The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 12, 1934
Page 2
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PACK TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •••• ; "-'.'-J] •"^ >S? i V.? .Social Calendar t -• • TUESDAY'S EVENTS Senior High P. T. A. executive board meeting, 'J:-i5 p. ni. followed tip.'.program meeting 3:aO p. m. - U. D. C., having mvioli nnd supper nv woman's cinu. Bib oj Neics Mostly Personal Mrs. Riiey. B. Jones liaviiiB j l loultr J' Msis l)i;ir community klt- nn dgurtlens when ihc> roll wits called. Pol luck lilikh was teivi'd at noon, In tl:c iiltcrncon two conum-rcla! demoii'-'i'Htors i;ave Hit liu<'i'-..<tl!]g demonstration on poultry feed mid Young Matrons Bridge club. | • Tuesday Contract clnu meeting :*> ;tvl; with Mrs. t,i. A. Isaacs. 'Brain Literary department Woman's club meeting witj-Mrs. S. S. Sternberg,- 2:30 p.m. .lioyal- Neignbors meeting \vltU Mrs. J. B. 'Foster, 7:30 p.m. - - WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS .Mrs. Clarence Voltmer having Wednesday Bridge club.' Pageant at First Baptist church, 7:30 p.m. Bible study of Church of Chris; jiueetlng ..with. Mrs. Jferman Spiccr .01 L,iixbra>' '' ; THURSDAY'S JEVBNTS , -Thursjia)' Contract clitb meeting |wpa Mrs^'GVl;. KccK. • . J • : ; Mrs. c. \V. Afl'lirk having iv.urs- .day Luncheon chib. ' •• Mrs.' W. L'. Horncr hosles-s 'lo Hie jMid-Week Bridge chib.. J.. H. . Elknis cnuyuminj y. Bridge ciut) at 2 yjn. V\liss . I Weds- Ted Clavk Elinore i •- . • : . : . . i Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F, Muulii jof Dell have anriouncfd Hie mar. j-iase ol- ll\etir (tauglrwr, •^ireliiis, ,to Mr. Ted Clark Ehnoie. qt this city. .The; rl^g cei'jmojiy w.xs soli tmnued at the home of the liev. fc. C. BRnihai'dt, iwsloi- ol the Mgjhodlst church ijt) Cni-ulii' ' Mo.,' Fildav, March src- « The ...brhie.. wore .a Iciiion .bra tweed " ' ' beamy and popularity honors, liiiv- insfrkn ( choseii.,as "Miss, Junior <iuwri this year: In November ' she chosen • iis "Miss' Dell" in .carnival Vivinn Ouuu ol Shady Uuic several lo!l: Dailies wit,-, » jroup ol clil!ili\n irom her st-liojl. The dilk'ienL pluses ol the "Live it Home" program \\ere disciiiicd luring the d.iy. Tr.e t',«-h-e polnls o[ Uiij prosrani are: I. Plans for trtl-ycar-aromul Kiir- dtii. 'i. c.inniin; iKidsct providlns lo:' canning of snvplu-s prortnrc. 3. To raise CHOIIK.I corn and hay lo carry us thioiiyli next year. •I. To provide milk and butler for the tally the year through. 5. To hecp an average ol nt least thirty liens. ii. To take proper cure of orch- ils and Atnali (mil, or >jy inj » home orchard. . 7, To \vork 'lor richer lands. 8. To (ejrace or drtiin land where needed. '3.- r f\).enroll one iir'niOrc-clilldn^i in -i-H clnb ;york. 10. To add some hoiue convcn- icnre.'i' . • . • . ; . •, II. To ujinillfy Jioijie htrnd.' VI, To keep a clotliing budeet, and study clolhlng'problems. • •• •' I'J. To raise enough inc.-il t u supply family /or Ihc year. ., Has Itlrllidny Dinner. •• 'Hie Hcv, j. ij. Ncwsom. pallor of the Second B.iplLst church,,' was gsvi-u a KUrp;lse dinpcV -Sunddy In l.oiior. of.-hls Withttay. 'MC','mid Mia. Thonia,? Boutin. Mr. ni)d Mrs. L. 'J'. Ashcr and Mr. and' Mrs. w. M. l)!aylock<were guests,The ccm'eq^ece of (lie-'table was .-v large blnlxjjj.' cuke dccoi-titcd with pink candles.,. In Spi'ak ' : •T, A:,^jttlng.Itcic.:, , A'. Laivsoif, Ibrincrly ; ol.Mississippi conn- sclioo^ pud now of Little Rock, lls'sptiOt'-ion" "Emo'lffjiiil Henltli" lV-i\'tW w ' ll;tr ',° ; • ", lllt • ^" l °r high scfcoul-^. T. A. Tiie«day a'fto ; ii'ooii MONDAY, MAHCI1 12, 1931 Business Women Observe National 0. and P. W. Week You Can Play Bridge and Win With Low Cards Sometimes ^ •The ulythnvUlb chapter of the Miss Willie A. Lawson, of Little |BusJ««s f.nd Professional Women's lock, is the ijuesl of friends for club piaus lo celebrate National t.cveral dayu. Mrs. C. C. Wngslon u-ill !c«vc tomorrow for a visit in Dekalb and Women's week with special 'attractions which will acquaint ll:e publio wiUi this organization. ackson, .N)ss.\Vhei n _ ..... slic ! Mlss Era Wright li chairman of as, .. n a s ;»ili visit Her sister, Mrs. Jo.nn A . [ Uie _ observance. For '""" 1 '' ..... Ihe Today's Contract Problem .\u iirliiiiial ii.-j-rliii 1 illi- nium! hiil liy Souili finally put film Into a «;vcn club ron- doubled, C;ui yuu make Die liainl? * J 1 i V K c r, :; • A J in + a -u 4 10 !' l< vj a K » K a 9 X \V K 4. K S 1 5 V Q 10 7 V 7 Ii 4 3 A AQ « A I 2 * :: 4. A K J 10 S G a Stilullnii lu HUM tout. •ty was the of tSe MSior.ivlMB'isf-the cUy'lilgh scrjooj and ;iians.'to conliniic school until jjer grndtiaHon k The' bridegroom, 'who., was, reared -'in 'Memphis., cainc .here , two ycarVago/.Irbiiri.o's A»gclcs' "Cal. He.*is miitiected "wItli..-Uiu. Mead Clo'liiiuj Co, •- ; For thp .present Mr., Ejuore aiiti his : . ? bridc- will nwkc 'their - home with Mr. and-Mrs. Marlm. KoiuUy.iOomicIl'-.,.,' • A'i-. •,:',...,-. i Has Meeting;, Here. The bsiihty council' ol Home DemousUaUoii civibs nict in an a'.l day scAlon at Ire "niylhcvillc Vi'o- ^Mrs. Waller. Wood -o/ IjU.xora- prcsident, ,aiid -MIS. -J. w. t'pld vice-president, \y«rc iibscnk.'dufclto illne-si, so Miss Cera' bee cilc'irTan pres.ded. In thii morning repprl.s were' ihade'troin tvcnty-ws co:n"Pains Gone," buys T"" , ' "Hiid Taken CAKUL'I In 'describing how her health im- proved.'aflci' slio had laken C.iKtm. Mrs. Rulpli.R Coarf'ney. of Wylh?- vllle, Va., said:-."I was run-down I "lid slifltrcd'Trom pain in iny side. J. ivauled tu-fwl-.veil unu ,get rid of Q:E pAh, In my side. «o it.'-By the 'time i taken 'llire° Ootllt'S of Canlui. 1 n a .s fechnr mucli better. The pains Iii.d goiic. I ara very glad to recommend Car- oui to other •yo-JiiB women/'.. ' niousands of', voin^n '.cstifv Caroul benefited 'ihem: If il'-dws nu 1 benefit YOU, consult ; , physician. 1 —Adv. aci'i' -'. ' • -1 v ^ T[l Iff ~ , :.'' .. ''•:• : labje L^i;iVi='p o plelc ttiUv.16 shade to inhlG'ii. A Lijniic.i(.i\ianbcr i ' J'V , cli'.orlimi. .]Mts. Paul I,. Tiplon h:is annoutu;- w this progfatn: reacllhg 'president's 'licssngc. iMrs. L. E. Old Jr., lulro- |Ucl!on ol members o/ (lie gradu- 1 class by Byron Morse. pK \sl- of class."anil talk by Miss *Tnc playing oi 1 cards will loilow Inu' ravioli 'and'.spag!:f tt! ' tupjwr planrjixV Dy:|]ie.U. D: O,, for Tuesday evening, 6:30 o'clock, at I Woman's chilj. AU kinds of c.ucis ' Till be ))laye(i with u". :iilgh ic u ; c Blue Star Kills Itchy Ringworm •N'o M-nftingl Htnc Star Oinliiirnt inclls, scmlins Ifcstcd medicines ricrp into skin pJreSi where it cuds' i chine liy killine the germs of rlngwonii, rash,.teller, c«rm.i (iinl loof Uel>. Very spolhing.\Qm'cli «'"i- i Join ihc rank,- QUALITY GLEANING ."will hcjj) you do il (juuikly and Barnes' NuWa ; Cieaners 1'lnme ISO Solution 16 Previous Contract Problem iiv iv.u i-:. McKi:.N,\Kv Srmlary, American UrJd s o League I receive many letters in n year's line asking me. '"If yon pick up hand containing no picture lh, may you ask for a nir,v deal';" Of course, you cannot do Cmt. The net that you have no hi,;!) cards Imply I? .smnebo:ly else's ijood hide, and ilia thin;; for you to do is to A IOS7 » SS i » J 10 S r, 4 in i; i 4 K Q J 6 5 i Ckirit, and Senator Clark, and in iJackbun will he the guest o! an- Idiljljur hriilKo— K. ?.IK| w. vul. Opcnlnj; KMI| — 4 io. Siilllll I'.lfi:. 1'as.s I'ass I'nss .Vortli Jt^.(, I IN'. T. 2 4 Ht'iiMe Pus* weekly prcgram tonight, at the CofT Holel, the Rev. Stuart H. Sal- sister, Mrs. George H. Ginh- j ]> 10 .'>lie, and Judge Gnthi'lc. She will to away l*o weeks. D.inid Burton, who hat been su- joiivcl at Fort anelling, Minn., for ::i' p,ia'. three years, has been hon- ..iUy discharged from ti;e United army, and Mas returned lv ii;-., homo here. J. Mell brooks Jim returned Jrom J.ntle IWcl; where he attended to LM:S::ICSS for two days. Mis Sallic Dader, wilo spent sev- (lays ivitn her sister, Mrs. J. W, li;uicr. has returned to her home in .si. Louis. 'Ihe rtei'. W. V. Womack, psbtor (f the rirtt Meilicdist church, has returned from Little Rock where in''.tiu'.cd to bnsines; lor several days. _ Mrs. W. U. Pullorlou, \vlio has i;|iriii the pail month with he; 1 hem Rcttim; Into (he biddhiR. Here .niHKlm, Mrs. U, ri. nranson, and: is an crainiile of a hand liiiil he l.nnily. hai returned to ncr home p'ayed recently at four henrts. ::ii Uawsou Spilnttj, Ky. The Hay . , M,- 5 \vilbur Stewart ar.d Mrs. Er- Wesl's openhijr lend was Hie leu 1!l:l » U'ttrell siicnt aiituvday in ol shades, which Roberts, In uic'lUyli, Mo. South, won In dummy wllli tf.e ace. lu ' 5 ' Wilbur Stewart is ill from He immediately cashed his ace, milucnza ni the Uome of her motli- king and queen of and Ihcn'""' Mrs. J. H. Stewart, OH Lake led a siiiuli spade, trumping in his I"' 01 '!, own liund with the lour o[ iicarts.' E - E - Alcxmulcv is altcndinj to Next he played a low diamond, 'business In Lltlie Rock today, jap.d when West, played the six, lie Mines. Carrie D. nnvreon, W. G. of the First Presby- cliurt 1 ':, .Max B. field. ItK'a! aivl Mrs. Harmon Selord. \is the itonsl progrum includes »'Wf' broadcasts by Mrs ] D. Roqsci-clf. -ftep. pi 0{l Ka''.in, ot California, Mrs. 'iic.siiuc; if iaiv Whitney, riepuiy Ikeii-e com- i>.U, niltsioner. of N'ew York city :mrt i „,.= ' Mrs. Cielinc M.icDonald Iis-.vinan, president of tlie National Fcderd- tloii of Business nmi Pj-oless!onal Women's clubs. The goal lor this v.-eek's oijsorv- ancc Is jobs for 10,000 women «-ilh » re-i-iiiployment program featured the counlry. HIGH ULOOD PRKSSUKE (Juick lieltcf. or \ou Only t'ay Hoin High Head courier Hews \vant Ads. social service worker, speakers. Other alTaii's arc planned (or tlie week which will be in keeping with the national program. The na- ENDS Cold Sooner PROVE D BY 2 GENERATIONS' lad tus. If jour heart pounds mid ou fear a paralytic stroke, to cr-momlr;ue Dr. Hayes' prescription we will send you postpaid, a regular $1 treatment on nb.'iO- lulcly FHKt; TK1AU While it. Is non-si>edlk', JLKIIIV cases reiwrt remarkably quiet relief; oltcti symptoms diminish and nornml sleep relmns \vitli;ii 3 clays. Contains no calls, physics, opiates or cioiw. Sate v.-ilh any diet. PAY NOTI1IKG UI-JLliSS GHIiATLY IMPROVED. Then ix'iut $1. JI not .niproved y o u v report cancels (.I'.argc. Wrllc Dr.' Hayes Ass'n., 6iU Coates, Kunsai City. Mo. —Adv. To The Tax Payers of Blythe ville, Arkansas In Paving Dis.. . trict Number 2 and 3 nn i \ , -,, ''"• •-••'-.--*!;; 'vj f Iho tax Ijooks will be<l on April 1st, 11)34, !)enaltie= iincl costs will have lo be added. after lhal'ilato The fact (hat \v. J. Koberls ot Cleveland does nut receive high s does not prevent him usually rl'ic tor cacti table. There will al- s>o be a turkey given us an attendance prim. Proceeds of 35 cents charged will be used ror i;-c bimtdcr anil rdu- catjonal funds. Mrs! Joe &. Diilaiiiiiiiy m ciiahv nan of this project, ; • '.- 1'..*. i Uaughlcr florn, ^, -Mr. mill Mrs. Carl llalty, ol j'avfc, Tc^as. lin-e announced the bhfh o[ u davigiHtr who has been muiiSH a Jean. Mr. Ifalcy ilycil licit for n n'unilici- ot years' aiitV'ls' the nephew.of. R. 1. Haley and A. C Haley. '.'•-•• • - ... •,•:-.•--r^... eight, he (jot a good reacting on the ! . w ,?, sl ••^^'V'dumm!° f°. 7: coM »™ spot. K:ist was forced to ' win (he trick with the aco. Bust returned the • queen ot A doss nose is kept cool by (he ' evajjoration of moisture spades, which Roberts trumped will Sheddan's Salve the nine of hearts and it held th6 i Breaks Chest Colds irlck, West discarding ;( diamond.! That deep, i-altllng chest told I i. ic seven ol hearts was played ; condition needs the swift acting, iiext, declarer going right up with extra, powerful, .deep penetration Ihc ace In dummy, catchinp East's cf Shcddan's Salve—the salve that The Botu'd of Commissioners art; ni>goliiiliii|r with representatives of the bond holders for the pnriKwe of reliiutiicint' Hio outsluiulint' obligations of paving districts Number Two and Threu so thiit ;t reduction in the annual tax rule c;ui be made. In order to do this it •will be necessary.,for a Inrjfc amount of delinquent taxes to be paid, and wtj are forced lo Kite tile delinquent taxpayers in order to effect > saving for'-all'the taxpayers. - .. '., ..Ii' you as ii taxpayer desire to avoid tim costs .of suit ami pi'iiaHies and if you are interested in the reduction of taxes ! here-after it is necessary to make payment between now ami April 1st Don't neglect • to act upon this, and if you will put your shoulder to the wheel, .•and hep us in this situation, it will be to everyone's best interest. .Remember that .this is the last call for these taxes and that .delinquent list will be turned over to our attorney on April 1st. the mieeii and the hand was made. All i contains a medicine not fo'jnd Injl Huberts had lo do was to lead the udinury external nits. Sli'ddaii's'l Kuijr or diamonds from diunmivj Salve has the most mvstcrious!I whlcn Easl trumped svltfi lib good king nf hearts. . As Ihe jack and three of hearli were in dummy and tlie fen of) hearts and nve of dla'moncis were' ui Roberts' hand, he was bound to' win fnc last two tricks. Jd. i i:cuetratliig power you have ever I ijtcen. Rieht tlirongh skin and'lis- ii sue it, goes to warm up the nesli C. J. EVRARD and lire.ik up conge'stive colds and tsiuscnlar pain. Two kinds: MILD lor children; STRONG fo; adulta —Adv. 4 Head COLDS I'tihapt thr lust t\pt nfina- fltinf fl'ff built ftr Mil r s tin rug titled. Rutnttjpcrftcttd from n jn'idtl litih in cur factory r.'AV H'.iJ in tin inni-.ttfaclurc cf Clifit<rf;cU Cigcictlts. T AHfS most modern \vny of mois- for stem in ing—firsiuscd in i he manufacture of Cheslcrfields--- OIK-US up ihc pores -and puts the tobacco in condition i.o remove ihc stems. Tin- tobacco is put inlo ihc wire Inskcts steins down nncl enters (he IOIIR s-tccl ovt-ns uhcrc the steam conies up from K-low, softening the slt;iiis \vith- (jul MX'Uing the rest of the lc;if. 'I'lu-stems are reniuved by stemming machines (it tlie latest type. pcfrpirif* CoLClllC the cigarette that's-MILDER -the cigarette that TASTES BETTER llitil nwilerti science /.'/ions ithotil, nr money atit liny, llml ant iiHiku a milder rigurcllc, « lignri'lli- iliui litslcs heller, is used in malting Chesterfield*

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