tools, Motor Oil, Floor Stats, Seat Covers, act our prices before yon buy. Save Money.!. 22-c-K-i* Phono ITS WOI.F AUIAN 10U3 VOU ABOUT THE Of. l.O'iT • JJOW A TOUT" IT, "STKVH l~ c ~ ~ r "" > i ir.» SEnvicE^iMg.^. M'.'U'EC. d. s. TAT. OFF. V\OU) >; fiy Mltrtin . - -bO BfKO 60\_O /"",'j WASH TURKS ' WANT ME \(NO. TURM IT OVER TO THE omlcf , TO TAl^E THIS ^.ATTORMEY. ON SOUK WAY 6ACK MOLPUP MONEY)FINP OUT ALL vou CAN ABOUT VTO THE 8ANK?/JEFF PICKET- HIS pER^owfl y AFFAIRS, ENEMIES ANP FAAULV A C;r,SfiKit! ntn.u. s. p* , .-._ YOU HEAR. THE MEVV&" [ APOUT JEFF PICKET, EASY? |4 " S3ix SURE, By Crunt TI!-\T AIMT THE HALP OF- IT SOW.) TMEV THEYJtlST 5VRUCK O)L ON /3in'..i HIS PLACE. -c,- WHAT * & T.J.1. REJ. u. S TAT, OFF. STRUCK OIL. I^OOO-BARREU WELL. AIN T THAT TOU6HT IF HE HAPN'T DIED HE'D OF BIN A MILLIONAIRE- MARAUDER.'. »' I ,^i 128 E. Mala ^ ;-4W--^:W*S/-^v ,^ *',^••*M$i /&-P HE DJDHT iMEAW TD ; DO rr.' ; rr WAS ! SATAN NO SV.MI'A'I'liV- f SATAH MAY , HAVE MADE HIM SMELL THEM, Birr 'EM , MADE ( OFF "WE HDOk 'HIM SMELL>' ASH!5aw : -mose ;: SAUSAGES. 1 GOMS'A HOLD YOU V/HATS THE | MATIER, r HERMAN? ! V/HAT DID j "THE KID ! DO? I Hy Hlnssci HIS DOS TORE FIVE POLWDS OF SAUSAGE i OFF A HOOK ! THATS ;THE FDURTH TIME |M j "I^AO UVS ! HE'S I COSfiW6 THE SlDRE V^ELL,IF THOSE SAUSAGES V/ERE AS STRONG AS TKE OMES ^t)lJ SOLD WE LAST WEEK.-THEVLL OD.ME r^r UWDER 1HEIR OWN POWER.'

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