The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1930
Page 6
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PACE SIX Unsung Gridiron Heroes Many Stars Short on Faniej But Long on Pei'fonnan-j ces Tliis Season. j Chicago and Alton Railroad to Be Sold I nnd others who sued on bonds they held. ILL TILL BY CLAIRE BURCKY XEA Service Sports Writer | A thorough search of the All-! America crop for 193£ now harvest-1 ed nnd rather genernlly distributed! for public consumption, failed (o brini! (o light (lie names of "Cinders" Klenck of St. Mary's, "Cinl- ; loplit' Glp" Buttle of West ViiKlnta W.i'slcyan. Otto Vokaty, the 'Student Prince" of Heidelberg or Jack! Grossman, the "Scarlet Gazelle" ofj ' Rulser;!. It «pp:ars that they went out through the . c pout with the re.s 1 . of the chaff. Nn doubt rm eyebrow or two vould have been raised, and probably explanations would have been necessary, ;f Klenck. Voknty. Bat-! ties or Grossman l:nd been elected! to the honor eleven. However, explanations could have- b?en. sup-! plied, and very easily- j "Grossman of Rutgcru was the I best back I saw this season." coin-! mented Vic Hanson, foimer All-' America end and present football- coach at Syracuse. "Ho did every- j thing well—nnd without imich as-1 Eistaiice from his tcammiiles. All; the assets r.f n first class back were i his and .my guess is thai lie was lu j gcod as any back hi the country; this fall." | Grossman was good, there's little i iioiibt of that. He wounil up U:?,| season only ft few points behind! Mucahi/,1 of Colgate, leading Indl-, vidiml scorer of the country. Hisi 68-yard- pass for a touchdown] ogalnst Lafayette conslltutc<l what] . Ls said to have been the lonf. r .?si! successful toss of the icason. While. Rutgers- was scrrins 1C ix>ints| against Holy Cross and LMnyctlCi on sutresjivo Saturdays, and los- j ing both, Grossman accounted for I 30 of the points hlmnlf. I ' The Rutgers star was ix six-foot I mele-.r. bcasled 100-pouiids on the! hoof, nn<I has been clocked In lit! flat. Among his other altributc;;., he owned a natural change of picc.i a twitehy rxilr of hips nnd n stride j if you pick up the newspapers I from Washington State' arc "going perfectly fitted to broken Held run-; one of these days nnd read thai I to have their hands full in the nliig. He expects to play profes- ----- ficnnl baseball when ha graduates. rourliTii HE TROUBLE f RRST SIGHT is •SECOND mr.ent is now enroute to The occasion of the invilalici Following the announcement s;v- ' Hie celebra.lon planned by eral months ago that a majority i Aiu-nlo next March in honor of I ! ol the holders of the road's three | Hie bl-cetennial of ii s c tuWlsli-1 s;-finir/**i /wrf > ^i u m\ M.N.TW *&'.a.*x/ I AMD ^ IDF 0 O.*_iU_tUrjJ_j Ul'^ hWHJftM B?AUOi£R_ Callfornla'« Conch Six Footers^ Among Candidates forji. Championship Defenders PAYF/1TEVII.LK, Ark., (UP) — Six-fooler* reign In Ha?.orbnck basketball circles again. Ten out of the squad of 14 (irr .six feet, till or min. and t!:e .smallest eager Is live led nine. Besides ht>lj»lit. the University of Arkansas uaskctcers have ability. Captnln Plckron. one of Hie highest scorers In the southwest, conference; CreiRhlon, All- Conference guard; and Klnney Holt, Eub-cap- taln nnd center, nre back on tin 1 equad nnd arc playing their third year on the Cardinal nnd .Whit. 1 quintet. Coach "Chuck" Has?etl- has reason to be hopeful for another ami th? sixlh consecutive Southwe. 1 -: Conference pennant as last year undefeated freshman team are cm for the varsity in ti bo<iy. Thev are John Jelks, All-District prep- school forward from Joneshoro: Bruce Kendall, Bcr'ryvllle, center: Otis Clifton er.d James Sexton, tlx foot guards fro:n Wcston Orove. This aggregation equalled the varsity's Southwest Conference record of 72 !»ln(i in a single game when it downed Ihc strong Carthage, Mo, here last slstently scored from 15 to 2o"p;>lms In each gnme Insl season. Practices for the last three weeks point to one of the fasU-st Arkansas aggregations In several. years. A quickly-breaking offense and n mnn~lD-man defense .will probablv be used for the first time since the first years of Schmidt-coached of the road, the Chicago and Alton, was orduri'd in Ltciriirci- ance with Ihc decree of t!;e United States district court at Chicago which held for the Texas company .Sounding arc: liaivard dC'.uy KING INVlTl-:i> TO 'H'XAS j Willium and Mary <1G«3); Yale AUSTIN, Tex., (UP)—Kiny A1-:""<<1': University of Pennsylvania fonso of Spain will slruly receive | mO-l); Princeton • (174C); and the formal Invitation of Governor I Washington Dun Moody to visit Texas. The doc- 11749). and Lee Uuiv?rtliy 3re includtd in the Mtiriain Wcbsier, heavyweight champion. At any rate nn Italian boy Is pretty sure to win the flyweight championship bout December 2G nt the Garden when Midget Wolgnst and Trankle Genaro exchange animosities. They nre both sons of Italy. Watch' for (Veildie Freddie Slngton. the Alabama tackle of whom a lot of young men • • • University of California, do riot be A glance at the> achievements oflsucprked. Jack uns a yrcat half- Clifford "Qallopln' Glp" Battles and one can understand why he is the campus idol at West Virginia We:Jeyan. Tommy Mills, town coach, called back at Notre Dame, finishing with the team of '28. Since Jack Chevlgiiy lias accepted tui ol- :Rose Bowl, Is not only a big man fer to become head coach at tn;. mauler, but a smart fellow. He Is 0 feet 3 inches tall, and weighs about 215 without his Phi Beta , key. which means as much to Frcd- j die as All-America fame. When he has been asslstinc Knulc in in- j summer comes around again, If George-1 tint- tiie backs ready fur the foot-1 ever, Freddie will be handed a "".ball^wars. Bui then,^the next caaeh ] dlploiinn by Alabama—and his ags Is just 20 years. In eight games this year, eight ..first downs were made through the Alabama line. Yon don't often see the strong back and strong mind working together greatest ball carrier he hart seen, j at..California may be nnyon: cl^ must remember that Tommy oncelyoii might thliife of. We Just don't Knute Rocknc when llic !Wn nt you to Ije surprised, that's all. Awfully Sorry! Our heart bleeds for the Broadway Welsenhelmers. They gave odds on Singer to beat Canzoucrl, and Pr iir Horsemen were in Notre Dame harness. -Against New York U., Georgetown, Waynesburg and Duquesne, Buttles scored seven touchdowns on' rum) averaging slightly more than j McLarntn to bent Billy Petrolic. 81 yards-each. He ran GG yards i winter Is ncre and there isn't an from scrimmage for a score against ] apple in the cell.T. Run out lo llii' the Violets. A week later against'corner drugstore. Minnie, nnd bring Georgetown, he\ broke loose for a uu a gross of handl-.erciilofs We C8-yard touchdown run, which was nrc nboul to b , e;ik dowl) followed by his 88-yard run for a touchdown niter-receiving a punt. Within seven minutes in the third quarter • of the contest with Waynesburg, Battles mate runs of 98. 90 and 80 yards for touchdowns. His longest was with an intercepted pass. The other two were after receiving punts. And against Du- JJrooklyn Dodgers To M<:et Monipliis Pro Team Sunday MHMPIIIS. Temi., Decomb»r 10 -Overpowered by a maeninccnt Chicaso Cardinal pro fcotball machine Suii(iii)-. G to 0, the Memphis rigors will have another tough outfit on their hands (his week—in I fact, luira this week. The Brook-i lyn DodgerJ of the National Pro o, Junior College quintet j Lra'ine. one of the highest ranking winter. Tom Murphy con- flws in the circuit, will be here Sunday. Denranbcr H. to open hos- llliliei with tlie Bengals, at Hodges i Reid. Incidentally ealurday the same! club?, the Tigers antl Brooklyn, will clash in Atlanta for charity. • The pride of Georgia, former O.^rgia Tech star. Stumpy Tlioma- son will be at the helm of th? notlgrrs offensive when, they do battle againu the Tigers, who have so staunchly survived the present cainiKiiyn. Thomafoii is an iclcl of Atlanta grid fans and his appearance on the field will likely draw record crowds for both games. Watkins, another ex-Tech man; Milter, of. West Virginia Wsslynn; Wilson, fif Texas A. and M.; "and ; Mooney, of Georgetown are other lenms. The Rn7«rbacks began their march for Southwest pennants when Coach Schmidt, now at T. C. U., took over the directing reigius In IS22. Those reporting lor daily workouts are: Pickren, Holt, .Creighton, Trapp, Muruliy, Jelks, Kendall. Sexton, CMflpii, Gibson, Wepfer. Waltlicr. Backus and Kiselis. The roster for the 1D30-31 ba.=- j big attractions on the roster of tin ketball season Includes: Player Pickren. Jamts P Creighton, M. G Holt, Klnnel C Trapp. Charles P Murphy, Tom P •Jelks, John F Kendall, Bruce C :cxlon, James G Pos Wi>t Hst Years Clifton, Oils Gibson, R. G Wepfer. Joe F i Walther. Glen C Backus, Joe- P John F like that. 168 175 185 103 1GS 142 155 182 no 185 150 157 1GO 1G5 0:1 5vll C:4 G' 5:11 5:11 0:1 6:1 G:2 G:l G:2 6:3 G It Must B« Like That To the Englishman sport is fun, writes John U. Tunis In Harper's. The Englishman would rather play than watch. He is nn excellent hockey player, a mountain climber, fair at tennis and pretty useful at ruggc-r (football), He refuses to train, to concentrate, to break records and so whenever n» inter- Ctevcr, Those Italians Fidel La Barba, Tony Canzoncri and Billy Petrolic—all of Italian naUonal Iporttng contest "roils descent—have uccn_r.t Ihe top or j around he Is sure to lose. ' ' ~ way these] It must be true, John, especially the heap lately. The __ , __ Italians have been knocking the j as concerns the heavyiveijht'boxers. boys off lately, U wouldn't, be sur- quesne ha carried a punt 73 yards ". through the entire Duke eleven for' a touchdown. Tor the St- Mary's Knights, the armor c< Sir LaunceloL was, worn by Klenck. He did all.of the punt-1 ing, most of tto passing, and,' judging by his 11 touchdowns, hcj mutt hav» accomplished a good bit | of the scoring for "the Knights, whoj won their first Kansas Conference] football championship in 21 years. | Klenck b regarded by many as. the greatest all-around athlete in | Kansas, and that particular ' territory includes Jarring Jim Bausch of University of Kansas, and L'.uU Weller and Buster Charles. Indian stars of Haskell. He \A a letter man in four sports, holder ol sev-j eral track, records, an all star pcr-i former In baseball and basketball.! and, at present, the hero of the| conference football champions. j ... Vokaiy was the main spring in the machine with which Old Held- j fjberg flattened nil opposition during 'the past season, scoring 230i points to 20 by the opponents. For; Uie seccnd time lie was an All- Ohio fullback and a leading individual 'scorer In the state. As s! matter of Information, the Student' Princes .were one of the nation's; few undefeated and untied elevens, xnd Mr. Vokaty was a very i,tron3 ; reason l(-r the achievement. prijinj Cnrnc-ra ns next ! Read Courier News Want Ads. LOW RO.UNI) ran 1 FARES for the HOLIDAYS via —to poilHs ^n MISSOURI—ARKANSAS—TEXAS OKLAHOMA.and KANSAS — en Ihc Frisco' IiuSes, and to many points en other lines In those nnd frrt.Vn other sUUc*; al«o from painU in I'tates tihoun TO MEilPHLS. • TENN. Selling Dec. 19. 20, 21, «, 23. 2V Good returning nnlU January C. 1931. --and to many destinations In CALIFORNIA .and ARI/ONA Celling Dec. 1G-M Inc.. and H-i-. ;•; THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST Selling Drc. 16-22 inclusive RETURN IJMIT JANUARY 15. 1031 FOli I'UU, INFX3RMATSO.N ASK THE FRISCO AGENT W. S. Merchant Pnsccnger Traffic Mnnajer St. Louis, Mo. BRIMPIELD, Ind,, (UP)—When John Sloop attempted to avoid a collision, he drove his auto through the railing cl R tralii bridge and the machine was suspended 18 feel above a creek bed by one wheel. Sloop,, his wife, daughter, and another couple were rescued, uninjured, by a motorist. New Yrrkers. After aaiirg up against as powerful line ccgs as were fc.en with the Cardinals the local club should perience little trouble in holding ,eir own against Brooklyn. The dyers will not, In all probability, ave a wall that weighs over 210 muck, the Chicago average. And ic Tigers look mighty good against iv club with the saino physical casiirements. A clar^y oval lesser, Red Stra- •r, ([iiart'Tback. is working his is ,-^j good, flipping bullet like isses to the Tigers, who complet- iu p:is£E-s against Chicago. SAVANNAH. Ga., (UP» — As a result of n collision, between a circus elephant truck and an automobile, M. Marshall, driver ol the i tomobilcC was serioiidy Injured. The elephant escaped unscathed. Two men, rid'mj with Marshnll were unhurt. HOME THEATRE Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday University Builds Model ' High School for Students! COLUMBUS, O. (UP)—A modsl'] high school, which will employ the II newest methods In efficient ins'ruc- jj tlon and u-111 embody an economical j arrangement of classrooms, labora- | lories and offices, Is being built on | the campus of Ohio State University for $450,000. The new building will be a teach- I ers' training school snd an exoerl-! I mental plant. It will ofier high i I school and preparatory instruction i to 450 pupils, assuring them the j most advanced principles of scien- • tlflc teaching. It will be comp!ct°rt|l by Jnn. J, 1B32. n Until 9 O'clock' t Tonight and Every Night 'Ml Christinas HALF PRICE SALE NOW ON TIIK CRAZE OF THE HOUR! The bifjr rhin-niul- liny mak- liiiijflis and love. In ,0c- t n vn s Roy Cohen's roaring romance. Leader M — "^i • v: I lit I II IT. OAKIE "The Social Lion G Paramount Qiciure Miitinco & Night—10 & 25 Coming—Friday & Salurcla •— ^anc Grey's "BORDE I-KGION" f/ . & New names anJ phccs are lisreil such k-j rf, &.///H, Ijinia, eic. Constantly i:npr:!ved and kept up (o dire. WEBSTER'S NEW INTERNATIONAL DKCTSONARY Get The Best The "Supreme Authority" in rc-urti, allteu, nkccli, inJ among Sf.tmKtnt cj/'i:i.ih buih FiJirel inj Stall. 4S2,OOOci:crics including 408,000 lof^tufary terms, 32,000 gagr,ifl>ic.i/ subjects, 12, 000 entries. Over 6,000 illuilral:<>iii,tnil 100 fat- ualli tMu. StaJ fer Frit, nn.', rithl) illittlraaj pamphlet ccr.lainir.% sampk pzyj cf tit Ktu 1 Ir.'.tTT.Miuial G. St. C. Merriam Company Springfield, Mass. YOUR XMAS Dollars Will Buy Uscl'ul and Lasting PRESENTS AT LLtNf HALF PRICE SALE Careful Laboratory Control Assures An Italian has designed an air- aue supported by a slngb dlsc- hnncd wing that is related to erve as n propeller and is filled itii gas ,to increase its' lifting ower. DIT7 tlllL Tuesday and V/edncsday Bigger Th a n Ever! Star of "The Mighty"! I" a (li'o]i-Keii romance with the wallop of a tropic typhoon ! 0\iT STANDING Swept together by danger and the tea—tl'.cy do;)'t want each other —they love In spite ol tlicm- SOlMCS! Comedy and News. Jlatinec—10 and 30c. .l—10 and 35c. STANDARD Ncnv that cold days arc here, the difference between the quality of "Standard" Im|>rom! Gasoline and the average gasoline offered will be still more apparent. Particularly is this true of the relative ease with which a cold motor can be started with "Standard" Improved Gasoline — a quality that makes it outstanding among straight gasolines. Ease-of-starting is but one of the qualities that recommend "Standard" Improved Gasoline to motorists who are interested in getting dependable performance out of their cars at the lowest possible cost. It is also outstanding in its smooth delivery of power, its dependable high mileage from every gallon, its purity, and its all-around better performance. If you are not now using a premium fuel, you can improve the performance of your car—whether new or old—by stopping at stations where you see the "Standard" Bars-and-Circle Trade-mark on the pumps. BETTER STICK TO "STANDARD" Coming—Thursday & Friday — Kd Wynn in'"FOLLOW TIIK TRADER". Coming—Saturday — Warner Baxl r in "RENEGADES". Coming—Sunday & Monday —Wm. Haines. in "REMOTE CONTROL". ROAD MAPS AND INFORMATION FR£Ev-Wh«n«!«r you N<in a trip, kl "Standard" Tourint Smicr, 2134 Snin! Charkj Alt, Nfw Oilcanl, La.,MpJOH h'c& ifcelf >l r Jxil urilf "Standard" Tourinj Smi«. ana ailiitr uhtte ye* uHjK *• en. Map! and laltit ruaj [n/omificirm u-tU bf ie«J »wj free of chart*. WE SELL "STANDARD" PRODUCTS iATTERY STATION STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA COUNKH WALNUT AMI FII'TIl SHEETS

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