The Rhinelander Daily News from Rhinelander, Wisconsin on October 22, 1946 · Page 7
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The Rhinelander Daily News from Rhinelander, Wisconsin · Page 7

Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1946
Page 7
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OCTOBER 22, iWI THE BH1NELANDEA (WIS,) DAILY NEWS HMHIt The Cash Worry Parts, When A News Want Ad Is Put To Wor Coast Guard to Look into Woes Aboard Jinx Ship' BALTIMORE, Get. 22 —(4 s )— The S.S. John Trumbull, a "jinx ship 11 jf%hefe whistling aboard was taboo, • lay at anchor in the calm of Balti* more harbor today as the Coast Guard readied an inquiry into her innumerable troubles, climaxed by a threat of "murder." As a hearing unit-of .the-Coast Guard's marine inspection depart* ment prepared a probe into dis« turbances aboard the Trumbull, stories were unfolded of superstition and ilMuck that plagued her. Old, salts shook their heads. "They called her a jink ship— and that spelled nothing but a heap of trouble," veteran mariners com- . And the trouble;, they said, , sjpafkfed, perhaps, "vfrhen some* toe ,wWstteia n ef when "a U^e eat wast .thrown overboard." Vtelenee antJ ie§r reportedly rode with the Trumbull as she crossed the Atlantic from Italy, with weeks of shlpbbard trouble which her master said iflcltided gun fights and •stabbtngs.'. •• •" As the ship fode at anchor in the Kftrbo'r Here late .SatiiwTayr the master, ,Capt, Bernard Fleming, who had armed hiniself with a long- barreled revolver, radioed for help, lest, there- "be -a murder before daybreak." . , • • Fleming, said then he was inclined to. 'beli'eve that the cat overboard could .have been the cause; The skipper : has never permitted, in his 42 years;at sea, a member of his crew to whistle aboard ship. But crew members didn't know what, to believe'when the messfaoy complicated matters by throwing the .live eat overboard. , The Triimbull will lay at anchor here until, "the trouble is straightened 'out.'* '.. ; -:.-. Richard J, Kuuftit Gtts Army Citation A photograph of Richard J. Kuehn, 211 Pleasant Street, appears in the October edition of the x Wisconsin Telephone News, a magazine pub* lished in .the interest of employes of the Wisconsin Telephone Company. Ruehn is employed as a fieldman in the Eau Claire district plant office of the company. The photograph is published with a story Concerning Kuehn's award of the.Army commendation ribbon for service as an fftstructor in the Signal Corps School .from Sept. 17, 1042, to Jan. 10, I94fi. The citation accompanying the' commendation ribbon was signed by Maj. Gen. H. C. Ingles, chief signal officer of ' the Army. Kuehn is the son of Joseph J. Kuehn, 642 South Orteida Avenue, who is general manager of the Rhinelander Telephone 'Company. His wife is employed in the Me- Isaac Book and Gift Shop here. Prepare for Dormitory Anniversary Publicizing the 75th anniversary of founding of. Chadbourn Hall,' oldest women's dormitory in use in the country, six University of .Wisconsin co-eds'dress in gowns of their great grandmothers' day and visit Prof Harry Harlowe's psychology class at the Madison, .Wis., school. Left to right: Prof. Harlowe;'Sally Siesel, Marion Diedrich, and Dorothea Ernst, all of Milwaukee; Marilyn McClure, Wooster/O., and Elayne Kelly, An tigo, Wis.—(AP photo). ' -.,'••'•'•'• \'... -,,, ; . ' • - . v «. •' i ' • • - -"•'"'•••-* ..,,.',.„. ': ' '. ••-.*.-> .-.•-.-• ***&££, .jfji .-•'•'• : ""ii' " *»•—,••.. .-'v ,.*• Where GOP Trains Its Biggest Guns I Where'Republican! I Concentrate Effort* States Where Democrats and Republicans See Little Chance to Dislodge the Opposition. H o Democratic HOHM -*—Seats GOP May Win SO Democratic Senate -*—Seoti COf May Win P I Progressive Senate "I—Seqts GOP May Win f In this year's elections, the GOP is making an all-out attack on the Democrats' hold on Congress, but are concentrating their drive on congressional districts where the-Demacrnts wo,n by oqly a slim ; margin in 1944, Four states, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Connecticut, hold enough of these •'slim-margin" seats to give the GOP control, of, the House, if Republicans hold their own elsewhere. First Photo-Outsider's View of Earth mst reoisrlssb^ piiotogrgpAs ever taken. ?ir$| oi its fetoi. it is s P&iww ol ft» Wtt>i pmosy§fifee4 fffljro 9 b*igi>t of 40 miles. The picture was t>y tt» y. S- U«¥^ wttJb § l&wk tfwIWJ piptyrg sswers lasteReiiJ to tJa* V^? rocket recently 9$ WWts gsM§ FfO'WS 6Jro«ftgs» lifW Sfe^te ffcs rafted was t?9V«Jio| »t 9 speed oi a roil* oBA- -36»ftffii!*»l»r bew> ?fee.MM«if$pfepipfF§j>Jj* aW te» mijM~iap« by eight e, U w»rt el Ite U««r Mt*fca (tossffc PrfiWffltew MwwliRatlw iaAeslM tbt dw* .:•;•#•; INFORMATION WANT ADS »f« teeetved up lOiOO o'clock tof cam« day'i publl- cation. How Ads Are Anrangfd WANT AD3 offerlnrf a place ta Uvt tuch M house, apartment, flat, room, §hoold begin with the sttfeet and number; used ear with make of ears employment with kind of wo»K, biuineis tervlee with particular kind of work done, etc. Adi to •tartlng, arranged alphabetically, come first \h clastlflcationg, othert fellow. CHARGED ADS allowed cash rat« when paid within one week after expiration, GROUP of figure* count at onfl word; each Initial is considered came as a word. Example; Phone 1000 .two word* 118 E. Rives three word* A, Smith «t Company . ,. four word* Write Dally News Bo* 6 .five word* Si* days for Second three day* Cost of four for half cost l-day ads. of first three. Order (or 6 day*—Cancel anytime Charge at rate earned, Low Word Rates Minimum 15 words Charge Ca*h I-time 4c 3c 3-time 9c 8c 6'time* I3c I2c Minimum Charge, i-Day SOc Classified Display Per Inch $1.00 How to Write Ads ADVERTISERS are advised to write WANT ADS in natural tone, expressing proposition clearly, completely. Low word rates allow full description at small cost. "The more you. tell the quicker you sell." COPY accepted with understanding it may be edited, re-arranged to suit style. All ads restricted ta proper classification. Just Phone 1000 WANT ADS are taken by phone and charged direct to advertiser without previous credit arrangement. Ads are accepted with the understanding that they will be paid for within one week. Such ads earn lowest discounted rates. ERRORS in advertising should be reported immediately. The Rhinelander Daily News is responsible for only one incorrect insertion. Announcements Flowers SURPRISE!—When is your wife's birth day? Surprise her with flowers. You know how much she'll appreciate them. FORTH FLORAL CO. Lost and Found ENVELOPE—Lost, containing money, in downtown area. Finder' please return to' News: Reward. • SET OF RINGS — Lost, marriage s and diamond in small flat plastic case. Finder please return to News. Reward. Transportation 8 AIR TRANSPORTATION, AIRPLANE SALES AND SERVICE—Charter trips anywhere in Waco Cabin, Taylorcraft or Piper Cub airplanes. Land and sea¥ lane flight instruction. Agency 'for aylorcraft, Piper Cub, Waco, Eshelman Winelet Hockaday Comet. STEVE SHALBRECK, Phone 1020-W or 607. Services Auto Service, Repairing 10 GLASS— "For Every Purpose" Auto and truck safety glass installed. Any year or model. Immediate service. PHONE 1217 Rhinelander Glass Co. 10 E; Prospect St. GENERATOR—Starter, Battery Service John's Auto Repair Shop 110 S. Pelham. Phono 1424 Building Trades 13 CARPENTRY — Plain, cabinet, ciihin building, finishing. Rural electrical. Dependable service. Call Ti'acy 1092-R mornings and evenings. Order Your WANT AD by MAIL This is the time to sell farms, resort property. U9«a^machlh«y, stock and vegetable plants—almost anything, in fact—to more than 3,500 Rhinelandef News families. For Your Convenience Write Your Want Ad Below Rates— 3c per word first day, 3c per word second day, 2c per word third day ... or six days at 2c per word, per day. Clip This , , . Write Your Ad . , , Mail Today . , . ' Miss A.dtaker Rhinelander Daily News Enclosed find currency ( ) check ( ) money order ( ) for the following ad: Write One Word in Each Space Name Route 'and Box No. Post Office State Name and Address to be counted as words in Ad. Minimum Charge for Ad 50c Homti dnd Buiintts Gam, Sportlrtf Goods 65 MARLIN —.22 AUTOMATIC: . FOR SALE. PHONE 1566-J. tttnserfold Article! Services Painting, Decorating 20 PAINTING—Paper Hanging, Decorating. EARL I. ROBERTS COON STREET. PHONE 352 Eadio Service 23 LIBBY'S RADIO SERVICE— For Quality Service on all Make* Phone 1359-W 517 Vaughn St. Employment .ttelp Wanted—Female 26 .WOMAN—Experienced, wanted for gen- '"' eral housework. Call or write Mrs. -"Clayton Flutely, Box 9'5. Phone 875. Help Wanted—Male 27 BODY AND FENDER MAN—First class, wanted. Top wages paid. Inq. LAKELAND MOTOR SALES, Eagle River, Wis. MEN Steady Work Good Waees PLAN YOUR FUTURE WITH Kimberly-Clark Corp. See U. S. Employment Service Rhinelander, Wis. Situations Wanted—Male 30 ODD JOBS—Wanted, by schoolboy after school and Saturdays. Will take any kind of work. Phone 9B2-J, Instruction Private Instruction FLIGHT LESSONS—In Ercoupe, conventional plpnea. Aeronca sales. Rental*. ' passenfeer flights. - PRIEBE FLYING SERVICE. Phone 607 or 964-J3, Homes and Business Articles for Sale 57 DOLL BUGGIES— All steel, rubber tires, collapsible. Have one put away for Christmas. Hildebrand Furniture Co. SAMSONITE Plastic Coated LUGGAGE Men's two-suiters and overnight bags. Ladies' wardrobe cases, o v e r- night cases and cosmetic bags. A smart, new shipment of this grand luggage has just arrived. DeByle's, Inc. Business Equipment 61 FRAME BUILDJNC—12x14, ideal for use as tourist building. Also three-holt freezer, ideal for deep freeze; new 1946 pop cooler, 8-case capacity; sturdy work table, new; neon lighting Building must be moved. Selling at rock bottom, $660. Phone 98 1-W4^ between 51 ',30 and 6:30 p.m., or see Wally Jordan, Townline Lake before I I ;3C a.m. FRONT AND BACK BAR—For sole. Back bar is 8Ms ft. hitfh and !2!/ 2 ft. long. Front bar is 16 ft. long. Write or in quire of Charles French, Carter, Wis, Financial Insurance 38 Business Service 14 •OR THE BEST INSULATION—Insulate with pulpwool. Write to Caien Mnh- ner, Route 2, Eagle River, Wis. [UN SIGHTING FOR DEER RIFLES— Rifle and shotgun repairs. Bauman Key Shop and Warehouse Sales, 66 S. Anderson St. Keys for autos or any make of lock. VETERAN AMBULANCE SERVICE — Modern ambulance, lady attendant, day and night service. Phone 917-R. OUTBOARD MOTOR WINTER SERVICE AND STORAGE—$1.00 per H.P., $3,50 Minimum. Includes moto' check, Jess parts. DUKE MONTGOMEUY, Phone 614-W. 'A Mile north on 17 to Lak« creek store, then turn left. •HOTOCRAPHIC SERVICE— Qua Hy Photo Finishing, Kodaks — Films — S»»pr>lie» . "Northwood* Leading Photo Service HOLMBOE STUDJQ Lego I Advertisements NOTICE OF HEARING ON FINAL SETTLEMENT AND DETERMINATION OF INHERITANCE TAX Chapter 317 State of Wisconsin, County Courl, Oneida County. In the matter of the Estate of Ketonas Snoles, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that at a term of said Court to be held on Tuesday, he 26th day of November, 1946, .-*t 10 I'clocfc in the forenoon of said day, at be Court Hoysu in the City of Rhine- ander, in said County, there will be teard and considered: The application of Stanley Shaltis. administrator <}f the estate of Ketonas Snoles. deceased, late of the Town of *(ewbold. in said County, for the exam- nation and allowance of his final account, which account is now on file in aid Court, and for the allowance of dubts i claims paid in good faith without fit- ng or allowance as required by law, and or the assignment of the residue of -hv state of said deceased to such persona are by law entitled thereto; and for he determination and adludication of be iob,eri,taa« ta?, if aid estate. Dated October 21,19*6. B» Ozder of tb.e Co.virt. r H* F. STEELET J,ud| e - jEORCE A. BICHARDS, Attorney £&.%dres s , FirsTi&n aw* sws- ; JI-5 AUTO INSURANCE — Accidents happen when they are least expected. Are you equipped to pay for damages in case of collision) Check up today. RHINELANDER FINANCE AND INSURANCE, next to postoffice. ACCIDENT, SICKNESS AND HOSPITAL INSURANCE A POLICY FOR EVERY NEED L. A, Leadbetter FIRE—LIFE, AUTO INSURANCE PHIL HORR AGENCY 16 E, Davenport. Phone 1181 Money to Loan 40 Business Loans— Every competent firm or individual who needs money for constructive purposes (s invited to see us. Merchants State Bank Livestock Horses, .Cattle, Stock IjEIFER— Cow, and three-year-old colt. See Joe MaUavage, Route 2. city. Poultry. Pggs. Supplies 44 HENS—Five, for sale. Frank Leitul, one mile on Shepard Lake Road. Coal, Wood, Other Fuel 62 DRY VENEER CORtS—And dry split hard wood chunks. $15.50 r,er lead. Phone 40. Atlas Plywood. HARDWOOD SLABS— 16 INCH HEAVY TIE SLABS. PHONE 142. HARDWOOD SLABS AND EDGINGS 4 foot, full cord $5.00 at bur sawmill located 8 miles east of Gleason and mile east of II. American Veneers orporation, Gleason, Wisconsin. # Co SOFTWOOD SLABS DRY, 16 INCH. PHONE I 391-I. SOFTWOOD SLABS GREEN, $4.75 PER LOAD. PHONE 1391-J. Furniture, Rugs, Linoleum 63 BEDSTEAPS — Two; spring, daybed, coffee table. Also fur coat, size 16. 715 Porr Ave. ICE BOX-^-Metal, «ood condition. 121. 35-A S. Puthuro St., upstairs. ICE BOX—»5, small; heater, $17. Mrs. Lvte WelU. 37-A N. Brown St., pr phone 256-j, TWJN BEDROOM FURNITURE NEW, MAHOGANY, FOR SALE 981-W Guns, Spertinf Goods Farm and Garden Fruits and Vegetables 50 POTATOES—No. I Green Mountains and Chipoewas, $2 ocr hundred, delivered. Ed Paddock, Phone 9511. Homes onrf Buiiness tor s*le ft? WARD WEEK Sporting Goods Poplip Hunting Coats ---- ..* 7.17 Pucfe Hunting Coats ....... 6.69 Red and Black Wool Hunting ........ $12.95 and H.75 _ „,„*— Waterproofs all v» rjjk^spnry, cement Of stwccg, or exterior. Gloss white finish. TB^SFER. S.CALE—y*«d coil cteagJwz .. , roJier sSates S5T 8, 24-9.1. efliflgs gr Red sad Black Wool Hunting Pa B t« ................... 8.75 FU-ld aj>,d Stream Came Bog. . 3,35 Bed H»».$i»g Cap. all wool .. 1.98 U Cf». »ftdl6 Ca. Lead Slut; Inserts, each ............. It Hwltof KuMe with Shwtn. . . 2.75 SflffW Show ............... 4-79 ftva PswUfle Kit . ......... 2-39 Ward WARD WEEK Household Goods BfaSS Wash Bonfd .$ .75 Clothes Hamper 4.98 ClothM Driers 2.9$ Clothes Basket 1.47 Galvanized Boiler Conner..., 1.97 Renuilt Cleaning Fluid, gal... .65 Toilet Bowl Cleaner, can 12 Drain Pipe Cleancf, can 12 Four-qt. Pressure Sauce Pnh. 10.9$ Montgomery Ward Homii and Bulirttti Bay tJOLL BUGGY 3E StZE, WA" PHONE 12? ANt ED. QATB LEG TABLE—Or smalt df METAL .CABINET —.With trfttfte wan ted. WHt»o» I *, e/o N\w PLAYPEN— Second hand, in "i?"' yf?*P d> Mr f Ate phone 423-J. / sod l* SaeKett, Rooms and Meals Rooms without Meals ROOM FOR RENT- NEAR JUNIOR HIGH, 225 ALBAN. ROOM FOR RENT. PHONE 3 7-MX, Ren to Is Wanted—To Rent Machinery and Tools ELECTRIC GENERATORS—Two; 10,000 watts, A.C. 5-10 K.W., model P. E. 95. Cost $3,000 each, Used only three days. Will sacrifice for $750 each. F. O. B. Chicago plant. Call or write. M. Heineman, 4900 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, 111. Phone Berkshire 3200. Musical Merchandise 69 Reserve Your New Recordio Radio phonograph and recorder now. Come in for a demonstration. We have a complete stock of recording blanks, cutting needles and playback needles. Lloyd's Music Stores Rhinelander Antlgo Radios, Supplies 70 LISTEN TO "PHILCO RADIO TIME"— With Bing Crosby now brought to you exclusively by Philco every Wednesday at 9 p. m. over ABC. BUDREAU'S Refrigerators 71 DEEP FREEZE—Used, 4 Vi cu. ft. Also used 8 ft. meat counter. Rhinelander Refrigeration Service, 730 Wabash. Phone 405-J. FARM AND HOME FREEZERS— RHINELANDER REFRIGERATION SERVICE. 730 WABASH. PHONE 405-J Specials at the Stores 73 DOLLS AND TOYS —, See our fine display. Magazines, personalized cards and stationery. Ordef now for Christmas. MclSAAC BOOK AND GIFT SHOP .,.,. c. „ . Stoves, Furnaces, Parts 74 DIXIE—Coal and wood cook stove, almost new. 225 Alban St. CLARK — 50 gallon electric hot water heater. Almost new. Write Box 311, c-o News. SMALL STOVES—For all purposes, for sale. Also cook stoves, Heatrolas, gas and kerosene stoves. RHINELANDER FURNITURE CO., 221 W. Davenport and 906 Mason. STOKER- In good condition for sale. A bargain. Inquire at RHINELANDER FURNITURE CO. 221 W. Davenport and 908 Mason STOVE—Gas and coal combination; coal and wood stove, heating stove. Duba's Pine Point Resort, Lake George. Vacuum Cleaners 77 HOUSEHOLD DUST—Out o: the air, into the water, down the drain, out of the home, REXAIR. Wm. C, Briggs. Phone 1032-W, APARTMENT — FURNISHED WANTED BY TWO ADULTS PHONE 1165 Reel Estate for Sale Houses for Sale 98 HOUSE—For sale. Six rooms with bath furnished. $4,500. Phone I32I-R. HOUSE—For sole, by owner. Centrally located. If interested write Box 313; c/o News. THREE-ROOM HOME— For Sale. Close in, with modern conveniences. • $1,800. Terms Herman A. Bostrom "Always at Your Service" Phone 8922, 1310-J, 1550 WILL TRADE — Modern 2 - bediuom bungalow for larger modern home. Inquire at 815 Dorr Ave., or phone 1024. MODERN Three-Bedroom HOME With large living room. .Three blocks from heart of city. $6,500. MODERN Two-Bed room HOME With large porch, on lake two miles from city, 100 feet of lake frontage with ' nice beach. Furnished complete and with fuel for the season. $9,000. Three-Room . COTTAGE With garage and about three acres of land. Two miles from city. $4,200. Herman A. Bostrom "Always at Your Service" Phone 8922, 1310-J, 1550 Resort. Lake Property 100 NORTHLAND LAKES. INC. \ Phone 602 Merchants'State ftan™ Bids RESORT AND CITY—For the largest ••. sortment of Lake, River and City prop, erty of all kinds call Herman A. Bostrom "Always at Your Service" Phone 1550 or I3IO-J Automotive Accessories, Tires, Parts 1O4 Wearing Apparel, Furs 79 PURSES—For Ladies. We have a big new shipment. All sizes, colors. CHARM SHOP. Wearing Apparel, Furs 79 SWEATERS— For Girls and Ladies. Values to $7,50 now $3.98 All wool, sizes 34 and 36 only. Murphy 6" Lillrose WINTER COAT—Boy's, »i*e 16, nrac- ticaJly new. Also pair o! heavy black oxfords, size 10, like new, 727 Dorr Ave. Phone 707. PERSIAN PAW FUR COAT, SIZE 118, FOR SALE. PHONE 56-W. MEN'S DRESS PANTS- Coverts , , . Tweeds . , , Gabardines , , All Wool Flannels, From $5,80 to $9,87, MEN'S SPORT COATS- Solid Tans, Blues arid Smart Plaids. .« Sites 36 to 42. Only, $16.75 J, C, Penney Co. Available Now Sealed Beam CONVERSION KITS For aJl older Model Fords ONEIDA MOTOR SALES > Your Friendly FORD Dealer Boats, Motors, Accessories 106 FLAT BOTTOM BOATS— NEW. FOR 3ALE.C c KROLL-S PLACE, Used Cars 109 Improve YOUF With Men's BQWWNG Of soft, pJi»We E&skin, GARY'S Buy §0 . W« OLDSMOBILE—1934, in good condition, five good tires, Ed Young, Towiv : "of reucan. The Best and Nothing But The Best In USED CARS Look Over Our Fine Selection, 1946 Packard Clipper Coach J941 Qldsmobile 4-dooy * Sedan 1940 Buick 4-door Sedan 1941 Oldsmobite 4»door Sedan 1941 OJdsmobile 2*do0r Coach 1943 Hudson Sedan 1931 Chevrolet Goaeh 1933 Plymouth Coach 1941 Lincoln Zephyr 1839 Fwd 1$ Ton fvuek 1934 Ford Coach 1943 Chevrolet Truck, foin wheel' _, with winch on Iront, Model A l-Toi» fordson John's Auto Shop

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