The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 16, 1957 · Page 40
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 40

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1957
Page 40
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May Af®UND ALGONA' ( to -th« club on M« her d Norton w*» ho«. tot mwntei of her sew- club tin Monday Mf tad Mf» L16yd Prall had at iheir weekend guests at their At Clear Lake, Mrs Mr and Mrs F. Skip Day For ledyard Senior Class Friday — JJhfSwUor Class Kllnkcr went to , . , ft*a?JW"* nte » Mf and Mrs F. !">< wmjam Kllnkcr went to M, MeOahfey of Victor and hcf «0n<«ap<}lls, Ffld&y. for their an- br6th6f.ln*law and sister, Mr and " Ual Ski l> day. They went by brother.ln*law and sister, Mr and Mrs Dean Ivemn and children of IndianoJa. . r--- -—J «td«: at Bryant taught by Mrs Howard Hoenk gave a to* Mid program for their mdthws on Ttwsday afternoon. Mrt Hick Ftich entertained group Tvte Mr and Mr»~B, B, Roblnton entertained at dinner Sunday lit honor of their daughter, "Jcnr who made her first Holy Communion nt St. Cccclln's church that morning » Guests included Jean's Godparents, Mr find Mrs Julius Cink, ----"— — ^ *»*^» »»**^r rv^i t* */j bus with Mr Edward Knoner taking them. They visited many «nd returned of interest Saturday. Saturday evening Mr and Mrs — -— • • »•» »-«»v*»nj*»av*» ti%l*»l4\iv\l a district meeting of Rural Letter Carriers at Fort Dodge. Mr and Mrs Leonard Warner and children of Algona visited the home of Mrs Lena Warne 196rdduateAt vtesday »«ttioon ffi hbn6r o th« birthday of Mrs W, J. Sigs Mr and Mrs J, F. Milder expect to hnvi as tlrtir guests this weekend, Mr and Mrs Chuck Cnrley and two children of Marion. Mr and Mr« Victor Fliher and three children of Fairmont, Minn. ap«nt the Nveekend here with Mr «nd Mrs T, J, Fisher and other relatives. Mr and Mn Charle* Delbler had as their dinner guests on Sunday Mr and Mrs Tom Samp- se4 »nd^fiim!ly Atolvin Olson, Mr and Mrs Kr and Mrt Allan Buchanan returned Tuesday evening from De* Moihes \vh«r* they had spent several days attending a meeting of abstractors. Club at a luncheon at Humboldt on Monday afternoon, Mrs W, J. Sigsbee's anniversary was being celebrated. Following the meal the group went to the home of Mrs waiter, Rlamp at Dakota City for a social, afternoon , cme on v visi with her "parents, Glenn Burrow. Mr aad Mrs Presbyterian Women'* Organ* ieation Is meeting today (Thursday) at the church. The Upper Room services are in charge of j Mr and Mrs George Thompson with LuVerne friends drove to Pella Friday morning to spend Don HttmrntniMn. A des- luncheon will follow at 1:30 Mrs A. F. Agena will give dew tions and U»c program, "Christ Way Every Day fa Our Searc ^r Peace" is in charge of Mrs D»ek Meyer, Mr and Mr* Wesley Barileit are being visited this week-fey Mf Bavtlett\i father, Dr. Q, s. Barttelt 6t New Sharan who ar> rived here Sunday, Mr and Mrs Charle* McV*y spwit Sunday at Webster ab? with Mrs MeV*y^ parentss, the Rev. end Mrs J. Share who gave a birUtday dinner Iter hero LeonaGocheOf Titonka Weds Bancroft Man Burt — In a double ring ceremony Tuesday, May 34, at 8 aon. m St John's Catholic church, (Art AUc* Mayfteld Is a sent at Mercy Hospital, 1^*6. She was taken there an Monday few Jver sister, Mrs Elks Angle a»d her acpfctw, £. R «r*iwikr*A,£.Biissj th««r j$u$&s war'the weekend, Mrs Bnggs? daughter mad SKn-in- lav?, jMfc . and,; Stes • Bewail BIWW-IS atad CUte son, Wtfester ~ Mr* Teaa S»mp*an. Nrt MUton Witt 5swd Mrs Jerry McK«»n plan to Veave Ftiday Tw filatfe wfeere t»«y wOl Sigma Be»h «t&minsr and afternoon k«vdersa«cn classes at Bryant s«)4«xsl are working »n** pn-isrArR Sor their pstvnts aitd guests w o* ^r^sentcd Friday evening, M«y 22 in th* Iks^snt gym, RuUt McVay is .j—. I*J»ajGtoehe, daughter Mr and Mrs Leo Goehe S Ti,,.»ka and Arthur HeUman, son of Mr and Mrs Leo Hellraan oi Bancroft, were united in mar- ria»a, Fr, Schulhss ot£icsat«d. Tlvc bride wore a floor leneth fown of chantilly lace over saSn, '-* 1 ' 1 —1 • wi«» a ctese titted long pointed sJeev«s, ip (foMar and &»11 skirt Her Up veil ©{ illusion was at- tsehed to a tiara of chanlilly ai^l j>eai- Una. She wwe a rhiixstone neckl»ce a«d earrings and carried a bo»m«!t of ted roses. Maid of issmsr wss Donna , Evdyn HeB- wan. Best ««m was Dcivnls He»?v,an, brother of U» sroom, and gwssmsjnan, J<dsa Ctocfic, brother of we bnde, ! A w«dding breakfast was sere- ' i at the honve of Mr and Mrs Ho3Jn«u\ and the wadding , Hardt of Tuesday, May 7th At EsthervlUe, She has been named Juliana Ruth, , Mr and Mrs E. A. Carpenter were called to Cedar RapMs early Sunday by the serious illness of Mrs Carpenter's father, Mr J. G. Swartiell of Olin who has been in the hospital at Cedar Rapids Jtor the past several weeks. Mrs Etta S. Anderson came las Tuesday from Davenport where she had spent the winter at the home of a daughter. She will spend the summer here with another daughter and herfiamUy the Glenn Burrows, Mr and Mrs George Gonias and ramela and John and Peggy Wtayer of Des Molnes can>e on Saturday and spent the weekend at the D. B. Mayer horac. Mr and Mrs William Wienwr in Minneapolis Friday on business. Mr and Mrs J. A, Zw«Sfel of Jorwith'and the Misses Isabell nd Janet Mason «>f LaVern« ?er* dinner quests at th* George Hwjipson home last Sanday, Manjyn KraineistReiffl;. who pci*.^aL " ; ^i!"'.CyLiiat«3: """"*~S»i ^»> ^% AJiTits as ssecsfsaiy for vnt Navy Departnient in ."Washington, home Saturday' Ito' visit a ~- 5 " her i»sw»ts, Mr and Mrs --d KrameirsisKeJer and hew? for hear bjpoiher The follewlttf John Miller -' Mf and'Mrs .— ---„.. family of Dodge Centerv M Mr and Mrs Marvin Jtoehfeau « family of Ceylon, Minn., Mr, a: Mrs Ross Strutherts and lai of Wesley; Mr and Buffington «nd ! «QU Minn.;,Mr and Mrs and family of Algona Mrs Alex Milled of Mr and Mrs Lee daughter Betbr and her glrT ricnd Janet Cunningham SMW Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs Chas. Sclmebly in Albert Lea. Minn. Othftra irfeseht. AVere Mr and Mrs Richard NelSomMr and Mrs Virgil Schhebly aM^oh Dale, Mtes JBiane Schnebly and Mrs Ardis Ross and daughter Myrtle. . J ' /r The Doan Woman's club had coffee at U>o home of Mrs Henry .._ -Ml ««*. ^ i'-i May i? i £dyai5d , • were hel Meru Wednesd IS. Mrs Henry ay morning, May Wtertt and Mrs . Bryan Asa were hostesses. . Mr and Mrs Gordon Davidson spent Sunday with, his Mr and Mrs Ralph Dai LuVeroe, >;_r- » > • , Mr and Mrst Russell Ktley and aoys of Creston visited at the tome of Mr and* Mrs Lee Riley t« FViday. They.«e really getting rain down around Creston. Bus-sell said Ihey4tt«i three inches of rain Before they left home and t was still raining. ;- Processional, Mrs & Pauttust: Invocatlbn, Father Mdntag: spa* oial riiusic, Mbted.Chotm: , SMjulatory Address, ^RuA Wai* lentinef, totroductlon of* the speaker, Supt, Leo ,Will4dien; Comme , ommencement Address— Values", Dr. Leonard M ?/?2?, h ? n6 S( 5,!°' Kuth.-Ko Valedictory address, Shlrely stxien, .Prt\|entaU6tt of the Class,,Supt, WiUadsen: PresentaUoa of Diplomas,' Eryin Klinteriek; Benediction, Father Montag; Recessional Mrs C. Faugust, The class roll US as 1 follows Geritld tl^artersmele^ Ana SBges- dal, Roy Herzog, 'Jerry Risk, Marilyn King, Ruth Ploeger, P£ tricia Farww, Karen Anderson, Roger McGregor, Karryl Anderson, Ruth regor. Walli lentine, Ardeen *"^«"» -—»«»•* *« *•«&«>«• *^«t^^f JTXlVUZd Runksmeier, Richard Frlets, Melvin*Wentworth, Shirley Udstuen, Francis McDonald, Robert Senen- felder, Jr^ Doris! Goett, and Donald Fenncma. F.F.A. Planti Trees 4*- Writes A Play For Cub Scouts Will — Djen mother Mrs could find no ac T**«.K«U«*^ ^«v«^^4. vvrbuu XU.1VI 14vr civ* 1 ceptable skit : for her cub den to present at the monthly pjack meeting so as a solution, the versatile Mrs Guyer Wrote a play, The Circus Murder Mystery, which harden presented ;iat Wednesday evening's pack meeting at V.F.W. hal| ;The rofe of the circus fat the India fubbef man, played The Snake Ditto* Oft the piano. In one of the cirtua acts a boy was about to frt shot 6ut of a canftort wheif^aU^the lights m the hwi suddenly went out, thus it WAS impossible to Obtain an eye Witness account of this daring performance. As another feature of the program, cub Larry Berg did impersonations of-various scouts. Cubmaster. Wallace , .Johnson presented awards to Robert Thompson, Reid Farland, Charles Hewitt, Paul .MoeDering, John Guyer, Richard Johnson, Ronald Gourdes, Charles SteWart, Rod- Si " « *' «6y Smith, Larry Sfefrf, Ternr Smith, Robert Bolaftd, Kick; L66ft, ted Thomas Hufibtift. •, fesf 20 Dairy; • Herds In April Twenty dairy herds were test* ed on regular D.H.I.A. during April, plus seVenteert mote &tt owner-sampler plan, accofding to F6rrest Hofbauer,, S.H.1A. supervisor. He 'reports the, fol* lowing seven herds averSged over 40 Ibs. of butterfat per for the month, they Ate: taaka, Wtwp, $1ft ms, Fejitbfl, 41.8,' IBs.)' MIW Angle & fingstroitt. Bwen.GltyV 41-3 Ibs- Miltoii MfidisOJV Lohe ftflck, 41.1 lbs.j Launder Menke, Swea City, 41.0 Ibs.} Walter Cftfnprtey, Burt, 41.0 M - ' ' ' Robert Qengl6f,of .Whittemore was. eledted, last W66k as 8th district ebmniandef 6f the American Legloh In & eoftvetition held at Oarfielf, • ' - ,< . ' t UDM CldMiflftd* Pay Dividend! m, LET US MAKE YOUR WILLES and UPHOLSTERING SHOP \ 206 W,e$t Stdta Wade to Measure ii v ji m*m*rr Any Size... Any Weight... To Your Specifications For Your Need For Car ... Trailer . . . Camping . . . Storage Trucking . . . Storing . . . Large or Small FREE ESTIMATES dinner for Aooa..«t was held at M*n*« C3ub at Church will have a Sunday mxxnving *t sn Lloyd snd Jas»ts Mr ana Mr* W. F. Monday in «f former Al^nans, Mr *»d Mrs Ui^s M«wy, The Ool- \vcH sons, Jim and Gsiy faoiU iif Jahn ri-.illips" tnwY paiwnts wrc s\v,^ Mr and Mrt £ E. R^Vintan ... •-3 Ms- an*1 Mrs X^\v#r,i ' House in toy a reception m ih* J«a«e of U« parents in Tstoak*. tine e sd«3x« took p3it« at the lialJ in Bj«»cpari. The bwdie AlVcndod St in Bancroft and the gw»m two years in the service. young «nupl* will be at honic a Janw sauihe&st ef Bancroft. . Tuesday evening Mrs Charley Faugusi presented J»r Ledyard pa*iK> pupils in a rectals • The'.American. l*^oa. JtosSU- 'ary ineit : .in,'Uie Jj^an Hal! on' Tuesday evening, May fth. PwsJ- Afflt Mis G««qg* MacKinnon presided. 'The .secretary^ i«>an was fetid by Mrs Mel Ha&g in ; abs€a»ce -o^ 1 l&e secretary Mre i T!he treasarer' l s '• MES T*d ant* ai Iwaktas: MMid nil! lollowmj; tV.ei ttannv.ft. Mrs Sohilu. -..< . rr Ra<sc-i«a!.v KunVcl f.-.-^ ADS BRDTG RESOtTS . .— ftf Si. ». ^, j hs,s oV.Uiv'h \viU psr'.i.•-,}•>,•;•,o ,-\ ,5 j M\V ^;-^.Uv »dc#! S 1,1 52 \\ill f,\;-:ii 13-;0 pr,v i v"l\>XVl^ \*tl\ liYC 1 StSlUC 1 Oi tl'iC VsV- ON TNI PUfiCMASE OF OKI Mrs. Clark's Sotad Dressing Our n,)e.m*« Win did you *ay FRIDAY? CARPET CARNIVAL PROCLAMATION HOSPITAL WEEK *»7i«- .-if to -ftur j«m>' «f FOSTER'S} C. C. >, Sw*« St Oommuhity •_ ter in coopeta Cha- with the Stats planted trees who was murdered Reid Inland; -------- -Johnson effecUvely handled the parts of both the i Conservation O on the Junior Ellis, Roy Kluger, , , Francis Tarine, Merton Roateon, * 4 . marvel; and Johnnie OXSreen, I AIM be sure to enter SWIFTS i Y*^ . . . 1 •-MM&M- •*•«*• S>«tl«c»lar «ff« y «f MflfV MMBjf ^B| «riw 00 Mfc* •» Afa tm-OM ic^oei »<•». V«rielt«W OUR SPECIALPRSCE LAY-AWAY PLAN Switrs Prerorum POUNDS SWEET EEUSfl SUCED BACON RADISHES PICNIC Ik . . PURE GROUND BOF CHEISf OOCOrft MACARONI POTATO ^»»* ^ Wft. 869 CAS ASPARAGUS Ml U, 5Se 2f«49<

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