The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 23, 1957 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 22
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6-Algdfta (la.) Upp*f &t» Me5n«t Thursday, 23, THESE WOMEN! "Question*, questions—all kinds of questions! .Why don't you stick to one category?** 41 New Vehicles Are Registered A total of 41 new vehicles were registered at the county treasurer's office during the past two weeks. Owners of new cars and trucks are: Ford — George McVay, truck, Algona; E. R. Lester, Swea City; L. C. Faber, pickup, Algona: Alfred Rode, Algona; Universal Mfg. Co., Algona; J. C. Skow, Wesley; Garel Lcck, Wesley; J. P. Hilferty, Wesley; J. D. Swartz, Algona. International — Budding Bros., Bancroft, (2). Dodge — D. G. Reding, truck, Bode; Lloyd Gerber, Algona. Chevrolet Whittemore; J. F. Buscherfeld. Francis Lichliter, Bancroft; Ernest and J. Davis. Fenton; Culligan Soft WaHer, Algeria; Erna Baars, Burt; Pioneer Hi-Bred, truck, ' Algona; Sanford Mitchell, Lone Rock; F. J. Bailey, Fenton; W. M. McGuire, West Bend; Mildred Patterson, Swea City. i Mercury — B. G. Studer, Wesley; Rapid Thermogas, Algona; B. E. Priebe, Algona. Olds — W. E. or Janice Wiemer, Ledyard; Mrs Kay Isaacson, Algona; Algona Produce, Algona; Hazel Vera, Algona. Plymouth — LeRoy Richardson, Ledyard;, A. K. Buchanan, Algona; 'R. E. Berg, Swea City; D. F. Poppe, Ledyard; S. M. Nelson, Ti tonka; Eugene Henry; Algona; J & L Motors, Algona. Buick — Edmund Larson, Burt; T. P. Sheridan, Bancroft; E. E. Lockhart, Burt. ' Pontiac — Michael, Christ, Lakota. Zimmerman Gets Insurance' Honor Wm. C. Zin?merman of Spencer,' formerly of Algona, was among those honored recently at a meeting of the Northwest Iowa Life Underwriters Ass'n of Iowa with a National Quality Award Put away clothes storage problems! Jurt drop your out-of-wason clothw Into the St«*Nu Storage Box, and When H'» crammed full, let m have ft! 3VI big cubic feet of tpace •ceemffiodatei clothes galore , . , Witt, coati, dresses, blankets, many, many articles of clothing or fabric. . Whet's more, each piece receives tbo exclusive Sta*Nu dry cleaner't finishing proceu that replaces tejtile UiMshtof agents , . . keeps fabrics glamorous, soft, wrinkle-free, ready t9 wear vhtn you need them. And Su*Nu finishing is your* *t M txtni cost I Our SutNu Storage Box Plan pro. Vides w storing as many clothe* »s you CM fit into this giant box — •U f«r one low price. The safe, con- ic«ient, worry-free way to store your Cv* Y»» the Bo*~ jfamjfcxl Way to Store *» gvtrl fhf Sta+Nu 699 tt Utttiuivt With Al Galy Our Regular RatM T«F Dry Cleaning CY 4-9265 AIGONA IRERS& CUANERS The award is made to life insurance agents who have written a minimum of $150,000 a year and met other qualifications. Zimmerman represents the Northwestern Mutual Life, but all companies have like awards for the same results in the group. TRICYCLE Charlene Weir, 3 year old Toledo youngster, bravely rode her tricycle down eight cement steps into the basement. Only one stitch was required. NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION Notice is hereby given that a special election will be held in the town of Burt, Iowa on the 10th day of June, 1957, for the purpose of submitting to the legal and qualified electors of said town, to be voted Upon by them, the question of whether the following public-measure shall be adopted: Shall the following non-exclusive franchise Ordinance No.' 65 passed by the Town Council of Burt, Iowa, on the 6th day of May, 1957: ORDINANCE NO. 65 AN ORDINANCE CHANTING UNTO THE NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO., AN IOWA CORPORATI6N. ITS SUCCESSORS AND A8SIONS, A NON-EXCLUSIVE FRANCHISE AND RIGHT, FOR A PERIOD OF TWENTY- FIVE (25) YEARS, TO ERECT, CONSTRUCT, RECONSTRUCT, MAINTAIN AND OPERATE AN ARTIFICIAL AND/OR DISTRIBUTING SYSTEMS OR COMBINATION ARTIFICIAL AND NATURAL GAS PLANT AND/ OR DISTRIBUTING SYSTEMS FOR THE MANUFACTURE AND DISTRIBUTION OF NATURAL OR ARTIFICIAL GAS, OR EITHER OR BOTH OF THEM, IN THE TOWN OF BURT, IOWA, CONSISTING OF ALL SUCH BUILDINGS, MACHINERY, EQUIPMENT, MAINS, PIPES, FIXTURES, 1 TANKS, AND OTHER APPURTENANCES AS MAY BE NECESSARY OR USEFUL FOR SUCH MANUFACTURING AND/OR DISTRIBUTING STITEMS NOW CONSTRUCTED AND MAINTAINED, OR TO BE HERE- eeWSUWcfEfc Aftft TAINED. AND TO USE AND OCCUPY THE STREETS, AVENUES, ALLEYS, BRIDGES. AND OTHER PUBLIC PLACES O? SAID tOWH WITH GAS MAINS, PIPES-PtPELlWES, CONDUITS AND OTHER NECESSARY OR UStrUL APPLIANCES OR EQOTP- iwarr roj Tut MANUFACTURE, SALE, AND/OR DtSTHIBtmoW OF SAID OAS IN AND TO SAID TOWN AND tO THE INHABITANTS THEREOF, AN1V OTHERS,, AND TO SELL, TRAWSMlt, AND DfSTRJBUTE SUCH GAS TO SUCH TOWN AND Its INHABITANTS OR OTHERS WITHIN OR WITHOUT THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF SAID TOWN FOR LIGtn, HEAT. POWER, FUEL AND COO*INO, AND FOR ALL OTHER PURPOSES, AND PRESCRIBING THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE GRANT AND THE PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION OF SAME, AND REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES, IN CONFLICT THEREWITH. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF BURT, IOWA: — Section 1. That the town of Burt. Iowa hereby grants unto thp North Central Public Service Co., nn Iowa Corporation, its successors and assigns, hereinafter called the Grantee, a nonexclusive franchise and right, for a period of twenty-five'(25) years from and after the date this Ordinance becomes effective, to erect, Construct, reconstruct, maintain and operate, and use within the corporate limits of snld town of Burl. Iowa, as the same are now or may hereafter be located, artificial and/or natural gas plants or plant, and/or distributing systems, or a combination of artificial and natural gas plants or distributing systems, together with all appurtenances, pipes, mains, machinery, tanks, and appliahc- es necessary or useful thereto for the manufacture and/or distribution of natural and/or artificial gas. or c-ither or both of them, whether snld plant, or plants, and transmission and distribution systems have been heretofore, or may hereafter be constructed and installed for the purpose of selling, distributing, and supplying gas to said town and the inhabitants thereof, and others, together with the right and franchise to use the streets, alleys, avenues, bridges, and public places of said town, as the same are now or may hereafter be located or extended, for the purpose of Installing, constructing, reconstructing, maintaining, and operating thereon, therein, thereunder and thereover, said systems for the transmission and distribution of gas, consisting of gas plant or plants, gas works, and/or distributing systems for artificial and/or natural gas. or a combination of artificial and natural gas plants arid/or distributing systems together with all appurtenances, pipes, mains, machinery, tanks, and appliances necessary or useful thereto for the manufacture and/or distribution of natural and/or artificial gas, or cither or both,of them. Including pipe line or lines, to and through said town together with the franchise and right to operate, distribute, and sell gas, either natural or artificial, to said town and to the inhabitants thereof, and others within or without the corporate limits of said town for any and all purposes, and under such restrictions and regulations as are hereinafter contained, and such other reasonable regulations as may hereinafter be provided by Ordinance. Section 2. That in order to carry into , effect the rights granted hereunder, the Grantee is authorized to make all necessary excavations in the streets, avenues, alleys, and other public places of said town, but the same shall be done with the least possible interference with, or inconvenience to, the public, Individuals, or public property, and the Grantee shall, at its own expense, in all cases restore all streets, avenues, alleys, and public places, and all pavements and excavations as close to their original condition as possible. Section 3. That the grants herein contained arc upon the expressed condition that the Grantee shall be liable for all damages caused by the negligence or mismanagement of the Grantee, its agents or employees, in the construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of said gas works or gas systems, arid that it shall protect said town from any and all liability thereof. Section 4. That Grantee agrees to to MY ALANAP-treated soybean field is the cleanest it's ever been" t • - . _, ^ .. • _ says Midwestern grower furnish and supply the town and tts inhabitants with gas under such pressure nnd conditions as may reasonably be required undrr such rules and regulations as may he established by the Grantee and the Town Cnunctl of the town of Burt, Iowa, nnd only so long as Grantee ran secure such supply o! gas A'RO Grantee shall not be reqtHr- ed or obligated to actually construct a distribution system under this Fran- chlse until it is a hie to secure sufficient gas for that purpose. Section S, That said Grantee shall ha -e the right to supply, distribute. ant 1 sell gas. both artificial and natural, for any and all purposes to said town and Its inhabitants thereof, and to charge therefor such just and reasonable rates as may hereinafter be fixed and determined by the Town Council of the town of Burt. Iowa, or such rate making body as may hereinafter be established, under the laws of the State of Iowa, nnd given jurisdiction thereof, provided that the rates to be charged by the Grantee hereunder are to be reasonable and shall at all times be such ns will yield to it a reasonable return from its property used, and useful in the furnishing of gas. The Town Coun(*il agrees that, upon the filing of an application for a change In rate. It will take final action thereon within ninety (90) days after the filing thereof. Section 6. No extension of the distribution system will be demanded of the Grantee by the town of Burt, Iowa, or any other regulating body until the Grantee is able to obtain Sufficient gas for such extension and until the Orante* ri.i* been assured that it will have such additional customers under contract to use Its product as will assure to the Grantee .1 reasonable return on its cost for anv such extension. Section 1. That said Grantor agrees that after the Grantee's distribution system has been built the Grantor will not interfere with location of said distribution system without reimbursing the Grantee for cost of such re- loentfnn. Section I. That all of the provisions of this Ordinance shall appiy to the successors or assigns of the Grantee with tiie same force and effect as they do the Grantee itself. Section 9. That Grantee shall hold the town harmless from any and all causes of action, litigation or damages uhich may arise through or by reason of the construction, reconstruction, maintenance and operation of said distribution and transmission systems nnd other construction hereby authorized. Section 10. That any person who shall cut. Injure or destroy any of the buildings, machinery, equipment, pipes, fixtures, mains, tanks, or other appurtenances or other property of the Grantee lawfully erected, maintained and being within the corporate limits of said town, shall be deemed guilty of mlsdeamor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not to exceed One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) or imprisonment not exceeding thirty (30) days. Section 11. That the Grantee, shall, within sixty (60) days after the publication of this Ordinance, signify in writing aft nce*piaiiew of the frsnt herein, including the conditions and restrictions herein expressed, and this Ordinance and Franchis* granted he'rjS- in shall not be operative or binding unless such acceptatK* Is ftl*iJ tttth the City clerk. The Grantee shall pay the cost Incurred in holding th* flection to submit this Ordinance to the legal electors for their approval, as frrovra* ed by law., , Section ll. That all oMtnahe**, Or parts of ordinances, Jftswar as they are In direct conflict • BetetMOi, ate hereby repealed. Section 13. That this Ordinance shall take effect and be In full force and effect subject to it» approval by tfie majority of the legal electors ef the town of Burt, Iowa voting thehson, "as provided by law, and subject to its acceptance by the Grantee, as provided herein, jjpofi Its publication as by law provided. Neis if. Nelson Mayor of the Town of Burt, Iowa ATTEST: •' Marlon M. Chipmnn Town Clerk of the Town of Burt, fowa POLLING PLACE The polling place for said election shall be at the Burt City Mall, and the polls will be open at eight o'clock a.m. of the forenoon and will be closed at eight .o'clock p.m. in 'the evening of said Hay. Nels J. Nelson : \ ' Mayor Marion M. Chlpman Town Clerk i (19-20-21-22) but you am protect your income from your crops with y and Fire insurance in » » . BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 6 No. Dodge Call CY 4-4443 Horn* Office — i*2i OIUHO AVI. — D«» Metnci, Iowa SOYBEAN YIELD WAY UP! Note dean, weed-free rewi at right, thanks to AlANAP-3, Untreated area at left is weed-choked jNaugatuck'i files are beginning to bulge with letteri from grow% ( «i attesting to the efficiency of Alanap^-S. This only prove* ^fai extensive field usage has long shown- Alanap*3 kills weed* •s they begin to sprout and before they emerge. The use of Alanap*3 pre.cmergcnce weed killer permit! you fewer cultivations -enables you to gain up to $21.75 per acre «f • cost of only $4.20 per acre based on a 14" band. You also gMf these added benefits; • Faster combine, less wear • No dockagf t Fits weed control program * Weedy fields now bccowt itf able • Earlier grain planting, carUerjiarvcsung,. , Ordtr AIangp-3 front yeur loco) swpplitr today, Wrttf, wlit er phent vs If unablt to lecatt ImmedlPt* lewrct «f swppJx* United States Rubber NaugaHick Chemical Diviiion Nawgatuck, Connecticut Now the GREATEST SUPER PREMIUM GASOLENE of them all! Services Our Middle Name The only gasolene with thesd five great features: 1. Extra-High Octane 2. Anti-Carbon 3. Anti-Stalling 4. Anti-Rust 5* Upper-Cylinder Lubricant Gtfet Sewiw ptitnts "SPORTS ROUND-UP WITH Al COUPPE§"~Satwrdayf, 10:20 P.M, oad "M COUPPE£-5PORT5"-Tww, & Tburf., fclO P M,. , <*KRNT"TV f CH 0 YES I YOU'LL FIND SU PER 5-D GASOLINE AT WAGNER CITIES SERVICE Corner of State & Phillips AU30NA PHONE CY 4-2362

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